The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 19, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 19, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 19, 1899. - - : ABOUT THE SMELTER SALE. SHAKE INTO YOUR SHOES. , Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting, nervous feet, and Instantly takes fc) Til I ssvawaa .w iminMnmmi the sting out of corns and bunions. Harris Franklin Corrects Some Unfounded Rumors Concerning It. "I wish you would corre.-t some of these stories that hav-; appeared regarding the price paid for the smelter," said Harris Franklin, vice president of the Golden Reward Consolidated Mining and Milling company, who arrived It's the greates: comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease make tight or new shoes feel easy. It Is certain, cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching feet Try it taday yestonlay from the eat, when he had Ix-en present at the consummation cf Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By mall for 25c in stamps... Trial package FREE. Allen S. Olmsted, the purchase. "I see That sjme of these newspaier have said we paid two millions for the smelter property. This is misleading and is likely to create THE BEST a bad effect ion can say that the price paid was considerably less than a million. SHINGPOWDE MA Mr. Franklin said there would be no material chahges'ln the manner of con ducting the smelter. It will continue Under the direction of Dr. Franklin R. Carpenter, and will endeavor In the fu Le Roy, N. Y. o M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BR0. Our serverad special sales this season have convinced the public that we mean wtiat we say, that we sell goods cheaper than any house In the land, and from this on we will offer our entire stock at such prices as have never been heard of in this country before, and we have no stock, like a great many old, shelf-worn stock but all of our goods are nerw and fresh this season's goods and it is no idle 'boast when we say that we can sell cheaper than any one, for we buy cheaper. So come along with your catalogues. We will match you any article you find or want at the ADDITIONAL LOCALS. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. ture to advance the inter owl of the joely tarnished rooms t the Miller country, as it has in the pasit. Custom ores will be received, as they always have been, and no one will be shut STYLE! The Form and Make Are What Count. Look at our Clothing. The wide square shoulders, the broad lapels, the graceful hang. . .. - - They Have a Tone That is all Our Own. The Clothing shown by us is especially made for us. We know all about it and will guarantee it. Handsome line of new patterns in laundered, coloied and white shirts, Wilson Bros Best are not too good for our CUSTOMERS. It's 647 Main Street, Where you get the best assortment in Boy's Clothing, Extra Knee Pants, shirts and Waists for the little fellows. OUR Ties are the talk oi the town. OUR Hats the Nobbiest and OUR Prices the lowest. Hie Pioneers of 1876. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. out. It will be necessary, however, to raise the charges to some extent, ow k 41 Lee street. I L. Nell, D. D. S.( Crown work a specialty. Gives Winleee extraction ot teeth, flip's Pharmacy, itle. neglected scratches ing to the increased prioe of coke and ana gas Over and copper ore used for flux. There have same prices, and save you the express charges. boon combinations in the handling of lx;h of these products. cok having Ihmmi advanced $1.10 per ton, while R. C. Barnard left for Colorado. Henry Leppla was in the city. Dr. E. E. Clough went out to Galena. Harris Franklin arrived from the east. C. C. Polk came up from Sturgis and spent the day. Rev. B. T. Scher, pastor of the M. E. church at Sundance, was in th city. MrH. Hulin and daughter, Miss Birdie Mundy, left for Denver, where they will spend the summer. Will Waldschmidt and wife arrived from Viola, Wis., where they had Ihhmi Ids frequently result In blood poia-ig. Better heal them quickly with We wiU offer for this week special inducements in all kinds of Ladies' copper has doumeil in price. Mr. Tallor-Made Suits, silk lined, at prices Frankiiii was unaible to say just how fttt'a Witch Hazel Salve, a thor-Ly anti-sep'ic application with a Jrd of always curing piles, old u'.- much of an advance would be made in he smelter charges, as it will be en that have never been quoted before for such a quality. f lilies' Walking Suhs in all qualities and the latest styles. Ladies' and gores, cuts, wounds and skdn dis-For sale Ijy Kirk U. Phillips. tirely regulated by the prices of coke and eopiH-r. The Golden Reward com bK A PERKIvCT fit, see chak- Children's Jackets at unheard-of low panv will make of the smelter all that visiting Mrs. VV'aldsehmidt's parents. & RAMSEY, THE TAllUits. prices. s demanded of it by the development 0. G. Ikuinis, division freight agent e Ladira' Bazar has received Us Shirt Waists too numerous to men f the Black Hills mines, and wh"n it' for summer wear. They have for the Elkhorn, arrived from down tion tho different styles. irovi inadequate it. will lie enlarged. The chl'rinal:ion plant in this city where he had iH'en on luisi- Silk and Cotton Underskirts; Ladies the line, ness. selected with care and are the list of goods which are of- 1 at reduced prices. Mrs. Abrahams, formerly Mrs. Jacob Misses' and Children's Underwear in all qualities; in fact, our entire stock must be sold, and sold quickly; therefore, we offer them at the lowest prices bring our Immense stock of goods Werthhpimer of this city, arrived fur notice we have inaugurated special from Clijciigi), where she is now inak ing her home. ever heard of. days for each day of the week, on Come and examine our stock. We jh days articles indicated In our large J. M. liivlsfonl returned from Edge will coir.inue without any changes, handling the ores from the company's mines in ihe various parts of the country. Some of these ores, imn which the clilorination process is not altogether satisfactory, will be handled at the smelter. The company has a large amount of these ores, and the purchase of the smelter will make it possible to handle them at a profit. Mr. Franklin said Dr. Carpenter was to start from New York last night for the Black Hills. a be bought cheap for cash. Try us niont. whither he had gone Wednesday can convince you of what we say. M. J, WERTHHEIMER & BR0 Sou will see we mean business; goods afternoon, accompanying his wife, who lered. DEMOUTH'S ARK, Inc.. was on her way to Oberlin, O 68-70-72 Sherman St. THE NEW STRIKE AT CUSTER. I you suffer from tenderness or full- W. S. Warner, receiver of public moneys at the Hnlted States land office Reports from Custer Indicate that on the right side, pains under there is the most intense excitement At ilder-blade, constipation, bllious- in Rapid City, arrived in the city, accompanied by his wife, to spend the slck-headache, and feel dull, that place over the recent discovery of free gord ore on the Carr farm, near h and sleepy, your liver hi torpid lay with his mather- Mrs- Porter War" town. The town Itself is said to be almost depopulated, aH of the male res trs will cure you promptly, pleas- J. M. Brelsford and wife left for Iderots who are able to get away being fir and permanently by removing FULLER BROS & McCUMSEY, ( GEDDES OLD BARN. ) J New Carriages and Buggies. Oberlin, Ohdo, where their son-','S! daughter are attending Oberlin college at tihe scene of the discovery. Mr. joongestWn and causing the bile Carr has received an offer already of This is the last week of school, and $25,000 for his ground, but has declined Mr. and Mrs. Brelsford will be there !i to open and flow naturally, are good ptlla. K. O. Phillips, e reduction a in prices at the IyONGFELLOW DAY. This will be Longfellow day at the Central school building in Deadwood, and the afternoon will be devoted to memories of the poet. Invitations have been sent to the "parents and friends of the school to be present and witness She exercises, which wtll begin at 2 o'clock and continue until 3:30. The invitations have been written by the school children themselves, and on the back of the one reclved at the Pioneer-Times office la the inscription: "For his gentleness we loved him, And the magic of his singing. ' it. He has bean following the vein cn the surface, and has opened It up for a distance of thirty-five feet, al- pes' Bazar are genuine and sweep-1 Goods can be selected from a com- rnougn ne nas at no point reacnea depth of over a few feet The yedn varies in width all the way from eight The Best Driving and Saddle Horses. BOARDING HORSES BY THE DAY WEEK OR MONTH a specialty. . : : : Prompt and Careful Attention will be Given to Funerals, for which we have both vhite and black burses. to sixteen inches, and specimens taken from It are fully as rich as the choicest ever taken from the Holy Terror. It la the same character of ore, and Is filled with coarse gold. Pieces of it may be pounded up in an ordinary mortar and for commencement. o HANDSOME CONVEYANCES. John Jenhaek has the finest and most stylish vehicles for passenger conveyance) in the Black Hills, and those who have occasion to engage a hack for any part of Che city of Dead-wood, or to any point on the Mineral Belt, should Took ihhn up. His teams are kept in the best of condition, and always appear to advantage. He haa just had made an elegant new three-seated carriage at N. J. Thompson's factory in the city that for easy riding and comfort is unsurpassed in the country. It is substantially 'made, plainly, although richly, finished, with deep, wide seats, giving an abundance of room for riding. Its very appearance suggests luxury, and Mr. Jennack should have all of the best trade as a recompense for his pains and expense. with a pan a man can make good wages washing It out. Rich placer has been found In the M-i 1 1 1 1 1 1 H 'H' H I 1 1 1 1 MM I I l immediate vicinity of the ledge in MONEY SAVED ! I years past, and a large amount of gold was taken from them, but thU is the most important discovery ever made of the origin of the placer gold. Men are art. work In all directions from the dis covery looking for similar ledges, and mining has 'been given a de.dtl Impetus In the Custer region. n - DRY GOODS AT A SACRIFICE. We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS.... We also 8ave money in buying goods in The Liebmann store, upper Main DISCOVERED BY A WOMAN. Another great discovery has been made, and that, too, by a lady In this country. "Disease fastened Ms clutches up her and for seven years she withstood its severest tests, but Ler v tal organs were undermined and death teemed Imminent For three months he coughed incessantly, and eouid net sleep. She Anally discovered a way to recovery, by purchasing of us 9 iottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, and was so much relieved on taking first dose, that she slept all night; and with twob ottle, has been absolutely cured. Her name is Mrs. Luther Lutx" Thus writes W. C. Ham-nick & Co., of Shelby. N. C. Trial bo' ties at Phillips & Steensen's Drug Store. Regular size 50c and J1.00. Every bottle guaranteed. o A RIPE OLD AGE. Mrs. Ruth Craft, mother of Roland Craft, died at the latter's home in this city yesterday of old age, in her 80th year. The funeral will be held tomorrow forenoon at 10 o'clock. The son of the departed is employed at the Houghton & Graham wholesale house In the city, and his mother had been living with him far.about a year. She had lived with a daughter in Ohio up to that time. The daughter is now dead and the son in Deadwood Is the only one' left of eight children. Mrs. Craft was a native of Virginia. She had been unable to get around much street, will be reopened .Saturday morning, May 20 by J. C. Haines, who has purchased the ENTIRE stock, and will sell it out at .greatly reduced prices. X large quantities. This s made possible since we 4 have six large stores in which to place them The goods have been marked down and will be sold without reserve. Call stock they are not remnanta. M. Gantx, D. D. S. Modern Den- 7 rf all kinds. Gas administered. wn years' experience. Rosenthal k. b Miller house to rent to food, re-Kible partem. Enquire at Mrs. L. tffler. nw eetr X Gus Kellar's meat tat on Main .treat, you can get ot rood meats at the lowest at. Quick aiesi and mall proflU ' fresh and food. Don't t the number 6 42ft Mala street. I ladles of the Oongyegatlonal f wiU give a blckana eotertaln-11 on the evwnlnf of June 2, the to be announced later. he lecture of Eli Perkins on Fri-nlsht will be a rare treat of wls-.quenoa and wit The price will cento to all parte of the house. teU now at FramkHa'a. m- N' ot the Ladies Bazar an-In addilUon to the sweeping ion of prices In all goods previ-V offered, an entirely new line of " and ginghams at 8 1-3 cents. tfiay, May 20, the Llehmann wl he reopened. Don't mise the Sains. b Uetanann rtore wll be reopened May 20. and the magnificent of gaod, sold at from 25 to 75 ewrt dJscotHst. BROS. Have moved their JraK rrjBL office to B. C" Plaon 666B Main street, order, and feey will be at-v9 Promptly. - Lina' " P0" ruined Jame. Bollert fire la Wandluu.lnooiweno. k tS?""14 wton TOTTrtor A GOAT. 721 n HaSl0- WfBl -4 Ut-kTSjV WlsaseM. appetite. early and secure choice. Our customers receive the benefit of our close i purchases and cah discounts. - - WW w We loose no bad accounts, since we sen oniy for CASH. Otir customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts, Consequently you will find big COMBINED. The First ward meat market and the "Cash Market," the new firm Is etyled the "Oma-ha Meat Market" They mean business and will do it too. Meat at Omaha prices, come and see us and get a pleasant surprise at No. 627 Main street MONEY SAVED MARRIED AT GALENA. Miss Gertie R. Groahong and Mr. George Leech were married at the home of the bride in Galena last night by Dr. E. E. Clough, presiding elder of thie M. E. conference, in the presence of only the immediate relatives and a few close friends of the bride and groom. The bride is the publisher and proprietor of the Union Hill Star, a weekly newspaper that she has published In Galena for the last two years. Previous to that time she was employed for a number of years on the Pioneer of thia city. She has lived in Galena and the Black Hills by far the greater part of her life, and possesses the true Black Hills energy and ambition. . Her mother lives at Galena, and her two brothers, Walter and Herbert, are among the substantial men of that part of the HlHs. Mr. Leech. . .the young husband, has been an employe In the mines about Galena, and is well qualified for almost anything he may engage in. 'Mr. and Mrs. Leech win live at Galena, and begin their married life In Galena with the beat wishes of a host of friends., o NOTICE TO TEACHERS. All applications for teaching in the various schools of the city for the ensuing year should be with the secretary of the board, not later than May 1901.1899. aW. MATSON. secretary Board of Education, j City of Deadwood. In Deadwood, and was consequently but little acquainted here. But those who knew her loved her for her sweet, motherly disposition. The funeral will be in charge of R. W. Lewis. Clothing Shoes, f j Drv fionds and 5 j i BY s BUYING HE fOOLED THE SURGEONS. All doctors told Renlck Hamilton, of West Jefferson, O., after suffering 1 months from octal Fistula, be world die unless a costly operation was performed; bat hoc nred himself with pre toxes of Backlen'a Arnk Salve !u the World. 26 cents a box. Sold by Phillips Steensen. Drugs, Lsts. o WORKING NIGHT AND DAT. The busiest and mignoest little thing that ever was made is Dr. King's new Ufe pills.- Every pill is a sugar- coated glabule of health, that changes weakness lnts strength. ttsUessnes into eoergy. brain-fag Into anental power. They're woaderfid la twOting tW haaKk. Osuy esssts per swx. Notions at WHOOPING COUGH. I had a little boy who was nearly dead from an attack of whooping cough. My neighbors recommended Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I did not think that any medicine would help him. but after giving him a few doses of that remedy I noticed an Improvement, and one bottle coxed him entirely. It to the best cough medicine I ever had In the house. J. L. Moore, Sooth Bnrgettstowa, Pa. For sale by all druggists. I" WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP i CHASE'S Carr & Berry Block, Deadwood. i it i mini n nnummifli BoM by FtoflHp 7 rauups St

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