The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 31, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1900
Page 3
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MARCH 31, 1900. THE DAILY PIONEERTIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. v - Republican State Convention. W. H. MOORE Blacksmith and MATRIMONY Attractive young widow, $10,000 in money, $20,000 in property, wants good husbands with business ability and good moral character. Address bos'lTlS Station O, Chicago. 111. Wacon JflawBi' AT "KASTER TIME EAST BOI ND." s , To the Republican Electors of thp State of South Liakota: There will be a dele-pile convention of the republicans of the slate of South Dakota, hel.l in I he city of Sioux Kalis, on Wednesday, ihe 23d day of May. A. 1 I'.iOO. at : o'clock p. in., for 'he purpose of electing eight delegates to the re ubllean national- convention, to lie bt Id in the city of Philadelphia. June IS; A !. I'.hmi, and for the further purpose of placing in nomination two candidate fur eonmess. a candidate frr" gow-i'nor. lieiitinant go ernor. state treasurer, stat" auditiir-. superintendent of I'liMie tiitiuftrcm. t'oiiiiiii-isioner of s liiHjt an V putdic lands.l. aiiurm y general ,J-iilrnad coiiimis-uuiier. fiuir catidi-daies f,ir president inl elec tors, aud also fnr riM innnieiidiiig ;t tut iin,il commiti; re ,ents under thU head ONE 3RD each inser'lioa, when in oue month, three lines )Dtl) ,,ayuble in ad van") iNTED HELP. ' pl wash woman, lloyni. iit and ;,'d w.iR'.-. ;his otI"n--- A change of imy between Norfolk H0RSESHqWt3 AND GENFRAL RE-PAIRWCuuNt UN SHORT NOTICE, and Sioux City enab g our train No. 4 cs passengers we-to reach Sicux All kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; also Carriage l'Uruishings. man and fnr the trantartiiMi of such, fit her I'UViness as may come U fore a feiiuiXiC "J-ttsd 12 Pine St.. - Dead wood, S. D. suite ronveiition. All votern of the ta w-f iSf9i . City at 4:00 p. m. daily. Twelye hours saveel between MINNEAPOLIS. ST. PAI L and the ltl.ACJx HILLS. West bound, leave Minneapolis at 7:10; St. Paul at 7:40 a. in., Sioux City ht 5:05 p. m. Arrive Norfolk Junction 7:40 p. in., connecting with FREMONT. ELKHORN & MISSOURI VALLEY RAILROAD train No. 3 due at lilac k Hills stations the next morning. PARTICULAR attention is called to the change of time in leaving SIOUX CITT, 5:05 p. m.. daily, connecting at Norfolk Junction with trkin No. 3, thus enabling passengers from connecting lines to make connection at Sioux City without lay-over. i, jiii l for general house-(1 waccs. Mrs. .1. W. earfih. S. I. ,,,n to learn barber trade, term, two years' apprcn-ed, ...mstant practice, ex-Ktions, Tools pre-ents, our graduates earn catalogue mailed free, ler College, Minneapolis, MARY A. DOWNER M. D. FtaMae Unmed. to 0 MMml and OMrtTir I TrtatmaU of Uie iM-liiving in 'republican principles, and who en dorse the policy of the republican party, ale invited to unite under this 'call fur the selection of delegates to said con-vcniioii. The state committee has reeom-tni tided that no proxies be allowed in the slate convent inn. and that the delegates and alternates presi nt east the full vote for each utftinty. The ratio of representation wilFhe as follows- Two deleaves at large from earn county and untf additional delegate for each fortv votes ir major fraction thereof cast EYE eian ruled. r Ofiet mrrrom . m. Ml p. m. for Hon. Kirk W. Phillips, republic -an i, mymiM. Bloek DtcUtvtoot BoulhDalot - i . i 'TP . describes an interestinrr condition -. M iss., eanil hla t e- lor goeroor. en cue n" uyii n tS'.iS. The representation to which the se veral counties will be entitled to under thi-i call is a follows: ' Number of votes Number for K C P. of Aladyliv of affairs i:; i.i she was haviu off and on al. s'.c first heard of Ripans Xaiiulei witli her stomach. She had had them i w: ct .;!! a. i.l 1 n.'.isc, If I iilc O. C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. in lViy Helegat ;a.l -sallowed enough medicines to stock 11 COURT CALENDAR. March 30, 1900. No. 3. M. K. Donovan et G. 1!. Woodcock. No. 4. M. K. Donovan et HeS c.-i al. vs. 0 invest or loan a few lars with services in good r young sober man, fair 1 txxikkkeeper. Address pioneer-Times. 21 FOR SALE. -Second hand, in good I'. Center Crank enin". le crank, 4 and 15 II. i' ers, 0 11. IV upright boil ' nips, wood lathe, pulleya, lachincry. Sprague AIn-s u 1 f, .lone.i St., Civ.a . ::. . 1 .:- . 47U I'.' I r.s" . '.IT r,.:s C. 1!. Woodcock. April 2, U.tOO. No. 19. J. A. Malcolm vs. James Hallorai;. up a drug store. " t was loiu ilcsh everyday," said she. "Soma days I was so weak 1 couldn't cet out of bed. I knw if T hadn't got relief I woanln't be here ri w " Two dollars' worth of Ripans Tabules was all she ever used, an.l they made her a well woman. Her husband s vs she looks better no.y than he ever saw her. She made him t.iive the Tabules for biliousnessand they acted just as well in his case. Kipans Tabules are a regular stand-by in that family ribw WAITTED 4 oam of had hxaltk hal RIP St will not Ntnaflt. Thar banish paTl and prolaaa Ufa. One irlTKii rrliof Noia tha word it I I- a N 8 la Oarkatra and aaeept no nbaatuta. H I H"l H-a, H for I rnta, mar " bad al anr dru( Mora. Ten a&mplaa and on Lhonaand taatimonlala will at aaaiasa St aaj a ilili fmt I mill fiimritil 1 "'i T"i " fa " tn Ttrt. No. 4ti. Y. C. Sweatmean et al. vs. Aurora Beadle llcin Homme Brookings .. Brown Brule Buffalo Bur Campbell ... ch.irlis Mix Clark ('lav Codington .. Custer Havi'l-on ... hay I I 1 louglas ... Kdtioinds ... K.i II River .. Kan lk 'J ran' Hamlin Hand Hanson ... New Waite Block. DKADWOOD. 8. D. J. P. HYMER COLLECTMNS--A DJUSTMEN TS- N 07MRf FIDELITY BONDS, 11 kinds of bonds written: Appeal tt tachment. replevin, bonds for cteruion admlnlstratora. All Judicial boDda xcn-cut.-d without delay. Don't aak yui frleDd to sign for you until you gt oui rates Lodge ofBcera.v treaaureri, aa) I). A. McPherson. No. 52 Horace Clark s. Clara Mitchell. A. No. 55. V. C. Sweatman et al vs. 4.11 4o .471 I). A. McPherson No. 0 1 . Springfield Fire & Marine Insurance Co. vs. Oscar Silver et al. April 2, P.tOO. J No. 37. -"Trenton Iron Co. vs-'flaV.k- -Kolding bed. wardrolM-,.r. Inquire of Dr. Dow-c building. . 4 ::p . 417 . 1 "M ''official bonds ipeclalty. Hughes . rye Wold and Silver .Mining compiny et al. . , . Olympic Hlock, Dead wood Phonea Harrison, U8; Black Hllla. 10J Phone In residence. Harrison. 88. sevcii-rm dwelling Water stieM. A. U. MJLES Hutchinson . 1'vde I.ra'lld Kinrsbury .. .1.1"" . 1'.'". .' ")" . i.l-v No. 2!. ---Catherine Evan's et al. vs. I). A. McPherson et al. April I'.i.mi. Katie; Ward vs. C. I!. & Q. H. R. Co. et al. No.'. 22. S. R.- Smith vs. W. H. Wlicalan elxST Thoroughly Equippea Railway U a bargain, C mining ning the Hercules and d of Butcher gulch ; also ut First ward. Address, Room 1.",, Keystone Law rence . . . . l.llicoln I. in. in Marshall M.Cook M. I'll. T-SOli ... Meade Miner .. M iiii.c liHh.i . Mood;. Pennington .. I'otler Kol.. ft S.inb.n . . . . SUtlk sa BB m Sarah 1). Cue v.s. .1. J. Mur No. r.t ray. No. :. Muriy. vs. .1. .1. ' I". 1 I 1 bl 'r.inlses at ', -ower $i;imi imi; half cash, bal-. e. Apply to H. M. Ma- Dyspepsia Cure Digests what you eat. It ..irtinVially ditfesU t h- food aud aids Kature in strengthening and reconstructing t lie exhausted digestive organs. It i t Ik: latest discovered digest ant and tonic. No other preparation can apfiroach it, in r.Ilicieiicy. It instantly relieves and permanent ly cures The Shortest and Quickest Route to Home Mining C April lo, 1 !'. s'.o C. Scott et al. .- .1. .'1 - .loli n l'relier vs. Mary Hef- No. Cibhs No. fron. No. Sully 'I'm i.ic r I U'loll Walworth ... N.lllktOIl I ll'U'sM II ifd lo Ulltle K.'lano and S. 111 li bv Dyspejisia, Indigestion, llearttiurn Flatulence, Sritir Stomach, Nausea Sickneadache.Oa8trali?ia,Crarnps,ani Job 1. .Joseph A. Tilly all otherresultsof iniperfer tdiestion. . .'. v. Mil . La wren son. April 12, lrtuii. Cregorv Ja. ksi.ii. Nowlm S'e'lito; Prepared by E C. DeWItt A Co., (.Ijicago. Fur Sale by K. C. I'Hl I.I.II'S. Matt Plun- No. 2::. I. A. Weldi vs. Chicago,, Omaha and the East To Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Minneapolis and St. Paul, ICK'if.'int now Pullman Palace sloi-mf cars, and Free Cliair Cars on all through trains. Kailro.'id and Ticket'- t all parts of the world. For further call on or write. Pratt . Presho . Ziebach building lots on Lincoln leside; 'lumber furnished )1N VAN CISE. itf) , No. 1 location on Sher-for sale at a bargain. J., Gen. Delive-y. U head uf mixed catlle, milch cows, 2 aud Z year and 3 year old heifers and r 1 1 this apply to T. II. Milennial, or Henry, l'raw- al. vs. kett et al. No, 2o. W. P. McKinnon et John Walker. April 12, 1900. No. 4. Elizabeth M. Ellis vs. I'atc-d. Kehruary 21. P'"". I'.v order of 'the state committee. I'll RI.rK,N'. HKIiltKIIi. ! Chairman. FRANK CRANK. Secretary. Tobias out ccicii- pciictri. uiirlit lcsos. ncrviu I, 'ii I il v .11 lid ;o I ice I t rc Mlhli'- t rciitr.l tin. ler n lceo rimniud. . ( oriopcmdcnco kindly privat w ,rc ..f iiiiitai.o'H who are r.ipymic uf'.er ua Writo for ouc-t ic.n list.) - itui Curti t.. Oenver. Colo. Castor ft al. No. 41. Edward Kidd et al. Frank C. Andrews ot al. April 13, 1!00. No. ",3. J. H. Hose et al. vs. .James Roche. No. r.4. H. M. Steams vs. S I. Mill ler et al. V. A. HAMPTON, City Ticket Agent, Deadwood, S. D.IQ OR RENT. Dr. P. J- Coinbs Vcterinay Surgeon, Calls Day or Nitfht Proihptl'y Attended to. Harrison Phone 171 Deadwocid vsnvm 4 HSTttEO. mace a wen 3 Furnished or unfur-s or cottage for nouse-) children. Address K3, Man of Cook Remedy Cc HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR " Ol.Y.Afi'IC ANNUAL MEETING. Notice is hereby given that the meeting of the stockholders of T- J- DO WD, Three nice rooms, fur-nfurnished. 549 THI tiRKlT HOOD POISON PRIMARY, SECONDARY Oi TERTIARY HlilOD POISON PERMANENTLY CURED IN 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can be the Olympic association will be field HINDOO REMCDY .HmtnrtATHI ABO B V I VJU w in the association rooms in the Olyr nic block, in Dead wood, S. 1)., on rues ill Nerroat LIlHeaiiM. along ftmnry FanMiifi, bleApleAsaiw, Nightly inn a .... h niri ihlMM. IM asaaaaal" treated at home for the same 0 Watchmaker Optician, Jeweler price under same GUARANTY. If you prefer to come here we will )fflor'room, upper floor 'ahhabaugh block. Ap-i & Munn. Tigor and siwi to chnnkew oraaoa. and qalcsklf bol nrely raatorea Jjomt Manhood io old or roung. Ktl7 carriad in at iMXikiv. Prioa .00 a parkas Sis for $S.MtU a imllm vwran( Ut mra v nwtry rfdt. 'mT BUT AM IUITATIOW. bal lS!t 98 baying IND iPO. If roor drtlcuiat baa al oc It. we wiiTaaad It propald. ' iL:4UOO UEMDY Ul., 'roars. Cfeicffa, IH ar ear Arrt WILiOOI PaXRMACT Dinoo4 at day, April 10th, 1900, at S o'clock p. m., for th'e piii'.pasfi of electing a board of seven directors for the ensuing year, and to transact "sifoh : other business as may properly come before tho meeting. Witness my hand and seal this 19th day of March, 1900. ' H. A. CABLE. ' (Seal.) Secretary. iverland hotel, Sherman ly plastered tbruout; ts, steam heat, sewer etc.; 24 rooms besides ; room and kitchen. Ar-Baggaley, Agent. vViA44 BO YEARS' ar s- EXPERIENCE contract to pay railroad fare and hotel hills and no charge If we fall to cure. It von have, taken MKKCt'RY. IODINE POTASH. and still have aches and pajaa, MIWH'P PATCHES Id mouth. SOORE THROAT, PIMPLKS. COPPER-COLOR-KI) SPOTS, I'LCKRS od any part-of tre lodv IfAIlt or EYEHROVVS FAI-LINO OUT, It Is this P.LOOD POISON that wr OPARANTEE to cure. We solicit th most OUSTI NATE PASBS and CHAILBNCE THE WORLD FOR A CASE WE CAN-VOT CURE. This disease has always DAPPLED TH'E. SKILL OF THE MOST EMINENT PHYSICIANS. Several of our most prominent public mec. Kings and Emperors of forelieni landa have succumbed to this disease even when under the treatment of the bet talent unlimited wealth of nations oould employ, but e have a SECRET REMEDY known only to ourselves. Durins FOURTEEN YEARS o( our existence nA,leir than twenty different concerns have started'up to Imitate our treatment, prompted by our unprecedented surcess; today net one of the remains inr business. We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor, THE COOK REMEDY' CO. haa permanently cured thousands and haa . world-wide reputation for speedy cures, honesty and integrity. NO DECEPTION, NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. D. METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND I'NHROKEN PLEDGES sent sealed in plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DOlLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. Delmonico Restaurant, postofflce. Furnished eat. F. D. Smith. Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Examiner for the Klkhorn R. 'r. Work and Prices Guaranteed. Lee St. Dead wood. ' NOTICE OF REMOVAL. The New fork Life Insurance company will occupy offices In the Adanw block on December first HOMER BOSTWICK. General 4t. Trade Mark& Designs 1 Copyrights Ac. Nicely furnished front ain street. Inquire DR. r"LORA"T. STANFORD, lonieopathic physician. Office and Do nt Be Fool edi LOST. residence, 374 Williams street. Morphine, liquor and tobacco habit treated. Anrone fending nketrh nd riencrlptlrm mny qulrkly ascertain nnr oplnton free whether ao inrpntton ta prohahlf palentahlo, Oimmunfra-timimrlct)y(Hntldentfal. H ndtKok on Patent pent free, ohiput miwoj for rurin pateiitp. I'atents taken thnmvh JUuim A Co. receive rpfcud notice wit hout chnrtre, tn the Scientific Jftnciicam A hanilnnmplT U)ntratd wMklT. I,rt?rit clr-mtation nf htit' J-ur?ial. lrnir. i a TPnr; four months, L tkjld by ail newsdealer. MUNN &Cn.36iBro.d,. New York Branch onto (PS F St-, Waahlnglun, D. C. Take the geaulne, original ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Made only by Madison Medicine Co.. Madison, Wis. It keeps you well. Our trade mark cut on each package. Price, as cents. Never sold In bulk.- Accept no substl' d gold bracelet with on a plate. A reward tor return to the Pio- kUmi C015 REMEDY COMPANY, 1928 M?sonic Temple, Cfiicago, 111. cocktid mi tut. Ask your druggist. CATARRH HAYfTVEf, THE CtEAN'SIN'O AKU HEALING CUKE FOU CATARRH it -ANEOUSWANT. THE FINEST MEATS AT Ely's Cream Balm TRV MORMON DlSHOl'S I'lILS foir Ml diseases arUitiK from dissipation, self-abuse, exceeses or cigarette omokinK. In use our ".'.' yean. HriDjtts tiaclT your manhood, Wires dcpleteil, n-omout men. ni.ikc. rich, red blool and tissue. Cures wasting and all losses, makes you lastingly strong, cures impoteDcy. lost power, emissions, loss of memory-. Lee-Glass -Ardreesen Wholesale Hardware Bicyclesand Sporting Goods. 1219-21-23 HARNEY ST., OXAHA- J. C. CARSON, Agent. Deadwood Office Syndicate Bit Emj and pleasant to use. Contains no ln-jurimis drug. It is quickly absorbed. Oiies Kelief at once. . done. Will go out by e sewing at home, filets Lee street 1 toiVhousecieanlng or of housework, at 'jNo. f P. O. Box 785, Dead- coiisUpaHon. adds lusture to the eyes, stone nervoua twitcbine or toe eyes. Makea lifp worth living. " A toon to young or old. MORMON' Cos Keller's Market VeWpVaSr cold HEAD BISHOP PILLJ? strengthens and restores small, weak organs. tops all IoksPS by dav or nizht. Don't delay. ' Price within tal. For sale by N. E. FRANKLIN ' a mih iiiuni i uiauou, S50c I Prir. a hT R(1 cents. 4 for S3. 50 by mail. Send, to free circular. Address i Ileals and Pn.tects the Membrane. Kestores me Seoesof Taste and timelU La's 9ar' 5 . Si2hi Mala Streak. Deadwood. DISHOP REMEDY CO.. San Franc!co. .Che reach of alll..G"'??l-. ' Palace Pharmacy, Dead wood, C. D. BSEmV3S8fBmmSmmSSS!S Druggists nr it man ; i nai niie, v w- ELV BUOluJtxiSi imirai"

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