The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 10, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1900
Page 1
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D ri aily Pioneer-" ni. ack 1 1 1 i;im:si V, ( M 1 l. Vihl i i ' i: i i:ts. IE IMES. i!ir ar-'tiiii, ;it. a i lii'Uii,i.t! . A.'!i r I: 'jmhrid,.-. i,ur many ,,i -!); r.-poit th.a ii.. out :r Mr Hry.ui. S,nl;J tlllil tO M.J, t !),. ; , flees. ' OR VIOLATING ANTI-TRUST LAWS. CHINESE COURT GOING TO MOVE, ' n u in i'.'h il ai rows ft ftii i, Ii oops are order hut arc linablo 1 'i, it Sixteen arc now K! i'.iso aw ailing do- tnir-aa- the M, .. .,, pat rolhti.; th, to ke, i t h' III iimler at rest ortati"t) i .1- -ot ti.i'l - Vcfc ,.,. an, I,, late ('. I'ollev Miev on t!i, ni, eFlIlir DISCHARGED FOR POLITICS. BUILDING TRADES LOCKOUT ENDED. j Six of the Most Influential Unions Withdraw From Council. e c., n, of the Soldiers' Home. Guilty of Offensive Partit eiship. il. M.utin. v, iio i. s.. . ( Ith .1, Ii IV Will go Ihree Hundred Miles Further Back From Pekin t,n 0. Rockefeller and Other Oil Magnates Indicted in Texas. nig stun t addre.-.-. :-Mon. H. T. Coop, r state senator, ami didatet4states' at nblic ail ticket. T presided i,v, r by i committeeman for t r candidates pics. : kins, for state sctiat I ll Hill. ! if I eil'es. i didat-cs an, I ot her t.-oiisly looked aft, bv Jehu II Sk.;,M. Star In, ... (i ''ri . let Cl.'-D'M'O.'J ' ami Settle Affairs. VICTORIA. Jt c . (let :i Spc. ial. -Th, ! Mim i ii ion pm-i inn, nt has decid-eil to settle the ownership of its Klondike claim-, mail) ot win, h were never ttotkeil and are among the ri, hosl " ef ,'s, l) ri ,., . Th II, Linn, ( "OK Home 1 1 r t ili. ilia ii'i, 1 i a ii Sol, I.. .orii 'Ii f . ll.ll v. hi! at ; lot t I I .' , in i .. Mr. I: r I MARTIN AND BURKE TOMORROW. The State Will Protest Afj-iinst the Removal. ivernor Roosevelt Is Served With a Request for Agreements arc Signed Giving ' Men Better Wages and I Other Favors. ' The.r Date ,n Deadwood Has Been Cnanijer) to Thursday Night. '' ' i'. i a ; ' 1:1 a a. ( on. i ,.- snnm 1 ' i I i ' ' i ' ' l ! ,' '.: l' a u ea ml i ' ' ' ''if ,-.i:i i ,-i s h l;,!, ni,,. H a i; , t !,. ), e ,,, ,,. ,, ,(,,,,. ., t'i" ' l !,a!l (on o, : . , ,v n: ,t 'I'lieir -it hi I ,, . ,. h.i n I t'i , , i h , . ! ;;t , T lc- Ail.,intJ(i. Hi-- 1 1'h T. L 'I - 1'., ! 'IV' '.ill, 11! Tl, Tile llelilwoo.l hilll'l h.i.; i '" ' ': ' " 11 !.., ali i ' I I' ii'l'A I are i ai in--; ,1 to , cm., out to liear the 'l'!"A u :!! h, .it a fair iii.m- '11 of .... tssiles. Wit II IKK l- . I III. I H , l i to. :iff : ved a !' ,-.-rnor I;"-1 a D. J(. : ami oi ii- : I t ,,.! III. i . i i , ; v. tile t ill fi eai tin i lie lit - e III. -II i :e Sj.e, ,ai I he 1 ..ill eicllllV. Tea-. i At t a, lit ion up. ,;i . , it fn.j.'iy, (ailing lor , ;i,r. Henry M. Flair -i.iiid.ird Oil directors. . Ha nt s ;i ir;i i ii s t. t lit -in violation of the anti- -, ell tooli t lie request lit. I i"in; In, ; i in i ,,. ill .-tiuii eie t-s, till -' iinnins will t null's i oun, il im, with com facto:.--, belli- wanjes an,) r their i on, lit ion. ,i 1 1 ' si , I ' ' Ii of th, ,1 ll'l 1 11 W s imi a?: i . uftiii;? th intr to off, the -t'f's lionost partisanship fcre are m M , K::il, Texas f pin, In- e .Mai t in. I c,, the rati, ati'l the 11.111) main!. nit hull Mi- V otherwise lietlellll v Ii haw ktlaws. i; Bryan Called Jlown, th :bl !,r aih i.---:i i M ;i i ( , i"ll, ol a n pel i on . Messrs Martin an, I en a sileii,li,l n tin stiation at I : ; i , I Ciiv .hi I la I ni 'ht th. i,, , I '', : . 'I I ! I , ' 1 1 1 w.l I llll. ill'ke were iriv-r iinil il i tin ii I -Moinlay nirht. pie of Stnmi.; ( h nt th, ,1 11 -'.ttel! Smngtjling Chinese. l'i!:T Woli'ill. 'I'.a . Uet ' any Cliine-,. :ti, 1 In. it in s)C llll i i tin Three to One On McKinley. EV VtiUK !. !.- Spc. ial arc Ii. : ! !i.ifcc to one on M, r, ' i !.' i -. Til i is til - ,!:!' ' Willi M-, t Ii th.i I 1 -.1 ci'TV t lie state 1,1'ty t ! i 1 ' ' . B : ii in Illinois. lays in? n (5 WE 1AVE THE '!"IN"("l i ' li'!' -S; -e ::,! 3 twenty lllO-tl crow ils town ; y shoii i n, I l e l: a f;cI : ;.' " Html 1 ! -. e.e .., :. He ha, I rood fill at t iition. II- ii i:. , ado j;-...!, ( !. i '-. A iiiiin have ajready hut more illicit come. What i : r is not worth attracted here, v he induced to worth Koing alt. casi not Roosevelt at St. Louis. LOLTS. Oct. IL Special. Thco-Roosevelt addrpsspd a monster ting here tonight at the Coliseum. ploried in his tory republican par- lnd urged the people to make no ge or experiments. 0 Riots in Porto Rico. ft'N JUAN. Porto Rico. Oct. 9 Ire were fatal riots at Guayamas ha ur, and if it is not worth while for Hlack Hills men to so to Denver to call the attention of capitalists there to the resources of their country 1t may not occur to Denver capital that Hhuk Hills minim? propositions are worth investigating. A nuiiiher of Custer people have signified their intention of going to Denver, and there'wlll also be a delegation from Rapid City. The excursion is tomorrow, the 11th. with one fare. $1790. for the round trip. You can leave here at 7:45 tomorrow morning and be in Denver tomorrow night at 11:30. Betting On Election. Tlie I'ioncer Times recently told just received a large Assortment of new and latest style men and boys CLOTHING also .a Big-line of ilay night over elections. The fac-f quarreled on the street and three and one woman were killed. The Ice restored peace after a desperate Strike Situation Quiet. tRANTON, Pa.. Oct. 9. S Dedal. strike situation is quiet, awaiting miners' convention on Fridav. strikers claim continued Rains in pistricts. Labor Federation to Meet. how a eDadwood man had bet $20,000 on McKinley 's cl. ' lion, .lust as tho that would change a vote in Lawrence county, llamblcis time their up and downs. This man has made considerable money tietimt; on elections, but it is only a (jiicstion of time w hen he will meet, the fate of other gamblers, and in all probability that time is not ASHING TON. I). C., Oct. S. fH for the twentieth annual con- ion of the American Federation of was issued yesterday. The lnS wiH he held at Music hall. far distant. He ;,. o'f, Ids Dud Isrille. Ky.. hesnnninir Wednesilnv favm or wear in . 1 1 of Mi t!i v. Pmg. December n 1 b, ,e federation has crown at a snr lis Stic ty. Il" the . inerate the pnst few rears More t didn't "The t would Lc very an, usm;; it The Oerman Ann'ri, s'irk ,,ut." .. f"rs have i.en issued to local a 0 f 3 from reports received within Bin is ..ii, , I lie S f th ' h, '' thii fast year ami more unions were .... I .re a - b. :!i i ' 1 1 l; io I w P'ZWl in that period thnn within times that length of time in the i one at t b, I I'eply tl) t lie ,b '111, 1 ;, , . ' ! I ' 1 . ' I the iMlliip REPUBLICANS AT GALENA. lie, -. i 1 f thai th Fof the hibnr movement. South Dakota. There w as from Court, "ii to t u . n I Home as miosis oi I. inn i and their Coo 1 was cooke, stores furnished by the i i t i Ot. It .11!. I nut '3 estimated that if the same r.nte pease goes on until the end of lb, t . feir as for the last two years the HemberKh talc Th. . Home afford and the a part-Mr. Martin is !l II" Hied I Col. Georcje Addresses a Good Audi amT rTnTTar in' i Ii iitnp were given the best th ( d. both as to the food ments they occupied. if ,1 tli.iii-a blooiu-h i .- s n i that the d by tints. The fwion of LaW THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK W0.0OO aeainst fon'r ti,- con -. Knows i lilltrolle mil take allv th pathies. Mr. Kiev I j ebt t inrr on elect i, n i - I'nrures return',! by i democrats' get pra- t Nut two years ago. same o Majority Ar fnn Deadwood, South Dakota. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE j figures that the i.-publicnn? get. and 'that isj'hy the. have been so hard to 3T0N- Oct. 8.-The astonishing me"4 ma(Je at the Massachusetts club meeting last Friday that J C0I71TTT and STATE ! , u tle Harvard professors Pg to vote for Bryan has turn-be a cniplete reversal of lead -out on any .betting proposition lately. That is why Croker refused to respond when "called" on the proposition he had made on Illinois. Mr. Knowles Is also aware that well Informed betting men put up their money on election just as they would in buying margins, and sentiment has absolutely no bt-ariDg with them. L8' A Danhn7nr ttantraar, woo . v. . .... ..fcj.r, tw nr 'Ssterdav imnn 4v Drafts and Letters of Credit I ssued, Good in All Parts of the World. mneteen professors were found miey. four for Bryan and one .. Bone of their statements Pert COLLECTIONS to Promptly and Attended Intelligently iiin-lt n',c,LLl tiAK 1 , tne am strongly for McKinley g I believe thoroly In 7; in the men. I am least two-thirds of the facnltv m .. X ence in Society Hall. The campaign w;l opened at Ii 1-eiia last night, by the republicans. A meeting was held in Society hall, and an address was delivered by Col. James A. George, on tti issues that have been drawn by the Jlryanites. If was one of the best political meetings held in Galena in years. The hall was filled with people, including quite a number of ladies who are interested in the nuestions that are agitating the country. Col. George appeared before them as "a democrat, and announced to them that it was the fourth time he had addressed them ; that his position was unchanged from what it waa four years ago, notwithstanding that he was advocating the election of the candidate who had opposed the candidate for whom he wa9 working four years ago. He called attention to the fact that four years ago the democrats and populists were anxious for joiat debates, and sent their speakers over the country holding joint discussions with republican speakers. This year t is -out of the question to drag a populist into a joint discussion, altho a number of republicans, and the speaker himself would be glad to accommodate them. He said the reason they would not mter-fnto Joint debates wa! that they were conducting a campaign of mie-representation. and misstatements: that they were constantly making assertions that" could not be substantiated by the records, and they know that their statements would be knocked into a -cocked hat if they were to permit the republicans 'to go aroqnd with them and reply to their thrUBts. The colonel made thoroly convinc- willing to make affidavit to this, for he was the one who prepared the food ,and he took it out of the stores belonging to the state. Colonel T.inn is guilty of the most unfair and unfeeling conduct towards the inmates of the Home who are republicans, and is continually showjjj& his partiality towards the democrats and populists. There is not a time when some of the republican inmates are not on the "picket "rope." which means confinement to the limts of the Home and grounds. Men are put on the "picket rope" for attending republican meetings, and others have been put on for attending Odd Fellows lodge. Colonel I-inu one day made the statement: "Damn the Odd Fellows; I'll break up this Odd Fellow business at the Home. No old soldier has any business"belongliig to a lodge. He is never known to address a civil word to the inmates of the Institution, but he greets them as if he were driving slaves One republican member of the Home was nominated by the republicans of Fall River county, and was immediately discharged by the commandant There is now at the Home a populist who was nominated by the poptillsts of the county for register of deeds. Linn was dishonorably discharged from the Grand Army of the Republic several months asro. He holds the most - radical enmity towards the Grand Army, and will not permit the inmates of the Home to attend the meeting of the local post where he can prevent It. HONEY FTTIUTISHED extent warranted by borrowers collaterals. c tchool-when I find my p.r- any names or LnJL oemocrat, but this year retort JHcKlley and Roose- counts Solicited and To Reduce the Bail. A motion was matte yesterday by the attorneys for the perjurers awaiting trial in the jail, to have the bonds reduced from $5000 to $500. Judge Moore heard the motion in chambers and took the matter under advisement until this morning. The case of William Edwards, a cripple charged ith resisUngaa-of-flcer, came before the Judgt2nd the-prisoner was dischargeUJw o For Embezzlement. A young man by the name of Pear-man who has retently gone to work on the IndeiK-ndent as collector and solicitor was arrested at Piedmont on a warrant sworn out by J. J. Byrnes of the P. F. Collier & Son Publishing company of New York. Pearman is charged with embezzlement to the amount of about $225 in mosey and about 150 in stock. He had worked for tie company selling books on the installment plan. Correspondence Invited. I 4 the Black Hills ia at h Our long- experierct service of intending .iavf'sv.. lca , v 1 SBaI1 ote the re-rVcet. .altho I am a demo-i naps because I am a demo- 4tfflXMr- Bryan was found Win tC nap Marcou, the ln- I Zto?"1'' records. An-5 11 18 &l8 reported k ajj .Of vote tor the demo-ptElot not returned io 4 i I DIXlECTOilS W. E. ADAMS. ' . JOHN TRJEBBfl. BEN BAER, Vic Pre. HARRIS FRaNKUN. Pre WM. SELBIK, Caahir.

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