The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 27, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 27, 1898
Page 2
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Tf!K DAin PIONEEli-TIMES, THURSDAY, JANUARY 27, i$:3. It It understood tbtt Mr. Bryan bs , UWK 8IHTKK TilE F10NEEU-T1ME8. n n no THO COf.lPLGTG cancelled al subscription to the New i York Journal. (ZsUbll&l U7I-7.) m rs r23"! atti in a s , tm as xm wm aw r r ir t nOtiJt&-?lUW PUBUSH1NO CO. THIS BTLROI8 WATER CASE. I Continued From r'rat Page.) Uie aurvey of UT6 1 tialted the locality of Alkali eaat of tbe reservation; waa down tbe vail to eome extent; that atream dralna a large area; the valley la very wide and t takee In that fop of country between Bear Butte and Elk Creek divider. In 1875 there wore a number of springs along that I t.U tw.tvwfU W ken ol CHERUAH ST. v.ushe & mm GROCERS. A New York man sue a railroad company lor 130,000 damages for an In-Jury to bin note. il ought to move to Chicago where a noae la a nuisance. ThUUU OF SUBSCttll'TlON. fialbi avry morning, xv?t Moa U. Um sear Ui Mmua S.uu OtM SMMtUI i.WV MfMJkt mum eiy nuruay. Uu tw U MiMilA i.uu VtSMlWWWU, O. Ths most oomplst articles of ths kind ever Introduced lo any county. For couvtnitace, compactness and general ntUlty, 11 Is onsurpassed. Ths chest U Badt la two tlx, constructed lmportad spring tin, heavily Jap- aaned and Impervious to dents or is. Tb Soar la poured ta at ths top, and tattles into a funnel at the bottom, provided with a sieve, which ta manlpolatsd by a handle-bar in front Tbt Boar Is thus tlfttd Into a pan, wnleh oaa be drawn out and re- :sd at wllL (bus obviating the allgbtatt wast. a, ' ,a r m S Liosj V,...v TESTIMONIAL. I detlrt to tutt that I hav maa a thorough .lamination of tb Complete Flour Chest, that was shows ass by ' Hsrmsn Hsnseblsa, aad as r raUsal miliar I unhesitatingly proaouaos, It . th height of practicability, coavsa-lence snd general uaef ulnsss. It Is oa of tbs most tngtnlus contrivances of us kind tbat X bava avar assa, aad 1 dc not think any houkepr will bs disappointed la It. SOL STAR. DEAD WOOD. O. D- ua uesmeu rortn ou morning ray. When all waa damp and rhlll. And ctMHtd the aliadowa all away I hut iinna o'er vale and bill. And kuvsi to life where ail waa bare. And rold and damp the ground; I'l wer to lair In beauty rare. Where r ble raya were found. grandly higher atrll ha soars; Ilia meridian he circle pact; 1 warmest ras be earthward pour; Ilia xenlth la reached at laat anow patch white on ahaded bill. I At bt clrclea slowly around, malting away and n ml nature rill ! Is trickling tbe hill adown. now changt cornea o'er ths scant Dark, lowering clouds swift fly cast a veil of gloom between Tilt aarth tod sunlit iky. chilling wind aweepe o'er the earth Aa tbe clouda go hurrying by, Shrieking aloud la demon mirth As tb tender young flowers dl. Why, why, fair suathlas warm to lift I Such beauteou forma aa they let the cruel wind of atrtf Wither and blow them away; mow patch, too, spoa the bill Which your favor was melting away, froten and the tiny rill Forever loit you would not stay. Like auniblne at morning our alitar cams Like a beautiful angel of light. Flli? with a meeiag of love all sham To proclaim to tbe children of might Her accent of love her ardor for truth, Her pleadings In sermons or prayen I 1 la HANNA a HENSCHKE, Gsnsral Agsnt for Lawrence County. LOO STREGT. MACKINTOSHES ... To Order 04. OO. Blue Casbmar witi hand-lomt UniDg-, Double Capoa LADIES with Valval Oollars mad to fit Black or Plaid r"IO Blu or Black Diagonal handsoms Piald I rfslNdO Llalng; and dataohtbUCapa mada to lit you. Sank deep Is the heart of both eldcrlnesea yesterday. Supixslng that they QlT bust, altera, hip and langth maiiaura. Bana and youth And Implanted love germs unaware. I And awoke aa sweet Incense the odor I of thought. I Which rose like a pure , wbUe dove I As beautiful glimpses of Heaven it caught I Through the sunlight of Heavenly love. I ha hat nurtured and caused our young I to grow lthar oat shall ba ant 0. O. axd asnd oash In fall and elso GREAT WESTERN 133-ltl7 Van Bruen Bt. L The Largett and Best D. P" U t-ik th pure young flowers oflof land would have eome effect, loo BOOTS I SHOES In tho State, In the Finest and Best Lighted Room in tho City C&Us for your inspection, when In need oi tsefm thing In the line, at lower price than anybody's, at CT-r TTrT-Vn MAIN 8TRHST, , & ZlPib. DEADWOOD I cw. k . . ii .w .-j j.j . i. n oiiv use im iiiviu luu irti lucul hi I HI I aglow I With th love light of Jesui. their King. E'en cold hearted, wicked men Havt thed tbt penitential tears. Have been almost persuaded to bo Christians when They've heard her expound Ood'a truth ao clear; But will a change com o'er this scene, Will Temptation'! luring clouds thick fly, And caat their deadly gloom between The pmcIous toult and Ood on nigh. Wlil tb souls wokt to llf. ilk flowers In May, Which tbt sua eallt forth la on short day, B nlsDd In their bloom br Sln'r blighting frost And shrivel away to fortvtr bt 1 est ) Will tbt almott persuaded, who heart one bard. Drift back to tb old thus aitiou tb bard. 0. Ood! keep thorn taft aad secart each day I 1 I I I I I 1 tr O. Restore raa regular mm el the bowel, do not Irritate or Inflame, but leave sPSElo sa. TV. thee, a mm II the eelMiue SJseMlTC naUm Is perfect eanSlttea. FTesteee eaiy et u. l Meet 6a. Uwetl, Mast sucii an examination tan be reviewed thia court, ws are i cupelled to ais reaaid it in tne connect auon ot tne csMi aua to too cni; lo tne evidence piuiea by ta record. in coueiueioua necvMSruy lead to tevetttu ot uie juagmtai ot tn circuit court sua reuuer u coue.ueie.wuu outer quveuoua rajta iy uu i wool u uuneoeaaaxy. 'ins juugiuetit of u circuit court and oru denying it'v trial ars reversed and tne case ta remanaed tor eucn (urtner proceedings ss may be in accordance with law. Want Column. WAMTJCD HJSLP- f Wanted A girl for general housework, lira. J. V. Edmonds, Uugleeid. -''Wanted A girl for housework in mall family. Mrs. Jackson, (3 Lincoln Ave., Ingleslds. Wan ted Reliable man, permanent position. Stamp and references A. .Morris, care tbla paper. w auieu a miauie-agea lady a housekeeper in a small family. Liberal wages. Apply at thla offlc. 1-23-tf. AGENTS WANTED Outfit free; v era! of our agenta earned over ILfetf la im Th International Nursery Co. 11-26-lw Denver. Col. f Wanted A place for a boy two and half year old. Reasonable pay for hi car. Address "C", Cr Pioneer- Time. u Wanted Oood men to act as priratt detectives under our Instruction. Enclose stamp for particulars. North western Detective Agency, 601 Olobt Building, Minneapolis. Men t antsd to learn barber trad; only two months to complete by our new method; extra Inducement now offered; a fin outfit ot tools preaented students; Illustrated 1891 catalogue mailed free. Th Molr System Bar ber and Malr Dreitlcg College, 122 Waahlngton Ave., B Minneapolis, Minn. Eatabllahed In 1191, Incorporat ed la 1897. tfWante-! Upright and faithful gntlmn or ladles to travel for responsible, astabllshtd boust la Black Hllla. Monthly 165.00 and sxpentes. Position steady. Reference. Enclose Mlf-addresaed atampad emelope. Tbt Dominion Company, Dept. K. Chi cac FOR BALE. error Sale Two dealrabls building lots, No. snd 10, block 11, Ingleelde. Est Mrs. A. Pollock, No. II Charlta It, for pncea aad terms. DESIRABLE bullalni Uts n Lincoln trenua. inglatlds. Luaoar turalsat4 to bulIX Edwin Van Cls. tt 1-7 For Sal Horse, at a bargain. Sad die, singls or doubls driver. Enquire st Mrs. L. E. Miller's. LJtS FOR BALE Howard'! Addition. Thla addition U. Dead wood, beautiful ly located oa tbt Park bench, adjoin lag tho Dudley Spring, la tb First ward, ta bow open for aettlement. Be plat aad priest at ofdes of Kdwta Vaa Cls. FOR RENT. CFor Rent Nicely furnished room on Lincoln Ave., tor rent Enqulrs at the Ploneer-Tlma of&c. t7For Rent Furnished boos oa City creek; all modern Improvements. Ap ply at this office. tf FOR RENT A furnished house Mrs . E. MUlsr. Furnlshsd rooms for rant la ths Nys Cottage. Oold tt cror Rsnt A 110.00 bouts of rooms on ths kill abv Slater' school. Co a Edmonds. tw-Iw. CFor Rsnt A alcely furnlahtd or unfurnished, parlor and back bd room n first floor, with us of bath room. Desirable quartan for man and wife, or two gentlemen. Breakfast given If 1elrd. Apply at tbla ofBe for par ttculars. sxroat a arrtft f g WIIW(WVMW. ... A lw- ' ' IVBCTwet S4 C fc,iw.i S fbamrtotivanat.eMef Oewufiswa ! ( snd Gleet, fnamed la turn S t. S I V i eur IraatRMat roiulnd. tni Bjr ill dratfts. r- 3r -zr f f tatBS tW" v - j ' T. J. DOWD. PRACTICAL And OPTICIAN. Kills Ji?e!nr l!:!i ti tint, VstkCiamlftrteftnsP.LiM.V R. 1 will eVees iHMaol Lee-ClarlcB Andieeson Hardware Company. Wbolatmle) Hgdrdwaur), BieyclM and Sporting Goods. isis-si-M mAXjm - oxaju FRANK LAKE. mm teoteb. Hauling of Ivtry Description. Coil DsiiTsrtd to any Part ot tao City. Doadwood, - South Dakota T1 4 4 TT Hot Springs, South Dakota Will !entsrUln you all right, --VDnnWHCI UT Will. W tIMIV for a change. Everything First-Class. Mien's Club Rooir Oenttf tum and Wall Ms, Dsdwod. 4 Uqaaa si Ow eity eaa s had Say et sflghli Tm Seen I tt leok lo aay aawet esSMt. Ittwl 0,Js AND CIGARS. irb Vnbeusor-Bosob and 8b Looil Sewn Draught JC PER CLAQO. ukfle & f;:uu:Uef, -Atoeys at im- OsttosM 0dm4 stoof Deadwo4e Eovth D&sU. P (LBS78 EHADQU 1BTEE3. mmoa. 1. 1. OJXAS. BOOL, Propria tor, as air s sew as a S teses. fstltsg I tse BILL OF FARE. Maa Sausagt Blood, Chttst Swiss, Catttt- liabsrgsr, SaasssVftal, Cb Brick, Sautaga iBa'smar Chests Smaarcas, Sausags Llvsr, Head Chssss, F.ankfortsrs, Plfa Ft, Eggs Boiled, Wienerwurst. Sardlata, Soar Tongue, Pickled Herring, Dill Plcklet, Chow Chorr, Drisd Bsf, Plekled Est. Bins riaa, Fromag da Brls, Eaad Casasa, Bait Bardslls, Imported Frajikfirtsrs, Aaohovls. Salmon, Lobsters, Caviar, Appetite Salad. Neuf chattel Casssa, Blrra Cbss. Hs ruas a good sites soatortablt plaos, Qlva him a call aad b toorlne-sd tbat It la tht "Only- plaos la towm. jc:hi DAGGAIEY, Dtadwood, 8. D. Dsalar la aflalss stocks and Sat4 Stsaatabla aad EaSfaai TUktts bottgki aad sold. , Norxea. Tb Dsadwoed Fir Dtaarttaaat will pay a reward of tU.00 for Information leading u the eonrtoUoa of a&y par son iDtsnttoaally turning la a falsa firs alara. W. H. MO0EX, JAM. nUWLST, Cans rir 4 Polios. Cnlsf of Ws Dspt M, X DOKOTXM, CLkl of tVJiti. (e "--Je A Government Klondike relief expedition rurted from Portland January 23d and th object la to carry food In- to the dlatrlct to avert atarvatlun. It la not definitely known when the ex pedition to reneve tbe relief expedition la to atari Joaquin Millar, "tbe poet of the Sler raa." who haa been lu the Klondike re aa eorreepuadeot for a dally news paper, la reported to have had an ear froaen oft In that glortoua climate. Kar last we met" would be a good theme for a new poem, or "When ear dream of thee" might be better. The determination of the populist party to break I' unholy alliance with the democratic party and In future keep In the 'middle of the road" la tbe ouly sensible thing tbe party haa done dc It waa given premature birth. Tbe republican party cin now whip ts enemies by dtaebmeot. There seems to be no sweet rest for Theodore Durrani, tbe San Francisco murderer, even In ths grave. His malm wars refuted burial In ths cenie tprles, and for a week no crematory would accept the remains, and it was time. Beside the "old enake bite cure la too well established to ever allow the new remedy to become popular. Ignatius Donnelly the greatest deal' er In Bacon cutalde ot Chicago, has discovered Bacon In "Don Quixote. He will probab'y And that Bacon wrote the "Work of Confuclua" and that Moies was only another name (or Ba- eon. betsuia Hi,pon snd bulrushes be. -i- ..k ,v .... , .k- .i-k. F I A Frenchman claims to have dis covered that bornet poison Is an anti- dot for vlpor potion. Th remedy is I In tbt nature ot cracking a man over the bead to curs the toothache. He would not feel the toothache for some decided to carry them Into the ocean and bury them there. Finally tbe body waa cremated. The statesmen of those thirteen countries who protested against tbe passage of tbt Dlngley proUctlv tar iff, and accompanied their protest with threats cf ths exclusion of Amer ican products, may bavs noticed tb fact that to 1197 xports from tbt United Bta: wtrt tbt largsst In her history. Th Dlngley law goe steadily on In- creating its earnings, sad ths January receipt art likely to be larger than thone of anv month alnct th law went Into operation. Tbt fact that there ar vtry htavy Interest payments to be paid in January, makes It probable that there will be a deficit this month. but this does not, however, decrease tbe prospect that th law will soon fulfill lbs prosaists of lu framsrt by pro ducing aufllclent revenue to meet the current expense of the government. Tbe calamity howlers are playing In bad luck this year, 189H, as the did la the year 1897. Tbe new year atarts off with unmistakable prosperity In the Impetus to business given by the pro tective tariff snd the assurance of tb continuation of sound money prlnci plea. Dunn's Review, In Its comments upon the Cnt two weeks of the year 1898. say: "The year ha opened with a very Mtiaraotory prospect. ,it is ail (he better that there Is no wild excitement In the speculative markets, and while stocks advance a little, grains yield a tittle. The payments through principle clearing bouses, notwtth standing a Wrease at New York, ow Ing to tesa activity In atock. ar 16 per rent better than Id1892. and 10.1 per rent largt-r outside of New York. The truth of the saying tbat famil iarity breeds rotitempt. Is being amply exemplified In the case of the Nebras ka egotist. rhe more the people see and bear of Bryan, tbe more appareni does It become that bt "Is small pot toea and few !n a bill.'' Many of tboar who ayear go looked upon the boy orator a a little god are today becom ing sceptical aa to b'a being such a wonderful man. and tht belief it gain Ing ground tbat after alt be waa tiled up about right In being likened unto tb Plattt river six hundred miles long. Ave mile wide and four Inches deep. Tbe truth of th matter la thai Bryan Is so ; hallow that bta follower! are weakening on him. They ar get ting tired of his cesselett chatter and sre coming tj th sensible conclusion that bis Ideas ar too narrow and con traded for .bt "progrestivt deoocra ry." Billing Gasette. Mining blaaka for salt at Uis ofioo. Y t Ilia That la But And I A To The I I creek. At that time there waa no atream coming down from the canyon. After 1876 I returned lo the Ulila with General Crook from the Pig Horn coun try, and from that Urn to the preaent have been In the Hill or vicinity of the Hllla. I would ci' that oid dry channel that wa aaw tut- other day com Ing down from that tanvon two or three timet a year fv tbs last twenty yaara. I do not remember acslng wa ter running there. 1 bar heard aome of the witness of plaintiff testify to tbt reduction of the watrr supply tbtt found la Lower Alkali aaat of the reservation. If that la the fact con- liderlng the formatWa sud Investiga tion of the bed of tbe canyon, I do not sea any connection tetwtea that and the dlaappearanoa or withdrawal of tne water by tb ayatem ? water works ot the defendant ( at the Springs I vlaited In ths hills, do not sst any possibility of tbsrs being any connection there whatever. The water that disappear at or about tb Junction of the trach yte with tb Umeatoue cannot reappear anywhere In Uc region west of the Mlaaourl River." , Again be say: 'It there abould have been any diminution In the wa ter supply of Alkali Creek there are a number of causes that It might be attributed to. Incretstt! cultivation ot land would have quits s bearing. heard tb testimony of plaintiffs' wit- were correct In their statementa that there waa a diminution of water in their wells, or in the water boles, or in the flow of tne stream, there are both natural and artificial i ares that could be attributed to. In the way of nat- ural causes. tHere ha bcrn tne general drying up of the countny. for the last tew yeara, In fact noi limited to the Black Hllla region, but Nebraska. Kan- and all through Oil country east Of ths Rocky MounUln Th plowing I. 1 A I . . h. 1 . W 1 m n. mj I A lnlWlMi nf water In t he water holes w.w. v. -- In the creek; the water Instead of go- Ing Immediately intn the water holes running down over the hard ground, would all atnk In mor or lesa and would b'. held up In i.o plowed land. The Increase of rultlr-.oeii land would have an effect upon tie evaporation ot molaturs In thla way When the ground la plowed up md the aurface made porous, that woi'V then Inatead of running dowu nd being bald In tbes watar holes In small space be bold under th plowed surface, which would b coniuclv t evaporation, it watar a tbt sol will bs held better there than In tl.e plowed land. The cutting of timber on tbe bill in tht vicinity would decrease tn amount of walor going Into 'l.e land and In- rsass ths vaporatiou. Tns amount of plowing would bavo to bt oontldtr- sol to ordr to na any appreciate Isffect; tat cutting of umber would ai- I so havt to ba. W bav only give u fw brief ex tract from ta aa any at- umpt to arts uaimarlr it would tx tend this opinion to sx unreasonab' '; wt niter a caretui sxamma I tloB of all ths rldenw la the cat, wt sama preponderate In favor of th theory that th waters of ths Davsn-port Springs never re (.pear in Alkali Creek. It seeme quit clear from th wi dens befors us tbat tho watera ot tht Davenport Springs, an 1 th water coming Into ths sam from above, d leap pear with th trachjte under th cavernous and carboniferous llmaetone snd In view of th geological formation of tb country la that vicinity, It it ahown by tb evidence to be exceeding ly Improbable tbat thne watera would find their way up through the lime stone formation to thr. surface or in such manner aa to constitute any part of the waters of Alkali Creek. The Inference, therefore, that might lw drawn from th evlc nr on the part of th plaintiffs that tetausc ther was apparently l3s water n Alkali Creek subsequently to 1892. tbe diversion ot the watera of th Do von port Springs waa th causa of auch diminution, waa clearly refuted by tbi evidence that nuch diminution could bav been tbe result of natural or artificial causes ind by th evidence thai the watera ot ald springs disappeared from the sur- set under the llmtlme snd could not have again tp pee re J upon the surface r aa io constitute r part of Alkali eek from the very nature of the geo- oglcal formation of the country brough which aald cek runs. The burden being upon Ui plaintiffs to make out their case ty s preponder-ince of the rldence. It vraa Incumbent upon them to Introduce aome evidence at least tending to sho-r that the watera of the aprlngs In tact reap pear upon the surface But no evl- lence upon this point was given, and pence, tie plaintiffs falied to make out iotblr cass and ths evldencs ss It stood U ths closs of th trial clearly waa In I sufficient to Justify tbs findings of tht court or la other wot, the findings wer clearly against tho weight of evi dtacs. When ths trial la by ths court this court Is authorised and required to r- Ivlsw tbs svtdsaos wNn th findings nav been erossrly exec pied ta Ran- I dall vs. Burk. Twp., 4 8. D., SIT. I Tbs lsaraod eoaastl fr.r ttt respond I eats has called oar attention to the I tact that ta judg of tb clixult court 1 mad an asamlaatloa of ths Bprlnr I tad erssk blmsalt But at tbs law Ui Emada as provttioa f or meb aa sxamla- I atloa by t&e Judge, aa1 ba not provid led s& BtUod by wblvh tt rttrult of by I a ot T. TAREjULLOOSC! ttnurtd aa swwad-eiaas matter at us baaawood " oaiouict. Spring candid lea will boob be ripe. Trtaaury ftgurea abow a gain of tfJ-012,fc7k.w In the value at domestic expo rtl of im over those of la. It tuay be unkind, but when we hear of eome fallow being caught ou tne "green good" s India we are rather glad of it. The burglara who raneacked Gray QauU-e did the meanest thing wt all When t!ey turned Orovtr't picture to ward tlx! wall. It waa Ilka a man dropping out of the tenth awry window when the New York Journal let ge wf ex- Candidate Bryan. . A Kan tai populist la reported owning a flVtt bicycle, a lioo gun and a gun imported from Ungland, An Investigation committee la In order, Tbe it.puliita how algna of refut ing to fuao with the democrat In 1900. .Without their aid tbe democrat hope will be forlorn. Billy Bryan might give a description of a. Mexican ball Sfbt tn connection with hU promised treatise on tbatother great Mexican Institution, free sliver Tb production of gold In tb world for tb year 1197 exceeded that ot the precesdlng year by $30,000,000. Won-der U tb allverltea will talk about the scarcity of gold. Four million tons of Mesepa or have been ordered from Pittsburg by a firm of Cardiff, Wales. Thus comes back aonvt of ths money this country hat spent la Wale for tin. Ttr wars six legal execution In th south wssk, bstor last, which is said to hav exceeded the number ot lynching la that period aa encouraging sign cf th timet. Tb Ntw , York Journal tayt that Bryan Is oh owing narrowness la hi Irrational ooiuaacy. , U Urn tuppotod to be a new development or la ths Journal Just discovering ItT Th discovery of da of rattle nates ta Arkansas and a pack of worvta la Missouri baa caused a fall-lag off of tbt salt of rsd liquor ta those districts, and a decrease of pop ulists. Qen. Casslus U. Clay sad bis girt wlfs bars commenced keepin' house together again, which means that ths city dslllet can sgala give th uiutal space ta the legitimate newt of the world. .. . After two hours souirtshlp, Till! Meyer, of New York, hypnotised James Carraway, a professional hypnotist, la. to marrying hor. Tb case I respectfully submitted to Billy Bryan and Dave Hill. Th circulating currency of the coun- ' try was Increased over seventy million dollars last year by the coinage of the mints. Thla la not such a terrible "contraction" aa the poporrat would have peopl) believe. Ths woclen mills of tbt country sre bow enjoying an area of prosperity, with assurance of a bright future. They ar making contracts at Arm . price and for quantities that Insure a healthy condition of atfalrs for all elastes. On hundred horses shipped from the , United Bute to Berlin, for riding and .earrlag us, wer told In U hours after arrival. Foreigners have a high appreciation of American products alnct ib rtvublicans bav taken chtrgt of national affairs. . Captain Rich, aa American, baa been . appointed director general of th rail ways la China. Now If LI Hung Chang will appoint an American to tb bead of tb marine, b will see tb German bui:y, Billy, ahow a clean pair of beela leavlnj th Chin waters. Folios Inspector Sbaack, of Chicago, has efftred $30,000 to any ont produc ing Mrs. Luetgert dead or alive. Thla ouiht to tettls whetbtr she Is la tbe land of tbtllvlng aa claimed by htr hat band who ia oa trial for murderla btr and dsstroying tbt body la a sau- a(t vat with acids. gloo si I UARDVVAIIC CO, Whtn th titter they to lovt baa tonsUrs clearly of tbt ott'n'oa that tbt ! all Laaa il OssUiio is4as BejJ L.sttsas OANJTARYaPLUfOINQ. you. $3.88, or dtduct 6 psr oaat sava return charges. MACKINTOSH CO. . B :: onicagro, i" 29v 1 Li y Selected Stock o! fV: iksilM IS 4 i !UbU JULu.ii 4aaila Orca Produced in this Hills. IIRS. J. F. vabssi soessc' a Zo. 65 Zhtrzna tr I aw galami aelartety ss s ftrnvimittt, laf He tk (set last W M ta eaty te y eea MttMktals4 fcaisf st ttk lev! I : m. Be Mkt I Be let Sea, Bet t V -e et treat ar eeejsi t SMet IS leave, t V" 4UllMete4,esks, esosMs, erje.s v- elodtss, sltses, aia, etfc, tmt mmm fa Mean. Dcatt Fcrjat tht -z.:t. !Jwtyfyatat,tl4Ut:i--f t ': Ordm by c&&3 or a'rrLt i , , ;t Sy Clal . , CGVOR CONNSCTIOM3 CORN!CE MAKING. All l(h:b of Tin and Sheet Cskl Ccrl tii.siUla 1 ileiij W. XL SWIFT. Prasldsat ,JOSEPn 8V7IIT, Trtiasrer r&AXZLIXr 2L OASPSKXZB, Osa. 2?er. away. J. A. Wlikham. AMERICAN SECURITIES ABROAD. Th aaltt of American stcurttios bav been, according to London advi ces, very larg abroad of lata. If this stats of things holda. ther will Ue sn Increasing Influx of British gold Intc tbla market Thla demonstrate tbe Caltb abroad la tbs stability of our credit. There Is another point of faith for which tbe people not only of tblt but foreign . countries bsvs good grounds for credence, and that Is belief In lbs sficacy of Hosteller's Stomach Bitters for Inorganic maladies wblcb effect tbe atomacb, liver, bowels, kid neyt and nerve. Dyspepsia, bilious nett, constipation snd rheumatism rre conquered by It. It hastens convsles- cencs and diffuses a general warmth and sensation of physical comfort through th system. RECEIVER'S SALE. Harney Peak Tin Mining, Milling aad Manufacturing Co. by order of tbe court I am Instructed to sell all the personal property of the receivership In tht South Dakota at public or prlvatt salt, snd la auch lota aa I may deem most advantageous, such sales to bt completed by tb lit of June, 1891. Tb property consist of boilers, engine, hoists, compressors, drills, jigs, concentrators, furnace. buddies, etc., with shafting, bettisg, TOR KLONDIKE. At t intend to go to Klondlks I would Ilk the sddre of any lady con rmplatlng tho trip, ss I would Ilk aav th company of a woman oa th Journey. Address MRS. KATE BMEAD, 1-26-lw. Dead wood LUXURIOUS DRAWING ROOMS. Drawtag rooms of th asw Drawing Room Sleeping Cars oa ths New Pna tylvaala Limited bav rtck furnishings ind upboltttry tusftttlnf Ut lnxnry of a boms where wealth aad taste aav combined to task tb swroasdlng sttracUvs. Address taojolrlas for for tbsr laforautios to H. R. Dtriag, A, 0 P. Agt, Ut SouJj Clark Sc. Cklssfo. neyl blaala at Ploatar-Tlaaj bjs, - - 17d Cuy Any and All C'.i;!: ;;::.:o at gzdvjood, 8. d. 9JS FORD Zz McQINNIS XTvtk to AaaoBaos to tho rneuo tint they bava snoTtd their Sltsetiafetcs Srosa ... EU3 13 toC2i lll!2 Et ?her tbt hat mors room for thsir I trr tit-e k of farsttur ssd saeonel (ocds. Tkey wish also to eiteod to it ' fbta tbslr aiaears thaaks for ttlr pats trot i ft and ask a euotla aassofsaBB la tbelf new quarter. 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