The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 3, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY April 3 1300 THE DAILY P10NEEU-TIMES, DEADWOOD. S. D. ann nnnjutnnn ruuwvruxri . .. 10.r44.7L .. '3.'J3.-.!. Edward Hauschka Sundries 2I.1& 8 s Assaying 50c Gold and Silver A flood Shoe not paid Note - lu hydrants for at da! ' :.;:-it"i.9" r.ij.ft'i .", l'J . r THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE Established 188S. No. 37 Lee 8t. Deadwooci WILL. GIVE CORRECT RESULTS OF BOTH GOLD AND SILVER FOR 50C. ON ALL .... ..ks & ROUGH T TO THE OFFICE. io.'.'iH...; A COMMI N'H'ATION. Mr. Editor. Allow me to speak a w words in favor of Chamber'ain s 1. o. .,... iv 1 suffered for three Needs No Lnno; tn I I arc an j-(,0( ut at the l '.0 1:1 r, t : 1 1 . -' ". IH.".' "...Ill want to talk to Vi'U -l I X J 1 J T ... I til t; 11 1 v in ' j years with the bronchitis and could not sleep at nights. I trl.-d scvera-,,h -tors and various patent medicines, bur could get nothing to give me any relief until my wife got a bottle of M. H. Lyona Co, Agents for the Blickerisdorfer $35.00 Typewriter, John Feldhausen, rrelgtit on iron valve ... ' N'atiQjjaJ Tube Works, Troy. 2 tilt-inch hydrants Viiif-y Gate Valve Co., Phila.. 1 4-way gate' I). A. Mcl'herson, oMegranrs. . Win. M. Marker. 1 u-inch x- pansion joint - .'Ho.fWt 8-inch spiral overflow pipe and specials . . Al. Anderson, calking tanks . John Connors., do ChiLS. S. Ferris, do Frank Smith, do (Jus. R. Johnson, do H. Hilgeson, do . . . A. B11rnha.n1. do Peter Sgoren. do O. V. Anderson do liarr Hanna, do H. & M. Railway, freight on 10-inch pipe from Omaha . . D. A McPherson. 1 telegram Mack Hills Mfg. Co.. work on pipe Paxton & .Yielding Iron Works, manhole tees, and plugs Ay res fc Wardman Hdw. Co.. 1 'P.':n fOt wear. o,w vii bin 1 u nun lcine, which nt.i 1 nlololu rnreil me. 'W. S. RriM'klll 12 Vi 1 1 III s I mat sale Ladies. Jfagnell, Mo. This remedy is for by Kirk Q. Phillips, druggist. - 1 MTNFK ANT) MTNllVf LO(I CABIN MAPLE SYRUP. ".4.9U 1 no Call :inl allow 1 to " Von it,. The first consignment of this un -- mc 1 'et $3.00 sh "-' Ml tile World equalled syrup has arrived and its pure essence will always attract those Any style tot.', color who have once tasted it Physician "c or and lo inch main to the City tanks hall: upper. We have them . -ill says: "Maple syrup la a natural medi cine, that prevents a Lumber of 11 ments." Aud Its aroma Is superior J. n. Damon, contractor 1H4 cu. yds. excavation across Deadwood gulch to i.. .i i. . to honey. STANDARD CASH STORE, Work at the Detroit & Deadwood mine continues in the same quality oi ore carrying as high aH 21 per vent. of copper. The vein is from four to eight feet thick and has boen traced for a distance of fifty feet. The roof of the tunnel is all in ore and the door is in the Archean slates which at pies ent are richer than the ore ImxI 48 Sherman street. Sole Agent for i u iock ill Jo c 4 4(,.4ii Deadwood, S. D. Gentlemen. Our $3.50 Shoe sundries M. I!. Collins. Omaha, ti pr. lO-iin h pi-e Wilson. Knney & Co . lalxir Caldwell & Wilcox, gate for Gayville dam James M111111. freight on do . . Mrs. Kimball, of placer claim A. W. Coe. 1 urchase" of lots foVaanks Iunk wXrtli. analysis of water Slagle. do I. I'. & H. Mullen, Contractors: Final estimate of city engineer as fol lows : i'X.'iS cu yds. concrete at $S..",n$ 472. i .1 tJO.II cu. yds. rubble masonry in cement at $4.:() ,:'.",s:i ' 47.2 cu. yds. rubble-masonry dry at $2.70 127 44 4.81 cu. yds. brick masonry in i;.",i.iiii In all shades ami athci ?"iO.(l- 111. on I.CNt. V 'U simply a o-i,,,, a can't lieat. it ariywh CI.Ewl'A TRA CYANIOE I'l ATI'. .'iimes I lui Ignrini?, the mill man. was in the city yest rday on his way to Squaw creek, where he will put a fop ' of men to work today on a new ;,0-ton cyanide plant to be built at 'he C, :: jatra. He expect to -have ti,e '.ml completed and ready for o;'eialiolis by the first of July. Mr. Hughes, the superintendent of ; rl'c. cement at $11 402 lineal feet 12 in l'):,v,; Ml. inai am We can C"in mcc i m. 2n:;. in. 2'i RECAPITULATION. J II. Damon $ It '..' T. P. A.- H. Mullen 2,41.l! Edward Hanschka T.'iJM.tii. tile la place at ":!c I KM cu. yds. refilling at ;iic, . !li;2u. yds. excavation in creok channel at 3c. Allowed for extra labor and materials Allowed for digging trench from drift an' per report of engineer, cost Add ten per cene as per contract '. 1 1!) II Wm. M. Parker 2.1!i.. .''J Co.: Zipp Shoe 655 Main St. the company, returned a few weeks ago from Colorado ami Mercur, where ho went to observe the latest methods of tyunlding. The company recently jmrehased more ground and new machinery for the mine and mill soon be operating on an sxtensive scale City Engineer 1J)."il.2' Sundries 2,7' I. .7. 170.: $it;.t;y.s. cost of new 1 7.11.7 of Detailed statement Liwuvruaru uxrLrLrLaaru uTJUuuuuuuxrinruuuii WOLFRAM IN THE WASi' NO. T( water main system: .1 If. Clow & Son: 331' pieces Ill-inch pipt Jack Gray brought In yesterday from 1 Karl's Clover Root Tea Digging trench for flume alM)ve dam and constructing flume :!(ii..ri.' $2,fi40.4i 2:ii. the Wasp No. 2, one of the finest kkc lmens of wolframite ever found in this country. It was encountered in the Wait For (he Elegant Display of. tautifwsi the CTipl"xln, Pmilii-s the l!li)()d,Biesn 1- resh. C'li-:it SKin. l'nn-iui KtlpatKin, lniuriinn, mill all Krunmns uf $ Skin. An n'n-ti lixa.ivc N.-v-Tonic. Snlil mi aiiMihile (." liu a. I druKt-lsts al 25r., 60c. and l.(n) S. C. WELLS i CO., LERO. N. Y. Sol. r pipni',ih 548 IT)H. at $k per ton. :'. . . .$ 74S pc li-inch pipe, 324,ii3.7 fis. at $41 per ton Specials. 31.32.1 at 34c 134 pc. 4 -inch pipe, 36.5!l.1 Mis. new shoot of ore recently opened. Unr 7,304.30 1.201.4" Edward Hanschka, Contractor: j Final estimate city engineer, follows: t;."i47 feet flume trench at 1 .$ in. 8..:t.'.is at t per ion ror Sale by the Palace rnarmacy. MILLINERY AND nr. " T ' . 27fi..7ii'l I lo-inch 4-way gat 72 vale boxes . . . . 1 manholes titi.'io feet building and coverV ing flume at 14c :i2s 2o S3, 400 feet lumber in t!u,ne at ' EASTER MQVn TIF3 Gt gale alv-s blast broke Into a pocket of between five and ten tons of the wolfram which Scarries as high as 6f er cent of tungs-tlc acid, and besides. L!2 in gold Forty per- cent tungstic acid is considered an excellent grade of wolfram The diinciilty in Handling this kind of ore is the fact of Its being very hard to save both the tungstle add and flic gold A sample from the Wasp No. 2 wil! be sent to Washington to see if it is pos slble to save both. ,,V M' 1 wnen you uhhk L( damaged- pipe To be shown at Date Announced later 31 days calking flume at $2..ri0 Allowed for larger nails ;."i0 feet trench S-inch 'pipe at 25c 700 feet 8-inch pipe laid I doublet at 25c 1827 feet lO-inch pipe laid at 25c 6 Kilwai d Haiis hka : Final estimate of city engine r 1-aying :!!M2 fwt. 10-inch pipe. at 7.7c $ 2. Laying 9209 feet 6-Inch pipe S3. 7.7 .IO.1111 S7 "0 1.7,7 ilO 4."iii.7"i 5.71 Java and Mocha CITY COUNCIL (Continued from First Page.) mains for the distribution of water fi.t 16.30 lSti feet lumber crossing rail This was done at a cost of $32,644 56, vt way and creek at $1 1 m The Ladies Bazaar I COFFEE You get the best. ASK at 70c Laying 1619 feet 4-inch pipe at 60c H Extra laying 10-inch pipe under Iap street bridge building 3 manholes at $35. . . Building 28 small do at $4.5o 971.11 105.0:i $3,1f,:i.!ii: detailed statement of which accompanies this report, less the value ot material left over, amounting to about 12000.00. Thfr total length of mains laid, including that portion from the 0 i2.n 3. HATTBNBAGH k HO. City hall to the new tanks, is 16,470, or $10,944.70 something over three miles. Water Tanks Hnal estimate city engineer: 411 yds. rock excavation at 75c 647 yds. other excavation at 35c ' 88200 left lumber in tanks at $i08.2.1 These mains are equipped with all Vi Silk Waists for th is week at a bargain. New Dress Patterns for spring .uih. Slimmer GOOdS in Peivales, Meivyrizediinjr-hams, and all fashionable fal m'ic-i l"r unimiT dresses and shirt waists. " Tailor Suits for everyone, Come and s'.v. Mrs. Nott, - - Main St. Deadwood modern appliances for the proper use 262.0: and distribution of water including ' thirty (30) new 6-inch hydrants of a Tun white House Forrest Hill. The most desirable location 141.96 standard make Viney four-way gates at important corners, and a large num, Sundry additional cost: Tucker & Hickox, engineering$ K. R. & M V. R. R., freight on water gates and hydrants National Tube Works. Chicago, 12 hydrants, at 39.45 J. M. Brelsford. supplies bought J. M. Brelsford, 3 moa 4 days salary as supt. const 473.43 in the city. Its attractions are fi "y 814.19 $27 11332 lbs. iron in tanks at 5c P3 perches rubble masonry in cement at $3 18 sacks cement bedding sills at $1,255 1 load sand ; Work on ditch crossing creek and railway . 2,381.40 506.6I- T79 00 22.50 2.50 273.00 313.3.1 National Tube Works, Chicago, 6 hydrants at $39 234.00 F. E. & M. V. R. R., freight FURNISHED ROOMS, RUNNING WATER, STEAM HEAT, ELECTRIC LIGHT, $l.n59.70 ber of gates and valves at points at points where they would be deemed Useful. These mains were laid oare-fully under the personal supervision ot Mr. J. M. Brelsford, who was engaged for that "purpose, and so far as your ' committee Is advised, not a leak has occurred anywhere In the whole sys-.tem notwithstanding some unauthor-statements to the contrary. The cost of the water mains was paid from the proceeds of 132.0000.00 of city bonds, a part of the $50,0000.00 authorized at the last city election Twenty thousand ($20,000.00) of this amount were to the American National bank at a premium of $1010.00. When additional No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable on 6 hydrants and 3 gates .-. . Greger Mfg. Co., Phila, 4- way gates Go. D. Barnard '& Co., St. Louis, 100 water bonds J. C. O Donnell, 45 manhole covers 87.0 125 b 90.00 322.87 105.62 F. C. Tucker, City Engineer: Services as per vouchers ...:$ 1,051.20 " - 1 W. M. Barker: Invoice 10-inch main and spe Aetna Powder Go, GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO. INGERSOLL-SERGEANT lit J cials extending from City hall to tanks, including 142 pieces 10-lnch pipe, 43 pieces C-lnch pipe, 119,644 lbs at Dynamite and Black Powder. 31.41 $34 per 'ton .$ 2,033.95 Fuse and Cans. Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists t 2876 lbs. specials at $64 per 18.9: 62.01 42.37 1 ton 92.03 t r miniiri I J EMric Batteries, Batteiy SnppUes. T 10-Inch bends, 1523 lbs. at u. r. rUKHtLL $64 per ton , 48.74 funds were needed $12,000.00 of bonds were offered to the same bank and to private parties, but no bid could be obtained. The First National bank agreed to advance par on these bonds until a more favorable money market 'would obtain. Tour committee now advises that this last amount be advertised for ale, so that the accounts for the work can be closed up. Tour committee has no further special plana in view for the acquisition1 Freight on do 15.2. F. E. & M. V. R R., freight on 10 hydrants B. & M.. one-half cost broken Pipe B. & M., freight on gates B. & M , freight on car 7020. . F. E. & M. V freight on car 100 service pipe, Mueller Mfg. Co., invoice stop cocks, valves, etc B. & M., freight on valves and gates Mueller Mfg. Co., Invoice goosenecks K. E. & M. V., freight on 146 pc. Iron Star & Bullock "Hwd. Co., 9 service boxes D A. McPherson, telegrams . . Telegram ,7i deadwood, S. D. Agent foifouth DaK. W. fi. ADAMS COMPANY $2,190.70 X5S5S1 mm barrctt to Cellar Sundry additional cost: O. M Straub, digging trench 2M'2? 241.6S 76.43 900 4.47 of additional water, excepting the City hall to tanks ..$ . 3826 Labor, 9 men, crossings and refilling . , ..... ...., 10o.7i Custom Ore House Cleaning CLEAHIK". CARPETS OK FLOOR A SPECIALITY. CarpeU bSaten, Carpeta laid. Car.u channel of White wood, which will soon be undertaken. ' All of which is respectfully submit ted. . . . ' ' - '' d a.' Mcpherson,, chmn: W are now prepared to tr eat cuatom ores by the B. A M. railway, steel rails for GayrlHe dam " 70.02 Wm. M. Barker, 4 8-inch bends and freight 36.0? B. Jb M., railway, freight on -gate and pipe :'. 31 I3.936.SS 'v . - Total J32.247.6S RECAPITULATION. B. Clow ft Sons ......... ..$1766.0 ceaa at reaaonable ratea. : .. ewn. CarpeU fitted to any room: The best f jefeiencea. Leavie order u John C. Htine. Metalled statement of cost of Qay-rille ' water work ; including ,' water -"iiuiiDBiiirn itnin onn Niivnr EiAuo""- First Ward, Deadwood - - South Bi r-

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