The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 30, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1900
Page 1
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T The PlONEEfc Daily IMES. -221 ii:.I)V(iiii, S. I), i i:l.A-K II1I.LS FKID.W M(JKX1N(; MARCH I'ioo. 24th YKAK- ' FIVE (MINTS. ra" w ill e.j on the Suiulat ami in ipiest ion .-t he testimony ot I'ark. t)ie i aa snari ' , at l-.c,! or not Monday Krain i:- 1R KRUGER not make ai.y poMtiw- st iT-tii-ni . lie-cause I do not intend to discourtesy to tin lourt of ai.peal's l.y antici WAITING FOR THE VERDICT TAYLOR INTENDS TO STAND PAT pating tln-ir , : ever, that tin thjit night, -titbd tha't i k that urank John Russ. Willi def' tld. lilt HiK k who te 11 stated in Tii who ami M I k i'rit-i'li-nt IJv.-nii-y.Ti statement that the trust -i mlil mt make a living if it met the i ut. ln aim, hi tie-in, nt that further jfl urt ii in of dividends, was possible, created picat excitement. The market liegan to drop, and tln-n rallied on &u ift i n orders, but at Ik o'clock another raid was made and it uropped In-low par. touc hing I isio-ip I Will xi . how-. Igt celliellt Mgl;e. )V tin- ic controversy gives me attorneys in th i tin- right to h Id the ottii e in anv lie- had not tin hiii! u i . 1 hat In diii not realize least idea who held wius so excitil that hi what was happening e state intfc'ATufecT two the supreme i oiirt and I shall und niliti e cut unt il on my title. passes Uly du AS COMMANDER at Is Feared in London That Kruger Will Succeed Gen. Joubert. 11 PMHNAfvninAni Taylor Will Hold Office Until the Supreme Court Renders a Decision. The Second Trial of Herbert Caddy Closed and Given to the Jury. : this " i I.OI ISYH.I.E March .: Spe, ial. In ii buttal.' tT new w it ii' s-s-s and. Maude testified that Karl' Kingsbury Hutler Kitig-.bury he came up th the HuHer residence The court of appeals will decide the gubeRiiatorial contest here this weR. The court is sitting hen-, where ther street from The Contest-Will be Decided by ' sa "" v ;IN'r"r ,,H wlJI n' ' I Ik- intc-refered wSth. herican war im i punuciu the Court of Appeals ! This Week. I The Jury Had Not Agreed on a erdict At a Late Hour Last Night. Brings Serious Charges Against Boers. Small Pox at-Vermil ion. YER.MIi.L10N. S. I . .March 29.--Special. A genuin- case of small po was discovered today by the physt pans of this ctiy. Ben Waterman: living four miles soihwcst of lure is the afflicted person, and hardly a place on his body ran be found as large as a quart -r which dues not show p.ox marks. His home has bce.i quarantined and' a close watch over the house is established. Ky.-ry pre caution iill be taken to diet k the spreading of the disease. Aid of Soldiers' Families. . l'lill.ADKU'HIA I'a.. March :! --Special. The proceeds of the concert given at the Academy of Music to night, by piominent citizens, will go towards raising a fund fcipMhe families of the American soldiers who lost their lives in the Philippines. Big Festival in Mon'raSl. MONTREAL. Marc h 29. Special A bigj, festival was given here tonight In which Mme. (iadski, Walter Damrosch, David MisphanV' and Oeorge Hamlin partii iiate,l. i Wall Paper! Wall Paper. Just received, the largest stock in town at SANDERSON'S, 3j Sherman St. (.(INDON. Man h :J!C Special- I in' 'yi of (Sem ral .louden and its profile effect m.nip'es the first place in l-Ol 1SYII.LE. Ky.. March -ic Spe-ial Taylor made a stateiin-nt today H-iidi uidicatiM! beyond a doubt thai la propose to hold the office of gov-it. or unta the supreme court of the i nitcil States h;us passed on his title 'With regard to wlnit 1 will do 1 will public Stt.-ntioa today. It is i that Knii-'i r will succeed Jou-m personal . omniand. which, it is Id vould mean a protraction ot me ffe. owinp ti his intense resolu- The case of the State against Uer-iiert I), faddy, indicted for robbery, chtsed and wa-s r,ien to the jurv last night at half past five. The testimony given on Ixith sides during the trial was very mm h the same a.s in the previous trial. Several new witns were introduced by the state and some new evidence was given uy tin- obi witnesses, but the defense remained practically the siuile. M. li Russell testified in addition to the t-stiinony pieviously given, that while struggling with Caddy in front .of, tie- bar. he heard a jingle ?is tho money and fcto fight ti the death. iS'noN. March -! . Special. The L serious indictment of the Beers on the morning of the Russdl hold-up. and, passing Carberry s place, noticed-a light wiigon with two men in it driving rapidly down the str-et. lie stopped aJaout fifteen or twenty fit t HlHive the alley on the south side ol the Carterry place and saw the team drne into the- alley and stop. He walked immediately up tortre Derby haing to go to work at six o'clock and noticed the tinie. h was ten m.n ates of four whcMi he got to the- Derby. He also testified that on the immiiii: of March L'Mh. tifJ n-paced. w ith an officer, the same distance, with his wan a inhis hand and found that it took him. just ele ven minutes.' Maude Hut lei corroborated his testimony in n c.,, fo being at their house and the hoiu at which he- left. Other important -evidence on both sides was substlnt ia!!y a 'reiietition of that given in the first trial. The srate offered no evi'flen. i in regard to the blood on the i 1, tnes. Messrs. Hayes and Rice, w ho appeared for the prosecution, and Missis. Frawley & Laffir for the defense, "made-strong arguments and Judge Moon-charged the jury as follows: THE .11 'DOE'S (TlAROK Oeiitlemen of the Jury - The defendant. Herbert .IV Caddy, stands be-, fore you, jointly indicted with one-Tin mas Carberry. for the crime of lobbcry. The indictment c harges that Herbert I . Caddy and Thomas Carberry on the 2!'th day of OctoU r. in the Year of Our lord one thousand eight hunlred and ninety-nine, at an 1 in imls of warfare whit h has ap- b-d in Kiiu'laiid. conies from Julian ph. the American war correspoir- l. in a letti r from Kimberley. )nn- 1 Prohibitionists M-eet. CRAM) RATIOS. Mich.. Mar. h Special The prohibition state convention opened hare today and will continue until the. Mis' pd in this morning's Daily Mail. tin part as follows, "He says that spoons were lie.injt dropped on the noor. Vlsi) that he told Dr. Allen while he ktwo republic!- are so only in name. Special March Safe! Medium Heavy Underwear that the I'.imts live in vile huts. iv have abii-'l the white thiR and THE KEY TO THE ORIENT. i ineva i Tnss in almost every bat- They havi looted hoiisi-s and 1m- I "I'thc wall.- of the lionn s of - kss Willi' ii with obscene writ- Driving Out Small Traders. . HICAGO. Man h L'!c - S-ci-il. A cess l-f'irt the sub-cimniitt"' of industrial otiltnission today nr-for an enactmint into national H- ('ountv of Lawrence and Stat-'' ot of the New York statute fiovernini; uitli Dakota, .end within the j.uris avagant statements in ne.vspn per 50e 75c A Big Seller Only All Wool Fleeced liotion of thin court then and tin-re lertising. The ujtnetis said that the rtment stores were ruiinnti small ijhmen by their untruthful adver- nts. He declared that siven s.'inil ntail merchant.s had Uen M out of business in Chicago alone the department stores. being, then and there from (he immediate presence and possession of one Michael IL Hiiss.ll. and against tin-will of him. the said Michael K Russell, five dollars in lawful si Tver uion-'y of the Cniteil States, of tho ..value of live dollars, unlawfully, wrongfully and feloniously did take and carry away, which said money; was at tin-time of said taking aforesaid the property of Michael H. Russell and Jerome V. Higbie. copartners doing business as Russell & H ngbie. ,and in the immediate presence and possession of the said Michael R. Russell, and which I ,1V i HiV-l!f.i" 1 . Everyone intending to travel should see our Trunk and Dress Cae Assortment, the Finest in the City and Prices the Lowest. French Steamer Sunk. ANTO HOMINCO. March t.-Spe--The Freiii h steamer d-ore with eighty, passengers anil a '" targo of cattle aboard, has pone id? bottom just outside this port, is believed that-several lives have 111 lost News of the disaster was kh' by the steamer New York. Eoscnichal's Palace. said taking of the said mom-v as al"ie said from tin immediate presence am possession ot him the said Muha. I R Russell, was then and t.ierc c i oin- t Continued on 1'agt- j.) i'h rendered assistance to tne The sunken vessel w as bound Cuba. ' ii. f, 'T'C5V I i J. Nl ' - - - - - " M V -. SET J Scaring Korea. ;AN'G HaI. China. March 20- Spe- 'The Korean situation is- critical. "wants outside Interferenc e to 4 THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Deadwood, South Dakota. - P rl ItSftlf aauinst DiiKsln'a en. After the Winter Is Over After your .feet are sore from wearing rubbers and key :lnient. Russia has demanded sission to lancl troops at visit of the. Russian fleet to t kff p 't " Int- ra"Jtan. A PEPOSITORY FOR THE r is for the nurtiose of. intiniidat- 'ne government. Summer on Long Island. CITV, COTJITTV and Find Fourteen Thousand Dollars. Pv YORK. March 29. Special. A Drafts and Letters of Credit OAKI'AI.K, I.. I . March . 2'.' .-Special. Workmen are engaged making HTiproM mcnts in.thfVountrv house of it-ar Admiral Nicoll I.udlow. in thi? place. Mrs. l.inHow and Mrs. i)ewey are sisters. pass book was discovered in a or dust covered nanerB in the citv overghoes. an 1 the thj tter' er shoes are pretty well worn and out of shape, you want to got a new pair. If we are correct, then come J Issued, Good, in All Parts of the World. was having his head dressed, between four and five in the morning, that he cewthojtart je. that .they were ei-cowltoys who lived near Slim lluttes and he could point them out to .the officers Dr. Allen, later on, testified to what Russell hail told him. John Tier-ticy testified that he was the fiwit per1 son in the saloon after the outcry by McFarlartd; that he found the room empty, the money drawers pulled out, and a little change scattered on the floor. He took charge of the place. Edward Cook. E. P. Had ley. and James n. Harris pointed out to the jury the place on Caddy's lody. where the red Inntba iat luin Wc Tiffia toatififwt 4 COLLECTTOXTS tier's offfce. The book contai'n-1 deposit credit for fourteen thous-. ollarg held' by the Brooklyn Trust Mny for a quarter of a century in the police reward funds. The J Attended to Promptly and Intelligently. Q' to turned over to the police - rTfcjjfjed a Candidate. ABERDEEN. S. P., March 29 Spe rial. Hon. Charles X. Herried has formally announced h-is candidacy for the republican nomination for governor of South Dakota. His friends claim that he is the- strongest and best man the HOSfrETTYTjniTXSHSD ' Wil1 Buy Danish West Indies. HINGTOV n r x.ah -q To anv t-xtcnt warranted hv l)orrovcrs t-xtcnt warranted by names ir coHaterals 4 i -v and that his-i . '. . . '. republicans could put up tnat tne defendants,' wnen cnarged Dy Jajties Frawley in Frnk Smith's sa loon about noon on Octooer Oth with Accounts Solicited and to us and we will please find ease you. We have received a fine stock of all i kinds of goods., for the spring season, aicd net only that, but to wear thruout the other seasons. Our shoes are well ma.le and comfortable, and low-in price. Yours for shoes, . John C, Haines I 'Be state department is pre-r te Present a treaty to the sen-7ldln8 for the purchase of the AWest Indies. The state depart-ir11 negotiaUng with Den-L rome Lme- The price is not U is believed it is in the Piood of four, millions. nomination is almost an assured fact Mr. Herried is considered to he well qualified for the position, and his record is such that no exceptions can lie taken" to him as a man or to his political life. Correspondence Ihvited. I carrying the marks of Mike 'Russell's ' Angers, exhibited extreme nervousness j and left shortly after without touching i the lunch he had ordered. ' - There was practically nothing new in ! the evidence for the defense except the Our l)ny experience' in "the Black Hills is at the service pi intending investors. i i in Stini- Griffin Court Martial. NEW YORK. March 29 Special The court martial of Captain "A. J. Y(jRK, March 29. Special. A DIRECTORS i Griffin of the Sixty-ninth regiment, be- unmn oi tne sixty-nintn regimen ben fK. iu sugar i bw Stock Exchange opened ld here tonight He is charged W. E. ADAMS. with introduction by Carberry of a notebook, showing in his own handwriting; a charge- of Jl against Summers on October 29; the evidence of Summers that be didnjt remeBaber -whether - be was working day or night shift on the 2snh, and couldnt. remember whether BEN BAER, Vlc Pre". , HARRIS FBANKWN. Pres. Wit. SELBIE, Cashier, - lM cot In price) Aueajrna, , v. tnuit, m mad, today. disobeying orders in failing to assemble his .command for muster out'. In February lat Incorporated.. 1 The No. 45 Main St, Dead wood, a D.

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