The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 13, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1900
Page 5
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SATl'KKW. ' '"P 1;. 1 ?"). !! !.mi:. ii;aI' T A TI T CS dau ese7 c5a Who Are Thinkinj: of Their Cold Weather 1 A r k 1 j ' : F-n . . cor AN Fs)i)wcar ; - us. - 00 Shoe WE CAN GIVE 0U AN IDEA AS TO THE PROPER THING FOR THE REASON OUR NEW STYLES ARE ALL HERE AMD YOU WILL FIND JUST WHAT YOU WANT. SEE OUR NEW. ERE is a matter which touches your comfort. You want a clear, fair complexion. This is really nine-tenths a question ot the treatment of the pores of the skin. Some . ,-4-f , ! toilet soaps are as nippy and keen as mustard. It you will only use the virtue you call your Judgment, it will tell you that any soap which leaves the hands habitually dry is robbing the skin of its natural oil. New $3 as Free alkali is the robber's name. Ivory Soap hj no free alkali. Try it ! It floats. And the Red Cross Noiseless Footwear. Zipp Shoe Co. r. A his way hark to Ottiiluwa, luwa, hi: old hiiuii'. In 1-n and i a -l h :.- Mid-alt'i Ii 'i h le- i .i . 1 - lo 1 1 t ii i n I. II. d. n.i. Al i - W U". I IM i ( i - a i j. I le Ha pel ('Hi i Inn w i mi. i, ,i I li,.- t... a ! Mis., Wi-nlii., a.iii.-d f I "in ' Sprues on th.- Km lin.tou for a Is-lt. Willi lli'l' Ii! (it li ChainlMTs K . i la r ot tin- (Hi Ml-. I'. C Kullin uf S: 'li ia nierly M i.-- Ki a I 'liiniipiy. Tliiii'.-da.i in Iii.- eitv visitin lol I"'111 h.-r ;the great magnetic healer; THE WONDER 0E OF iHE AGEl Cure the most acuts. of dls- ?i eases quickly and without the aid of drugs or knife. Refer- A euros cheerfully furnished from 3 all over the western states as 3 well as those right here at home 2 who have been treated and j (Hied. CONSULTAIION FREE.I father and si-l. i . K. W. l'.i ennan will ornanii- ;i dam I Mrs. V. T, I'mi'i and Mrs. I .'! i j In n si lioi il at the Opera house, Sntur- I Mi te-.- of ltapid City attend' d thedav inulit. Oct. '. and uii.- a f re.-i niiefine of the lilaek Hill- l-'edei anon I social dan. fi, ,- 1 1 i .- li---iiii- w ill , of Woman'- chilis !'"' uii'-ii Wnlii.'sdav atnl Saturdav Mrc I irtnn (ei and see her nnfl he relieved of that loni; und liiiKnint' ailment or diseiisij that uliillei physlclansS have failed to find a remedy for. ' , V. N ,V.N N V I air; i d.ui- ti Mia a::-l ! ,.;. ..,. i ,. a I : - - I, .III I,. !i n I.- Si. 1 1 Hi. ii- ..I' ( 'hi ' i !' 1 i I 1 ' . , I I . . ! In till iil',i-rs ' ' ' i Lull' - taller,- uii- ,iihl fur li:-ll!!IL- SI:.. il I,,- in I l,.;llMi, V.-..'. ;,l Ml- All'lld's v,'r I 'ken , ih-na -tcii l..-ae id. i- at am tmi" .iii.l Mi-- Cut will '" " "'" ' Icno- I"!.', Im I-'I... ii:-o Hi, " "' leimit t i-n 'hint;-. I lit ii ton sidi-titui """ nasi Ii. ..'iii' o hint Tipnn th. inn Id s happiii.-.-- Ce il i: i in ;o- K v Mniintain Tea. In- tli.. M .ui is i ui M.-dii ine . '" A-K vniir di imui-i in,.. W ll.lllii- le ,', of Hill -ln. 1 another . a r of ore to , ,, m H llils fon, , , ,,-,,. j .. , ., , ,. ,,;,, ,t ,,l Hi,, lii.i ' ' loi ni n "); I iia t Iliad.- tie. i am p fa moil- an. I also sonn- n.-iv sj in n o st'-'d nal.-iia a- in .1 1 a- alii i-i.-i found in the Hill- and as In-h in oveniims Mr. rtrf-nnan ome- well reeonilll'llded. DON'T OVERLOOK tlx- "land di-pl.n of Call M i Hi in-i'i at . k.-inrinn's I i . . 1 1 1 h i n li will I..- in readiness im ilun.l'.v i im ( Ii liiher .",ih Call ,n and in -pei I th,. new fall st h-- ::t DON'T OVERLOOK Ml- mand di- I d , i ui -"a 1 1 l ill Hi. i i al i k. l li 1. 1 11 1 1 - C.l I 1 I II 1 II 'J. Will lie III lead Hie- - (III mi'! iiin.- I i inl-i- I Ml.. Call ii Hie ii -!,. .i ih,. leu fa II -ui.-- ::t .-,'. ii. m a, Ui H.-l... IK'S All. iief.e. 'en (.:. .i: I'. i--. n. r Al-. i,i 1'iaii.;- of ii. Ili;: lniL-'oii ha- tiLii:..i Ihal III. .. i ,- ,,' i--ii. d In that . ,! .p., ,. ih la ' i,.:,,. x)i) , iAi .. ,( ,p., ,,,, ,, '''""' ' '" i ' ' , , , " " '"!-- ;l" ' I'1'""1 ' n'' I ., a-., a,. Ih, iii:h ,il. Pool,- f'" "n;i.. k 1 a d 1 1 1 1 a i t ' i .- . 1 1, hi- '.i.e.:'! 1 ' 1 1 .11. ole In t . .n el ; :n:i. - a i!a ne -iuv i. ii-. '111, -, ',,.,' Im'H'.ii I K-: HWi III i 1 1 K Nip i i .., 'Till-: MUM'll i:.-Ti:ii LINK I' i: .v M ' U K .I,,,!,!." P. : -in' in h.-i . -.1 The nm, ,,i . - cm, ui. li' and a. . on, ii !..' , ,,; . 1 1 1 . ! -I II I - III lie" III i, -. -., :,. .,: ih - in ii,,i, i W I! I'.a'ihhni :i.,ii;. ; ! .i n-i.l.-iit "lol ll'l" . -. that ii lli'l .1,1 Th" Li', all st ii oi k iii l- ii.o, -. "that lie ii . i :, : : ... ii oi k in-' . i:,ii-i- I ii 1 1 p ... i metal.- were i i , , , o i , I , , I . in..; 0 L. I'.allhloll -oil ed Ih. I : (eh. :a I:.- ha- l.e-t.'d Ins inch ce-.-ii: '- i'i lie studv for ,. .,, MIT I aide to c-t ipiit r.1,11 to tic lea! n,y-tcry 1, ... -I. i i n III .. , V, , : l: .; - K ' i Cell telej hone '." f"i iinifoi uieii mes-eneer 1 unjit sen he. li 1"). T. Co. 'Great Haste is Not Always Good Speed. " Many people trust to luck to pull them through, and are Appointed. Do not , , , dilly-dally in mauers oj , . fotffa With it yOU Can ; Ttr-tL accomplish miracles. Wtth - Out it yOU are 44 TIO good. ' kldneySr And J of Hootfs s " y s J F the fiuJ.css hood purtfvr. Sores-'Three dreadful sores broke j m.A.A T-r!rd M I hlJi.i qui on my icnt.'. -w-" - tvtlk with crutches, clfter tiding Hood 's .SvstpirtlU the sores 'were complete. 'y cured. Mrs. Keen Westbrook, Uieboy- gin, SMLch u 1 jjjyjjjii.jj.iMF-y nnwl' fWi raw ttrr lilt: th nan-tTTltMntt rj taly etfcrOc to tkttte H,.' 8rmparHU, j ! ! ' . , i . ' i 2 c ?.':.; i :. ;:c cocd, i " i .. ' .V.V.V -. i i . , : , K ' lilTilW . w. X ;- !. .- i: I ill. ;np ; r. ' o' i : i. Kill- i. riii!'r H'KNr:'-i;o i:i:'s ci:k m of whi'at n.ori; is withopt a ' in:i:i!TKV it. ptaniuiui cash ;ui)ci;nv w siikrvw sthkkt. I K.'i )i y r i X nil Kn, I; , M i ill II I a 1 11 'l'.;i 1 1 1 ; 1 1 ! ii I ti.. M.idi-nii Mi I), m.' I'll. We :. v. i- -I. . . ',- an. 111.' i ii In i (.in-- ;('! ::'. s! ur di HSChl. John Jennack. Tlii- w.-M htu.wn tin, hinui v.liose I )arn Is that imposing structure on tj . cono-r of Carney and Pine J stre.-ts, is prepared to furnish the ' finest rijs in th eitv for funerals. (ailing parties. pl nie crowds, etc Kesiden' e 'phone, s.1! Harrison ,. Kansas City Excursion via the Bur Iington Route. ( ne I..'.- i plus J i lor the round in.. ... mi,, trip I i' l-.ets on sal,, in loi.or :i lit:; and Iii The 7 1'. inoinint; train is tin- onli shoii (iii. k line with thru. ,,,. (l ;v pa-si-ng'-r depot W ' KOItk'ltTSOX. Ti. kei Agent A GERAT SLAUGHTER SALE A Store of 20 Years Standing Clos ng Out Its Mammoth Stock. I In 1 1, lo tile la. t I hat our Ilool 1- lie iiiiiiih, u oi n. i'i mil liar.- of constant ami I. ii-. -. and must In- I ephe ( d l le In. Hill's I., pi i!e i . I, .1 lie A llOlil .y - .. ii Inn leu ll dm ided ' . "'i: en' :: . -i,n k, iu i Indium . I.lll i; I- "ii -ah- al ACTUAL COST. ' ii a n; im prohl on a ni of our loo.:-: ; . . i i I ! i . - a ii . I N u i III I " ' :' 1 s t , w.- ;,. !... u.a-. v la.'in on "''I ' 1 1 : . - " '! a. .1," no i lh ' - ' --.- :'upiov. inelil- with a si: "i -I'" i. "ii leu I t" -ai a- i "ii. ine "'in : 'pen ! s und in" ins w hi!'- . :,,u ii-,,. ' THE HOME OF THE GENUINE BARGAIN SEEKER j j . ;,; 1 1 , i -loie , o i ' the 1 1 1 l 1 iv i 1 1 - t-,..-- In tle-pa-t tivn". ieai.,wo hiii. had sum, LMat side- hat this iui!1 -p-.. nil f"ini"r f ffott-- on our . pa- on tin- pm of an. merchant i ii v. . -t !m ixir lit -to- I. SO-CALLED SACRIFICE SALES. '111 I ' . . ' 1 1 ' i "I III'. I M 'I 1 I'll "His. DRESS GOODS. in- -: i.:- .- I.'- pei' lia-' f"t' full ' '- -',,. C ,,f !!;.-.. Clods ti !: -. ' - "'"' " 1c . i , , i , ; . , i ; ' 1 o.i i a I: 1'. 'I i oar ,' . o ' i'i. ;. a In" kit 'I'mi' o'e - i, 1 . , i i i ia,' in tint;!' t - , I I . i a 1 1 - ' I ' orii'- , , , , . a, ; i , , , i ( , -.. f nm . clOAKS. SUITS AND JACKETS. ;;. . j-..i.l- u . -:-e ml.-:'- l-'.-d. ' id d our ' a -'oi. . at ' t '' "' ' ' ' ' MILLINERY. 1 : t !, : - d. pa vtm-nf v-'" : n f.t you nifii am thin-' vti'ir ima'-'ination i. 'finfT'" nil.-: in this special de- ' : ' ' cost cuts no ficjure. HOSIERY. UNDERWEAR AND CORSETS. ... . . t., v n 1.- 1 1. - t : ni" for , : i ' I., i: a -'ipjdi; than riL'ht, now. 'idie-c uoo.fs all no at oiie li.tif their ' -:-! I "':',: p- ; CARPETS. CURTAINS AND WALL PAPER. y, , ha-,, cut t" have a new r-irpet fali. some n--w (iirtains and you . iL-l.r to Invo your wall-; i-ovi-r. d with i '' paper. BLANKETS AND FLANNELS. I'rejiare for that first rnhl pnap. . . .,.- worst nf .: V ' , the season. B'lv plentv of blankets while thev are (heap; then you'll he,' r. ' T1 - - - CLOTHING. ' .Our new stock of fall n"d winter I clothine which w P-a-f on o-.r ta- ble3 only a few days , whh th! slaughter, the Fitt.e the new of fM r. r pi0fJs MEN'S SUIT!- cl. nnf4, Irnm tS '.ft "() 00 Vr'.U . - ,,,L3wimii.iiij"' 7 en during this sale at from ITS0 to $Wn BOYS' SUIT", whh h we houpht to sell -1 from $3.00 to $5 .00 will po all the 7 from $1.25 up. 1 BRING YOUR POCKETB00K, LOWE i . Suite 14 SYNDICATE BLOCK, q (Formerly occupied by D.-. Bab-coclc.) 4 flgy N N ' A'..V A'iN N '-S.:V N V LOOM Mens Shoes forFall and Winter Are Unexcelled rj j GLIMPSES OF THE CAMPAIGN. Cm . I. mil's TiiniHT ni' Chi, ulmi. ii,.- 1 Soldier Orator." 'will In- in ill,, lilack Hills next wirk ami deliw-r a niiuili' i uf political adili -.--('-. hi'tin-iiins; Tuesday -vt.-n i nsi. Corporal Tanner was commissioner (if pension 1111 ii.-r I'l csideiit Harrisons udmiiiisti a t on, and is on.; of the uhlo.-t cam-jaign 'workers in the conntt . alihu l.t i- a sufferer from meat, physical inequalities, having lot hoik H-s during tin; war of the rebellion. It is difficult for him to stand lorn; at :. tune, ami lie therefore makes hi .-pccdi in a sitting posture lie is tlioroly informed on all the national i.-sm ami has taken pan in every Ti'snl. campaign since tin' war, M. --I.-, Martitii ami I'.m K . will speak to the people of Sp.arli-h tlii- lion. Wilhur S. (ilass of W'.i.l. i lo w n 'nil I 'in!'. Charles K. Holnu - of Sioux Falls, will addn -s the p.-op,- of C. 11 tra! City on the Itlth. and the p, i il. of P:slmi the 17th. Mr. Ola-.- i- J.roill I ill !1 1 ill JOl;til-s ill Co, Miiil:!. ill ' (Hint . and wa on-- of I Im nm - a. live iiiiliihei s of tile slate I. u;-:.i n from that, county two- year auu .1. C. J.a-siu-,. will a.idr. -- i!e- p'-o pi,, uf St. Ilii;,, T:n-d,i i v. tiiim in the I ; , n, i, lanuuai;.-. M r I .a -,-ai al.-o deliver an at T-ry ii. l "i'ilii.--.i!a. . lie- ITih - " II. ui. I. 1'. Wilson and Hon. Thomas K. Haivev spoke to a good niei-tins at Iienelunai-k. near N'cino. la.-t nialit. A miniher of repuhliean (andidates Mi le present, anions; those u-oini; from Vi":idMod heiliLT S. C. I'ollc. for -tat. -' attniney. and Mis- Helen lien-"' fr i-onnty snperinti'iideiit. r"i. .lam. s A. (Iciirec held a 1 e in-' sit -Keystone last, niulit 'ol t' is anxious this fall to hold jon.t. dis( ussions w ith the f i.-ioii I'eaki-rs. and is willin.i; to divid" his tine- with any ot them if tins will -ive li i in not ii o in time. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. Milton Conner.-! ot Spent ti.-li v. as in the ,iIy. Judce of Kapiil City is In IXjilwood. Miss Sue Xeill went to W'lr.t ew in n , for a visit with relatives. Judge Moore went to Belle Fourelie (Sporting to return today. Ed Hemphill, one of Terry's sulistan-tial citizens was in Dcadwood yesterday. Mrs. Isabel Garghill-Beeiher left on tne evening train for her home in Chicago. Fred V. Johnson of Minneapolis one of the owners of the Sunset, is in the city. Mrs. J. A. Stanley of Hot Springs, is attending the Federation of. Women's clubs. Mrs. VesTey A. Stuart and Mrs. J. M- McMillan of Sturgls are among the club women in the city. ' Mrs. Fred T. Evan3 of Hot Springs presented te Travelers club at the FMeratlon, of omen'g clubs. , Dr. .Muggley and wife and C. "B. Harris and wife of Galena, were in the city. Mrs, J. b. Oossage editor 6f the Rapid City Journal, attended the business meeting of the Federation of Women's eluba. , George Riley, 'formerly business manager of the, Independent, arrired neiena, Mont, where oeija a Sod position on a paper. . He is on u, . -i- i -. ,,,, l. - I .,..- 1 Hioivninu and Mis. 1 - k are iipii--uniii; Iii" WliitcM iiml Woman -cluh ;ii t he reil' i ;it ion. I ".r .Salishui v oi Salt l.ak'-. I'l'. -i il ui o: I In- l-'ir-i .Sal l'.iiik-"Ol tin- . .1; i- in I i.'.i'lv.o...! Im- a .-w d ,i - look : iil alt. i I: . - hn-'ti .ni' : e-t- le !-. Ml - le ..!' I!. M . Il' ..I..V. t.' I I 1 1 Cll i i '-t'-i da ' 111"! tell- t ' el 1 1- lid th.- : .in... a 1 ui tli.' hit.- I ..-n I l . h- i 1 h. i .1 k . i ii i '!:'! ''I. W ' ' I I. ' -. M ' !.i I .i 1 1 1 li - iliw n a sii.i : . a-i'l .1: - V:!l...:i. "a' - oi '. n 1 ; ,i ' I 1 1 ! 1 1 I 1 ' -. !. i P'll-l t : ,. . I I i , p lo tile I'm . . j.i.-i- a H ; :-it . , I !;. 1 ... Hi- - - I .1 ' il. .1 I.d lllO'll'-l '!' . u . 1 . .e .:. .1 ieea. i i ( I . i ! - ii." ph. ii T le : : i i II Thoina a n I I id Ia l I T. : " ." '. o' C, a n i a I ! II ho U ,!! lll.ile It,- .' :';!!!' lai'le- :n 1 1, i - . oi:n: ri . THE CITY. !.,: Mr- .1 V. I'" w t'l'i- nd - at irfi'.ie- I,!. I 1,1:11 a -i iikht . I". I I. i-UilU) ( nil save 1 I) i lllele,;. on li .mi "i. h" a.-k- i t ; i v. , :i ,., Sic d. : and I. w i.iii-wo.-: v. --''-:' '-ii( .' ii- ESTEY PIANO. "'! a . hill. 1 1 ;: I Thai - hi Till-: a i;i rd i : I : . . muciia nii .i v" coi-'i'!: is rxsi'K- I' SSF.M -TKV I I' STANDVUH csn (;iiO( i:i:v -t.s siiEitMAN st. Man 1 . :, - was i u-.i v 1 1, n i y I'ani.ali.v ;hp! I.ow. n;i Tip i ' l.o'li of I.. ;' :. Win ii im, wen; t" i.-" to Central whet h.-r i' '" !.' r n:-ht. ju-t ir-ov.'i on the -' : '-'-I und i l.iici in Tel I.-i-V ha. k. C v.i-P I he (;!".! t un.ty re.idi- to i our hand aT I veMoi'.l h s A' k. Mis. 1". C. Tucker is quite ili with phiiii-i. Ihirin-' lier illness, her place in the puldi'' si lino!- h- heins; till. ,1 hy Mrs. Cooper. Supper only at th- M. K. cdiurel, , t naav eien.ii-. The ladies f st. John s cuiid win ' . i eive an elaborate rampa.en supper on ; the nicht of the elction. The place ; and other details will he published j later. ' Dill I'ickles. th- he-' in the lanil ! those that alwai s ta-m like monv at ; nOLDBERC S. tf DennU Maloney wa. arrested yes- terday morning for carryin? concealed : ' .... . i weapons anil will have a hearing this morning at 10 o'clock; before Justice Karly. 1 For next Saturday s Special Sale, see Chase's ad on pa?e four of this issue. Christ Vucuvivkh (pronounced any tfay you ileasean Austrian, and Antonio' Sattar, an Italian, 166E- duf second papers in county court yester-terday, and Nick h. Invlch, an Anstrl- ,r1 ,1 Vi.-itin us we uu the markets (if the world, ( nables us to not only net the crr-am of the market in way of atylea hut insures for our customers a Bavins 'f 'ally 1"' Per cent over ''stay at tunic" Competitors Our branda ar the best the markets show. Every pair of mens sb-oea we sell Is a standard at Its price. Every pair is guaranteed by-manufacturers to us. and we positively guarantee them to you. We are sole acnf for the famous" Florsheim Shoe for men. THE WORLDS GREAT FINE- SHOE: Our method of buying saves one profit With ua It is' from "maker to wearer." rook at the Fine Shoes in OurWindow,

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