The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 10, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

i in: iiAi-, i4nxi;i;i: riMi:, ii;ai vI:ri-:siAV. October id, isoo. i. v .-KU.. V.Mii- ! tja','";a . ; ,. K : l. - , i i: Calumet ( ! THE GREATEST SLAUGHTER SASE 3 A Hot Contest. l y.i at the Wtk-ux, 10 be one of the most ;. 1 ailaLl'i 1U 1 1 li SCClioh ..... The ! .d.V, of-' ,,,4,1. .n.ui e j lh' Li. -.-. :.;;l ,,-.1, 11 ut ui'-ir w a.) arc; working .hard '." i, la:' a-i'' YeSTtHDAs PERSONALS pap- , ; . W.i ox's ad. . Ever Inaugural ci m the B'ack H i's , Country. Who Are Thinking of Their -0- Reojblican Club Meeting. .. J - Oi Ill; 17''iUIUUll K' i. .. i . i All '' il Cold Wcatkr A Store of 20 Years Stdnaing Cloning I Out Their Mammoth Stock. I'J i; ,i met at Kepublu-uli lieud- ieilU' Thursday evening. October (i'JLir - ' , ..... ... ... .i,.. ' M 1 '-:' I: .-!"-. ir tI'.i- div ii. , , It. M. Muh.n-. v. . !. , Illu.- Lead ii--ar II::: C;i . I '. Iln.ii, -. I!..- .: j ' li i :i t . is in tti,. , :i v .ludpe I. s. ('ai: ,,: Ho: 1Kb. t :"'' 1,1 IUL " s 'l'.-: Hun. aim iviTivi IV.'.VAV.V.V.VAV'.V. . iturke and K. V. Martin III 1 ... . ;.o All 111 1 I JUL I'M ' tin'- -li Footwear.; ,vho win .,1- not members. o tin- club if pribii ' Mi-nt til,- day ai th,. ,-ny (rl'DIHi- Ar,-s Weill li, Sflli, In at tend tin- Mart:ii Hiirko rally. Mrs. W'illoin li wi'in to Rapid t'itv for a 1',-w 1 1 . t isii ah fn .1(, ni'i l.lll ''" 1 " ' ' .i t- . , , , . . UUll'1 ll " nun iiiiii- ii i ( 1 1 V. J. TIIORNUV, l'i The Twentieth Century. nmil to tit. -r ;hal ar iWiv i .,. WI,' li l, ii'W iiuinlh.- nioia- shall hint' loiiims w-ak .a.i n;at ij,- iepla.,. ,1 pa.-si',l v.,- shall tiii-n stand at th , out t In- utn - n; -. and at tin- sanu-i-r tliifslioll of th,- tw.iitii'th ren-' tini'- olln'r , 11: : m i'Iih nt s mad'-, in-tur . and t Ii - nini'tci-nth will m a , cludmu a nvw ; oi:t w,. hav,- ilo, i,,.,i tlnni; of tin' past It will. liowvcr. b' j to. ' m ui-a in : his 'l''. slay munniu. known as thf ri'-ntiiiy of invention and ' 0 tobcr y. pla oar m t : i to. k. in lis. o,'i ;m. Liuioiii; sonio of tin' ' Indiii-; t lit' in . lull lloo Is w,- s., j,. LLii'ati'st of tli.'s,' wo i a ntnithfully ' riitly luia ha. a ;md i!a. mi our Mo.-i'- l::....!ii :in. I 'I' V Ryan ;i r. - in ill'- ill :'-. m r : 1 1 lt i,.- M ; ;. !,,; , s Triliiin.- I ' ' ' " ' 'LL, M N iv .. Al.l'hllli ti'd'ls wa- ; ;;; , M ,! C.i:!.K. -See. Filed For Record. torh,;,i. Hand Sewed Shii" on, ', i" I. da Dot son. lot Mo. k II. "a R:ii:i-d' I! s add'i.'.li to th- Oi.y of i: ! -r : ' i ' in ll,ist"i'i: s Stoma h Hitlors. sin ! Hid La I'M ! a' ' Ii'- i i'-hra!' i i . iv. i , i for all :ulni"iit I COIVC ANu Sfrri us. WE CAN GIVE YOU AN IDEA AS TO THE PROPER THING FOR THE REASON OUR NEW STYLES ARE ALL HERE AMD YOU WILL FIND JUST WHAT YOU WAN F. SEE OUR NEW. ACTUAL COSTO Sri a' Ui' 5 i" S. 1,'imak'T l'i .''din Wa. O.i ,i i . -t : 1 I in Na' '. - !-!!- from a ill - i ' 1 i d s'orn:irli. , !i a Ti.v s"'p-ia india. st inn. tint a. i. y . ..i pa' ion and hi 1 a m s u,-- '"-!! i : :. a', -i nu : : i:.'. :. ! !.: a- V p.. ! li'iy :. : a .. 1-. ;.' : Manv ;i' i ,;;' Wi- u . I ,'L-A. ol,:' i ' i .l'i! a W il Clair Troi.m Wi I ; I v m; i : .-; ili l; i 1 1 1 1 : . 1 ...e ' :. ' . i ;. : : '. 1 ;:v. ! 1 H b. I" ) i--. i.j '' : New $3.00 Shoe th:. hol.'l .v.-. 1 H ' v. ' House Opera H r.i-. Wi !'E''ugM'M"'POTII IMIIMIII MIITM M t he Bed Cross Noiseless Footwear. Zipp Shoe Co. ALL WEEK LONG , ! : Inn, "ll.' I ; . i . : ; i il- w ; , ' i I he i 1 i' a . i t 'Pt T Monday, THE GREAT MAGNETIC HEALE WoMlfcR T1IE0E Vul OL,,.- '11.. ho., j i. : i' w -o : : . ''.i.,.-i. !' '- . :!..( r. .i.-;:ry of 'a - ., , ',, . t I I I . , ' s t Llil'l I " :-1 kao .-. u i li" ay - . 'ii :-. ill o! t''. I;- a-. i a ! !.. I Pil'li II K'-v. a I ' I ..1.1 a ii oi i intoi -osti'd in I'l op'-n y ,. Hills and in tin- v ' !; n .Mr. All'iton and Mr W'd n-,c Fa. 3' tor t ; ' i , ' I V ' . , , ! ! , , , .1 Ml. I ' i '.' '. , I,, : .-, .,,;! ..!,'- il-, i' .. i , " i ii i i rl !' r m " i ion,,' th" I'm r 1 1," - .!. to , hi .Os, from. CLOAKS. SUJTS AND JACKETS. ' In 1 1, .-.':.,., , - uo ar,' iiiHiirpnss.'d. ; ll! HYRTLE VINTON llL.lll in :! on:::' , r upon il," iiiark.l. Supported by an Excellent Company. s Poll! earn. '.-I in tlnir ad II. in. OF '; "11 AGE. Cure the most acuU. of dla-t-asos quickly and without the A aid of drugs or knife. Refer- fi ences clu'erfully furniHhed from Q nil over the western states aab well as those rlfiht here at home who have been treated and ? cured. & .in-' pla, i d mil' now fall i-ln- k ! In High Class Rcpcrtoir 'T Myrtle Vinton. .Mjitlo Vinton and lnT oxrollont . -1 on j li n vri:i I'.-ani ;i wiM'ks- nan! at, fin- t'!"iii lioaso next Mon- io shop'';. 'I'J.oy t;o. tho. .TWd . vo.a y of t'io rc-i-lectiou of riesiilont Jh' y. and l li viow tin- mair.'r n:u; fi.iiit tin- point of a t i v. ha-i- :r custom, rs aio tho ones that reap Mrs. Lawton Hi" bonrtit. nfss ni'-n than from pait:-an pn-.m-, ni,t di.-. i ! I.axo boil. , i hi 1 1 lhiil , 1 1 j-4 TiT-rtoi n 1 h iili ilas and popu-M iss A'iutun is said to MILLINERY. In t!il department wo can fit von CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES LATEST BALLADS NEWEST DANCES, ILLUSTRATED SONGS. kit-. :l loth,, put print - m ' "I'I'orr ; ,...,.,. ,.x,., ,,,,,, , limiallv ,, ,i,i.s oi lii.' pr.'s.'in ilnHnislraii..ii. and , ,.:(Min is t-. 1 1 liy rr.nv,o,l liuusos tl..y a,,- hoili aldo to niak.- amimniL; ..,,,,..,,.,. Continnons out. with nnythiiiLr your Imagination . ,,i , .,,'l.'rt .,n,l i in,,, ill .1... ariLiMi.cnts a-ninst tho adoption of an mis, ,f" '.,i a y of p,(j a t nm.-nt nii.I an p.'i f.iriiiiiiio. s ar,- tui n and . Icar np-to-dat,' prrtonnnm os '.ai'aranti'cl. lto- C0NSULTAII0N FKEE. Ho 1 1 ii.l see her Hiirt be relieved of thai Ions; and linnerins allinent? or disease that skilled physlclanSJ hive failed l,i had a remedy for. t hat laiHis.ti'! an . m y. It l po - tor ll Don't miss it. You get your mon-, ,,avtnunt cost cuts n0 figure, t rimmod cy's worth. Seats now on sale. Re-, ,nfs ar. easily spoiled, they are hard stives, f0c. ....',.''.."..."..''. ""." NIGHTLY CH G E OF P AY. "' l""1' ' 1 :" must r-'' ' v'" ' i h. i no I", oil" t.,',1 I h u ! h. v ai . f ! Ao-ili. i'!., tii'ist I." .old tor wo in. n' 1i,i;.- l'::: . f... tin! He. -d to ih-li v .- I-I:,- , While III. ' L'i'- fl 1 ll!;i' k II 11 - 'i-:x I'M ' i. .: r i;i-: i:. rn run' d:i: n i:r i ' ., 'i N" in I ; i u ,i a n.ii I. then, "i- . id ' I ra . k : ii , la ! . ,. : a. , a ' p. -o ' i - Suite U SYNDICATE BLOCK, g (Formerly occupied by Dr. Bab- !j w: -'id HOSI C : : n i . i C it v C UNDERWEAR AND CORSETS. focK.J - v , V - B. H. F. W. C. : i ! I . ' , 1 I 1 ! ' O i I ! - ' I I W 'h.'ld in Hon l-.yo"d l';-.'la.y. Pl'Hi at th,! C,ill"!-,".-:l ull- A no , : in o: h '.-' '. . ' a . : i : Bo i v Oct... :io i:)'i via 1 1 a '. N GOLD, GOLD, HOW IT l-LITTERS.' LL GOLD LOOKS ALIKE TO SOME, But to the Experienced Eye '1LACK HILLS COLD IS THE REAL THING. Made up in all kinds of JeAelry, Wa'chec. Chams, R.ngs, e' :.. b BUTLER The Jeweler, i n i r." . i n ml' . Main street. John Jon -'.ilk. A !. L CARPI r S CLJRTA'NS A NO PAPEH. oon: at . '"" ' ' !':' v n-v r.h art' : tho iea.liiu: top; -m a. and ;i inli 1 1 n it.iu-.-i : ' : t i anyone i n t . :'.' -l . d in t II to ait end Hits i;n -lai-" ' lo f the proiiini. t!ie Vo- ' lull of Jioadw I as th" . n- I na . h.h. Mi l tiiLi a ; ' "' i lam , .,: ii l he i l.ur. h pa rim - l-'ol- . - the inovii'l'i : Sua Miss Hay Clonali ', V. I.'.rO i " ! are on and I'ine wa! i, U -1 : ; a At tl mat; t.-'.r, and -low i: . Viol n ( 'a ; n Mens Shoes for Fall and Winter Are Unexcelled i.ti.-.-t I- pi . : a:- d .. : ::.:! the anost lia - in O,.. . - .' e tntierals, allina pai'i,-- p I; ' ' :'''l'. etc Hesid.'llce 'phone. s : I ! :.' i is. ai ;hk siij:i saH a Iwo. I liia--J;e Ad' 1 1 o ,s of Welcome Mrs. r. Tin-ker " Mrs. VI. keys, of Lead ftfyQCfS PsItS Response . . . Pap.-r -Air fionot tripe nor irriiat.! the alimentary camil. They .i. t iL.-ntly yet priiitiptly, cleanse tff.rtually and Mrs Alice it. Paily. Hot Springs Recitation Fern Smith Paper 'Art in the Drama" . Mrs. II. H. Dickinson. Lead Zmm PottlfAf! Solo Mrs. Sullivan Sold by all dniiipints. 2i cents. Paper "The Relation of Art to Morals" Mrs. W. T. Coad, Rapid City. Reports from delegatet to the G. F. C. at Milwaukee Music Ladies" Quartet' of Woman's Club A LITTLE D0E5 MUCH. Visit in c as we uo the markets of the world, enables us to not only get tho cream of the market in way of styles but insures for our customers a saving of fully la per cent over "stay at home" Competitors Our br.andi. are the best the markets show. Every pair of mens shoes we sell is a standard at its pri. e. Every pair Is guaranteed by manufacturers to U3, and we positively guarantee them to you. Ve are no!e agents for the famous Floraheim Shoe for men. THE WORLDS GREAT FINE SHOE! Our method of buying saves one profit With us it Is from ' .maker to wearer." Sneeze and Blow, but you can't pet Peiniam-nt relief from catarili unless your purify your blood. Hood s Sat- , faparilla does this, soothes and heals -I the inflamed surfaces, removes all ! scrofulous taints, and cures catarrh, j Sick headache is cured bv Hood's ; Pills. 2:.r. ' - e" l K .I L ' 1 1 1' IS ml u , ,i!l ' , : . ' ' ' I ' ' ' ' . . ' Ll 1 e 'is I - '."ti :i' t " so J l-! ' "Lll" ill an i BLANKETS AND FLANNELS, l'i to: I a .. t tils' ml I s nap You 1. 1 " '' i" ai'.aio "Hie w ' n'-t of th,, .- -on ' Ha-.- pi, 'lily of hlankets wfiiie 1 1" y a ' , i heap ; I lo n oo'll he , read' CLOTHING. On- in ay s't.u k of fa 1 1 and w inter cloth. n- whalj w o ( pla. ed on oar tallies '"ih ii few da.s ami. noes with thi- . anLhter. the same as the new stoi ' of fall .and want.;' 'l;css itomlf. We '! ' on everything jlihs. .and it do, ., i,,; :n this .-ti" i; of clothinc the:, a:.- s"!i,e RivJt. 'kwiI haf-'aim-in MEN S SUITS. Sro- waiitli from $,:",'! to wail . go : ;iaiiL-' this sale nt from f '."l to $:."" BOYS' SUITS wlo h wr- honabt to sell at from $'!.nn tn $ od will po all the way from fl.2' up l.ti-insr your pocketbook. for on this : occasion, if never befor in our twen- 1 years of husinss dealinss with you. , you will he paralyzed with the prices ; yon wiill be quoted by our clerks who I have all been Instructed to. reeardless ( of the cost rnaiks. cut the p r i e at' leat once In two", arid in pome cases j' on"" aeain. Yotirs for the preatest j slinrehter gale of the year. LOWE. Bring your pocketbook. ' i B'iosil. I W4. Dec 11 No tongue can t.' : ' ' ' f ! in t lie past ten j ir t..c.. i.:,.o-', k-hcm. While s,ufti:i in.i" a at"", h friend called t"l r, 'i.' c ' : '" 1 V. , f Carnui. I sent lor a l""i,. . i.l.'l h. 'li relief. After lh lir-t n e 1 eee u to Ice, heimr nl have haa no p-nn mm. l.I'.Aet- LAMPHERF. Isabel Garghill-Beecher. JVs. Isabel Garghill-Beecher. al-,"ayg a favorite In Deadwood, charmed large audience of old friends and Jf at the Opera house last night. Frnm a -gx j. . x ..f . a it Eumber, "The Man Witout a Country" "r Edward Ererett Hale, to the half jthetlc humor of the - last, Mrs. wecher held close, gympathetia attention of her audience.. She appears best adrantage, perhaps, in her ingest numlfera auch as the first "ober en the program and the se-lon from Quo Vadis. Her rich, Tolce and the power and Intensl-v of her work are especially adapted lo( k at the Fine Shoes inr Wine of Cird'ii '..nt oniv cures but it acts AT-ONCE. Hert is ase often vears' stindi" and ti one smiile done rnadethe sufferer feel better, and stopped t he vr.n. The Wine goes strain ht to the seat of the trouble, tt acts directiv upon the menstrual arid genital organs. Iti .action is not violent, and it does n- t force a result. It simply gives Nature that little assistance that ti e surTarer s sv stem lacks. A single disorder in tne feminine orpans -l-mos nunv c! borders all over the body, and when the Wine cures the -i r . .ii! the other ills vanish as amatter of course. A woman can be her c -. n physician and cure herself at home. Local ex- aginations are largely things of the OurWindow, llilir aBTISMT IEPTtT. , i . ... . rnr mAviem IB rawl r-'l u-.n: J .ppeuU past the obnoxious custom ts no longer necessary. Wine of Car dui , is-the only perfectly safe and sure vegetable Wine made to-day for the cure of " female troubles1'. direction, adrtrM, nr liii "'l;'""1. IWMriHrin-lu , " " ' ' School Entertainment bourse. The following are the. dates-for the entertainments yet to corn's: Dr. Henson, November 15. Mndelssohn Male Quwtet, Decern-her 4 ' . -'B aeiecuonar-But In eTeTythmg o does una U thorol artistic and in ner higher comedy number she U de-"tfui.N The" program was as fol-"The Man Without Country." toward ETerett Hale; two American garter aketchea, "A Type of .Old Thomas Nelion Page and A Old Staid of New England,-' by 3B2L, O pip" Druggists sell large Bottles for $1.00. Kh 'M. daBw..Febrn4rxJ!!;,

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