The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 3, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1900
Page 2
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THE DA IL PlUXEKIf-TUIES, DEADWOOD, S. D. 44 Honest Labor Bears good as elected."- He has long ben one of the prominent lawyers and enterprising business men of the.illills. He .served in the legislature in territorial days. Hot Springs Star: Nominate Martin for congress and then head this locality "Hurrah for Camble for tic sen ondaxcauB.; He admits that flred Into Ihe brain may have, aomt-thinB to do with a mans taking off, there being an intimate sympathetic relation Mw.n the brain and h&rt It had been supposed that the main was not a vital organ, but that thoie was great danger in not urotierlv 1,. THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APIUL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. z USSR ir i r' lid "i Ayres & Mm Mil j V.V.V. IMilcliCows al YmirOi I Will sll at Public Sale in front of Fu k hrowau j-iivery Barn in beadwnnH SATURDAY, APRIL 30 head of the brought to the Finest Hills.. All Brolio to Milk All Broke to S For a goqd family cow now is your Chad Your child can milK any ot them. No Buy-bidding. High- st bidder takes Cow. M. A. HAINES 0 a Lovely Faqe, There is nothing more pleasing to look upon than a. hearty, ruddy face, gained by honest toil. They are the saving of the nation, these toilers of both sexes, struggling for daily bread. Ture blood makes them able to keep up the daily round of duty at home, shop or store. If the blood has a taint or impurity, or a run do-wn feeling comes' n, the one remedy is Hood's Sarsaparilla. America's Greatest Medicine for the blood. Poor Blood " SMy blood was so poor that in hottest tveather I felt cold. Hood's Sarsaparilla made me warm. It is the right thing in the right pace." Haltit J. laytor, woodstoton, N. J. MccdS SaUa, I(imm I'ilii riir liver ills ; the nnn irrttfitlnft and nly cathartic tu Utk with Hood' SarMtparjlla, The llul. and Ihr Draft. The late Prebendary Rogers used to tell how Lord. Roscbeiy joined him in petitioning the Duke of Wellington to open Apsh v House on Sunday after-luions. so that Hie public might see the pictures. 'I be duke ami Mr. Rogers met in the park and began to speak: about the memorial. "Auioi.g all these signatures." said the fluke. " I tin. I only one respectable name, and that is v.eir own." Mr. Rogers replied that Dean Stan-Icy bad signed. "Oh." sai l the duke. "I don't call him respectable " "W ell, but there Is Lord Roscbery " "I dou't think mm-li of him." answered thedukc; "bin. as you assure me it all right. I will see what cau be done." It was finally agreed that visitors should be admitted on condition that they wiped their feet on the mats and not sit down on the sofas. West- "ister (Jazette. PLAIN SAM A N THY ANN. Twire kirky I he p. M J V ( ii 1 I, is M r I lbs s. rnii t pi .tk Ii Ilia lial'.eS sin- I . A r i me u 11 li ' . iad s i-t vvlto cart Kew; r. fs of blu, .tie mltfht ptn. 1,-uitr t'linu . n.aih In .( an. But it V'tur girl's leneinep Vias i!din Sama-illiy Ann? New. it T Ma The M: An. I j. But I'.t tut re (aar e r taabrl ; n. ut a .Inula. ' uJ.I 'ira.c a tnstic spell .a lulp turn out, will veer in fright. I 'i-it.'Min; ir. any man Vi ho Jan - an aitmrcus verse indite To plain Saiuamliy Ann. Th.Tt 's I'.w'a re and Hums' Jean K..r hi. 11 wer.- u-r.uT(ul llu tries. Tlie.v v. I! nu'lit -...Jlk ot "nioiliat mleo" And veae thiir fun. ii.l dreams, Hut tnv sue tin ait : Ah, aut h a shame To thus inrii. t a O11 rhvnunK iuer ufith a name Like plain irnanlliy Ann. Boy barrel! (.nme ia Detroit Free Pres. Third Aimual Ball Deadwood Labor " Union No. 14, W. F. M. ..Opera- House.. DEADWOOD, Tuesday, Evening April 1? DEADWOOD ORCHESTRA Tickets - - ' $1.00 COMMITTEES: Executive C. H. McMlUter M Cammack, W. Dolauey, E. G. Siieai Smallidge. Door E. G. Sligar, William Han-key. Reception C. n. McAllister, Chas Etuver, Floyd Smalliage, W. C. McLaughlin, K. A. Breeding. Floor Frank TVaugh, f2hss. Con- iliam Delaney, Arthur Wize, Lb'Vlnger. Opera House - NIGHTS 3 Arid Saturday Matinee f C0mminCln A 11 1"! 1 1 f Thnrcrloir jlffl II 1 "UfSday "f fill. U Return of the Favorites CLAf?A HAMNER i And her excellent company including the.coniedian .... TTft TXT - . . '' hursdayNlffht C. H. Gor- ton' Comedy Suo ess fmuua ; 5 :': , 'I :i I S j U f-2 8- the Pf8ed ate. Buffalo Gap Republican l'n":l ''x ' ' y part of the Hills comes nothing bu; st roilg endorsements for .Mr. Martin lor congress. Rumors- no doubt idle rumorsoccasionally float down "ii til' lir.'ezes from Lawrence county that mi tin rim;' otlu r, candidates are u. m groomed, but we do not IcMii-w they liiiic any foundation in fact, for it's not probable that that eountv woubi throw obstacles in her ow n way when a l.ivoied cltiftT hearty endorsement IliiS received! tic of the Whole' Mills. WORSE TU.1X DE.I l'oiI-Sioux Falls Jouriial: There is not r. night in the week but that, ,tl can go into gambling houses in Sioux Falls and tlierv &ef voung boys from 10 to n venrc obi i.l.ivine th? git'nes that are in full blast. No other town jr. earth would children be allowed tu tntr (iiich a resort and theie gamble the few cents they have earned Laboring men whose families are suffering for the necessaries of life can be seen there. Thereis no one to interfere with this because tlur administration considers it pledged to allow lb-gamblers to do just as they pleas'. Terry R. ord: Iv W. Martin, the Black Hills republican aspirant, was iiitervi-wi-m the party leaders in tbl city en - diiesday. Martin is .level oping a strength in bis candidacy and if nominated for congress will pi-ovc the most forinidabh that our olitical foeinen . in Ihe an na. opponent mid plae. THE LATEST WAR NEWS. The latest war news is eagerly sought after. To some it brings hap ness, as they read of valiant deeds accomplished, while to others, the same message brings sorrow, when they note the death or capture of thei. oved onee. There is also muni mm-iow and suffering thruont our own and by those who have been -captured Dy that greatest enemy Dysp' psia. For this, however, there .is a remedy and that is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which also cures Indigestion, constipation, biliousness, nervousness and insomnia, and asa preventive for malaria, fever and ague, it is unequalled. It has a record of fifty yeais -of cures to back it up and a trial will convince you that your case is not in curable, as you will find after taking a few doses your stomach will be strengthened. Who Pays the Printer. When you go around from printer to printer getting bids on a job and then giving it to the lowest bidder, you get an IdifTerently good job one with no particular good points one that sells no goods for you, then who pays the printer? YOU DO. When you pick out a good printer, giving him all your work, educating him to an idea of your needs, and payifig a fair price for the work you get, your printed matter necessarily creates a favorable Impression for you and for what you offer, and becomes a factor in selling your goods.- Then who pays the printer? Your customer, HE DOES. WOOD PULP POULTICES. Ttaelr Itradr Applloatlon In Only One of Their Xanr AdvanlaKri. A L'nlted States naval surKfoo advo cates the substitution of wood nuln sheets for flaxseed meal, etc., in making poultices. He outs a sheet of the pulp to a size approximate to the surface to lie covered, soaks the sheet In hot water until It has become thoroughly softened, then wrings It out very lightly and applies. The wood pulp sheet will absorb and hold from four to five times its weight oftrWr and. since brat and moisture are the desiderata In poultices, this furnishes thorn in simple, cleanly form. No cloths nre -needed, no cooking, no stirring and spreading oa cloth Just a soaking. in hot water. And the nicest part is the total absence of the mess Inevitable iu matting flaxseed meal poultices, al though i:l there Is, too. a great economy of and trouble. It Is sometimes ad- I K- to put a piece of oiled muslin time ov r the sbet to helD retain the hnf nod moisture. V- when the poultice begins to get cold, take It off. wring out the water unci soak It again in hot water, and so Indefinitely. The surgeon has used inie sheet of pulp wood for two days' poulticing. Jp the hands Ignorant man at that, his Instructions him being "to soak thV nlntor m hot water whenever It trot cold and nn on agnln." By the way. every physf- - Wan vhA h liail k ....... . .. tnuhle of belnu compelled to leave the 1 - . " uu. wv auuu. nutv m i . - important matter of poulticing to an Ignorant person win appreciate a way that will allow no loophole'f or mistakes ami fanurefcrhlladtlphla Record.-" is did Floyd nors, Chas. 3 , 1 Cft A tectinz the sp!e.n and similar v. .-4;u.t. Another declaration of the professor in that death may result from u con gcstion "of the cells of the tissue set-ling in from want, of oxygen " Which, in plainer parlance means rimt r.,,,., may die from luck of breath. This is riot it Howl Idea, -but We are glad our Austrian friend lias authoritatively settled the matter anil relieved the pressure. That in the lecture which interests us most however, is the contention consciousness ceases with the action of the heart. This means men may be dead and not know it, a fact we ban long suspected. trouble ton tommv. Sioux Falls Journal: The mntter-ings over the manner in which Tom Ayeis has been dividing the insurance statements are becoming quite loud and may necessitate a large sized barrel before the kickers are pacified and put In a credit mood to do dutv for the state ticket this fail. In two dis tricts of the state Tom has hogged all the business for himself, and in this district lias given the Press of this city several dozen while other papers with a great deal more force of character and more genuine influence for th gnoil of the fusion theory have been put off with one and two. and in no case not more than four statements have faleln to them. If papers have the nerve to stand pat they can makr the campaign barrel make up to them what should be their proportion of the insurance statements. It is all stuff to imagine that the fusion napeis of he suite should create a lot of pubi'n plunder to be divided up between A-ers and the Sioux Falls Press. COXG 11 ESS I O.Y.I E TIMBER, Edgemont Express: Reports coming here from Lawrence county show that the elements there are not assimilating as they should do for a united (lega tion from the Hack Hills. Lawrence County has been given the choic- 01 K. W. Martin for congresinan with a united delegation from al lover the Hills, but at the same time the king dom of Lawrence must be aware that counties outside of that monarchy have congressional timber that they are keeping in the background to allow Lawrence to make a. selection. E. W. Martin is the choice of the southern Hills for republican nominee and it Lawrence county wants the Black Hills to have a congressman and a solid delegation is what will get it, they should unite on Lawrence 7890$.. 6. chnnld unite on Martin. Of course, it Lawrence is playing for a man east ot the river for the place, then let them go ahead and hve steen candidates for the position. Never before was there a man put forward who has taken h.old nf the newsnaDer element and their nurtera as has E. W. Martin. He IS the logical candidate, more than, any other, because he is a representative of all over the Black Hills, Custer, Kali River, Pennington and Lawrence counties all claim him as one of themselves and where can any other candidate at present named, bring half so inV backing as he can? A local following majr be behind some of them, but that is a small factor in comparison to what E. W. Mar tin possesses. An equal following In the northern Hills is his with other candidates and perhaps more, because he Is a man against which nothing can be said to his detriment. But he can double the following of any of them in the southern Hills, and that is a factor that perhaps Lawrence county men want to ignore,' but it is a krong one. and won t down quietly. C0XRESS1OXAL EXTRA C TS Del Rapids Times: The republicans of the Block Hills counties have united on a candidate for congress. Attorney E. W. Martin, of Deadwood. He is one the leading lawyers of the Hills and said to be a man well qualified for the position of congresman and his chances for securing a nomination are considered good. VermHHoa Republican. The portrait R W. Martin of Deadwsod, which appeared in a late dumber of the Siou j City Journal, shows 111m to oe sessed of scholarly features. He ha besn practicing law in. D-adwood tor ... - .&nL He is u'Uiv ol Iowa, ls 45 years of age. Martin seeip v. mmlnr man of congress from .,. fi'.imilla secUbiTbr The state. Watertown Public Opinion: It Is stated that the Black Hllla people T . . unite on Hon. k. w. wood for the congrwslon nomination, imw . . . . - Martin l most pleasing ana gentletntn. nd it oni ret the rpnnhllcan nomination ha would be -m rermum pa tb to It - all PIONEKU-TIMES I'l'ULISHING CO. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAIL i Lvery Morning, Except Mon . aay, Uue Year . $10.00 Six Months r, One Month j oy WEEKLY IsBued Every Thursday: One Year 2. 00 Blx Months my Entered us Siond-Class Matter at the Dead wood Postofflce. THE NOMINEES, For Mayor JAMES M. FISH. For" Treasurer 11. U1SCHOFF. Fr Treas. School Board IARIE J. GASTON. For Justice of the Peace P. II. EARLY. NATHAN COLEMAN. JOHN SIIEEHAN. FOR ALDERMEN. First W'a-d A H. OLSEX. allen Mcdowell. Second Ward GEO. V. AYRES. SIMON JACOBS. Third Ward SPENCER V. NOBLE. A. E. HORNBKRGER. Fourth Ward BERNARD M'LLEN. FREEMAN KNOWLES. MEMBERS SCHOOL F-rst Wi.rd BpARD. G. W. HOWES. ' Third Ward F. ZIPP. Fourth Ward FRANK DENNIS. VEltr TIRESOME. Washington is enjoying its biennial ' clothesline tight. The wives of the chief men of this, great nation find great difficulty in assorting themslves. The question of precedence has not been established either by law or social usage, for no agreement of one year prescribing the order t entry into a dining room has survived long enough to become a custom. Mrs. George Dewey brought on the present hair pulling. As the wife of General Hazcn 8he was 'way down the line, ana It was necessary to use binoculars to bring her near enough to recognize. As the- consort of the uncrowned king of Manila, Mr Dewey gave Mrs. General Miles and the Mesdames Secretaries the "cold, haughty face, and planted herself almost in the van. Having done this, she took train and husband for a southern trip, leaving the heated war to become deadly. Mrs. Henderson, wife of the new speaker, has notions of her own concerning etlqeutte. and demands next place to the throne, wherefore Spaeker Henderson and Mr. Frye, president pro tem of the senate, are wearing hardware for' each other. Our opera boufTe controversy at Wash ington will never end and the contestants will nt be satisfied, until we have established In our free democracy the monarchial customs and orders which the wires of Maine woodsmen and far west farmers so funnily imitate. . W1IEJTTIIE HEART FA ILS. Profesor Nothnagel has delivered a lectura before the Society of Authors, In Vienna, on the subject 'of dying, in which he presents data upon this topic which must interest all men who have a notion of some day giving up the (host. The address constitutes a rare contribution to the literature of science and some of its 'statements are startling to a degree. "The professor's contention that the. process of dissolution la painless is neither new nor startling,: but some of the arguments ad.-ranced are both. The learned man started from the premises that nearly all men die with the cessation of the heart's action. This theory is quite enough to set the world- thinking ur.nv.aetantlfic Dergons have errone-1 onsly believed -the'Wrt to be a sub- J .Mir nrean and that life became ei- . tlnct only "hen the Termifonn appsa dlx ceases tn perform its niysteriou functions, If It have any. To aho how deeply he has gone Into the question, the professor ex- plains that while heart failure ia always the direct eanse of demise, there ntay sometimes be a primary or aec- of is nf . Mr. Shortest "lost Direct Saves Hours To Jersey Cows ed 1 Ho D TICKtlA (,nr acent, Cap Kansas City, St. Lo and all Southern Points And Days To Portland, Seattle, and all Pacific Coast and Montana Points, W. T, ROBERTSON. LAFAYETTE STOCK FA Has on hand 100 Stallions vunvn ouiiiions, jjrait csiainu us, " i't.UH SHIDW.rJ lillnmra T r,.tti:i' St.'llKon 1U"1 4 ' M.illionofaur1 w i uinh - j.r i .,,..,,satUKa.vH Titirt i. nun- f. " nther ! 1,,,,,. 1. as anr S.nllinn 'guaranteed to Crouch & breeder. g's voice J. v.vv.l , . t m.UtJ The , her uu j i f'-'ll 01 ":Zn Si! .-,iviwiu uj ii wilu iDura.ii""."-- , pritirf'v j-il danger, pain and horror of child-birth can i lSs0aSl .... MJU.U. m Kicuiuiv iiuiu" . . ...n. - this great crisis in peYfect safety and witnoui r- uc 10 an women will be - n Kenfoey Colonfl Bradfield 'kegulatot Co Atlanta, Ga.

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