The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 14, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 14, 1900
Page 5
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SL'NDAV, OCTOBER U, 1900. An Invitation. Nl oKecfc, manager of the. A. k t. ".',,, Millinery Co., beg? to i:U-iii! ; V.'-i.-r. .: w.::it Ji n Central v !:!., : i 1 . ) y or :i.-h:., ;u?t ?c '.it ou tin- .-uvci ua.l i in Tel ; v's hie k i n!: ail'iM ay nrr. mochv iL. OL lu'iuirt wi aim ,iiih.l.. n , I lou to i uu ami x..iu.:i- duv ot in- iuilliut:y u:. ,. aii'i Thursday. Tl.:i :..a w anno'.n i ' t,. . . :.. , i n.ii.i morn !. - i. i : '. ; i.ul.i S 1 1 , . : iia.: ;,, : , ,-..,! .1 oii-,-i,i.:. :r .. v..i. . I'M oi. V.'. i:.- - : ..i! I-- in i' a.iii.- AM i i,IVVA l'Ul-"Fi: Is I XSL'K ' , !' vs-";, -TitY I !' STN1 RD I j '' i:::v siikkman sr. 3f Who Arc: Thinking of Their Cold Weather hut Tin; daily riNi:i:r:-TiMi:s, deamyoo V.V- . .-. ! 'si V At the Bullock, I.. Hi' 1 1 1 1 ; 1 1 I' !!' ' Ill ill lli I I'll i. I ," in.-l.' -1 ' !! ! .DINNER. .', Yolk foul.' COtS.Z AN US. A GERAT SLAUGHTER SALE A Store ol 20 Years Stanciinti Clns:nt) 'J;.i lis Matiimotli Stock. ! i i '.uu il i"h w . i '. i y .. ii L.i IVli. I '"'III' S - ... . ...I- a l.i M.. !. 'I l.a-s- i I II. I . ('.. ill.. ' I : I' WE CAN GIVE YOU AN IDEA AS TO THE PROPER THING FOK THE REASON OUR NEW STYLES ARE ALL HERE AMD YOU WILL FIND JUST WHAT YOU WANT. SEE OUR NEW. - Si. . n- o! (1,1 , .i In lill (.!.!"!.- !!. -' : 1 1 - an. I fi.r 1 . in I '..oi wood ,.t. Mr- AMonl'.-i. ii i;U:;: 1 l'i.: V. :. ;i ii.i pi.i:i:i ; i - la:: .-- SI:. W. ,i,... t r !.e I 1 k.ll o ," if lui' 1- i" 1 . i en . a ; - ol on -! a lit a i.d la a ' he I . idii' en le-U 1 i ' .1, I 11. A ll have tie. n' .r, ; '.i ,. ,:. . i :d' i. ; I I i I : . UllillH ,'.i! hca Liu iii.'lin I iires. I., place 5 I T! I Noil' Sail' I V. miii l'i it l' i -. I : l.i' ' K(M. I'nin.' oi' au .l.i- v ,, ,i .j. Tin lo. i . sier 1 ;.- m ( 'i .iiilp'Ti y Sain-" -;,:iii l.ainh, Mii.t Sam y , .i I'.il a""'- S A " I'olal,,, I 'i a Sh-;i i- ( 'in ii Ihmli-h I'lum I i n I 1 : 1 1 - 1';.' I. onion Cn-an. l'i : 1 1. l."!i'- ,Un l..-ave i :ii, i . ii.. ar ! ikirr will II a: .. ini!.. 1 e i ! m DON'T OVERLOOK the u'an.l di-i o; I'.iM I : i i . i - -1 at Ark.'lTiiilin's. .1. C ii I I : New $3.00 Shoe 1 I I ' - : " 1 1 1 : 1 1 .i v 1 1 ii.. : a :va)lti- on M..i u. ,,, Thin- i l"li'i !"! I'liii !! V I .'.ill. Call j ill I'll'l 111 M ' ! Ill" new fall style", ill for n.-M Sal unlay s Special Pale.' lie le w ..i.i l'oo. : . oi, - ,, '. ,i ACTUAL COST. V w mil no pmlu on any o our "OO.Is h' ' .'. e. Hll- .llld N O . 111!.. " 1st Wo al'e too 1 i.e. I., c, ,,, m (,T ieir hard - so that I Ic sto: e an yo thru I hi 1 ssarv i in pi 1 n eiiicnt s with a small 10. k on hand to saw us rent-ill'; (die i (punters and nnniiu while the win is lieiim don.-THE HOME OF THE GENUINE BARGAIN SEEKER will In' at our store 101' the next twenty days. In the past Iw.-nty wars we have had some meat sales hut this will ocl.pso all former efforts on our And the Red Cross Noiseless Footwear, Vanilla lie Cream Choose Mivd Raisin- Asmii t.'il I'lia-.'.-i a.! on 1 1 a - four of tliis I. : if mi... i I' M l'i' !.! . Hi" in the l.i iil ; llnv that ay.- ta-t. ;ki- iniiir at Mania.- liei use a- i-.-iied In , I Ii'lll'v l'alllwllla LI II ' 1 I.OV.'i'Ilil TlIopkiT Zipp Shoe Co. I M ll.-i a 1 I 'l oca am. Man h A ppollo Tli Mo, Tl," I-' I V i. I"'! e e 1 1 ll I V( )( l an.! illH'ACil. :.i 'Till-: NllHTII WKSTKKX I.I.Ni: F. I) .V- M. V. K. I ! should lie 1 "ni'llllieled The t illie oi I ii i ii u i ( iiin. no hi and ;o eoni modal mil- the lio-t It i - to you r in lei e -1 l.i liea r t hi- ill in i lid DON'T OVERLOOK the urainl dis-d;n ot I'. ill .Millni. iv at A . k e r i n ; 1 1 1 n K.-rih:iia will he m i.-a.lin. ss on Mond.H 'iioiniiiL' (l.tol-er h.tli. Call in a nd in-pert Hie hew fall st y h,"-.. :!t S.-e 1 1 . - ad of I i.-Moiit II i- Alk Indole von hm Moulin,-. Noon ami NuM.t l.oih i.;' l.i a.l. (ti. it :i part 01 on the. part, of any merchant ; ill the ur.-l tU' our entire stock j - - - SO-CALLED SACRIFICE SALES. ! v : e no, a compared with our-. j p TOBMSW.S'. N - V tii .,V J ,,,,,,, THE GREAT MAGNETIC HEALERl Supp i .' biuilli tan kivu o:i mom-.. Grand Selection Caiinen , on liinih'T. All he akj; 1 a ilian.e Anwl Chorus 11 Tro atoi ...... 'onli . t'l " ' i uitii ; ( u. Inh Me.llex -Salute to Ki in I.amoM. . m m, : .n.plav at Ity iio(Ue.-t. I . I,. i maun .-. . .lie -'la;, ami Thm- Waltz -fuNini Tantze ' Cuiml ' , ,l)t. w,.,1,, 8clTtim -Marilana '.illii' ESTEY PIANO. t li-han.l to a M. illi-v - l'i n anil ai.-y s. 1 .1 n. i, . i ,,n, - .,, Hjnlo'., N i;::!i I'.v Line ,(. ,,!,. a, n;,w , No. i.;:: TWO HOLLARS plus one fare Dead-wood to Kansas City and return via "NOUTHWICSTF.RX I.IXK" Tiekets on sale Octoher p II l:'. and li'.tli. Call on V. A. Hamilton. City Ticket Accent, for all particulars. w l. 'eil n I) S. resident den- ami w inter. siock oi uiese K,ouun that w.ll 1 orlainly cause your eyes to, hulire out in envy. Von can Ret your j choice of the lot for just ahout one-i half their usual retail price, until , thev are sold The earlier you ionic!' THE WoNDER OE OF 13E AGE Set Cure the most acuh. of dls- h eases quickly and without the V aid of drugs or knife. Refer- list has nNcl his office to Room 19, I laruor the stock to , lioose from. I ri niks suits AND JACKETS. Syndicate Block In these goods wo are unsurpassed. ences cheerfully furnished from all over the western states as well as those right here at horn who have been treated and : Ii,,;,,, 1; hotel YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. , A,. J(mr ,,,.aj,.,. ,or a "Cuha'.s J. L. Car.-on leliirned from Ca.-ii' i r ),,,; . , 1 1 1 f only "" e'.'-'ar that etinal Wyo. j a 10-i enter. tf Mrs. Levi of Rapid Cit vv , e, j,,.v 1 1 Ii I 'I )K Kio; hoMlei;uar tinned home. janl I HUtl'Lli Sold liyy Carr - Mis. T. A. Vaiislian returned tn her u,,,-, v I le.idwoo.l. S. I . home in Whitewood. ' ',, ,-( ,n in..- o -1 that we mean .lnili;.' Looniis L. Cull of 1 lot j t ,, , , . ,s W;ll the yo'i the cost Springs was in the (ity. !t a,. s you ian sele. t ;i n suit oi (i. C. lieimis of the i:ikhorii return-j (1V ,,, w,,ni ;lt , ni. Coiipde eel t'l ii mdow 11 the road. jlii.iin i tin- maik. Chafe's, !)"ad A. K. Cardner and .1. H ll' in "I ' ,,,! Kai'id City spent the day in the eity . M, ,,,, ha- .in.-' l'tiinied Mis. lien lienman and Mi-s Kloien. e f iiii y,,,; :,n t!. late.-i Weitinan of Whitewood were m tl"'n,,.. iu ,.,,i ui.l.yy. Call ity. ' ..,.,1 n,..,ei t In r ii' w- food.-. Mrs. Lawton They all m. ami our customers are t he ones t hat reap the benefit. MILLINERY. In this depnrtment w-e can fit you out with anyiliins your Imagination can 'oneeive. and In this special department cost cuts no figure. HOSIERY, UNDERWEAR AND CORSETS. cured. 9 Kocllns of saf ty piTViid.' 'h tiiu n 1:.... Hint us"? One Minute Cmiiih Curi', th. nidv hiriiih' that i'rnilucp im-inediii'.. r.'sulis. Hi is Infiillitile fr 1'ii'iL-h.-. 'nlds. ctmi. nii.l all Ihront .unl lunc 1 1-1 : i t 1 - It will picy. n; c.n-'.'.m"-!i,.n. Kirk C. Phllliix. I lOliNTiKRf: KR'S CRCAM OF WHEAT FLO I'll IS WITHOUT A LKFIR-TRY IT. STANDARD CASH LKOCF.RY 4S SHERMAN STRKET. K. ep oiir c ye on Riii ky Moiiiilain 'I'. . Ulilde 1 I lie Madi-oll M 'dicille Tle re wii- never n hotter time for you !,, lay in a ' iipply. than limit, now. Tho-e enrols all m at one-half their usual retail pri' e CONSULTAHON FREE.! tin and see her ana be relieved of hat long and lingering ailment or disease that skilled physicians have failed to find a remedy for. jj . Suite 14 SYNDICATE BLOCK, ft (Formerly occupied by Dr. Bab- cocK.) 'ilSff X V . X..V.XfN N N N'iN .N N V 1) ,i, i I,-!;. we id ii a! i- l-.l.i ..a RPETS. CURTAINS AND WALL K. i; H'liiinnwiH. iialioiial Imnk (Xiiiiiiner. of lliookiii--, S. 1. .is in the i 11 . 1 1 l.lUlill !,,. W'c lee si", p We : I 1 . 1 ll . ii will siirpi !-" ei y.-i - i niii" all' i :;:.i A-! our PAPER. V., i have tint to have a new carpet Mi-s Kale Mm I .:. !' 1;'" ' i ,,'i i l..: kill v a - le wr -ii.' ti,! f ill, son:.- ii. 'v curtains and you i i ,!! ' to e .our wall- unnvil with 11,.:-. Ch an i ; iini . N -N .vN'.N N C - ' Spe.n lish and I h' all. '. .-. w i,. . - he lia- he, ii i-iiiiw school M i s. W. T. Load of Knpi ! t'i: le d home a. . on. panic, I f Mi- A V. (ee w ho will :! w iCt ! S' el.ll ila - Mi -. S A Wi i u 1 1 1 and - ' " I ii a 1 1 ,'. i .' " i jonn jennacK, .. , i ,,.,,, ; .,! Tie well known h.e K ill '1 ii wliose ... I :,,,, harn L that imposina structure on v ,; , ; .; ; ,. ,,, ',i, .inner of Carney nd Pine .,, j. ,. .; I. .,., j ..ti. .-ts. i- prepared, to furn;.-h the . j hne.-t ri- in the (ity for funerals, i, ., j mllin--' parties, pi. tiic crowds, etc N . ; .', : i i'v in'. I I'., I - 1 1 1 1 ! I -i I in lie . I !. LOOM -t , . i, 1 1 1 a Re.-idcnce 'phone. S'i Harrison. City Excursion via the Bur-hngton Route. ( ' L, I'. ii. . I .mi. -dell w h" h e . ' t. ( itlli I 'I, I I I O- ill Nelir.IJ.Ua l"l !' I . I h".V U . eks I t'l Ul'lied hollle . -e t.:.l . , jo Mi-- Rul.y Iline. tea, h. r of in:.-ii re.', pup,!. BLANKETS AND FLANNELS. I',, fur that fir-t ciilil snap. ; y, I no', ii i- aiwn.- "th" worst of I p. ., a .,,!, " Uu v plentv of hhinkets yVi ;,. ii., - are , heap: then you'll he I, adv. CLOTHING. i , w -lo. 1 (,f fail si nd win'er J ,.'i,!!uil' whadi we phi' d on our tali'. . only a few days a-o, tO" with . tli's slriuL'hter. the same as the new f.',nk of fall and winter dress (roods. , MEN'S SUITS. ! Suits worth from $! f.n to JL'O no will tn during this sale at from $'' "0 to j', no. j BOYS' SUITS v. hi'h we hniiL-ht to sell at from SM 00 l le in: in 1 1 k wle ii ' ou ,.,.e , In .ll ( I'll hill . tliej . j, ' -a I.- e:i ( e, .! .out s ami , ,di le - pari - for no n and M.niil ui il;.: noii-iii ri al "i ,, 0 hand-"' U' I'ai i-ian ,r. i p , 1 1 J L ' lor Ih" 1 oiiiai ,. kel - on -ale Octoher !' 1 I 1 I Tli,. 7 C invrnim; t rain is ; i : p iiii, -lilts i m sollle Mens Shoes forFall and Winter !,.. N!i sh.ei 1 1 u i -1 . line Willi thru , ., i . I'm i'i,-'h' i i n I'm nun ion (all a' ,li,. ; ,v M . R pas-'tmer depot W i . KOllKKTSI ).. pali.-i n- v. hi h v ' i nan! on tn ureal ! enhan. ' the beauty "!" our fail di- plav. We will 1"' 1111. lid" tn have (111! , Ml,,.. CllCl Wellli.-d.iV We Will. ho, vv, .. r. he pi, d t.. ic -eiw all nn We.Iiie-d.iv iiierniii- and !,,,,.. !,, pre-, nt a-' Ii'." a ili-play of fa'i niillmen - '','1' -l",WI Ik- we 1 . , fqiifl will co all the way from ii.z. ! ' Tl.kel A-enl School Entertainment Course. The fnllowiiiL- are the dates for the I eiiteit.'enmcnts t toconie: Or. Hcn-on. Noveniher !". ' A:nd"l-sohn M.ih- Qiiaitet. Hecem- LOWE. re Unexcelled her ',, - Kesp.M l llli! at the Normal s' hool. her friend Mi-- Joiles of Detroit Ull'l Ml', lootll of the Speaili-h fi-h hat. hery. w.i. in t la city. , THE CITY. lt.iii, To the wife of l-".'""i il : of tin lii-t ward, a hov. , Myrtle Vinton is iloinu: com! l,u-i- ness yid gi villi? ('XceMent sati-lai t ion at, Hot Springs and CJiadron. Walter firil'liths of Kn-land ami Charles Huss of Cerni.inv . took mi! final citizenship papers in cuni'v , f ourt yesterday. Hr. MoffitL who lias he. i - i i. i.-iv ill With iuflamation of tie haw.'1- i-very iniu'li improved and w 1 v' " 1 ! a day or two. j -Mr. W. R. llrennan ha- opened a j S( hool for instruction in darning and will meet (lasses at the Opera house ( Wednesday and Saturday eveniims of rach week. j The soldier lioys over in l.u.on, havo a new nic-kname for the instir- , BRING YOUR POCKETBOOK. ANN" MIll.l.IN'KRY CO. I P. M. Spcdon Fehruary K. A.CKKItM Opening, of the Fall Season .l u i i Mrr rrAH' nmU'ii ililu our iu- l.uil.lin- ;omI t.,N yv 1' " "-i.-l-Mul T . . . 1 Vi.-iiing as we dothe markets of the wo-rld, eualdes us to not only get th ' cream of the market in way of styles but insures for our customers a savins of f'J!:-v 15 rer cent over "stay at home " Competitors Our brandi it the best the markets show. Every pair of mens ehoe we sell Is a standard at Its price. Every pair Is guaranteed by manufacturers to us, and we positively guarantee them to you. We are sole agents" for the famous Florsheim Shoe for men. THE WORLDS GREAT FINE SHOE! , Our method of buying saves one proBt. With U3 It is from "maker to wearer." ,,f .ur l.tisiness. W- " l ' " I M " -1 1 1, in ovi'tA ilciuiif inoiil iiii'l I'Viiv line i i i i w i i I " I .' ...n.iiii willi ill II "Ol. In iho iiiiily nil oiiir ;inl ''"it n..- i .m-i- " ' ' , i ;l 1 1 I " pent?. They used to all them "gU3" or "ningcrs.' Now tin y c all them deiHocrats. Miss Teters of New York City, who "Will havp rharo nt the desiiming at ii ii . niii t ilct i- ;i ml l''Sl - i i' i t, I I X lilli.,1 will. lil'-H -KAI'l- "-N i i ui I I II 1 1 Ml I s. i-vcl'V one el' Wliwll is IliiW W ,.! .MMK. foil fill l 111 . .-yniaui(lil ,.iiiiiut;i i'h." i , V ... Mill'.....,..- I 1 11 111 IHSi: i.n.l ;ill NOVKI.TIKS of tin- sojisoii Pi-.v i.-mIs auni .N". .-.., i.hino.. T;iil-r lkhI.-S nils, run is. CajMS Jd.k-ls. Motlnou. Urns l'uri'iilii n. SIh-- fot .Mi-ii, U..ii)i n jiihI . liil.lrcu, Ciii'ivts ;i.i,l ,lloii.- fm-iiisliiii ..l" ,lI kiii'I. the coming season, is expected to arrive; tomorrow. A lot.ot Bmall boys attempting to settle tbeir-4iffleties with each other by throwing stones came very- near getting into serious trouble. One good sized etono struck the side of Fuller & Brown's barn, and oa the rebound hit a little, girl In the side of the neck. There was considerable consternation for a short time, and a crowd congregated but she as found to be not seriously injured. The child "was tne llttld daughter of Mr. Unruh, Janitor of the rHc schools. The annual meeting of the Dead "Woody Bible Society, includinr; -hp lIoiiH-nilui', His-, Hint wt- pow luvo t. MKIK'IIANT TA 1 1. U1 X i hKl'AKT.M KNT ami ;ikc t lt'l Ih's fur HK ii ;i rul WoiiH'ii fiwkc tliciii li' ii- iic tiur ew 'nc .irkslinp. i ookatthe Fine Shoes in OurWindow, 111 Ef 2B3L.OOE2LE "bfl i held at the First Methodist Church. ,5unday erenlng, Oct 14. Rev. Geo. W. . Shaefor Trill deliver the' address upon ' " r

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