The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 20, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 20, 1899
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. 2Sd YEAR. DEAD WOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 20, 1899. FIVE CENTS. arms to the municipal authorities, 4- - OVERTURES FOR PEACE ir ir t LABOR IS TRIUMPHANT was agreeable to the president. The decision that was reached at the conference has not been made public but urand it ia hinted that Brooke exceeded his authority. T Aguinaldo Starts Another Peace Proposal to Genera! Otis. bond for a deed to the Vanderbllt lode. This ground lies on City creek, in the uprper part of Dead wood. A payment of $150 has been made and $3,000 remains to be paid on or before May 18, 1900. Theodore Knutzen to the Deadwood & Delaware Smelting company, mineral survey No 1208. John Blatchford and William C. Robinson to Taylor P. Webb, a third interest in the Compass No. 1, Compass No, 2. Compass No. 3, Compass 4, Compass No. 5, a mile and a Held That Injunctions Can Not Restrain Orders For Strikes. T t i SPECIAL OFFERING! Fur This Week. Both Eyes Blown Out. Shelbyville, 111., May 19. (Special.) Langdon Shaw, aged 9 years, was playing with a powder horn today, when it exploded and blew out both of hia eyes. .,,1 half west of Englewood. Meanwhile the Americans Prepare to Continue Hostilities Without Relaxation. o Instructed For Haney. Letcher, May 19 rSrwH,! 'l-aan. A Foreman Indicted For Dl-charging Men Be use They Wee Union Men. Ladies1 Tailor -made Suits, Tailor-made Skirts in Silk, Satin, Crepon and all the new materials. Infant's and Children's Jackets. 10 Ladies' Suits at $4.96, Value $7.50. oorn county neld a Judicial convention here today. Delegates were la-etructed for Judge Haney. flan Isidro, P. L, May 19. (Spe- T 10 Ladies' Suits, Handsomely braided, ohu.) Seven Filipino commissioners, bearing a new proposal from the in-turgent cabinet, left here today en route to Manila to lay the proposal The Burlington passenger train was five and a half hours late reaching Deadwood yesterday, owing to a slight accident at Merna, a small station near Ravenna. A heavy wind storm had blown some box care from a siding over onto the main line, and the passenger train ran into them, badly demolishing the engine and breaking Engineer Thompson's leg A tramp who had been asleep in the box car was also injured to some extent It required eeveral hours to get the wreck cleared up and the main line open for traffic again. Schley an ,. . n .. rflfa In OT.aha. Outs' -h. May 19. (Special)' Ad-nirftl Schley and wife arrived in Omaha mis morning and were accorded a gwat demonstration. They are gueLs at the home of ex-Senator Chicago. May 19. (Special.) Judge Holden handed down a decision today holding that the courts have no power to restrain organized oodles of workingmen from passing such resolutions as they eee fit and that an order for a strike cannot be restrained by injunction. i i t C. V: Manderson at $6 86, Value $12 00. 25 Ladies' Suits in all the latest Shades andColorings. at from $8 40 to $19.60. The value of these suits is Irom $13 60 to $30.00. Ladies' Ski ts at $1.00, $1.60, $2.10, $2 66, $3 15 and upwards. Ladies' Tailor-made Jackets. All of these Goods have been Reduced from Mount Vernon, 111., May 19. (Special.) The grand jury yesterday indicted William Wiggonton, a foreman before General Otis. The outlook the end of the war is more -now than ever before 'rfn,.0I8fuI Cleans ar- im""3 preparing to continue tK -iitlea. General Wheaton has been detached from General "tfjacAr-thur and rill head a new expedition that la being formed. Th donation 01 lhe erPeUtio fcM not beeQ announced. Brlgad" Fun. .ton will comm. the brlgade tat General hea . , , , xfa has formerly com manded. I ! in the car shops here, for discharging 'employes because of membership in a joint lator organization. The penalty is a fine of $100 or six months' imprisonment, or both. o Siuth D lota Odd Fellows. Huron, May 19. (Special.) The Ocean Steamers Collide. New York, May 19. (Special.) The German steamer Barbarosa returned to the harbor last night with her cargo afire She crashed into the bow of tho French ' liner Ie Bretagne as she entered the harbor, and left a great jagged hole. The impact forced tihe Frenchman over against two ice boats, and the latter were sunk. The Bretagne was kept from sinking with difficulty. o Jean Cowgill-Renolds. 35 to 65 Per Cent. M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. Odd Fellows' grand lodge this afternoon elected these officers: B. F. Teall. Deadwood, grand master; R. ' W. Hobart, Dell Rapids, deputy grand 'master; D. H. Campbell, Brookings, warden; H. J. Rice, Huron, secretary; h. L. Lustutter, Iroquois, representative to supreme lodge. The Rebekah assembly elected the following officers: Mrs. Hannah Jean Cowgill-Renolds, supported by the Spearflsh Dramatic club, will appear at the opera house Friday even -4 ft 4 -f $ r f fr f 4 Ah Dewey Starts Today. rfanila, P. I., May 19. (Special.) Admiral Dewey will sail for the United States tomorrow. o Murderous Woman Acquitted. Union City, Tenn., May 19. (Special.) Mrs, Covington of Tipton, who stabbed and killed one neighbor and badly Injured another Wednesday, was acquitted today at the preliminary examination on the plea of self-defense. o Wealthy Farmer Robbed. Jollet, IU.. iMay 19. (Special.) J. J. Ail Excellent Combination. The pleasant method and beneficial effecs of the well known remedy, Strup of Fins, manufactured by the Califoknia Fia Strup Co., illustrate tn uuTJTjxruTJuiniiTXLruxruiru" nsnsiru sunnruru uvuwwu uu ruvfj ing, May 26, in the title role of "For-get-Me-Not." This play is one of the strongest and most popular in Miss Renold's repertoire, being a masterly blending of tragedy, humor and pathos. Mr. Martin McDonough, one of the Dead wood boys, who has recently, under Miss Renold's direction, achieved much success In dramatic Cripps, Iroquois, president; Mrs. Hat-Mo Bradley, DeSmet, vice president; Mrs. Ella Abbott, Waubay, secretary; Mrs. W. E. Benedict, Custer, warden; Mrs. Klngerly, Parker, treasurer. o 1 ' Filed For Record. James M. Fish and wtfe to Frederick A, Haines, lot 1, block Q, City ot Deadwood ; $2,600. Martin Sands to George MoKinnls, 100 feet of the Viola lode, M. a No. the value of obtaining the liquid laxa tive principles of plants known to be medicinally laxative and presenting them in the form most refreshing to the taste and acceptable to the system. It is the one perfect strengthening laxative, cleansing the system effectually, dispelling colds, headaches and fever gently yet promptly and enabling one to oreruome habitual constipation permanently. Its pefoct freedom from every objectionable qnality and substance, and its acting on the kidnvs, liver nnc bowels, without wenkei injf or irritutimr them, make it the ideal laxative. MIL PIPER! WALL PAPER! "Some times bar n arrow kitchen walla Stretched away int o stately hallo," This happened to Maud Muller, hurt my prices en wall paper make it possible for it to happen to everybody. My stock ia entitrely new and up to date. I cam not dell you about the handsome designs. Tou am especially Invtted to eee Umbu. i . J PAINTS! PAINTS! Now to tine time to paint tyour heuee. RemetnAier that xay etore la headq lartera for all kinds of palnte and patntera' euppiies, eep dally for the NEW BOA MIXED PAINT. Every can w irranted to cover more eurfaee and last longer than any paint made. Come in and get ootor cards and study color effects. The Old Reliable Druggk, flmlley, a wealthy farmer, who has been retired for a number of years, liring near Custer was fleeced out of 14,000 yesterday. He was induced to take the money from the bank and m forced to give It up at the point of revolver. ,. i j lines, will appear as her leading support. The other parts will be ably and cleverly represented by Mr. Del-bert Hough and others, and the Misses June Cowgill Shane, Jessie Sc.huitz and Creba Daggett. The company has given a number of performances under Miss Renolds' direction and com In th Brooess of manufacturing figs & wed, n-s they are pleasant to the a. . - i a. . i . .1 : 1 1 a : M a i 175, Whitewood district Charlotte H. McKinnia and Sue ' j Corbin Visits the President. Hot Springs, Va., May 19. (Sne- pares favorably with any of the pro-fessional companies visiting the Hills.. Miss Renolds is too well and favor-1 Neill to George McKinnis, 100 feet of the Viola lode, James Julius to Thomas J. Grler, the Maggie Louther lode, In Poorman gulch. This instrument contained a remedy are obtained from senna and other aromatic plants, by a method kuowj to the California Fie Stbuf Co. only. In order to get its beneficial ffeeW and to avoid imitations, pleaae remember the full name of the Company printed on the front of every package. t1 rapAmiA txtamn. otaL) Adjutant General Corlbln is bsre today to confer with the preei-ent- He was sent here by Secretary Alger to determine whether the ar-Ttngement entered into by General Brooke and General Gomel, whereby tae Cubans are to turn orer their Main Street art a J r l- KIRK G. PHILLIPS. ably known in Deadwood to need any introduction. The fact that "she is to appear will insure a crowded house on the night of the 26th. She is a sue-' cess not only as a star but as stage director. Watch for further notices. S ueaawoou, 5. u. Sarah D. Coe, James P. Hymer and CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. i- o. BAJI FBANCISCO, 0A1. Granville G. Bennett to the Detroit & ixwisvulxjc. xct. hw tou, m. t. Deadwood Gold Mining company, Pr ia by all Dn.ggist.-Pric sc. p wUt. T 5 HE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Deadwood, South C ekota. RESOURCES: GREAT CLOSING OUT SALE! 1 1 re March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 Mnrchlst, 1 899, $642,815. n ! DRY GOODS, DRESS GOODS, CARPETS, NOTIONS, ETC. . . m 1 " I Begj All Bfancn5'?. c ankin Business i (TL Lietmaim's Stock (o be Sold out at Liebmann's old Stand nning hmky Horning, lay 20 899. CRAFTS ISSUED cn Chinp, sn,,a Havana. Fcrto Hico. Africa. Ennland. France. Ccrmanw anri " ,r:' r1 It"? rlo. lowest jrkef rate. v COLLECTIONS mocfc carciullv and accoi."R'J' for prcmotlv. 1 Tho Llebmann store, upper Main sircevwi'.: he rto:naJ Saturday mora in,;. May 20. ft h 111 ft o." $2l.0"0 worth cf DUY GOODS, CARPETS and NOTIONS, was bought by The ENTIRE Stock, consist;! Tho s:xJ.; have all been marked- down 2. i a per cent, and Mr. J. C. Halnrs at about 50 cents on th? coO.i; Wcare pr. pared to Turn sh T5?nry at ascnablo 5 Rates of interest to ar y extent WnrraT &y borrowers S responsibility orcollatrr. fs ' everything wili go "without reserve. Many articles will be sold way down be!ow co.t and a rare bargalnwlll be found in every article offered. There are no old or shelf-worn goods in the ftore." Ail are new goods, mostly this year's purchase, and, as is well known. Mr. Llebmann carried only high class good3. In Silks, Satins, Dre3 Goofld, Suiting?, Corsets. Hosiery. Furnishings.Trimmings, Gloves, etc, the stock is c j THIS IS DISTINCTIVELY V. i x. compl qflriQ'ljf-TiiA.3 also as oicgact line or Kugs, carp.-ts, Knoleunis ana other house frtr-od3 all go at ttfs sa!c the ENTIRE Liebma:;n stock. all go Accountis of Ca.iks, Corporations antJ Individuals; nLshing goods. The goods in i ill Boncitec. Oorrcspon dou Ixj xrttocl. Store 7VrU Reopen '99 I rday flornlng, flay . 20, DIRECTORS: 3 W.T.ADAKS. JOHN TREBEP. J HARRIS FRAKKLIN. PrcaWenf. BEN BAER. Vic. Prasienf A I In VUIU ; . - . . . v 3 KM. SELCIE, Ccahisrt . f

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