The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 6, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 6, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

' SATURDAY. OCTOBER 6. THE DAILY PIONEEK -TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. ... 190ft . A J le. Special Clothing Sa Assay 50 Cents Cold and Silver I The Union assay office jj 1 li , 1 Established mi. g SATURDAY OCTOBER 6.11 No 37 Lee Street Deadwood. 2 .i O ' g Will Giv. Correct Results of Both Gold anc Silver For 50 Cents. 'p PN ALL S.i4 JeW u ROUGHT TO THE OFFICE; M. H. Lyona Co. I '' 5 Agents for the Blickensdorfer 135.00 Typewriter. - g Men, Boys and Youths, Clothing Inc-ludinir rur Entire stockof Coats for 2 per cent less than regular price. . Our line of Clothing is complete in evrry detail. This sale includes all our High. Gri-ctde Clotning sal! s i .Si Jj ;!'! D- adwriud people were entertatin-eft by the oihnr nieuibers of the party. One thousand torches horin- by i e-j u 1 i it;: n voter, of l.awniee cmiiiim. fallowed tile governor to the liui ling-ion, depot. 'he stieets alulig which the proc. s -ion i.assed. weit? lurid 'with rockets : 1 id limits.1 Hurrahs for McKin-ie and Teddy" lent the air and echoed and ff urn gulch to gulch.- .No such d"inonst ration has ever een on Ciovernor Roosevelt on his western lampaien as this of Deadwood tonight. LEAD. S. D . Oct. ( Special, i The City of Mills is making a wonderful reception tonight to Theodore Roosevelt The narrow streets of this, the second largest city in the state, are packed for standing room. Homestalie miners, who wield the vote of Lawrence county, are out en masse. Americans. Frenchmen. Finlanders. and all classes are alike shouting for Mc Kinley and Roosevelt. The demonstration here tonight is heartsieken-ing to the fusionists. From Deadwood comes the sound of steam whistles and bells ami the sound is swelled by a dozen sirens from Lead. Voters of Lawrence county have tonight witnessed an object lesson which will tell at the polls. Were tomorrow election day in the Black Hills the republicans would win out by a majority of ::ocin. Republicanism is running high tonight in old Lend. Cheap Railroad Fares. On Oetober li'.tb the popular Ninth western line will sell tickets I nun Chicago to Deadwood and return for I 7 e arc confident that yuti will appreciate our priceswhen you have exam edtheni. Come and see what we have to offer. r5 MINES AND MINING. Main Street CTT A etTi'P Deadwood south Dakota 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 ' Where They Sell Cheap. r PLUM A MINING COMPANY. FIRST NATIONAL BANK if you will DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. yelled out that nearly everybody had tone to l)ea.iwood, but dowu'iiear the ilai h tiie liad a oonhre bum to light u iliie tuna as ii went by and a big row d w as there cliem ing. They caught a Heeling glimpse of Teddy, who rtas on the OacK )ialIoriii. Members of the Deadwood reception cum nut tee buai ded Ibe tram ou the wa. iii."'ti them being t ant. Seth Dullocu. Jtidge lieiiuett and other friends oi lli.nlev Uieiiiih. Due member was (HI. u. Ii. Steeie, who was a be long Pluma Ground Will Be Worked by a New Company Mill Be Built. The Pluma Mining company lias been reorganized wili unlimited capital and work on the ground will be cominenceir at once. The property wlll be fully exploited and a large cyanide mill will be built on the ground. , Tlie l'lunia mine is situated near the mouth of (iohl Hun. ailjoinin .; the llawki'.U'. The company will he United States Depositor This inesei the , 11 in i ".. tin i,l for thirty days, on.- of the popular Ho nrsions i i i .-1 u 1 1 r n t I by tern, which i- belief), 'ia .will . er's anv i O. J. BALISHT i;t m (ojt IV", lieiiiember the fact that to mi inedi. iiie is a prcfessior. m that require;, experience ; )j t hat every pi es, ri pi ion l'e- ffi know i, i In lalsl I ". to be H i - able to it : th. n )ii'j will 5) i iiinierstaii.l lien i he in.-i-i i ; nil , ii i.- i la r i- " a!- t J wax s v hat i ; ; ci;1;!-. .i. Ic" a i know 1, ,!- i.) hoxv to mix tJ I belli mi that el ceie ;a .a a,N !' j will u..! I..- f.u n: d. 2 w i f DIRECTORS: T. j. C.IcF.H, - P. K SI x i'K.- !. i 1 M.ritKHs:).-OFFICERS: HAl.lSHl'HY ; f'ash:.r .T. J (JKIEit i Assitt- Cahhici . to lie- lie s, e llee select, llleel: oi hum i at ;i lid a delegate a at ion, 1 1 com ii ! ion , wln-r. tie imitLii 1 1 i e; an I on th I er LllM l.lll He was J-te.-iile at tie- 1'i-adwooil iih! It o! Incorporated within a few days work will then he pushed rapidh. is composed of men with plenty I OI II i l.l is the best kind of ail v-siives people an opinrl-" oant i v at a nemimi! W.-Is. 1 1 ni a - it to -. , th, 'i t y money to tlioroly develop the pro l'-.-sl .bm . . . v'lct'- I 'r e 1 .1 -J i ::nvs.n School Entertainment Course. The 1'iillowing are the dales f,,i tin ; ciitet tainni. tits yet to come: ! Mrs. Label Carghill lb-erher, Tn-s i day fveniiig. October ft. Dr. Heiison. November I". and put up a plant with ;nleiUa:e i;i cilities for treating the ores. Tlii. Villi add aiiotUei- mine to the bi'-; pio-dlicen.s of the Hills and another wealthy company to develop the resources. It will give employment to a large number of men and humus considerable to ..eadvvood. It often occurs u i I 1 : lie s I 1 e I ,i i i i I 1 1 ( mil. s. I ".. Oct. :;. lie Koo.-ei clt c anipaigiitng today lias b.-c-n .ii the I'm.. Kidu.-V and lilac L Hills ciMllltl -tile ri'LUOII while the cattle graze all tie- yi y anmnd to, the ( b i. -ago mai llel . Deadwood wound up the campaign ing of the day. The famous gulch greeted the governor cordially and he Seebicl I that t he. -combining of two v harmless drugs will produce a V--iiicLsolin Male Quftl. t. IVirtu her ,. S. M. Spoilon. l-'ehruarv 1!'. Violent Poison Dr. Bismarck Dr. Gto. S. I X 1 0 K T K K AND I K S K X K k ) F Gow ns and 1: :i iT an audience of aOUO. The chairman of the Deadwood meeting this evening was V. R. Steele. Mr. Steele has been a demo that a chemical change takes place which mav prove dan Von WEDELSTAEDT. Cffices Olympic Eiock, Opposite B gerous. . . M. Depot. !02...Res., 21, City Creek. Tel. B. H. 201. A good druggist crat all his life. He is a former delegate of Wyoming- to congress, and in 1881. 1S88. 1892 and 18!i was a delegate to the democratic- national convention and a member of the committee on platform. He came out for McKinley and Roosevelt this year. ....Millinery will recognize them at a Placer Mining. The work being done at the Big Ilend on Rapid creek and at th Whitewood placer just below tpwn. i"3 significant from the fact that "it . institutes a new era of placer mining ' tn the Black Hills. There has always been more or less placer mining here, but In the last fifteen-or tweny years. It has amounted to little more than day's wages. Those days are dead and gone when a man could wash out two or three hundred dollars' worth of-gold in a dav and come down town at nisht and spend it: whn all he .-needed in his business was slulce-boxea and a gold pan. "That Is the port of thing 'that makes a typical, lively "mining camp, when gold comes easy, without any trouble of processes, and expensive machinery, in 1876, the Wheeler Brothers took out from their placer No. 2, in Oeadwood glance while an inexperienced druggist may overlook them. If you take medicine why not feel confident that it is not QUILT FACTORY Bvit of Attention MY SPECIALTY Moving Ifiren In llurdij: ! EO BEMEB li trie. (Jet Prl.s Heavy Machinery mixed by Guess Work, ( Chicago Record. ) DKADVVOOD, S. D.. Oct. 3. At a: 30 tonight the Roosevelt - special train crossed the state line between Nebraska and South Dn.kota, and before dark Catp. Seth Bullock, sheriff of Dead-wood and, successor in the Black Hills to Sitting Bull, had a rough rider by the hand and w-as introducing him to Feed, Livery and Transfer.... have the best roadsters in the-city and am lnTpareq! tn to The only way is to go good druggist. We are furnish rio;s or saddle horses on the shortest notice. h -y rj a MRS. N. J. TUPLIN, Manufacturer of all kindi of qullU from the cheapest to the very floeat to . be found In any country. Also recovering of qullU anil make sofa pillows to order. DOWN QUILTS Down quilts of the finest make a speciality. 14 Carney St- old phone. 170 your order Is respectfully solicited. Harrison Phone 151 I MV iUaill b . I Old Phone 171 aOO cowboys, cattlemen and citizens of Deadwood. A stage coach of the vintage of 1849, drawn by six mules and drawn by Peth himself was the vehicle which bore Governor Rnrise-velt to the speaker's platform. Cow- EXPERIENCED DRUGGISTS, graduates in ,our profession and our experience is for your benefit.. Remember the place, FAUST'S DRUG STORE. Palace Plraacy "We JLi&&lcL Otliers JB-ollo My Stock is Complete in ALL BRANCHES and my PRICES are W. L. FAUST. Ph, G. Prop. punchers just in from the range, BOO In all, formed the escort of honr. So HWitt was the and so fierce the shouting that the town band was drowned out of hearing and was then left behind as tne rushing procession galloped thru the streets. "He looks exactly like Fonr-Kyed Jones of the Bar Square outfjt." said a cowboy looking c losely at Governor Roosevelt. "He. Is "a cowbey." said another: "a regular, common cowboy, and I hope he gets elected just because he- Is a ornery cowboy." Seth Bullock has been preparing a vol come for Roosev.ejt for two weeks. TjLio Lowest Of XlCLG Low I TrvMv Place with an Order and if not fuliv Satisfactory m eveiv way 1 rinfiA (Innfin rvMi nni nf iin Tlnin come again. iOllij UUlIlllltilllCIll Ul 111) rdlll No. 7. CHARLES STREET GREEN The GlTO -and the four hours spent in Deadwood Mre children would be borne if the muther could be sure lhat the pains, worries and tribulations ot gestation coulJ I e avoided. "MOTHER'S FRIEND" (that marvelous liniment) is unique in relieving and relaxing ivcl the strained tendons and muscles, a well 1 SS fcS48?Uv3S.mSS?SM gulch, just this tide of Gayville, 120,-000 in a few nionius, and all the way from Sawpit guku to the fails, Including ail the tributary gulches, Dead-wood creek was rich in placer gold. In Blacktail, men have never stopped washing golLand usually a few men can be seen somewhere along Dead-wood gulch wiui caeir s!ukeooeo ud pans but there have been no more fortunes made. ..iOat of the loose gold in fhe channel of the creek has all been taken out and the placer miners who would make a fortune now must dig for It and buy. heavy machinery. On the Big Bend placer - where the owners are taking out several hundreds of dollart a day, they have a big steam shovel, a conveyor, and a separator bulo. especially for them. . On. Whitewood creek, Just below the Elkhoin tunnel, the Omaha Mining company' is driving a tunnef on bedrock and expect? to put up a plant for the treatment of concentrates. All of which goes to show that even plaoer mining is losing its simplicity and becoming as complicated as everything else at the end of the cen' tury. ' . "Speaking placer minjng." said an old seventy-eixer yesterday, "it is curious that wherever you find good bar diggings, there are no values to mp'eak of la the creek bed, and when the 'channel diggings are good the bar is never rich. Now In the northern Hills the gold was all in the creek beds, but tn-onertMrtwo-plaee It on the "tar. There were places; where men hauled the dirt as much, as two miles tn wagons, to the creek tq wash it, and made it pay." - : - -.. ' ' , o- 1 - R. B. Hughes, superintendent of the Cleopatra, was in the city yesterday. He says everything, around the 'cya- "nide is running smoothly and .the company Is? much pleased with the condition of affairs. , " , '.. '. , ... o A dollar and a quarter was offered tonight were the most tempestuous, the most picturesque, and the most clamorous of any simlar period since tne tour begn. The cowboys showed Governor Roosevelt their idea of hospitality and he enjoyed It. won to wy. as tne uiscenuea organs, i litre is nuiuiug ji&v n. I have had MRS. I.UCINDA PASCHF!-, Lararwrton. Ark., proTcs the shove tateinnt when she says: GATES IRON WORKS 1 his time It hilt: I w is nlw.T h in l.tiKr in-ni iw-ai nmr n rniny ikut. uwi ynly one battle of 1 Mother's Friend ' is Just nth clii i. I ami wrfsin IsN-r only about four hour. Mi t - l i. ud ' with nt v s- what a is rei.ounuenled to be. I in never rr without it auain. ; Sold by all best druggists or enV by express repaid on receipt of price. tl.eO pr lMttlei Book, Vttherhtwxl," ritt-n lor wonvn of all aim. mailed frtre. THK HR sltniXU REOrL.4TlrR 4 Atlmnt. 4in. REVERE RUBBER CO. j MEBSOLIrBEiflT DHL lt Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co Hoists , (Sioux City Journal.) DEADWOOD. S. D., Oct. 3 (Spe cial. Deadwood is having a genuine Fourth of July celebration tonight. Bands are playing, rockets are illuminating the heavens and thousands of people shouted themselves hoarse as Theodore Roosevelt dismounted from the train" Special tralnshavebeen HEALTHY OLD AGE. gunning all day from the surrounding 0, F. PURNELL Deadwood, S. D. Ag-st for South Dat hkvru, Bsirroa Co. Abb., Aug . 4. . in M Tears old and hare bern raffertnf with Change of Life. I bad (loodinjc spells so bad that none thought t could lite. Mv, husband got me Wine of Cardal and it saTed my life. I aia like aaotber person since taking it. MRS. E. B. TOWJfSEND. yesterday for Dead wood-Terra tock, I State School of flines, TiOOAT3D D RAPID CITY, S. D. OFFERS THIS COURSE AS FOLLOW- out so rar, none nas.oeen iwui sale. ' -. ; Black Hills cities, and cowDoys m groups of ten to fifty, .dressed In their picturesque coBtumes. have been arriving from the. Belle Fourche and other cattle ranches. Deadwood "Js full of people. Rapid City, Sturgis, Whitewood and intervening stations have sent five coaches. Custer, Hill City, Keystone and the regions as far south as Edgemont sent eight coaches full over the Burlington. Crowds came in fro mthe Bald Mountain mining district over the narrow gauge. Deadwood never bad such a crowd of people In Its history. Old Deadwood Is giving a welopme to the coming vice president of the United States such as no other city in the state has git-en. Prominent fusionists are seen mingling with' the-crowi. Tonight they are iotnin In a hearty welcome to the hero of San Juan. ! Governor Roosevelt and party. Senator Dolllver, ' Curtis Guild, ; John Proctor Clark and others, arrived In Deadwood over the Elkhorn shortly after 8 o'clock tonight The train stopped at the freight depot In the lower part of the city where the party was escorted to the Burlington depot Governor JRoosevelt here took the narrow gauge road for Lead, where he addressed seveal. thousand enthusiastic voters- In the meanwhile 1...A MINING ENGINEERING CCOlRSE. .. . roURt 2. A COLLEGE PREPARATORY cou ' ft is the devout wish of nearly all people to live to a ripe old age. -None of as want to die young. This universal desire can fee realized if care be taken of thrhealth in early and middle life. A little precaution then will add many years to our existence. ' Death can be kept away a long time.. Happy.heakhy old age will be the lot of the woman who promptly corrects the ailments which afflict her Sex. In youth. Wine of Cardui will . rue the female child safely over the dividing line between girlhood and wonunhood. As a wife she ncjds it to help her through the trials of pregnancy ancTchikibirth with as little discomfort as possible. At the . . Change of Life tt will help her over the dangerous place that appears In . ber pathway between 40 and 5a Then will- come many years of truly blissful existence. She will grow old slowlv and gracefully. To the last.,, she will preserve that charm and beauty Vhich are always characteristic The next term begins Wednesday, SepL 19, 1900. 0rt&t ... . - .. .. - , el aftLE. ""'-. t ar rartner intormauon aaaress, .. kubcmi pu CW 3 , , TEDDY IN DEODWOQD. r Some of the Press Reports Sent Put -; ,' . About It. , - (Lincoln Journal.) V , DEADWOOD, S. D Oct. 3. (Special.) Governor Roosevelt made a record-breaking trip today from eastern Nebraska to Its western extremity and on Into the cities of the' Black Hills, where he spoke tonight to two immense crowds. - A part of the train waa left behind at Chadron with the exception of Mr. - Dietrich, remained o' attend the night meeting. The balance of the party went on up Into the Hills, meeting with crowds at all the little towns on the way. A man at Rapid City ' ' of perfectly neaithy gTanamotners. . - Custom Ore xrrxr-j-jLrii-ii-ijir Uaitr AIT1SSIT ItPMTftUIT. 1 rnr n-rm. is raafT rrirmrm. irmn II u .sur wuiucn uai. iu icMiiei , whether they will be healthy or sick. The remedy for their sickness is dose at hand. - - v- , bv the Crwtlona, acldrMa, ftrinfr wmptona, SUICIH CO Cbattaaeoca, Tone. . "We are now prepared to treat custom ores Uyande process at reasonable rates. , LARCE BOTTLES OP WINE O r CARDUI 0, SOLD FOR $I.OO BYt)RUCCIST8. Kil : First Ward, Deadwood S.D .

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