The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 10, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
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Thursday, February 10, 1898
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f PINE COMMERCIAL WORK GUARANTEED CIRCULATION . Tb Jofc HtMlag Sbmm Ths uunmr4 irauUnw o tss rtonca-Ttas, wwr U nil nl Ul ntliar iaS Bill Ixuim tiaUM, II lilcllj Ul tmt II In Best Work at the Low est Prise The Iitwt Advertiaincr Modi um TWENTV-SECOND YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), THURSDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 10, m. FIVE CENT in the oQce the governor requested his YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS All INSULT FROM SPAIII GOLDEN REWARD CASE, i uis point counsel offered a map made by the wltnesa, of the Bonanza, Tllton and Silver Caae claims, showing the overlapping and the Bonanza workings. cotH by the Buzton and th- H. E. Richards, of Chicago, wat rood Prepared With "C.ilumet" la Frco From RochoBo Salts, Alum, Llmo and Ammonia. "Calumet" Is the Houaewife'a Friend among yesterday's arrivals. E. C. Eddie departed yesterday for his home at Idaho Springs, Colo. Edwin Van Cise left yesterday for Omaha and other points on legal bus Famous Buxton vs. Golden Re ward Suit Commenced In United States Court. n n ?! m n Minister DeLome Severely Criticises the President Th ngs Look Warlike. defendant company. Thla waa hung upon a wire where It could be seen by wltneaa and Jury and the court This was partially explained u tbe jury TELEGRAPHIC BRIEFS. A special cable from Saa Jose, Oau-temala, announcea that President Barrios waa aesasslaated yesterday. There is great excitement, although no serious disturbances have resulted. A dispatch from Pretoria aays Paul Kreuger has been re-elected president of tbe South American republic. A serious lire occurred in the business portions of Fort Worth, Texas, at an sarly hour yesterday morning, entailing a loas of over a quarter of a million dollars. Baking Poud:r iness. -. McKlnnle, of Grand Encampment resignation. Klpp had taken legal advice and believed the governor could not remove him and declined to resign. The governor waa then placed In a very uncomfortable position and it was necessary to remove Klpp or be accused of condoning In a populist official what he had bitterly denounced in Anderson, the republican official, after he had publlcally charged Klpp, a populist, of doing the same thing. There waa another point of great importance to the governor. The Insurance commissioner haa about $16,000 worth of patronage to distribute among news-pa i era, In publishing the annual Insurance statements. Having precipitated the fight with Ktpp, the governor knew when the hour of adjournment arrived. At both eeaaloaa of court the large auditorium waa crowded to Its fullest Wyo., arrived yesterday and went to Galena. tiCUC GO GOOD. capacity with spectators, many of R. M. Walker, of Ft Harrison. Mont Jury Obtained Without Delay and Trial Proceeds A .Very Interesting Case. Speaker Reed Is Hurrying the Hawaiian Annexation Bill The Zoli Case. arrived yesterday to uke a look at tbe them being mining men it prominence. By this It Is evident that tbe case Is attracting a good deal of attention and Interest NOTICE .0 SHRINER8. To all Nobles of Naja Temple and all If he allowed the commissioner to re m m .T main In tbe office, he. Klpp. would dis Noblee wheresoever located, thla la to notify you that owing to the aerloua tribute the patronage among there papers which were friendly to him and XT A. J WERTHHEIMER & BR0. Illness of a member of our household. this might result disastrously to the the meeting called for Friday, July 11, haa been postponed to the third Saturday or 19th day of March, A. D. 1898. governor. He was therefore In duty bound to remove Klpp. The outcome By Order, ill be watched with a great deal of SOL STAR. B. F. ANKENY. lntereet. Recorder. Potentate. Black Hills. Con. Wtodman. treasurer of the Fred Krug Brewing Co., of Omaha, was sa arrival yesterday. J. C. Miller, of Denver, an expert of the B. A M. railroad, left for hla home yesterday after a few daye visit here. Jimmle Reynolds went down to Hot Springe y, iterday to stay a few weeks in the hope of recuperating hla health. S. B. Van Busklrk. assistant U. 8. District Attorney and wife, left laat evening for their home at Sioux Falta. Geo. F. Davla, agent of the Adams Express company, thla city, left yes terday for Omaha on a quick business trip. "Red" Ltxkhart, the wild and woolly populist r-tlstsr of d ieds of Pennington countj', waa up from Rapid yesterday. W. E. Rothermel, president of the Hardin Mining company, arrived yesterday from Chicago and will remain a week or so. Mr. and airs. Ingalla, who have been visiting about a week with Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Garner, this city, left last evening for their home, at Wayne, Neb. BLACK HILLS EXHIBIT. FELL DOWN A SHAFT. Bfcvney Klernan Plunges Head First Down the Hercules Shaft, at Two Bit. and la Killed. At 2:16 o'clock yesterday afternoon Barney Klernan, employed at the Hercules Mining company'a shaft, on Two Bit gulch, made a mis-step and fell to tbe bottom, a distance of 80 feet He was picked up unconscious, though life waa not extinct, and hoisted to ths top. Comrades carried him to the boarding house, near by, where Klernan died In about halt an hour. He was seen when he fell by several men on top, among them Superintendent Fred Roaalter, but it was done so quickly that nothing could be done to prevent it Klernan was engaged on the windlass and having emptied a bucket of rock was returning the car with the bucket to its place over the shaft Klernan waa walking in front of the car, pulling the bucket a very heedless thing to do, and doubtless made a mia-step. It was evident he endeavored to catch the rope hanging WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? A Washington special eaya: "Pres Mr. Hymer Urges the People of tne Washington, Feb. Special: This city has not been stirred up In many years aa now and Indignation la at a high pitch. The occasion of thla la a letter published In a local paper alleged to have been written by the Spanish Minister De Lome to a friend In Havana In which he severely erlt-Iclsts President McKtnley. DeLome will neither affirm nor deny authorship of the letter. The state department h, s railed the attention of the Spanish government to the letter. This la the principal topic of discussion today and th, feeling la bitter toward DeLome. rhe Cuban resolution came up in the senate today and Senators Cannon and Cullom spoke In Ita favor, occupying the entire session. The Cannon reeo-luUou is aa follows: Whereas, The people of the republic of Cuba are, and of right ought to be, free and Independent; and "Whereas, The continuance of the barbarous warfare of Spain in an attempt to subjugate the patriots of that republic Is a violation of the law i f ident McKtnley haa Invited National For tho Committeeman Kittrldge of 8outh Da Black Hills to Renew Their Interest In the Movement. kota to come to Washington. It seems Deadwood. S. D., Feb. 9, 1898. that President McKlnley is in no way to blams for the appointment of Chaa. T. McCoy aa Indian agent at Cheyenne Editor Pioneer-Times: Your article February 8th, on the Trans-Missis- River. The men ,1 prominence like slppl Exposition, demonstrates that the Kittrldge. for Instance, who have professed great Indignation over McCoy', Ploneer-Tlnies "never gives up advo cating a good cause." No question appolntuitul, have succeeded lu gut ting Is confirmation held up on ac touches thn public pulse of the loyal citizens of the Black Hills more than the "1'lack Hills exhibit." because of this one opportunity of a life time to show the world our great resources. count of bla alleged questionable record. It -iow appears that the men who have yelled loudest agalnat McCoy are A GOOD SHOW. Olympic Ball, Kid Gloves Fans, Etc c-Evening Silks, All at Popular Prices. This great suit which has been on tbe docket nearly three years Is now on trial In the United Slates court. Judge Amldon, of North Dakota, presiding. The attorneye are Messrs. Martin ft Mason and G. O. Bennett for the plaintiff, and G. C. Moody, Col W. R. Steele and W. L. McLaughlin are associated for defendant. The morning aession, from ten to twelve, was occupied in empannellng a Jury. The fact that the Jury Hat of forty-aeven contained but few names .rum this county, a great majority being from the southern counties, made :he acceptance of a competent Jury julte a aimple affair In comparison with many former Important trlala. The peraonnel of the jury U as fol-ows: C. B. Green, Alex. S. Stewart, J. . Gardner, H. O. Anderson, L. Mat-laon, ohn Wenke, Dennis Carrlgan, I os. P. Burk, Thoa. L. Monghan, John A Street, C. M. Lamaon and J no. Lund erg. The namea were drawn from the tox in the usual way. There were on-y seven challenges to Jurors, four of vhlrh were for cause and three were teremptory challenges by the defendant a counsel. In the afternoon session the trial .vas opened by a statement to the jury y E. W. Martin, for the plaintiff, vhlch occupied more than a half an tour. It waa a lucid and maaf rly premutation of the cauae of action. H expected to prove to the jury that the Golden Reward company had entered upon the patented ground of the Buxton company and extracted therefrom a large amount of ore valued at $200,-000 and ha expected to show that his client had been damaged otherwise to the amount of 320,000, making the claim agalnat the defendant 1220,000. He waa prepared to prove that thla had not been done by error or accident but by Intention with a full knowledge on the part of the manager and foreman that they had drifted beyond their lines Into the Bonanza claim, patented to the plaintiff company. He would show that they had worked out two stopes, which together had occupied nearly a year'a time. It would be proved that these workings were about really responsible for his appointment. According to First Assistant Postmaat On account of my personal acquain ine joasey-Marvin Co gavs a very pltaslng entertainment a', the Opera House laat night where they preaented a double bill"Drlftlng Apart" and "The from the windlass which threw him forward and he plunged head first to the bottom, striking upon the right slue of his head upen the solid rock. er Heath, who Indorsed McCoy for Indian agent at Cheyenne, Kittrldge and some other men who are now objecting tance with w holexale men of Omal a. members of the exposition management, and believing In tin great advantage to lie derived ilom the Ula k Child of the Regiment" Of the mer One leg struck upon a drill that projected from a hole and passed entirely its of the performance we can only aay to hla appointment, aent letters to Hills. I wax nuked to present the sub- Heath atrongly Indorsing McCoy for through the fleshy part at the thigh. He did not utter a aound and must that It wo in every way fully up to the atandard aet by this remarkably clever company, both as regarda the Jc. here. Afterwards at a represen the responsible position of associate tative meeting of the leading business Justice of the supreme court of New have struck his head against the side of the shaft near the top, rendering acting and dressing of both plays. In men who had chosen on local cxhll-t- Hampshire. The president being un him Insensible. fact w do not remember ever having seen, a neater, cleaner, brighter, or able to give the position to McCoy at the urgent request of Heath and Sena- tlon committees from every town In Lawrence county, held at the city hull in Deadwood, I was chosen commis Four miners. Chas. Madden. Ike Trotter, Chaa. Cheeseman and Joe more pleasing performance anywhere. lot' Hanna. appointed him Indian agent Tonight at the request of a number of Slivers were working in th, shaft, but sioner for the Black Hills and requested to hold public meetings In all of the happened to be back from under the Thla requeat waa made because of the strong recommendations that Heath and Hanna had both received from play goers they will play their own dramatization of Oulda's celebrated humanity, a menace to freedom and to the progress of the peoples of the western hemisphere, and a full Justification for the demand by th" I'nltrd States that Spain shall withdraw hvr land and naval forces from Cuba awd Cuban waters and leave the republican people to the enjoyment of Ufa, liberty and the pursuit of happlneas; therefore ba It "Resolved by the sonata, That the president of the United States Is urged to notify the kingdom of Spain that If Spain shall fall to recognise the Independence of the republic of Cuba, on or before the 4th day of March. 1S9S. the Krivernment of the United States win on that date recognize the belligerency of llu ( unuii patriots, and within thirty dus thereafter shall assert the In-dopendent'o of tbe republic of Cuba." The senate committee on foreign relations dt'iMi'd to make an adverse report to the amendment to the consular diplomatic appropriations bill which would rwngnlza Cuban belligerency. The torpedo boat, Clashing, has been ordered from Key West to Havana with stores for the cruiser Maine. hoisting-way and were not Injured, al Black Hills towns. (On account f novel "Under Two Flags. Every read though Silvers was struck by one of sickness I wus absent from this merl r er tn the United States la familiar with in? ) Kittrldge and others. Now that these fbcta have been explained to the president by Senator Haunt and First As Klernan's feet, but not hurt Klernan pulled the bucket, that weighed 7C This work wus dona soon afterwar Is thla stirring story, and naturally da-ilres to see It In a dramatic form, and In order that they may have an oppor being a very easy and pleasant task, pounda over and it fell upon him. The boy waa hoisted from tbe shaft by J. sistant Heath, ths "riot act" will probably be read by the president to Kitt M. J. as every Black Hills newspaper except U Scofleld, Dan Diets and Al Ooss. ing two, and the leading business men rldge upon bla arrival In Waehlngton. The whole matter now appeara to have The remains were brought to the of the various towns hoa.tlly endorsed tunity of so doing tbe management have decided to make tonight a grand ladlee free night that la one reserved seat ticket, admits a gentleman and 1 WERTHHEIMER & BR0. cUf laat evening and taken to Robin the movement. oeen a tempeat In a teapot and there la little or no doubt that McCoy will Ce Plans were agreed upon by the com aon's undertaking rooms, to be prepared for burial. The funeral will occur mittees to make a Black Hills exhll it confirmed by the aenate. laoy, or two ladles virtually two tickets for the price of one on Saturday night tomorrow, Friday forenoon, at 10:30. In the Mines building. The proposi While It ia probab'e that Kittrldge the company will give away choice of Barnard Klernan, who waa known In tion for Lawrence county to appropriate 13.000 for this purpose was carried three gold watches which ar now on Deadwood u Barney Klrwln, waa born In Ireland: waa 23 yeara of age, and will uke up with Secretary Bliss tn matter of the appointment of a recel' er of the land office at Watertown, a part of the South Dakota administra exhibition at Gillette's jewelry store. seventy five feet below the surface, that pillars were left and timbers were Wrm. 'Il by a majority of nearly flve-hundrud at the last election. loum Taawa, VI Numbers on the drawing are Issued had been in Deadwood and vicinity aev put In to support the roof until the ore every night and a number Issued in era! years, engajed In different ways. Suddenly a new committee was ap tion has endorsed Lee Stover for the ai removed, when both pillars and position. Those antagonising him have the middle of the week, is just as likely to draw ti e watch as ons that Is issued timbers were removed, allowing the Jhe American National Bam j Or DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAZOTA. e REED HURRYING ANNEXATION. Waehlngton, Feb. Special: Speaker Reed baa asked Chairman Davia of the senate committee on foreign relations to withdraw the Hawaiian an nexatlon treaty from consideration In pointed by Gov. Lee. and this committee haa put forth Ita bett efforts to gat the financial part of the plan arranged. He was an industrious fellow, quiet and unassuming and had many friends who will be grieved to hear of his sad death. His parents, brothers and sis sent protests to Secretary Bliss and Senator Kyis." on Saturday. Ladles tickets and seats roof to cave, that waste rock from the defendant'a mine waa stowed away In may be secured for tonight at Flahel'a but so far there aeems to be nothing these worked out stopes and the en Bazaar. ters reside at Dundolk. Ireland; he has definite. THE BRULE RESERVATION. Does a General Banking Business the senate and permit the question of annexation to be taken up by bill or no relatives In America. trance from tbe defendants mine to that of th plaintiff wu filled and Feeling that the Interest of the Black Washington, Fib. P-Bpeclal: Th, HAVE YOU BEEN ITT Hills in this public enterprise is par closed. It would be ahowa that the Will pay Interest on tune certiflcatea of depcelt Will hoy and eell. difficulty with regard to the transfer of the Lower Brule Indiana to the Rose FIRE DEPARTMENT. mount to the personal intereata of any taking of the ore, which waa in 1891 3 exchange on au parts of th united lutes and Europe. Have yru seen the new 2-horse-pow Individual, I have urged the former The members of the various compa nd 1892, waa not discovered until 1396, Will make a speolalty on all kinda of oollectione, and ail buaiae i er German coal oil engine running at ntea of the Deadwood Fire Department Joint resolu'.l n. Senator Davis bas not yet decided to do this, as he Is still confident he eta get the necessary number of votea for ratification of the treaty. But he aays that In caae the coming week doee not develop a greater probability of secur and then dlacovered by the sinking of committees to act In harmony and cooperate with the commltteea appointed bud reservation In South Dakota has been practically settled. After a conference among themselves It haa been agreed that the B rules will allow a por I will be transacted oa basin ess prlnolples M. H. Lyon's assay office? It is ths are requested to meet In uniform, at the earth over the workings. Thsy first one west of the Missouri river and by the governor. I handed a Hat of the city hail on Friday, Feb. 11th, at were prepared to ahow quite cloaely, was Invented laat year and patented in I theae committees to Vice-President 10 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of at XhXllKOTOltSs tion of their reservation to be opened Ul countrtee. la by far the simplest en the amount of ore extracted and could determine quite closely its value from McKlnney and Secretary Davla. tending the funeral of our deceased to eettlement to reimburse the govern ing an early vote he may accede to the BUhSlWSUa W, SLL ISIU, 01 vnitmeTW. jog Tssms. Eaaaia B4WCU,. e aa saaw m en a ass The people all over the Black Hills brother fireman, Barnard Klernan. ment for the outlay to the Rosebud gine yet invented, consumed only six and o4-tenth cents worth of coal oil one atope and make a close estimate speaker's request and consent to hav Ing the treaty laid aside. are alive to thla enterprise, and If a The firemen of Lead and Central are landa. Inspector Laughlin will leave on the value of the ore in the other. proper start could be made In securing hereby invited to unite with the Dead Waehlngton next Saturday to secure yesterday and did all the cruahlng and giindnlg for the aasay office. Slaee Although Speaker Reed la opposed to the annexation of Hawaii, be Is The queatlona for the Jury to determine were how much ore had been ta wood department In performing the the consent of three-fourths of the In funds there would beno lack of sop port from two to twenty-horse-power now laat sad rites to our ec Tirade. dlana to transfer, after which aa agree ken and what waa Ita value. much more anxloua to secure an early adjournment of congress than he la ready. JAS. FRAWLEY. Wherever I go In any part of the Before calling witnesses the plaintiff ment will be submitted to congress for W. M. BARKER, Black Hills the question la "how Is the Chief Engineer. ratlficatlona. Th Indiana had a Snal offered some half dosen documents, the to defeat annexation, and he realties that the aenate can make but little pro WIN' Sol Agent tor 8. D. conference with Commissioner Joes to exposition." and while In Omaha last first being the patent to the Bonanza, week about the first queation asked by ATTENTION A. O. H day. gress with the appropriation bills as Issued to the Buxton company March the business men, railroad officials ana The members of the Ancient Order of GRUB long as the treaty stands in the way. He is destroua, therefore, that the sen 21. 1891. being mineral lot No. 613. Then followed the patents to ths Sllvet attorneye whom I met waa, "How la Hibernians are requested to report at SENATOR MASON TURNS. Washington. Feb. 9 Special: Sen the Black Hills exhibit?" Indeed. It the City Hall In Deadwood. 8. D.. on Caae and the Tllton to the Golden Re would seem a sad mistake If we ahould ator Mason has decided not to vote for ate drop the treaty and paas a bill of Joint resolution providing for annexation, which can be put through the Friday. Feb. 11th. UN at 10 o'clock a. ward company, in which thoae parts STAKE fall to make a creditable exhibit for re. for the purpose of attending the which conflicted with M. U No. 611, Hawaiian annexation. He had heretofore been counted as one of the strong the Black II Ilia. funeral of our deceased brother. Bar tbe Bonanza, were specially excepted. house in short order. No one doubts that annexation will win In the hous . PURCHASERS- est adherents of the policy. He thinks nard Klernan. which will occur at aald By the payment of one or tr o bun Certifications from the general land the president ahould do the proper dred dollars within the next few days time. M. J. DONOVAN, office and records of ths circuit court, Though a considerable number of republicans are opposed to lt,many dem President were offered, all showing that the ex Ax thing by Cuba before turning his eyes toward Hawaii. There are many other ocrats favor It. we can secure the best location In the Mlnee building, right besldea the Colorado space: the balance rould be paid ceptions In the Sliver Case and Tllton i 0 republican senators who feel th same GOV. LEE FIRES KIPP. patents In favor of th Bonanza war Speaker Reed's new plan, born of h's anxiety to finish up the work cf the f later on. ell urderstood by the officers of ths way. Mason's changs of front announced today for the first tlms, means The Insurance Commissioner Caught defendant company. Yet there seems to be two ways yet Can bay thlr winter's supplies of Qrocriei, TZA3, COFFEZS, PROVISIONS, ETO. . . . . . . XVDJ'OK OASH-CH- At the low prior current before) th advance occasioned by tn DiDgley bill. Everything except FLOUR and BUG Aft at the old price session by the 1st of June, Is likely ta claar the way for annexation without that th Hawaiian treaty cannot be Harris Frihklln wu then called to Filching Money from Insurance Com panics and Is Removed by the Gov ratified. much further delay. open to solve this question: First If our county commissioners would maks an appropriation of one mill on tbe dol prove who were the officers of ths com ernor. pany, defendant at certain times. AN OLD CREEK BED. ZOLA LIBEL CASE. lar on the assessed valuation. It wild N. W. Chapman, ths superintendent Both th method a&d reonlta irbes The Ploncer-Tlmee yesterday receiv Paris. Feb. 9 Special: There was a jglve the governor's committee a good ( of the Buxton company thee took the stand, and atated that hla acquaintance Bttud of Flsrs Is takes t It la pleasant At a depth of 160 feet the Chicago start and would Insure success. and rtfiaaams to the taatt, and acta Two Bit shaft brok Into what Is ap Second. If a few more of the bus! ed a tslegam from Pierre, the capital of this state, saying Governor Lee has filed notice removing J. H. Klpp as In with the Bonanza, began la th sum 8 vet eromotlT oa the Eidnera. greater interact manlfeeted in the to a trial today than on any previous occasion. If possible. Mrs. Dreyfus was a'-lowed to testify today, her evidence b.- DEABWGOB ness men who represent wealthy mln mer of 1891, when be was construction parently a creek bed or channel The material la a gravel cement and can by rr ejvd Bowels, cleanses th y surance commissioner and appointing Ing corporations would man 1-est the tarn etSietasilT. dispels oolds, head- mined with a pick without the us of no iw r i i aame Interest in tbe exposition aa liar Ing restricted to the Esterhazy cas aehaa and tvren and cures habitaal b i rsnr engineer of the Elkhorn Bald Mountain line. Ths track crosses the Bonanza claim and crosses directly ever the southeast comer. To eave th exact a drill. Color can be found plentiful Two hundred barristers indulged at rla Franklin haa taken anl formulate Thos. Ayres. ths governor's privets see rotary, to the position. Ayr is publisher of the Plain Talk, a radical pop II 1 ! ly with th ordinary gold pan. It la hil aome plan according to their own Idea, oonstlpitk&. Syrup of Figs ia th j only nsadr of ita kb docsd, pleasing to th tasta ga ao aautahii to th stomach, womvt ia believed that when "bedrock" la reach y J U ulist paper at Vermillion. Klpp was horse play at the public entrance to tbe court The mllltla attempted to disperse them when a fight ensued, in and head a aubecriptlon list the movement would be heartily seconded by location witness stump were biased and marked from which 1U location may bo found exactly. Later when ia ( tp pointed lnsu.-nase commissioner by A.C.HORNBEROEIt, PHOP. ed something good will be found. In th other shafts of th Hardin syndicate entirely different formations ar Got. Leo laat winter, when the office our people all over the Black Hills ita sve&tt and truly bermacial La lu which a cumber of the barrister wsi roughly handled. Generals Botedeff. e Ths governor, having assured ue the 'trrre of the Buxton mine, witness waa created by the legislature and his Suets, prs)r4 on'r from thtmost 1 kealthi aad agreeable wibftaraw. Ita Next Door to Postcdca. found. 0 o 0 and Oons refused to testify. msde a resurvey to connect the bona- appointment waa confirmed by the ,!sr rs with ti underground work. Th tats senate. BAnyaioaUant qualities eosnsatad It to al aad sere made it the moU LUBTOERT CASE. line on the surface which had CAXD Of THANKS. Ttls la a parallel case to the of Resent Shannon by Oov. Sheldon. ecmCd Msseiy kaoira. chopped out when the surrey for pat Chicago, Feb. Special: Counsel for the state and defense la the Lust- money subscribed or appropriated for thle purpose will be reimburse at the next session of ths legislature. It ought to be easy to secure necessary funds. Personally I am more than anxioes to see this enterprise succeed, and while I have spent much time and expense without any remaneraUon, I am which caae was carried to th supreme To th many kind friends who Ja iynp of Bt b for ask la 60 at buttlaa by all kadlss drof ent was saad were entirely plain. B had no knowledge thsa that aay or Th'c hcldt good for a ihort time only, with all new goods- porchaaod the advance most be added court with the result that th govern slated as daring th laat tUaeos aal at f c ( had been extracted by any on except gist, Aay reliable dre;1 who anay nt bar it on ba&dwiS! Vto- th funeral of our daughter, Tease, w. or action was declared Illegal. The question now la. has th executive the hie own company. In Jus 13H ta grt murder trial finished presenting their case to the Jury at a late hour thla afternoon. Judge Gray gave bla instructions and the Jury was sent to Ita room. It is confidently expected desire to extend our harfelt thanks. ear It promptly for any oce who wkhsa to try it l)Qriotsw!fttey passing over the claim, witness dlscov-1 their ministrations and . sympathies red eracka la tat earth aal ttat Cor Ugntaatd, ia torn dsgrta, aa infliction power to recaov aa official whoa as-pointaaat But b confirmed by th sonata. still ready to do my share and eo-oper-at with any honest effort for the Black Hills exhibit i. P. HTMEK. tas:;ia:a. c:::j vdi w iicjie ia r; a "K y. jlPSy (p, "V j, f JT et? Jf 7 -. . that another disagreement w)il b the a considerable area th ground had that seams lard to bear. ' . ii j ms ja i1PB estsem jjgeea?h Lowacsil I a? t v.ret W revolt cf thla trial. TJpoa Itarnlac of K2s9s settled two or tarn feet I MX AXD MSS. JNO. DOYLE. if Hs W

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