The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 1, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 1, 1898
Page 2
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TTTK DAIL1 PIONEER-TIB! ES, TUESDAY , FEBRUARY 1," lt:X TUB PIONEEIt-TlMES. rui n Want Column. STAR & BULLOCK Stono'o SyndlCaita RcetnUrant ShortlOrdcr Houit. th cattle in th background, aurmount d by a rroll, "Under Gl tb Propls Rule." wm adopted a the great x-al ot Boiith Dakota Mr. Han-her la an enthtiKla.t upon state arali. and hi rollwtiois of the afala upon national Imtik tiols. with currw tlon.. ban Urn ul grat betielH AlwaTs Opac Always Ready. Day a msfct. Hardware Co. gtandinq bill of faro. 0 hb Arm sunotr jtKvtsr aa. mi. Breakfast and Supper. FRUIT. n8H. OYRTI.'lt:! ItANt'll KUQ9. Oatmeal with Cream im-akfaet. Heavy and Shelf Hardware. Mine and Mill Supplies. Portarhoua 8 teak. Taadsrlola Staak, Sirloin Steak, Pork Chopa, Veal Chops, plain or breaded. Mutton Chopa, Sugar-euiwd Ham, Breakfast Bacon, Pork Sanaa, Corned Beet Kaah. Calfs Liver, Breaded, Bralaa, Scramblad, Cold ateata. Cold Fowl, PlaB Feet, Sanitary Plumbing, Sewer Connec tions, Cornice Hailing. Dinner Bill of Fare. SOUP. FRESH FISH. CELERY. Boiled Lag of Mutton, Ptcklo Sauce, Boiled Coined Boot and Cabbage, Boiled Beet with Horseradish, Boiled Sugar-eared Ham, Roaat Turkey. Rage Dreaalsg. Roast Duck, Onion Dressing, Roaat Goose, with Jelly. Roast Lola of Baef with Brown Orsvy, Roast Pork with Apple Sauce, Roeat Veal with Cranberries, Baked Pork and Beaaa with Boaton Drown Bread. COFFEE. TEA.. CHOCOLATE, COCOA. MILK AND PURE SPRINO WATER. Served with all Meal. Stagls KtiltKSo up. Meal Tickets $5. CO. Lunches ICs up. THE COMPLETE Tried Onion. I'otuttN's In Cream. Frt'iich Fried Potatoes, Horn Fried and Stamd Potatoes, Prjr, lluttered and Dipped Toaat, Crvam Toaat, Hot Cakea, with Maple Srrup or Honey Hot DUcult, and Rolls, Hot Corn Dread, White and Graham Bread, Boaton Brown Bread, Syndicate Cream Gravy a Specialty. Tripe or Head Cheeae for Supper. risked Spring Chicken, Stuffed, Irish Stew, Spanish Stew, Suwed Mutton with Green Peas, Mashed Potato. Sugar Cora, Tpmaiioa Plum Pudding, Wine Sauc Mince Pie, Pumpkin Pla, Apple Pie, Raspberry Pis, Cream Che, Fruit. Nut and Candlea, Oytrs Served In all Styles, MX TESTIMONIAL. I dealra to stats that I have mad a thorough lamination of th Ooaayleaa Flour Cheat, that wa shown as by Herman Henselae, and as a practical miller I unhesitatingly praaoaaoa tt the height of practicability, eoavea lenre and general usef iloMk It la aaa of tha most Ingsnlus cootrlvaaeci of ua kind that I have ever saea, aad I do not think any boiiti4$r frill k disappointed In IL SOL ST AX DEADWOOD. O. D. - TO ORDER C4.C3 Slaa Cashznara, Mh hia5- aad Latth maasua. Ctsi MACKINTOCH CO. :-: Clslotjro. HI V ti t--,i-i a Ti moat co&ipleU articles ot tha kind arar Introduced la any county. For eoBvenleace, compactness and ganaral utility, It la unsurpaaaed. Tha chest Is mads ta twtj sines, constructed of Imported spring Ua, heavily Japanned aad lmpervloua to dents or lams, Tha Sour la poured la at the top, aad settles Into a funnel at tbe bottom, provided with a sieve, which Is manipulated by, a handle-bar In front Th Sour Is thus sifted Into a pan, which can be drawn out and replaced at will, thus obviating tb allghtast waste. HANNA & HENSCHICE, Otsaral Affenta for Lawrenca Couiity. LEE STREET. WANTED HELP f Wanted A good girl for general housework. Mrs. L, C. Miller. 'Wanted A girl tor general house-work. Mrs. J. P. Edmonds. Englaald. rWauiedUood man to act aa prlvat leiertlve under our instruction. Er. ioa UMnp for particular. North. western Detective Agency, (Ul Globe liulldlng. Minneapolis. i- Wanted Men to Uarn barber trad: only two month to complete by our new method; extra Inducement new offered; a fin outfit ot tools presented students; Illustrated IMS catalogue mailed free. The Moler System Bar-b'r and Hair Dressing College, 123 Washington Ave., B Minneapolis. Minn. Established in lUt, Incorporate d la 1897. CWaaUd Upright and faithful gaUma or ladle to travel tor ra- ponslbla, aaubilshad houa in Black Hllle. Monthly 16S.00 and expensea. PoetUoa ateady. Reference. Enclos elf-addreeaed stamped aavelop. The Dominion Company, Dept., K. Chi cago. roa sale. (7For SaleTwo desirable building lota, Noa. and 10. block 12. Inglaald. Bee Mr. A. Pollock, No. II CaaxUa Bt, tor pries and tarns. t7Deirable building lota on Lincoln 4veaua, laglaatda, Lumuer tunuaae buiU. jCdwla Vaa Cist, u l-rFor Bale Hor, at a bargala. Bad d!a, tlnglt or doubla driver. Enquire at Mra. L. E. Mlile-'s. CLota For Bait Howaid'e Addition, i'ala addition U. beadwvod, beauuiu. I located oa th fark bench, adjoii. ng tne Dudley Bprmg, in th Mr-, ward, la bow opa for tumnu At-plat and pilose at office of Edwin Va. FOR RENT. CFor RentA 17-room hotel. None but reliable and experienced party need apply. Enqu'.re at thla office. tr Ror Rent Three furnlahed room for housekeeping. Enquire of O. C Lackous. t7For Rent Nicely furniahad room on Lincoln Ave., tor rent Enquire at the Ploneer-Tlmea office. ETor Rent Furnlahed houae oa City creek; all modern Improvement. Ap ply at thla offlie. tf K7For Rent A furnlahed house. Mrs, U B. Millar. iFor Rent Furnished room In th Nye Cottage. Oold street. tVFor Rent A 110.00 houae ot 4 rooms aa the bill above Slstera'sehooL Co A Edmonda. tw-tw. ELKHORN AND UNION PACIFIC EX CUR8ION8 TO CALIFORNIA. If you are thinking of taking a trip to California thla winter, It will pay you to Investigate the many advantage offered by this old aad popula rout. Our rate ar aa low as th lowest and, w make the beet time and beat connections. Tourist sleepers, aa carefully k?t a th higher priced on, ar run dally from Fremont ta the Coeat without change. Rata for a double berth from Fremont to the Coast, 16.00. Furthr Information will be promptly aad cheerfully furnlahed on appll. catloa at the Elkhora Paaaenger ita tlon. Deadwood. Pi per i.aa.M tirti '.- t'le cellar fact tlut forn in.r r-ti! r. :S -. ' "vn bevti re rti dlral in- i i f, ji-t t:.e "dttrrtareti u ol il'j So. iety of Art it 1 . m'.i u c; ;... wJ a special coitia.: o ii n. .i in rr:ia.icn of tl,is cit..". II r. -bow t!.. UJ.t L .. . a f i -ltl the innllty tf j .; : iu rl very ajr. ar.J n- t r.t t.i .j. otiM and lilr:tics in let-in .per-l'i;. ff ,t,;r r:. ; j. '.r ' I 1 mo-.v d y tiu! to t . r: t . t way t k l:i 1 Mi I . r ii ; . :iud a f rL r: i u c- r.,i . t paper n:3kr cf Vil i-ia r.. . .V.:r, "W rt"f tb paprliti tl ifnci q'k.Iity, uiil tber i-!i m I' I n-.t tJil.y of fraud and fn.u-r I n -i it. Ai-.ut i.) an e,cT ir Mjit cired lt all fu! Ii" iv.i n.. f 1 rarer should be dc!srd Invulli. A!. rxipn cvttng toe rrertn r t -its ware ordered to h trm.rritx I ru i .. Bient In order t t tti-y iun,M b- p. Mted more eernr!. It Is recalled tbat in ITA the A .my of 8 If nee la far, r ri a fm for tnetestaaswcrtotbis'.i.f mti, "V.l B are tbe rial rajoB Ut ib gen- ta ,) elite ta lb qaality of papr aud wtich are to beat mesne to remedy the tviir Ibia prise was bvr awardc.l, trr tbe reason tbai aobndy Bndr.uLA aoo tu ptUfiarli Expert dieagr a tow bub period ta tbe hUtory tf paper making prulavtd lb uoas duraU aad (Ubwi joalit ut lpt Buon aftrr tbe art of uaking taper was traasplaated fmtn Afrt. a la (spaia racapUliiM srrre awuto aod fear 4 that law CI rtadas aaea sor of tbe Mourtata py t malar wtre aaLlag aa inferior pao r. At am the srl wa taaHSTfectly ccpied. . Kw Ygck II ut a, Tb JCgyptiaoa oouked aoeat oa "n a the animal wa killed. "WbAt ia yov tarisam" "I aaa a booa arsazt " ' Murder trie la or awgro minatreL i aii) nape m Jouraal (Eetabllahed 1176-7.) PIONEER-TIMES PUDUSHINO CO. TERMS Or SUBSCRIPTION. DAILY Ever morning, eicept Mon- On Year lluOO 8U MonUu 6 On Month 1.U0 WEEKLY Issued vry Thursday. On Yaar ! W Sis Montbe I 00 PIONKER-TIMEH. Dead wood, S. D. Sntrd m second-clae matter at tb Deadwood Poatofflca. IT'S A BRTER WORLD. Rules of conduct In th "good oli times," of which folk know io murh and talk ao little , and of which patient tnvestlgatora have found no trace In authentla history, authorized piracy, wracking of veauela at aea, highway robbery, duelling and relentleae reprl kali of Injury. Par within the preaent oeaiury, Draconian law in England en-utaarated no laa than 22 capital Crimea, among which war thoa of cutting down young tra, appearing ta d la tufa on a public highway or writing threatening lettara to extort money. Serfa to the unmber of 7,- SS.OOO were held la Russia In 1881; but true ethlca emancipated tbm. and conferred thllS,S0 000 acrea held by than a, owners la 1179. Like reaulta were brought out in Auatrla and Oer many. Under elearar convictions of right and duty the crfmlnal law of clviltaa-Uoa now danouncee death agalnat murder or atrocloua crime only. It prohlb lie all that leada to violence or wrong. add doee not dladaue to expose and eJeanee the moral plague sputa of any locality, large or email. Ita eplrlt and letter aeek to eave life, and not, aa of old, to eacrlflce IL In aome atatee of thla republic atatute lawi of recent en actment protect children from torture, torment, unlawful deprlratlon of un-neceaaary food, clothing or abetter; from the aale or gift to any minor of cigarette or aubatitulea therefor, and from th uelcement of keeper of a-loona or gambling houae who would ell liquor to minor and permit them to engage In game or to lounge In rich reaorta. Private phllanthrophlata supplement the labor of board ot health by maintaining corp of physl-ciana who, during th hut month, explore th crowded tenement of cltlee from cellar to garret, searching for Infantile sufferers and ministering to thlr neceealtle by giving food to the hungry and raiment to the unclothed. In the year 1197 two tabtlhed charities In th city of New York Investigated 11,011 tenement houses, rutted 177,071 famlliea and mlnUtered to IS,-087 lck children. Donations of food, coal, clothing and payment of rent effectively relieved 1,300 famine, and 40.-000 ticket for ftcab air excursions by land and water were distributed among the destitute. The are only specimens of the active phllanthrtpy untiringly at work la American and other oommunl-tie. Due regard tor the recreation of children and youth 1 also ahowa by traa lecture courses and the provision of club rooms, free public hatha, roof gardeaa and outdoor play grounds. Republican paternalism or the genuine spirit there of, la apparent In the legal prohibition of railroad employee from directing ttamsslTss or hair of th right to compensation tor Injuries re-eelved In the dteckarge of dutle. Thla la of great moment to tbeS26,630 per-eons mora or leaa engaged la the transportation of 811,771,737 pasaeagera la UN, ot which person 1.161 were kilt-dand I..JO tejured - whila la actlr service. Llk paternal aptrit la manifest in the federal auprrtlon of th S4I.Z7! American Indiana, of more or leaa aboriginal paternity, whoa school .maintenance and other matters cost li.TU.7tl 24 ta tie fiscal year !$. SOUTH DAKOTA'S SEAL. Thar la a pratty thought connected with the state eeal of South Dakota, aad aa Mr. Hatcher haa the original pencil sketch, which the constitutional convention, held at Sioux Falls, adopted, the story connected with It adoption ta worth telling. Two members of the committee oa tt,el of the constitution al convention oa returning from church one evening fell lata a dtculon a to what th aeaJ should be. One of them said that he wanted aa English expression along th line ot th latla phrase "Vox popull. vox Del," tad th other said that he wa Inclined to th aama thought, and then CM J the two aald: "Why oot To-dec Ood th ropl rulr That It. that it!" aald the second, and th aaxt day a reegaly aaaoited ehetch of a rararar ovartaralag tha sod, with a river tats salddla dlataacw and a eoaabcat and plaerr nrlninj: camp th tartaar bank at tM river, wtU Pill taalff In Ul liNHitti. c bifigiie, km lii the ttocnecb, SlatiM w ikutM. Pa at . i. 't vmi tot a eaM. Tk n rui k, ua ma ' iinanni VVOl'NOc.l KNIili KIOHT. Kiom WuxhlnR'.on Star: "The pros- .'U- - liiie of P. II. S.arr, the half-breed Slnux Indian scout of I'lne Ridge agu. y. ieiiill tin- Wounded Knee fight. which ixviirred about seven years ag . this winter. Mr. Surr I In Washing ton irsinx a claim against the gov ernment. He has been connected with ;he government service for many years In speaking to the Star reporter this morning be aald: 1 wsa In the thick of the Wounded Knee fight all unconsciously. I wss never more astonished In all my life than when the shooting began. I wa not looking for anything of the kind at all." Starr had two bullet hole through hla clothes, and It eeemed a miracle to him now. he declares, that he was not killed. He I a moat Intelligent man, and speaks clearly and forcibly. "I was sngaged la the cepaolty ot scout," he added. "It waa about 6 o'clock In the morning, or a little after when the fight began. I waa engaged In dealing out rations to the woman and children. Some of the men of th 7th Cavalry were about ma. Suddenly I heard a gun fired, and Inataatly the place seemed to be a maa of atnoke and llama, and the bulleta rattled around Ilka hail, while the ehota aouad ed Ilka stone la a kettle being rattled up together. "The thing occurred In a little ravine. I had ay gua cloac to ma when th ahootlng began, but waa no atcltad uaionk&ed and scared that I ran and forgot altogether about It. The In diana who wart around, Including man women and children, ecattered like chicken when a hawk la after theme To add to th awfulneaa of tbt affair, the eaoke waa blinding and cooking "The soldiers who were doing the rhootlng wore up on a little hill over looking the place "tare th ration were being dealt out to the Indiana. I waa ao badiy frightened I Btartad to run away from them, but found that 1 waa running directly to them. Bullet were flying all around me, aad I could we both the Indiana and soldiers who had been close to me falling to one lo! aad then to th other. It if I had been In a terrible dream. When I found I waa running toward the soldier who were doing the ah oot ing. Instead of away from them, I had presence of mind enough to know that It would not do to torn back, ao 1 ran right In among tbem. The Oatllng gun wa cracking Ilk a pack of flre-rrackers all the time. I turned and look-d down into the ravine, and through the clouds of amoke 1 could ee people mixed up In all aorta of shape, with wagons and horses, and I could hear the groans of the wounded." "When I had passed the line of soldiers sKootlng I ran Into a log cabin and roll.4 over and over. I was almost chocked from the gun amok. Finally I came to myself, and found that one bullet had gone through my coat at the shoulder and another through the collar. I had my coat up around my neck when the ahootlng began. While the ahootlng commenced at sunrise. It waa all over In that particular vicinity In a hah? hour or ao, ihough parties of the Indiana were chased until aunaeL Some of them had gotten all miles away from the place, where they were overtaken by the soldier. All through the day firing could be heard among the hills. "There were many women and cajbW dren I aaw. I picked up a little Indian girl, lying where she had been thrown or fallen, and tin child ta now living on th Pin Ridge agency She wa about seren month old at that tlm. Another child waa picked up, and Is now living with her adopted mother In laltlmore. 'The whole thing was started by a cruy' Indian named Sleeker. Ha brought hie gun up to be disarmed Ilk th rest of th Indiana, whan, tnetead ot giving It up, he stuck It from under hla blanket and shot th officer In charge. '"Do you want me to give up my gun? he aakad the officer through th inurpretar. '"Yea, and hand It up quick too,' was the response. "With thatfceker pointed the m axil at the officer, fired and killed htm. The aoidlers overlooking th plac wher this happened began firing. Th ground waa frotaa and th bullet glanced, and many wr killed In thli way. The Indiana, with the exception of thla man Sleeker, had all glen up their guns, and I know Use shooUng was nut done hgr them. Some of the soldier were so badly frightened walls the thing we going on they did not realize what they wr doing. I aaw a number of Cnam pulling down th lav er of their rifle and firing In th air." Some of th atorlee Starr telle of th occurrence of that day do not reflect credit on the 7th United State Caval- DOUBLE ENOUSH VIOLETS. Alwaya freak cut. 2S to 1 per kaaea. Orders by mall or otaanrU prompt-ty filled. rilEMONT O RE EN HOUSES. rratjoeu Mea MAILS FOR THE UPPER YUKON Th postmaster general ha Invited proposal for carrying th malt by steamboat during th ejoa of navigation from Saa Francisco. Seattle or aa; aea port poatoBce la California. Oregon or Washington by way ot St Mkhaala aad polate aloag the Yafcoa river to Circle City. Alaska, or Dawsoa . City. N. W. T. MACKINTOSHES to the ata-en charming their seal sine, thi-laauanro of thu tlrxt iiutlmial bank nota In 1S2 of U63. Mulhall In lfc!M etluinu'l t lie mur. b-r of KiigUsh-.peskiug jM-ople at 111. lix).U0, nuotli.T authority intimate. the urtiili-r tiNing the Knglliih latiKuugv In lh: at. 1U4.I3d.mhi. KnullMh la rap Idly becoming the faithlrmabiw tongu-of Kurope. It tarries with It pure elh- Ira anil xrellpnt moral. It ureatw Intense popular loyalty to govern mtint, law and order. It haetens the evolu tlon of nan a highest ultimate pol- bllltle. There are ahailes enough In any truthful photograph oi the sb a It Is. bu" there are also lights whlrb we must not overlook, that are bright with the potency and prophecy of a glorious future. Richard Wheatley In t'hlrago Record. Repreaentatlve McCUllan aeeerte that th United State army la not pre pared for war, and b I correct. The army doesn't have to be prepared for war. It Isn't a war army. It la aim ply a skeleton a living one to be ur and full of spirit, and la only a pattern and ground work for us In case of ercerieney. Mr. McCUllan ought to say something nsw and Interesting. In th season's output of proposed fool legislation la concluded a bill In the Illinois legislature to exempt prop arty of women from taxation. It is bad encugh to give an opportunity to beat creditors by putting real eel' in a wL'e'a name, but ahould the atau be defrauded la th same way? Taamany baa started out to enforce the la by arresting eight persons caught playing penny anil la a atable in Lonn Island City. Actable la no place far such games, hereafter any one Intending to gamble had better the chief of police P. rut Next time the Cuban dictator dictate victory he should consult a map He bat not been long enough In the country to know Ita geography, and should not supply the deflclrnsles of hi memory from hi Imagination. Rorkerfeller' Chicago university will onVr rourst' in "railways, banking. Insurance, manufacturing," and several other things, but oil and coal have Inadvertantly been omitted. South Carolina haa lostllOO.Ooo In the liquor business. The bartenders will have to raise the price or put a false bottom In the glaase. When the City of Dulutb struck a bar. the passenger naturally enough anticipated a drink. And they did their heat to avoid It. It would pay Joseph Loiter to expend a few thouaanda In stirring up a first-claaa European war. Those North Dakota Indians are going to get the City of Bismarck If they have to Sioux for IL Corbett haa paaaed now from th author! ted interview to the eigned article stag. A mattrea truat la the lateet Th truaca will catch you asleep or awake. Yeaterday the coaaeleaeo fund of th B. A M. railroad w&a awetled by th contribution of a check for 120 from a maa la a small town la Ohio, whose conscience appear to have given him no ret atnee h used another man' pa la traveling oa th Burlington route. Hla letter to General Paaaenger Agent Francle la aa follow: "In th fall of 1891 1 took a trip oa your road tor a considerable dlatance. ualng a pas belonging to another person, thus virtually defrauding the railroad company of my fare, which would have been. I Judge, about f 15. It ought not to be a hard problem In ethlca for a christian man. but It took me a long time to get my conviction and my will to gj togfthcr in doing nuw what I can o right the wrong. o I enclose herewith 1-0 aa principle aod Interest ot the debt Pleaae acknowledge In a-cloatd envelope. Penitently your. OPINION Or AN EMINENT JURIST. Ballet reform In New York was ne-cewary. says an eminent Jurist, be cause mer politician by trad, who had no Interest In government or pontic except to enrich and aggrandise themeelve. Bought perpetual control. Thr are ether excellent reform be-!! that of th ballot Conaplcuou among them I the reform In a disordered physical system by Hoetetter Stomach Bitters, which counteract tendencies to serlou disease bred by a deficiency of vital stfimtn. Irregularity nf the bowr!. stomach, liver or kidneys, and Inquietude of the aervea. Th! sterling medlcla. wblcb bes fer nearly a Quarter of a century wow popular favor, not only for It excellent aualltle la a remedial capacity, but also for Ita serviceable properties aa a medical stimulant. f-0 BlaaSc er - i aoxaw jriaja juisiLf, uouci Caipaa rta Valrat Collars, nada to fit you. All Kinds of Tin and OFFICE OF COMMISSIONER OF SCHOOL AND PUBLIC LANDS. Notice la haraby gtvea tfcat aa th 12th day of March ISM. all of the aa leaced school laada la Lawrenoe ooua ty will be offered for leaa at public auction, to th highest blddsr, at th front door ot th Court House ta aald county. The leasing will be hld between the houra ot 10 o'clock a. m., and o'clock p. m., each day, aaUl all tracts ot school laada have aaea offered for lease. Plwra, 6. V., January I, IMS. JOHN L LOCKHART, 1-t-ta. Commlaaloaar ot School aad Pabllo Laada BIDS WANTED. Th But achool of mine at Rapid City, 8. D., asks bids oa the follow lag 1 Require Arteea tons of hematite Iron ore, containing not leaa than forty par cant load. t. Reqffulree fifteen ton of lead ore coatalnlg not leaa thaa forty per csat. lead. S. Require twenty tons ot lima ton rock containing not lee thaa fifty three per cent lima. The above lota or any of them to be delivered to the sebcol of mine on or before March 1. 1181. By order of FACULTY, Legal btaaka at Plaaaar Tim afioa, PABS?ii HEADQUARTERS, tteoweoD, I, 0. 0HA8. BOHIi, Proprietor, I aw ealr etas la ton good Laaea. roUowtag Is las BILL OF FAJUB. Ham Sauaaga Blood, Cbe Bwlaa, Cheese Llmbergar, Sausage Veal, Cb Brick, Sausage Summar, Ch4ee Smearcaae, Sausage Liver, Head Cheeae, Fra&ktortars, Pig's Feet, Eggs Boiled, Wleaerwnrst, Bardlnea, Bour Tongue, Pickled Herring, Dill PtcUaa, Chow Chow. Dried Beef. Pickled Bel, Bias Flaa, Fromag do Brie, Hand Che, Salt Sardsllx, Imported Frankiartars, Anohovla, Salmon, Lobsters, Caviar, AppeUU Salad, Neuf chattel Cheese, Blrra Cheec. H runa a good elaaa aomtortabla place. Qlva him a call and be aonvlno-ed that It la tte "Only" plac 1 town. LIES. J. P. ERACSFIEID'S No- 88 Ehtroeva ltrwt I tm gaiatag artty s weO ss eoyalaMy Mlagtola awtiNlsaealf flaastea saa saw kuktstaaktac al belaesl agar :m mam la are aa M iHe. Bar te lea i- sfaUUs! Dontt 7orgt th 17iisiber. 3 SherrciiStrttt -Atosjs at Law- n4 aoer slaraa a Deadwood. , Eoath Daksta. SYPHILID QONORRHOOA LOST MANHOOD. Prints DiMates af Vls taeeamfaU Oared. . . . female ..rrrerr NO CURS NO PAY. Sox 723, Datjdirood, 8. S f f MiNMiaaa . - --r sail i sal jLrJ tViBCTWM. a pr: mmiI yeA f Sw shm iiMim tmm M OlaM. tie11"' k eayt bom mumi Mai Ikl arid kf Ul rttwn. aWswwaeiwwwAWWwewwl . syt ai artsa t f -r. l, tmwmmmmw ' ll . m is ' K. Ufc .tttA, laiAw a. iiiiiili iiihi.iiiiiii'i huiwupwiw "!! fwwemiiiMWW'jwewww'aiii"1 m F m r - III ' I I v. Sheet Hetal Work. VI (UP lelitl SHERUAM ST. IVIIOLESILE h Mil GROCERS. T. J. DOWD, praotioal 4 ktijiwai 5wttWtl Aad OPTICIAN. EtSel Ki!!s Js!rj V,tli ti Ctevfi WaHh Ctamlner tor th F . E. . at. V R. area ate a wtal aaa I win twwaawe earn ajaaeamweifc aad btmhi Ui stmt, t:$. Putifflst. UXrnt Lee-Claras Aiitessen Hardwtrt Corapmy. WholaaaJS) ZUrdWftT, EI070IM and Bportl&ff Oooda. taia-aia axAurx . oa leaoBn sjsaii.ii aiam, J. c. tmzh tr.:t. F&15K LAKE. mm m ium, Hauling el Xverjr Deacriptioa. Goal Salirarad ir, any Part of Ui City. Daadwood, - Scath Dakota AT Hot Springs, South Dtkcti, Will ;ntsrtln you all right, O 'whether sick or wli. Oo thee for a change EvcrytMsg Flrtt-CI&ts. 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