The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 9, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1900
Page 5
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2 Tl'ESDA Y. OCTOBER !. 1300. j Kansast City Excursion via the Burlington Route. Diif fare i plus $2 i for the round trip. Tickets on salt'october 9-11-13 arsii The 7:4") morning train U Food Prepared w.tii 'Caiupie'"' ia Free from Rocn.MIi S i ti, iu", Lime and Ami ma. "-..jij-mat' ia tie Owovhi j'a Fnc J CALUMETS ! tli- onlv short, nuirk line with thru ! ars I-'or further information call at 1 the P. , & M. Ry. passenger depot. , W. i. ROBKKTSON". : Ticket Agent. -o School Entertainment Course. The following are the dates for the j entertainments yet to come: ! Mrs. Isabel C.arghill Heeener. Tues- day evening. October '.V r. Henson. November 1". Who Are Thinking of Their Cold Weather MAl8r I NCNESOCOOD. 1 nc Footwear Y-mMssohn Male Our.rtet, Decern- :"..'."- lii r , ! in pack, .-o tin;, must go. .'.!: ti.o ' S. M. Spodun. February 19. the 20 for : rartir hat th. y .1 . worth Thf !!:.. !. .M f-r we Your Best Work unw! ! don.- t.aMI ' ,1,0111 s:!. -track Tin; ilvii.v i'iono:i: times, deadwoo 7 I V TRUST. J 1 ii i 1 1 Li - ji J '1 I 1 w : 1 In nil COMC AN HEti US. tl..-:u . for tie 1 11! -i - HOSIERY. UNDERWEAR AND CORSETS. mo,i In all e and oil an t i (.. a!t!i itlm it P'r. e Icuod r-..p.u 1; treat pure 1.1 I' ,.'.1 - M I t i t . . to la WE CAN GIVE YOU AN IDEA AS TO THE PROPER THING FOR THE REASON OUR NEW STYLES! : re y T .-. c . 1- "1 Ct i:t ' AKE ALL HEIU AMD YOU WILL FIND JUST WHAT YOU WANT. SEE OUR NEW. 1 '.? A D ' A L 1 CARPET; he blackness of Monday is for- i. I it. r New $3.00 Shoe gotten when the housekeeper : I ' i h ,.. views on 1 uesday the snow a I ! inn a ill a- in spi p.-ia . const 1 1 .i t ion ,v Inr all ailment s mi ,1. red sloinai b. i . 1. 1 i -thin, tlatil-and biliousness. It greatest blessings ; the past fifty ,;, , . ,M oigi.t to b.i i ' your I l el , I Willi a lleW I ( I.I ! ol rich pap. : . and w h w all until when mi . an. bv buying later cale. sa e lroin to la'. - per You i an save t hat nun b. t here question about il . so just come Mill wall-some later, this . cent ? is no drift of linen that has been washed white with Ivory Soap- It floats. And the Red Cross Noiseless Footwear. V ha been i 'in of tin to mankind ilium health builder. Many years as a in Zipp Shoe Co. ians recommend it. Take their try a bottle and be convinced, sure to get the genuine, with a ami see us. BLANKETS AND FLANNELS. 1 1 h s i i ad i. . but b. line Stamp over the neck rivate lie( I of the bottb ;i:.'bi Organization. 1 n : no Kill I (all. Kepoi ts from the churches. I I (in Fellow-hip. Kei. J. M brown. Thursday Afternoon. L' : on - 1 e otional service. Hev. Blanks. 1' ii -Secret ol Sin cess in the Hospital Notes. Miss May .Jones of Lead who had a serious operation performed at v:i'i yesterday morning by Doctor Zer-fing and Allen, is resting easy. Mr. Lanning, who lias brought to the hospital Saturday with serious heart trouble mm a bad attack of pneumonia, is criucaly ill and grave f,r. nf his recovery are entertained. ) THE GREAT MAGNETIC HEALER That Joyful Feeling, Willi ih, ehilarai ing sense nf renewed he-1th and strength ami internal cleanliness, w hbh follows the use of Syrup of Figs, is unknow n to the few who have not progressed beyond the obl-time medicines and t tie cheap substitutes somatlm" offered but never accepted by the well- Informed. Buy the genuine. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. i Work of the ('lino h. Mrs. Radford. WONDER THE 0E Prepare for that first cold sua). You know it is always "the worst of the season." Buy plenty of blankets while they are (heap; then you'll be ready. CLOTHING. Our new stock of fall and winter clothing which we placed on our tables only a few days ago. goes with this slaughter, the same as the new stock of fall iind winter dress goods. We told you everything goes, anil it does, and in this stock of clothing there are some great, great bargains in MEN'S SUITS. Suits worth from $$.ii( to $20.00 will go during this sale at from $.j.f0 to $'.t.0i. BOYS' SUITS which we bought to sell at from $.1.00 to $S,n0 will go all the way from $1.25 up Bring your pocketbook. for on this oacasion, if never before in our twen-yeiirs of business dealings with you, you will be paralyzed -with the prices you will lie quoted by our clerks who have all been instructed to. regardless of the cost maiks. cut the price at least oiue in two. and in some cases once again. Yours for the greatest slaughter sale of the year. OF THE A&E.1 Cure the most acuU. of dls- eases quickly and without tha f aid ot drugs or knife. Refer-a ences cheerfully furnished f rom W all over the western states aaj well as those right here at home who have been treated and n cured. b Mrs. Lawton :! : ;;-Woman s .Hour. Hymn. He sponsivc service. Prayer. Reports from officers and auxiliaries. Papery Mrs. Anna P. iSartels. Music. Head ins. Hymn. Thursday Evening. 7 : '.',) Praise service. .von Address. "Is the Clmrcli Fulfilling the Intent of the Kingdom?" Kev. .1. 11. Kettle. ,s:;:nY. '. s. C. F. in London. Superintendent W . H. Thrall. Friday Morning. !i :(iu Devotional Exercises, lii v. .1. Thirlowai . ;i : :in Business. KlMillBusiness shl-e of ( liurch Work. Mrs. Billings. livOo-Tho prea hing Needed Today. Ilev. .1. Bet MM'. yesterday s" PERSONALS. W. H Bonham and Col Thornhy went to Uapid City. Rev. C. K Ciddints bit Sunday iniirning for I iciivci'. John Jennack, The well known hackman whose barn Is that Imposing structure on ti.e corner of Carney and Pine Streets, ds prepared to furnish the finest rigs In the city for funerals, calling parties, picnic crowds, etc Residence 'phone. 83 Harrison. ..V.V.V.V.V.V.V.,.,.V..VJ THE GREATEST SLAUGHTER SASE Ever Inaugurated in the Black Hills Country. C0NSULTA1 ION FREE. Oo and see her and be relieved of that long and lingering ailment or disease that skilled physlcianag V it i r - -- - Mrs. Gregory, who underwent an operation about a month ago. returned home entirely cured. 0- Sunday Dinner. The Bullock opened formally under the new management. Sunday, for dinner, with a string orchestra, rut flowers, and a menu fit to set before kings. The orchestra in attendance was excellent and rendered modern opera selections and popular ragtime airs with artistic finish. In all its details, the dinner was a complete success and the new management deserves the many compliments - it has received, among others, a letter from a firm of hotel brekers in Chicago. Reward for the Murderer. A deep interest is being taken in the apprehension of the murderer of Mrs. Herdnian. Especially is tins true with men of families who arc compelled to leave them alone while they go on night shift. They will contribute liberally toward the cap tureof the murderer. There woiiid be no trouble in securing pledges to the annum tof $."inon. if some one had the tinietn make personal solicitation, but as tiny !iac not. it lias 1 n decided to have . ledges mailed or telephoned to th,. Pioneer-Times. Tin- amounts will not be due or payable until after the arre-t and oni'tiou of the mm derer o have failed to find a remedy for. Suite 14 SYNDICATE BLOCK, (Formerly occupied by Dr. Bab-k LOWE. Bring your pocketbook. h; J x-.'jSv'jaa'.N x s v aa-ja-A'AA for William Spein ( !'. bi'idue biiibb the Klkhorn. was in the 1 1 C i. Wood, the Colorado in man. was an arrival sunda night i..i,,, sr...... ar.l and family will Opera House! tart 1 A Store of 20 Years Standing. Closing out Their Mam-molh Stock. Ibis n.orniir- for Liverpool. Kngland T Morton of tins , it v w II Pitt- ir fi line, n i n t! ALL WEEK LONG Pa M i - . ,,i t. r W.n i, i and d. i. filter ! , i-1 Siind.i tor " . : ; ( i w ,ui; to i In l.(i I that our Moor is be ; r) ,,,,, ., wileo! l',,.:i'- 'iiiiiiin- weak, aim must be replaced , COMMENCING Fa I! n l'-ii -m a Mi A A a Mystery. St 111 Spite of ' I ! Mens Shoes--for Fall and Winter Are Unexcelled setisat ional repoi t and the situation in the I lord-case remains piactically The officials ;ire working case and several new wild rumors man uiurdei tiiicliatmeii. hard on th : ,.i, N. i h.ipnian tiitic ' - ' II IT J f 1 1 I ,,. ..iM, :, I,, r.'iirrii luilin,- the n.w tall goods We s iv- - I w 1 1 , Alii e ni-b' I I'M leu l: ! i t ' and ii left I durin Mi .-nt pui'thaseil aim pi.e ' "n '.. f 1 -lieU. s and tabb s. oil sab 'a' i "L . the lilt ' I . and Mrs. .. Kmi . IlllO'--e clues have 1 n taken up and investigated without results. It is surprising: to tind how many men there are around tin- county who answer exactly the same description of the man ; trie t-avoriie liuic hiiims I.e. -u iit M. Thomp i linntiin. 'Iowa I o li:ixi Il,,.ir ila.l'-llO r Mr- ' ACTUAL COST son. h it for home. Sheriff Sweeney r Hutte county. Ii' (iilbert. state-' attorney. IV .1. Arnold and J. 1. Wo-dston. represetit-,,, Hell,. Foiir.lie in the metropolis. Charles. Zoellner Id. Sunday riiorn-in- for New York, to meet his wife .. iw. i. ,-ein, -ning t rm a visit of sev- Visiting as we do the markets of tho world, enables us to not only get the 1 cream of the market In way of styles but insures for our customers a sav- HYRTLE VINTON; Supported by an Excellent Company, j In High Class Rcpretoiri CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES LATEST BALLADS. NEWEST Don't miss it. You get your money's worth. .. Seats now on sale- Re ing of fully la per cent over stay at home" 'e want no piobt on any of our goods between this and Nov ember 1st. we are only too glan to get them Off our hands so that the sjore can go thru the necessary improvements with a small stock on hand to save us renting other ipiarters and moving while i ' win k is being dote . THE HOME OF THE GENUINE BARGAIN SEEKER will c at our stole id!' the next twenty da - In the past twenty years we lave bad some cleat sales hut this r- :,t he r old home in C i ml liu'iitli many. , , , M,'s"i: c, P. ,'"i'l two chiblieii letii.' t'M,m..n,aba where -hev have I visit iir for the past three weeks serves. 50c . AY. moth. r. -Mr. m n- NIGHTLY CH -GE OF P 1 Vlin (low u with Mrs id went wanted. They are invariably seen riding across count. ty just before day-treak or in the early dusk, but when found, they turn out to bo guileless farmers looking for a lost calf or something; of tha sort. It was discovered yesterday that a small miners' pick, lying near .the door of the house had been used to break in the door. n . School Entertainment Course. The following; are press notices of Mrs. Isabel Carghill-Beecher. who appears at the Opera house tonight: Her simple manner anfl remarkable power of interpretation, with her beautiful voice, combined to., make her altogether the-most attractive reader -Hat the audience ever listened to Chicago Inter-Ocean. Her dramatic power astonished. hi!e her simple, unaffected manner charme4 her audience. Milwaukee Sentinel. Isabel Garghill-Beecher Is the -most graceful, talented and artistic reader toe Chautauqua has ever had. Lex- lnpnn rrr rt.ti.. t j to GOLD, GOLD HOW IT C- LITTERS! wMl eclipse till formei part or on l he pai t o in the we-' our -toe',,: cp, .il t'. must ; ;!,,, B! i, k -. go. tlv :u H.diw Si Sprint- l' n A, ti.'e en W'i Fi cinont to meet nn,; wife of Hot .1, Coldherg's resi- ' str.-et and will re- ' i " l r. f.oldlierg . i t , Nov York for 1 effort-! on our ' anv merchant i-nt're stuck., a imy live stores s at ,v tual cost i and New Yoik Competitors Our branda are the best the markets show. Every pair of mens shoes we sell is a standard at its price. Kvery pair is guaranteed by manufa' turers to us, and we positively guarantee them to you. We are sole agents for the famous Florsheim Shoe for men. THE WORLDS GREAT FINE SHOE'. ; Our method of buying saves one profit. With U3 it ia from "maker to wearer." rep 1 1 '. ,)i v. :i 'ALL GOLD LOOKS ALIKE TO SOME, I 1, ; "h -4l)v-iw-"dsi I'm ( ..'.: atri move .and .Ml "tv. COMPETITORS'. SO-CALLED. SAC- But to the Experienced Eye BLACK HIULS GOLD IS THE REAL THING, Made up in all kinds of Jewelry. : Watches, Chains, Rings, etc., by i Hon !: Mart'n and Hon. .Charles If. Burke arrived in the Hills Sunday from Jhe eastern part of the state. ' Mr. 'Burke stopped at Rapid ...i Ai,. ffirtin came on home RIFICE SALES. re P'.thing compared with the one that commences this mornine. DRESS GOODS. BUTLER The Jeweler, inclining our late purchase for fall where V.iiy mill tn Ranid yesterday and waiter. A stock of these goods HOI O S, urn --- both gentlemen spoke yesteniav . that w"!l certainly cause your eyes to 651 1 i Main Street. ow v-J.J Uixuy iiCUUCI, U is impossible to describe the wonderful charm of this gifted woman. no makes everv selection she pre-- i ook at the Fine Shoes inQ eats Hying, glowing reality to her bulge o-t 'n envy. p can get your choice n' the lot for just about one-half their usual retail price, until they are old. The earlier you come the larger the stock to choose from. CLOAKS, SUITS AND JACKETS. In these goods we are unsurpassed, having Jmt placed our new fall stock on the shelves. They all go. tho, and our customers are the ones that reap the benefit. terrtitiNERY.-m, department we can fit you v mi vv liiuuw, i ci a. i-aiauison, tvvis.j uemwioi. Ministerial Association. The full meeting of the Black Hills soclatlon of Ministers and churches i W be held ut Deadwood .October It) ' nd 1L- Following is the program: P t Conlan, proprietor of the Prin-gle Mercantile company, is in the city. Dill Pickles, the best in the land those that always taste like more at GOLDBERG'S. Dr. Neil of this city recently received a letter from his father, N. Nell, announcing the fact that he was just convalescent from Injuries received In a railroad wreck about two weeks ago. near Ogden, Utah. Mr. Neii writes that the lady with whom he was seated in the coach was Instantly killed and fourteen other passengers quite seriously injured, hence he feels quite rejoiced that he came out with as few bruises as he did- - weaneaday0 Evening. "":2(r-Pralse senrice, Rev. J. Beck- " .rr;:- ..... :90j-Sermon, Rev. A. A, Brown. , i Thursday Morning. ' DcTotions, Mrs. Radford. - - :' V .'', " ' ' ' " : ' out with anything your imagination can conceive, and In this special department cost cuts no figure, trimmed hats are easily spoiled, they are hard

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