The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 1, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 1, 1898
Page 4
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0 THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1. 1CC3. It eje4Ss "(Jafeaelpi F 1 FT ' J i 1 Rooftrg. Job snd rrpslr work of all kinds don the Rd AbtII Tin Shop. All cirnrr!1. Dr. fianti. rtnttst. otw oenthal's clothing etorf. CROWN AND BRIDT3E WORK. - -Clppn for Bne 'thoea.' Before coutrsrtlng for a winter's coal supply. e Paul Rvwnan at the electric light station. CATARRH IN TUX HEAD, that truuLlesume and disgusting dmsei, may be eaUrsly cured by a thorough n n Main -? Ill',1' ME have just completed1 our annual inventory, Zipp can St aay foot to perfection. BLOOM GIVES BETTER VALUlf FOR YOUR MONEY THAN ANY OTHER HOUSE. STEARN S DIAMOND COAL IS THE BEST. If yoa wast tha beat of meats call at Fargo' market la the First ward We have oysters, fish, celery, pouitx and everything la th market, W will pleas you evtry Urn. tf. lVKXalOfeY. ULa.AHI.rtu. fcaough odd aad ends la Men's Shins colored bosom Kd white body, la give you a good pick at n-"'"-lurer'a prices. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. BLOOM 8 THE MOST REUABLA and commencing. 22 YEARS. Monday, January 1798 We will Sell Goods at Of Constantly Increaiing Bosltss in not ths rtsalt of aooldtntor Oood Lack. 22 YEARS Of stadfat adharinoa of ths principles of Quality First of opens! faod, clean oat, nnmatchabl Prioaa oa oar UNION MADE CLOTHING OrtraZIi and ahlrta of starling? marit htva brought thia ratult and success. WE MOW OFFER At Greatly Eeduoed Prices all .... . Heavy Clothing:, Boys Clothing:, Working men's Pants and Shirts, Blankets, Gloves, Uittens and Caps. Also Our Entire Line of ... . WOOLEN UNDERWEAR AND HOSIERY, But tha Grandest Offer of tha year is our Closing sale of Ovcroccito 2& Uetstors, Per Hon cmd Cojo. It Unows no Equal. We Aim to Please and. do it. Actual To Clear our shelves for the Early Spring Trade. tiU mm m mi ft fifsj 22 Fipoi Rational Qant wiJ I --M aatalllaila,ck 1870. Street, Deadwood, THE POPULAR OILMORE. The ever popular Ollmore Is to be made more popular by a new management today. Carl Blank, a hotel man of wide experience and success will assume control todsy and will mora than maintain the well earnsd popularity of the house. Mr. Elank has had charge of some of the best hotels n ths cities, latterly of the Commercial of Sturgis, where he scored a success, lie will set ths best table in the city and the rooms are best furnished, lighted and heated. The rates will be $25 per month, meal tickets 4.50. Single meal 25 cents and they will be the beet la the city. NEW STRIKE IN TWO BIT. Monday morning while the workmen on the High Ball lode, situated about 2,000 feet southwest of the Hercules, the miners la clearing ttie face of ths tunnsl after shooting ssveral holes, were surprlaed tc find that th rock which they picked up, literally aparkl ed with free gold. It waa not expected that such a strike would be mads in ths present workings, aa most of ths ore encountered waa slllclous In character aad showed very little of its value la tha aatlve stats; but ons of ths most pleasing aad gratifying discover ies waa a two gallon Jug of old McBry sr whisky, which had been left la the tunnel by a party of visitors a fsw day before. It came from John Tlerney'e famous resort, the Bcdsga. la Dead wood, and tha fact that it had been left there was the merest of accidents as the parties to whom It flrst belonged, were very anxious to recover It However, those who found the McBrayer, sampled It and one taste was sufficient. for them to lay claim to it aad to keep It TO THE LADIES, la tea day w wUl opea three thou saad dollara worth of fresh asw dr goods, and will be pleased l have rot. ceil aad get price, at Chase's where thayiaU aheap, South VUla street Dasdweag. TO THE LADIES. For the latest dealgac la embroidery, Bulgarian tea cloths aad ptllowa. Ham-moa Xaowltoa Co'a wash silks, Ty-rlaa ays, sail at 1U Noble Block, Lee-sons gtvea ta art needle work. Stamping done. 1-ao-tt CONCERT AND CONVENTION. No oaa should fall to be present at the eoaeert aad Old Vails' Convection to be gives at the Opera Bona Feb. 4, The very beat talent la tha city has beea secured aad th entetalaaMat will surpass earthing Uvea la this elty by local talent Messrs Baldy. Tecart. Lamaosu Raa. ifaoL OrtaMhaw. Mra. Earner. Mrs. Saras aad the Misses Bennett and Clemens will an near ua the sraaran besides Sophia BtucknpJoeechlne Jaae a?ea, Roeallla Abljal Hodge, Beeale Bobuett aad many others whoee names will appear Uuer. TVkcta will be oa le at rUhela Beeear. Reserved eeata, AdiBl wIoa M rvata. CAPITAL WAMTLD FOIL A STAMP MILL. Tia awaori cf a wall rnowi aad val. aahle feeo-atOlla aroiert?. eltneted oa Cmdwood rsJaa, dactr to arraaf xi sssst ete to ret a tea. twaay or Cy-ctftxp saUl oa the yreertjr tor aa tntsmt fci tha g&isa, Par garget-fca Ktra tt ?, FcrrtKsri or a S. D. i I Don't Fcrcl That you oaa buy a Cheap at tha GiTY umn Am any place in tha mil. We Quota you tho foliowirj Prices: Millet, per ton Ill as Nsbraaka Hay, per toa Corn, per hundred rg OaU, per hundred ti Braa, pr hundred rt Short, per hundred eg Chopped reed, per hundred.. .. 21 Wa also hare a fine Lisa el tlaata which cannot ba bes.1 at tha following prioas: Ham, pee lb Booo. Per lb Cookrd Ham, per lb xjj Mt Pork. pr lb K Lard, small palls i, Urd, large palU 4 Aleo large fresh line of butter, enrrsa eoss ans POULTRY. At lowest market prUea. We are loeaW at OS themes Btreet aad ear telephone ta Co. rS Harrison. o&uia m.h..., - part of tha City or Salt rroayt. AND Brewer Henry II k Mfci Wishes te aaaouaea Li a - that oa or about Pebruary loth, ka a J opea a flrst class metroeeutaa - - house U the rooms formerly oeew:' 9 by a Nelson, aext to Aaerieaa MaCca al Baak. Ha wUl keep ta stock aay awul. J Instrument ftaaa a Jewa-karp to a chorea p(peorgaa. One halt ed C !a pleasaat store room will be eoeri by PlKhel Co, whU the ether wa be loaded from flaor to selling with every thing la the made Pae by Mr. e LU-Ugaoa. H also make a iMeiii' mt tuains, toaeing aad regalatlag, aad te- pavug au uada of asaskaal laatrv meats. Give kla a call aad be eoi-i,A that ae aot oahy keese a ea. meat bat ta elta sjastar art. TO VK1 PTJSLK5. Daw trtoais: I oaiy wtii a rar that tlH ta t . best Cr to sa a C;U Cc's r t la. c-8 ra au rt et a a t. , j i tea Lfit. Tt OF DEADWOOD, T7aaJ.tedL States CASH PAX UT, $100,000 course of Hood's Sarsapsnlla, ths great blood purifier. HOOD'S PILLS cure aauaea, atck headache, Ind.gestiua, biUlousaiss. AU drugglau. Sea. The Palace Cafe, Lee street. C. L, Slewers repairs safes, locks, guns, bicycles, trunks, 'cutlery, etc. Th Orand Central lodging houaa (OTer Zoeckler's market) has been put In first class shape and Is bow under the management of Mra. Kunaa. Oood clean beds 26 and I cents. tf For elegant slippers go to ZIpp's. Home made apple butter and mince meat. 1c pint Maaon Jars, at Dead wood Cash Oroce?y. For tbe best meals, as much aa you want and just what you want, go to tha Palace Cafe on Lee street CLEARANCE SALS Of InTJBtorled Odds and Ends la Men's Trousers, great values, faahloa-able goods and Immensely reduced prices. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. TRT STEARN S DIAMOND COAL, HAVE YOU GOT THE KLONDIKE FEVER? IF YOU HAVE BUY fV WORTH AT BLOOM'S AND OET A CHANCE IN FREE TRANSPORTATION. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN TOWN. Freeh cut Sowers and floral designs for any occasion at Mra Llebmann's. f The Palace Cafe, Lee street. The best druggist In the city now owns Stsln's store. Olvs him a call and you will be convinced. tf The Bradly-Martin ball of N. Y. was tha society event of 1897. Tha opening ballot tha Olympic Club of Deadwood. will be the Recherche event of mi. We are prepared for tha occasion. Full dress suits, satin lined and tha very lrtest suta, full dress nackwear.fuQ drees shirts. The very latest la collars, and tha new style link cuffs for draaa wear. Patent leather shoes, dancing pomps.rull dress chsst protectors, SSsw!t-aMek everything guaranteed strictly up-to-date. At BLOOMS'. )BD9 AND ENDS Of our Inventory la men'a suits at a saving of SO cents on tha dollar to ba Immediately closed out. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. Ths low prices on tinware and stoves being made by the Red Anvil, are tor thepurpose of reducing their immense stock before stock taking. Tha qua'.l-ty is the beet No "racket store" goods. Havt you tried the new Swan's Down Flour. There la nothing to equal it Try a sack ad you will use no other. Sold by all grocers la Deadwood. DON'T GST LEFT, IF TOU HAVE NOT GOT A TICKET IN BLOOM'S KLONDIKE ENTERPRISE BUY W.00 WORTH AND GET A CHANCE OF A FREE TRIP TO THE KLONDIKE. Mra. &. C. Bevnar d will give lessons la art needle work at her home, II Stewart street, oa Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, instead of at tha Bullock hotel aa heretofore. ARB YOU GOING TO THE KLON DIKE THIS SPRING? IF SO BUY 12.00 WORTH AT BLOOM'S. YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO OO WITHOUT ITS COSTXNO YOU A CENT. "ALWAYS TOO LATE" W1U be the refrain If you take not jdvaatago of tho Inventory Clearance Sale at oaee. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. That settles It tor ma 111 pay cask and trade at leases after this. If 1 had dona It for the last two years. I would havs saved money enough to have bought a hoaae and lot Oh you needn't tell me they sell cheap goeda They have good goods aad they seP cheap. What do yoa know about what they keepf Ton say you havnt beta there. I have, aad they sell M per cent lees than any other house. STEARNS DIAMOND COAL IS THE BEST. Speaking of bargains, if that Cases down on Mala street is not giving thea no on la It will pay on to go ther If they don't want more thea two bits worth, and thsy have good goods, too. If you dont believe It go aad see. ANNUALLY. After taking Inventory we dispose of all our odda aad ends. We have big values In a taw overcoats. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. The neweet. most nobby. latest style aad best mak of shoe for geeta, ladles, misses, boys, children aad Infant for lee money tha before. Now en sal at Chase, where they sell cheap. "Money Is a little magadae published la New York, but It cannot tell yoa aay mora about spending or saving mosey t&aft I ran because tha Ark la tha pUc r saea4 It aad save it, too. 1 sejfcj 4ssj .esswsasssfc - i i A Pioneer-Tlmea man was graciously permitted to witness a rehearsal of the Old Maids' Convention last night, aad has no hesitation la saying that it will be the most enjoyable evnt of th kind ver presented. The best local talent of the city ha baaa engaged and tha opportunities tor wit, humor, pathoe, eong aad dance are unlimited. The visit of C. B. Q. and B. M. officials to tho city Sunday will result In large yards and switches being buUt in the First ward. The division superintendent and local agent told the offi cials plainly that they were unable to satisfactorily handle tbe business with the present facilities. Ths base ball park and ths Urge holdings of the B. ft M. on ths flat will be covered over with tracks. C. B. Fawkner, of Chicago, of th Postal department secret service arrived Sunday to attend United States court. While here Mr. Fawkner will msks sn Investigation, under Instructions of th department, as a basis for the proposed free delivery ayetem. Mr. Fswkner Is in favor of free delivery where cities ars entitle! to It and informs us that It Is a great advantage, particularly to the residence portion. He says It will be difficult to district Deadwood. but will use tbe utmoet care in doing so. In county court yeeterdsy W. L. McLaughlin, attornsy for Mrs. Schroeder, who is s slater of Mrs. Coetello. filed an application for the removal of Mr. Coetello a administrator of th eststs of Hugh McGovern. deceased. Thegrounds for this sppilcstlon were, that Mrs. Schroeder wat entitled to an Interest In the estate and that Mrs. Coetello. wife of the adminlstrstor, claimed the entire property. O. C. Moody, attorney for Mr. Coetello, demurred to the application, but was overruled and a hear ing set for February 12th. Again the Ploneer-Tlmes urges ths city council to build a fsncs or aom sort of protection that will prevsnt team and vehicles from going over the hill on th 8pearflsh road where the ae cldent occurred Sunday evening. Th coat would be but a trifle. Posts and two rails would be sufficient aad would be a protection to the life of those who travel that road. There la no doubt but that the ladles who were hurt Bun day evening have a strong ease against the city. Ae a matter of business, to say nothing of tho humanitarian sld of th qusstlon, a tnc will coat less than a lawsuit Henry Robinson, the pioneer undertaker, started on the R M. train ysstsrday for Seattle. Washington, from which place he contemplates taking th flrat steamer for Dyea en route to th Klondike gold mines. Mr. Robin eon cam to the Black HUla la Fsbru ary 1171 and ha- resided in Deadwood since April of the same year. He has been engaged fa the undertaking bus! nees for a great many year during which time he baa attended over Ml funerals. He has boa superintendent of Mount Morlah cemetery ever since the flrst formation of the Deadwood Cemetery Association and under his care Mount Morlah cemetery has I ten transformed from a briar patch into a garden From this office he has resign ed and his eon Charles H. Robinson has been appointed to All the vacancy, His undertaking buslnees will still be carried oa the same aa usual by his son and partner. C. H. Robinson. A special train consisting of three elegant boudoir cars arrived over the Burlington at 11:41 Sunday afternoon. The passengers were Prldnt C E. Perkins, of th C. B A Q. system, JcCu L. Gardner of Boston, a director, F. W. Blythe, of Burlington, gansral solicitor Gen. C. F. Manderson, attorasy general of the B. 4 M.. General Manager Geo. W. Holdrege. of the B. A M.. General Superintendent T. E. Calvert aad Di vision Superintendent J. R Phelaa. The officials were taken to tha D. A D. smelter. Ooldea Reward and Cyan ide plants and devoted about two hours to Inspecting the company' property and conferring with local officials. Thay left at I o'clock aa rola for a trip over the Montana Una President Perkins and party are making a tour of Inspection over the entire Burlington system, which la expected of them about thia tla of th year, prior to the annual meeting of directs a tn ltta of thl month. Thay assured a r porter of th Ploneer-Tlme that aa yet there la nothing definite concern-leg the extension of the narrow gang to Two Bit. th building of a new lia cut of the Hill by way of Dumoat aad Newcastle aad several other project of which there has been more or lea talk. Of the reported change of time they ta-formed aa the management has mea-d ae decision. Thia matter depeads wholly apoa th actloa of the North- era Pacific. The Burlington company has decided however, to restore, ttt that Denver train, which will cat tha time from Chicago to Denver to 21 hours. Tha Tatars Inform ca that bstsaa haa.baea steadily laoreaatac through out tha eouatry aad tha prospect are favorafcl tor much bettor ttmea. They thfek tha Rack ESli la ossl!"? to t&o sat rcsArhahly aad wCl goai cstsa HOUaa; IN DfeJLDWOUU. Mr. Italdy will lug at the concert aad Old Maids' Convention, Feb. A No on should fail to hear Messre. regarty aad Orlmshaw at the concert, Fb. 1 It l not often that a physician recom mends a patent medicine; warn he does, you may know that it is a good one. Dr. J. P. Cleveland, .asgow, Va. wrltee: "1 have used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Dlarrhaa Rsmsdy In my practice and It has proven to be aa eicUlent remedy, where a thorough course of medicine has failed with ma I recommend It to my patients every time for cholic or diarrhoea.' Many other progressive physicians recommend and use this remedy, because It always cure and cure quickly. Oet a bottle and you will havs aa excellent doctor In th house, tor all bowel com plaints, both for children and adults. Miss Ida Clsmens will give a reading with piano and vocal accompaniment by Mlee Bennett and Mr. Lameon, at th Old Maids' Convention, Feb. 4. Do not miss hearing this talented lady. Tickets for the concert and Old Maids' Convention are now on sale at FUbel's Boxaar. This entertainment will be the very beet that home talent bae ever given In this city and thsrs should be a large audience, as ths object !e a most worthy one. Reserved seats SO cents. For eoaL see Paul Rewma. SEAL VALUES. With little) ado art disposed' of during our annual Inventory Clearing Salt Immense Bargains in Underwear. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. See the Syndicate restaurant advertisement In thea eolumna Claud A. Rosslgnol at the Opera House. Feb. 4. Do not fall to hear him. Mr. Ortmshsw will sing at ths con cert at tha Opera House next Friday alght trwanted By a lady, work by ths day. Enquire opposite B. A M. freight depot CFor Rent House on Taylor At., snqulrs at Phillip's Pharmacy. tf. Mra J. C. Moody and son left on yes-terday's B. AM. for a two months' visit with thslr parents and grandparents at Perry, Oklahoma. Dr. Paddock was called to Galena Sunday night ta see Mr. Morgan who waa seriously U but was greatly im proved yesterday. Th ladle who mad such a brilliant success of ths female minstrels wlU mak a more striking success of the Old Maids' Convention. Some genuine surprises are In store for the audience. Dr. Paddock was called to Bouldtr Park ysstsrday afternoon to attend a man named Frank Eberly. He found Eberly In a critical condition, he says there is no question that he is Insane. Mr. Eberly's friends talked of bring ing him to Deadwood to be treated at the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas had a "house-warming" at their elegant new home on Ingleslde Saturday evening. Eight couplea of their chosen friends were present and ths evening was delight fully passed at playing whist Elsgant refreshments were served and those present report a very pleasant time. Fay Mellette, who ha been lncueto- dy about a wk for robbing Dan Mc Lain of 1470, was taken before Justice Early yesterday for a hearing. She waived examination and waa bound over to the grand jury in 01,000 bonds, la default of which, she Is looking through ths gratings on ths windows of the county Jell from the inside. H. K. Rua yeeterdsy received a telegram from Hot Springs stating that Anions Nslson, an old tlmsr In ths Black Hills, had died at that place yes terday morning from Brlght's disease. Mr. Nelson waa about 10 years of age and came to this country with Mr. Rua about 25 year ago. He had been in the Black Kills twenty years, eighteen of which he epent In the Southern Hills following mining. Hs had ao family and no relatives in America. Mr. Nelson belonged to the I. O. O. F. lodge at Custer, under whose auspices he will be burled, probably at the Springe. Mr. Rua went down to th Spring' yesterday aad expected to meet a delegation at Custer AVeVdod Highest tlooora World's Fair, Gold Kaixl, Midwinter Pair. rAriKj tin - fcwAwiMi , m " 1 Wrt'LAiLJ V 0. I. IAUU0BT, T i UlUKlt, r. K. HP4HU, t. A. OOBHOMT." D. A. MafHKKaOM. TMmM X. t. aua I toMM OMtor . a. DtlMAM 3C Cost. LEADER OF X, Low Prices 1 11 111 mi mt 8QUTH DAKOTA 3De-poetor- IUMWI, $160,000 ROUIID OAK the Leg It you certain. ANHEUSER-BUSCH. ST. LOUIS AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE ASK FOR IT. Iron, steel, powder, caps, tuaa and all mining and blacfcamlth suppllee at the Red Anvil. J. H. Oraham. D. D. 8., dental parlor over Flrat National bank. Dead-wood. Crown and bridge work a specialty. "Sophia Stuckup" will tell you aoma-thing about women's rlghu at tha old maids convention, opara houaa. Feb.. Do you suffsr from a long standing or nervous disease, aa rheumatism. St. Vitus dance, asthma, catarrh, summer Ing, goiter, piles, ate? The doctor, formerly of Chicago, having experience In the relief of theee diseases, cures them.' Consultation free and confidential at Ollmore House, Wednesday, Fob. 2nd, from 1 to I p. m. DR. L. MILLER. Oet your tickets for tha 31d Maids' Contention at the Opera Houaa Feb. i Curtain will rise promptly at I p. ta. Sea the Syndicate restaurant'a B31 of Far slsswher la the columns. See Paul Rewmaa about Sheridan coal before placing your orders. Prof. Makeover at tha Opera Houaa, Fab. 4. 1 3 8 POULbu II You will be if you buy anything but g the Genuine tih th world with our enormous output of gold. Eastern people are just commencing to realise that there are nut noaathilltlea and a aromlalna (field for Investment here. Th official are pleased with their business here and are always delighted when they can make Deadwood a visit Talmage's new wife being No. 2, he can hold a first-class Mormoa rs union ta the hereafter. TERRY NEWS NOTES. M. F. Comer la the lateet victim of the Workmea lodge, having been Initiated last Tuesday oenlng. Mike Is moat too good aatured to ride the ua-ruly goat, and being a little the largest and ieve'est hsaded man In town th members thought it would be a practical idea to yoke Mike aad the goat togsthsr and initiate them both. A this was the flrst Mm th goat had ver been worked double he Aid not ua-deatend his part of the program. Tha goat mads a start aad flaw around th lodge room like a flash of greased lightning, aad Kike let a whoop oat of him shouting "heed us off, we ere running away I " By the time the newly made acquaint sn esse aad boon oompaa ions had enolroled the room three times and MlkVa tongue beoaa to hang out the members tried to atop thea by catching hold of II Ike, whea he hoarsely shouted, "hold the goat. Ill ataad." News. Th Delaware steel shaft house and hoisting plant hav thia week been completed, th experts employed la the construction returning to Pittsburg oa Wednesday. Ths shaft 1? bow dowa about ISO feet aad Superintendent Rod da is pushing th work aa rapidly aa possible. -Record. While Tho. Hurlsy, abift boat at th Tornado, waa making his rounds on Monday, he approached rather close to a workman who waa vigorously wielding a pick aad waa struck oa th head, receiving aa ugly scalp woar-d. -Record. The Newe has it from good authority that Hob, R. H. Lilly has associated himself with a number of eastern pl taltsta, aad will Immediately eometeaos purchasing mining property ta Ruby Basin and around Two Bit vlth a view to extensive development work. News ADVERTISED LETTERS. eBBMmeaBB List of letters remaining aaealled for at Deadwood. 8. D., P. O., Saturday, January 2t. 1222. CENT'S LIST. Afrehamaoa. H. Kilbride, Deal. Berg. A. O. Mataoa, lraak Burns, Robert B. MeLelland, John I B rugger, Prank I McDoaough, W. 8. Chapman, Martin Newman, Johnnie Ekla. Chaa. A. Perry, Bert Harlow. 1. H. Paige, Walter Kitton, George Emit, A. Hoover. E. A. Sautherlaad. Obi Johaaoa, Carl 2 Wataoa, James Johnsoa, Ed. Wiley, W. H. ICoellrtde, It Woodward, W. J. Kelly. & a Wheeler, W. K LADIES' LIST. Boyd, Mrs. Jeaale Msllsgne, Aaar. P. Brecht Mra. J. B. MoCord. Mra. Mattl Becaett, Mrs, Joha O'Brien. Mrs, Vera Bay. Mrs. Mlda W. Rtbm. Mis Bad: CuanoU. Mm Matt Simpson. Mia liopt rrteL Miss Kami tTaera, Mlaa Benelo Lovet. Mies LeaalaYeale, Mra May Parties eaffltt tor any of ths ahova will give data of advarUasmsaL Suaday Oeeeral deUvery la opea from II to 1 o'clock. It or&A9. P. U. 0 o o 0 0 o DEGUVJiTIl Bee the Name on want to be BOLD ONLY BY 0 0 0 0 HARDWARE CO. 0 DEADWOOD. SOUTH DAKOTA g tl .A. J. .A. .A. .A. A A A J. l .A. J . DAILY PIONEER-TIMES Catered u sotmd-las matter at ths Deadwood Boewffloe THE CITY. Say stranger, 10 Deadwood doa't overlook the fact that you oaa gt the beet meal la th country for 21 casta at th Falac Cat, on Laa street Oo to McQILL'S tor HAT. ORAIN. aad ROCK SPRINGS and DEER CREEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Tel-epboae No. 114. Veterinarian Treaty atienda Deed-wood the flrst Taaaday of aacU month. Telephone Ft. Meade, A caatomar said:" I have had tha baat maat aiaea I have been baying of Parso, that I havs had for a yier." Mra. Weymaa. at the Wilt Houaa, la neir prepared to furnish flust-claes borne table board at modaraia rate. AJm well faraiebed. comfortable rooms. Do not rail to haw Josephine Jaaa Greea, prealat Toun Ln", fllnil ElatHdaaM Society at U a opara house Friday araaJa rab. 4. EXD1! POLS tf tha fcrcriU b av C7 caihartie aal brer aulsa Pike S3 aaota ...... ..

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