The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 30, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 30, 1898
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, SUNDAY, JANUARY 60, ItlX Hoofing. Job nl rrpslr work of all klnrin dour at thr Anvil Tin Shop All wiiiV. cmi snfiM. Ir ti.mlr. rt ntlst. ovrr Rosenthal's rloihlnR Morn. tKOWN AND BRIDGE WORK. One Mimiir ( ougii C ira cures quickly. That's nhnt you wsnt. N. E. Franklin. K. O. Phillips. sMssasBasBBW esassB TsTTaT 'Mkm tm'i mmi aaatr taaaw I Zipp can ot any foot to perfection, Mis All! Hughe. Norfolk, Va . waa frightfully burned on the far and neck. Pain waa Instantly relieved by D Wit fa Witch Haael Salve, wbloh healed the Injury without leaving a scar. It la tha famoua pile remedy. N. K. Franklin. K. O. Phillip. Buckwheat flour and Log Cabin mi-pl ayrup at 3. Hattonuaca and Broa.' J. A. I'rrklni, of Antiquity, 0., ru for thirty yeara needlessly tortured by 4 I 'E have just completed f- t our annual inventory, j Zlpps for fine shorn, i DcforA contracting for a winter's coal supply, Paul Rwman at the ' electric light station. MOTHERS I'KAISE Hood'a Bareapa-! nils, because, by Ita great blood enrich 9 and commencing physicians for the cure ot csma. Ha waa quickly cured by using DeWltt's Witch Huel Salve th famoua healing t , I -.--. aalva for pllea and akin dlseaaea. K. 0. Phillips, N. E. Franklin. i f i BLOOM GIVES BETTER VALUal FOR YOUR MONEY THAN ANY OTHER HOUSE. WhB w sell Log Cabin mapla syrup Do not fall to hear Jophla Jaas Ing qualities. It glvea rosy cheek anil vigorous appetites to pal and puny chlldre a. HOO.J'B PILLS are the favorite family cathartic and liver medicine. Pnc 26 cenu. Mr. M. B. Ford, Ruddell'a. 111., Ml-fsrsd for sight yara from dyspepsia and chronic ooneilpatlon and waa finally cured by using DWltt's UtU Early Risers, the famoua UtU pills for all atomach and liver troublsa. K. O. Phil lips, N. B. Franklin. wa feel w are making friends, J. Hat-tsnbach ft Bro. Ora, rraidnt of th Yung Lad las' Slngl lednas Soclsty at th opera house Friday avanlng, Feb. 4. BTEARN'S DIAMOND COAL IS THE BEST. f r ga"saaf- v ' See ths Syadlcato restaurant advr- It 1 aay to oatca a cold and Just aa tlssmsnt ta these eolumna easy to gat rid of It If you commence early to ua On Mlnut Cough Cur. Claud A. RosslgBol at th Opsra Houss, Fb. a. Do not fall to hear him. It curea coughs, oolds, bronchitis. pnu The Palace Cafe, Lee etreet C. L, Slewera repalra safea, locks, Ses th Syndicate resUuraat' Bfn monla and all throat and lung trouble. SBetasaXlatlxesca. XtB7SB. Main Street, Deadwood, S. D. Of Constantly Xnert&slnf Bnsinsss is not tht rssult of twoldant or Qood Luck. 22 YEARSs Of itt4fut adntrsnos ot ths principle of Quality First of optnsl fftcsdv elstn eat, Knmatchtblt) IMom on onr UNION MADE CLOTHING, OrcrtUls and shirts of starling msrit hay brought this mult and suootss. WE NOW OFFER At Greatly Seduced Frioei all Heavy Olothln, Boys Clothing, Working men's) Pants and Dhirts, Blankets, Gloves, Ulttens and Gaps. Also Our Entire Line of ... . WOOLEN UNDERWEAR AND HOSIERY, But tha Orandtst Offsr of tha year la our Closing; aala of Ovcrccato end Ulsters For Hon and Doyo, It Snows no Equal. We Aim to 3?lease and. do it. of far slswhr la that columns. It is plvasant to tak. safe to use and guns, blcyclea, trunka, cutlery, etc Be Paul Aewman about Sheridan A cold horning call for buckwheat coal befor p'aclng your orders. Monday, January 17, '98 We will Sell Qoocl5 at Actual Cost. aura to cur. N. B. Franklin, K, 0. Phillips. 0LSAOAN0JB BALE cakea and Log Cabin Mapls Syrup. Bold by J. Uattenbacb ft Bro. Prof. Makovr at th Optra Houss, Feb. 4. Ot inventoried Odd and Ends la The Grand Central lodging houaa Mr. Baldy will sing at th concert Man's Trousers, grat values, fashion- (over Zoeckler'a market) has been put and Old Maids' Convention, Feb. 4. able goods and Immensely reduced In first class shape and la now under I it I I I a i i price. No one should fall to hear Messrs. the management of Mrs. Kunte. Good clean beda 2S and 6 cents. tf Tegarty and Orlmahaw at the concert Fsb. 4. Log Cabin Maple Syrup, pur new ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. TRY STEARN S DIAMOND COAL If you want the best of meats call and delicious, Just arrived at J. Hatten- If you wlah good seats at ths Old in VaVHttJt 1 - i I ? "1 e bach ft Bro. at Fargo's markwt ta tha First ward. Maids' Convention next Friday evening, get them at one. Ws hart oyatsrs. flgh, oslsry. poultry For elegant slippers go to Zlpp'a. Home made apple butter and mince Tom Ooodman waa down from Port and every thing in th market Wa land yesterday. He has been laid up meat, In pint Mason Jars, at Deadwood will pitas you rrry Urn. tt at hla horn th past two monlha with Q Cash Grocery. INVENTORY CLEARING. grip or something similar. For the best meals, as much as you Enough odd and and la Men's Will Batee ia alowly convalescing want and Just what you want, go to the Shirts colored bosom and whit body, Palace Cafe on Lee street. from a severs siege of la grippe, and waa out yesterday for the first tlm to gtvs you a good pick at maaufao- HAVE YOU OOT THE KLONDIKE tursr'a price. lnce his sickness. FEVER? IF YOU HAVE BUY $1 WORTH AT BLOOM'S AND GET A Lute Early yesterday completed the ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. Mr. R. C. Barnard will glv lesson c u work of putting up sign boards at the CHANCE IN FREE TRANSPORTA In art ndl work at her bom, II atreet cornera of the city. He finished To Clear our shelves for the Early Spring Trade. I TION. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN TOWN. numbering the houses recently also. Stewart atrt, oa Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday, instead of at tha Dr. W. W. Torrence drove down to Fresh cut flowsrs and floret designs Bullock hotel aa heretofore. Ft. Meade yesterday upon the Invita for any occasion at Mrs. Llebmann'a. tf ARE YOU 00IN0 TO THE KLON tion of the poat surgeon, to witness a DIKE TH18 8PRIN07 IF SO BUY very delicate operation which waa skill Stono'o Syndicato Restaurant Short Ordtr House. The Palace Cafe, Lee atreet The beet druggist In the city now Dcn't Forget $1.00 WORTH AT BLOOM'S, YOU fully performed. owns Stein's stors. Olv him a call and Dr. Dickinson went to Sturgts last MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO WITHOUT ITS COSTING YOU A CENT. you will be convinced. tf Uways Opan. Always Saady. Day or mghi. LEADER OF Low Prices venlng to operate on Z. C. Phillips, a brother of Lee Phillips. The patient That you can buy ALWAYS TOO LATE " Prosperity comes quickest to tb waa Injured upon the head and th doe 1 Ohsap at tha GTANDINQ DILL OF FARE. OH AKO ArtM tUWJ JAM ART !3, 1CH. Will bt th rtfraln if you tak not maa whose llvsr la la good condition, tor will perform what I known to th advantage of the inventory Clearance DeWltt's Little Early Riser are famous little pills for constipation, bil profession aa treeflntng. Sale at one. Mlas Ida Clemens will give t reading Breakf&st and Oupper. iousness, Indigestion tad all ttotatea and llvsr troubles. K. O. Phillips. GITY QinKfcT Aa any plact in tha nilla. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. That settles It for me. I'll pay caah with piano and vocal accompaniment OYBTERS. RANCH EGGS. FRUIT. FIBH. by Miss Bsnnett and Mr. Lmaon, at Cream for Breakfaat Absolutely pur and full maasurn, and trad at Chases after thla. If I had don It for tha last two ytan, I th Old Maids' Convention, Fab. 4. Do not mis hearing thla talented lady. Log Cabin Maple at Hattenbacb ft Broa The Bradly-Mart'n ball of N. Y. waa would have saved money enough to hav bought a house and lot Oh you the society evant of AtammmmmammmttmMmim geaa.tiawr as mmmww needn't tU m they tell cheap goods. They have good gooCa and thsy sell UT. The opening ballot cheap. What do you know about what Oatmss.1 with Portsrhouit Steak, Tenderloin Steak, Sirloin Steak.. Pork Chops, Veal Chops, plain or breaded. Mutton Chops, Sugar-cured Ham, Breakfast Baoon, Pork Sausage, Corned Beet Baah, Calf's Liver, Breaded, Brains, Scrambled, the Olympic Club of Fried Onions, Potato in Crsam. rrDcb Frid Potato, Horns Frid and fsteamed Potatoea, Dry, Buttered and Dipped Toast, Cream Toast, Hot Cakea, with Mapla Syrup or Honey Hot Biscuit, and ' iolls, Hot Cora Bread, Whit aad Oraham Bread, Boston Brows Bread, Syndicate Cream Gravy a Specialty. they keep? You aay you havn't been Deadwood, will be there. I hav, and thsy tall it per tb Recherche vent cent less than any other house. of 1191. In county court yesterday la the matter of Tbos. Jefferson, deceased, aa order was Isaued confirming sals of ths farm near Spearflah belonging to the estate, to the city of B pear fish, for $107. Property la cheap at Spoarflah. Josephine Jane Green, Rosallla Ab-lgal Hodge, Patiene Desire Mann. Pan lop Grtrud DoolltU. Jtnuha Matilda Sprigging, Bttsty Bobbttt, Tiny Short Sophia Btucup bsildos many oth era will appear at tha Old Malda' Convention Best Friday evening. Sturgts Advertiser: "Ths old aulds Ws ars prepared OF DtAIJWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA BSssbbbsw "CT33jlt;e3. States T3e-pos-toxr CABS VAIO I, $100,000 . . . . . . S0BPLTJS, $i 60,000 BZSIXCTOJtS. a i. SAUSBCBT, T. . uktKH. f. r. MP4MKa. P. A. OCIBCMT, for the occasion. Full dra aulta, O. W. O. Hard man, when sheriff of Tyler Co., W. Va., was at on time, almost prostrated with t cold. Ht ussd Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and was ao much pleaaed with the quick relief and cur tt afforded him, that ha gavs Cold Meats, Cold Fowl, Pig's Ft, Trip or Head Cheese for Supper. aatla ltaad and th very lateet cuts, full dree aeckwear.full tmum ai.lAUKhOit c4i............D. . momihwi; ITs Dinner Bill of Fare. I0UP. IRISH FISH. CELERT. t'd following unsolicited testimonial: IHIIWHUHOIWutuiifi V1RUII t ti swaa-i dresa ahlrt. Th vary col "To all who may bs Interested, I wish of Deadwood are to give a blowout et some kind soon. It Is hoped It will be lars, and the new to say, that I hav used Chamberlain' Cough Rmdy and find It Invaluable Baksd Spring Chicken, Stuffed, Irish Stew, Spanish Stew, Stewed Muttoa with Green Pom, atyla hnk cuffs for a success and while ws should oajoy teeing It w cannot bold out any r.- for coughs and colds." For sal at all drees wear. Patent couragtment for thm to oom to tur drug stors. leather ehoee, dane Muhed Potatoes, Sugar Cora. Tomatos tle." tng pompa.full dress Tlcksts for th Old Maid' will b put oa Ml today at Ftah- Boiled Leg of MuttoB. Flekl Sauoe, Bolltd Corned Beat aad Calaags, Boiled Bf with BonertdUb, Boiled Svgar-eurtd Ram, Roast Turkey, Sage Drssttag, Roast Duc&a Onion Dree lag, Rout Goose, with Jslly, Roast Lola of Beef with Brown Oravy, Roast Pork with Applo Saaoa, Rout Veal with Cranberries, Baked Pork aad Baa&s with Boston Brows Bread. chest protectors, Tlcketa for ths concert tad Old Maids' Convention ars now oa aale at Flahel'a Bataar. This ntrUlnmnt el'a Bataar. Reserved state 60 centa. FOOLED You will be 11 you buy anything but the Genuine We Quote you the ftllo'vte Prices: Millet, per ton m NebrMka Hay, per toa t ( Cora, per hundred t OaU, par aundrsd w Braa, par hundred eg Shorts, par hundred m Chopped Fttd, par hundred .... tt Wa also hart a fina Litis of aata which cannot ba fet4t at tha following' prices: Ham, par lb.. lu Bx, Per lb w- Cooked Ram, per lb u. Salt Port, par lb gpc Urd, small pails ea Urd, ktrge palls Also large trash Hat ot BUTTER, CHES8B EGOS AKO POULTRY. At lowest mirktt prttea. Wc are loaaUd at SS Chentasi Street aad our Uiephoao It 2?s. Tf Barrtaoa. Oooda sUvra bs aay part of tb 01 or Bit Proasptty. DickJncon aP Brewer Plum PuddtLg, Wine Sauce, Minos Pis, Pumpkin Pis, Appls Pis, Raspberry Pi, Cream Cheese, Fruits, Nuts tad Candles, Oysters 8rvd la all Style. offiyflLt vrythtng guaran teed auictly up-to-dat. At BLOOMS'. ODDS AND EHD3 Two of th member of th Young Ladles' Slngl Blessedness Debating will b th vtry bast tut horn taint has vr glvaa la this city and thsrs Society will appear In tha "Spaalab Dance" at th opera bout, Friday should bs a largs audiunos, aa ths object Is a most worthy one. Rusrrsd 0 0 8 8 Of our Inventory In men's aulta at a aavlng of 60 centa on th dollar to b COFFEE. TEA, CHOCOLATE. COCOA, MiLX AND PURE SPRING WATER. Served with all Meal. venlng, Fsb. 4. Don t fall to them. seats BO casts. 0EGKVJ1TI! ROUHD OAK Immediately cloaed out. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. Thomas Whtttaker Is contemplating Ingli Uttli 25o tip. Kill Tickets $5.C3. Lunchit 10s up, Mrs. Stark. Pleasant Ridg, 0., says, "After two doctor gave up my boy to Tb low prices on tinware and atovee making radical changes upon bis build Ing at corner of Sherman aad Dead- being made by the Red Anvil, are for See the Name on the Leg It you want to be certain. die. I saved htm frem croup by using On Mlnut Cough Curs." It Is the quickest and moat certain rmdy for thepurpoa of reducing their ltsmsnse wood street, In th spring. Plats glass tor fronts will bs put la th room. coughs, colds . ad all throat and lung stock before stock taking. The qua' I ty is the beet. No "racket store' goods. along Deadwood atreet and this will make the property mors valuable. A ebaag ot day opsra turs hu beau mad by tht Black Hills ttlsphont oom pany. Miss McComb hu taken a vacation of a few wks and wilt leavt shortly tor Iowa for a visit with relatives. Her position will b flllsd by Mrs. Alio Con. Th management BOLD ONLY BY i trouble. K. 0. Phillips, N. B. Frank Have you tried the new Swan'a Down At tha forenoon service today la ths Congregational church, Mrs. Con sett lin. For soaL see Paul Rawmaa. ESAL VALUES. Flour. There la nothing to equal It, AYRES & WARDMAN HARDWARE CO. will sing th solo, "Not Ashamed of 8 8 Try a aack and you will use bo other. rcuu that patrons b patient with Sold by all grocers In Deadwood. Christ," by Danks. Mra Bartsla ta organising a new choir for th evening tb Bw operator whil shs Is learning tb switch-board. service la the same church, composed of the following persons: Mr. aad Mrs. DON'T GET LEFT, IF YOU HAVE NOT OOT A TICKET IN BLOOM'S KLONDIKE ENTERPRISE BUY $1.00 Wa Welch aad t party of eurvytrt Fletcher, Mrs. Burrla, Mr. FrasUr, WORTH AND GET A CHAKCB OF A Measrs Matton and McClandon. Th Ladles Aid Society of the Con FREE TRIP TO THE KLONDIKE. etoploysd by Bnglar A. O. Wilson, whil returning from Two Bit last svtn lag. mat with Quit a atrious accident Tb road wu vary llppry aad at a stsop pitch near Aaron Dunn's cabin. Mra. Mary Bird, llarrtaburg. Pa, gregatlonal church wtU meet In th Buckwheat flour and Log Cabin Ma pie Syrup at J. Hattenbarh ft Bro. church parlora, Tuesday afternoon, Fb oa ths Sprue gulch road, the bora DAILY PIONEER-TIMES Entered M scood-la mattr at ths Deadwood potwfflo Henry II de Mali t, at half past I o'clock. Tea will b ANHEt'SER-Bl'SCH. BT. LOl'IS AND PABMT MILWAUKEE BEER 18 With UtU ado ars disposed of daring our annual Inventory bearing Salt Immense Bargains ta Uadrwar. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. During the past two years, Mrs. J. W Alexander, wife of the editor of the Waynesboro, (Miss.) Times, has, la a great many instances, relieved htr bate when la the first atage of croup, by giving It Chamberlain'a Cough Remedy 8k looks upon this rmdy as a boas held aeoessity and believes that bo bst tar medicine has ever been put la hot tie. There are many thouaaads ot mothsrs la this broad land, who art of Us same opinion. It Is th only remedy that eaa alyaws be depended npoo as a prsvMtlv and cur for croup. Th 26 and U etnt bottle sr for eal at all drug stores. aaya: "My child la worth millions to me, yet I would have loet her by croup had I not invested twenty-live cents rn a bottl of On Mlnut Cough Cur. ' It cures coughs, colds, and all thaoat and lung troubles. N. B. Franklin. K. wf a&abl to hold th load and be-carie unmanageable. At the foot ot the et9 plac Is a narrow bridge aad the team, wagoa aad oceupante went MADE OF MALT AND HOPfl ONLY HENCE ASK FOR IT. over th edge aad wr prclptutd In Iron. vtl, powder, capa, fuse and all THE CITY. G. Phillip. mining nod hlarkamith supplies at the STEARNS DIAMOND COAL IS Wish to announe to ttt fabSs that ob or about Fabruary lftta, bt wtS open a first class met repel! tar srastt hoast In tht roomt formerly kc;U by a Neltoa, ntit to AmarUsi atsiisA to th ravin ta feet below. John Crist wu th only one seriously injur-d. falling upon bis htid aad shouldsrs Th others escaped with slight THE BEST. H. K. Rua returned frem a month t recreation tt Hot Springs. Col. C. W. Carpenter returned from a three weeke' visit to bis bom la St Paul Mr. Orlmahaw will alng at th concert at th Oper House ant Friday Bight Prldat Perkins, of th & B. A q. railway system, aocompanlsd by a large party of directors tad ofllclala, will arrtv ta Deadwood at about aooa today by special train co&tlstlng of three elegaat private ears. President Perkins la making a general tour over th ayatem. which ta customary, prior to th directors annual meeting to b hld at Boston on February 11 Ul Th party will rtmata bar about two hours and leave for trip ovr th Billings tin W are informed that their visit her hu bo particular significant. Rev. C. L. Kirk, who sucoseds Mls Bhsrmaa u pasf w of tht First Baptist church, arrived ta our city yosUrday aad will preach today, both morning aad vaiBg. Mlas Sharaaa will assist ta th moratng snrlos but will prnch this svsniBg at Spearflsa. Rev. Kirk Is a very fin appearing gen tit-man tad those who have had the pleas art et meeting him bal'tv bt tt (miasm) y fitted to suoeecd la this Said. Th publle Is cordially Invited to attend tht aervtees. The Ball Fourth Bm says: "Tb tew townsiu aompair have had two men hr for tht past weak tamytag tad laying oat tows tela. They alto iBroysd for tat tmtltty tit. It wa only bt a short tiat taUl twk win bagta oa th plant Tsar It ao farther doubt about tat locatloa U tat aatcltar." U U Ke&aaa, ot MlBaeapella, Stlajw K wvmteM ta alia for tat tss'.tar tag lajliig oct towa iota far t&t atw towssiia ssa-ftsr St It utigtta br C?eatr WaUt t fttt l.Ua," Red Anrll. J. H, Oraham. D. D. B.. dental par lore ovrr First National bank. Dead al Bank. scratches aad braises. The team belonged to Job Lawreaeoa aad one ot wood. Crown and bridge work a ape- Bpeaklng of bargalna. If that Chaaa down on Mala atreet la not giving them no one la. It will pay on to go thr tf they don't want mora than two bits worth, and they have good goods, too. H will keep la stock aay laaalsal iBstrumeat trom a lewa-hArt t s rialty. tht bortet wu badly Injured; th wag church plpe-orgaa. Oat bait at Cls "Sophia Sturkup" will tell you aome oa wu wrecked. ' Mr. Crist's Injuries, walls painful will not lacapaeltM him thing alwut women' rlghta at the old If you don't believe It go and see. ANNUALLY. malde convention, opera house. Feb 4 for daty. Wt have expected for tome pieaaaat otora room will U Mpis by FUhel A Co, vtin ftt other win bt loaded from floor to calling wltfc trery thins la the musls its br tr. A . AftTd4 HlgiMet Mooori-VVorU'g Pair. Ootd MsxSal. MUwiaW Pair. DUr Better get a copy of January 2d, and Urn that aome eueh aeeldsnt would bappaa oa tb Bprvea gulch road. served. All th ladle are Invited to be present Do not forget th thimble. Mrs. J. Dtetken. Asa't Secretary. Architect Oalbralth la up from Burgle. Judg Amldon, judge ef the United 8tatss courts, district of North Dakota, who has been assigned to preside over the term at this city commencing Mob-dsy. at I o'clock, will arrtv on Mob-day's Elkhora. O. 8. Ptadar, clerk ef the circuit aad district courts, sccomps sled by his wlf, will arrtw from Sloui Falls today. F. O. Ollleepie, proprietor of th pop-u'r Hot Springs hotel bearing that nae has ranted the property to Mra. C. M. Oermond. who will ooaduct a first class houss at reduced rates. It will be raopened nndur th sew Baa-agemaat aa aooa as repairs eaa be mads. "Wears th BUakot and another tsQ blood Indian arrived yaetarday fsrt-noon from th CtsyscA Rlvar ast&C7, oa ties Missouri rlvar, abort Plarrs, ta attand V. C. eoart as wltatss. Taay eta OTtrlasd, wlti a teas ef Iai's,a poaies aad aa old faa'ltossf bS7 a&l war toer daya eat tli road transg Bay atranger, when you com o Deadwood don't overlook the fact that yon can get th beet meal In the country (or 15 cent at th Paler Cafe, on Lee etreet Go to McOILL'B or HAY. GRAIN, tad ROCK BPRIN08 and DEER CREEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Tel-ephone No. lit. Veterinarian Treacy attend Dead-wood the tint Tueaday of each month. Telephone Ft Meade. A customer Mid:" 1 have had the bit meat tinea I hart bean buying of Fur so, that X Uti had for a yaar." Mr Weymta, at tb WhIU Houaa. keep for reference. It will be a long After taking Inventory w dtipoee of all our odda and end. W have big Ugaoa. H also makas a spi!Jty et while before you wilt get ao much val uable Information In one Issue. sps. T7 valuea In a few overcoat. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE CAPITAL WAKTE3 FOR A STAMP I' I , Do ynu auffer from a long standing or nervous dlaease, aa rheumatism, St waiB , toBslng aad ragnlaUag, tag rt Btlrlag aU kind of muataal taatrs Ktats, Girt hla a call and U MnTiseeJ tha bt sot obit katpt a tst tsc.-. meat bat U tkt mists? cfLu trt. 1 t 1 Th awt moat nobby, la teat atyla and beet make of shoes for gents, ladle, misses, boys, children and Infant Vltua dmce, asthma, catarrh, summer 1 v --v I tng. golfer, piles, etc? The doctor, for-merly of Chicago, having eiperlence In for less mony tha bafor. Now on UVLU Ths awaort of t wall knows aad wl-aabl trwt-tiilllM property, tttaaXad oa CeMwaoi gr&loh, daslrt to arraaae vita to oa to put a Ua, tvtmtr or thlrty-staap mi'i oa ths Bropsrty for ta tiAtrest ta tfet mtna. For aarUea-lire taaslrt ot El T. Fomiter, or Tlsaaaa a Krt, of Caatril COy, S. D, sale at Chases, where they sell cheap. the rellnf of theee dlseaaea, cures them. la bow prepared to furnleh fit it-claw ! Conaultatlon free and confidential at BLOOM'S THE MOST RELIABLE Oilmen House. Wedneeday, Feb. Ind, HOUtt IN DEADWOOD. TO TEE PUT L1C. Dear Frtosaa: X only with to at? t&ai t.t,i "Monty U a UtU magulstpnbllshed In New York, bat it casnot tall yon any acms table board at moderate rata. Alto wall fttmlabd. comfortable roa. From eotta to ocean Log Cabla ma-pli syrup if knows. Sola by J. Hat-ttnfetcb A Bra. .-.. from 1 to I p. m. DR. L, MILLER. Get jour tlcketa for the Old Maids' Convn:lcn tt the Opera Houaa Fab. 4. Curtain will rise promptly at I p. as. bott Use to r- t Call Cctr t z t eauM yon eaa 5 a at a 'xuJt ut mora about spending or aavlng moay tfcu I eaa becaoa th Ark tt tie plae tas atx. Ters tsr'f, Cool xm frr-y fcllvsry tag low ia tU rkr-rt maa, AreCrtai Creaa t tirtar fTist. 4d $TA1.3, tasattS to speed tt aat eav It too.

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