The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 1, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 1, 1898
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FINE COMMERCIAL WORK ' r v i i a GUARANTEED CIRCULATION n Jo Priming DtpamMM M tk Paws ? mas K UN kM juiiMd nmmmna, tniit Igsosre ta Wen, tad hirualm MoauUy UN ..... . 1 b iniri.M'M of II rtoUT-TlHM "'"W r """I tlmll II Hi III til ih MMt situs BoHt Work at the Lowest Price I . li'l lli-il II I'Wkklir follow ILM II M riio l'-t A1 vcrtinint? Medium TWENTY-SECOND YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), TUESDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 1, 1HH8. HVE CENT eft, I ft , ,tf V AMONO THE OVER A PRECIPICE. l::::e mid mill IMTUD BTATK8 COCHT. Tlae regular February Una of the L'nluid states couru will convene in tli In city at 2 o'clock thu Food Prepared With "Cr.ttimct" Is Free From Rochvtte Salts, Alum, litre ntul Ammonia. "Celumt" y t!.v i.uuscwifo's Friend HOUSE STANDS LOYAL, Teller Bond Resolution Defeated la the House ana Senate Will Explain. MINES OP TV RE. TUB rc- It It evident that within mining circles, by reason of developments made. there la a feeling eilatant that the per manency of tho on lodea rt tho Black Hills has become an established fact. This is evidenced by tho numerous improvements made of such character at to warrant tho belief, that In the opln- Ion of tho management of tuch prop-,001 SO GOOD. cc.i; if M. it! WERTHHEIMER & BRO. Til iJ J. i cur mtirs atojk of UNDERWEAR. Boom we roust have. To sell Ooods Cheap ft th rnly way to mikt it. Tho e Goods are bulky abd take up lot cf she f loom. To recuco our stock: we offer for 71- 171 711 K Monday ft Lr! and the entire week in H LADIES MUSLIN in ..... coneiatiag ot Night Gowns, BjBbi a a gr a, a a. a e gf ej Skirts 0K Drawers. For Ladles and Children for Less Money than tte Muelln would Cost 1,000 Pieces Hamburg Nainsoolx Embroidery. XJ At about Half Prlct- from whrtt they are worth. M.J. t,rr.nmv,vtr,v..r,r, H & WtKinnhliYltK & BKU. t .f FlVah. 7 i-erzxercru Both iba method and results when Brnp of Figs la taken; it la plraaant sal rafrwhlng to tha taate, and acta ntwj yat promptly on tha Kidneys, Llrar aad Bowola, cleanse tho ayt-tea eCastaaay, ditpalg aoUa, head-achat gad farm xA earn habitual eooadpAtion. Bjrap of Figa Is tha aclj nstdret ita kh. iu dean!, ptaaing to tho Ucta aad go-oaptftbU to tho stomach, prompt in ita gotten tad truly beneficial in its Saots, prepared onlr from tha moat healthy aaa tgritallo anbatanoot, lia but axoallont quail ties commend it to all and hara mad it tha moat popular remedy known. Syrup of Figa it for sale la 00 it bottle: by all loading druggist. Any rei labia draggist who may not hare it on haadwiil pro oore it promptly for any one who wiahea to try it Do not accept aaj sabctitute. antzzzy m srr,v? ax tcssniM. a. attar mer, At and Hot within a few hundred feet of tho Ha'dln ahaft Just through tne "hog-back" or divide. It Joins the fa-mout old Oro Cache which recently told for 130,000 and tha Watson ground which changed handt at a higher figure. Many of the clalmi have been exploited aufflciontly to prove their valu-i while the ownen of othora of the group have boon too poor to do much more than tho amount required to hold them. No other group of clalma In tha country often greater possibilities for the Invottmont of a little capital, none offer such sure returns. It is the intention of Messrs, Smith and Strayer to capitalise them among their frlenda in the east and to devel- opo them In the aame business like method that prompted them to secure tho options. It is ono of the most mer itorious enterprleee that has been in augurated In tho county. CONCENTRATES. F. L. Langan, of Minneapolis, left last evening for hts home after a week't vltlt In Deadwood. While here ho auccooded In contummatlng two pntty good mining doala Involving val uable ground In Two Bit Mr. Langan will be out again In about a week. "The Cheyenne Sun-Leader acya: "Mr L. Llebert, who haa been making a pononal tntpectton ot tho Orand En campment mining nglon, in the Inter- ettt of tho Deadwood amelter, exprett- et himself aa much ploaaed with tho n suit of hit vltlt Mr. Llebert haa received raturna from the Deadwood taaltor on Orand Encampement on, aad It la mon than up to tho antlclpat ed mark. The Deadwood man predicts an early and gnat futun for the Orand Encampment mining region. NOTICE. To whoia It may concern: I have thla day leased tho Omegt mine and the HUdorbrand mill, togeth er with all machinery, etc., belonging thento, to William Borate! and X. j. Welch, ot Central City, 8. D., who will bo responsible for all labor, material supplies and other account"! Incurred In ths operation of aald mine and mill. P. L. OIBBS, Owner, Dated, Jan. II. lltl. DOINGS AT GALENA. (From tha Star.) Fred Blmonds loft yesterday for Dead wood, whon ho will visit a ahort time, Fred haa tho Klondike fever, and haa It bad. In all probability when next hoard from ho will be well on hla way to the land of tho midnight sun. A whim Is being put In at the No tloral Bon ansa ahaft and vlll be used until tho hoist, recently purchased at Hill City, eaa bo brought up and put In place. Mr. aad Mrs. Charles Tripp wen In from Oreenweod Tuesday. Mr. Tripp completed tho moving of their household goods from the residence recently sold to F. U. Vroman to their homo on the extension of tho B. H. 4 Ft P. road. Miss Nettie Oore, of Piedmont wai la tows one day last week looking after her Interests ae a school teacher. Miss Oore haa had flattering success la the past aa a tutor, aad ahould Oalena ao-eun her torvlcoo the welfare of the chll&w would be looked after tn flnt elaat shape. THE MODERN WAT. Commends Itself to the well-informed to do pleasantly and effectually what waa formerly doao la the crudest man nor and disagreeably aa well. To cleaaae the tyttem aad break up colds, headaches, aad feven without unpli eat ater effects, ase the delightful liq uid laxative remedy, Syrup of Flga. Made by Caldron la Fig Brrmp Co. I . REV. IDA SHERMAN, MISS RANKIN AND MAUD CKIMSHAW HAVE A NARROW ESCAPE. They Meet a Team Driven by a Drunken Man On Spearflsh Hill and By Hli Awkwardness Their Team la Backed Off the Road and Rolls Down the Hill Fully ISO Feet Rev. Ida M. Sherman, for three yean pastor of the First Baptist church of this city. Miss Rankin and Mlsa Maud, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. &. Grim- ahaw, atarted to drive to Spearflah Bun day afternoon, leaving here at 4 o'clock Miss Khertiisri hud Arranvail tn onnriisftt .,,, ., ,h ,.. , " w She secured a team from Jamee Oeddee jwbicii unuer ordinary circumstance. waa steady and eentle. They proceeded on their Journey to a point above the bridge st tho lime kiln, which Is about half way up the 8pearflsb Mil, and there met a nmn driving a broncho pony hitched to a cart coming In the opposite direction. The man waa evidently Intoxicated and half asleep. His reins were hanging and the pony taking lis own course In the middle of tne road. Mlxs Sheiman pulled her team out to the edge of the road to allow the man to pnss, b'i: as he made no effort to do so Miss Sherman called to him The pony had then reached tho team and atrpprd and tho man with the carl aroimlng himself ntten.ptcd to pull his hnrse out of the road. He gave the p :ny sevoml sliiHlies with the whip, which lie ll i r IhI- I in the faces of Mlm Sherman's tenm und frightened them Me then th:ev ,1 tur robe over the dust of Mk car" :i' ttitiht tu the faces of the t".vn. Tin fi l'-'it-ned the horses and they started to bin k rtlHpltn the efforts of the driver to uti.p tlu-m. The buggy wnH hiH'k'.d off the rotid, where fortu nately for the occupants tho hill was not atecp. As the buggy left the road Miss Rankin Jumped and escaped Injury. The buggy having obtained velocity the team became unmanageable and floundered. About a hundred feet be low the road was an excavation for a house, fully fifteen feet deep, and Into this rolled the buggy with Miss Sherman and Miss Orlmshaw, the buggy turning bottom upward and falling heavily upon the occupants. The team fell In a heap upon the buggy and be came entangled In the harness and wheels. In attempting to releaao them solves, the horses pulled the remnants of the vehicle farther down the hill, dragging the ladles some distance. Miss Rankin hastened to the scene and was fallowed soon after by Rube Lewis, who was returning from the val ley. The man with the cart who had been the cause of the accident walked leisurely down with his hands in hit pockets but showed no Inclination to assist Making some remark about he "guessed they wen not badly hurt" he returned to his cart and drove on. We have endeavored to ascertain hit name but without avail; we understand however, that he belonged at Lead City and that he drove right through Deadwood without atopplng. Miss Sherman waa found to bo Insensible and was bleeding profusely from numerous cuts upon the head and face. Mies Orlmshaw waa not badly bruised but was unable to ttand, bar ing sustained a broken leg. Fortunate ly then were houses In close proximity where the Injured onea were taken and cared for until the arrival of Dr. Howe who was summoned by telephone from the Oolden Rewsrd works. Carriages were aent down quickly and the victims of this serious accident wen ta ken to their homes. A careful exam ination disclose dthe fact that Miss Sherman's injuries consisted ot bruises and cuta, from which the will speedily recover. The report that tho waa In Jured Internally waa Incorrect, at though she Buffered intento pain from a bad bruise upon the back. At last accounts she was resting easy and is quite cheerful, being turrounded by kind friends who are showing every at tention. Miss Orlmehaw'a condition not serious. Dr. Howe, assisted by Dr. Paddock, yesterday reduced the fracture, and the young lady la retting comfortably. Mr. Crddrs' team was none the wo for their experience, save a few minor scratches. Tne buggy was a tota wreck. Mr. Lewis was unable to rec ognlxe the fellow in the cart Ho wa near by and witnessed the accident from first to last, although was power less to prevent It. Ho rendered tvery assistance possible in tho caao and proved to bo a valuable man in the emergency. Mitt Sherman had planned to loan yeeterday afternoon for California, where the haa been engaged to conduct a aerlet ot revival meetings at a num ber of prominent cities. She hopes to be able to go In about r. week. The newt of tho accident tproad over tho city like wild-fin and all klnda of rumors wen afloat, oven to effect that Mlit Sherman had died from tho effects of her injuries. Hundred! of warm frlendt and adminn of thin lady called at her homo, corner City Creek and Centennial avenue, but her phytlclan denied them admittance. Tha raeh of Job work at tha Plonaor- TUsoa Seo la grater than oror MILUKEN O ROUND BOLD. James Mllllken. of New York, owner of tho Mllllken Park group, situated near Kirk, on Whltewood gulch, haa sold thi property to the Homestakt fining Co. It haa been known for Uni lnt negotiations were p""B ana was frequently rumored tntl th fanefor bad been made. The ow WM B,Mt ,a" w" ana ueeoo wm niea tor record probably within a tew days. Tho group constats of ton clalma, about a hundred acree of ground, and adjolua tho Homeotake property on tho southeast into which tho great ledge of on, known aa the Homastako and Hlghlaad lodge, dips. Thla purchase wtii doubtloaa hasten tha completion of tho Elltnooa hoist and ahaft, through which the ores from tho Mllllkeu property will bo mined. Thla It an acoultltlon of lnes- mablo value to tho Homes take prop erty. Wo have been unable to ascertain tho consideration of thla deal, but are Informed that It la up Into Hun dreds of thousands. Mr. Mllllken has owned the property several yean and has expended a large aum of m-ney In developing It A large working tunnol hat boon driven from tho Whltewood tide, a distance of nearly 1,000 feet, which cut through a number of vertical velnt of rich free-milling on. It waa oxpected to encounter tho Homeotake ledge but as Us dip was more rapid tbr.n waa thought It had not been reached when work waa stopped re cently. It haa been rumored that the Home- stake company would eventually erect large atamp-mltl In Whltewood gulch, upon tho Mllllkan ground providing It bought the property. The report to again afloat, but so far aa wo have boon able to learn there It no foundation for it With tho new three-compartment shaft aad the fine Ellison hoist, ths largest and finest In tho northwett, tht company la enabled to handle a large amount of on and treat It In the mills at Lead. D. ft D's NEW SHAFT. The Deadwood and Delawaro com pany's new shaft, named the "Delaware," haa reached a depth of 17S feet Rapid work is being done by tho miners and It la goln down at a rate sat isfactory to Dr. F. R. Carpenter, tho manager. Tho Potior informs ua that ho may have to sink 600 feet and that bo has a hoisting-plant and facilities tufflcient to accompllih thla. Near the elde lino ot tho company's property, a ahort distance weat of En-glowood, a ahaft waa alerted last year and aunk 60 feet A hoisting plant waa put upon tho i haft equipped with pumpt, etc Work waa returned a short time ago at thla theft and tht hottttng machinery was sot In motion on Saturday tor too flnt time. It la Dr. Carpantar'a Intention to eventually connect ths Union, tho Del- awan and tho ntw Englawood ahaft by a tyttem of large working tunnela that will a crre gate mon than three miles In kragth. The one will be mined through the Ualon shaft and be trans ported by meana of mlno-locomotlvee Aa tho new ahaft la conaldenblo lower than tho Delaware and the formation dipt In that direction, It la Dr. Carpen ter'a intention tu drain the working! to the Englewood ahaft when largo pumpa will bo put tn. THE KILPATRICK DEAL. Meein R. J. and 8. D. Kllpatrick and C. W. Collins left for tho oaat Sunday. At itated In tho Ploaeor-Tlmea Sunday morning, these gentlemen met a delegation of mine tywnon of tho Ragged Top district, Saturday evening, to con sider the proposition of bonding their ground with a view to running a work Ing tunnel from Spoarflsh Into the prop erty at a groat depth. Tho Ragged Top people ere considering the matter and will arrive at a decision la a abort time Meters. Kllpatrick aad Collins will vis it Deadwood again Inoido of two weeks when tho matter will be cloeed. In view ot the fact that the Kllpatrlcts are undertaking a project of eooaider- able magnitude that will entail the ex pendltan of a vaat aum ot money the property owners en Inollned to be liberal and make coneeotSona, believing that the development work proposed will greatly enhance the value of their property. A MERITORIOUS ENTERPRISE. W. Z. Smith, of Niagara Falls. N. Y and Oeo. B. Strayer of Hudson, Iowa. came to the city about tea daya ago, apparently to the casual observer, for pleaaun, but thry evidently know just what they came for and won fully aa wall advised aa though they had been familiar with Uie country for years. Aa toon aa they stopped oft the train and got a warn meal they mods a bee line for the mliee of Spruce and Two Bit and baton any one know their hue tness tboy had secured contracts aad options oa tho otoek ot tho Anna com Pny and II other clalma adjoining and ta a body. Ki.d they proepected tht district for to rears they could tot have need mon discrimination or made better aeleetlonu. The ground la all lo- eated between Deadwood and Two Bit a.'teriioou. Judfo Cbas. F. Amidon, ot Feign, North Dakota, will preside while Judge Carland, who wag former- tr connected with the nroeecution of ln umber cm. being tout aisquanneu, du Men assigned to preside over a term at Denver. The term will not be aa prolonged aa anticipated on account of postponing tne Itoineatake cases. The Golden Howard lluxton rase will be tried also the Sweeney caaea against the 13. ft M. rail road. There are a few criminal casva of minor importance and aside from the Oolden Reward case It la not likely there will be much to do. The term "Mould last two werks. Most of the officials bare arrived and they an -.t 1 ...... .V a i j luiivwa, iiuurq r. Anuaon. u 8. Marshal E. O. Kennedy: nistrtct At. ' torr.ey J. D. Elliott; Aas't District Attorney 8. V. Van Buaktrk; Clerk ot Cou-ta O. 8. Pendar; Chief Clerk Jerry Carleton and Deputy Geo. A. Ludlow. Among large number of prominent visitors here to attend court are B. T. White, attorney general of the Elkhorn road, of Omaha, J. L. Turner, a prominent attorney of Springfield, 8. D. MaJ. I- a Milliard, stock agent of the North-wen em road at Tlerie. Attorney N. K. Gripe, of tne D. A M.; Frank liiaei- meler; Frank Wade; Jake Tschetter and Dave Robinson. Ult II. W. TAYIOR IS ARRH8TEI). Dr. II. V. Taylor, wanted In Burllng- coii, U., for larceny and etuhezJemtnt, .8 a prlaoncr nt ( eiiliai Station, and lie taken lim k toUy. Taylor was arrtsted In a hoaidllig-luiiise, at Ellin avenue. It is said Dr. Taylor rep .'i-M tiled himself as an eye specialist. liU alleged plan being to take tho or- dei fur glunses, wblch h said must be specially ground by thu Johnson Opll-eul company of Detroit, Mich. It la Hulr, he acvured part payment for the goo Is In thia way, and then disappeared. The police of Burlington say he hat operated throughout Iowa and South Dakota, collecting. It la supposed several hundred dollars. Taylor de- nlea the charge, and says he hat paid for all the goods for which he waa glv en orders. Chicago Tribune. "Dr." Taylor, who It a too of Dr. C. H. Taylor the Yankton Opthalmlat, "operated" tn Deadwood last summer. He worked a number of Deadwood peo ple out of various turns through or ders for glasses and "operated" on others In connection with bit pal who waa a card tbark. They invited a promt-nect official to a social game of "draw" and then "operated" him out of 130. They alto operated on a physician, but their work waa too coarse. It waa not delicate" but It waa ''dangerous" for Medlcua drew a gun before the end ot the operation. MISCELLANEOUS STATE ITEMS. The Belle Fourche Smelting ft Refin ing Co hat let the contract for erecting a 6)0 ton smelter. Work wtll be begun as soon as possible. The Odd Fellows are arranging to erect a temple at Oary, 8. D. Founda Hot, atone la being hauled. Another school house wtll probably be erected In Palatine township, near Plantnton, the coming summer. Jatan W. Olbba, tho Lead architect. has completed plan for tno church fo? the Episcopal society to cost $6,000. at Spearflah. The Sloui City mortgrgeee of the Dakota Hot Springe Co contemplate a number of changea and Improvements to the Hotel Evana, plunge bath, etc, If :hey come Into possession of the property tn March at the expiration ot the time for redemption. They an linking a well at Pierre, and expect to ttrlko natural gat or pe troleum at a depth of about 1.800 foot They are now down about 1,000 feet. Contractor John Naughton, who was reported dying at Vermillion, S. D., 1, rapidly recovering. Thlnge are in good share at Valley City, S. D. The theory that building opxrationa an autpended In winter In the northwest la knocked higher than anybody'! kite by the following from the Valley City Record: "Building has ben In progress all winter, and no less trmn a doien dwellings have been erect ed since December let, or are In course of erection. Then It room for more. Ki a matter of fact, there It now more business in Valley City than there are fa:llltiea for taking care of It" Contrwton at Vtrmllllon report ptotpectt unnically good at that point for a good building year. Several residences and at leaet one butlnest block ai t already tn light. A good modern hotel la said to be greatly needed and among the possibilities. TO OUR CUSTOMERS. Chamberlain'! Cough Remedy It the beat tyrap wo have over used ounelree or In our families. W. H. King, Isaac F, King and many othsn In -thla vicinity, have alto pronounced It tho boot All wo want la for people to try It and taey will bo convinced. Upon honor, taen la no hotter that wo have ever t ried, and wo hare need many kinds. I- JL BLAJCX A SON, OeneraJ Mer- 1 iita. at Tuna Vk I I I j Prominent Democrat Saj s No More Fusion In So. Dak. Terrible Murder. Washington. Jan. 31 Hpet'lu!: The Teller resolution was defeated In the house this afternoon. The republican senators who voted In opposition to their party, on the Tel ler bond resolution, will sti-lt an opportunity this wi-t k tn expluli. their po sltlon at length, and In (Ii.Kik so they will seek to have thu further consider tlon of the Hawaiian treaty postponed. Very few of them made speeches while the resolution before the senate, but some of thi ln now feel that there was an effort made to put them In a false position and Hut they owe It to themselves to hnvr their position thoroughly undei stood. The pi;uslon of Win. Dunn, of Dead-wood, has been increased from $8 to 10 per month. Etta K. Dunn, of Dead-wood, was granted un original pi-union of Is per month. Secretary flan tins recommended that congress past, a hill providing to the Inspection of vetuHs carrying pas-senKers and frelxht to the Klondike country for the protci Hon of the public AKulnst uiisi'iiwoiUiy slilpH. NO FfrflON 'I HIS YF.AIl. Sioiix Fulls, 9. D., Ja:. SI Ppeclnl : 8ylvnn Winter. Ommlicrlnlii, u nvm ber of the demo rstic fct.ili' cniinnltleu, a ptoiiini..!' il hi.t'-r f.iiin an indent RiippoiU'i' id l'i),in lii i !i:.r.ti in a tiewp.iier In ' . i-w tin r- i'l bo liu a. Urn liil.i ..i-jr i'.i .-iiilh I'likolu. 'You i.i i, nit It iikIiI down," e:ild Mr. Winter "lliut time will lie three tlrk- ets In thu field in South Dakota and that one of theiu will bo a democratic ticket. Last year i wue ready to Join with the populists In order to carry the state, but my experience has made me unalteralily opposed to further fusion. I I have ttalked lth many of the party leadera in the state and so far as I know there Is not one who differs with me In this matter. We are going to rehabilitate) the democratic party this year. The rank and file of the party la quite as much dlKUcsiel with fusion aa are the leaders and 'the go-it-alone' policy la the one which will prevail hereafter with the democrats. We feel that only so can we build up a party In thla state. We feel also that the last two yean have been worse than lost to the party." Judge J. O. Andrewa. of Brookings, has gone to the Black Hills and before he left hi gave It out that he would probably remove to Deadwood to lo cate. Judge Andrews hat been a prom inent political figure In thla part of tho atate and his removal to Deadwood It takon to Indicate hit purpote of mak Ing the race for congress, possibly on the populist ticket, contesting the nom Inallon ui t'oiiuicssmaii Freeman Know lea. MURDERER CONFESSES. Burlington. la., Jan. 31 Special- Mrs. Fancle Ratbburn. a widow, and her 12-year-otd daughter Mary, were cruelly murdered at their home weat ot thU city Saturday. Mn. Ratbburn a head waa split ( pen with an ax while It was evident that the child's person had been outraged and her throat cut from ear to ear. Abe Stormer, a well known but woithlesa character about town, waa arrested on suspicion and today made a full confession of tho crime. He It confined In the county Jail under a heavy guard, but the au thorities have apprehenalont that there will be an effort made to lynch him. BETRAYED AND KILLED. Havana. Jan. 31 Special: Gen Nestor Atangurtu. a piuiutnent lusur gent general, was killed by Spanish troops near Tampa Florida last Thursday. A negro as captured recently and was ropeatwlly tortured In order to extort from him Information regarding the Inmirgnn's Upon belug promluod a reward of fiOu the negro hetrayeil the Instil gent offi r. whom he told was In the habit of visiting the home ivf a puclfico called C'ajngal. Tho SpanUn troops proceeded to the p'.aoe under guidance of the negro, surrounded tho house, and killed the entire family. Ar nguren and bit servant. DEPEW MAT BE OUT. Chicago, Jan. J I Special: It It said In railroad circles here that the New York Central and Lake Shore railroad, will consolidate. It it well known that J. P. Morgan haa no friendly feeling for Chauncey M. Depew, president of tat New York Central and whan the ra organisation takes effect Mr. Depew will be out MASTER BUILDERS. A meeting of the Master Bullden Association will bo. held at Its rooms, Wednesday svenlng, Feb. 1 A full at tendance it requested aa business of Importance will come up for action. Br order of tho president. & it BOND, too. I j ertles as the Homtake. Oolden Re-, ward. D. and D., Horseshoe. Hardin, and Boley. that tis remarkable "on, tone" will yield a highly profitable grade of ora foe many years to come; remarkable for Its wonderful tonage production of profitable grades of on; pbsnomlnal, Inaamuch as Its gold-bear ing orsa an largely fouid within tho area of tho thalo measures upon tho quartnto contact Thla erf ton differing aa It does In Ita geological structure from any thus far explored within tho conflnet of either hemlaphen, de mands of the expert cbo most careful study, and minute examination. With in thia field, theorlea which hare ttood the tett of time, are isemlngly rent asunder; yet haa man succeeded with tolerable certainty In treating these ore bodies and extracting therefrom ihelr latent wealth; and today, with pardonable pride wo point to auccett achieved where defeat teemed certain, and many perhaps experience for tne first time a realization of tho axiom, that. "Nothing tucceedt like tucceit." 1 hut viewing the condlttoni of tht mining Industry, it is apparent to the aaual observer, that the present year s to be one of unusual activity, and enterprises of large magnitude an now iindor way. and othora contemplated. I he fact that there It today, a large area o fterrltory unexplored and offering great Inducements, la caualng proa-pec tire Inventors to turn their attention in tbls direction, aad It la my pur- pone to point out, without disparagement to othere, one of the possibilities ti open, which will inevitably attract attention In the near future, by reason of Its own inherent merits. The ex ploration ot the gnat ahalo measure! known to exltt south and wett from Portland and Squaw Creek, and ex tending to Beaver Creek upon the west now contemplated by at leatt ont ompany; yet it must Do apparent to those familiar with thla Baain, that it It hardly possible, that tno exploration of thla area will be aolely conducted by ne company; Its area and possibilities are largo. Capped aa la tho great baaln by the lime and sand-stones, it la oatlmated that within tho central portion! of tho baaln, a vortical ahaft of from 800 to ,000 feet would bo required to reach tho lower contact at tho moat farorablo polnta. Tho Spearflih canyon cutting thla gnat baatn centrally upon ita eait and weat line, oeemi to offer tho key to tho solution of tu possibilities. Cut ting, aa it does, tho cap rocks to depth of nearly 1,000 feet vertical and exposing tho shalo meaauna at polntt upon Its lino, obviates tho necooslty of Inking to this depth, at least at these polnta. . Aa I hare Intimated one company ta seeking to take advantage of natun't offering; and exploration of thla area by meana of tunnel, rather than by sinking. Thla la feasible, and from an engineering point often many advan tagea. Among points of vantage on tht lino of thla canyon la ono at tha intersection of tho McKlnloy Crook (See Prof. McOllllcuddy'a map) with tho canyon. Rxptorationa made at port- land and Squaw Crook, ahow tho "dtp of tho contact to bo to tho south and weet and towards tho canyon. Tho Imo capping la in evidence at Crown Hill, and gradually thlckent aa It ap proachea the canyon, distant ono and one-half mlleo, at which point It from 00 to 600 foot thick. A tunnol upon tho proposed line would reach the proven on son on tho ahortest possible distance, while at the tamo time penetrating tho Elk Mountain ground, from which on from .he upper contact bae been extracted and shipped. Thla lino would pene trate ground now held In largo bod lei approximating 720 acree, and Is In the hands of a few individuals, unable ta xploro and develop It, and could be treated for upoc a nasonablo baala by partlea able to handlo It Thla would facilitate bualneoa negotiations, look lag to a culmination of tho enterprise, while the location, by reason of eco nomic conditions, railroad, timber, wa ;er, iltet for building, ate., are not tur- passed within thlt area. That tuch an nterprlee would prove profitable eaa hardly bo quoattonod by ono familiar with tho ora roaorvoa of tha Black HUU It la a fact conclusively ahown, that when capital haa Intonated Itself In the development of our mineral wealth intelligently directed, aad with opera '.lens conducted upon strictly builnoot itnea luccoaa haa always been attained. Do you dougt It? Cocao aad view the field. N. a DISSOLUTION NOTICX. Tha oo partnership heretofon exist- ng between Walter Joy aad Fred Mo ther, aaaaytra, la thla day dissolved mutual consent Mr. Joy will collect all bills duo said Ira and will par all accounts duo by It WALTER JOT. rsxa U0CHZ2L JNarfwewd. ft. U, lSSt t-B-af t Itaan rstssus, trm. bmm B.s, The American Or DEADWOOD, Does a General WUlpy mmi i p -'it cot f exonaog io t all parte or tne waited States and Europe. Will mWea eptoleity oi all kinds of coilectiona, aad ail bustai will be tr letoted on businoo prlnoip'ee DIItCOTOKSi g SAUDXI. W. At LITHTOX. i.f OMco. I maum o m. fa 11 M SfffA aagaeaea aeaaaeieB WIN I tH STAtTE g PURCHASERS Can uy ihelr winter's supplies of Groceries, TEAS, COFFEES, PROVISIONS,' ETC. . . . .. Q () t'wMr. lorn Tuata, VUfrSw, K National BankI SOUTH DAKOTA. Banking Business. tts rf fittiit Will bjy andeeU JOUN TSKHtH. adMa&M. lueitia aMgu. I'W eg sanssssssss. m . 0 o arj7 ry'7 n JilillblUli o 0 0 1 jp jiv - f ' " ; --FOB CASH-Of- c At the low prio. a current before the advance ooctuiooed by X tue Dingley bill. Everything except FLOUR and EUO AS K at the old pricee i) ! A.T Tzxn ( 9 BEADT700D A.O. HOIiNHEKGEIt, PHOP. Neit Door to Pcrtcflc3 Th't hclds good for a short time only, as with all new goods purchased the advance must be added , 1 i k r-JT " r jfv W W

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