The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 10, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1898
Page 4
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THK DAILY .PIONKEKTlllStt. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1898. X. ma Bt any foot to perfection, I nr flan -dantlaL. over Rosenthal's BLOOM Q1VK8 BETTER VALW 3?! FOR YOUR MONEY THAN ANY . .... t ,,,,Me,.. r i OTHER HOUSS. I I t ii STEARN S DIAMOND COAL IS THE cloth Inc store CKOWN AND BRIDOE WORK. Zip UK fur fin shoes. Sprlug Muuors. boll. plmplM, sorM and all eruption are promptly cured i.y MiMid a SarMiparUla. which thor-miKtily purittf the Ii1kx1. eradicating vfi v truce of scrofula. -If T ,4i BUST. If you want the beet of meets tall at Kargo'a market la the Flret ward. We have oysters. Ssh, celery, poultry Ml everything In tha market Wt Hood's I'ilU cnrea nauwa. lick head- 1 arhf blliinisDcHH ami all liver Ills. will pleaae you every time. tf. INVENTORY CLKARINO. 1 Tf Lnoain odds and ends la Men's i I 1 t J Shirts colored bonom end whits body, "1 to give you a good pick at manufac !? turer's prices. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. It la not often that a physician recom 3Btrtalllafla.ecl XB7 . Main Street, Deadwood, S. D. 22 YEARS Of Constantly Xnoro&slng Business Is not ths result ol avecMent or Oood Luck. 22 YEARS s Of atoadfsjt adhtranoo ot tha principle of Quality First of optnsaftcsd, clssa out, unmttchsblo Prlots on our UNION MADE CLOTHING. Oyar&lls and shirts of starling; merit fcava brought this rssult and suocsss. UlE NOW OFFER mends a patent medicine; when he doca. you may know thai it Is a good one. Dr. J. P. Cleveland, QIasgow, va. Tbt ?alaoa Pharmacy will remain rites: "I have used Chamberlain' open all day Sundays as heretofore. R. B. Franklin. Colic, Cholera and Dlarrbcaa Remedy In my practice and It has proven to be f t -t I t 1 Tha average person 'e stomach la hi sn excellent remedy, where a thorough Price 2." rpntn. ('. I.. Sn-wmn repairs f'n, lock. gntiH. hiryrlea, ininka. cutlery, etc. The tiiand Central ledging house mtr .necklet's niHi kH) haa been put in Aral clsm tbapc and la now under the tuanajerneni of Mr. Kunre. Good clee.ii bed 25 ami b cent, tf for elegant kllppers go to Kipp's. Home made apple butter tad mluce meat, In pint Mr son Jara. at Dead wool Caah Grocery. CLE A.BAN C BALE Of Inventoried Odds and Ends in Mid'i Trousers, f rfat vslues, fsshlos-able gnodi and immensely reduced prices. ROSENTHAL'S SA LACE-TRY STEARNS DIAMOND GOAL, Freeh cut flowers and floret designs for aay occaalon at Mrs. Liebmann's. If The Palace Cafe, Lee street The beat druggist la the ally now owns Stein's store. Olva him a ealt and you will be convinced, tf The Bradly-Mnrtln ball of N. T. waa course of medu iuo ha failed with ma idol. About all wa aav j la tala lift la what wa eat Wa carry nothing us when wa die, consequently It la nat recommend It to my patient every time for chollc or diarrhoea." Many other progressive physicians recom fwr4 ural that wa want tha beet wt can gat; it la also natural that tha public pat- mend end uc this remedy, because It Ott roalM tht Palace Cafe, where tbt best always cures and cures quickly, Ltebmann s We have just receivrd a very Fine Line of Silks in patterns ror street nd evenmg wear, also a Fine Line of . . . Iridescent Tnmmings Mousaline de Sote And late Novelties in Ttmmtngs all to match the Silks, Un Hand Complete Line of . . Kid Gloves In Evening Shades and Street Colors meals la town ara served. a bottle and you will have an atoalleat i i iLi ureatiy Reaucea races an Well. I've beta there. Where, ma doctor In the house, for all bowel com plalnte, both for children and adults. ma? Why down to Chase's where they Set tht Syndicate restaurant adver Mil chet,, and they do Just what they " T Heavy Clothing, Boys Clothing. Working men's Pants and Shirts, Blankets, Gloves, IZittens and Caps. tisement In these columns. i BLOOM'S THE MOST RELIABLE aay they do, and there la ao humbug about It. They were getting la new goode all &e time I waa there, aad HOUSE IN DEADWOOD. Also Our Entire Line of ... . Oo to MoGILL'S tor HAY, GRAIN, aad ROCK SPRINGS and DEER CREEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Tel- there were people buying from all ovtr this town. They hart soma beautiful dreea goods and their shoes art from 0 oenta to a dollar lata than Z have been paying, and It la only a ttw itapt down there. Why. I could tee the alga tphont No. 114. Saag'"naet twaiwiTJsl i 1 sea the society event of 1897. The opening ball of the Olympic Club of Deadwood. will be TWO BIT MAPS FOR SALE. A. D. WILSON, Wagner Bros' Palact cafe, oa I Chaee'e Where They Bell Cheap WOOLEN UNDERWEAR AND HOSIERY, But ths Orandsst Offsr of ths ysr is our OlosLag sals of Ovorcoata end Ulstora Per Hon and Doyo. It sstnows no Equal. the Recbtrcha treat trtm way up town. street la tht place to get the finest meats, vegetables, entries and rallahea, he ladles of St, John's Episcopal served la tha city. Everything la aerv- church will girt a musical at tha home of -re. W. L. McLaag bUn Taaaday evening, Feb. Hth. Tht program w... ed hot and prepared to suit the moat fastldeous lasts. The best cup of tot fee or tea la the city. of ItM. We are prepared for the occaalon. Full dree suits, satin lined and the terr latest cuts, full drees aeckwear,fuil dreae shirts. The very latest In collars, and ths new ra given by soma ot our btat al&gart aLd will bt followed by rtfraahmtata. Si We Aim to Please and do it. Tht Jones Murv n t' U uiay n'M eKrN t7Wanted Cook, dining-room girl and house girl. Mrs. L. E. Millar. S-ft-l Dr. L. Mliler, formerly of Chicago, devotee his undivided attention to tht Coe 4 Edmonds, real aetata agents, cure of long-standing and nervous d la- sUifeLMftle yesterday sold the little home oa upper tee of men and women. Having ex style link cuffs for dreae wear. Patent Cbarlea street, known as the Deffebach perience ha curee rheumatism, sum leather shoes, dane home to Mrs. Mary F. Fing, for $1,100. merlng, asthma. St. Vitus dance, got There Is great activity In tLe mines ter piles, and diseases of the stomacn, tng pom pe, full dreei chest protectors, Tht result rf around Garden City and reliable ship chest, throat, cose, etc per are being added to the Hat almoat treatment guaranteed In all case. Con' ftfl&Stolttoo. e-erythlnj gusran teed strictly up-to-date. every week. Good ore Is found from sulfation free ana confidential at Oil- LEADER OF Low Prices At BLOOMS'. more, Wedneeday, Feb. 1C, from 1 to 6 Falsebottom creek all the way over to Polo and Miller gulches. p. m. Have you tried the new Swan's Down I Ruth Berry, who belongs to thedemt- Flour. There la nothing to equal It. The Fountain City Club will give an Try a sack and you will use no other, other of Its delightful dancing parties old by all groeera In Deadwood. at the pavilion Friday evening of this monde of this city, was arrested Tuesday night for being drunk and disorderly. She waa given a hearing yester day before Justic Early und waa sent 4 " eesssstf f. tf 1 tStsSBSJ MSaak, week. Children and adults tortured by LD8 AND ENDS over to tbe county Jail for 10 days. Of our Inventory In men's suits at a burns, scalds, Injuries, easema or aklu dlaeasea may secure instant relief by using DeWltfs Witch BUel Salve. Xt is the great Pile remedy. N. E. Frank Complaints havt been made to Mayor saving of SO cents on the dollar to be Bur lately that lewd women have been Immediately closed out. mMrarw ROSENTHAL'S PALACE, 5 lln; X. O. PblUlpe. wFoi Sale A One matched driving team, 6 and ? years old. Dr. A. H. DON'T GET LEFT, IF YOU HAVE Bloom's Klondike Expedition. In tbe habit of frequenting certain saloons and getting drunk, resulting In arrests and expenae to the city. The mayor desires us to notify the owners ot such saloons that If he learns ot aay more such cases be will take extreme NOT GOT A TICKET IN BLOOM'S Bowman. KLONDIKE EN.ERPRI8E BUY 13.00 Pay twenty-live cents and bear a WORTH AND OET A CHANCE OF A ever held by that body. The local Wivzi Rational Dant OF DtAOWOOO, SOUTH DAKOTA T733iteL States 3Deiaoat03rr cas mo ur, $ioo,ooo surplus, Una musical program followed by dell' FREE TRIP TO THE KLONDIKE. lodgea havt given 14,000, tht lodges of tht stats 114,000, tha city council, clots refreshments, Feb., Hth, at Mn. THE PLATT BILL. Tht Deadwood Fir Department la in receipt of a letter from Senator Kyle, measures to atop It Dollle De'.and, an attache of tht Oreen Frort, yesterday morning be The People's Grocery on Sherman W. L. McLaughlin's residence. board ot trade, commercial club and street, for groeerlee, produce, fresh and t-For Sale A house and lot, dealrably of this state, In reply to a communica salt meats. Quirk sain and small private cltisena hsvs rUsed the amount to ortr $60,000. Tht Uniformed Rank located in tht First ward. Enquire of To-Nieht. Ol fe WWaaOBI K W W -' i i I profits Is their motto. John Baggaley. r. a. aowtHT,1 b. spabxs. has secured 1,000 tents with aa option T. . CK1UL P. O. t. SAUSaCBY, tion soliciting hit efforts to defeat tht Piatt bill In the senate, which Is Indirectly aimed at the two per cent tax on premiums collected by fire Insur HAVE YOU OOT THE KLONDIKE oTBKKaua. D. . M Col Edmonda ia making preparations on 1,600 mora. It will bt rtmembered came despondent over a rumpus she had with her lover and with mallet aforethought and a half teacur. ot blue-vitriol attempted to take her life. She was pumped out, however, before she died and at last account waa aa lively as a cricket with a poor FEVER? IF YOU HAVE BUT $3 0. 4. lAUIBCHT OwhJr D. A. MoPHIHHOIl iatftM Outier . S. DSSKAN to organize a batalllon of the uniformed rank. Knights of Pythlaa at an early WORTH AT BLOOM'S AND GET A ...... I 3C CHANCE IN FREE TRANSPORTA date. TION. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN chance to past In her checks. In ctrcult cpurt yesterday the caae ot that at tht meeting of the Suprtce Lodge two years ago Deadwood was a candidate for ths honor and got soma rotes. Whits thtrt would hart been no difficulty In raising IM.000 for entertainment it would hart taxed tht hotels to feed and fcoust almoat 71.000 visitors the usual number 'ho attend. TOWN. Sheriff Plunkett yesterday went to Adolph Klein vs. Taylor P. Webb waa Whooping eougr Is the most dlstreas OOOOOOOOOOOOo&OOOOh&OO heard on appeal from justice court 0 I Ing malady; tut Its duration can b The appeal was dismissed. Galena to serve copies of attachments filed Is Fall River county against tha Union Hill company and represents Uvea of Fran-'e C. Orabla. They art In favor ot tht Omaha Coal, Coke and cut snort oy me uee ot une Minute Cough Cure, which Is also the best Lieutenant Willis, of tbe 8alvatlon known remedy tor croup and all lung Army, arrived yesterday to take the place of Lieutenant Young, who has FOOLED You will be if you buy anything but the Genuine NOTICE. and bronchial troubles. V. E. Frank Un; K. G. PhllMpa. be i granted a four weeks' vacation. Lime company vs. tht Edgtmont aad U lion Hill 8m:tlng company and Phil t, Present j UnisrTuo Fir:. Ladles Free Hiht. tTWanted Olrl. dealrable situation lip Weech and John Oak against tbe Mrs. R. C. Barnard will give lentous ance companies doing business In this state. This tax Is distributed annually among tht volunteer Art departments snd Is a great assistance to them. Wt are permitted to quote from the letter as follows: "I assure you and your fellow firemen that I have not failed to Uke an Interest ia tht statements watch you make relating to your Interest in tht 'Piatt Bill' on Insurance. I have procured a copy of the Bill and have Improved my first opportunity of cartful-ly looking ortr Its several prorislont. While I am convinced that It contains a number of wise proposals with a rltw to properly regulating insurance, I am opposed to the enactment of testa latloa which will abrogats the now very wist aad Juat provision, as I bt Here, which compels Insurance companies doing business in our stats to con trtbutt to tht support ot Art departments, without first exhausting every and htgbeet wagea for competent girl. same company. In art nx)U work at bar soot, XI Apply to Mrs. Wm. Relble. Forest Hill. Stewart street, on Tuesday, Thurs 2-10-10 DEGKYJ1TI1 ROUND OAK day and Saturdays, Instead of at the Counsel for defendant In the east of Michael Donovan vs. Geo. B. Woodcock argued a demurrer, bttort Judge Moor Tht causa Involve a piece of ground 7 For Rent Two rooms, furnished Bullock hotel a hesatofors. for light housekeeping, or would rent ARB YOJ OOINO TO THE KLON 0 ) o o o o o o o o o o 0 0 1! to two men. Rent reasonable. En Anyono Purchasing a Reserved DIKE THIS SPRINOT IF SO BUY 1J.00 WORTH AT BLOOMY. YOU quire at this office or of Mrs. Atkinson. Ticket can Reserve a Stat for a Lacy Free of Charge. In Deadwood gulch near Dr. Bowman' realdence, known aa tht YtUow Bant Ektenstoa lode, which waa located la U78 by Donovan aa a quarts lode. Tht defendant has taken steps to pat To whom It may concert.. We hare this day leased the "Modoc" group of claims, In BlackUil Gulch (I claim), rts: tht Modoc, Crown I'd Int. Oood Hope, Double Standard, ai d King Solomon lode; to Fred A. Bloadta, of Lead, 8. D., who will bt responsible for all labor, material, iB.tplles and other account incurred In tht operation of aald group of elalr.a. Central City. Feb.. 4th. lis. HBNUY Bt Z8SERT. BARNEY FctANKUN, W. L. FAUIT, SARAH OOULSTTB, MOLLIS OC ULETTB, RASMUS N ILSON. WM. A. ZINX. J. M. St ATI ON. MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO WTTVOU T ITS COSTING YOU A CENT. Dr. Wedelstaedt Is seriously 111 and his frlendt feel alarmed atnut him. He appears to be generally broken down See the Name on the Lex it you want to be certain. 80LD ONLY BY ... . AYRES & WARDMAN HARDWARE CO. What pleasure la there la Ufa with a tnt tht tract or a portion ot It as a pla- In h altb and la very feeble. Friend headache, eoastlpatloa and bilious art ahowlng tvtry attention possible cr claim aad la adverted by Donovan. Tht cast was taken under advlsecaent ness? Thou send experience them who could become perfectly healthy A Gold Watch will bt Given Away am Saturday Night Caady Matlaea Cat urday Afternoon at I o'clock. Captain Ludlow, deputy U. 8. by ualng De Witt's Uttlt Early Risers. thai at Sioux Falla. left last tvtalag and hit brothers of the different lodges to which he belongs are Indefatigable la their atteaMona. How happy you look. Mr. A! Wall, Mrs. J., I bars saved over alx dollars the famoua Mttle pills. N. E. Frtnk for his home. Ha had la custody An means to hart a proviso attached which would allow our stats law in th.a regard to remain in full force. Should tha proposed Bill coma up for action I am clearly of tht opinion that aa amendment to that affect could and would bt Incorporated. You may rest assured of my best efforts to fully protect ths Interest ot our South Dakota lln: K. G. Phtlltpa. DEADWOOD. SOUTH DAKOTA 0 drew J. Drake, who robbed tht post I office at Jefferson, this state wbo Is -ALWAYS TOO LATE by waiting for Chase to get his ntw Henry H k Mali p Will bt tat refrain it you take not dvantage of tht lavtatory Clearance stock of dry good. You know when fomg to tnt pen. tor two yew ht first opened, he didn't know wheth- yssterdsy changed bit plea of uot gu- AFTER MANY Yf ARB. Twenty years ago, when ht was than ANHEC8ER-BUBCH. ST. LOUIS Salt at out, volunteer flrsmea." ty to guilty and was sentenced by r.r to keep dry goods or all gentlemen's AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. Judge Amldon. Drake's father cant wesr, but bis trade haa been so good a mart boy, Henry Elkart left his Ohio MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY DAILT PIONEER-TIMES Catered as aacond-olMS matter at th. Deadwood poauiBoo that he haa added a lovely line of dress HENCE ASK FOR IT. THE MODEXN WAY. here from bis borne In Iowa to do what he could for bis son snd grieved deeply over the boy's crime. We understand the boy Lad the beet of Influences at home and good school advan- J. H. Orah&m, D. D. 3., dental par home and came wet to seek hk, fortune. Ht located In tht Black Hills and during that time haa made his homt In Bear gulch, eking out a livelihood by working a placer claim. Like Cosameads Itself to tht wall-Inter to 3c lore over First National bank. Dead goods, and really aa good an assortment of everything tht Indies like to look at aa there art In tht Hill, and real nice stylish new pattern. Oh! I do like to trade at a new etore where wood. Crown and bridge work a spa Wishes to auaeuaoa to tha pa that oa or about February lata, at en opea a flret alaas metre$stteaa arrj boast la tha rooms formerly otrrr'Jl by O. Nelson, text to Asstrtoaa Ka&a al Bank. Ha will kttp la stock aay asoateai Instrument troai a Jtws-kary ta a THE CITY. tagea: how a young man In his post- ctalty. tlon could bring remoree to bis lndulg- you haven't got to be shown all their every other young maa who leave home with high expectations and sees them dissipated by adverse fortune, A thrill of .or ror Is experienced when to do pleasantly and tfftetually wba was formerly done in tht trndtst msr ntr aad disagreeably aa well. Tc alaaast tha srstass aad break up told headaches, aad ftrtrt without unslw aat after offsets, ass tht delightful llq aid laxative remedy, Syrup of Tig. Mist ty CaXtoraia Kg Byrap Co. old stock, and you know their prices ent parenta by such aotlone la beyond on everything ia way down and ft it comprehension. a braasy cough o' croup sounds through Henry was loth to write to folks at the house at night But the terror church pipe-organ. Oat fcaif of below the Bullock Sneak thieves are abroad In tbe land. soon chsngea to relief after One Mln only a few steps Hotel. home, unleea hla communl cations could convey Information tolling of success. So My Dickinson 4 Brewer, tht Bher- utt Cough Cure has been administered Sals and harmless tor children. K. C Don't annoy others by your coughing, snd risk Tour life by negletctng a cold. One Mlautt Cough Curt cure coughs, colds, croup, grippe and nil thr at and lung troubles. N. E. Frank lln: K. O. Phillip. Why do ws all trade at the People' J Grocery, on Shermnn street? Why, because we caa do much better there and at tht tame time get a fresher and better class of goods than at most ot the other stores. 1-17-lm After yeers of untold suffering from plies, a W. Pureell of Knltnersvlllt. Pa., was cured by using a single boa of DeWltt's Witch Hat J Salve. Skin die eases such is etaema, rata, pimples and obstinate soree are readily eurcl by this famous remedy. K. O. Phillips N. R. Franklin. Say, Dsd. where did you get that ntw man street produce and grain dealer pleasant stort room wU fcs ostcsia by Flshsl A Co, while taa xfSm mil a loaded from floor to eitliag wfta trtf thing in tha music lint ty Mi. da tZ- Phillips ;N. E. Fianklln. There are thice tittle things which do more work than any other three 11-tla things treated they art the ant, the bee and DaWltt't Little Early 8J-era, tka last being the famoua little pllla for stomach and liver troubles. K. O. Phillips; N. E Franklin. Veterinarian Treacy attends Dead-wood tha first Tuesday of each month. Tafepnoaa Ft Meade. Atur4ad At tbe time ho left homt there waa d younaer brother, a mere child, and dur tng the Intervening years as had grown to rigorous manhood. Hsnry had not On one occaalon a few days since, a strip of baron, which waa hanging on STEARNS DIAMOND COAL 18 HlkiMSt Hooors World's Pair, Ugaon. Hs also makes a ssad&liy of THE BEST. Oold MaxUI. Mldwlntwr Pair. Dr. the front of their store waa stolen la broad daylight Yeaterday a aide of salt pork disappeared In the aame mysterious manner, and now the ganels written home, and when John, his brother, had reached his majority he tuning, touting aad rvcalatlaa, aa4 M-palrjng in kisda of asuslsal taatnr msnta. "Money la a little magailnepubllahed Tlu Naw York Herald announces a suit agalnat the Ban franclsco Chronicle, alleging treepaaa ia Its copyright Tbe Herald copyright all It newa, aad claims that In defiance of Its protests tbe Chronicle haa persisted in ap received to corns to the Pills la starch In New York, but It cannot tell you an Olrs him a sal! and bo aoarSatM men of this establishment propose to of hla brother, who he hid not sees In more about apendtng or saving money Wa art anxlua to do a little good In all thoet years. Hs wss fortunate up that ht not nlr keep a Sao assart, meat but is also master of his art. than I can because the Ark le the place catch the guilty parties by Ualng a string to their samples, which wS con this world and can think of ao pleas t spend It and save It, too. inter or batter way to do It than br nect with a bell oa tht Inside, which. See the Syndicate restaurant's Bin i" :u propriating that newa, and, wiring It from New York, uses It In Baa Francisco ths aame morn lag that It appear In when ringing, sounds exactly Ilka tht natr it makes you look Un years ot Fare elaewhere In these columns. recommending Oat M In ate Cough Cure M S prtrflittTt cf pneumonia, eoaaum? tit a aad other serious lung trouble BMlaetad cold. K. C. city Art alarm bell. Whea tala alarm DOUBLE ENQLItH VI0LC7X Always trash tut, xfa to tl V acftsa, Orders br avail or crwtsa prosit younger. I bought It at Chase's where they sell cheap. They have lust re la beard by ths reeldents ct this sec tion, they should adjourn to tha street ceived l dosea of tht latest styles. on reaching Deadwood la ruaalag across a partstr ot his brother, who Informed him that Hear? had soma to town that day for tha ptrpoat of purchasing supplies, and that at, Just that tlms ht ould bt found 1 1 tht Bodega, conducted by John Tlem y, whliher ht had goat for tht purpose of purchasing a galloa of that tomcat McSrays? wtlaky. Tha satwUsg bttwtta a brotMrs wma rsry aSttttai to those who witnessed tt New York, the difference of three hours la time allowing of this being doaa. Taa salt will bt followed with gnaat Interest by .il atwspaptr men. whtrt thty wilt undoubtedly witness a ANNUALLY. After taking Inventory we dlepoee of all our odd and ends. We have big values In a few overcoata. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. ly tllal. and they art aelUg them for one-halt less than you can get them for aay nmipt: . "a rsaii wuk litUs ado art disponed at dur hot foot rata. L--. d J ). f" awej 0 wesjk eWsjasseeMaw A Shss Crsaaj e4 Tartar Fawcar. where else. Tha Knights of Pythias of Xadlaaap. taa oar sasntl Israatorr Claarla Salt olla aad the state of Indiana tnUal to make tht meeting of tht Strgramt A auttomsr said:" I bavt had tha , crWanttd-FoslUoa. by wall educated bast meat since I have be buying of young maa. ta office er store. Address . tat wX I .mzzX t iKaaaaa Barsalas la UMafwaay. BosarrxATJV falace. la A.agw, tat most IfClll sytuaa km Cs IZr Fargo, that I save kad lav a year." jF. M-, this eOoa, I

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