The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 12, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

V FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12 THE. DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOO D, S. D. 1900. YEARS IN THt A. BLACK HILLS 24 Seebick FAMILLIARLY KNOWN AS THE MINES AND MINING. 1 mil ast-ni'T;! tint only r ill.- Kilin- IliO.-v Imt ti :iy who -i:-- lii'I'.i'-'l ;i oni- jn'tl'.' lr civ.ii tjivt-i MiM.nt. Tin- . i h 1.- ;i pi)loi; lor the a.l nint conit'ui t h. ami hi.- ridi'ls ha- l--u .eivini; tu th.' nu n ''ih i-lit'llioh against tli- ,J I'r.iti-ii Stat.-s. H pr :.-' "To -- j talili-h a .-taMi- forjn .1' sen crn unlit in tin' l'liiliiiniii- i-hiiid- i-ailli INI'ORTKR AND DESIGN KR oF ..Old King Brewer.. been a resident of CENTRAL for all these ers aud is ftUl at the i: Gowns and lupin . same, old stun.1 Who'.' Wh Henry Kosenkrantz of course CENTRAL, . .So. Oak .ml tin : I i nm i li'lt a e.-epi :Min-ii! tln-n .niiii-,' alia-i i liii.-a or In ..!-.. Ai.n': ati's .-pi !i ; ' I O l-llle.-.s have U. to if I. In all I.. - a; Iin.ioa:.-! ether- eriitnei-t i!.im ihein win t.r .tin- in.ioitant cities in uhicli ni;ii m Siipjinse they i- :i-na!n .on lint h'l-ine,.-,. Tie- Mr I'.rian.- 'nun of go-. !'!'- o' ofri ei.- and other- intine t uniil.l In- .In ' I I i'h !(. .id " oii-!.-t in look i lit: mm iln ii: to i,.-;r fate . "I' tl "' i Sj'a.ii.-h !-.-. oi lis am! law- for., then, lino siibjei relating to; sr. tlie.-e islatui- m:,iI,, i.-iiMrc nt Mr. i for th- l-a-t t wo oi I Ii i . liuml i . . i ,,f. ., . ept;u, i hi- J. R. Hickox, City Engineer. Francis C. Tucxe., U. S .Dep. Mir.. V. a:-. Ai. I .i I r am: il.uiii- u.ll I..- .:.-.- . i. .- -Miilinery CHAStS For One Day MtNINO IN THE PHILIPPINES. A corn'Si(iiiili'in of tin- Knulii' i i um Jind Mining .louiual lia.-, just ictuiii.-l from the Philippine Lsland.- ami r.--jiorts greatly in reaseil activity in minim,' in that country. II.- s;t :-: "K-ideiilly there ale sum,. I'miMn fill:!-hellllillK 1 eliese!)tati for the purpose of loeatinu on- . i : i 1 it-port-illK tin- 1 haneet, for working In -onn-rases I olist-rvecl that tin- n. Hues iw-ri-lieKiinnii- to take a liaiel at I lit- pi'e. penile.- I'm two or three m-iit 1 at n . J i -111,1 in ot lie- 11a In 1 - have heel: e. . 1 1 1 111 l;:i in 1 .-liai k- u ithin .1 t'".i mil. ., t I. l-p''-!i "f ' li-ail i i i.p. 1 a !hl 111 ll-l' in. 1 a I.- ii Inn! 111- .' I'- iiieiiii" !- I hat on on a-iiin a -;i i J v. i mm.- v. a- .1:- rOM'feil illllio-t Will. ill the Ml!. I ol . Ii;t i V --vl.o ha. I .voil.e.l III.- soil Ilis ll!.- e'l! It. ' I -i I" t'-i 1 ' l'; -. 01 i e .1 1 i.e I i 1 'I'll- ii : ii" :..:'"!.. i .-o thai ulien a i.iit ir.ik. -.- a pun liase In- may apph to th,- I. in i a 1 1 to , ,-e :ir-i hnw he -la ml - i on i . i n inn .: ..i nu n. i sh i n . u law - a: .. I 1 :i :'i am. .1 In 1 1 . I .:'i A :! . lain..- w : i i I,. tt i, .: ' ' :-i:il tin.. In . .-, I will p: o . .,:i.. .i-ii.o .!! in ' i-l i'l veil!-- tiiev . !r ..l:n- Mr. I. in niii. !....,e ;'.,,,, main ii;i t-t v n:u i i if I .in - - lo !-i ,i '::. m I .in I M.-..I... i ' tln rati. M!tv .- h:. II on.' ii. i I'm tin- 1 1 -1 ' ' o ; wiil i i. I-- : I. i I iim' h ' a - the-, now i e :'er Tl-.'i i-ini. :n or m tool 1 he h. In I ! ,-! I he lie-Ii' ! I I - i i ' - I In- - . Millie,: ..ell I i 1 . :i 1 1 1 1 . i . 1 . ' na i I . : i : I . : - ,' i 1 1 -a :i. i I : I ' : ' ?. 1 1 1 Surveyor. TUCKER 4 HICKOX, GiVIL ; MINING ENGINEERS Surveyors. : .looms 301 ana 30 Adams Block. Lee-Glass Ardreseen Wholesale Hardware Biccles and Sporting GooJs. niy-:i-2:! harnkv st., o.lAHA. J. C. CARSON, Agent, !) -ai one i .-vihle . r in J. P. H Y M R Sat urday Oct 13th CONGRESSIONAL NOMINEES HERE. ' ' . : i ' ' 1 1 : I ': . m: i 'a .! ' : I I ! lo . . ! i , , , ; J .-,,, , ..: il, .- 1-n ! h 1 1 1 : , I'hl.lppn o imp hall th..: -In hut snliln-. -pei t ill-:' Wl 1 in ;i I 1 , 1 11 1 1 1 will ! i Hll' - to II.:!:! a.-' I 1 1 i:s .11 1 1 asi; s : i eil 1 1 'P 1 .1 - 1 1 I il.'l I 1 l.l !, i. I ell I -' I ,;i ' i i - : 1 , . . ; t : 1 1 m 1 . .- - 1 . I - I i I 1 . : i Mm eol.!!ei ill -ii l i;. I, 1 - i p:r mm ;, ..' ol ill- new- TO V V. I,'. J .5 r; 1 ... h I n . : th.fe ,,'. lies. III-' I : ti - i h !: -X i 'i i N I'l'l' h V.. W.W WVA Ml Nt ;. ; i .. ii-. l ;. a wpf, i :. K.'Sl 'ell .ill' ".tin !i le i i .: ' . i- Ii- ! i . i-.:a-. It h h t and i . dil -a at. r a ' .1 h ' ipcii day and nUht Short o. ,h i a specialty . l i .:' n-itv.- h .1. : T;.' ; hi' 1 1 : 1 1 1 who iiii.Ii-i i he to tllfee n-i a -1 li'liii d' 'ti I'll, ill.- !-,- S. IK, I , ,; I ... ii ... , , 1 i : a. h an ..;d,i;. ,,, ,,-' - tat.- to th, r. 1 ' ll.i' I . - !.. ,;ih! : : Ot II I J - I I t !,.. " ;.-,,! S S TG YOU Prop X7Zro -XVO o. I ll . !! I.. Glreat Stocld 'h- '':"., I h:n.. !..-. it ;,!.. to . :i rive a' as to ,,. -!1(.,,hi ,,, , i- that l wo i . i -! .-1 1 1 1 1 , -- in s..-;th 1 1., t '" -... le hi in to ih,. rni;,., Si;,-,.. "''' "H-l I doll'l i,j('; t;...e ii a: V OF . ,.:,! i : . .1 -a . i . yiii n:i!io ve - a, h . oi, th!. i. tld i" alt y o :' 1 Never Before Perfume. Toilet b'jap. Sponge-,, To-jtn Complexion Cosmetics, i,.. Cjt'.-,er vv 'y pat 1 nil i in ...ti Old.- V"'' '"' (inntller leui-l.ili!,,. i, thj 'lie that will l,e l. 1 1 i 1 1 v of that a, t He f'll'tlliT .-a'.- -V,,;; , .,,,,,, , ,. : In Black Hills History :'.' anv . led 'i,.t time :f ..,J ..Tin ' : ' I " V H.e p. -rill.' Hi'-ir i'i pre- ent.-it i . " in. .! th AND ill I'le e-irlv p.! t (,:' .,- -; ' !'"" eleven ' , ;. . ,.,v l-r . t'l'-i' ! - h -i i i i i I nt t lie II i : . i,,l; ll H. FT. LOCKE A CO., X via S ri Con f e ction cry, WILCOX PHARMACY. I an i ii. a eti i il: I'!, nip . : it i on, ia USADWJJU h ini'" li i'h.v I.1 -a-! Oi Iihis Kol n ' '"tr i - present, ii ie iii i !,- ?i i : 1 1 - -t le-Kal ; ,. ..y ill f he wo: hi " J be H.-ii.l " Voa , ai,i,: , oi-i n. ,t tin- whole ,,,-opl,. Ii ,! v 1 i'1'i'i-i ll'al 1', es I -e m:). j,,. h. with I. .iinvh'.l The repiihlii -i ) i a i- y W;n s I.e. n au-ains! tru.-.t-. and in it., pho;,.--- , ot I y S there w a, ;, daiik .h- !;.- i,, '1 i a . : m : i . ii M i ii.J - In 1 I,..:..-; , i .d .. . . .r I'l, hi , p. l; . re- M I : !!!! ol t ,. pi o' i ol. I. "he-. : n. la - h.e i a ! ' i. a inn ; . i . . v- oahl ma tri 'i t hei.; li i- , and .etiei on - an.! the t i i -T ' ,. at a ua in,-t ciiniliinal ions apital to I! -.1 ill ttHlli'il control the conditions of trade. That MY SPECIALTY I Moving I Heavy Machinery! P. In .... in a in !. v -pinos nrn dfhtmpd i ii, -ii in BiinrJii: i,l -i i.L- i , . , , a i i a i k u a - ei 'i i a i ii v i a i . i. i ii i ; ' U.n:k was prepared and reported In . . i at t ;n-k w a r.e. lift I'ri.d If you will mi iii it 1,1) mine in tin- I'll i i : ppim-- shouhl oirlate. Ifel'i to'ni'e a Jl'll-.r,. 1 ..' !!!lii!!.' "ii- eratiiilis laiiei! I"'. :'! !' r!. ' ran -ietit niellioils ol the 11 1 1 i v 1 -- mine!'.-. They w ill u oi'l." only I'm a : t : 1 1 i pei -ioil. or until t h earn mmuii mon ey to la-l tli'-ni lor a few liiinali : I'lel then thej will eease wmk I 0111 plel el . Tile Tennessee e -olil iel s have aviiil-alilc Ihi'ee time- as main nalivi - ... reipiiicil. si tliat as one min-i ileiiart-after p.'iy day. anotlii'i' mav step in end work for a pel in. I . u lien tie nat ive.- I'o! low lie Ilr.-t mint: lo he iv plan"! !y j;aim liuiiilier lim-e lie-fore KM"- nnnilier Hire.- is paid o:l and rcinly for a two month- period of idleness, the tlrst satis: will li:s- n-turned am! v. 1 ' l:o to uorl . Von:-correspondetil i-it'-.l (Vim and ''a:., liello and was shown mind -p. . im t -of iron ores and the liam es are tin-ii on mines of these i-l.ind - u:li he wotked in ionise of time Tln-i.- is an abundant opportunity for tin- establishment of iron foundries. Tin-new samples of copper whii h have been taken from the mines on the is.landB.of HciuTiiit and I.epalM are Kood. There is evidence that copper pxist.s in lat'KC (piantities on the two islands mentioned. Although cold exists in nearly nil of the southern islands of the Philippine Archipelago, there is no direct evidence that it has as yet paid for mining to any such extent as copper and other ores. The trouble. 1 believe is that most of the srold is stolen by native help. Gold mining during the Spanish administration of the Islands was a failure through the fraduk'nt methods by which the grants of claims were made out and the (heating indulged in by both the foremen of the mines and the snative workers. There is a. great demand for coal In the Philippines and the price of it is exorbitant. Extensive mining operations are soon to begin in the coal fields of Negro and Cehu. There la considerable mining machinery being shipped to these islands for 'sale through the machinery tl,. a,..;,..,.., .- .i lino.- im; iii-i our niae i oo i. o f Hie .liannian ol the committee on ' . ... 1 f agai i had lieeie oldiL'i-,1 for week- to lie suh jotted to Filipino insult-, and vet resolutions, a nan who vn- a uood lawyer at that time a nieniher of the house of relll-eseii I a t ives .mil -i t,-it.-. th. -re are those v!io assiitn.- that our' ....Feed, Livery and Transfer.... iiau the K --t i i unlstt r in lliri'iU ;n;i'. ;iin tiiiiii,!i ri"' or saddK- lior-.i on tin- ! ? I -. atta.'l. . A ii (ini. en- -4 man llw .,n.,., ...- u-'llll m .i.-.!. Hoops ho-MIl R. iiii inliei- tin fact that to mix medicine is it profession that iniuires experience; every prescription requires cate. attention and a i 1 1,.,- ,,i ni.t.. i-: .i t .- . . I -1 1 1 ; i i ' i i 1 1 :r anv nonlits iipmi tlii- suli ley or Ohio. Since that time .11 states ... have wuint..,i ti,.. 1 1 ! ''! ran he tiitortne.l by simply in i Qid Phone 171 Harrison phone 151 1 539 Main Sf. .i,i i.. ivun . i ' 'I'niriiis of anv of our brave Imvs who J .inn In I SHU congress enacted the i S 1 1 ..... t , i. eoiintry dur- s:l.. ...ol.... . ir.. ,i i-o i si; aii;.ini. sei i 1 1 in ititl-trAist iii, iii muiiMjM ia ii . (lie uiil ileum law. the incr the first ve.v of the in-urrection. in fhtirgy of Mr. Mi Kinlev and meet inir stronir oii'iicvsit ion on tin-, nuef of i X rei;imet;t endured more or encasr- l" 0 the democrats, who voled praeticallv ! 0,1 m ,n'" "nl fi,,ts' 0r n bft-unanimou.slv against it. The ,.;.. 1 tor record than our own First South state commerce law was introdmed bv:ii,!" " 'ri"" "U an,, " havo a Senator Cullom. a repnhlican from 11- , i"-" '1 ""' roncress upon the linois. and it is a republican measure. ! ".osition ticket in this state who All amendments to the law have hoc, 1 has l'r'nv"1 f,l (:o11 ''" proposed and adopted hv repuhlicans. i faln uinahlo nut, I the last of the knowledge of chemistry to he able to till it: then you will understand that the mere mixing together is not always what is ri quired, but a knowledge of how to mix them so that other compounds will not I).- .0! nieil. It often occurs- that the combining of two harmless drugs will produce a RtVERE RUBBER CO, INQERSni.F. -SERfrKANT DBIU Ci against the active opposition of the democrats, and not a single law has been enacted by the democrats regulating trusts in any manner, and yet they claim they are the only party that can he trusted to relieve us of the trust evil. I maintain that there is not now, nor has there been at any time, any ine,ica;i i i oojis in e oiiien lino llie isc a. I suppose he did not mean to j xcept the First Sotuh Dakota. The rerord. of the iHPpulilican party I will prove that it is the party of pro-: cross In this country. That it always I carried out Its drrlarntions and mnks eood its promises. Three years of President. McKinley's administration I shows every pledge in the St. Louis Violent Poison ; Lidgerwood Manufacturing: Co Hoists I 0. F. PURNELL fniin il a t inn foe tli Icciia nf Ininoi-inl gencies in Manilla and Hollo mines ij Dead wood, S. 0. Agrt tor eouth Da and this will serve to stimulate the Ism. In fart there Is no such issue be-1 V"" redeemed and among these tween the democratic party and the was a ration ,n fa 0T of that a chemical change takes place wlrich may prove dangerous. A good druggist free homes, which was enacted Into mining business. The roads are being put into better condition all through republican party, except as made bv the democratic party for campaign purposes. It Is a labored effort to excuse the 'democratic party from the Custom Ore . tose portions of the islands in which American" troops have taken stations. Wrecked bridges have been rebuilt, flooded places, graded, and -arrangements made to cross rivers by rafts and ferries. , The United States government has established a mining bureau at Man- cowardice of hiding the real Issue, and to force a purely fictitious issue born of idje dreams and nurtured on wanton falsehoods. Mr. Bryan says: "Our whole history ha been an en- We are now prepared to treat cuntum ' r -'')' th Cyaside process at reasonable ratts. GoMen Gate Mining & Millmi: CoP First Ward Deadwood S.D. Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver . . . .i &? "It has iustlv won its laurels. j law hv the last congress, a measure of great benefit: to the people of this state. A largely Increased postal appropriation was provided for rural free deliver, thus insuring daily delivery of mail to our farmers in many portions of the state. During the last three years we have successfully conducted a war and only recently have had serious complications with China, which, have been adjusted conservatively and diplomatically by President McKinley in a statesmanlike manner. XVe are enjoying an era of prosperity tiaequaled in the whole history of the country, and I appeal to you to say whether you now wish , a change or whether yon are willing to let well enough alone. In 1892 th people wanted a change and they got It In ISftS, after four years of disaster and hard times, they were only too willing and ready for another change, and after the experience of the last democratic administration, J thinlc the people will say that they are contented and that they win Tote to continue President McKinley In office for the j (Continued on Page 5.) ; I will recognize them at a glance while an inexperienced druggist may overlook them.-1' you take medicine why not feel confident that it is not mixed by Guess Work. The only way is to go to a good druggist. We are EXPERIENCED DRUGGISTS, graduates in our profession ' .and our experience is for roar benefit.. Remember the plicel PAUSTa DRO STORE. 'Pb.!?cb Pharmacy W. L FAUST, Ph.G, Prop. Fish, Game, Hot and Cohl Meats, given a most delicious flavor V uS - THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE ' -" . '-, Established 1889. v rio; 37 Lee Street .'Dead wood. :: .... ;WiU Giv. Correct Results of Both Lea & Pern? SAUCt Gold ana Silver For 50 ; Cents. S ;. ; ON ALL SAMi'LES it ROUGHT TO THE OFTICB. 1 M. H . Lyon & Go. P THE ORIGINAL WORCESTERSHIRE OF IMITATIONS. I?JOiUl DC-SCQ j a

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