The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 17, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 17, 1899
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEEE TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY 17, 1899. Mt(iBttiIHllllMMWMfMHIIIIIIIMIHHIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIiillllllllllHMIIIIIIIIIIIIIHllltMmilllllf IIIIUIIIII BATCHES, )IAM0NDS AND MINING. Mints I KtmillllllltllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllilillUliilllllIlilllllilllllllllllliiitniiiiiPiiniiiiiiillKiitiiriiiiiiililiiilI ...Fine... Solid Gold Jewelry CA5H TALKS 1 Webster Cowed Them. William Wetmore Story, the sculptor and poet, was one of tbe few men who presumed to call Lowell "Jim" to the end, and Mifs Mary E Phillips, in her "Reminiscences of William Wetmore Story," tells, in Story's own words to Ber, the following tale of the two yonng We have got the goods and want your trade. Black Hills Gold Sterling Silver Novell At Special Prices for the j Next 20 Day : AT A. F. SNYDEf Main Street. Come and see us, will treat you right. 11 Ayres & Warflman Hardware Co. IOMBSTONES. IRON FENCIJ MONUMENTS Foreign and American. Arc You MaRBLK AND (tRANITE jr FANATICAL CHINESE. , . SUPERSTITION RULES THE RACE FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE. Alt Bnalnni and Family Matter Directly Controlled by This I'nreason. ' Inflarnre, Which Makes Drote f Its Slavish Devotees. No raoe in tbe wide world is more Controlled by superstitious notions than the Chinese. They enter into eveiy act of a Chinaman's life, and their influence la moro lasting than that of hia re llgion. He oannot move hand or foot Without their agency, and from tbe earliest moment of his life down to the last detail in connootion with his bnrial their power and influence are the guiding motives of bis acta. All business and family matters are directly controlled by snpcrEtitions sentiments, both rich and poor, young and old, being slaves to tbeir force. To the average Chinaman hit religion ia a mere negative factor in his mode cf life, to be followed or disregarded at trill, but no true son of Han dares to Mi otherwise than in sooordance with (be atriot precepts of those splritnal powers which directly control hia life. There are some amusing superstitions connected with Chinese entertainments. A dinner party is an ordeal which once experienced is never forgotten. It consists of from 40 to CO distinct courses and oooupies tbe greater portion of a day. Daring the whole of these repasts and notwithstanding the endless variety ef dishes served the invited gnest retain, the saino pbvte throughout. The explanation of this strange custom is an Old proverb, which has now beoome a superstition, that "he who changes the plates kills the housewife." ! Chinese proverbs explain several of the superstitious notions with regard tc women. It is considered unlucky for a woman to mix with the builders of 'boose or other edifice during its erec tion, and to avoid any possibility of one straying into the premises all approaches are oarefully guarded by watchmen, ana a ienoe is ereotea aroana the pro posed building is soon as its found tioni are laid. The explanation of this la the saying, "Women mix ill with wood, and death Uvea la the house over whose fouuda tions a woman has walked. " There ia a similar horror of the fair aex interfer- , lng with any publio matter of national interest or in any business transactions where men are oonoerned. "Women tie knots, " aaya the Chinese proverb. "Let . them remain at home." No funeral can take place until as trologers and professional fortune tellen nave been consulted. These unsorupu-oua diviners decide the plaoe of baiiaL . and in the event of disagreement no Snal interment can take place. Tbia ao counts for the number of nnburied oof- floa which are seen about the oountry districts in China, Sometimes the ooffln - la temporarily deposited in a temple or DEADWOOD, S. D. J. H, CALE, AgtJ Fine weathtr ha come at last, and now is the time to get that pair of summer Shoes. i i k includes all of the latest neatest summer footwear and No where can you find the same goods for less money. We always lead when it comes to Good Shoes at Low Prices, and oar sto-k'ia the freshest as well as tbe largest in the Mil. Shoes With a Reputation. Our Boys Seal'Skin Seamless SHOES! Are noted for their wearins; qualities -II a n exceneni ior scnooi wear. L. C. VERPLAST. men: "James Lowell and I were very angry with Webstar for staying in old Tyler's cabinet, and as be was to speak in Faneuil hall on the evening of the 80th of September, 1848, we determined to go in (from tbe Harvard Law school) and boot at him and show him that he had inourred our displeasure. There were 8,000 people there, and we felt sure that they would hoot with na, young as we were. "But we reckoned without our host. Mr. Webster, beautifully dressed, stepped forward. His great eyes looked, aa I shall always think, straight at me. I pulled off my hat; James pulled off his. We both became aa cold as ioe ard as respectful as Indian pooliea, I aaw James turn pale; lie said I was livid. And when the great creature began that most beautiful exordium, our scorn turned to deepest admiration, from an abject contempt to belief and approbation." - Hit Hair la Danarer. A young artist whose pipe, eyeglasses and luxuriant blond hair have made him well known in town vent to a garden party not so much tor social amusement as for penoil studies of high life- He wore a tall hat, frock coat and lavender trousers and carried a sketching block a yard square. At the party his epigrams, paradoxes and fiendish silvery laugh overwhelmed, as he intended, all tbe girls in sight or hearing, but he got through with his social duties aa speedily as might be, then went and sat down on a distant fence. Soon pencil studies lay all around him on tbe grass. Suddenly he felt a gentle tug at his back hair. He thought, "That is some fresh Aleo trying to guy me, " and he did not look up The gentle tugging ceased, began again, became much stronger, and then he felt something wet, soft, slimy, on his neck. With a dreadful oath he leaped from the fence and looked behind him. Back there was a smart trap, in which sat two girls and a young man laughing. The horses were olose to the fence, snd it was one of these that had commenced browsing on the artist's profuse locks. Explanations followed and apologies. "All flesh, "the artist said, "ia grass, but not sll hair. " Philadelphia Record. ' Same Extraordinary Mother. Probably' the youngest grandmother of whom we have record was a Lady Child of Sbropf hire, England She had married at 19 years of age and had a child before her thirteenth year was completed. Thia child in turn married while still very young, with the result that Lady Child was a grandmother at IT. The moat extraordinary cases of motherhood were those of Mrs. Honey-wood of Charing, in Kent, and Lady Temple of Stow. When the former died, on Hay 10, 1890, aged M, she counted ber descendants IS children, 114 grandchildren, 338 great-grandchildren and 9 great-great-grandchildren. The other case was even more remarkable Lady Temple, who died in 1050, bad give birth to 4 sons and 9 daughters and lived to see more than, 700 descendants. Twl mt olleel Water. Lb advocating the practice of boiling water (and mux) of uoertaui parity Professor Bissosero com bats the preja- dioe against boiled water as a beverage, fie maintains that the "taste' fre quently complained of In boiled water is really caused by tbe kettle and can scarcely be due to the abeenoe of dissolved air, of which water, from wells of great depth often contains very little. Pittsburg Dispatch. . - -Oountry girls ia Spain seldom weal baU or bonnets of any kind. It was in Spain, by tbe way, that the custom of a hiide wearing orange blossoms in bor half originated.' V A snake does not oUmk a brush by coiling around It, but by holding on with its scales. A snake on a pane nt glass is almost helpless, . Uss Uv Gar It ia interesting to recall the extraor- sinary longevity of the three founders of the German empire. William I was 01. Moltke waa also 91 and Bismarcx waa 83, but indeed all the most illustrl -pus Germans of tbe latter half century nave been long lived, Hankewma vi; Ourtius was ?3 ; nominees is 81. Tbe poet Geibel waa 70, Wagner was 70, Lisat 75, and tbe present chancellor ia WHOOPTNO COUGH. ' X tied little toy who was-nearly dead front' an attack of whooping No. OO tLoxrxi.ari St. 1 we 4 Prepared? ZIPP'S. e t j FOR THE KPWORTH LEAGUE. , The Slayton Jubilee Singers will appear at the Dead wood opera house tomorrow night for a return engagement, under the auapicee of the Epworth League of the . Methodist church. The league will have ; committees 0ut today and tomorrow can- yawing the city with tickets, and a good audience will greet the company. A flrst- class programme will be given sad the entertainment should not be missed. The company la recommended by Dr. Jennings of the Western Methodist Cook Concern of Chicago, and has been liberally indorsed by every one who has attended thoeon-. certs given by the torn; any m this city. Tickets will be sold, for F-0 cents, and for this price they may be reserved by the bolder. r SUBURBAN RESIDENCE FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN. Good, Bubst&nitial 6 -room frame house, cellar, live acres ground three-Quarters of an acre fenced and planted to vegetafbleB, adjoining the Peck garden; far sale cheap. Francis W. Russell. Full line CAMERA'S AND ' ; SUPPLIES, AT . - Fishel's Bazaar, '':.:; ' 663 Main St Aetna Powder Co. Dynamite and Black Powder, - '.-Fiise'M Caps, : :VEetoc Batteri .s;!;lMei7;SiipplIes,it- W- E.:ADA13 COliPANY. X Y Black PIills Institute sept ia the bonae of the beir of tbe de- ceased. Among the poor aa often as not . It ia conveyed to some sheltered spot jkgfj covered with a mat " Who in coone of time (by aid of addlUonal fees) tbe diviners can report x$hat alj objections to final burial are removed, the funeral takes place amid rejoicing and profane excesses. Tbe mod iof propitiation generally prescribed by .astrologers is the purchase of some atone fif p'eoa Pt iron, to which an elaborate "itns.1 Of pryer and sacrifice is made, OF OSTEOPATHY Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Building, Deadwood S. D. E. P. WOOD, D. O. J. L. DENMAN, Secretary. J. J. BECKHAM, S, A. S. O. ' tba client ia wealthy, the building or, nf a rtn ""Kb ia suggested, in connection with which J3 mercenary forvnne teller TELEPHONES: Black Hills 155. Harrison 98. Treat all nenrous and chronic diseases such as liTer, kidney snd stomsci troubles rhwintstfism, St Vitus dance and ia fact, moot of the ailmeats which the people of this section are heir. Wo benefit about 90 per cent of all chronic affections Abandoned as incurabla by other sys tems of tr meat while 75 percent, of them wo cure and Injurs nose. BRANCH OFFICE BRETTELL BLOCK. LEAD CITY, SJ. ; Go to NOTICE, CONTRACTORS. Sealed bids will be received up to 6 o'clock p. m. May 81. It99, for the erec- tlon and completion of a three-story and basement etcne ladlea' dormitory building, to be erected at Spearflsh, Lawrence bun- Itr. South Dakota, for the retreats of odu- cation of Sooth Dakota. Plans and sped- ncationa can be seen st the office of John W. Olbbs, architect, Cotton A Andrews building. Lead, 8. D. The right IS reserved to reject any and all bids, "Con tractors will submit bids on blanks for nisfcsd by architect. AH bids most be ad dressed to H. H. Blair. Elk Point, . D., or left with J. W. Olbbs. architect, so they a be forwarded In tune to reach Blk Point by o'clock of the list day of stay. 189. JOHN W. GIBBS, (5-lt-12t Architect. .SPECIAL RATE ON LOW GRADE ORES. The smelter wtU give apodal rate npon low grade ores where they are ro of an especially undesirable char- ecter. If the ore in low In aWcst ua:e certain Carbonate Oamp, Galena and) I eed City ores, we win make correa poadlngly low atnol&ng mte ao that ores running but S8.M or H8.00 mar be sained at n profit. Call at the works) or further information. FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER. ! ; . Gen. 14anatw. Noncr. Ladles sad housekeepers, reasembsr1 ts have your feather beds, pillows and mat tresses cleaned up before I leave tews. X wlH only remain here to June L Please let m have yon orders. . .C ' P. W. Xt PBTPBB. . r Overland House, Bhsraaasj St. THI APPgl'lTB OP A GOAT. - : ' Is savtod by all poor dyspeptics whose Stomach and liver are out ef order. All such should knew that Dr. King's New Life pins, the weaeorful Stesnsek and liver Bemsdr. gives . n splendid appetite, soaad digestion and n tegular aedOp aab- I K that insures perteot aanlta and groat or orgy. Only Xe at Phffllpa . HE FOOLED THB 8TJRGEON8. All doctors told Renlck TTamllton, of West JeSenoo C, after coffering IS months tram octal fistula, ha woe Id die unless a costly operation was per formed; bat hee nred himself with trt toxea of BncUen's Anion Yalm In the World. 28 cenU a box Bold by Fhmip Steensen, DragAlstt, --7 ; 3 onbtlea reapt a r8 commission. . - The last specie of aoperstltion to which we will call attention forcea na . to place China among the bait civilized and brutal nations. One of these auper-" stitiens ia that the aonl of a dying per-L son takes possession of tbe bed and room in which the invalid ia lying. To obviate snch a curse aa this the relatives of 5 the dying person, as boob as they perceive hia end approaching, forcibly re-. move him from hia bed and place him almost naked npon a board. If byobanc a man should expire in hia bed, it, together with all tbe furniture in the room, must be burned and many atone-' merits offered before 'the room is oonsid- ered fit for habitation again. Many strange and inhuman ideas are -. - associated with tbe illness and death of . children. If a child Bickena and dies be- tore tbe ago of 18 years, its last momenta ate hastened by the horrible ' cruelty cf ita parent a 8o long aa hope C. L. SlEWERS, Gunsmith, Locksmith, BICYLCES HEADQUARTERS FOR" as. BICYCLE SUNDRIES. - is possible the parents do their utmost - to save their child, but as won. as the doctors abandon hope the child ia atrip- ped naked and placed against the enter door of the boose. When the end baa Tbe Most Complete Bepair Shop in tbe HUn ..-':-t- itnnnninniutnnwwinnnnjinurunnnnnnnruvnruvuu- i am mi . come, the oorpse ia thrown out into the street to be picked up by the passing dead cart. 1 ; 1 B..; : The reason for tbia brutality is this: If a lamily loses a child before it baa ' grown to maturity, ita parents refuse to regard it aa tbeir offspring, but rather as some evil spirit who baa worked its . way Into their . home la order to bring , ruin and misfortune span It and tbam , The Bottle rtM.' The "bottle post" is an old Inatlra-tlon on the south ooaet of Iceland. Let-tors are put into corked bottles, Which are waf ted by the wind to the opposite eoaet. They also contain a cigar or other trif e to induce the LuJor to deiivsf the lettur as addje&ted. 11IEYL On aD pertonal propoV of value. A large WJ prisinirly low P" a busbess strictly coDfytf-j THi Betirssi Uu ns UUJ eough. Uy neighbors - recommended Chamberlain's Cougti Remedy. I did not think the any medicine' would help Mm, but after giving him a few donee of that remedy I noticed nn Improvement, and one bottle cured blm entirely. U is the test oougn medicine X ever sad in tbe house. J. X Moore, South Burgettstowri. Pa. For tale by all druggists. . " " ' - ..'''' VW77'.:VW7 avurwuinuwnruuwiwuxnnnnntwnMt I

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