The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 30, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 30, 1898
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pi ! FINE COMMERCIAL WORK GUARANTEED CIRCULATION ? WW Tha Jul Piinua, DtparUMM M Iha Pnnlo-TmH ta Iha but autiip4 auaiawna analta, hmii as lha Wait, tadiunuahM Btaaiitt tM ...... UoHt Work at the Lowont Price 1 h umi n.iwtl aiti-ulHtixti rt tta rtoaaaa-Timai II. n. Hal il ail .'lljrr Olara MUla tmil.aa n Hunl, it I. N,'U fi.lluat thai II U Tho Ailvfi-tiniiiic Medium 1 - r - ni -iiririira ni iiri.nraiWVtfmHw TWENTY-SECOND YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 30. 1898. FIVE CENT : !.:i!!E AI!D MILL MAY BUY MINE TIMBER New Ruling by the 1 and Commissioner of Importance to Miners. The Omaha World-Herald of the ZNth aald "Twenty-seven wen left DaaJ-wood for the Klondike Thursday over the Ourlliigton going by way of Hilling,." We would like to ask the W.-H. where It got the Information. There were ocly two passengers for Klondike. The fact Is but few are going to Alaska from the Black Hills this country Is Klondike enough. AN EXPERT'S OPINION. Mr. James H. James, a mining ex pert of Chicago, returned east yester day after a visit here of ten days. the democrats when It was presented. The bill remained on the table and will be railed up Monday. The senate committee on military affair, favorably reported without amanri ment the bill authorising the establishment, control and operation of the northern branch of the national home for disabled volunteer soldier, at Hot Springs, 8. D. Senator Kyle presented petition! from cttlsen, of South Dakota, a, follows: To prohibit Interstate gambling by telegraph; to prevent the transmls-lon through the malt, of account, of prise fight,; to ,ettle labor dlflrultlei by arbitration. crime, committed by the Chinese Tsl-mo, the extreme post In Kalou Chou was not discovered until three men ot the corporal's guard were making the rounds, in order to relieve the sentries. Then Schuls wa, discovered, his head having been severed from his body. The relieving guard was directly afterward, attacked by a hundred native,, and after a stubborn fight It la reported that all the sailor, were killed Twelve native, were killed during the fighting. It la added that, In consequence of the outrage, the greatest excitement prevailed at Kalou Chou, and It Is believed the Incident will form the basis of further Herman demands upon China. Mr. James expressed himself as be THUD!! ing greatly pleaatd with the outlook ot the Two Bit district. "I case here to examine the properties of the Consolidated Hardin Mining Co and find that they are very favorably located," said Did You Hear That DULL It was not an Earthquake Mr. James. ' The development of this property will be started In the near fu It was the Prices of Tinware ture." I have been In every principal gold AT TX2&E mining district of the United States, and have never yet seen such a large, continuous area, containing paying Senate Committee Favored National Sanatorium at Hot Springs. Washington. Jan. 28-Spwlnl: Land CommlHalonor Hermann Iihh IhhiiciI rg ulatioua extending timber cutting privilege, to minor, and mining corpora' tloni. Under tlio prtwnt law th',e panic are allowed to puri'lmao timber from puhllr imiila for hum In tlielr mint!, not to exi-cutl the nupply on 110 acre. In many oaaea the amount of timber found on a quarter section ot land la Inmifllclent, and thin baa led to a number of timber trcpaa,.,,, proae-cutlon, for which are either now pending In the court, or have been compro-tnlaed by the department. It was thla regulutlon, It Ik aald, that led to the alleged unlawful cutting of timber by gold deposit, of such great value. PROM COLD RSOIONH. Albert J. Malterner yesterday received a letter from his brother Silas N. Malterner, written at Ft. Chipewyan, Northwest Territory, on Dec. 28. The writer gives a newsy and Interesting account ot lite In that cold country. Ft Chlpewyaa Is situated at the mouth of Peace river and he has been located there since last fall hunting and trapping. He has already killed IB tint sliver fonts, the hides of which are valuable. He writes that he has a herd of buffalo corralled but that the mount ed police are watching him closely and as soon as they leave he intends to get the buffalo. He enjoys that life and is real wall. He has a dog team and many days takes a trip of 30 miles or more behind them. His grub and bedding are packed on the sled and he has The discovery of the Hardin mint, RED AN VI 1. That Dropped. PRICES THAT TALK. adds a great district to the already Im TO HAVE FREE DELIVERY. Houlder, Colo., Jan. 29 Special: As a result of the effort, of Congressman Sha froth with the poatoftlce department In Washington In behalf of the establishment of a free delivery system In Boulder, C. H. Thomas arrived In Houlder today to complete arrangements for the service. The presence of Mr. Thomas here Is an assurance that the matter will receive serious consideration at the hands of the department at an early date. LOCKHAItT IN LINE. Huron, 8. D., Jan. 29 Special: State Land Commissioner J. L. Lockhart wa. In the rlty yesterday, on his way to Washington on official business. It Is understood that he will endeavor to convince Commissioner Bliss that It will be to the hurt of Souti Dakota, to enforce ex-President Cleveland's forestry reserve order. The Black Hllli section of the state will get a very serious set back if the order is not mense area and demonstrates beyond 4 doubt the existence of large gold bear Ing ore bodies In the Two Bit, also supplying a long felt want pyrltlc ores, which will greatly facilitate end economise the smelting of the slllctous ores of which you have such an abundance. When some of tue other numerous shafts being sunk In Two Bit strike their ore bodies you will see a greater old price 16c, now . , the Momeitake Mining company, of South Dakota, for which ulU are to be to follow along behind the outfit. The dogs take a steady trot and keep it up brought In the United State, court,. A Statement of facta In the rune by ex- Infiut of capital and speculators than ;or hours. He has to Jog along on a ever before In the history ot the Black Dinner Palls, with two compartments, old prloe, eOc, now too Dinner Palis, with two aompart-aenta, and cup, old price 60c, bow i5o 4 Qt plain milk pans, old prloe 10c, now go Qt plala milk p&s, old prloe 16c, bow ia t plala milk pans, old price 10c, now to I Qt heavy reUnned pudding paaa, trot to keep apace with them or would 4 Qt heavy rctlnned pudding pans, old price 20c, now , 114 6 Qt heavy rellnned pudding pans, old price 25c, now , lie 4 Qt heavy rctlnned pudding pans, old price 30c, now 16c Sauce Pans, old price 15c, bow.... 8aure Tana, old price 20c, now.... IU Sauce Pans, old price 2Bo, bow.... lie Sauce Tans, old price 85c, now.... 1O0 PLACER DREDQIN3. Laramie, Wyo., Jan. 29 Special: C. H. touther of Boston, Ma,., one ot the moat active and prominent of gold placer operators, has been In consultation here with Colonel E. P. Rnow In regurd to the practicability of wornii, Wyoming placers by dredging machines. Mr. Intither has a number of such machines at work in Idaho. Senator Moody led to the chango In reg illation,. The new regulation, provide Hills. This will mean the erection ot more smelters, chlortnatlon and cyan get left behind and lost. He sys the tluit mining cnmpitnic, hIihII file appll thermometer has only been down to cat inn with the commiHHloner of the 35 below tero thla winter which Is ide plants, of which you are greatly In need, making It possible to treat ores TWO CHOPS AT ONE SOWING. Pierr?, S. I)., Jan. 21). -It Is said that the farmer, along the northern part of the stats sow both wheat and flax on the same ground and secure good crop, of both at the ,ume time. They sow two pecks of wheat and one peck of flux and clulm to have harvested fifteen buslit I, of wheat and twelve bushels of llax " r acre with such seeding. They get the grain separated at a cost of one cent iilm,hei, and make a profit off both crops. comparatively mild, but he looks for 60 oi iiu degree weather next mouth of a much lower grade than at present I predict for the Black Hills a brilliant In the spring when the Ice breaks In future In the production of gold." the river he will go to Great Slave lake and is coining to the Hills to visit with his brother Albert, the latter part of $200 TO THE MAN. Five men working on the Gilt Edge July. He writes that there are strings of men going northwest from Edmon generul hind olllce In piirchitHe one yeur'a NUpply of timber, to be n,ed for legltlittHte mining purpoaea. In some CflHe, thin may run u, high a, 1 ,0110,000 or 2,1)00.000 feut. If the application 1 approved a peclAl agent of the land oflten I, to be sent to ihc land from which the timber I, to be cut. The object In having tier, marked 1, to prevent the rutting of Hume of young growth and the rotiHemnt permanent Injury to the fori,t, of the country. TheMH regulutlon, are to apply to all land, at preaent reserved by the Cleveland order of lunt. February, which goe Into effect March 1. It la aald that In Strawberry Gulch take out ten tons ton headed for the Klondike country, and most of them do not know the first of ore per day which averages 100 per TELEGRAPHIC BRIEFS. The ocean steamer Aller arrlvad at New York yesterday, naving on board ton or 1200 to the man. On all Hatting Stoves wa will telva a TFM DED nPMT CASH DISCOUNT of 1 Jl IN rhK LL1NT. BTOOK IS COMPLETE! Prices Lower Than the Lowest! Duality the bests GRIFFITH HARDWARE . CO., Gliorinan at- Doadwood. thing about mining. Mr. Malterner INVESTMENTS WERE DAD. Wellington, Kas., Jan. 29 Spoclal: Frank L. Collls of Omaha committed suicide at the home of his half-brother, Ed. Taylor of this city. at 6 o'clock this morning by drowning himself In a cistern. He wa, a formor South Dakota ranchman. Sickness and despondency due to financial losses are supposed to be the reasons for the act. He came hore from Omaha a month ago. He formerly lived In Mulvane, this county, and amassed a fortune during the boom. Bad Investment, In cattle in South Da-kola left him financially ruined. Joe King, who owns the adjoining the captain and a crew of twenty-four men belonging to the tramp steamer, has wrltt sn an article about his experiences up there which will be published Dago, which sunk In mid-ocean. Th$ In Harper's Magailne soon. property will start a force of men to work Monday. He nas a number of stringers that are as high grade as the Gilt Edge vein but are as yet too small to ship from. men were taken off a, she was sinking. A NEW ONE ON THE BARKEEPER. A telegram from Lander. Wyo., say, a severe tmow-Rtorm I, raging In that The Union Hill Co Is working the vicinity, the worst storm known for A man shambled into a Fourth street Rattlesnake Jack lode Into which the years. Gilt Edge shoot evidently runs. saloon the other day and lined himself up In front of the bar. He placed one Dr. Nanson Hailed for his home from These rich shoots Indicate larger New York yesterday. foot upon the rail and then called to bodies underneath which will be found enforcement of the,o regulation, will have the effect of reducing timber depredation, to the minimum, tbu, saving the government large sum, of money for prosecution. PieHldeiit McKlnley celebrated hi, 6Gth birthday today. There were a few friend, with him to dinner fit the white house. Teller', resolution, which wa, ,ent over to the hotiae from the aenntn today, wa, greeted with applause from the bartender. "Mil me a tin roof," said he. INDIANS WANT SETTLEMENT. by sinking. The Gilt Edge, Dskota Maid and a number of claims owned by "What's that?" queried the startled GERMAN SAILORS KILLED. Shanghai. Jan. 29 Special: A despatch from Che Foo gives details of the murder of a Oerman sailor named Schulx, belonging to the cruiser Kal,er viWti on outpoal duly at Talmo, the ex-trome post in Kalou Chou bay. The the Union Hill Co, are In a direct line bar keep. While Ghost and several of hi, band are expecting permission to go to of the trend of the rich veins of the YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. I "Mix me a tin root. Wha's the mat Golden Crest. Washington any day to straighten up ter with you anyway?" idauO that 1187.000 allowed them a few yean "I ra afraid that s a new one on me, THE KILPATRICK PROPOSITION, Myron Wlllslt went to Rapid. Captain Wlllard went to Sturgls to asm raaaaua, tret. Baa liia, Caa tiler. Juaa Tusxa, Ylao-Piea, K you'll have to explain." ago, In lieu of land when the Sloui res erve'lon was opened. fr. "Don't you know wha'a a tin roof is spend Sunday. Major Den Ash and seven prominent yet? Well, gT me the stuff an' I'll mix Te American-National Bank! Chamber Kellar went to Hot Messrs. R. J. and 8. D. Kllpatrlck. of Newcastle, and C. W. Collins, ot Brook lyn, of the firm of Kllpatrkk Bros, a It m'se'.f. 01' me some whisky, some Lower Drule Indians have gone to Washington, D. C, by permission ot Spring! last evening. "Calumet" Does Not Pslc ng to a taking Powdar Trust, but Coneumora ere Rapidly Learning to tlao vermouthe, eome bitters, an' a little Collins, arrived yesterday. Last even Al. Holme cam down (rem Crown the government and all expenses paid gum. I'll show you." it In "Calumet." I Their Trust Hill last evening. The object of the trip la to adjust the OV DIADWOOD, BOUTH DAKOTA. Does a General Banking Business. The articles were forthcoming and S. M. Houghton left for Southern the imbiber of "tin roofs" proceeded differences now pending between the Lower llrule Indians, who have gone Dsklm? Hill point last vntng. to mix them to his entire satisfaction. Will pay ' intereat un lime ccttiflcetc cf Orctlt Will buy end sell I south of White river, and the Rosebud Mr. T. A. Vaughan, of White wood, ing they held a conference with a num ber of mine owners, ot the Ragged Top district, for the purpose of considering the proposition .recently submitted by this firm which was to bond all the claims on the Dacy flat, for a period of one year. The firm proposes to drive a large working tunnel from Spearflsh canyon to explore the formation at a He finally poured the drink Into a gli drank it and started for the door. ndlan,. The band la In charge of Pooler was in the city yesterday. 3 U exchange oa all part of the United Bute, and Xurope. J Will make a apeolalty oa all kinds of collection, and ail buaiaaoaf chief tilg Morgan, e Is well acquaint Hold on," called the white-aproned Jas. H. Jamee, the Chicago mining ed with all the historic places around dispenser of the eup that cheers; "hav jwu oe vaaaaocea oa Business principle expert, left for his home yesterday. NONS HO GOOD, Washington and will delight his breth en't you forgotten something?" Prof. W. P. Jenney and wife, of Rap- ren by explaining to them In his native "No. sin t forgotten nothing. Wha's Id, spent yesterday In the city. DlRSOTORBi tongue all that has transpired at the depth of a thousand feet or more. We understand from a reliable source that the matter with you anyway?" Col. C. W. Carpenter returned yecter MKBaE. AHUM. W, AU.tTO, ef Obtaaee. WILLI 4 M a. 40Ma, capital for a quarter of a century. Big toan tnkhxh. Mali HI, "You haveat paid tor that drink. Baftiun. the company has capital sufflolent ta Morgan wa, one of Bitting Bull's most day from a visit with his family at Bt Paul "Why, no; of course I haven't It's a t'TTTV P -yeWI carry Its proposition to a successful is tin roof." trusted chiefs In times of war. It I said that more than one white man A. J. Smith and W. E. Nutt, Ragged sue and providing arrangements are made satisfactory to all parties con "What's that got to do with it?" scalp has dangled from his belt He Is "Wha's that got to do with it? Say, Top mining magnate, were In the city yesterday. cerned, the company will proceed at once with its gigantic enterprise. Hav I'll tell foj whs' that s got to do with now a trusted friend of the white man and admired for his manhood and In M. J. Dr. C. D. Clark, the new pastor ot the it It's on the house, see?" tegrity. He made a hurried exit and the bar M. E. church.arrlved from Hot Springs yesterday. ing talked with a number of the mln owners we Infer that a majority of them are lnfavor of entering Into the keeper gased after nlm reproachfully. 1 WERTHHEIMER & BR0. IfV NaT 'Well. I'm damned," he said. Joe Kocer, of Gordon, Neb., returned ONLY THREE JV1VE8. That bible text about the "fire that contract Something definite will doubt to his horn last evening after a visit lees be known In a few days. shall try every man's work, what sort of two week. IN OLDEN TIMS WINTER 'I NEW SHOOT IN MOGUL. H. V. Croll, representing the Edward it Is." hnd a remarkable illustration at the big Spokane fire last week. W. B. Gordon, a well known mining engineer People overlooked the Importance ot P. Allls Machinery Co., of Milwaukee, left yesterday for to east Last Thursday a new shoot of or was encountered In the west drift from perman intly beneficial affects and wire satisfied with transient action; but now GRUB was residing In the Fernwell block, with hi, wife, whom he married In Den MaJ. Mom Thompson, superintend the Mogul shaft situated In Ruby Basin K 0 0 o ent of the Bt Elmo mlne,eame up from i ill s p X L4 that It la generally known that Syrap of flga will permanently overcome hah and belonging to the Horseshoe Mln Ortvlll yesterday to spend a few days. ver about three years ago, since when they have moved In the best society is Spokane. When the Are broke out in the Great Eastern block, he rushed In Ing company. The shoot was struck 4 I IP Mejjffl H. K. Rua returned yesterday from Itoal constipation, well-informed people will not buy other laxatives, which at a distance of 80 feet from the wet Hot Spring, where he spent a couple line of the mammoth ore body from act for a Una, but finally Injur the there to save another wife of his and of weeks. His health was greatly ben fitted by hi visit there. which the company has been extract system. Buy the genuine, mad by the his three children, In which heroic ef PURCHASERS () Can buy their winter's lupplisg of Groceries, 1EAS, COFFEES, PROVISIONS, ETC. . . . . . California rig Syrup Co, Ing ore the past few weeks. W are Informed that the extent of the ore Mrs. Well and her daughter, Ml Boom we must have. To ael' Goods Chap Is the only way to maa it Thoe Goods srs bulky and take up lots of she f room. To rsc ucs our stock we offer for Monday and the entire week rur entire tok of LAUIfS MUSLIN UNDERWEAR, Consisting ot Night Gowns, Chemise, Skirts Drawers. fort he lost hi, life. When news of the fire and its victims reached Wicks Mon shoot has not yet been determined, but DISSOLUTION NOTICE. tuna, it informed another wife, who was living there with their three sons In Til in to In 1 i that 'I Is a large body ot good grade Mam!, departed yMUrday for Frankfort, Ind., their former home, to remain. They have reaided la Deadwood about a year and made many pleasant acQualntanee. ore. Mr. Macaay oeuevea anotner and two daughters. She was the orig HI The copartnership heretofore exist shoot will be found still farther weet inal and only wife, married in 1873 and leg between Walter Joy and frad Mother, aiiaayers, Is this day dissolved by never divorced. How much longer this three part solo could have been main CONCENTRATES, At the low prior current before the advance occasioned by tue Dingley Mil. Everything except FLOUR and BUGA.E at th old price mutual consent Mr. Joy will collect BTO SSI tJkTtm la tea aaj w wUl a tare thoa- tained without discovery Is a matter of all bllla due aald firm and will pay all conjecture, but the fire showed what Aaron Dunn returned yesterday from ttta do-l&n versa cf Crtsa anr dry food, aad wi'J aa pleased t kara yoa "sort of work" he had been doing. a trip to Hornblende, the new free-mill -A.T Txxm- account! due by It WALTER JOT, FRED MOSHER. i ui aua get prioe, ai Chat a wnaie Ing camp, of the Central Hills, where he is Interested In a valuable group of they ali eheap, Bouth Main street Dead wood, Jan. It. 1898. 1-88-tf BEABI7003 claims. He says the owners of prop Daadwaod. erty are doing a large amount of devel CONCERT AND CONVENTION. opment work and the camp shows up In For Ladles and Children for Less Money than t re Muslin would Cost Hon well. A certain Chicago haa made a good e ? ft No oa should fall to be present at the concert and Old V alt's' Contention to be given at the Opera Kotu Feb. 4, 1 til frfl l 1,1 thing out of Kardln Mining company UUUUULaLJU TO THE LA DISS. For th latest deelgn In embroidery, Bulgartaa tea cloth and pll'.owt, Ham-moa Knowlton A Co'a wash aUka, Ty-riaa dree, call at 788 Noble Block. Lea-eon given la art needle work. Stamping dona 1-80-tt 'W ka LEAD METHODIST CHURCH. The Lead Methodist church is one of the most prosperous churches in the Black Hills, For several years it hat been growing in number, and increasing in all lines of strength until today It Is about as well officered as any church In the region. Its board of stewards are pushing the financial work most thoroughly. Its Sunday school Is aa large as the house can hold. Its congregations cannot be well accommodated. The Rev. H. C. Hamon has proven a genuine leader, and the church has loyally supported stock. Last fall, before the company il The very beat talent In the cit haa m reached the ore sc-ne, he bought a good block of stock at HVs cents a share. Ke recently sold the stock at 18.80 a share been aecured aad the enUtalnmeat will us'paaa anything yt given la thla city by local talent A. C. HORNBEUGER, PROP. Next Door to Fosto W 4v ( ? 1,000 Pieces JJaixicoolx Embroidery. t about Half Price irom what they are worth. M.J. ( 1 I 1 51 METHODIST CHURCH SERVICES. Rev. C. B. Clark, D. D., Pastor. Class Meeting at 10:80. Opening Berrie by Dr. Clark, th new pastor. Theme, Th Christian's Neeoaaltl." Sunday Sc&oot atl8:la, tpwtUaiaa1l:t0i.ta. Meaara Baldy, Tgart, Lamsoa, Roa-lgnol, Qrlmahaw, Mr, Remer, Mm. Bora aad th Ml Beaeett aad Clemens will appear oa taa program bealdee Sophia Ituckip Joeephln Jaa Green, Roesllla Abljal Hodge, Boast Bobbett aad many other whoa B&mee will appear later. Tvketa will ho oa al at FUaafct Basaar. latarrod aata, Admiaaioa M evata, Rev. Harmon nas few equals as a preacher and one as a pastor. There and cletned up a cool 170,000 oa the transaction. C. C. Smith, of Pipestone, Minn., recently purchased a farm near Brookings, this state, on the Sioux river. He has been prospecting for precious metal and It Is claimed haa found some rich placer diggings la the river channel. By the way, what haa become of the big placer diggings down la Southern Nebraska that created tack aa excitement a year ago? ) Th't hclis good for a short time only, s with y all doit goods purchased the advance must be 1 addod. f a c:::e eaely to issuei lo f::::i are many prosperous Methodist con gregations In the Hills but Bone more WERTHHEIMER & BR0. 1 m prosperous than that of Lead City. And Preaching by Dr. Clark, at 7:80. Them this prosperity will compel the erection of a new, large church and parsonage "Why W Belter la Christ" E pec 11 nani at both ervieea. very soon. imi I i "I i imi a i a 1 Ml I iiia 1 1 n 1 1 m

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