The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 7, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 7, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

gruS'DAY, OCTOBER 7, 1998. THH DAILY I'.IO N K ER-TI M ES, DEADWOO Mr. Haines' New tore. handsome store room in the buUdinK on the corner of Food Preoarsd 'Cai-mt" u ' Fraa from Rocrieiia Salts, Alum, Umaant) Ammonia. "CjIj-mt" is tna Houaawitr Friend. wtd veranda you enter a larger reception hall. Ou the right is the parlor with large windows and a most cheerful grate to lend comfort to the winter nights. Back of this is the dining room. A butler's closet and a conveniently planned kitchen complete the first floor. Upstairs there are four sfeepiug rooms and a bath room. The house is finished in Georgia pine and maple It is wired for electric lights anil in all other respects is as homelike and cheery as any house in Deadwcxxl. .Mr. Fowler and lamily expect to move next week. Who Arc Thinking of Their 5 3 YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. R. M Malotu-y returned from a trip to Chicago. Miss Ceha Ceis went to Hot Springs to visit friends. Georse Crawford and wife of Denver are id the city. Dave Ferguson returned from a visit to Fort Dodge, Iowa. Harry Summers and wife of Hot Springs are at the Bullock. Mrs. Ernest Mueller is seriously ill at her home on upper Main street. John Ingalls. the Terry grocer, left last night for OmaKa and the easL Dill Pickles, the best in the land those that always taste like more, at GOLDBERG'S If I. S. P. Weeks of Lincoln came in last night and will leave ou this morning's train. Fred Stebbius of Spearflsh passed thru the city ou his way home from Denver and Omaha. Mrs. Porter Warner and daughter. Fannie, will leave today for Chicago, where they expect to remain. Charles Zn. -liner w. . leave for Paris today where he will meet Mr.t.Zoell-u. and c oiiipany her home Cold Weather Footwear COME AND SEE US. WE CAN GIVE YOU AN IDEA AS TO THE PROPER THING FOR THE REASON OUR NEW STYLES ARE ALL HERE AMD YOU WILL FIND JUST WHAT YOU WANT. SEE OUR NEW. New $3.00 Shoe hi tlie Red Cross Noiseless Footwear, Zipp Shoe Co. SS9 ...wwon.B 'in "iii' . v W UNDER THE OE . . rm-w-wn r T-k i i r hh i I Hh IfKhAl MAulCllt nciiLciv M.M. -v "v x OF THE AGE. Cure tha most acuU. of dla- S quickly and without the aid of drugs or kntfe. References i heerfully furnished from all over the western states aa S w ell as those right here at home who have been treated and ft Mrs. Lawton c ured. CALUMETS NONE SO COOD. School Entertainment Course. The following are the dates for the entertainments yet to come Mrs. Isabel Garghill Beecher. Tuesday evening. October 9. Dr. Henson. November 13. Mendelssohn Male Quartet, December 'i. S. it. Spedon. February 19. TlEMORAMA OF' THEI BLACK HILLS 1 Grand Tho U Is. Is Nothing to Compare With the Vast Clothing Emporium of W. E. Lowe. NOW A ' Word. If You Please About the New Fall Stock. ill. i 1: ; ,1 .1 ...h . . , . . i . ; - 1. :: a i. oi . loll. .11- .::, i 'i: ,al:a::' I- a i! .I'ie- al Me' !: .'-. Ill t .u:e. I he ie , I. ill .-l"!-. Is ill. t: a pail Ih.'ieoi I: ai rival only a d.i or two i ,1Uo. I. n l.i-l ni-lil Ihe ion e ai work j it tiiiishnt inarkiim an. I nacni ine , aiods ami unlay t!ie sale c. .niineiiees . dead earnest. ! MEN b SUITS. In I In - depart im-ni any t km? in th ,.t' . -nil at anu nrir. call b I Suits from ?.! to f-O.i'u. : worth from $v5u to 011 These prices, tho. only last until a part, of the present (.tin k is closed out to make room for the balance that will be on a eoupleol' weeks. BUT WHILE THEY GO. THEY GO CHEAP. BOY'S SUITo The boys have not been forgotten in the purchaMi of the fall stock, Five hundred boys' s-.uits were purchased that -ivill sell for from $l..r,n to $1.00. Anv oik- of th. se sails will make ex-t eelleiyj si hool sails. They are all V,1I ltirsje ami will stand the wear ana tear of the playground. TO KEEP THE LADIES' WARM i- always an idea keiit In i, v. h,le piircbasia - our lull and winter M-nk-. and tin.-, , .,r i- not an ceplaui to the ,,e We pur, ha i d all kilel s of Via, I'iuiiks and .Lu'kel-. and v i.ile they ;,re of tjie he d ,piality. -: w ot Lilian. -Inp and h:n -Ii. they come cheap, tor we Mi'tnl: a bsiruam. Tl,. . ::: Iliad- U! i:i tb'' e;i-t"iu t he:.s, I .nt a I ' ,: 1 1 tna de hy -;..!: 1 m 1 a hi: !o:. i tie ;:' e"'-a.e- 11 ' ! , 'III he Ii 11 ' h :, I:m Tie tl.- : i. -1 1 1 ad ru 1 1 I,.,! . h oi.'t,-' .'', r i r, , t.t ., I a ho f Hid , pel limb r-. jud:;. ai th is v. , : . in.ei.- he , -; i, and i 'i anv hi- rtlli I,. W o Will j.i lot ::t 111,- best ,: N. w York City. ii ; that she a nnot - 'in port I "11 I I e Will IUO e Pi d in .- i:t la : THEV CO.viE CHEAP. It. . aiise we lioiniht tlrt-m ' In a. and Ae a 1 wa vs .f.i ve our ciistoiner.-i the ben- I ,.;;t of our lar. lot. ash purchase, hi.r-'aiiis It won't cost .von a cent to take a stroll thru the many different d. pai tim tils of our establishment, and that m all ivi'i-t. that y:i look the Hoods over. Yours for biisiii-'ss. LOWE. Bring your pocketbook. Sold, Sold, HOW IT C-LITTERSI ALL GOLD LOOKS ALIKE TO SOME, But to the Experienced Eye BLACK HILLS GOLD IS THE REAL THING. Made up in all kinds of Jewelry, Watches, Chains, Rings, et:., by BUTLER The Jeweler, 6512 Main Street. NOT MADE BY 1 THE J TRUST. I j rnNSillTAlION mU uin and Deadwood streets is being WUU luv .... . .. , - , fixtures and furnishings evr e "in the Black Hills, and will be upied as soon as it is ready by J. Hnines with a stock of dry goods. hoes and gents' furnishing goods, to rrespond with the appointments of c gtore Fifteen counters of French lite glss with floor cases have been P der(,d In the middle of the room 0r d riectl yopposite the entrance will 11 a horseshoe counter of the plate elass connecting at both sides with ight counters. Back of the horseshoe facing the door, will be a full "lenKt'u minor and low shelving. A Lrcel and cash system will be put in itn ceven stations and all modern conveniences of eastern department store will be employed. Sixty-seven feet if sawed oaK shelving is being put in and when everything is complete there will lie nothing finer west of Chicago. Mr Haines expects to move in abouj November first and will have the nn..-.t stock of dry goods, shoes and men's furnishings ever brought to this (itv The number of clerks at present cni!'ed will he greatly iivreased m ,,. new store. An artistic win ,low designer has already arrival from Omaha and other people profiHent in ,!;', lenticular lines have been en- ; f,- t)M. opening of 111" Hole. '"'fl,,' locution of the Waite bilildn;:: ,..., , ;-,y well adapted for a dr .. .! . . ..ininlinu a- it il-- !i 7".. re ii. r of Main ami l.-.-idw...i . ;,.M1 ill the wty of 1m till III ;,,,, V'.Mesl Hill I'm 1 ha-cr-.,, t). from Lead f'utii .ii ' '. . , , - ll is a !.!'. how W do-v The New Bullock. i . v i . 1 1 i . i . : ' m ' i.l o. I I' ... .nn-.:in-, tin- 1 ' " " ' ',' !" -: . .,. a- la -i as the , hai... .it. t: ,,. ,,.,, The kittle-!, and dr.t.u- ,,,,,, h.l ,.- beell leoruailli.. d .111.1 Me i . all 1 1 1 : 1 1 onld be ie-,: .: , i 1 iion.-alHl dollal s will I" l. .,,!,,! in I eiurnisliiii and .le ra ,,,,. The first Sunday dinner will I-m,,.,, imI:iv l-'iiliownm is lie MENU. ev York Counts (Ireeii Sea Turtle Consonuie- llmnl Clanked Shail an Chasi-ui Coniuie cle Terre an Ki (,.,.n tjlleeil OliVe- Kad.sdles Calves' Sweetbreads s. la Maeodoiue. Fie-h Lobsters en Caisse. Newbury Oiieeti Fritters, liramly Saa.e Frozen Knnov-lioa-t Cl ime of eai an Jus Younu' Turkey. Oyster Kiessinu Cranln rry Sauce s;,,iiin' Lam i. .Mint snui . ' . r:;i;. iT Itntrie- - Chtt-kt-n- ties HI 1 11. lires.sinn. Currant Jelly . hashed Colatoes llaked Sw.-et Colat June Ceas Spiuad, , Floating Island Mm, ,. l'je Lemon (T eain l'u- j Vanilla Ice Cream. I Wale, Cra. Uers l-'.da ll . , C la -e ( Ilellli Tasse : Musical Program. Stars and St i ipe- F M,.r. h l Ii... I : 1 1 . '( ll'l'h. lis. Wall "Imiiiorlelleu ' S.' am - " I '.ohcui :a n !itl ln-h le,il-v ' SaliUe to Krin I lull:'1 el lie Z.'O "( ''tval i-ia Iln-l : ' ' a M ., Alnoihla " t .oil '. . ( '.' .' : : ' l.aii : ... '" ' ski The Excursin from Denver. (e . V. Aies r.'. -it i i' ' '' '' a letier n, ,m .1. I". F.dinoi.'ls. w I... iio. I in I Lad who, 1 ll lit il two ea I - a-"-when he moved to Denver to m.,;..' his home. Mr. F.dmonds in bis h tf. r made leferell. e to the collt eln plat ' d e iiision from Denver to tin Hhe k Hills as follows: Some time ilurinr; tin- present nioiiHi a delegation of ti.e Chamber of Cum inerce of this city, as well as a nutii-her of the Denver merchaiit s. will visit the Klaek Hills and I wUl civ- i; ti.. ..tica.l of time so .1 'Ml ll llllir lllllllt WUV that von can let it become known anions- Deadwood people so that some j little arrans;emei,t can bo made to- wards their reception. 1 am not ask- ing for anvthing only the old time, Deadwood spirit that we always used , to; extend to th strangers that, ramo within our gates. I expect to ae-I company this crowd of gentlemen, and i we will probably have with us spirits , enough of the right kind until we j get there. " J 0 I Mr. Tierney Looks for the Best. . I The Empire Trio, who are famous thruniit tha oaal for their clever act ing and cultivated voices, have been . v. : . engaged bv Mr. John Tierncy of thi city ana will arri.e in a few days to give f-ntertainnv nts at the ljodega In connection wlti. Mr. Bert Martin's illustrated songg anxL sketches. The company la well 1 at'ivn to Mr. Martitn 'ho says they a .second to none in "the country In U" line; that altho has been in era states and witnessed some h.e best there is going. Their g( and character sketches are tndi he best he eVer aw. ' The trio !,;. -uposed . of one lady and two g t ' emen. . I : t i j : j W Chad- ot 1 1 .f 1 1: e sjeiii ial has Noi l h. Slel 11 .-.l--e Kill: ilepar! ineiit pnlali in Chii aao is ill the illl ! oil pas' ; A ' Ml. I'-'ii in . ,U a; Ii 'I, AT THE CHURCHES. I oi l::n-: s"l . ! . 1 1 He :, ' 1'ilin.- id He H'"l Mi mi, i ;. linn' Hi I -' I 1 j I hum ...i : le ii. . n,na Ceo i i , 1 : n a i -W . en lllll'- s.'i v iee l 1,1 ' '" sl": " li,ino I1'' js ' :n it 1 1 1 1 1 . Com. Co k All a re Cm :. . Sle aloi I'a -for. Trinil S K Slim!.. - si l.uni al 1 o a. in .Mm Ii : im M-ur .' a I II a. in : i hi.-.- meet nm a I I League al i '', p. In .; Kpuoi t h i i. ai lnm; at ::o p m Arthur M i I'a i la in I'astor. Conie-alioiial Morni'liu seiaii al 1 I o'eloek The paslor Will SpiMli on The I'imi r ol the Holy Spoil. " Mil-,y the ladies (llal'li't lllide' Ihe 1 i -i, , lion of .l r Welherell. Siindav hool ai - i-. P- in.: Y. I'. S. C. K o i: ::n t.i he led lo the president Mr, l-'. 1 1 Smilli. The Mla.k Hills association w ill meet w n Ii t hi - i hurcli mi Yei!iie?it.;v ami Thui-ila nf tlu- eek. A ( oi .nal i 1 1 Hal ii Hi -u ol o 1 to al lend Mill."'. -I . S -el l;" C.lstOl. C Si'it..." i" ,:-iml-hi it h mm ii : 1 1 - ..h.l i till -. ! n... Us le. the itiisti.r. nil ,u 1 ' : i laih in : h h . ,," I., ,u-i. - ; I Hi" e: I a :, j' . m, m c '! , . , i i: ' " '! ;- fast,,: The Tweet -eth Century. ., ., : ii...:ii :, in..! sli.i'l bio . I all '!,' h -lathi I' the . 1, ,. I ,, . ,, 1 ;,. t W til a la e.-n-;,,i I,,. n Ih '. lit 1: Will he a ! , I t:i:ti- pa- 4 Will. li'l'.V. h i'. I"' i 1: .1 I 1 1 1 . :,.! and ' ,; . .. o e, j am! ai: s.imk i't t tl- of lie -e v 1 r mrithfiillv 1 mention 1 1 o.-l ,1 1 , t s Stoma. Ii Hitters. ,!,.. , , , I, rale, I rem, dy for all iiilinent-i, inu from a , 1 1 sorde i . -d dunlin h sll, ll as dyspepsia, illdli-'ostiell. fiat u- . 1, n, . constipation and biliousness. It ' , has Keell llll, Of' til"' lilelltesl IlleSSillUS , to inaiikind ilin iiiu- the past -fitty ' m.;,i-s as' a h. a'.lh builder. Many , . .. it- T.iL'e ttieir . on n lo in i I !,, i f (j,, and see her and be relieved ofK tfiat long and lingering ailment- or disease that skilled physlclaasg s have failed to find a remedy for. Suite 14 SYNDICATE BLOCK, (Formerly occupied by Dr. Bab-g ' . ... . . . . v - V cX.-S ,n:-vv.v. n x x n n x " - - ; Hear Mrs. Isabel C.arghill Beeched at the Opera house Tuesday evening, October e. Miss Louise Thoine. who has been with the Vienna Bakery for some time past, has resigned her position there to accept a clerical one in the Carwile confectionery at the cdrner of Slier-man dan I,ee streets. The county commissioners visited the county hospital yesterday afternoon and found everythias in good cotidition and runnini: smoothly. The initiates are all well cared for and comfortable. .1. M. Wiles of S.e i.tincnto Valley. California, arrived on tue Burlington train and was met .y Dr. Sinilh of Ptnrgis. Thev will u-o down to Sttir- eis today and Mr Wiles will an out 1 lo I.n Smiths (all,- rata h of 1 1 i 1 1 ! i lie V til ll:ie Chaise V r. d ll,! 11 I I I 'a II. i e hel I' ,i r ' in tlian ll pom 'lit - , in III. I h ..:e-,elll ,ll l e- of Thev u ,11 m . wholesome law ,-. i l.i iiad.-r in in us !! i r and more iiina re-si and h-ss i . in i .-t i I 1... honiitlie. oil tile (OlllllV t ieket , will al-o -n, ii. a l.efei a d I ii i 1 1 i si i a , . :.. . : Mill "I 1 1 .o I s, H. W. l-:iliii4lon. tie- well known milling' man left yesterday for Unt itle Creek. Mich where he will i un i t,,e Sanitarium, where lie will be. ejen freatiuent for stoniaeh troiilde He was a. , ompanied hy J. A: Mills nf lleWs & Mills, who will reiiiam al , little Creek lw.. or three weeks after he i;ets Me KHiimton there Mr. Mills will then visit relative al Monmouth. Illinois and K"d Oak Iowa, for a few week-. Tim i ai toll he nielli am of t be national banks of Soiilh llakola. al lie l l.ISi' of bus a- repo: led to tl in I'.'M.'V show - on September 7,. . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 roller of t ll'' I ll in.' i list . and ll.ll" 11 per , . 1,1 i'iiU - I m ' i . i : i .hii: I It, . I . to ' 1 1, i .in l- v 1 I: th :!.:::' :n tl..- initial, i VI. I a niioii ha v e C; in' hotel l.'iil.lim-I, :oit- i l.aliu. s. . : tmar tin- pluiU'' door of the first slo:v . -pin. ,1 II. all. I w ill male The i , 1 1 i i . 1 1 1 , - : and tin- ft out Il-e 1 as the el Iduime. Hot Hid oftici Star. the nlniiue. Hot U'1U Republican Appointments. The follow t- ai'pointinents hav l., anaii-ed lor n publican eis. snMe, t to .-liuht . naimes, as , -ien may require: Martin and Burke, K.ipid City, o.tobtrs. Siumis. October !. Clle F".'l.-. 'toher 1". Spear tM.. o, n.ber 11. Uml, Oitober 1- i),.adwood. October Tt. Custer. u tub, r C lal-ernont. (), tober 1',. Hut Springs. October 17. Col. J. S. George. tnglewood. CX tober 6. Col. George will be given "inn (,a( i it e r.rnr.i-lf l that J. " il ii ' i ' - ' v.-lrr Tt- (', lUce. J WHSOU, Thomas K. Harvey ami others will be heard from frequently. Col. iee Stover has been requested to visit me Hills during the month. Col. James A. George. Calena. October Rorhfonl. October in. Hill City. October 11. Keystone. October ll'. Pripple. October 13. nuffalo Cap, October 15. Fairburn, October 1. Hermosa. October IT. Blackhawk. October IS. Piedmont. October 19. Tilford. October 20. Hon. T. E. Harvey and Hon. J. W. Fowler. Beaver Creek School House, October 13. -Hon. W. G. Rice and-Hon.. J. P. Wilson. Nemo, October 1-. ' t ! I I IH-ak- ,..'' L? ' Mens Shoes forFall and Winter Are Unexcelled COClf.) do the markets of the , per cent over "stay at of buying saves one . it is from "maker to j MB vi,itme ai we world, enables us to not Only get the cream ot the market In way ot styles i,,, i insures for our customers a sav ing of fully 15 pllVSICl.tllS ie, ,,,,. ,e, ... - , advice, ttv a bottle ami be convin.-'l. 'but be sure to ,-t the genuine, with a ' private Revenue Stan p over tjie jio.'k ,,t :i,e'rw,TfTe '.' Monuments. Georue .1. Snyder has the agency ,for Kimball Bros., the monument firm of Lincoln tht't has erei ted bo many atones in tha Hills. Those in want home" Competitors Our brands are the best the markets show. Every pair of menB shoes wa sell is a standard at 1U prbe. Every pair Is guaranteed by manufacturers to us, and we positively guarantee them to you. We are j sole asenfs for the famous Florsheim Shoe for men. THE WORLDS GREAT FINE SHOE! Our method profit. With U3 wearer." will do well by calling at No. 27 Gold street, or addressing Lock Box 6a5, Lead 's R t2-lm That Joyful Feeling, With tin- ehil.irating sense of renewed heUih and strength an.l Internal cleanl L!' whli h follow, the ue of Syrup of Fie.- Is unknown to the few who have n. proereW Nyond the old-time m11efaes ,1 the cheap substitutes somKIn"? of fered but aever accented by tho vVl Informed. Bur the genuine. Mmnfaotured by the California FI? Syrup Co. c John Jennack, The well -known nackman wtiose barn is that imposing 'structtlre on tne corner of Carney and Pine streets, Is prepared to furnish the finest rigs In the city for funerals, callln? parties, picnic crowds, eto. Residence 'phone. 83 Harrlaon. 0 W. A. JlanKin "Tex," is tending bar at Bews & Mills. He"went on uratch the day after the Roosevelt demonstration and will remain all fall. Look at the Fine Shoe in QurWindov, 02S Another New Home. The pretty ne; home of J. V Fowler on Inglesidf 4 almost completed n4-wUt-pror ,'.;te an addition to the resldec,?- ,; of town. It has a ..tery pretty laiaon with a fine view yt a large part of our city. - It la a well built two-story house, aa attic and ba aement From a ..' .-: a--, , '

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