The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 18, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1899
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aily Pioneer-Times. 23d YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), THURSDAY MOKXIXO, MAY 18, 1899. FIVE CENTS. The D g j- J 11 11 Sj M'KINLEY TO GOV. LEE LAWTON'S GREAT TACT to turn their arms over to the municipal authorities. This has changed the situation, but the trouble has not been dispelled. Better feeling has been the result, however. inch. I happened to have an old newspaper in my pocket, bo I spread that I out for a mattress, took one of my j handkerchiefs and scraped up enough I straw to fill It, tied it up and used that He He Flanks the Rebels and Has Replies to the Little Governor's Demand Regarding Volunteers. The Fit Id Piece, Mayor Sol Star has received letters Them Going to the Mountains. for a pillow, but as there Is lots of snow on the hills here yet, the nights are very cool, so I caught a good cold. They wouldn't allow us even as much as a drink of water, until about the middle of the forenoon; nothing to eat until 1 o'clock Sunday, so that we all had to go from Saturday noon till Sunday at 1 o'clock without a bite to from Congressmen Oaiiiible and Burke and from Senator Kyle concerning the field piece asked for by the mayor for the city of Deadwood. All three of the Will He gentlemen heard from state their will He Outwits Them Completely and They Are Badly Demoralized. Says the Volunteers Start Home No Later Than July 1. Grand SPECIAL OFFERING! Fur This Week. Ladies' Tailor-made Suits, Tailor-made 8kirtst in Silk , Satin, Crepon and all the new materials. Infant's and Children's Jackets. 10 Ladies' Suits at $4.96, Value $7.50. 10 Ladies' Suits, Handsomely braided, at $6 85, Talue $ 1 2 00 . 25 Ladies' Suits in all the latg; shades andColorings, at from 9 40 to $19.50. ingness to do all In their power toward securing the field piece for the city. Mr. Kyle stated that, according to the regulations of the war department, it I would be necessary for the freight to I be guaranteed before the government Washington, May 17. (Special.) would send one of the captured field Tbt following dispatch was received pieces out, and then it would depend if i Plerre, S. D., May 17. (Special.) Governor Lee has received an answer from President McKinley to hie demand upon the latter for the return today from General Otis: upon whether there was a gun avail- eat. I did not get to eat with the crowd, as I had demanded my release, and they turned me loose Just as they were marching us off forthe first meal. We had, though, what a parson could call a picnic to what the men were having in the "Bull Pen." I talked with one that got out from ere Sunday. He told me as follows: here te a lot of men there that are suffering from the dysentery, and one night the guards, who are niggers, locked the door at 10 o'clock and wouldn't let a man out. Consequences were the men had to use the floor where they were sleeping, If I hadn't gone down and experienced some of it myself, it would General Lawton, with great taci ame or not. ne sxaieu, nowever, tnai and ability has covered Bulocan prov- he wuuld intercede for the people of of the South Dakota troops from the tooe with a column of American troops Deadwood in the attempt to secure one Philippines. The response says the of them. Mr. Burke stated that he volunteers will return in the near lu- and has driven tne lneurgwui wuu- ward Into San Ialdoro, the second cap ture and should leave Manila not later ital of the insurgents, which was cap de suits is Irom t than the middle of June or the first oi July. The president's letter Is exceedingly respectful and courteous in tone. ine vaiue 01 me $13 50 to $30 0 tured this morning. He is now driving th enemy northward Into the mountains. He has had constant fighting, and has been inflicting heavy losses, was ait the service! the Deadwood people in the matter and could be depended upon to exert all of his influence In trying to get one of the coveted cannon. Congressman Gamble sent the mayor copies of letters addressed by him to the secretary of war and the secretary of the navy, which were just alike, as follows (this being the oik' sent to the but suffering few casualties himeeii. I t 4 I ! i ! t 1 The apiearanee of his troops on tne flanks of the enemy, 'behind entrenchments thrown up at every strategic have been hard for me to believe th men could be treated that way by either civil or military authority. O Filed For Record. Charles S. F. Yeoman to William Ml borenz. a fourth interest in the Gray, Evening and Night lorten. on Elk orcHt. Jams Halloran. Michael McAllen Ladie Ski-ts at $1.00, $1.50, ?2,10, $2 66, $3 15 and upwards. Ladies' Tailor-made Jackets. All of these Goods have been Reduced from I has proven secretary of war): point ami in every town, i ...... i ; r, tihft insurgents, i Yankton, S. I)., May 13, 18H9. very ut;iJvMujii& w The Wardner Trouble. Soren Jenwn of this city has received the follow inn lettt-r from a former Deadwood man. who went through some of the Wardner. Idaho, troubles recently: (Jean, Idaho, May 11, 1899. Friend Soren your most welcome letter nioiveil. There has been some great changes here since I wrote you last. 1'ietty mar the whole population here is in the 'bull pen'' at Wardner. As you will have read in the newspapers, the Bun Sir I am in receipt of a letter from and he has given them no opportunity U) concentrate their scattered troops." I and PaAriek McMahon to Fred Evans, 35 to 65 Per Cent. Hon. Sol S:ar, mayor rf the city ol I ead'wood, this stale, in Which he in-f inis me that at a public meeting ot the citizens of that place on May 2, 1SH!, ho was authorized to communi o Lowenstein Was a Spy. VU-torU. B. (' May 17. (Special. lot 3, block 3, Denver addition to Lead; $800. I Fred Evans to Edward Hillock, quit j claim deed to lot 3. block 3, Denver ad-' cate with the honorable swretary ot Manila ixipers received nere announce that it is definitely known that Lowen I M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. ker Hill & Sullivan mill at Wardner was blown to atoms the 2Mb. of April by men war. through the senators and repre stein, the German prince Kineu near sentatives of the state, asking that the dition to Lead; $950.. I George W. Glover to J. G. Deming, I a half interest in the Gettysburg, Gettysburg fraction, Gettyshurg No.. 2 and Baloboii, was a spy in the eorviee of. government donate to the -iily one of Aguinaldo. "f f" $ 4' "f-l $ f" the captured Spanish field pieces. I most earnestly Indorse the applica 'Dion and trust you may be able to com a.11 or the Uettysburg fraction No 2, Ida Gray district; $1,500. ' Israel Swibart to the Homeetakt Trouble in South Africa. Johannesburg, South Africa, May 17. TTT l 1 T n 1 nrrni ttt i t t t i nnm ply with the request. The state, I be lieve, has cheerfully and 'loyally con (Special.) Seven Englishmen have been arrested on the charge of plotting Mining company, the Ida mining claim; $1,000. Israel Swihart to Home take Mining tributed its shares to the glory of our from all over the county. I should estimate that there were about 2,000 men there. HavlnR been up pretty late Friday night, 1 did not get up till late Saturday, and you may imagine my surprise to see a , train of nine cars, box and flat mixed; all loaded with men, most of them masked. They pulled out at once, so I did not see any one that I was acquainted with. Find-ins out that they had gone to Wardner, I Jumped on the 0. R. A N. train and went to Wallace. Had to wait there till 3 o'clock in the afternoon, when I cot on the passenger and went down to Ward- j arms by its splendid representatives in 'company, tint Kansas mining claim; a revolution for tne overthrow ot tne present government.. Some of the offender are Brttieb officers. Grave the First South Dakota volunteers and the cavalry regiment, largely made up from this state, which would have fl.TOO. James E. Grant to the American Mining company, all his right title and complications am feared with England, but the Boers are determined to stand given an equally good account of itself their ground. had the opportunity 'been presented This Is the only application that has interest in and to the Standard No. 1, Starndard No. 4 and Standard No 5. on Iron creek, west of the Spearneh canyon. hall mm wall mm "Borne times her n arrow kitchen walle Stretched away int o stately fcaHa" This happened to Maud MuDer, but my prices on wall paper make M possible for ft to happen to everybody. My took is entitrely new and trp to date. I cannot tell you about the handeome dealfn. You are especially rnvtted to see PAINTSI PAINTS! Now ia the time to paint your heusa Remember that my store ia headq art era for all kinds of paints and painters' supplies, esp cklly for the NEV ERA MTXE3D PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and last longer than any paint made. Oome In and get color cards and study color effects. The Old Reliable Druggist, ner. The train was flagged half a mile ' from the depot. I jumped off and started Many Indictments at Wardner. Wardner, Idaho, Hay 17. (Special.) been presented from the state of which I am advised, and I sincerely trust that it may not be denied. I have also ad- The leaders in the outrages of April down the track; lots of men in every direction. I was taking big chances, as there was no one I knew, but my curiosity iFrantels Donovan, a brother of the 30 and 400 other miners charged with 'dressed a similar request to the honor participation tn the recent riots have able secretary of the navy, not know late Michael Donovan, the reteran prospector, telegraphed M. J. Donovan, chief ctf police, yesterday, In answer to kept me a-going until all of a sudden a heavy blast went off, followed in quick suc been inuJcted by the United States ing whether your department Is in pos-gramd jtrry for arson, riot and murder, 'session of any of the captured cannon a message inform Ing him of his broth General Merrtaim telwr,rhr to that may be disposed of. I assume In er'g death. His home is at Method Mill cession by three others, then a short lull of about three or four minutes, then an awful heavy blast. I was then about as far from the mill as from Luben's store Washington, advising the retention of this matter you are governed by chap station, Quebec, and he Instructed Chief two troops of cavalry for fear of fur- .ter 231: Donovan to ship his brother's remains the trouble. "An act to authorize the secretary of war and the secretary of the navy to him at that place. The remains will KIRK G. PHILLIPS. Main Street Deadwood, S.D. to Mrs. Veitl's boarding house. Timbers, dirt, machinery, all mixed, flew way up tn s to make certain disposition of con not be shipped until . the required amount of money has been raised, as the air.. Then somebody hollered: "All aJJ rirunjrins rurxrinninnjiijii nsmrmjxnn nnixnnn tn6 tied ordnance, (runs and cannon To Oppose Disarmament. The Hague, May 17 (Special. ) the deceased did not have enough of balls in their respective departments. his own at the time be died. Tbe delegates of Italy, Germany and Approved May 22. 1896." aboard for Wallace." So I took a run to the cars and crowded on top of a box car and off they started. I got off at Wallace; the train went on up to Gem and Burke. Sunday everything was a usual: Austria are inatrudted to oppose dis THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Very respectfully, ROBERT J. GAMBLE armament and to favor International rbitration. This seals the fate of the To the Honorable Secretary of War, II the men back to work and everything rs scheme. The conference opens Washington. D. C. tomorrow. quiet ai If nothing had happened. The next thing we heard was that soldiers Tne Real Thing. were coming, and sure enough they Hurricane In Ohio. Cleveland. O.. May 17. (Snedal.l camp, went on through Gem and up to Deadwood, 8outh Ckota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 A reference to the advertised prices Burke, which is three mttles above of goods offered at the Ladies' Bazar Northern Ohio was awent by a terrlfio here. They went through every house makes it evident that Mrs. .Nott's intention is to institute a real reduction tona last night and early this Qrnng. and oronertT mum tTniui in town .The only men they left there was the postmaster, the mine fore sale. She has 'been obliged to take wir. ia williame county a school men and the pump men; all the rest this stop tn order to keep in line with I was demolished n1 wwnv a mimtoer of merchants who have of the men were taken business men and all. The miners that were on day ee children vera Injured, eight fa- nlnnmed and wit on foot a similar shift 'were taken as they came out of All movement. The cut tfhe nas maoe in Branches of Banking Business Transacted, the mine, tot of them soaking wet. prices 4s moat sweeping. It effects not An Excellent Combination. The ecfldlers would give them no Waiting for Dewey on Kong, Mar 17.-fSrii i The pleasant mctnod and beneficial chance to change, so they had to go only the goods which have been heretofore quoted in the alumna of the Pioneer -Times, but embraces also the erreca ol the well known remcdr bTBtrp of Flos, manufactured bv the Jtwt as they were. They piled them into box ears and took them down to fl0aas Consul "WUdmwn baa been Wlflea that Admiral Dewey will af-C? Hn Kong (Mar 25. and will DRAFTS ISSUED China, Manila, Havana), Porto Rlc CALiroRHlA Fie SVRrp Co., illustrate entire list of summer dress goods and the value of obtaining the limiid laxa Wardner and put them ail Into an aid Africa, Eagiaaa, r-raace, Bersaaay ana' all Parts of tha Worla, mt other articles of female apparel which ttve principles of plants known to be earn. Tnere must nave been at immediately for the UnKd State Olympian repairo wW take flv have Just been received tfrom the east. It to in opposition to Mrs. Nott's pol lowest 4rkel rata. COLLECTIONS aaada carefully and accounted for proaapUy, least 3S0 men In the bunch; threw In icy to handle cheap or Inferior pod TheUdies of Deadwood who hate el We are prepared to Furnfsh money at Reasonable; Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers Trial Trip tftee Kearsage. fcwport New, v. v.. 17 a ready patronised the Bazar havA be- mcuiuuiKuy uiaurf and presenting them in the form most refreshing tn the taste and aceeotaljlt to the system. It is the one perfect ttn uglht-uiiifr laxa-tire, cletDSiacr the :;v.sU'iu efTVctoally, dispelling colds, hfidnehcF. and levers gently yet promptly and enroling one to overuome habitual constipation permanently. Its pe-f-sct freedom from very objectionable quality and substance, and its acting on the kidnva. responsibility or collaterals. mni familiar with this feature of Wier some baled hay lor them to spread on the floor to sleep on no blanket and twenty -four noun before they got a, bite to eat. lA-fter they made the raid In Burke we were looking tor Cbem here," and last Saturday afternoon they finally cfanred vp, but they Aid not take any of tbef business men here. -"i-ne trial trip (he new fir newly established enterprise, tout at the IS DISTIJJCTX V JalXaTT , - uueenap KearMge irlU take same tirae she will not permit herself J" next week. to be undersold, and t to for this reason Chat she has Inaugurated a plan of liver and bowels, without weakening or irriU'.ing Hum, make it the ideal laxative ' o ' fn. Getrges Lecture Denounced. only the tmnem 1 could bars Cot off iprtoe rexfuctions which affects every and Individuals Tn the oroocss of n ami fact urinff flea ivere, bet had made ap my mind to go Accounts of-Baks, Corporations solicited. Uveronni n ar. article tn the store. This opportunity now offered to down and sea for (myself how tt vae. KWrterW- association, Oorroi ored, as they are pleaunt to the taste, bat the metlk-ina! or.alit- o remedy are obtained n in senna ana other aromatic plat.ts, !y a method as report coming (nam the "BuU Pen pond on 00 XrA7-ltoi. make seaotiona from her carefully were pretty tough In regards tn Che chosen stock of superior goods, at treatment Moearded the men. We were C"" k passed rW lertare and tmXtag wpon the fw to nrn.i -m j - prices that are as Vw as a regard fcr all tnetx&ed Into box cars, and down DIRECTORS: B. JOHN TREBEJT. oond toostneai methods will permit mow v the riLvofttiiA ne Stbup Co. oaly. In order to get it beneficial ffeesa and to avoid imitations, pleaas rsmeaiber tbe full nume of the Company prints on the front of every packaga CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. wDI be steed and will (m appreciated. we went; got to Wardner about 10 oVtack tn the erenxac, an4 ajboOt U o'clock hey miw alongside and . E. AOABN HARRIS FRANKLIN, 8fOokt Treats the Trouble Firrnry BEN BAEH, Via PraaWi IsnMi awtbait to the Homestake Uln- aasr raajreuoo. oak threw tn some baled tasj eompany, tne Dorr Talley mining SELBIE, CStatotvl , r n 1 y nr jutrvvirinnn r nnm tm wregguu. prist a, par

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