The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 17, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 17, 1899
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. 23d YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY 17, 1S99. FIVE CENTS. THE PHILIPPINES. 4 4 4. si GENERAL PILOR WEARY Grand The Law and the Facta. It has been the aim of the Pioneer- 1 CRISIS IN HAVANA Distribution of Money Among j Times ever since the war with Spain com-( menced, to. faithfully and truthfully give The 4 Second in Command to Aguinaldo is Willing to. Surrender. Cuban Soldiers Threatens To Cause Trouble. to its readers the exact facts bearing on all questions relating to the conduct of the war, as well as to clearly set forth the situation with regard to the Philippine islands. There having been so much misleading matter published for the purpose of prejudicing unthinking people against the president and his administration, the Pioneer-Times desires to place before tt patrons a few facts perhapB hitherto unknown to many, or which have, far a mis- ten. Gomez "Washes His Hands Professor Henry Wade Rogers, who presided at the unfortunate meeting at Central Music hall, Chicago, Sunday before last, to declare against the government, stated as follows: "International law knows no Buch thing as the transfer or cession of domain oyer men from one nation to another. Spain could onlw relinquish her own rights over the Filipinos; she could not cede those rights to the United States," etc. N'ow let the law, as expounded by Chief Justice John Marshall of the United State supreme court, be read as applicable to the case. Col. John S. Cooper, a former president of the Cook county, Illinois, democracy, takes issue wtih Prpf. Roger, and fcites the law as follows: ' "The sovereign who acquires an inhabited territory, acquires full dominion over It." (From opinion of the Suprme Court of the United States delivered by Chief Justice Marshall in Delassus vs. United States. 9 Peters' Reps., 133, in passing upon the I'nited States and France, by which Loluisana was ceded to the United States by France. 4 He Says Aguinaldo Has Deserted Him to Fight It Out Alone. of It and Brooks Is Exasparated. cnievous purpose, Deen distorted in such a .. j way by the Opp0nents of the adlmnistra- tlon, as to lose their force and effect. From HAVANA, May 16. (Special.) A crisU (he day baUle8h,p Majne wag b,own , t had in Cuban anairs over w u up by the enem)e8 ths countryi war ribution of the three million dollars among Mva (he 8Mn and gpan he soldiers of the Cuban army and the came neVube and 8hor,Iy thereafter natter of surrendering arms by the Cu- after & carefu, lnvesUgajt1on by lhg gov. , soldiers. General Gomez has notified ernmpnt ,Dto the cauje9 of (hat LreacheT. Jeneral Brooke that he is disgusted with oug and deplorable affalr war wag he intriguing Cuban army officers, and dectere(, by th8 g0vernmcnt agaln8t lM washed his hands of the whole affair. Spaln and hoet,te8 at once b SPECIAL OFFERING! For This Week. Ladies Tailor-made Suits, Tailor-made Skirts in Silk, Satin, Grepon and all the new materials. Infant's and Children's Jackets. 10 Ladies' Suits at $4.05, Value $7.50.. 10 Ladies' Suits, Handsomely braided, at $8 85, Talue $12 00. 25 Ladies' Suits in all the latest Shades and Colorings, at from $840 to $19.50. The value of these suits iu Irom $13 50 to $30.00. Ladies' Ski ts at $1.00, $1.60, $2.10, $2 85, $3 15 and upwards. Ladies' Tailor-made Jackets. All of these Goods have been Reduced from 35 to 65 Per Cent. M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. MANILA, P. I.. May 16. (Special.) The Filipino general. Pilar, it Is stated, has announced his willingness to surrender if he can secure reasonable terms with the Americans. He accuses Aguinaldo with deserting him, and says he has heard nothing of the rebel commander for twelve day. o Disarmament Congress Abandoned. THE HAGUE, May 16. (Special.) The ctar's disarmament schemebas fizzled out practically, and the congress has been abandoned. It is announced that the delegates will now turn their attention to the consideration of a plan for International arbitration. era! Brooke is exasperated, and has de- The galant Commodore GeorKe Dewev , tired that disarmament must take place. that t(me wag 1n of h,8 fleet of Ten If force Is necessary to accomplish Amenrlcan warships whlch were IylnK at t. The situation Is decidedly acute, and the port of Hon(? K and at (hat . Le fear that there Is grave trouble ahead h8 rBPp4ved the faraou8 order from the L general. t "Another rule of public law, kindred to thU one, Is that the conqueror who has obtained possession of the enemy's country, has the right to forbid the departure of his new subjects from It, and toexercise his sovereign authority over them." (From opinion of the United States Supremo Court In United States vs. Repen-tigny, Wallace Reports, page 260, In pass-Ins upon the conquest of Canada by Eng-lnnd, and its cession by Prance to that power. ) "In the case of American Insurance Company et al. vs. Canter. 1 Peter's Reports, page all. the supreme court of the United Slates, in wssing upon the effect of the cession by treaty of Florida to the United States, held that the allegiance of the inhabitants of Florida, became, at once, by virtue of the treaty, and the rules Negroes Supplant Strikers. HUNTINGTON PARK. May 16. (Spe- ial.) Colored miners hae been Imported rom Illinois to take the places of the triking miners, and a pitched battle took V. J. WERTHHEIMER & BR0. Our several special sales this season hare convinced the public that we mean what we say, that we sell goods cheaper than any house in the land, and from thte on we will offer our entire stock llace this morning nearly at the mines. ' v president: "You will either capture or destroy the Spanish fleet now in Asiatic waters." How well this superb officer exe-i cuted this order, is now well known to the world. Well, what then'' Admiral Dew-found himself in possession of the sitca-thn of the situation at Manila. Spanish territory where large numbers of Spanish troops were quartered, and who gave battle to Dewey and his fleet from the numerous forts, all of whic h were silenced by the from of his fleet. A forte of I'nited States troops were at once dispatchedto the scene to aid the American fleet In crushing the Spanish army and capturing the city of Manila, all of wlileh was ac-coropfbjhed under the command of Major fter the Strikers had sent word to the egros that tney musi leave iiji- ui everal velleys were exchanged, and on luard and one striker were killdd and sev- at such prices as have never been heard of in this country before, and we have ral wene .wounded. of making war and of making treaties; ho stock, like a great many old, shelf f ! ! $' f f f l f worn etocks but all of our goods are now and fresh this season's goods o President's Outing Beneficial, STACK TON, Va., May 16.-Speclal.) transferred from Spain to the United States. The opinion was delivered by Chief Justice Marshall. On page 542, he .ijrjrumfjujnjxninf nrjrru nmwimvnnnnnniini tJJUV The president's eating is proving bflOB- General Wesley Merrltt. supported by the said: "The constitution confers absolutely on the government of the Union the power Hal ta a marked degree, and his health -warships under the command of Dewey, and it is no Idle boast Wben we say thkU we can s411 cheaper than any one, lor -we buy cheaper. So come alonx kh yxMar catalogues. We will match you amy article you flad or want at the same prices, and save you the express of asaklng war and of making treat tea id aelrtU have been built ap wondertnny. nd the United SUitea found itself In pos-ii wife has also decidedly teaprovad. usluu of the Philippine Islands, having rooBwiueniiy xaat government pons esses the power of acquiring territory, either by WALL PAPER! WALL PAPER! "flame times her n arrow kWchen waUs etretdned away into stately halls." Tbis happened to Maud M oiler, toot my prtees on wall paper make dit possible for ft to happen to everybody. Ify stock is entltrely new and up to date. I eanaot tell yon about the handsome designs. Ton are esyaslsfly tertted so see o , , d owtm)ed the pwwer of the Spanish gov- Method rt-Proloring life. 'n"ne,,t tbere- whteh haa aomW ( durlnx the past '8S0 years, and it at once CHICAGO, Hay M.-8pelaL)Prol.-or. th. the Unlted sutes to charged. We -willS offer for tfrie -week special inducements in all kinds of Ladles' T altar-Made fiuttB, silk lined, at price that bare never been quoted before tor aer md Wetaer of the Olcago Clin- to lnaHtote . pernmerK un- rl echool date tthe dlecorery of a method der Arlcn authority in place of the one prolonging life to twlcethe aecutl-ned dtatwyed, lB hr meantime, or until imh conquest or by treaty. The nsage of the world Is, if the nation he not entirely subdued, to consider the holding of conquered territory as a mere military occupation, until it fate shall be determined at the the treaty of peace. IT H be ceded by the treaty, the acquisition is confirmed, and the ceded territory became a part of the nation to which it Is annexed; either on the terms stipulated In the treaty wf ces such a quality. Ladies' Walking Suite in all qualities and the latest styles. Ladies' and time as a new rrrder of things could be esttMished. the country to remain under military control :btit at bo time was it ever contemptatefl by the United States eriad. They darJare that ftey made the iteovery a year ago and that many sub-rquent tesu bare prove tu effloacy. to return to youth la accomplished by ipedermie InJeorJon of . the lymphatic uB of animals, principally young goats. Children's Jackets at unheard-of tow price. PAINTS! PAINTS! Now is the time to paint your tteoee. Hemesalber abac my store 1 haadq iarter for all kinds of patnte and painter' supplies, esp dally for the NE3W ERA. MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and last longer tihan any paint made. Oome in- and get eosor cards , and study color effects. The Old RetiaMe Druggist, Shirt Waists too numerous to men KoTpraroent to mike war against fhe in habitants of these islands: and it Is a mat tion the different styles. ter of fact and record, that Trom the T3th 911k aad Cotton Underskirts; Ladies' Negrt Escapes a Mob. day trt August, 1898, until the 4th day of February. ,18S. peace prevailed at Manila sion, or on such as Its new master shall Impose. On such transfer of territory it has never bee held that the relations of the Inhabitants with each other undergo any change. TUelr relations, with their former sovereign are dissolved, and new-relations are created" between them and the govetrnment which has acquired their CHATTANOOGA. Tenn.. Uay 16.. (Sae- Misses' and Children's Underwear In all qualities; in fact, our entire stock must be sold, and sold quickly; therefore, we offer them at the lowest prices ltl. Jeff Heffiegr. a negrrf, wanted At Main Street VWV C PUTT I IPC I Deadwood, S.D. MKlV U. lllILLirS. Tinder the protection of the American forces; that on theday kst named our army was attacked by the insurgent forces under Nrton for criminal assault upon a white ever heard of. ""ma, wai cultured near ham tnriaT hv Aguimldo. under cover of daTkness. it be- wdhoundt. The earo was beta a watched territory. The same act which transfers their country transfers the allegiance of Come and examine our stock. We' can convince you of what we say. of h by . mob. fte-ratenrlo- !.. , lv.H iD 11'nl ,tck for ,De PUrP"3e l. but the .hefiff outwitM the mob , sluhter of T men knd the P'""1" M. J, WERTHHEIMcR & BR0 those who remain In It. and the law which may be dominated political, is ne of the rtty of Manila, but the splendid dls oipllne and courage of our men, who were l took the priaoaer to the wands. las confused ta the crime of which le charged. ceuaniy caanged. although that whfcb found to be prepared for any and every regulates the intercourse and general con duct of Individuals remains In force un emergency. This cruel act of the Insur til altered by the newly created power of gents served to bring on open hostilities between the forces of the United States Admiral Watson Sails. the state." THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Deadwood, South Cakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 BIDS WANTEP. Proposals will be received up to and Including May 22, 1899, for the driving of a tunnel and cross-cuts' distance of seven hundred feet on the property of the Detroit A Deadwood Mining company, City credk, Deadwood. Plans and specifications may be seen by applying to James S. Law-son, Glllmore house. The right to reject 8AK FRANCISCO, ay M.-ffledal.)- we are Indebted to the Chicago Inter and the Insurgents under the outlaw Ag-tfhjaldo. which have continued ever since Hr Admiral Wataoo aalled today ter the Ocean for the above valuable Informa although this man nor his misguided fol tion bearing upon the Important points in ta relieve Admfial Dewey la -of the Asian lower, do not represent the people of the volved in the settlement of the Philip pine question, and we think that beyond Connecticut Strike. a doubt, the opponents of the government are at once silenced by the law and the facta as recited above, to say nothing af any and all bide Is expressly reserved. R. H. MURRAY, Secretary. o DISCOVERED BY A WOMAN. jBMDOSPORT, Conn. May lSa- islands.. The following is taken from Chamber's Encyclopedia. Vol. 8, page 118. title Philippines: "Discovered in 1521 by Magellan, who was killed In the Island of Mac tan on April 27th of that year. The Fhtllpptaea were officially annexed to Spain in 159, aad hare since remained an ox sour eatmbtUa- the principle involved. tnjck this maralni mmA t All Branches of Banking Business It wiH not do for those who oppose the r " are out of w-rk '-n. a- Another great discovery has been made, and that, too, by a lady in this country. "Disease fastened its clnichee government and shamefully criticise. Pres .Transacted, ' nereasa la j - iaeni McfUnley for bis course in the integral part of th? Spanish dominion. ' charg4 glrU. up her and for seven year she with PhiMppinee to suppress the fact that Ag- See also the hlftory of the world for the uianldo's rebellion against the a hority stood Its severest tests, but Ler v tal organs wer undermined and death DRAFTS ISSUED mm China, Manna, Havaaa, Porta Rica, ReJorni Press OoDoset Brvai. of the United States haa ben supported laat S30 years, djriofc which time all civil lied government oi earth, and their cltl Africa England, Franca, Germany and all Parts af tka WarM, at teemed Imminent For three months by only a fraction of one of many tribes; CITT" ".Special.,- she coached Incessantly, and eouid nrt tens, hare constantly recognized Spain's that there are more than thirty tribes of " aaaoclatlrm wifua i- u ui lowest . arket rates. COLLECTIONS made carefully and accenntsd far promptly. We are prepared to Furn'sh money at Reasonable f"1 tha mlii . Ai sleep. She finally discovered a way to recovery, by purchasing of us uottle dominion and aeveietgnty of the Philippines. Article 3 of the treaty of Paris duly negotiated and ratified by the United bei. - .v. -ne-roaa popuMat .tola " of Dr. King's New Discovery fo.- Con- eoo- rrB. ... "on aera. Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers I P tor th nmptldn, and was so much relieved on States and Spi, in full form of law. Is aa foil owl: "Spain cedes to the t'nltel responsibility or collaterals- - ' peole on the Islands, and that at beat four-fifths of the people of the Islands would under no circumstance accept the rule of AgulnaMo and bis followers, but on the contrary, have signified their willingness to at qnc accept the authority of the United States, many of whom hare already done so. We all know or ought to know, that the government cannot withdraw It taking first dose, that she ' ilept all night; end with twob ottle. has been 10-.. 7 PP0 W- Bryan b4 the 1. . ' States the archipelago known aa the Phil IS DISTTJTOT1 V "tUJ-.Y absolutely eared. Her name is Mrs IddIdd lalaads. and comprehending the m nun- . that they island lying between the following line: Luther Luta," Thus writes W. C, Ham-nick A Co., of Shelby, N. a Trial bo ties at Phillips V Steensen' Drug Nebraak. man. (her follow the detailed boundaries.) Tha United States will pay to Spain the Accounts of Baaks, Corporations and Individuals forces from tha Philippines at thla time, bene this opposition to It policy should sua of $20,000,000 within three months at' More. Regular aixe 60c and $1.00. Every bottle-guaranteed. . r win ' 'i.: : ' ter tha exchange of tha ratifications of th at once Ma v. "aavea apt had la. present treatey. . Thus we And that through the fortunes of war and In due soncitea. Corrosporvd no IxxrltocX DIRECTORS: . J. E. ADAMS. JOHN TBEBEJ. - ?oa v,.17 Detroit A of international law the United . ""a eompaar. m r. - -opt o " - "' State ara tha owners of tha Philippine WHEN NATURE Need aaatstanse kt may he best to render it promptly, bat one inanld remember to ust) even rbe matte perfect remedies only when needed. The best a aa. 7 apad- aland. Do Not Put Off until tomorrow the duty that ought to be done today. If your blood Is Impure and you feel weak and weary, take Hood's 8arsaparilla at once. Hood's Pill cure all liver Ills. Mailed for 25 cents by C. L Hood Co., Lowell, Mass. i - P . Le-T7" Djr wJytac to Nwaa, - ue OfHrnor. hotel ta HARRIS FRANKLIN, President. . . BEN BASIL Vice Presides. Now let as look at the lav gowning aa and aaflnlng th power of thla nd most simple and gentle remedy is sTM. SELBIE, Ceakler. . government la aa tar aa their tight to the Syrup of Ftgi, manufactured by the CaSfonua Syrop Co. goreni if

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