The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 5, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 5, 1898
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, SATURDAY , FEBRUARY S, 1-3. THE PIONEER-TIMES. S SPtS f l1n"' r v r. '.v 5hort Ordsr ileuss. ' ltitM VjSIi " EHEnUllICT. " 1 twLErlLE k "t.HT.L ': VIwbt Open.' Always GTANDINO DILL OF FARE. r mm in suitetr mmtm r a. mt. L-.jli.J s.J I J C eefipi fe Jr F FJ Breakfast and Quppor. FRUIT. FI8H. OTBTER8. RANCH EOOS. Oatmeal with Cream for Breakfast Porttrhoost Bttak, TrodMlola I ttak. Sirloin Steak, Pork Chops, Veal Chops, plain or breaded. Mutton Chor. Sugar-cared Ham, Breakfast S&oon, Pork Bausar. Corned Sett Hah, Calf Liver, Breaded, Brains,' Scrainblsd, Cold Matte. Cold Fowl, Pig's Feet, Dinner Bill of Fare. SOTJP. FRESH FISH. CELERT. Boded Lag of Mutton, Plcklt Bauet, Boded Cornel Beet aad Cabbage, Boiled Beef vtth Horseradish. Boiled araar-oareA Bass, Roast Turkey, Saga DrtstlBg, Roast Dack, Dnloa Dreaslcg, Roast Coott, with Jelly, Roast Lola ot! Beat with Brown Oravy, Reaat Pork vrith Apple Sauot, Roast Teal with OraBbtrrlat, Baked Pork aad Beans with Boston Brown Bread, COFFEE, TE1, CHOCOLATE, COCOA,' Serred with all Meal. Single HenU 28o up. Meal Tickets $5. CO. Lunches ICa up. STAR & 1BULL0CK Hardware Co. Heavy and Shelf Hardware; Sanitary' Plumbing, Sewer Connec tions, Cornice flaking. All Kinds of Tin and fallible erne me to Improve the nrlnl eyatrm of the country era iiii;: 1'iniu h sure cure lor coneurop- lop Vrii p-iy your money but yo ilnn't B-t your fliolre. A K'hmI rtr-al of attention ha been aitrarted among the atudente of tho uririn y nui'Mlou In the United State by the rai t that the delegatea attending the Imllanapolla convention from he Mimth are both numerous and com- poaml of FNperiaily strong men. It m quite apparent that the belief current thiottgliout the country that the south I demaudlng "cheap money" Is erro neous, but that on the contrary, the desire ia for better banking facilities and an Increase of the best elaae of circu lating medium, rather than the adoption of any system which would depreciate existing; money or add to the currency anything of doubtful charac ter. North America will probably add at ieaat $100,000,0(10 to the gold ot the world In 189. The lateat eetlmates of the gold production In 1897 art 75. 000.000 for British poeeeaslons of North America, $10,000,000 for Mexico, snd $63,000,000 for the United State. With the addition which Is expected to eome from Klondike next year, it Is quits ap parent that $100,000,000 le a very moderate estimate for the amount of gold that North America will add ths currency of ths world In ths calendar year upon which we art Just entering, and it would not be surprlatng if th mines within the Jurisdiction of the United States will reach that sum. ELKHORN AND UNION PACIFIC EX CURSI0NI TO CALIFORNIA. It you are thinking of taklas a trip to California, this winter, it will pay you to Investigate the) many advantages offered by this eld aad popula route. Our rates art aa tow as ths lowest aad, wt make tat beat Uae and best eonatetions. Tourist eleepers, as carefully kept aa the higher priced oatt, art rua dally from Fremont te tat Coast without change. Rate for a double berth from Fremont to the Coast, $8.00. Further laformatloa will bt prompt If and cheerfully furnished on appll gallon at the Elkhora Passenger tta tloa. Dead wood. DONT BE AFRAID TO TRY IT. Juat but a local ticket to O'Neill The bue will transfer you free to our depot (only one block), and you can than buy your ticket to Stoux City or any other point you desire. It won't cost you a cent more and you can save hours la time. The only route between Eaatern South Dakota and points la the BLck Hills which does not compel you to lay over twenty-four hour in Bloux City te via. O'Neill aad the Pacific 8hort Line. feb, TO THE PUBLIC. Dear Friends: I only wlah to eay that thle le the beet time to get a Gold Coin stove be cause you ran get ont at a discount at the Ark. Yours truly. A BAMAZN SEXHBR. OFFICE OF COMMISSIONER OF SCHOOL AND PUBLIC LANDS. Notice la hereby given that tr. tht 12th day of March lUf, all of the unlisted echo lands ia Lawrence county will bt offered for least at public auction, to tht highest biddtr, at ths front door of the Court Houee ia aald county. Tht leasing will bt hsld between tht hours of 10 o'clock a, at., and o'clock p. fjk, each day, until all tracts of school lands hart been offered for least. Pierre, S. D., January 1, 189$. I LOCKHART, 1-8-tm. Commissioner of School aad Public Laada NOTICE. Tht Daadwood Fire Department will pay a reward of U.0G for information leading to tht conviction of any per- ion Intentionally turning ia a talst Art alarm. . W. H. MOORE, JAS. FRAWLEY. Chm Fire Police. Chief of Fire Dept M. t. DONOVAN. Chief ot Police CAPITAL WANTED FOR A STAMP MILL. Ths owners ot a wen Known and valuable fret-milling property, sRuated on Dead wood gulch, desire to arrange with some one to put a tea, twenty or thlrty-atamp mill o- tht pToptrty for an Interest in ths mire. For particu lar enquire ot sit T. Forrester, or Thomas B. Bart, ot Central Otty, 8. D. 1-19-lm. TO THE LADIES. For ths latest designs la embroidery, Bulgarian tea cloths aad pillows. Ham mon Knowlton t Co's. wash silks, Ty rlsa dyes, call at 723 Noblt Block. Lee- son givsa la art needle work. Stamping dona. l-80-tt NOTICE. To whom It may concern: I have this day leased tht Omega ;mlne aad the Hlldcrbraad mill, togeth er with all machinery, eta., belonging thereto, to William Borstal and A. J Welch, of Central City, 8. D.. who will be reeponalble for all labor, material, supplies and other accounts Incurred ta tht operation ot said mine aad mill. P. L. GIBBS, Owner, Dated, Jan. 81, 133$. Ths Elkhora la tht beet lias from Dead wood to tht East. This statement Is verified y everyone who haa traveled over tht road, Spleadld orrtp-meat, ex collect ttrvlet, Trrnnia n1 time aad fooctosatt!oia,;Ca3 at th tlegaat new pamWger' tope, &a get rates. Through sleeper leaves via tht Elkhora every sight at fs&ek. (Established 1174-7.) PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. DAILY Every morning, except Mun-day. Oa Tear $10,00 Six Montha s.oo On Month l.oo WEEKLY teeued every Thureday. Oat Year 2.3u Sli Months 1.00 PIONEER-TIMES, Dtadwood, S. D. JDatered m aecoad-claM matter at the Dtadwood Postofflo. A Dubuque, Iowa, man r-aa Invented a teloacope that will meaaure any die-tance up to 19,000 yarde. Thle will be usuful to locate William J. Bryan In the national eoup tureen in 1000. A New York policeman fell heir to 170,000. It did not ewell hie fceed and he le etlll determined to etay on loo force. There are a great many puople who will never kick If clubbed by a man worth 170,000. The "Kaeage," the new Japanese bat tie ship built at Cramp' chip yard at Philadelphia, waa launched laat week. It would be well to keep aa eye oa the "Kaeage" for It la one of the moat for midaoie englaee afloat. The Republican Edltor'a aaeoclatloa of Michigan will send a man to Mexico to etudy at cloee range the practical worklnga of free aad unlimited coin age of ellver. He will etay longer than William J. Bryaa did aud eee more. Old "RedCloud." the laat of the great Sioux chleta la dead. "Rip Roaring Bob, the Snorting Hero of Red Oore Oulch," atlU Uvea In the dime novel The latter eaa kill off more Indiana In an hour than the former could of white men In a year. The exporta from the United Statee for the year Juat ended were the larg eet In our hlatory. It n now In order tor our democratlo frlenda to ceaae talking about capturing the marketa of the world by a eyatem of lower tariff. The American export trade doea not cam to have Buffered during the paat year deaplte the fearful walla of dem-ocrata that the enactment of a protective tariff law would rula our trade abroad. The official figure show that for the twelve montha of 1887 American ex porta of mercbandtae reached tbeenormoua total of 11,099,129,819. being an Increase cf $93,200,000 over 1898. The exreaa of export over Im-porta waa $366,498,664. Will the democratlo orator In the coming congreaalonal campaign make uae of the rectal utterance of the Rua elan and Japaneee flnanclere on their experience with the gold etandardT Both thoss countries have abandoned free allver sinus the campaign of 1896, and their official! have recently ex-preated themtelve in the highest term of approbation of the gold standard, which they were preparing to adopt during the very time that the free silver or to re of 1896 were pointing to them aa Uluetrioue example of prosperity under free sliver. While recent evidences eraphatlss the earnestness of President McKln-ley and bla cabinet in behalf of international bimetallism, they have at the same time brought prominently to the front his equally clear and vigorous belief that the obligations of the gov-arnment ought to be paid In money of the highest atandard the world over. Secretary Gags, la a recent speech at . Philadelphia, said of the preetdent: "He has been active to securs bimetallism under the only condition by which it can be maintained, namely, international agreement, with open mints to both ellver and gold; in his effort to Inaugurate such a method, be heartily supports the principles of bis party platform and in theeo efforts he has the eupport of all the membere of hla official family, Innuendoes and Insinuations from various sources to the contrary, notwlthetandlng." About two daya later In an addre at New York, the preeldent (poke Me mind clearly and pointedly on the proposition which waa at that moment before the eenate tor the payment of the United Statee bonds In silver coin by saying: "Nothing should ever tempt ue nothing ever will tempt us to scale down the eacred duty of the United Statee through a legal technicality. Whatever may be the language of the contract, the United Btatea will discharge all if It obligation In the currency recognised aa the beet throughout the civilised world at the time ot payment." HIGHWAYMEN ON WHEELS. A wheelmaa of West 46th street New York, was attacked, robbed and left aenaeleee by two highwaymen mount ed on bicycles In Central Park. Repeated accounts of robberlee by men mounted upon wheels have appeared In the papers in various psrts ot the coun try. Thoee depredators ot the health diseases of the kidneys and bladder, will likewise escape arreet. aad pursue their atrocious career unchecked, un less they art arrested by the potent In terventlon of Hoetetter's Stomach Bll ten, ths finest dlurectlc, as well as ton la. knew to modern times. It Is at th start that disease is the more easily overcome, rat as of ths Bitters is follow by ths happiest results la dys Mnaia- liver eomolalnt and nervous- w r 1 1 i ill Hi! m: n v- u U gg & PtlmuUtc th tutimrh. Pills rcniM the llrrr Ptirt- t 1 1 m BjrM, hrMUrlie ill;rln-v oar Mnmirh, rnitalit...ti Tfc. Ml? MM U tot. pith II.. 4 Mtrii. ORA!t!.!"R 1110 t)AN. and It niaintalneix'). nit-ant ni I en than IlK.txMi jut yrr. not innntii,n clerk hire. At th Orrat Northern h't- tel In Critreai. a ault of room it used and there wore half a dnxxn at tendants, all on a ealnry. There wore offices a I no In Omaha and for a time tu Philadelphia. !n many of the New England cltlee expensive offlree were alio maintained during moat of the laat two year. The outlay In hulldlua and Improvement t Edgemont might account for half a million dollar. No eatlmatea were obtained aa to the total expenditure In the Irrigation scheme. While $160,000 waa laid out In th mines. It la atlll unpaid. PATTlftON'S FAITH IN ORABLE. Governor Paulson and alt the other Philadelphia people expressed their he lief In the honeaty of Mr. Orable and did not think any of the fund had been diverted. They explain hla troubles by saying that he waa visionary and hal too many Irona In the fire. He pledged the Philadelphia people hla word that when the management of the mining company waa taken out of hie hands be would devote his entire time to the other eaterprlees. He doee not eeem to have done thle, but to have continued In his efforts to sell his mln lag etock in localities where the action ot the Philadelphia people waa not known. Most of his time the last two months has bee a spent In the Oreat Northern hotel and he bae Intereated Mayor Car ter H. Harriaon In the echeme. Mr. Harrlaon, according to reports from Omaha tonight, was to become vice president of the company. Then ex Vice Preeldent Stevenson was to be made president. The mayor tonight admitted that he had eome money Inveeted In Mr. Qra bias propertlee. "It le the mining company," he said, "with which Gov ernor Pattleoa of Pennsylvania la con nected. Mr. Owaley, my brother-ln law. went to Dakota about a year ago and looked over the ground and he came to the ronclualon that It waa pretty good thing and we took a little flyer. That la all there la to It." He denied that be waa to ve vlce-prcaident of any of Mr. Orable'e companies THE EFFECT. While the Immediate effect of the uperatloua of Mr. Orable will be to atop for a time, staiea or Black Hill mine or mining lecurltles In the east. It will alao be wholesome Inasmuch aa It will educate eastern Investor to Investigate before they place their mon ey. One such deal as that cannot hurt the Black Hill very much for men who have very large amounts to Invest do not buy from stock peddlers. A number of Oelena men la the city yeaterday were Interviewed and are of tbe opinion that the camp will be benefitted. They believe that the stockholders will oow subscribe to the bonds, pay off the debts and develop the mines In a bus iness like manner. They have not lost confidence In the value of the mines. One of the beat miners of the camp said that If he had the management for 30 daya he would And the Ollt Edge ore shoot Vroman.who haa been Orable'e right hand man for yeara, waa alao In the city, but wae not very communicative. He said ho thought that Orable had overreached himself snd that all of his c red 1 tore cloeed In on blm at the same time. Mr. Orable had put Into the Un ion Hill Co large amounts of his private funds, how much he did not know. Neither could Mr. Vroman tell within $100,000 how much money had been ex pended In the purchase of mines at Oa-lma and their development he thought the directors would continue developments, but ths failure of Orable would result in the loea of all his Interests and the discharge of the local management WILL NOT AFFECT OPERATIONS. Mr. Wm. Archer, the prominent con tractor and builder of New York, win la one of the directors of the Edgemont and Union Hill company and also a member of the finance committee has been at Edgemont several days, leaving for the east Thursday evening. Mr. Archur azures us that the affair between the Orable aud the Chemical National bank will not affect the operations of the Union Hill company, bat that development work will be carried on continuously and the smelter at Edgemont will be completed as soon as possible. There bae been a re-organl-tatlon of the company and the Orablts are out of It. The stockholders have confidence In the Integrity and Judg ment of thoee at the head of affaire, at preaent and believe they have some val uable propertlea. The company can command an almost unlimited amouut of capital. There le no doubt that the mining property eltuated at Oalena Is valuable, although It la undeveloped. The mtnee were examined by several of tbe foremost experts of the country who made favorable report. The affairs of the company are now In the hands of men who are capable of handling them, men of large bualneea capacity and by careful management the mine will be properly developed and the company be put on Ite feet The proposition la a feasible one, but cannot be made a succecb excepting jy sn economical management of the company' operations. There are large bodies of merchantable ore which, when opened In large quantities will yield a good profit The Edgemont smelter le alee a practical enterprise. It Is well located wKhJn taey reach of all klnda ot ore and fuel and can be made to pay handsomely. ssaoy. or mic&l Fried Onions, Potatoes la Cream. French Fried Potatoea, Home Fried and Steamed Potatoes, Dry, Buttered and Dlppeu Toast, Cream Toast, Hot Cakes, with Maple Syrup or Honey Hot Biscuit, and Rolls, Hot Cora Bread, White aad Oraham Bread, Boston Brown Bread, Syndicate Cream Oravy a Specialty. Tripe or Head Chetst for Bupptr. llaked Spring Chicken, Stuffed, Irish 8ttw, Spanish Stew, Stewed Mutton with Ore Peas. Mashed Potatoes, Sugar Corn. Tomatoe Plum Pudding, Wlat Sauot. Mines Pit, Pumpkin Pit, Applt Pie, Raspberry Pie, Cream Cheeet, Fruits, Nuts and Candles, Oysters Swrtd la all Style. MILK AND PURE SPRING WATER. Mine and Mill Supplies. Sheet Metal Work. TO ORDER C4.C3 SIM 0lLS,I with w- aa ea. afj eFVBVW W BV W4J attachable, cap atu6 tor fit and Unjth mtasure. C:ad Bunt O. O. D. t33,cr tUdact and say return eaars. MACKINTOSH CO. s-i Clstai-si. T!i Ar.3 wtty . In thttata. r !0 Call and intpoi vbtn , in need 3f mythln In this 11ns, at prices low thin tnyirbtrs In tht Bills. '1 a us 7 tr 1 1 1 J e aj je a P "si a 0 ..4 i a 3QZZT3 gTyH1?,'. .EmJSS'tf all.orc3 produced b t if ijn i MACKINTOSHES aala T. J. DO WD. PRACTIOAL 4 btua,i.l 49 And OPTICIAN. t:i Hi Js::!nf Ej ti lite Walsh liamlnet for tht f.E.a1.V. H a Wial sat I wul rearaaist taut LGB-UttOli Hardware Company. Whole? sU Zlurclwavrcs Eisyoles &nd B porting; Qoods. taiMisa atABam - oauA BeadweeSOaat aa, J. C. CARSSa.'itTit FHA5K LAKE. gaallnc of Every Detcrtptioa. Goal Dalirarad to $uajr Ptat ox tDo City. Daivdwood, - South Dakota AT Hot Springs, South Difcsti, WUI enterttla you aQ right, whether sick or well. Oo there for a taanga Everything Flrtt-Clats. lUlen's Club Rooir atata HtvtUst, SeaoweaA TKE CL9-TIUE FCFUUH When ht heat Class sat Uqasa fat tKyesabssadaaratalfht. Ttadesft eat I look tar aav i HIES, LIGO, AND CIQAK3. trtth iaheuaer-Bnach an St Looii i-. -k. . a owar oa irau(B4 OC PER CLAOO. JOSlfl DASGALEY. :!:it:j E!ilEstit3Cr::j PMdwood, S. D. Dealer la Mining ttoeka aad EieamaUp aad Ballroas Tickets bought a&4 told. $. 4 ( V ' $ hmr-iMitii . . DtAlMt IM,. z;i and C:::nd KltZfid 0Cw3 tee If yon -waat to Bay or Sell gtk thtlr Crws. Gbartsoas ' trutaanl to til. 1 i C3. I2I Lc::r i::!3 $t::t LIES. J. ?. BEAISnELB'B o ' - - mm Ho. 85 Batman tta astatea atartay aa & ea namkuttr eeaajtesa fewt eaat It la five a elate ye eaa at Mm ksi kiaa ef aattag el atetrN am' erajetta teMte tai 1st He, verts leaves eg etaUttaeef ktee. ps, 3 CUrrstaCtrsst, -MuEOJS St gypk:ls3 t a r . a i a ee 9 '- TAn Katss tf la i ' t vSvPmmm iP 0ilil St. Ir cm-eaatwegtiethiei 1 A. T t i m a DaYOtss Much cf Her Children-How Mrs. Johs Tansy, ef 180 Baker Street, i Detroit, Mlehlgen, is nue of those women whe always know Jt what to de In all weebls and etckses. On that Is a mother e thoss ia distress. To a reporter th Midi "I aa ths mother ef tea ehtldrea atd have raised eight of them. Hevsral years age w had e serious tints with my daughter, which began when shs was about sixteen years eld. eh did not bavs any serious Ulsesj bat termed te gradually wuie sway. Having never had any consumption la oar samlllas, as ws com ef good old Irish sad BVMteh dssasnt, w did not think It wsa that dlaeeee. Ktithfr did shs have a harking ecsgh, yet the grew thinner tad palsr each day. Our doctor called the disease by aa edd same which, a I afterward leaned, unt lk of hlann. " It le impossible te dsserlbe the fWHsn Jobs and I had a ws aetioed our dt ugh ter slowly peering away from aa. A a last r cert i was indsesd i try Dr. Williams' Fink IHlls for Fais P topis, mads by ths Dr. VTIU 'lams Medietas Company, flehsneetady, N. Y., wkioh I aadsrstood eoatained la a eon-dousd trm all ths slsmsnls asecasary to (ire aew life aad richness te the bleed aad BIDS WANTED. The Butt school of mines at Rapid City. 8. D., asks bids oa the following ores. 1 Requires fifteen tons ot hematite Iron ore, containing not leea than forty per cent. lead. t. Reqffulrta fifteen tons of lead ore oontalnlg not lees than forty per cent, lead. a. Require twenty tone of limestone rock containing not less than fifty three per cent lime. The above lots or any of them to bt delivered to the school ot mines on or before March 1, 1198. By order ot FACULTY. RECEIVER'S SALE. Haroey Peak Tla Mining, Milling aad Manufacturing Co. by order ot th court I am lnetrueted to sell all ths personal property of ths receivership la tht South Dakota at public or private sale, and la such lota aa I may deem most advantageous, such salee to be completed by the let of June, 1898. Tbe property conalsts of boilers, engines, hoists, compressors, drills, jigs, concentrators, furnace, huddlee, etc., with ahaftlng, belting. and all necessary equipment Also a large line of mill and mine supplies and hardware such a pipe, valves, unlone, couplings, rhets, hammers, nails, screws, square and angle iron, dull steel, elbows, RanJ drill fittings. Ingereoll-Sargent fitting, etc. For terms and particulars apply to tbe agent of the undersigned at HfTI rtty. S. D. A. R. LEDOl'X, Receiver. 0 RAND BALL. Mayflower Lodgi No. 44, R. D., of Central will give a grand masquerade ball at Miners' Union Feb.. 14. which will be in charge of the follow, tng committees: Executive Mlae Anna Meiael. Mra. John Wllmerth, Mrs. Cbaa. Chauasee, Reception Miss Ada Qrsnfell, Mrs. Ashmors Fulton, Mrs. Harry Thomas. Floor John Hodgklns, James Barrls Lans Thompson. Ticket 41.00. A sood time assured Bewux of ImltaUcu aOTkj . eO ViVls Li! 0tG$f fZ Aak your Druggist far sgvasroaa 10 CENT TRIAL SUE. eoaiala a eoealns, mmmrj awe say etaer lajarwat drag. Ithsstoaij Absorbs. :atarrh f y i WvwlaUaf at 3 It eoeaa sat the Kami 1 Atars If imjt ss4 Im SB Promts tbe Meatlffua. PJiiatom tbe S"M g tmm anS aoMli. Full Slas Mo, i tvmi bus it, t st rvt ortr v Shore M Wan Hill IUBCTKM. A PEHIMT Cl'II eraMtnraeoatinaeaaaar Oonorrawe aad alert, gnanntovd Is from S to S I us mmr umvipeii Tqiuria. uM bv til dranbta. VweWwVwwVwVVwwVrVbVwVVwVvVal f " T p4ftv4Tl -, "eiwn- . f t .. - r erj t- UrtiL Tima to tha C:nsfit3 cl Shs Helps Them. reitar shattered Before the had taksn hair a Box, there was a oeaides eaaagw. Ldaaideaea sod after thras moo ths' tteatmsat ye w not have reonnissd her. a bar health weoia to greatly Im peeved. Ike gained la I ranfallv and eooa was la perfeet health. bars alwaya kept ths Uls ta the hose sinee aad have reoommeadad then) te every eee I rnuld. I have tald many mothers aboat tksm sad tb iy asve aaaea eome woMerrui have aaada soma weed' cures, one er the gtris baa a Ih airls bat a veaaa tedv frised that eame te tha house almost every dty, sad e was a tight Honestly, shs teemed almost traniDtrtnt. I did sot ear to have my daughters associate with her, at I wae an-ald ah woaid drop dae some say wnsa may wars eat on us street, i iwm needed aad begged ber te take Dr. Williams' Pink PUla for Pale Paopls. aad told hitr ef their sterling eaalltlse aad kew tha erwt ws ail girt, being ealy M eeetaa hex er tig boxes for 9 W, at any draggiet's. Fiaal ly I Indwssd her to wry ueaa. "Thar haloed her woaderraCy. and dnahtatily saved her lift. Shs aew reooa ends thtm te ether yeang wemea. " Evty mother in this land taenia keep these pills la th hoase, a they art good for many other ailmeata. 1 eWt believe la doctoring end never speat much moaer la medicines, bat I eaa reeemmead Dr. Wil liams' Pink Pills te every mother that a daoghtsr Juat coming late womsasaed." Want Column. WANTED HELP crwanted By a lady, work by the day. Enquire oppoette B. 4 M. freight depot, at Mra. Down's. Wanted Good men to act as private detectives under our Instruction. Kn oloae atamp for particular. North' weetera Detective Ageacy, $01 Qtnfcc Building. Mlaneapolla, 17 Wanted Mea to leant barber trade; only two montha to complete by our new method; extra induce man la bow offered; a fina outfit of tools pnetated students; illustrated 1898 catalogue mailed tree. The Moler System Bar-ber aad Hair Dressing College, 13$ Washington Ave-, S Minneapolis, Miua. Ectabllahtd ta 189$, incorporat ed la 1897. f Wan too Upright aad faithful gentlemen or ladles to travel for rea ponalble. established hov la Black Hill. Monthly $85.00 aad expense. Position steady. Refers oca Enclose self-addrteaed stamped envelope. The Dominion Coraeaay. Dept, K. Chicago. FOR SALE. t?For Sale Two desirable building lota. Nos. $ and 10. block 18, Inglealda, See Mrs. A. Pollock, No. $1 Charles St, tot prices and terms. t'Declreble building lots oa Lincoln ivenoe, Ingleelde. Lumber tarnished tobulia. Edwts Van Cli. tt trLoti For Bale Howard's Addition. This addition to. Dead wood, btaatlM ly located oa tht Park bench, adjoining tht Dudlsy Spring, la tha First ward, la bow opea for settlement Bee plat and pilots at office of Edwin Van Cist. FOR RENT. trFor Rent A 17-room hotel. None but reliable aad experleaced party need apply. Enquire at thle office. UTor Rent House on Taylor Ave., enquire at Phillip's Pharmacy. tt. svFor tuat Nicely rur&tahed room ca Lincoln Ave., tor rent Enquire at the Ploneer-Tlmta afoot. CFor Rent Furnished house oa City creek; all modern improvement. Ap ply at this office, tt ty For P.eot A furnished house. . U. Miller. Mrs. if For Rent Furnished rooms lata Nye Cottage, Gold street CFFor Rent A $10.00 boast ot roost oa tht hUl abort Sisters school Cot & Edmonds. tw-$w mm HB&DQUiHfBBS, euowooo, t. 9. 0HA8. BOHL, Proprietor, Is the ealr ataea a towa t gel a good Laeok, roUowtat Is Sea BILL OF FARE. Ham Sausage Blood, Cheese twist, Cheeet Llmbtrger, Sausage Teal, Cheese JBrick, Sausage Sumner, Cheese Satareast, tauaagt-Livtr, Head Chtett, Fraakforttrs, Fig's Feet, Ea-rs Boiled, Wlratrwarst,' awxdtata. Sour Tongut, Ptekltd Herring, DU1 Pickles, Chow CLow, Dried Beet, Pickled Eel, Kaa Flaa, FromiT dt Brit, Hand Chwast, Salt Sardella, Imported Frankfurters, Anchovis, Balmoa, Lobttera, Caviar, Apatite Slaa,Neutahattel Cheeat, Slrra Chetat. Hs runs a good elesa eomtorUblt piece. Olvt him a tall aad bt ooavlno-td that It la tat mOtif pUet ta towa. ilk, I ' ton t i ft? b a y-feu m ..) Wlni muni mi iii t .... L AfllPC "M!" w - Vslrst Colli rs, mada to fit you. Vrii(- Bint or Black DlajonsJ, hiadscm Jfeeal . Ljk L sJV'li ' , i a I LL.? , Jiaiag and few aire Uxut,' Cltsrs, Hip $3.09 aad eithsr ooataliAll bo 5 ptr MBt, aitd sand ash la GRCAR WCOTCRN 1 C3-167 Va& Barsn St. ' . Tho largest arte) laat " ltrta ttook of ' riwirwwnnAnnrwvvnA Tho Finest " end best '., Ughtcd Room in tho City. fmti m w w mi r' jt i w "v! S' -""I ' P i " "7i 2,''6T7X5?i- Txxslfitnt. ;' 14 'a w "A7J.tuy..cny aid .aMS V"" 4 S1 "fc - J 1. ''tlla,i U . fall .UAlnlaB,

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