The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 3, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1898
Page 4
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THE DAILY I'lONKER-TIMES. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 3, 1CI3. S3 Dr. Osnts, dentist, over Rosenthal's S fS. ; clothing stors. CROWN AND DRIDOB n n f Zlpp caa fit ai7 foot to pertactloa 1 ULOOM GIVES DETTER VALUJt 1011 YOUR MONEY THAN ANT OTiimt HOUSK. KTKAKN'8 DIAMOND COAL IS THE UK3T. It yuu aat tha best of meats call st r'argo's markst la tha First ward. I: I E have just completed our annual inventory, Ws have oystsrs. fish, celery, poultry nd everything la the market Wa WORK. Zlpp for fins shoes. IT IS BETTER tw laks Hood's Sax-trilla thau tp experiment with unknown and uatrtsd preparations. We know Hood's Barespsrllla astually aid lsrmsnently curss. HOOU'8 P1LLB act saslly and prompt ly on ths Uvsr and bowels. Curs sick hsarischs. The Pa la it Csfe, le street. C. U Blowers repslrs safss, locks, Kilns, hlryrlc. tiiinka. cutlery, etc. The Grand Central lodging house (over Zoscklsr's msrket) has basn put lo first clsss ihsps and Is now undtr ths management of Mrs. Kuna. Good Kxyel eseSw see SwS pare, SWVSsV rssWeaS) Ssjsaj)S) oje). ISW WSsfc aBBBassswBBwasansBwBST-aBMBHBSi win plssis you svary time. tf. Setotllev.feeca 1S76. Main Street. Doadwood, 5. D. YEARS. and commencingv NVKMTOKY OLKAKINO. slBough odds and snds la Msa'a Hnlrts colored bosom aad white bod, to give you a good pick at manufacturer's prices. f Of .Constantly X&ertslnjr Business Is not tho rosolt of evooidsnt or Good Lnok. 22 YEARS gs ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. BLOOM'S THB MOST RELIABLE clean beds IS and S rente. tf ROUSE IN DEADWOOD. Mr. Baldy win sing at ths concert For elegant slippers go tp Zlpp's. Hotua mads appla butter and mince The choir rehearsal of tha M. A and Old Maids' Convention, Fab. 1 church will be held oa Saturday even No ons should fall to hear Messrs. meat. In pint Ms son Jsrs. at Dead wood Tegsrty snd Grtmsbsw at ths concert. Cash Grocery. Fsb. . For tha best msala, as much as you It Is not ottsu that a physician recom ing at 7:10 o'clock Instead of Friday evening as formerly arranged, owing to the concert oa Friday evening. . J. J. Fayle, supsrl-tsndsnt of the Holy Terror mine at Keystone, wss la tho city yesterday and Informs us that We LlaU was killed by being struck Monda; want and Just what you want, go to ths Palace Cafs on Laa strset OLSASANCiS BALIS meads a patsnt medicine; whea h does, you may know that It Is a good one. Dr. j. p. Cleveland, Glasgow, Va. 0! Invantorlsd Odds and End la writes: "I hsvs used Chamberlain's upon tho head by a mine timber while Colic, Cholsra and Diarrhoea Remedy asoAdlng tho shaft upoa tho cage. Msa'a Trousers, great values, taaaioa-abta goods and Unmeaaaly raduoxd prloas. la my practice and it has proven to be aa eacellsat remedy, where a thorough The lecture at St John's church tor asst Friday svsnlng will be postponed course of msdiolne has failsd with ms ROSENTHAL'! PALACE. TRT STEARN'I DIAMOND COAL. HAVE YOU GOT THE KLONDIKE January 17, '98 We will Sell Qoods at Actual Cost. 1 recommend It to my patient every time for ohollo or dierrhaa." Many lor one weak, as Dr. Torrsnce has a ease of diphtheria, aad It Is too lata la tha week tt arrange for another lsc- Of stislfcst a&itri&c of tho principles of Quality First of o$vnslfkoo, oltan out, anxnatohablo Prions on oar UNION MADE CLOTHING. Ortralla aad shirts of Stirling msrlt hart brought this rwsult aad suaoos. WE NOW OFFER ess-MSM-s) ssssBSBttsssi--esM-eSi aereM At Greatly Xlsdueed f rices all Heavy Clothing, Boys Clothing, Wor&lng? men's Pants and Bhirta, Blanfeets, Gloves, Zllttens and Caps. Also Our Hntir Line of ... . WOOLGN UNDERWEAR AND HOSIERY, Bat tho Grandest OCt of tho yoar Is oar Closing salt of 'Overcoats czi'l Ulctcra Per Hen and 1 Unoirs bo Equal. We Aim to Please and do it. othsr progressive physicians recom turo. FEVER? IT TOU HAVE BUT fl WORTH AT BLOOM'S AND OCT A The regular meeting of tho Dead- mend aad use this remedy, beoause u atways eum aad cures quicjuy. Oei a imius aad you wta aave ait eaosueui CHANCE IN FREB TRANIPORTA TION. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN TOWN. wood Pioneer Hook aad Ladder Co.. will be held this Thursday evening at I o'clock. All members are expected doctor in ue Bouse, for au oowai eoa ptaiata, both tor children and aduita. Fraaa out Sowars aad floral designs to be present By order of W. H, Moors For coal, see Paul Raw sua. tor any osoasloa at Mrs. Llabaaaa's. tt tors man. &AL V ALU As at. All lac las Is Urea ted la the Olymple Tha Palaca Cats, Laa itmc Tha boat druggist la tha elty aow Association are requested to meet at Wltk UtU ado exe dlspueed of dur a ing our aaauai tavstuory Cisarins Mail owns Stsla's store. Olva klm a call aad the aew rooms Friday afternoon to meet Mr. Mattsson, of the Bullock, who laaeass Bargains la Underwear. you will ba eoavlnoad. tf will submit proposals and sugg-nfous for the banquet at the grand opening Tha Bradly-Martla ball of N. Y. tu BOSENTUAL'S PALACE, lee the Syndicate restaurant adver- tha society avaat of ball. Usameat la thsae eoluaaa. INT. Major W. E. Champlla, of Laramla, 1 Claud A. Roeslgaol at the Opera Ths opsnlng ballot Wyo., has been appointed reiltter of House, Fab. 1 Do sot fall to hear klm. tha Olymple Club of tho land, office at Cheyenne Major Daadwood. wUl ba Mr. Ortmahaw will sing at tha con Champlln was receiver of the Dead To Clear our shelves for the Early Spring Trade. tha Recherche avaat wood land offlcs In ths early fcQ's. Ths cert at the Opera House Beat Friday Bight Bl .ill)IIMIIIIIHtlt i,,iw..M. ta,H.l.iM.l'WttllJ..lMWIM,,w,i;4,t,Krj of MM. Wa are prepared Oo to McQILL'S for HAY, GRAIN, for tha occasion sppolntnrent of A. K. Qsrlner as re later of the Rspld land offlcs rss confirmed by the senate on Mou lay. Ths Dead wood public schools took I and ROCK SPRINGS aad DEER tha blustsry weather otTuesdaythataa sestsra bllssard was 1b store tor ns,but yssurday dawned bright aad clear aad CRJTEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Tsl- Full dress snlts. Henry H k Malipon sphoBe No. lit. Don't Fcrcct satin lined aad tha very latest suts, full holiday yesterday and P-of. Btrachan Don't annny others by your cough even sunny Florida could sot boast a more beautiful day. and all of the teachers visited the Lead ( dress asckwsar.full Ing, and risk vuur life by neglvtclng a public school. The Lesd teachers wars LEADER : OF Low Pricks drsas shirts. Tha Tht you eta buy vsry latest la ool taken by surprlss, but received ths visitors cordlaliy and exerted themselves 1 Chstd at tho cold. One Minute Cough Cure cures coughs, colds, croup, grippe snd all throat aad long troubles. N. E. Frank lln; K. O. Phillip. lara, and ths new In an effort to entertain them In which stylo link cuffs for they were successful. Why do ws all trads at ths People Wlshsa to announce to the public that oa r about Fsbruary 10th, hs win otsn a first elass metropolitan music house la the rooms formerly occupied by 0. Nilson, nszt to American Nation el Bank. He w.ll keep la stock say musical lactruaiat from a Jews-harp to a church pipe-organ. One bait ot this pleasant store room will be occupied by Fish nl A Co, while ths other wlil be Grocery, oa Bbertnsn street? Why, City oris? As any placo ta tho Hllla. I an., mwmi . r.wni V-gfr. Isathsr shoss, daao lag pomps, full drsai chsst protsctors. Judge Andrews, of Brookings, 8. D., who Is visiting la this city, m ruber amueed at Ue sentlmsnt egpreneei ta sn Itsm that aprearsd la aa eastern Dakota paper a fsw days ago and republished in ths Plonser-Tlmee to effect that be Intended to locate la the Black Hills and contest ths ear-dldacy of Congressmen Knowlss next fall on ths populist ticket Judgs Andrews says tret of all, that he has no Intention of locating here, but Is simply here on pleasure. Furthermore he Is becauss we caa do much better there and at the asms tlms get a fresher aad be ter class of goods thsn st most Of ths other stores. 1-17-lm fiZtoaClkV avrythlag guaran teed strictly np-to-dsts. Ths C. O. T. Hose Co.. of Central, has postponed Its annual ball to Mar. 17, on account of so msny counter attractions this month. Tickets already sold will bold good for that date and the ball will be all tho more enjoyable. I 'For Bale The furniture and lease of ths best paying hotmc In the -Ity. Rsason for selling; proprietor going a ay. At BLOOMS'. Ell ODDS AND 21 DS After years of untold suffering from piles, B. W. Pursnll of Knltnsrsvllls, Pa., was cured by using a single boi of Of our Inventory la mea's suits at a not a populist ana oouid not accept a ssvlng of 10 osnts on ths dollar to ba DeWltt's Witch Hsssl Salvs. Skin dls nomination on that ticket Immediately cloaad out eases such as scsema, rash, plmplss and obstinate sores are readily cured loaded from floor to calling with every thing In ths music line by Mr. de Ma-llgaoB. Ha also makes a apeclalty of tuning, loosing and regulating, and repairing all ktada of musical loatru-meat Give "lln a tall and ' be convinced that ke not only keeps a fine assort-msnt ba Is also aster of his art ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. The Black Hills Manufacturing Co . O'Donnsll 4 Howard, proprietors, whose factory Is sltuatsl oa upper by this famous remedy. K. 0. Phillips Havs you trlsd ths new Swan's Down OP DEADWOOD. SOUTH DAKOTA aesBBBnsw TTzLlted. GtAtosa De-posl-tor" OAfB PAID IX, 100,000 . . . . . SURPLUS, $160,000 Fred Haines, resident engineer of the E'-khorn, says hs hss no ambition to be promotei to ths position of ehtsf engineer to succsed J. B. Berry. We srs told that Frank Marsh, who has been connected with the chief engi Shermaa strset this elty. Is one of the N. E. Franklin. Get your tickets for ths Old Maids' Flour. Thara Is nothing to equal It Try a sack and you will usa no other buslsst Institutions la the country. Tho Sold by all STOCora la Daadwood, CobtsbMob at the Opera House Feb. 4. sstabllshmsnt consists of Ave depart Curtain will rise promptly at I p. m. neer's office a number of years, Is the probable lucky one. Mr. Marsh is a & 1. lAUMOtT. T. . osias, p. s. iriui. r. a. qubbosht. menta, vis: foundry, carriage and wagon shop, paint shop, patera rooaa and Children and adults tortured by burns, scalds, Injuries, ssssma o? skin D. A. kforUBSnOS. Soe the Syndicate restaurant's B1H very cspabls man and la familiar with of Fare elsewhere la these columns. awktar., ,.D. 4. MB10W 4. S. DSBSUUI nwwiiii u w "v VMraliat T- J. kUI tho company's buslnsss. dlssase may secure Instant rsllef by using DaWltt's Witch Hassl Salva. It Is tha great Pile remedy. N. E. Frsnk Prof. Makeover at the Opera House, blacksmith shop, each of which la crowded with business. A force of I men Is smployed regularly, fha company la turning out several handsome . TO THE PUBLIC. Dear Frtsnds: I only wish to say that thla la ths beet tine to gat a Gold Cola stovs beoause ytm eaa gat oaa at a discount at tke Ark. Tours truly, A BAJtOAXN SSZXXJt Feb. 4. Mrs. Frank Ayrss departsd, for Omaha and St Jos, Missouri, lln; K. O. PblUtps. vshiclss for patroas In this city and 1 1 DON'T GET LEFT, IF YOU HAVE whsre she will visit a couple of weeks. She will thsn proceed to Seattle aad We are anxious to do a little) good la this world and caa think of bo pleas aater or better way to do It than by recommending One Minute Cough Curs as a preventive of pneumonia, eoasump tlon aad othsr serious lung troubles secure dssssm by ths first stssmsr NOT GOT A TICKET IN BLOOM'S KLONDIKE ENTERPRISE BUY 11.00 WORTH AND GET A CHANCE OF A 0 t north for the Klondike country. Mrs. TO OUR CUSTOMERS. FREE TRIP TO THE KLONDIKE. Ay res is one of our old timers aad has had hsr share of ptonserlng throughout ths wsst Shs inteads to make a FOOLED You will be 11 you buy anything but the Genuine that follow nrslsctsd colds. K. O. Phillips; N. . Franklin. We Quota you tha fallswlsj Prices: Mill st, psr ton UN Nebraska Hay, psr ton t m Corn, psr hundred fg Oats, par hundred s Bran, per hundred rj 8horts, per hundred . tg Chopped Feed, per hundred .... I e Wo also hare a fiao Lisa el aloata which oa&aot bo Uat at tho following rleoa: Itlxa, per lb r., ...,.'. tie Boon,perlb tSs Cooked Haa, per Ik u Salt Pork, pw lb gjf Lard, sattil palls C Url, large palls..' cs Also Urge fresh line of BUTTER, CKXRSa AK9 POULTRT. i At lowest market prises. Wo are located at 63 tks ears eHreet and our Velsphoas Is Co. I S Sarrisoa. Oooda OeUwerod bo part of tt. Cttf or Bii PrjUy. DlcIiJncon Brcvcr O staks ihsre before she returns. Whooping eougr la tha most dlstrsss lag malady; but Its duration can ba cut short by tha usa of Oaa Mlaota Cough Cure, which Is also tha bast known remedy for erwup aad all lung Ckaa borlala'a Cougk Remedy Is ths best syrnp ws bars evsr used ourselves or ta w ir famr.lee. W. K. Klna Isaac P. XlBf aad maay others in thla viola- The newest, most nobby, latest style C. B. Fswknsr. special agent of the postal dspertment yectsrdsy received aad best make of shoes tor seats, ladles, misses, boys, ehlldrsa aad Infants for lees monsy tha before. Now on aad bronchial troubles. N. B. Frank elalty that are equal to tke beet jobs turned out by the eetabllshed houses seat The moulding room fajileularly Is vsry busy turning ont suppllss for mines and mills. A number of large slag pots have beea east tor the 0. and D. smelter and there are few fonnirlM ta tho west that havs facilities for ask lag suck articles. These alag pots are about sii by eight feat aad tkroe feet deep, weighing 4.100 pounds. Thsy ars mads of the beet grade of plg-lroa and steel aad compere favorably with those Bade by Chicago houses. The Olymple Assoclatioa has all or Its paraphenajia aad furnishings mof ed into tke elegaat new tuarter which occupy the sntlre third floor of tie r Mr Martin k Maaoft. and Clark bunding. Tke management expects to taks pose a telegram stating that the postoffloe at Tyada.ll, this stats, was entered and BEGKVJITI! ROUND OAK Ha; K. O. PhllUpa. Ity. ha' e also pronounced It the beet All wo watt la tor people to try It and they W.ll be eoavlBosd. Vpoa honor, there lit no better that ws nave over sale at Chases, whore they sell ehsep. Mrs. R. C ftsTHrt will gfre li robbed Tuesday night the robbers securing mossy aad stamps of tho Talus of 1700. Thsrs was bo clus to tha rob la art Beadle work at bar bona, II "Monsy to a little magastae published la New York, but It cannot tell you gay tried, kA ws havs used many kinds. o 0 0 0 0 0 0 a o 0 o 0 0 0 o 8 Siswsrt itroot, oa Tuasdara, Thursdays aad Saturdays, Instead of at tha mora about spsnClng or saving monsy than I oaa beoause the Ark la the place Bee the Name on the Leg It you want to be certain. R. A. I LAKE A SON. General Msr-ekamta Btg Tuanat, Va, bers. The postmaster at Tyndall la C H. Btllwell, father-in-law of U. S. Dls- Bullock hotal as hsrstofors. t speed It aad aavs it, too. triot Attorney J. D. ElllotL ARB YOU OOINO TC THB KLON Ulna Ida Clsmsns will giro a reading DIKB THIS IPXINOT IF 80 BUY After l&lUatlag la Woodmen Camp, wltk piano aad vocal aecompnlment TO THB LADIES. U toll dari wo will open three tkoo- II.M WORTH AT BLOOM'S, YOU 1111, Tuesday svsnlng. a surprise tss by Miss Beaatt aad Mr. Lausoa. at BOLD ONLY BY ... . AYRES & .YARDMAN HARDWARE CO. MIOKT BE ABLE TO 00 WITHOUT tho Old Maids' Convention, Fsb. 1 Do d liars worth of freak aew drr ITS COSTING YOU A CENT. given tho members by the Royal Neigh bore, the auxiliary to the Woodmen, who were accompanied by arm-loads slon aad have all details of the quarters completed ready for use within a not miss hearing this talentsd lady. What plaasurs la thara la Ufa with a week. Painters and plumbers are put of good things In tho lino of tee. haadachs, constipation aad bilious Tickets for the concert and Old foods, tad win bo pleased to have you call aM get prices, at Chase s where tkoFtoJ l ekes Swth Main street DaalwwA ting on tke finishing touches. Ths Bala hall will be carpeted wltk heavy rise for a good old banquet partaking of tha bounties of life freely, speech nsssT Thousands experience them who could bacons psrfectly healthy WB.rWU.WV. " Q canvass ducking whick saa bo tao 0 Maids' Convention are now on sale at Fishers Basaar. This entertainment will bo the vsry best that home talent has ever givsn la this elty and there making aad toasts were thea tho fea by using DaWltt's Little Early Blsers, CDOOOOOOOOOOOOoOOOO 00000000 up for dances. Most of ths nsw furnl tha famous Uttle pUla. N. E. Frank ture of the evening until a late hour, when a vote of thanks was extended turn kaa arrived and Is ta thebv. tiding. should be a large audiauoe, aa tho ob 11b; K. 0. Phillips. ths ladles for their ktnd oonstdsrations These will make tke Sneet slab quarters la tke northwest and mora Inter ject la a most worthy one. Reserrevl DAILY PIONEES-TIMES "ALWAYS TOO LAT3" ANHEUSER-BL'SCH. ST. LOUIS AND PAB8T MILWAUKEE BEER II MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY, and the meeting adjourned. seats BO osnts. est Is manifested among the Boabcrt Next. Will ba tha retrain U you taks not drantaga of ths laTsatory Claaranea HENCE ASK TOR IT. OMt BLACK KILLS KISTCSIT. Tkera are not many of the eld time resident! of the Kills who wi.i forget D4T0 Wall, "Roddy" McBrlde, Dunk Blaekbe m, Charlie Cary or Douglas OoodalL the premier road-asnU of tke Black Hllla. ud everyone who was a eltlseu here In those easiUag days wut reot Jl theCanyoa gprtngs hold-up and tho resulting fight la which Tele- than svsr before. The elub has a mem bershlp at proseat of about ISO and this wtu probably be lev eased to near latere aa HOBod-elMi Batter at the Deadwood poetefflee Fred Mitchell came In yesterday from tha wood camp ntar Perry and will remain a tew days. Hs-bsd ths inlnXor-tune to severely cut his hand Tuesday. J. II. Graham, D. D. B., dental par' Ira L. Hunjerford, last svsnlng, purchased tha atock of eoafectlonery, fruits, etc. from Mrs. J. T. McNabb, who has conducted a store oa upper Sherman street for several years, aad Sale at onoa, ROCXNTHAL'S PALACB. Monday NlIit ti: Ion over First National bank, Dead ly 100 In a short time. Cnaer&oprsp That settle It for ma. I'll pay oaaa wood, crown and brides work a spe while chopping wood. orations are being made for tke lnau THE city. will taks possession at once. Mrs. cialty. Dr. Miller, the special 1st. was at the and trad at Chase after this. If had dons It for tho mat two years. "Sophia Btuckup" will tell you soma Kuogsrford wlU conduct the store and Intsnds to Increase the stock and do a would have aavsd monsy enough to thing about women's rights at the old C -m 'Vmnf K i gural ball oa the lltk last, aad tt wm doubtless be the social snccessot many esaso&s. It will bo a full drsas affair aad maay of oar prominent eoelety ladles are procuring elegant eoctuaee for the occasion. Orer I0Q taTttktloas Otlmore yestsrday and met quite a number of hie patient, who teem to t satisfied with his treatment His nsx visit will be Wednesday tha Ith from strictly cash buslusss. Mrs. McNabb rued, convention, opera bouee. Feb. aar bought a house aad lot Ok you needn't fell ma they sail cheap goods. graph C pertlor Campbell was killed, Oslo HI J badly wounded and Scott Davla b his SseUses t'i foot oseeped froea Oar'ey Carsy. vko using Oeaa Intsnds going to Omar soon to main. They have good good aad thsy ssll 1 to I p. m. Ito you suffer from a long standing or nervous disease, as rheumatism, St. Vitus dance, asthma, catarrh, stammer Daraett. tke etage drtmr, as a shield. havs beea seat out and a very l."g at tsBdance to sntlclpatsd. Judge Levi McOee of the seventh circuit csme up from Rapid yestsrday to cheap. What do you know about wfcat tkey keept You say you naval baea there. I havs, aad thsy sail IS par drove tit messes tw from his point 0? lag. goiter, piles, etc? The doctor, for Averted HlxlMst tlonora World's Fair. Qol4 tuM&al, Mldwlatsr Pdr. rent lees tbsa sny othsr house. merly of Chicago, having experience In the relief of three diseases, cures them STEARNS DIAMOND COAL 18 vantage Behind a tree. Tl casualties, aorerr were not all upon the side of the bom augers protecting tke OUmore and Salisbury coach and Its load of gold bull ion, for "Raddy" McBrtds wss shot tkrrvgk Us thigh, and dssplts Us Consultation free and confidential at THE BEST. Bay stranger, when you com to Deadwood don't orrlook the fact that you can get the beet msal la the country tor II cents at ths Palace Cat, on LN Street There are lhit little things which do mors work than any other three little thing created thy art tht ant, ths ore and HeWltt's Llttls Early Risers, tas laat being ths famous little pills for stomach and liver trouble. K. O. Phillips; N. K Franklin. Veterinarian Trtaey attend Dead-wood the first Tuesday of each month. Telephone rt Meeds. SCn. Weym, at the Whit Houm. U i. prepared to furelsh fltit-elaM Bona tatto board at soderate rates. Oil more lloua. Wednesday. Feb. ind, Oocimatic a retoa tr moiit It tLs Ccaetif&l Aet Draca. from 1 to 5 p. m. DR. L. MILLER rude rarjery of all eompanloBS, almost I I . to leatk. Hie friends la ertme. CONCSXT AND CUrlVBfTIOX. No one should fall to bo preftiet at ths eoneert aad Old Mnios Ooeviiavtios to be given at tie Opva Eoese I so. , TV veiy beat talent In fee ettr hss been secured is4 the oatetaiKaMot wUl surpasw aatking yet givea ta this etty by looal Ulest Messrs Baldy. Tesartr, Ltwen, JSoo-ig&o!, Orlasiair, Mra. Cr. iZm Sena a&l the tZm t-'-i. ail Cesses wtU arpear m Ue tftznm A thrill of .crrni le eaparlenred when a birasey cough o' croup sounds through hear argument upon aa application for reduction of ball of Wm. Dsvtdson, who Is accused of the murder of Orlando Olles. Davidson's Interests wsre espoused by Frank Waahabaugh and Chambers Ksllar aad ths application was ooateeted by T. W. LaXleiche for ths state. The judge ordered tke kafl reduced from S,00f to 11,150, vfelci will be furnlshsd at onee aad Davidson will be liberated. Testarday waa Ground Hog Da Ko doubt tha sly little animal prove felik fui to his Instincts aad emerged from his hiding place. In tke Northern Black Ellis ho had so trout's to got kowerer, had tme grit, aad, although tke wovided bmb pleaded wltk them tht house st night. But ths terror to leave iXm to kla fate, Uey would not oc rhsnges to relief after One Mln ut Coiigh Cure hss been administered, Speaking of bargains. If that Chase down oa Mala street Is act giving tbea no one is. It will pay oaa to go thara If they don't wsnt mora than two bits worth, and they have good goods, too. If yon dont believe it iv and sea. ANNUALLY. A ft or taking Inventory we dispose of sll our odds snd en da We have big vstm-e In a few overcoats. . ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. A customer said:" I tare had the best Beat since 1 have tea tajlat of Fargo, that I havs had tor a potr." desert k m, bun doling kla with that greatest all tonics, McSrayer whisky g2ve kilt oourage aad tke niassaary frL vsmmm its. L( r " f-w wall tarnished, eomrortsDie besides tcf lUoct!pxise ;&ae Or, EcssUM AklrJ Zttz U: strsngtk to withstand the kardoMp kd trial 1 Inetdsst to the foroad rtt'.i tmvalisf teeaary ibr ttra to et-:t Bait and hsrmleee for children. K. G. Ph31lpe;N. E. Tianklln. Ths ladles who mad such a brilliant success of tha fcaala minstrels will make a mora striking success of tie 014 Maids' Convention. Sou genuine surprises are in stars for tha eadlSBSe. J Wr i wa tz&u KIT T-1 m?S 1jo en Uiir T3i r Teo baad to ti r.. his shadow down ta tie fci.'ssara' swept east ha was pro&etiy Im fti Do tot fall to hser JcsepUns Jans Orson, president of tie Toutl Lcfllaa' Slnglo BJosoedaeso BocW at tha para toast Fittar emluk m 4 it r. tt 1 ' r R'xIlU3 oa crj' $i::tni t .1 A tm Cwee Cnsm of Tsrls f- '-if.' t) YP3 TO sta: w.UX ,1 ft to 1$, s

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