The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 7, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 7, 1900
Page 1
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Fhe Daii ,Y PlONEER-TlMES gth YEA B. DEADWOOD, S. I). ( BLACK FULLS ),Sl!N DAY, M?TOKEJi 7. "liMKl. FIVE CENTS. the horn to the Opera, house, amid 'l-af-Dinjf h.-ors. Col. .1 I! Caddl. (hairman of the conntv ,,.mr,i ' JliANY LOVE IN CONTENTION NO HARM MEANT 'TOWARDS HANNA HANNA GOMES TO MEET ROOSEVELT I 'J'"- i mittee. ,;.!,!. ,. and ,i,jm lmgstaff, I The Eo'lowwenl Karik of the onl."r has made spicndid ;...irr. d'nin thv Mi-enni il term jn-i - ' iPirii,- th a-period it lifts added m .... . uiiT''a--il in- n !! !' ' -i. hi i, l i ': I'l ilis-'iti ! he t"i a i , , ; ;, , .,. p.irtm-(. lip .;)' !!;;;; l . ,v . ar. 'al :1V I a:.- ! ; . i. p.- Sti"' !!.!'. ..m;,i. jt,r,Mi Mr A Porcupine m Town. A inim. porcupine full of (tuiUs ""I ''ad ti ii 1 1 r- wa- .Iim in rod Fri- "" ntl'l.t b In' l t. ,,;, ,, ,,, TiVii-fr Tr't: !.. ,. ,, I ...... y H' i ti-ini: i, I mm !"'' ' '.- :.' ' i i .. ' . .i I owe ' '.'Il ttle 'i i... - .'. pf . I '. thiit. " ' :i I :m -'.'Pi" 1 1 an.! '..o U- ! --.-( ! ;. mi. .1,.; , ... ,, "M:. . :. .. .... .. to Nominaie a State . !,V The Senator Sfiys There Was ! , Z - ' i,":. :. Ittemp : Republican Headquarters in Chicago Deserted by the Leaders. Senator Precipitates a Fight. '!' no Intention 1o Injure Him. !! pa t ti:r. 1 1 M.". I:-!.. f I -I .lie and But Roosevelt's Ovation in the Mi I, West . ;i !i e:'! olics Have to Intefere Threoten to Shoot Some One. Chunk Weighed Ounces and Thrw a Few Boy : I i Sure Indications of a Landslide. 1 U.lli :.e- a I. Th- ; .. I'yth: - kae- ,1 i! la nv I I ha ' . -i t II w l S;iil-1 no - I a h I 1 'P II II ' I" 1! I .In. i.i '-il . .11 lie Mill',' -I ! -Th NEW Y" ( I 1 1 la i-lti in- i alie-that t in, u ith ! . r : m t( nominal,- a pi', I aiel I Mi ' ,i all ( h nty ." vonth some man 1 1 l'w ! thai ' h,Ml ti . pnl. I, .i(la . pre'.- ',,! tile !,. Sheen R.- I. 'I in I iii aliiinl the Olllv 1 h 1 HI II I It of tl... I. Ii! e I-. ' : niori a I i v tnJhiat.- m rial (lis"; il fro.' ' li I i.'A II 'i: ii ! :. ii liUlt li ll.iiina. 1 1 1 II . i a 1 1 a 1 1 1 m a pi -n 1 . . I of hi : li. - .. . hi n-li .ni l i ai re on a I'urh oil in -: si . - ilni; e :, , n In He va- lie nil nun il ' a sin ial tia no. I in an adjoi i... Th T . i f . ! I ' lll!i-t Was ill l.-llll if tie- , ;h.. Koo,--. h a. h i mmi'iit v police Wi iinl tin. at lis lestoii SlS.-io kt-n until pmp. II. .1 t .hiHit 1 till I that or.l . ami il.e.l yi illjlllial in 11 ii-r.lay ahinii nnnii I It I I II i II I .. ' 111, llieet (lineinul I he i. imlilii an Ther. i an lie ii .. ei paper t an .-af. 1 m n 'i nil i ceir. i PRESIDENT SOVi..: I M THE HILLS. .1 I Til Kim. all. r I p lf ., -f I : -A, II : aie! u hi 1 .-'! v I II II. oi i lllelliloll M il has :Lt vil h ti .1 : ;i o. It in II i heen K'i - sill : i i-:. of i; r n.i- e - 'A v: Aimeles. spn in r, "ill arrive in r a short visit, hi IHet'. 11 i ti hi if t! of a repulilii an lainNliil, in tie NEW W A I T E HALL C O V L C C . in -e lh . mi a n i ii ilv of Mi- Lattorer lie pan' lai Miners Quit. . ' ! . : .li'.'H, th,. ) IIAZI.KT" V I 'I S' ii of Miners " d. :.. o. lie-. i : ' : . . i ' ! I : : .' . 1; I n in II-. a I el : ' i L-Af' -r i ; ina:: - i"-',-. : .i M.lra 1 1 il I . ir i:i;n low 11' WE HAVE McKi ICAD' i r U Confide nor el ( I n a I ters i i mi a .-HI. .M .-. i ;n. in Hi jbliiiili 1 I just ill I I just received II. 'life nor ! i'e- i ii 1 1 ' a v th tin- r. '1 , ttic ex.-. t'nl.-nt e i. i on ction. I: '!.-.- oat III: j : do , wit u a I" le n in by ii, t Hal i xpoi n ;e e. and when one s to ,id a. 1 1 p; act ir" in t he i interest th.-re an- a food many i hi i i .-li 'h I. 'i.ii.- Played With Fire. ' t : fin ftlii-sels TRENTON. N. J.. Oct. C Special. I h al.s that have not been reckoned. I T! lamb crop is fetierally less than b . i been figured on, when the full ist-f of li-ath- , oils Iddie McBriile, .tl-oiI hi. was Imrned the slililii.e a m.-h'-d. ii north side o! i! peteil with inil-and the furnitiir er upholstered hogany com hes a quarter sawed carved legs. I w o tered oak. with and two cane s death today while playing Indian (ith playmates. The lad's clothing as saturated wio. irasolino and then i.ik i hair-, t Ait ma-leather upholstered, ah library table with a liter tables of (piar-ornamental carving, at rockers. on fire. : i. ;on m it t ' . .- " ii 1 1 !.. : . . so il -l-.te-J III Spe.l K 1IIO -1 !y 1:1 Ihe ill ,!'. , ent llll ! ills, a 11 ho he '. Ifci deliver several addresses to Which the public 4, . . be inviteil. I're-iileni Hoy ce is a pleasant gentleman to meet, and as a proof of coniicli nee reposed in bun by the Ked-eraiion. be is holding the presidency for the fourth year. His home is iit Hutte. .Montana, and he travels all over the country, visiting all sections where there are unions. He has just come from California, by way of Colorado. After he gets thru in the Black Hills he win return to his home in Montana. He was met in Dead wood last night by committees from the different unions of the northern Hills. After 0 . Miners' Demonstration. i ..itlt Is made, and then the losses ii ' continuous until spring. Another source of loss is the accidental pile-ups that are continually occurring in the ooti'als and sheds when least expected.. Wild animals get into the flock occasionally and create sad havoc, and there is danger every day when the sheep are on the range, of their getting stampeded over a preci SHENANDOAH, Pa.. Oct. C Sne- 1 stairway en-a iiaudsoiue At the end opposite th trance is a grate, with ial- There was a monster miners' monstration here today. It is es- fmated that fifteen thousand miners ere In the parade. President Mitch- mantel of Ionic design. The mantel is of quarter sawed oak, with a large plate glass mirror, and the grating is of bronze, set in ornamental tiling. A blaze will be kept constantly in the grate. The walls are hung with and the officials addressed the leeting in the afternoon, urging the a large Assortment V of new and latest style men and boys CLOTHING also a Big line of Underwear, icu iu iana nrm. ine militia was pice and aniimber of them being smothered. In the spring there is danger of smothering and in the fall there is danger of bloat, and. altogether, the man who handles sheep must give them his thoughtful-, constant, and unremitting care. In return for this they give him a big profit and ftlve but there was no sign of dis tance. beautiful and costly pictures, portraits and 'e.ti hing.s. The room is lighted by two huge .-ide windows and two skylights eight feet square. At night tne light is furnished by three electroleers, one of six. and two of four n More Chinese Sham. getting supper he was escorted to Lead, where a meeting of the executive committee, consisting of delegates from all the unions of this section was held. At. this meeting bis llhuk Hills itinerary was laid out. Tomorrow night Mr. I'.oyce will attend LONDON', Oct. fi. Snwinl fanghal dispatches declar,. that the PPerial decrees issued hv the eniner- drop lights. It. is heated by will graze ami grow fat fin pasture where cattle would starve. If it were not for the many chances ami heavv por"etitai:o of loss, rai dug : In ep WOlllll be "like i.oillill'; motley. V- it steam, in for ordering the ion nf Prim e I.HM been put th. tin and anand other leaders in the lmrisini: Hie l.ead Mm. an address. In- will meet ling ol delivj.l e oiling nnani Thai- .ial reonly sham and not made in good lith. and a telephone the use of the gm llllrr lia 1 1 .: . -gles liiilll the pal ii ml one on I In -1 . Ill two si I I I . s e. I tram . to , ,,. I : Is., will ib g I a venire manari most profitable i nt'd with i t i a d'nabb- of nl! in fair Ihe ve.-t. ! pn is. will is one i ill the the mo I ' ie-. ahh i-i I' Sir Thomas corners Pork. CHICAGO. (, t. Special.- O to lie at Mile i veiling h .1 the T- : eor link"; I tile . iver an rs union will al-v union,- I' :i . ' ! a n : ,n Iba II i a-, in I , I I. : I. r Pork went to $17 a barrel to, Nr J4 ad win, , in two days i lay I Sir , Ite.l I v i.l Sidne Ri at-. rudS lapten is 1'i nerally P working the i iii in r. 1' M Bryan in Indiana. luce dwood ' 1! II TERRA HAfTK. Iml o, t h -h a . a h t ii . mrV' i ik to lb I" I. W 1 . -I" Bryan continued to speak in the if, ...el II. .1.1 i-i-' i - '--. I I til. 1 1 lie i I o ; I I. a . ! . II , ' - I X II Ol tie I OOII1.-, Hal li I I a'", ' b ' In e.ii II. ( tn.e i oil - . I e: , i:e I 1 " I (ioin iind . iol h- .- pi - - I hi. aii op oi tu n ; n ai a I i e,llle--hV "f att.-nd th ""r ot Indiana todav He was tm-Th u generally en- iv. r th, - .!. I ' I .iirhts. th ' i iiiiion nil'! vn good crowds and isiastic receptions. I! 11' ! i ll II, o ' I I lor tile -oil unions at llili From tin ie hi a:. 1 tlii'S af.Li 0 KILL aie lilted u ah li m.u: nickel piaieil yv.noi a -and aier i los- t haw ( ' i ' y will MOTHER AND SISTER. and th ne kel to iMt th Ke -Kill.' for Mlltte. il;l!-iiiel h avi r nor lo-avy gumbo nor ' a ins i ;l lengthen it to days and nights, as in the less than i bad wealle swollen str nine or ten days of the now satisfy- 6unB Man Said to Be On His Way Tw!iDenver on Murder &ent. f THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK tittings. All Hi"'iie.s and baths are supplied with hut ami cold water. All the- rooms are linished in natur stage coach. Passengers Knights of Pythias. . ,, n'ly there has been o'ganked lodge of the order in Hiul'iii.i. theii hunger in dining cars II. , e a large -.oio., uct. 6. There is a a of terror at 1471 South Clarkson The house is occupied by a Deadwood, South Dakota. ..A DEPOSITORY FOR THE. ured mother and her invalid "enter, Mrs. Rachael A. Scott and " "ce m. scott. and both fear J - man with murder in his heart 4 Im npon while theJr are as'eeP them. The man whom they Jr.!8 on of the aged woman and er of the Invalid daughter, for one member of the family has CITT COUXTT? and STATE. Drafts and Letters of Credit Saued, Good in All Parts of the World. al pine, and have electric lights ami steam. All the, suites but one front on the street. The par tit ions of each suite are of natural pine and Florentine glass. The rear rooms in the suites receive light thru the glass partitions and also by means of skylights, there being seven skylights m the building. The sinus are unfurnished, and the guests will furnish them according to their own tastes. The parlor wni be a sumptuous place for the guests of the building to congregate for social intercourse, reading, writing, holding receptions, parties and other functions. For these purposes it has not an equal in the city. , The second floor consists of six suites of rooms, watercloset and lavatory. Each suite has three office rooms, and fronts on ie street. All three rooms of one suite face on Main street. These rooms are well lighted by large windows and are fitted with electricity and steam heat. They are intended for professional offices and are splendidly appointed, for their purpose. The tenants will have the benefit of COIiIYrcCTXOlTS Attended to Promptly and Intelligently ir r ",8ei that the murderer is on V here to kill the others. On T these unhappy women recelv- . if!am from layette B. Herd- Deadwood, S. D -which stated srion Who Mabel Scott ' to her marriage, had been wiy In the morning by Lloyd !wd . b"ther. The police re- telegram asking them to atu.7' Scott and her daughter biiT?, Scott" wh0 M thought 01 hU way from Deadwood. . tuba, ami from last reports it prom i.-es to be a success. Two strong lodges have been organized in Alaskan-one. Alaska Lodge No. 1. at Juneau, am; the second, at Douglas island called North Star lodge No. 2 the latter gives promise of great success, being in the vicinity of the great Treadwell mines that operate 880 stamps run day and night, and employ about 1.000 men. Though like all fraternal orders, the Knights of Pythias made slow progress during long period of business depression following 1S93. yet it quickly reseponded to improved conditions. The net gain for the last two years was 37.809, thus bringing theh total membership up to 508.500. not including fifteen grand lodgese yet to be hard from everything rfow points to a large increase during 1900. At the recent convention of the supreme lodge there was a large delegation in Detrtoit, from California it came with a view to secure the holding of the 1902 Convention at the city of San Franacisco. It openel .splendid room for headquarters, .and dispensed its' hospitality with a generous hand. The proposition to 'meet at the "Golden Gate," in 1892, was adopted by a unanimous vote. ..The committee having charge of the funds contributed by the order at FTJTIITISHED with elaborate menus and perfect ser4 vice in.-tead of in a little room paiti-tioned off from the company stables, where the bill of fare was beans and potatoes with a. possible luxury of dried apples, and the butter and salt usually all out. It is worth an old-timer's while to make the trip to Denver over the new Burlington rhort line just for the sake of realizing that the world does move and that life is easier and more luxurious than it was twenty years ago. The special excursion to Denver will be run on Thursday, October 11th. just before the excursion from Denver to Deadwood. and it is well worth the while tif business and mining men in both ities to make this effort to get acquainted with, each other. The tra'in leaves Deadwood at 7:45, in the morning and reaches Denver at 11:30 the same night. For this excursion, one fare. $i7.90, will be made for the round trip. The time limit is thirty days, giving ercursionists an opportunity to see the mining camps of Colorado as well ns tihe City of Denver. Al. W-0 , . V i Yesterday's' Bali Games. Pitts-burg ? . St. Louis 4. " New York 4. Boston 1. Philadelphia , Brooklyn 8. Theo. Geskey:. James Cusick. W. A. Rineharjt. Jack Gallagher, A. McKin-ney, Arthur Monahan and A. C. Poi-ter was the personnel of a party that droTe over to Spearflsh yesterday afternoon to be present at a meeting f the fuslonists helu in that city last eyening. 4 ' names or To any extent warranted by borrowers collaterals, Hi ' 1,1 i"Vn. . Accounts Solicited and Correspondence Invited. Our long experiei :( the Black Hills .s at h service of intending investor- Janitor service, steam beat and electric light. Mr. O. f. JeweU. agent for Wr. Waite, proposes to see that there Is always sufficient steam, ana w avoid any complaint for inadequate JON;Oct .-Special.-The best 4 W Lhere a few "'nee, ani 'epnblicans the pres-jPMgii. ww when a large crowd to hear Hon. E. W, Martltf, wa, republican nominee for CVrL,4the campaign. njTmisht Peioa of PUga here beaded by the cor-escorted the speaker from heat.. i A 4 large, for the relief of the widows and Mr. Jewett is always glad to s bow W.X. ADAMS. HARRIS FRANKUN. Pre JOHN T RIB Eft. BEN BASR, Tlce Pre people thru the building, whetBer they orphans of the brothers who were are looking for rooms or not and it is . killed in the terrible mine explosion worth hlle to inspect the third floor J at Sdofleld. Utah, report the receipt 4 ' WH. 8KLBIK, Caahie U of $10,520.63. particularly.

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