The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 31, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1900
Page 4
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. c" ' THE DAILY P10NEE1MIMES, DEADWOOD. d. D SATfRDAV march J rrujJxnsufrTUrinjsir njxrurruLn n n n HOW A CLAIM PAID. A Good 5hoe..J I Assaying 0 Gold and Silver i THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE ...8 Established 1889. i No. 37 Lee St. Deadwood $ WILL GIVE CORRECT RESULTS OF BOTH One Way of (.ruing Monrr Without I'anninit It Out. "There are more ways of making money off u claim than panniifg It out," said an Alaska miner who had some luck with his pick and shovel. "For Instance, 1 knew a man of meajus in llie Dawson district who had ! a claim Avhicl&h.'id failed to he as profitable as expected,, and he didn't know dust what to do 'with ,it to get his money back until he had devoted considerable thought to It. And it was sim Need No Lono".t;i t" sell it. 50C. g OLD ANO SILVER FOR arc al OOll, lnit at the .US li ROUGHT TO THE OFFICE. ft ON ALL Si-u.- want to talk V ill UL l.-in: M. H. Lyon & Co. 1 Agents for the Bllckensdorfer $35.00 Typewriter, ft ? & ft tot wear. Rf Ladies. 1 r Karl's Clover Root Tea MINES AND MINING. Call .-mil nlLv Us to 1 d . oest J3.00 shoe m the world. Beautifies the Co-.nplexion, 1'mififS the Wood, (jlvi-i ? I- '."ill. Lt, ai m. Ln'.-1'uii fctiiiation, nV'-sti'", Hn,J al1 Kr.j t'"n of the Skin. An jit -ribli! N."v Tonic. Sold nil n!. , lute n, irniuee by ail drUKKlsts at 2r,-., SO':. u.iJ 1 "l' S. C. WELLS A CO., LEHO, . Y. An ple enough when lie knew bow. "He quietly went to the gold commissioner ujj4 aniiuuuced that he wished to pay his 10 per cent royalty on the product of his claim for a year, which Was ifii.oOO. The commissioner accepter! the i?f.(MHl royalty and gave him the usual receipt. statlug' face what It was for, with the number of the claim, location, etc. "Then he "waited patiently about.' like Mary's little lamb, and one day, in the course of human events, au Englishman came along looking for a good thing for some people who bad money to spend He asked Mr. Itl.-ink. among others, what lie had to sell, and the smooth gent told him he didn't know exactly, but he would show him his goods. They looked over several claims that were practically unworked. and then In a casual way Mr. Blank showed the Englishman bis receipt for royalty on claim so and so. 'And. you know,' he said, with a wink, "that a man isn't paying royalty on any more than lie can possibly help.' style toe, color or wciylit f sol "c or 801 r P--,P'Clr upper. We have them all. Tor Sale by the Palace rnarmacy. Gentlemen. Our $3.50 Shoe Rich Strike in KVasp No. 2. A new shoot of ore has Own encountered on the Wasp No. 2, assays from which give returns of $17(i,40, $"189,20, and $123.20 in gold to the ton. It is about five feet thick and six feet wide and was found in the drift following the quartzlte from thf old workings. The company has lieen working In a ledge 14 feet thick which averaged from $8 to $40 a ton and since the middle of February have taken out and shipped to the 1). Si D. smelter, five cars of ore, which have netted $493.'!. Four carloads of ore have already been taken cit .jI' iie new shoot and it is bidievcd that this ore will average over $10 a ton. The Wasp No. 2 is mined on four different its surroundings Is noticeable. Our voracious English contemporary de-dares that the. Kaffirs talk with a strong New York intonation and "the casual talk of the mines is redolent or California rather than of Cornwall. The shops are full of the latest American machinery, run by American experts and erected by some of the cleverest mechanics in the world. The assayer hails from Gras Valley, the cyanide man has put in his time In Alaska Treadwell, the chlorination superintendent used to be a cow-puncher, and the battery man is more at home in San Francisco than in Johannesburg. Owing to the fact and ready resources of the Californians, everything is worked with the utmost smoothness." "The Englishman was right on to Mocha In all shades J and and K-atlu-t l-'l'S. Is 111st J"-' I 1 that -little game, of course, and lie sized up the ."SU.imhi receipt, looked over the claim in a general way and ended by buying it for loO.OUO." Washington Star .is cmici ;is tile hot. Y can't beat it anywhere. Give COFFEE is unexcelled. trial and we can convince you .v " Have you tried it? levels on the quartzlte, the quartzite being broken by porphyry dykes into I" iiHh For Ootca. For pet dogs tlmi inherit :i tendency to watery ees a wash of fold, clean rainwater, followed by a lotion of three grains of ruelielle salts dissolved In four ounces of distilled water, is recommended. The latter should he dropped into the eves with a medicine dropper. About three drops twiu' 3 day should lie used. - New York J, Zipp Shoe Co, 655 Main St. steps about fifteen feet apart, . making a total drop from top to bottom of t0 feet. A large amount of ore is exposed on each of the levels, and all are tapped by an incline. Plans for the new 50-ton cyanide plant are being prepared by the Gates Iron Works company and will be submitted next week. It is expected that the plant will Ik running by th first of August. HrLnj 1 uuuiAAnuinruuirjuuinnnnnnhjuinnnjiiinnjw The white House Forrest Hill. The most (U'siral)k' location in the citv. Its attractions arc fine! New of the Mines. A letter from Ymir, B. C. states that the Blue Eyed Nellie, on Jubilee Mountain, is working a vein of min eralized quartz which yields $10 to tin-ton in gold. Salt Lake advices note that the West Mountain placer, on Bingham canyon, is picking up nuggets as Idg as beans that were washed out of the i-ravel last week. One of these Is worth $l.f A reKrt from Castleton, I tali, spates that the olii Sacramento, in Miners Basin, has opened an immense chamber, or rather exaggerated ore chute, (the footw.ill of which shows from two to Ave feet of high grade ore and the hanging wail one foot. The Golden Crest,, at Murray, I'alio, is looming up as a bonanza property. An important strike of real high grade ore a few days ago was the real sensation of the month in Shoshone) county. It was the most extensive ever DEST OF ALL ".'H cie&nse the system in a gentle and beneficial manner, when the springtime comes, use the true and P- i feci remedy, Syru; of Figs. Buy the genuine. Manufactured by the (YKfoiria Fig Syrup Co., only, and for sale by all druggists, at 30 cents per be ttle ijThe Ladies Bazaar Ill FURNISH HI) ROOMS, RUNNING WATKR, STEAM HJCAT, FLKCTRIC LIGHT, No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable iiii. SilkWaiStS for this wivk'at a bar New Dres&Patterns fur sp. i.i- Summer Goods in iWaK-N, Muw it vt it W ii 0 SPEND SUNDAY AT HOT SPKIN One fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale Saturdays. Good to return following Tuesday. Popular train leaves Deadwood 6 p. m. Via Northwestern line. hams, o-nd all fashionable fabrics Un- umma dresses and shirt waists. Tailor SuitS for everyone, Come ads. v. Mrs. Nott, - Main St. Deadwood Concentrates. Regular shipments are being made from the Harrison mine on the hill north of Lead, to the 1). & I. smelter" and to Kansas City. A force of men are at work at the Gilt Edge, taking out a good grade of ore. Enough ore is being taken out of the Hardin mine to easily possible to ship 100 tons of ore a day, but owing to the almost impassable condition of the roads for the past week, shipments have' not averaged more than 25 tons. Otto Purnell, the local agent of the Gates Irons Works, received word yesterday that the average number of orders could be received and turned out In the usual time. The strike is stTTl on, but the company has employed a sufficient number of non-union men to be able to handle the usual amount of made in the gold belt of the Coeui d'Alenes. A correspondent at Buffalo Hump 1 Concession. Aetna Powder Co, Dynamite and Black Powder, Fuse and Caps, Eleetric Batteries, Battery Supplies. W. E. ADAMS COMPANY Idaho, reports that the :-t. Louis has a Confession is said to be good for the soul, but it is not often that a man pay chute 200 feet long and thre" and liKe i. li. cnase admits that he is one;half to five feet wlda?- averaging $7.r to $80 to the ton. The Mother guilty of selling merchandise in a?l i si of his six stores for less profit than he Lode has disclosed a vein the full width of the bottom of the shaft whic h ought. One hundred and eighty of will average $00 to $100 in gold. The GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO. li work. those suits of clothes, choice, 3, remain iif the Deadwood store. Reader, have you seen them. o TO THE PUBLIC. If you are not treated right in any of my six stores, please inform me. Isaac H. Chase. Ct CI, UOLL DEL SERGEANT The development work on the New Eldorado rear Hill City is bung pushed rapidly. The shaft which is to lie sunk to a depth of 200 feet,. Is down J3C feet on. a vein of high grade ore. Vesuvius has uncovered a -(;', foot vein that goes $35 in gold. Republic, Wash., advices say that the Flagstaff in Cody Camp, is drifting in sixty feet of ledge matter, the last Ave feet being thru blue quartz showing pyrites of copper. The ledge on the Ben Hur Is six feet wide and carries high grade ore. The Princess Maude has five feet of clean quartz, which averages over $40 to the ton. The values at the Tom Thumb remain at about $30 a ton. Bolster reports that the Owl group, o,n Gold creek; has uncovered a five foot ledge at fifteen feet that assays $8.27 in gold, $176. 0 silver and $15.96 lead, a total of $200.93 to the ton. Opera House 3 NIGHTS 3 And Saturday Matinee Cot APRIL 5 Return of the Favorites CLARA HAMNER And her excellent company Including the comedian The veinis traceable for a very eon t-lderable distance. The new air com Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists 0. F. PURNELL Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dai - pressors have been ordered for the mill which was recently purchased from the J. R. LOG CABIN MAPLE SYRUP. The first consignment of this un equalled syrup has arrived and It pure essence will always attract tnost who have once tasted lt Physlciaut says: "Maple syrup ls natural medi olne, that prevents a Lumber of all ments." Aud Its aroma Is tapenor to honey. STANDARD CASH STORE 48 Sherman street. Sole Agent foi Deadwood, S. D. An "ore break" is a local Colorado term for a "Assure vein," or a "break" in the rock accompanied by ore. Sheeting or mufti pie Assuring is thought by soniejtgJS '"due to shrinkage accom Dav Williams Custom Ore panying the cooling of. the volcanic rock. A line or legion of weakness is A Baloon That May Be Steered. This latest Inevntlon in the way ot air ships is attracting much attention. The most wonderful thing about it is considered likely to be a line of least Thursday Night C. H. Gorton's Comedy Success From Garrett to Cellar House Cleaning We are now prepared to tr sat custom ores by th CyM cesa at reasonable rates. Northwestern its simplicity. It Is propelled by a small double petroleum motor, similar to A Kentucky Colonel that used in automobiles. Ordinary First Ward, Deadwood - - South VW coal gas can take thje place of hydro . resistance for future fracturing, and even though a quarts vein may form along a line of rupture, healing the rock and strengthening it wis a substance harder than the wall rock itself, it is supposable that the next break wiJJ, take place along the line of weakness presented by the imperfect cohesion existing along the plane of contact between the hard quartz ana - the less resisting rock. Such gradual rw.notra.tlnn or mineral antntinria tntn gen for the purpose of filling the bal A LENTEN AFFAIR. ' For every dollar's worth of material purchased in the art department nt loon, as only an hour is required for CLEANING CARPETS ON FLOOR A SPECIALTY. Carpets beaten, Carpets laid, Carpet sewn. Carpets fitted to any room. The best of. reieiences. Leave order as John C. HaineK this work with gas, whereaft hydrogen takes a day. This discovery ought to make the road thru the heavens free the Ladles' Bazaar Mrs. Bostwlck will Cive one free lesson. This offer good 'tntil April 1st. I LAFAYETTE STORK FARM from danger as does Hostetter's Stom ach bitters the road thru life.. Behind .. T,a.favrette Han nn iaa . - ai nrvni'R'j GER& lt li fifty, years of cures. Weakness, Indigestion, dyspepsia, debility, nervousness, constipation, malaria, or any disease arising1 from a weak stomach the immediacy encasing country ma) finally obliterate divisions due to .multiple Assuring. Sheets of rock separating one f rem the other would be replaced by ore, and thus nothing re S COACI Stallions, Draft Stallio us, consists of NOHMAX and u i UfcH SHIRE and BELGIANS, T rotting Stallions and JacKs i wanUng a Stallion oi w - .tf cannot withstand it It Is anexceilent spring tonic. .',. nt WM. Sauce The Original Worcestershho or can uu uui os -- it llf ' Belle Fourcbe, S. P. We can se lions as low as any other firm-. main of the original structure except faint parting tn the lode, such as are less evident -to the eye than to' .the hand of the miner, who Instinctively to assist him in breaking. The London Dally Mall says .that since Johannesburg became the ' premier gold producing field In the world the Americanization of the town and Notice. All Accounts due m are now payable to the Zipp Shoe company. Parties indebted to me ar asked to settle at once and savs eot of collection. Respectfully, ' a . C. E. ZIPP. Stallion gflaranteeu w breeder. i ru k Son BEWARE Or IMITATION'S - to StSfZn TT-T f Turtle to Beef, from SdnoO to Steaks, to all of which it gives a famous relish." oaaam JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS. Agenu, N y .1

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