The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 5, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1900
Page 2
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- . I.t .. -5 ". i f4 FRIDAY. OCTOBER :, 1UE DAILY riUNClsiMIilE;, DEAD WOOD &. D. REPUBLICAN TICKET. benefit of the doubt, altho he j HE DEAD WOOD PIONEER GOLD,G0LD U11K . 'liullu hiu u I'uiiiiuxil liltur Itv Mil- vaneing the theory mat the devil was I, l fil TTth.. ' I IN THE FIELD OF POLITICS. ALL GOLD LOOKS ALIKp t' But to the ExpsilJL Presidential Ticket. For President WILLIAM McKlNLEY. Tor Vice President THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Members of Congress For Presidential Electors THOMAS FITCH. Grant, CHAS. THOMPSON, Hand. ARTHUR BROWN, Lincoln. A. H. MARBLE, Butte. permitted by God to destroy the Gulf i oast town. Tills well informed minister of the Gospel goes further and claims that all the great catastrophes of history were the work of the devil, including .' ESTABLISHED JUNE 8. 187 THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13. 1897. H"-US GOLD is THP THING. Made up In all kinds Watches, Chains, Rino, ' V i the destruction of Pompeii, the burn-! ol Chicago, the earthquake at Charles j ton. and the flood at Johnstown, and j the slaughter of the missionaries in China. The people of Texas will resent this slur upon their righteousness.,. They ; FICHNEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. CULMINATION OF DUPLICITY. William JenrMngs Bryan: My Dear Sir: Now that you are again directing your efforts to secure the greatest gift of the American peop, and therefore the choicest in all tha world in their minds, 1 address this communication to you. You are seeking the most sacred trust that it is in the power of American citizens to confer upon any one man. Therefore, it is not only their right but their duty to examine and scrutinize BUTLER The Jeweler my2 Main Street. THE - Keystone fc m r a Congressional Ticket. EBEN W. MARTIN, of Lawrence. CHARLES H. BURKE, of Hughes. v State I Icket. Governor C. N. HERRIED, of McPherspn. Lieutenant Governor GEO. W. SNOW, of Bon Homme. Secretary of State O. C. BERG, of Spink. Treasurer JOHN SCHAMBER, of Hutchinson. uditor J. D REEVES, of Brown. will point out tnat the awful happenings at Charleston and Galveston, the destruction of Lost island, and the TERMS OK SL'HSCKIPTION: DAILY Every Morning. Except Mcnlay. On Year Blx Months 5.00 One Month 1 " WEEKLY Isaui'il Every Thursday: One-Year - 'w Blx Montba 1 Boterwl as Se-tnil-(.'las-i Mailer at the Dead wood I'osloftlcc. I xttorney General main aireei Deadwood, the qualifications of those ambitious n anny were si attered acrovnt.s of Farmer Uryan at work. Full page illustrnvons of the proprietor in rusM" real, i . pe.l ea: i. west, north soiMli. l"St as mails could ' ihele. A !.:il-:P.y uulej ol Al'.ei n an stati .- i,.. n ' in the history of all our polii.ii s has nuch a burlesque been perpet rati U upon this republic. It is enough to make all honest men ol the ileiiiociatie party weep to see their am lent prestige thus lain prostrate and to make them cry with Anton.'. . O mighty Caesar! dost thou lie so low? Are all the col. quests. glories. triumphs, spoils, hhrunk to this Jitlle measure? Unrivaled As a Demagog. I can find in my dictionary no softer word than demagog with which to crown you. Were 1 less true to myself and were the less deplorable. 1 might congratulate you upon the culmination to which you have brought your duplicity In your specialty you stand unrivaled. As a Chealier d'in-dustry posterity will thunder plaudits after you and mourn that they were born too late to see in the flesh the exemplar unique It has been with infinite care and watchfulness that jou have preserved you adherents from being cured of their malady. Danger you scent from afar and delude your followers with a cunning as numerous destructive earthquakes thruout Lower California, Central and South America, will be found to follow certain well defined volcanic lines; also that the island on which Galveston was located was several times washed ov-er and flooded at times when Its population was too small to have called forth the anger of either the devil or the Almighty. It might be shown, also, that the carelessness of man aided the devil mightily at Johnstown, and that the people of China were engaged In a most righteous work when cut down by the Moxers. Surely, the logic of a preacher man Is beyond understanding. 0 It is the small business of a small After going throng a thoro of repairs such as n -papering, S refurnishing, etc, the Keystone h 2 one of the desirable liostelries ln 1 JOHN L. PYLE. or Beadle. 3upt. of Public Instruction E. E. COLLINS, of Clay, "om. of School and Public Ijands DAVID EASTMAN, of Roberts. Hallroad Commissioner FRANK LOCOQ, of Douglas. Legislative- Ticket. tate Senators LLEWELLYN P. JENKINS. H. T. COOPER. Members of House of Reipresentatlre E. H. WARREN. JOHN N. MAWOOOD. JOHN PETERSON. AMOS PATRIQUIN. to gain this honor, because it is necessary that whoever is chosen for this vast agency of our (Oiumonwealth, must arrive at a thoro understardiug upon affairs of mutual Interest, with the people of tms nation. It is not for you to decide how much you will say, anil how much you will leave unsaid; but it is Imperative that you shall answer, fully anil frankly, all questions that are asked of you and state clearly wth no equivocation vour views and position on all mat Neatest and cleanest .lining rtJ 'H One Dollar Per Day, PETER KICKEN,ProJ newspaper to belittle the demonstration in honor of Roosevelt. When . ........ ,uCM,, j. R. niciu.1 Lryan comes to town republican pa-the people do. instead of mixing up the pepple do, instead of mixing up the reort with argument, falsehood and abortive attempts to be funny. TUCKER A HICKOX, consummate as that employed by Ma- chiavelli: shorn of paramount is Givii i mm ters that any citizen may consider of importance to the welfare of himself, his fellow citizens and his country. 1 have no hesitation in saying that 1 had hoped the defeat which you experienced four ears ago would be sufficient to convince even yourself of the absurdity of the illusions by means of which thru an extraordinary twist of fortune, you were projected before the public eye. Hut in this I was mistaken :. but it was no mistake o' reason, rather ;i misjudging of men. What there is that should hold men faithful to a champion as your- sues as swiftly as truth strikes them dead, you invent others as fallacious Surveyors. There is a printer employed on the Pioneer Times who set the l'atriquin letter for the Sturgis Press and who iould tell all about it. but the 'ethics and fi.-titious. wdh a versatility which would have put a Munchausen to noom 301 and 30 Adam. BloJ shame: reproved bv your own incon of the profession." as the doctors say. County Ticket. Sherlfi- FRED D0TEN. Treasurer H. P. L0REY. Register of Deeds JOHN WR1NGROSE. Auditor W. A. ZINK. Clerk of Courts KOL STAR. State's, Attorney S. C. POLLY. County Judge FRANK .7 WASH Mt.M'CIl essor A A. MOODIE. uperintcn'lnn of School HELEN M. BENNETT, ""oro-ncr- - PR. cn ni.rcs e. zerfixc, ?urvpvor S 0 VTES "nuntv CiMnmUalonpr TMrd District KD'ven C fJIEr,IT. For .Ti'ticp nf Ihn Pcirn V COLAtW. neadivnn.I. AV r or I At "Y. Irf-ad .T W. V. N II. FY. riali'ii.i T. II run.FY. Ppntrlifh. Fur ConiaMr- T r STCU'T DeniBvnoil. iy. r, STITT. T,ond J. AY. SECnrt. Galena sistencies, you flood doubters among your consort with glittering catch W.H. MOOR! makes him as silent as a clam. He is a great stickler for ethics, as well words and jinirling platitudes, till Ktdf is ami doubtless ever will lie. grasping and choking in the torrent Blacksmith and Wagon Maker thev mistake volubility for wisdom. hetoric for stntescraft. anathemas for pri pheeies and blasphemies for inexplicable: Sin h a champion! The cause which you pretend to advocate with so much earnestness and sincerity, is that of a laboring man. Vour speeches are constantly over-lowing with exuberant commonplaces about the laboring man. his misery HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL Ril truth. PAIRINVi DONE ON SHORT NOTKU Consistency of Old Tim Democrats. I have ever cherished or the srent be may be. He was interviewed by Kreeman Knowles. but the result has not been made public, hence the inference is that it was not satisfactory. He has not been solicited to divulge his knowledge to the Pioneer-Times, nor will he be. He has been in the business long enough to know that if he betrays the secrets of one print-shop he could not secure employment in another. While there is a strong belief that the letter was doctored by the Press people, the inference does not come from the printer. All kinds of Carri;u' and Wa partisans of the democratic party that esteem and respect of which hon THE ONLY O..- OF ITS KIND. The following from the Mitchell (la zette, a papor having about as much influence as the Load Call or the Rapid City Union, is published and preserved as a curiosity. It is the only paper of any .v.nd or "rhuraeter east of the river that has published a word of criticism of Mr. Martin during the campaign, and it was moved to do tio more from a desire to say something than because it had something to say. L'ven the Sioux Falls "Press has not abused Mr. Martin: "Hon. E. W. Marun. republican candidate for congress, delivered a campaign speech at the court house Monday evening to a fair sized audie-ence. He forgot an item in this issue of the Gazette showing the difference between the Louisiana purchase and the Philippine deal. The paramount Issue with him seemed to be how to g;et elected, but on the whole, he did s well as could be expected, considering; the very difficult task of talk- - Inr republicanism-this year." on Wood Work; hso Carrlap t'urnishiDgH. est opponents are worthy. Vntil 11 and 12 Pine St. - Deadwoot acl IVX. ID- GILLETTE four years ago they had always borne themselves upon a political battlefield as honorable, combatants and held firmly to what they believed the right. Never had one to ask where faced their shield or on what ETound was planted their standard. The Pioneer Jeweler and Watchmaker, ESTABLISHED 1878. DEALER IN WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELERY, ETC. WATCH EXAMINER FOR THE BURLINGTON 4 M. R. HI GEO, V, AYERS & CO, Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company. Deadwood people can swell up with pride over the reception given to Governor Roosevelt, General Guild, Senator Dolllver and Governor Diet-richs. They are also proud of one of tneir private citizens, who can always be relied upon to do credit to himself and the town under any emergency. The republicans of the Black Hills and the people of Deadwood are under many obligations to William R. Steele for the lart he took in the reception. I may seem a small thing to go to Cbadron to meet the incoming guests and preside at the Opera house meeting, but no one has the faculty of doing and haying the right thing at just the right time and place quite so well as Colonel Steele. No one creates an Impression quite so favorable upon the stranger. " Hardware and Mining Supplies.. and misfortunes. Who Is the Laboring Man? Did you ever stop a moment to analyze the word "weak?" He, sir is a working man who earns his dollar by the sweat of his body, by the ache of his bones, by callousness on his hands, and dimness over his eyes. He is a workingman who bends over a desk thru the long hours of the day and under the hot glare of electric lights and feel his nead throbbing and burning. He is a working man, who, awakened in the stillness of the night, must arise and hasten to some bed of sickness, to soothe, to aid, to comfort, and to administer, taking hours from the end of his own life that the lives of others may be prolonged. These, I say, and many others are the workingmen for Mhom you profess bo much anxiety. You, the champion of the laboring class? What, I pray you, is your title to this noble and honorable guardianship? By what right have you Invested yourself with tneir interests and needs? You yourself are no workingman for years you have been an idle man, when we consider the word "Idle" in its true significance. You have no profession now other than tne sordid one of pol hies, which we all know ranks lowest in our catalog of occupations. Formerly you laid claim to the law as a means of a livelihood; but your failure' was so signal a one that even now you make no pretense to hide it. You i oil Not. But it is the last four years that I ask you particularly to review. During that period your entire time has been devoted to preparing for the contest which now confronts you; your whole efforts have been employed in harmonizing other men of your ilk; yonr abundant powers of shrewdness shall I not say rather cunning? have been concei irated upon the one object of mastering the democratic machine. Not an hour of these four years has been spent in the pursuit of making a living by tiprlsht work. All of this time you have run up and down the land crying that the working man was being robbed, crushed, and deprived of their rights and due. Yet the source of your own means of existence has been a part of the hard earned dollar of a portion of these men. obtained from ' them by various insidious methods. While they were wringing a livelihood from the car'.h or tolling in the shop, you have lived at your ease in Pullman cars, In your lihmrv. or over vour billiard table Their issues were issues for the Pacific coast as well as for the Atlantic, for both mountains and prairies. Those were the days when the two great parties stepped boldly Into the arena, each feeling the consciousness of their right in tne sincerity of their convictions. They used not a forked tongue as Is being done by this latter-day democratic party since yon assumed the dictatorship of its destiny. They fought a good fight, and wheter victory or defeat was their portion, thev bore it majestically. But that is changed for your partv now. Your policy has dragged It down to such a depth that Its good and great men have departed from it with sorrow in their hearts, but while their opentcheop shone yet fair and hrieht. Your pollcv has been one which the ancient leaders of the dem-ocracv. the mantles of whom your henchmen profess to see about your shoulders, would have passed by with contempt. Your political conduct has been of a sort that they would have scourerfd yon from their midst with the whips of their scorn and wrath. Vour conduct has proven to lie so base that rather than pass into history as vour associate, they would have wranped their cloaks, about their heads and have drawn hack into obscurity. choooiniT to he the proud pos-cqcoors of an unsmirrhed honor, even with loss of fame, than to possess thn at. the hands of the future an infamous notoriety. The Shadows Are Approaching. There is but one result of this policy for you. And no one Is better aware of what it is than yourself. The shadow is approaching. Aleady you are laying other schemes in your home state in the hope that when the wheel of fortune, which so strangely flung you to the surface, will have swirled vou down again you will be LU, WffltfMffilttttfM, Redfleld Press: Attorney N. P. Bromley went down to Beresford last week and made a speech at a meeting of about three thousand people. Hon. E. W. Martin was the principal speaker, according to Mr. Bromley s report, and he says that Martin is probably the finest and most eloquent and forcible speaker in the state, and that he is a pleasing and attractive speaker as well. He makes a speech so full of facts' brougn.. out so clearly and plainly and yet so simply that his audiences are delfghted. Hon. C. N. Herrled spoke at the same meeting. Mr. Bromley didn"t say much about his speech, but as Sioux Falls Press gives him a roast we conclude he gave tuem some hard blows. He says there is great enthusiasm down that way. Big crowds turn out at all meetings. , o : The ArgtiB-Leader says: "Judge A. J. Plowman, Hon. S. K. Young, Col. Steele and Col. George all went out from the Black Hills in 1896 to. sturivp for.,Bryan. Now all of these men are Main St Deadwood A CROWNING INFAMY. Joe Moore and his man Friday, have done some mighty mean, low down things In their checkered career In the Hills; they have beaten the laboring men out of wages, swindled preachers and printers, but the meanest and most cowardly act of their sinful career was to make an em-polye assume responsibility for an article that appeared In the Call, deliberately accusing the labor unions of holding meetings for the purpose of guzzling beer. When a decent newspaper, unintentionally or otherwise, commits an error or does an individual or society a wrong, it apologizes In an honorable way, instead of sneaking behind a poorly paid, half starved employe. The taper or responsible editor, if it has one, assumes the responsibility like a man. i o i- LOGIC OF THE PREACHER MAN. A ivaasas preacher went thru the motions of wrestling in his pulpit to ehow his flock how to resist the attacks of Beelzebub; The clergyman, who was his own referee, won in three straight falls. Inls la doubtless good practical, preaching and tends to filyl the empty pews; out it is quito possible Mr. Flowers" underestimated the ability . tae enemy to keep, his end ; up on the mat.' Tne exhibition, since one of the con-" testants was invisible and intangible, 'couljpnot have been of that convincing character which would "have marked it had. the preacher introduc-i ed a Teal live substitute, as - nearly iatted as possible to represent pie absent one. It is generally conceded that 'each and every Individual must light - his wn battles with the Prince of Darkness, and Mr. Flowera Is mistaken it he thinks he can help anyone one ' out of his difficulty except by plouB advice and prayer. " We venture to say the reverend gentleman is not T 1.11 0 ICdCUU - j . 'pt I ' THAT THIS I Stop I flunk ALL OUR If 5UMMER GOODS able to save yourself from total ex g. Ginghams. Dimities and Percale tinction. But not so. The party which you for the time have sub-1 stumping' for McKinley. Keaiiy k looks like a landslide in the Hills country. H. L. Loucks says Mr. Pet-tigrew will not get one legislative member from the Hills counties. Mr. Loucks may bfc mistaken In this. But be is a-pretty fcood gueseer, and we thai! await the fulfillment of his dued so completely will have dls THOSE THAT FORMERLY SOLD FOR 213c NOW GO AT gorged you the more quickly for the audacious , tyranny which you have dlsnlaved and exploited. Like the We have nice new line ofMunltn t'mlerwear which" we are also gelling at a great Bargain. A beautiful line of i r r 35c NOW GO AT I: 2c. 12c. prophecy with confidence." The Ar fabled bat, v acknowledged by neither Dea spreads, lace curtains. Sesn nor rowi. you win te con - - - your property and income has multl your jjlUWiL7 auu i - . -- Th ill M ! MnlllM M Mm. ' rrt n1 (ret In fln the (KOl gus-Leader is on in saying wai i. Steele supported Bryan four years i .. . ' i j, , i --a nil vitlinnt I AomnaA tn flnttnr about in - Rtvirlnn B THE LADIES BAZAAfJ pneu a Duuurai ium, " . a day of man's toll. Forsooth, I am gloom, destitute of hope, ridiculed and ago. ' . ' - Jl', ' mightily tempted to ask how many loathed by men, till eaten by the fever of despair within your own f th working: class whlcn you Republican Appointment. -' Th following aDDolntments have heart, yon sink at last into oblivion claim to represent have a conception of this. I cast my eye over this land ej I . ... . . .i . ki. n h wroo. I hwn arranged tor republican speak- lUVItf-VlMl UU V v ' " I w . - . . . I I. J A n allaV ntltnffAd ttfl IU. and decay. Very respectfully. MORGLAT. it lin a tvwn ni wa nnnnL Terr i en. BuujctL w u&u vunevvr -. Did it eycr strike you . inuch If his exhibition will earn an in-, cssion may reqmrw. Martin and Burke. crease of salary lor him. -Notice.' in the Tittle old white meeting ljbuse j Rapid City, October 8. THAT t Stureia. October Ik- Bids will be received nntn 1:30 Good Liquor is aGoat: o'clock p. m, October 4th, 1900, at the our and sigh to see now mmny yei clear to you.. So strange V thing the world has never seen so sad a thing? X hope It hall never see again. For sal it Is when men lay all their hopes and faith upon the altar of so phantnsmical a folly: sad It Is. for when the awakening Shall come, tlr?y will Cnfl in you en tdol with cla- feet. To thm then all the world -will seem the falser for it ,-;.:lL; '. Farmer' Bryan. '- But noTeontent with carrying the deception" to tW extent, "you- need auditor's office, Deadwood. for fnr- While Poor Liquor is a Hirr For Pure Old California Sherry, ADgeliea, Port, or Mus COME TO US. Belle Four che, October 10. V -t Spearflsh, October 11. i. ',. : Lead, October 12. ' I X'Deadwood, October 13. ' . 'i .. Caster, October. 15, ; v ; Edgemont, October 18. ,')v Hot Springs, October 17. i vi V , ' Col, J. 6. George, 'j---;'-;; Englewood. October 6. v -r " nol. Georra will be given other .where we' sat under preaching In our ' pious youth we were told that all wrestling must be done prefet ably on week days;, but In any event, outside the church and even beyond the fence about the .graveyard. And we think the same advice Is good enough for Mr. Flowers. Following the exhibition of the Kansas preacher an .-Uanta divine has dived into the Ualveston- flood and ,has worked It out to his own satisfac I.CO PER CALLOW 50c PE nlshlng fuel for the ensuing year, as follows: V-" . Forty cords, more or less, dry green cut wood, -to be delivered at poor house, and forty cord more or less, for the court house. . Forty tons of coal, more or less, to be delivered at court house." I Tne board reserves the right to reject any and an bids. -; .J W. A. ZINK,' -, (SeaL) " " - County Auditor. must dra upon the stage mm a travesty that fools jeer and wise men 77, Or for n Old WhUkey and Brandy t I-00 dates, and It "Is expected that J. W. Fowler. W. O. Rice. P. Wilson, grow sad, niru ; the assisian- e m tion that it was the work of the devil. lion lliai ii. wa iub v. . v, . . ' ' . ,,, , Ha is not clear in his own mind as to Thomas E. Harvey and others will be ynur lieutenants.- a lanaea proriy ; FAVII LY CIQUOR STOH6Mai9 omnritfn nine thirty acres was pro c.ion c.mii,i Ho jwfected Hal-1 heard from-- freauently. Col. Lee &atan snouia naye wjiw wu um-i uiu : ium - v heard from- frequently. why reston as worthy of ' destruction, but Stover has been requested td visit the cured and labeled the "Bryan farm." Broadcast over the land into nook and Hills during the month. he la inclined to give the Texas folk

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