The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 2, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1898
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rmw iwwy'iiwwwryim as FINE COMMERCIAL WORK GUARANTEED CIRCULATION r IS 1 fob PflltUllS DvbartMttt f flW ma . kTmM To iiawniMd irculion nf U Proaaas-Ttint biiiM i hih llin u kl ( sll nth? Muk Mill DsIIim cotnblu!, It tullovs UtMM II Is I hm Wnt, sod JwsHkas prsaptly r MS 1 Bent Work at the Lowest Prtcea The Uet Advertising Medium WWwwwvyiwi sm' KJ IWWWW SWi TWENTY-SECOND YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), WEDNESDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 2, 1898. FIVE CENT L crude methods to the present Improve PAIIITS DARK PICTURE, .:i:;e aiid r.iLL ments. the amount of supplies that will enter Alaska this Hummer. He aald: "From present Indication! a greater expedition will be needed nest winter than thlH. Hundred! are already em The California state mining fair, Th Only High Crade Baking Powder Offered at a Moderate Price. REVENUE IS NOT LARGE. When the liquor license law now In effect in this state was passed last winter It was estimated that under the pro visions requiring payment of 9160 out ot each retail license and $600 from each wholesale license to the atale, THE DIV1NINQ ROD. M. E. Wadsworth, of the Michigan barking tor the gold fields without which Is now In progress at Machines pavilion at San Francisco, la one C the most magnlflj mt expositions ever held In the country. Among the exhibits la a perfect model of the North Bioom-fleld mine, the largeat hydraulic mine Captain Ray Advises People to Stay Away From tne Klondike Country more than lufflcltnt supplies to last Cones ot Miues, gives the following during the summer prospecting. It ap l.siit.u fciAibS cunt i a. frubruaiy Term tor the Western Dlvls-lou ol auu'.n Lunula CouVuuuU lo-tviuay iioiuvsuiKe Case Coiuiuueu; Liuxiuu vs. Cumuli Kewam Case Bet kui iMuUUny. iut lebiuaiy laiin of tho LUiitsU Ova' - aunt vouveuea lu iuis vny .it i ocioua yuaietUay muiuuuu. l lie tuuii iuuui Waa ctuwu ea vtuu nycciUuis a.iU as juuge Aiui-UuD, ol in una uaauut, euteied inn cuuil iooui .'Vtiouu tuoae to ma tsei auU iuuu si (.ts .uaisuai rveuueuy iu lUeoiy uf the mechanical action ot the M-AliiaWdlS J Pcv;b pears that thousands more are on the ' i uiviumg rod, which he says has been In the world, which ta In operation. peaiediy tested by hliu in the pre- way in a similar condition, while many may come out at the end of the season, others will stay with the hope Removal of State Capital to uce of his classes and ahown to be NON2 SO GOOD. of purchasing supplies. Therefore It correct The process is exceedingly simple. Take any forked twig of rea be aii I sue Next Fall. Newspaper Ti ust Is my opinion that the Alaskan detach Another equally Interesting exhibit is the tunnel, with Its representations of underground quarts and drift mining. All special featurea ot mining machinery are represented and the different eountlea have remarkable exhibits ot their ores. would bring the slate a revenue of at least lioo.ouo the first year. This was based on estimates of a large revenue from wholesalers who started to establish warehousos at all principal point in the state. They were al'gwed under the statute to first take out licenses from the time they began Business to the 1st of July, after wmch they could only take out licensee tor tne full year. Ibe first few months waa an experiment, and was not continued for the full year terms, wholesale establish sonably tough fibre in the oencheJ ment of the iiimy could not be bt-ttvr uauus with the palms upward. Tha employed than to watrh the trails and i mint. cm tuuus I'lt.aieu "Hvai ye, hea ends ot the limbs forming the twig fork, tally the men and provisions pasxing should enter the ciotied list on the ex to the Interior. The government will have definite Information as to wheth terior side ot each fist, I. e., on tha two JUdT PROMOTION. sides -of tha clenched hands furlherest er there will he want or suffering In M. J. Alaska next winter." from each other. Chief Engineer J. B. Berry, ot the When a twig Ik grasped la this posi Elkhorn, haa been promoted to the splendid position of chief engineer of e, turn tou. I uuw upuu " and it pro-tocdwi at. on :i to busiuusa. ihu IU si tiling on tuo program was euipuunutuug lue giud Jury, the pl-sonnei of iu : i was as lonows: Wm. Uuigiiy, E. J. i urrcil, C. M. Trimmer, I at iKiyie, Ld. Kvuuu, L. W. Mitchell, Paul Mllier, I. W. Van Horn, H. C. Little, John Hun'.er. F. W. Jackson, H. J. McMahon, Oie Nelson, John Wolzmutn A. 1'. Jones, J,. C. Trowbridge, Be.l UoKeis, K. McDonald, John Scollard, CL.OHE CHANGED HANDS. tion It will remain stationary It held ing stations on the state line and shipping In from other states, and the only revenue left waa that from the retailers, of $150 on each license. The result Is, that instead of the expected rev loosely or with only a moderately firm I the Union Pacific, which Is a very fine St. Paul, Mini., Feb. 1 Special: The Washington. 1). C, Feb. 1 Special: Captain Hay, irpi'f-sviitattvu of the war department In th Klondyko country writes tu the 'urtmi'Ul the tiuml harrowing Htorli's (if want uml iliKtltutltm tl:ure and su.y'4 tin; condition is vuiy critical inilod. llu urge the government to take i tips Unuidiatily to prevent any more cmmigi'atlon Into that country for the present, as there is no possible way 'or a man to (.uiu a living. Captain Huy says there has uot been a new placer uiliio found for 8 months. Chus. T. McCoy was today appointed Indian agent at the Cheyenne River agency in South Dakota. Globe, the St. Haul gold democratic or position. We congratulate Mr. Berry upon lis good fortune and must say It la but a merited recognition of hta abtl Ity and value in auch a capacity. The question arises, who will succeed Mr. grasp, but the moment the grasp is tightened the pressure on the branches will force the end of the twig to bend downwards. The harder the grip the more It must curve. gan, has changed hands. The new head of the Globe is George K. Spinney of anue, the total amount so far secured by the state is In round numbers 85,-JO0, which la on the licenses for the full year, and for the portion of the year up to July 1. Without there Is an John Wolf, .ind '1. O. Mitchell. E. Mc Berry as chief engineer ot the Elkhorn. The curvature ot the twig la mechan New York. He Is said to be the sole proprietor, but it Is thought he Is the representative of a syndicate of capitalists, of whom William C. Whitney of New York !s one. Rumor also cred Our eetetJted townsman F. A. Haines, Donald wits ".(pointed foreman. W. H. Harlow, Olaf Selm. John S. Fuson and Edward Mtllluck were excused for increase in the number of retail sa- .oons iu the state the amount for neat who haa served the company faithfully aa resident engineer, la by reason of his seniority and knowledge of the af cause. The iurorr were sworn and af year will not be so great as thla. ically caused by the pressure ot the hands forcing the limbs to assume a bent and twisted position; or the force that causes the forked limb .o turn downwards Is furnished by the muscles of the hands, and not by any other cause. ter the customary Instructions from Senator Pettlgiew'a determination to the court, retlrtd to their room and its President HUI of the Great Northern railway rtth membership In this syndicate. Mr. Spinney will have full direction of the management of the discuss the Hawaiian question In open entered at on:e upon the transaction of CONCERT AND CONVENTION. session will hpve a tendency to take fairs ot the ompany, entitled to promotion to that place. While we would dislike to loose Fred from Deadwood, yet we could not but desire to see him ascend the ladder to distinction. business brought before them. The The whole secret of the divining rod the direction of the ratification resolution out of the hands of the foreign Jury Is engaged upon Investigation ot a Following Is the program for the con cert and convention Friday evening timber case. Walter Simpson. Capl. relations committee and It may prove CORBETT TURNED DOWN. seems to reside In Its position In the hands of the operator, and In bis voluntarily or Involuntarily Increasing the for the benefit of the Cemtery Fund: Wlllard and W. J. McFarland were appointed bailiffs. to be the opening wedge to a discus Magic Fire Mtslc by Wagner-Brassln, WERTHHEIMER & BR0. Bosm we must have. To tell Goods Cheep ie the only way to make it. Tliee Good a are bulky end tako up lota of she f room. To reduce our stock we offer tor Monday- and the entire week our entire atojk of LADIES MUSLIN UNDERWEAR. Consisting ot Night Gowns, Chemise, Skirts And Drawers. For Ladies and Children for Less Money than f:e Muslin would C-rst 1,000 Pieeeo Hamburg and Detroit. Mich.. Feb. 1 Special: Doth CASE Or DIPHTHERIA. Tlllle, the 8 -year-old daughter of Mr. The calendar was next called and closeness of his grasp on the two ends lion of the question In open session of the senate. Ills resolution declares It to be contrary to the traditions of this Fltzslmmons and Julian declined to cf the branches forming the fork. cases dlHpos-rt of. The Homestake Miss Bennett. Where the llLdens Bloom," Mr. Baldy. and Mrs. John Doyle, cf the First war-l consider Corbett's final challenge. Con- If the above conditions are fulfilled. la down with diphtheria. We under country to acquire any territory so sit sidlne, of this city, who had undertak timber cases, the Sweeney cases and the cases of ih? Klkhorn vs. the D. H. & W. railroad were continued for tho term. The Utixton vs. Golden Reward the twig will always bend downwards, water or no water, mineral or no min uated as to require a navy to protect Vocal Solo Mrs. Burns Vocal Solo Mr. Lam son Violin Solo Mr. Rosslgnol en to have the fight pulled oft for a purse of 125. )00, held an Interview with stand that It is an aggravated case although the erUI haa not been reached, and the attending physician haa hopes eral. Any one ran be an operator, and any material ran be used for an tnstru Sprlna- Song, by Lynnes, ..Mrs. Reiner It There Is a basts broad enough for the duscusslsn of the whole subject and It Is understood to be Senator I'et-tlgrew's Intention to enter very fully Julian and Fltzslmmons, with representatives of the press as wltnefser. case wns sol Tor next Monday at 10 o'clock. The of H. I Jewell vs. of bringing ner through the sickness ment. provided the limbs forming the Vocal Solo Mr. Tegarty The latter leciarea that t'orhett wns fork are sufficiently tougn and flexible. County of l.vv -ence Involving some of In a reasonaole time. The home haa been quarantined and the authorities Into the question of the condition of no longer In Fltzslmmons' rlass anj the repudiated five per cent bonds, wan It can be easily understood how an affairs In Hawaii. He will deal with are exercising cxery precaution to pre Recitation with piano and vocal accompaniment Miss Clemens Voca! Solo, seletted. ...Mr. Ortmshaw The music tl and literary program set for Fclu ti loth. The case of the would not be until he had whipped Maher. Ignorant operator may deceive himself and be perfectly honest In supposing Mr. Dole's visit and will undertake to United Stutes vr. Odo Reder, for dam that some occult force, and not his ages for limber depredations was set vent the dlaeaie spreading. The little girl attend school, at the First ward, until laat Friday, a pupil ot Miss Knowles, and ahe showed no symptoms of Illness until Monday. show that that gentleman was never elected president, that the constitution of the present government of Hawaii will be followed by a convention of the Old Maids of the city. The following ACCBPTED THE REDUCTION. for this morn'ng at 10 o'clock. hands, causes the fork to curve down wards. Lawrence, Mass., Feb. 1 Special: Court then adjourned until this morn well known maids will participate in Five thousand operatives at the Atlan Ing at 10 o'clock. In an article published in the Pio was never lubmttted to the people of that country and that In fact the whole neer-Times g few waeki ago, this mat tic and Pacific cotton mills have decided to accept the 10 per cent reduction government Is Irregular. ST. AMUKOSE CHURCH. ter waa treated scientifically and at GROUND HOG DAY. Thla Is Ground Hog Day, when the It la possible that objection may be In wages which went Into effect yes full. It might Im aald further that the made to discussing such subjects In On Sunday last the pastor of St. Am diviner doea not always uae a rod. aly little anlmM will emerge from his terday. The textile workers in Law-rence are turning their entire atten open session In view of the pendency brose church of this city. Rev. Thos. F. Sometimes It Is a wire, while Mr. Great haunts where he has spent the winter of the treaty and Senator Pettlrow tion to the strike at New Bedford and Burke, read a cticular letter addressed sakes, one of the best known of the and take observations of the weather. the deliberations of the august body: Josephine Jane Oreen. Penelope Gertrude Doolittle. Sophia Stuckup. Calamity lane Hlgglna. Julfette Long. Charity Longface. Patience Desire Mann. Rosilla Abigail Hodge. Polly Jones Spratt. t Betsy B. Bobbett. , i Violet Ann Ruggles. ( . Cleopatra 3ene Brown. Enibroidory. may not be allowed to proceed except will assist the mill hands of that city English divines use only his hands, to him by the bishop of this diocese, the Right Rev. Thos. O'Gorman. of behind closed doors. U At about TTnlf Prio irnm s 'ht th . Kl as much as they are able. " m with the palms down, and says he feels a "heat" or warm sensation, when over Sioux Kalis, which read as follows: i ft M 1 "1 He win curl himself up In the entrance to hta home and keep hie optica peeled for Old Sol. Ti edition tells us that it he can see hta ahadow, he will return to the recesses ot hta haunts and remain six wcaks, Implying that we are CAPITAL REMOVAL FIGHT. STEAMER WRECKED. Rev. Dear Sir: m m. j Plymouth, Feb. 1 Special: The I have called the attention of the 'ITl a vein while others use gold' pieces and aay they feel It "sweat' when they pass over a vein. It la al ways something that the profane can steamer, Channel Queen, was wrecked clergy by letters circular, and by word of mouth at our last retreat, to decree this morning off the Island Ournsey, ! WEKTHHEIMER & BR0. $ Pierre, 8. I)., Feb. 1 Special; It Is clearer every day that one of the chief Issues of the next campaign In this stale will be the removal of the state to have severe weather during that period. Should he fall to see his shadow by striking in the rocks. The ves 290 of the Third Plenary Council ot Baltimore, In which dances, as a means not get "onto". It would aeem so much easier to let the eagle on the gold piece "squawk." It would be so much it la claimed that he will remain out Rachel Rebecca Pultowskl. ' Mary Jane Fraddlea. x Jerusha Matilda Sprtgglns. Tiny Short Prof. Makeover. sel had a larje number ot passengers and valuable taigo aboard and is said of raising mono for church purposes, capital from Pierre. When Pierre was chosen as the seat of government the and perhsns start tor Klondike, Indicating fair weather. to be a total loss. It is reported that are strictly forbidden by an authority mora convincing! The amount ot 44 of the passengers and crew lost their greater than you or me, vis: the as psychic force" required to make wa The names cf the persona who will people were influenced largely throtign Jealousy ot other towns, the chief op lives. sembled Hierarchy of the United States ter for tha sweating mutt be tar A FRONTIER TRAGEDY. appear In the musical program la a aut detent guarantee of its excellence and Notwithstanding I have more than . iu, Pm. Dsn B..k, hiw. June Tasssa, Vlrnk b greater than that required to make position being cintered on Huron. Huron Is now a candidate for the capital. 'Dead-Arm" waa the translation ot FATAL FIRE. once called the attention of the clergy wind used in the "squawk" ud put his Indian name, and the fact that be Gloversville, N. Y Feb. 1 Special: and In the bill Introduced In the legls to this decree, the abuse his continued just tittle, teeny, tiny squawk would It we were permitted to publish the namee of the ladles who will person-ate the distinguished old maids, that waa killed Is recalled to mind by the The Alvord house, one of the leading jh American National Rank Of DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. presence here In attendance upon court hotels of this city was destroyed at an be so much more convincing. Besides the eagle la already there, while the complicated pore system before the lature last winter for the removal of the capital Hut on was designated as the p. ace for the seat of government. It failed to pass, and It is very likely in the diocese; In some places openly in other places covertly. Sometimes the dancing his been directly connected with chur:h sociables, fairs, festi would be more than a guarantee of the sxcelience of hat feature of the early hour '.his morning by fire. The of oae of the party who engaged ia the attack upon Cole's ranch, at the mouth occupants escaped in their night poor gold can sweat, haa to be "mate of Rapid Creek, where it empties into clothes but It Is known that five pcr- that any bill which prescribes any Does a General Banking Business. vals, plc-nlcs; s motlmes, while danc rialised" aa well as the water. Spirits the Cheyenne river, la December, 1870. nus and posMbly eight persons towu to which the capital shall be re ing was held more or less separated never aeem to he onto their jobo. THE SCHOOLS CLOSED. This killing waa hut the prelude to moved wuuid tail. While the peopie from the chutvh sociables, fairs, festi I Will py ntie b -un mt f cms cf fi jtlit Will buy and sell . sonant o i all parts of the United States audi Xurape. that which followed at Wounded Knee vals, plc-nlcs, yet the proceeds from of the state are willing to again vote upon thtsq iuestton, they are seriously CONCENTRATES. aad wa Drexel Mission oa White Earth Journal: "Sunday morning tha school board held a hurried meeting THOMPSON SUICIDES. Santa Rosa, Cal., Feb. 1 8peclal: T the dance have been received into the church treasury an evasion of the law Creek, aad although "lahtoka" was but i Will mike a specialty on all kinds of ooileotiona, aad ail baraaaat i will be traiaaotod oa business principles j opposed to any change which will cut Galena Star: "A. Kochman, who with the bob:d of health with the re-suit that It was deemed best to order be a material bi i.clli to the state. Wtin a crippled Indian boy, be went to cer to which no one can be blind. L. Thompson. ex-United States minister to Brszti. committed suicide this owna considerable ground In Two Bit tain death because the taunts ot his better tatlroad facilities and closer con The same decree, 290, forbids also all public meetings attended by cMl haa spent most of the week here, nego morning by cutting his throat. He has DirkCOTOTAZIi the use ot Intoxicating drinks on the Iren discontinued, the schools closed comrades who ever likened blm to a woman, were greater and stronger Section with tho Black Hills It would be Impossible to remove the capital been in poor wealth lately and it is be and all suspicious cases quarantined. same occasion; as an equally scandal ous abuse. iu.i a 40 u. Htmiu nuicm. lieved commit "ad the rash act while In from Pierre, but the distance which it than be could stand. They knew that tiating- with different parties, but baa not as yet consumated a sale. Ke haa had several offers from Deadwood parties, aa well as some Chicago people, Acting upon Instructions growing a fit of despondency. Now, in order tbat both these abuses lut ot this meeting the city marshal Cole's ranch waa guarded by a force sufficient to have withstood the attack may be entirely ended, I warn the cler Is necessary to travel by those who have business with the state government Is a serious objection to Its present location. The stale has nothing In placid the red flag In front of all and will no doubt make some kind ot KILLED IN A MINE. of 1,000 Indiana, and on that cold De homes where there were children with a deal within the next week." cember day reftolvcd to give up the lerlous sore throats suspicious cases. J. J. Fayel, superintendent of the Ragged Top 8haft: "The Hay Creek vested in buildings, the present state contemplated attack, for they bad gy that henceforth the priest who allows them for church purposes or accepts Into the church treasury money proceeding from them will lay himself open to suspension. Holy Terror, at Keystone, while In thli coal landa, located near Belle Fourcbe, The appearance ot five red flags fright oned people considerably until (hey house, a frame structure, having been made a careful recoaaioseure ot the place. "Dead-Arm" however, resolved WINTER city yesterday forenoon, received word are attracting some attention again. A donated to the state by the city of by telephone that an accident occurred realised that the flags meant only suspicion and not real diphtheria. No coal expert claims to have discovered Pierre. At any rate, the question will to make the venture, and taunted You will please make known this pro In the mine vesterday morning which hla comrades upon thwr cowardice. hibitlon to your people. a method whereby coke can be made ot thla coal at a very email expense. probably be authorized to be submitted to the people at the election In 1900, GR caused the death ot a mine carpenter Yours very sincerely, THOS. O'GORMAN. named Wm. Llntx. Mr. Fayie was un The Indications are that somebody ta school waa held yesterday and will not be for at leaat a few days. There Is no reason to fear that an epidemic will result, especially aa such care le tolng and tha next legislature will be con He aald, "You have called ae a woman aad aald that my only weapon should be a squaw-knlfe; I will get the pale able to ascertain full particulars, but REV. T. F. BURKE. Deadwod, S. D. preparing to put up smelt s aad is caatlng about fw a liberal aupply ot fronted with this perplexing question, which has come up for consideration sta:?c faces' horses, aad all that I aak, ta that The Rev. pastor stated that he held taken to check the apread of the die learned that Lints and another carpen ter named At Oaborn, were together coke." at every session since the state was you, ta ths shelter cowards tabs, cover ease. Some may be Inclined to ques no fairs, picnics w soctablee of any kind since he enme to Dead wood and PURCHASERS. upon the cage when the accident oc organised. my back coming." He made the ef The Caaaiae Gold Mining. Milling tlon the need ot auch rigid quarantine fort aad bad about succeeded, despite and Investment company, ot Brookings received no moneys from any such curred. They were at the bottom of the shaft 650 fiet deep, and gave the but the board Is acting upon the assumption that ' an ounce of prevention POP. NEWSPAPER TRUST. the vigilant guard which was being S. D baa been Incorporated with a cap source and '.hat as far as he waa con signal to the enf lneer to holat them to kept; aa unlucky stumble, a stream ot Ital stock of 81,000,000, with hn D, cerned the warning of suspension was la worth a pound of cure." the 400 level. They had no light ant Pierre. 8. D.. Feb. 1 Special: The fire, followed by leaden meeaengera ot Larson. J. E. Tlbbltta. Geo. T. McElroy unnecessary. He, the pastor, then read from his cash book an Itemised ac- Mr. Osborn Is at a loss to know what DODullst newspaper trust which has death, and the poor, crippled Indian J. F. Nelson and Matthew Wlnaey In KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. ATTENTION caused the death of his comrade. When boy received the reward for whtcb be corporators. This company will oper countot the entire receipts and disburse Can boy their winter's aupplie of Groceries, TEAS, COFFEES, PROVISIONS, ETC. . . .. .. .. At tha low prices current before the advance occasioned by tne Dingley bill. Ererything except FLOUR and BUQAS at the old prices the cage was stopped and a light was Just been formod in thla state, Is one of the most formidable organizations within the borders ot South Dakota. sought a warrior's death. In looking ate the gold discoveries along the Jim ments of the funds of the corporation Regular conclave of Dakota Com' river, made recently. of the St. Ambrose church since he brought Lints was found dead lying upon hie face on the cage. There were over bla effects after the tumult &ad passed. It was "ound that be was well mandery No. I K. T, this Wedneaday evening Feb. J. 1898. All Sir Knights There, are thirty-five newspapers In the combine, under the leadership ot T. H. o o o ) V ( ( ) o V o ( 3 c j i c ! i 1 i 1 no marka upon him and It Is believed that the death waa caused tromheart requested to attend. By order of E. C. acquainted with the arts ot civilization, and bad ever present with him a supply of D. W. McBrayer whisky, the Madison, 3. D. Outlook: "John Orator, a Madison boy who haa been gold mining ta Alaska for the past eight years, arrived at Portlaad oa Wednesday, from Alaska, with 14 900 tn gold OEO. V. AYRES, Rec. Ayres, private secretary to Oov. Lee. R. E. Dowdeil, state oil Inspector, and J. H. Klpp. state Insurance commissioner. Each one of these gentlemen disease. Howaver. It will require a post mortem to determine. Deceased waa about 40 years of age. single, and same brand sold by Joba Tlerney ot the Bodega saloon, Deadwood. dust tn his grip, Joba has made ev TROUBLE IN DARKTOWN. has resided n the Black Hills a num la an appolntie of Gov. Lee, and each came to DeaJ'vood. Jan. IS. '9? to Jan. 1, 1898. Ha 4tated the church, grounds and graveyard and all property belong lng to said corporation la now free of all mortgages, debts and encumbrances of any kind. The receipts from all sources for the year were tl.B70.88; din bursementa for the year were $1,213.80 leaving a residue of $365.08 for the pas tor's salary or the year 1897. The statement waa audited by the two lay trustees Messrs. J. P. Laffey and Barney Mullen and waa found to be cor eral visits home since first going to Charlie Bkalea, known aa Klondike ber of years, uavlng at one time wora la the publlsner of a weekly newspa MASTER BUILDERS. Bill" the colored newsdealer, aad Al ed at the Homestake. Mr. Fayle ac Alaska, the last one about two years ago. Hla mines are near Circle City, Grant, also colored, got Into an alter A meeting of the Matter Builders comnanled by Mine Inspector Terry, per. Under the arrangement just completed, the Insurance statements, the publication of which amounts to about la American territory, about 150 miles I Asaoeiattoa will be bald at Its rooms. cation In Ben Simpson's saloon jester went down to Keystone on the B. k from Dawson City. He will doubtless I Wednesday evening. Fab. 1 A futi at- day forenoon, resulting In tha men com J Li 0 w w m w y i k l d w w L-3 M. train to make an Inveatlgation. 14,000 a year, Is to be divided up among soon be In Madison." lng to blowa and Bkalea subbing the subscribers to the trust aa an in tendance ta requested aa business Importance will come as for action. Life la a mining camp will be care TO OUR CUSTOMERS. ducenunt for them to come Into the rect. A. C. HORNBEROER, PROF. 2Iezt Door to PctoCc3s Grant in the tack with a pea-knife. They became iitolvcd la a dispute over the merits ot Klondike district Bill fully portrayed by a section of a mine By order ot tha president a. VL BOkst Eta, at the Traas-Mlaalaalppt Exposition, deal. It la the purpose of the trust to print tha same matter in all the newspapers, the copy for which la to be pro- Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is the DISSOLUTION NOTICE. I maintaining that It Is the richest dis shewing the cross-drifts aad ore cham trict ever known, while Al loyal to THS MODXRM WAY. best syrup we have ever used ourselves or In our families. W. H. King. Isaac Tided by Mr. Ayres. and nothing la to hla own country. Instated that Klon ( ammeads itself to the well-informed appear without his approval. P. King and many others In this vicinity, have also pronounced It the beet to do pleasantly aad e If actually what Th s hcldi good for a ahort time only. with 1 all new goods purchased the aviratio must be bers la natural rock formation, with attendants, miners aad driUmea at work, together with the mining laiupa. little tramway cars laden with ore, and all the accessories of this pbase of mla lng life, says the Ragged Top Shaft waa formerly done la the crudest man A RUSH TO KLONDIKE. All we want ta for people to try It and added. ner aad disagreeably as well To dike waan't In it with tha Black Kills. The weapon was a small pen-knife and the blade penetrated tha Sean about half an Inch, so the wound la not considered serious. Bkalea was (wrested aad give bonds la the sua of 2S0 for The copartnership heretofore existing between Walter Joy and Fred Mo-sher, sssayers, is this day dissolved by mutual consent Mr. Joy will collect all bills due said firm and will pay all accounts due by it WALTER JOT, FRED MOSHER. Bewd, Jam. , ltM. l-- J cleanse the system aad break up eoida. Portland. Ore.. Feb. 1 Special: Oen s lb. Tbe dlsplsy win be of aa ex inordinary headaches, and fevers without nsph Cr Cfiy Tl iMpifC If f WMi. tMLl III li.WHj. LJ I they will be convinced. Upon honor, there ta no better that we have ever tried, and we bare used many kinds. It A. BLAKE A ION. Oeneral Mer-ehaalB. m Tsn Tk. kind, Illustrative of tha discovery aad aat aftar eStcta, t tbe deSlsUM Ma Mmlam, commanding the department of the Columbia, Is working out a plan to ascertain ths number of people aad hla appearance at 10 o'clock this mora ths mining tor gold In all Its phases uid laxative remedy. Cyrus of Figs. las before JuiUee Early. aad braaciaa, from the original aad .Mads by Gsliera!a Tig Cyras Co. w v j S f - V . f , ' us- aw -war igr tbw ""a- itpr -jr stic

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