The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 11, 1900 · Page 16
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 16

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1900
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

' THURSDAY, OCTOBER THE DAILY PIO'EER-TIMES; DEADWOOD, S. D. Dr. Gto. S. Von FAJtlLLIARLY KNOWN A3 THE IN PORT KR AND DESIGNER OF MINFS AND MINING. W LULLS 1 I- ' . Cfrices Olympic Eiock, Opposite B. 4. M. Depot. 102.. .Re., 21. City Creek, Tel. B. H. 201. ' A. JLX 1 MtSS a-. i ,i i. " Gowns and - --- - i ..Old Kinsr Brewer-been a resident of CENTRAL for all these years and is still al the same old stand Who" Why, Henry RWsenkraniz of course. CENTRAL. .... - So- 0ak If you will Millinerv Octohpr;.j2. l''Vat the Congregational church. A meeting of delegates will I... called at 1:30 p. m. for the flection or officers for the ensuins year, and the transaction of all business that may 1 ome before the Fed-, .rat ion in tie .en:ne at 7 :."!'". n literary Remember the l.e t that to y J. R. Hlckox, City Enjineer. mix medicine i.- a profession Francl C. Tucxe., U. S .Dep. Mm. Surveyor. that requires experience; p-oL'i-am wiih art as the leading topic il .,. i. .. n , rv -.le..l invitation H TUCKER 4 MICKOX, j , PORTLAND CYANIDE. New Cyanide Plant at Gayville Ready For Operations. The -new Portland cyaniu mill at Gayville is ready to start aiul is ryily waiting the completion of the railroad spur which is ImihliiiK to the plant. Tra Wa"rs wll. hep in work on tins, this niorninn. and it will probably I"' finished- within a week. The m-j.anv will begin at one.- haulin- ore lioni the Portland mine and the null will h'-i-'in operations The uln-el.-.oul.l be start.., in the null today it Ih.-r.. "as anv way of ,leli -niu the or,.. T apa.i.v of tl.e plan- ran not l. definitely Mm!, until a "...I .,. l,as been ,;,! l-,t ;t 1ftei'll f'.ftv hi: '"' '' ' .1-. v The I'ei'!. 'lid !, :: "'" '" GIVIL ? MINING ENGINEERS! CHASE'S For One Day that eety pr- - nptioti re-(uire.- i ai -, attei.t "H and a I. HOW i-'Ue of ch' a.istiy tO b. able to till it: then on will i,i,,p i -land thai Hi- mere n.!in-- toueth.T !int ;i1 w,,;.s what is i. a .ir.d. hut ; Will ! yueil. UU'l a. U etende.l to anyone interested in l.t-iary work to attend this ineetinz At the (lose- of the pro-am. the Woman s club of I ,i',i'lviH,i a-i the Pn- t-rtainins bib. vi I a reception ;iud soc ial in the dun a h pallors. Pol-low ,ii j .s the proLirair. -.,,;;u s,,;o M ; - - Pay floimli .j .!!'.- l f We C Hi e Mr- P. 1". Tin her .,. .,;... Mr-. Vi.-:.. i -. of Lead Know I'd--- of ' ..y t" mix Surveyors. ' Rooms 301 ana 30ii Adams Block. Lee-Glass Ardreseen j Wholesale Hardware I Bicclesand il,. .,, s,, that oth eoaipoMILlS Saturday Oct 13d . Will l,"t I"" f'M II It often occurs lb n:.r the best proper:.' - m nmv with proper ai.'i ,n. hit. fiat t!. 1 CI I ASi: S 1", r;ili I ,1a . .', SIM I . 1 u iH ei ell Pa?- I--'At! , 1- ! ,. K. li.idy. Hot Sprini i;. ,,.,; Pein Smith l.i:)er - An .;, tie' I M ama" ' Mrs. 11. II. lH' kiii-on, Lead ..,.,, Mr-. Sulliyan jl ; o purling uuuja. I I lil!.-21-23 HARNKY jT.. O.VAHA S J. C. CARSON, Agent, a wn om, e--.s li. in. .. r, Violent Poison I Mi V s . 1. ,es I - 1 1 o 1, ; i' 1 , . ! i : i . 1 : v. I it-ill s I .1, 1 h s a , 1 . ;i'pl v "l U '! I : so ; I I nil liM I !' 1 , j , I w 1 1 : 1 I m 1 ' Art to T Hies for the treatment "I ""' v, ill ii;i'!o;:!.!e.hv w !.! :u'. ":"' iho 1'iu' PI IMl'i. I - " t'e" '" '"' 1 ,MI whi'h i- ;"- "'"'l,'"! ,nt ev.mi.le a a .:.,(. mill w:,. d b II,..' M.,!.in I '' '.!-' " 'l ;m'l ;m -!,a- 1 h. the P-"! ,-on,Kin ib- 1' ' "!'';'-' " ' '' I i, P i. I- ie- 't : " 1 "! ' ,,,n,,wi. ,!. .. ,.,:!' a il e "' 'al-M . J. P. HYMER W. T. Coa.l, Hapid 'ify. fM.m (lea -ales to the c. 1". at Ilhvakie iA good druggistj i I , a ; I W'.n " i : FIDELITY SONDS John b. vrOi AH.l! t fv?- eiv.'ii:.,!! i kiTif ' : ai;,:.'. w.rlf"n tart'.::,.'..' . ,! ". t-L. '-- fo I;,;.. w.rlf"a n. t.ui..'..s Mair. .S're-j'.D:ad i : i : i ' i '-.' -i . ,'; i'i i a i: i r.i ti, -i-ii; i'. "V s i.i: ! .1 '.'IT ' ' 1 1 ...... V V ! 1.1 . i h i 1h1 Where They Sell ihsar bet.'U i' 1 T' ' Til ml,-, I, . v. l t ! B'll.lll'... it - ' ' rut-J .' ll'.ut (l-U . 1 ,"M '. , f. lii'J : fl" t r y .ii naill . if . TOU Klt IMC I!" ' I. la, -Jill'N tl.,-" 'Ally . clvnu.l.- Mlvvx k. Heiia -.vo.,il. K .-... .day ;. I MI :" .,Trr-T!,e hi'i'.i. 1. '.!. : :nr mill ni !"' -: " Terror oi.- :i 1 made with aii. 1" an.'. ,.s to il' I l lain' ' I .! i" 1ti-alill-r li'" 1 v i , e n; e - I i i lit a 1, it-tlrrlM1. i? :tl!.-W Ma-' '"J !'!a,n in ri-i' !eu' a. 'ijrrl.L'D S MORE PRIZES Guess Work. $ 1 !!. 'hod ol ,re. I'. 1 he , o I,, - v a V i 'il;irsl Prize $4 Eastman y j ; x i i: i i 1 1 : ' ;: i I'l.rcni.-Ts. pjiliv. eallle Hi' Il "111 le -.oil' ' Miaht to in- el Mr. C ol and will I-in wilh loin ti'da. Republican Club Meeting. Then- will 'he a tinu of the Republican Cluu Meetni'j. Ml laeiiil'e; - o: li. I ,. a,d o. ,d K ,ali!i an (dub from tile 1,'ui " '' ,.,.i,i,.,. d to in,-' t al IN.',ii!diean head-(Hiart, rs ThMi ev .1,111:: tb"i- ,. a.feSsi' .11 111 1 2nd S2.50 e !! Is fol K- iiielllliel' IT.' II- PelieJli. CONDITION' Hth. to man !i in the to in.-(ijuia house. a,al i.e. lbm. Charles 11. Iturke and II. W. Mart.n. who wall hold a .oiiit n,e.iiiiL,'. All PALMER HOUSE Id., U i, .: , t I . S --a' " 'a xi;v i;riui' ;. :,i;V I'M'K'NITl'K'i;. Ni:V liKDOINr.. In connection with tin Rpstauratit are ten finely furnish. -d rooms wltk hot and told water ami Path. Open day nud night. Short orders specialty. 1 SI NC YOU Prop place- I'M ST'S I, IMC STOKK. Palace Pftarmacv ! W. L. FAUST. Ph. G. Prop. ,f tl rIii!) leiub'l' an-, not la : - l - ! I: I. '" '' "' 1,1 t.- ' i :l. - :.f 1 Ij,. in ,y a la of af. tl.iil lio'ir. 1 ,l il t 'and ;. d to nn i: ire e.-pf lilll ,.,,., !, w ,, ,1,,. e,:a that ui-iit. V. .1 'I II' KM'. . Pi II. A CAP.I.i:. See. 1 ).-aiwoo.! Repiibliv .in i tub this i" i-li-j at the', Mean In ad-jin, rbi - at 7 ,, ,1,.' I.. All members of the Inb j,,-,. invited to all. nd a "' Il a- all l, .pal, lieans. whether they are iii'ii, licrs ol ibe . Mil. or nob St. Louis Engineers. A party of civil i-ii-iineer.- from e-t Louis arriyed on Hie I'.iirlinulon last nislit b) look oyer the resoun es of the Hills, they went down to the IT. & n. BtueHer nittht ainb will visit the HoinestaUo mills today. The personnel of the parly is as follows: (. G. Pluck. S. . How-en. A. IV " Greensfelder. O. H. Harfins;. V. T. C'utts. It. Lincoln Murphy, and lb Winters Haydock. X7Wg Have i Oreat Stocli OF Q0LD,Q0LD "oXm. Toilet SoaDS. Sooncies. Too'.'i Bius-rt-. anJ Powdei Complexion Cosmetics. 4c, torjether with our unsurpassed sd DRUGS E AND Confectionery, "Everybody's Going." Where" - - 1 To llenver. , ! When? j Thursday. October 11. How'.' Via TUB ISCRUXCTON ROC TK. j W'Jiv? 1 Because the rate is low; be, ause j the time is fast; because the trip is ( pleasant and because the Bla k Hills, needs Colorado men and money .and , tne best way to secure them is to go to Peny. r and show Vm what we've I ot. Onlv $17.!", for the round trip. Tickets good to return any time within thirty days. Train leaves bead Cit.y at T:1J a. in.. IVadwood 7:b a. m. Arrives at Denver same t' 'I In n cars. HOW I F (j LITTERS! LL GOLD LOOKS ALIKE TO SOME, But to the Experienced Eye BLACK HILLS GOLD IS THE REAL THING. Made up in all kinds of Jewelry, Watches, Chains, Rings, etc., by BUTLFR The Jeweler, 6512 Main Street. j QUILT FACTORY j MRS. N. J. TUPLIN, Manufacturer oT all kind j of quilts from the cheap- ; est to the very finest to I he found In any country. Also recovering of qnllti i ami make sofa pillows to I order. , DOWN QUILTS 1 lown quilt? of the finest 1 make a speciality. ' 14 Carney St. old phone. 170 I your order is respectfully solicited. WILCOX PHARMACY. Free Timber. That portion of the rules and regulation coverniiu the timber reservation which denied to residents of towns and within the timber reserve, the prlvilece of free timber has been revoked. They are now entitled to the free timber nnd can iret it bv application to Mr. HaniaUer. forest supervisor. Considering coal famines .nd a 'predicted cold winter, this will be esne, iallv welcome new s to many people in the tow ns in the forest reserve. Filed for Record. Owen Kinsella to Charlotte Hums, a part of lot of 2. bh. k Iv in the town-site of Spearfish : $ I" Willi, m II. Harlow to Charles I. 1? Never kw MY SPECIALTY t i ,,r mmN ,.n tn ILurlq .t Moving GEO BENNEB "l! ,rci. liflffi 1 Heavy Machinery In Black Hills Iporv Horrors of a Stricken City. Hon't get an imitation, but. only the genuine, that Is iho nne-wrbt-tn -by. Murat Halstead. the uifted and famous ... wlio has been riuht on the ... .Feed, Livery and Transfer... ...-.. i- ii-M tlmrcl" im M..I1 (it IIm' - i t I I'll- n w. 1 1 1 1 1 1 m i 1 in. r. ., ,l,,e .liter the terrible I j prvliii"1'! nr iii'Vit , HHlh 'iT'l'l'l -t'li'i fi the M t! li. a r ' p.-pu lar S' ii I i' i ' You Can Bank.. l:,-i tin hi'M Tcatli-tii m tin- c"- :'( :' t Urn r' s.ultllc lior-c ; iic !' 1 -' u-o,. k Q Mnin St A 0:d Pnone Vr.nm.r and Jonas Zocllner. a portion ..n...inn i tf.wnshii, ti. rmm,' 'USt "I H. R. locke: & CO., Miln s-v- ' ., Mln Street. DE AD WO J D I LEAD ndi 1 1 ou 1 1 r nunc ui m on getting the best in tna MliAl llns if you get it of ROGERS & SON J Thev Lea't Oilier Follow i lu I'lioUif, I. ;.l'i,t. :,,,! Wei ivi Plmtfrini li. tl.iW 'Jit JJ L1I1II see lie s oi disaster. We refer to the book on the Galveston flood "Calv'eslon. or the Horrors of a stri ken City." is the title of it and it is the only genuine book on that horrible catastrophe. Its agent does not call on you. Address "Galveston." Care Pioneer-Times. John Jennack, The w;ell known hackman whose barn Is that imposing structure on tie corner of Carney and Pine ntreet3. is prepared to furnish the finest rigs In the city for funerals. They always have a Deat tresn stock to select from and you can always get Just what yon want. THE SINGER is now locaated In the SYNDICATE BLOCK The - DiningCar Line. . H. M.: $H. - ' Eii?ht sherifl's lertificates of sale, one assisrnment of sheriff's cert i Peat of sale, one sin rift's ib-ed. ami one mortgage. Congregational Association. The CoiiKrepational Association of Black "Hills Ministers and Churches held its first session in the Congregational church hist nUlit. There was a good attendance from the different churches of the Hills nnd a very interesting service was held. The meeting opened up with a song service led liy Rev. Mr. Becker of Spearflsh. This was followed by a solo. "The Holy City." by Mrs. Frank W. Bower. ' Mr. Richardson presided at the organ. An address of welcome was delivered by Judge 0. O. Bennett and the ser-njon was preached by" Rev. A. A. Brown of Hot Springs. He spoke on the "Universality of t,he Kingdom," and took a delightfully optimistic calling parties, picnic crowds, etc Residence "phone, 83, Harrison LUNCH COUNTER. IN ED HEALY S PLACE. Neat anp Clean. Kverylhing pertaining to - lunch, such a.- Lobsters. Oysters. Salmon, liaked Beans, l'ickles. Cheese. Bread and Butter. Tea and EXCELLENT COFFEE. H. F. LANDER. Lee St. near Main, Deadwood. Most popular of all sewing machines. Second hand machines for sale or rent of all kinds. All makes of machines repaired. A. N. PARKS. M?r Leave Deadwood 7.45 a. m. today and you arrive Denver 11.30 tonight. view of things. The association willJ Custom Ore meet in. the church this morning at 3 o'clock, We are now prepared t' nut custom ores by the Pvnnirle hrocess at reas-on.-tJ !e" rates. B. H. F. W. C. The annual meeting of the B. H. F. W. c. will be held In DeadwooAl Friday, Omaha 6.45 tomorrow rnorj GoMen Gate Mining Milling Company First Ward, Ueac wood S.D. Kansas City 12.35 tomorrow noo .... venW Assay 50 Cents Cold and Oliver St. Louis 6.56 tomorrow - Jr.v eve UNION ASSAY OFFICE THE 8.30 tomorrow Chicago 'Ztironn ana nsuny , r nfre 9 Thfit'n - - EsUbUehed 1881. S . . i ... tu. ..;tj ivs i T 1 lie Jiiy w new ' 1 ' uls ""; anv overcast by thershadow tA the pain anu t.- If she knew of aitd used KlOTti j li sue Knew vi "."j vu i,.v..f I No; 37 Lee Street IDeadwood. Will Giva Correct Result of Both I Gold ana Silver For 50 Cents. T grjiiEND, " this would be' all disiKiled.. - 1 yourtricnds alutit,nsbe;nprasimpleluue- -t. ' S exclusively' for external use, that relax ', - No Other Line T 8 3" muscles so that pain anu suzenng mc uh v. MH -. ' I - . ... - .. ... . ... m. m. tJT irrirr 1t 1 MaKes as Fast I'tf CN ALL SAMPLES U R0UGHT TOTHB u r a x . M W Lyon a Co. : -1 55 THR BR.DFlliI. Mit I.iTOR .. . r.L 'itfjl. - .

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