The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 5, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1900
Page 1
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I he Daily Pioneer -1 IMES. 25th TEAK DEADWQOD, ii 1), ( HLACK IIILLS), FRIDAY OCTOBER 5, rUO FIVE CENTS. ROOSEVELT DEMONS-; ATION. ATTEMPT TO ROB THE BURLINGTON this about this country. "We pay for the pun base of Louisiana upward of t io,ue j.oou that is, f3 tor every man, woman and thud iu the United States. And why should our rulers be grind RESPONSIBILITY FOR BLOODSHED OEADWOOO MEN IN OLD GOTHAM ie Popular ven Him. Some Side Lights On I Hero and the Ovati? j Head Wood people I Ik; republicans, Int. . , Mid particularly ucvusiuu for no over the magnih ing the fai c of tli" poor in purchasing laud which they, nor their children. Mnall defci'co of j.ri.i j i fin manner in w 1m of a The Magnitude . liovei nor House- ' ' ri-ceived hero town sill Lias.-. by j v cit and bis party H i-dUvKlay mglit. 'nor their childieiis .hildreii, to the! latae.-t generation will ever, in all probability, see. cultivated. We pay j tor the purchase $ 1 a.iiuo.oim, win. h is I more than all the gold and silver coin j ed in the United i.iatcsjHn bank or Political the Bryans Cot Defi James Answered A. George One Robber Dynamites Express Car and Another Guards the Engine. d Uselt m cxi, ndini: a weiiim... ,. Hi.' Campaign in Metropolis. visitors. In thu .iiiauge-ment.s lor the A Democrat occasion all i 1 wotis cil'm-is Out icv.iid. d by a s-igiu 01 tlie genial old boy, who, I presume, was enjoying himself as Hiack Killers so well know how when cm a vacation in Gotham. I am told that Harris Franklin was at the Hoffman las' evening, but 1 failed to see him. altbo circulating among the horde of li li 1 1 -1 ii li. if at that demo-iiatic hea.lquai tei s until alter midnight. Hovvn in Nassau stieet the day I was hailed by our obf 1 1 leiid Henry K. Kailev. whom I had l.ot previously seen for twelve years. ..iltho I failed to recognize him when he accosted inc. the circumstance was .!ne to my defective vision and hot to bis changed appearance, for as 1 contemplated the gentleman, the Irlnnd of the id s In far away Dakota gradually unfolded. Henry is (I infer I . In the brokerage and real estate business and prospering if personal ap-ieartftice counts for anything. This meeting demonstrated a peculiar -phase of metropolitan life, Inasmuch as it. developed that our of bees for months have been in the same building, and yet we never had met. Rut. that is not greatly to be wondered lit in view of the fact that i..oiv me over one thousand tenants under the one roof, and that live elevators are In constant use. in airtlition to a s n'r-vmiv frequented by many. I. liter on I met Joe Tracy, who has left Cv rus Fi ''Id Jiidson, one of the were eclipsed, ami in tile execution uf the plans there was not a hitcli or a hindrance. This prows how wisely the pians Were hud, and how m. rly each lilizen p. : Tunned the part assigned to him, telling more effectually than whole columns could of pains and precision observed by tho.-e .to whom the work had been left. In tlie lighting and decorations mu. h expense was involved, but the town Express Messenger Gets and Shoots the Robber on Guard. Politics Disasterous to The Commercial and Theatrical Business. Speech Delivered at Delau nays Hall in Central October 1. 1900. out or tianK, put toK- tner 'and it is reasonable to suppose that tin' greater part of our specie will -.o to France in payment." I. Columbian Sentinel. August 17. ISO". I That was said about Jefferson, and the country we live in today. That was ninety-seven years ago. but how like what we hear today. How mill .- .1 sounds like the sp ech is of Itryan, icttimcH or of tlie manufactured editorials that are kept standing in the i.ryanite papers. They were false then; they are false now. COUNCIL HI.UFKS, la., Oct. 4- Special Two "tasked rouoera ai tempted to rol the southbound Bur (Standing Adv. in Bryanite Papers.) "The republican party today dare not defend the policy in the Philippine islands. . . The republican party today ... ni mi an an i re mat was gorgeous ir. its effect, and produced a remark, able influence upon the visitors. A story of the incidents of Lie d'tn (m.stnition would make an entire vol ume and still be incomplete, but the I It was federalist that abused Jef ferson then, but now we have men lington train mar miu .asi .i.m.i. XKW YORK, Sept. yj. The Dead-wood contingent has been decidedly in evidence this week, and yet. like the njmble Ilea, 'twas difficult to put your linger on them. Karly in the Week Herr John Mauss registered at the ll. 'Id Square, and at once went, into In. ling. I heard of him up on Forty-seventh street, but when I got there John was non est. I camped at the main entrance of bis hotel three i venings In succession, but I was not One robber dynamited me express ca. while the other guarded the engineer and fireman near by. Express Mcs-,pnepr Baxter not out of his ear and i ailing themselves democrats who are itbusing the prtsident for doing what li ftcibon did. Tin fathers of the ilctn .racy- Madison. Monroe. Living: ton. ind coluhorcrs stood uy him like men as they were, 'i no acquisition of ) but the most important part relates to the splendid work performed by Ihn-o at the head of the movcinc t and the members of ine various committees. Uot the robber on guard from ambush is responsible for every drop of blood orawn from an American soldier in I the PhiUpfJine islands or drawn by an American soldier. "There never was any reason for j war in the Ph 1 1 ippi nes. . . There never I would have been war in the Philip-pin. islands if the repeublican party had dealt with f'tc; Filipinos according it the weeds. I no otner rouner es- beavi. state '!'Hs lb.' su-.-es aped but was . aptureci ny a poss - on will stand as an liable monument as st nal Continu. dealer.i in the Page "oT ititr: . of I I n fui lie! t iolls all. I i V ice . ha i I a ml 'bail o -lal. oui: ''ana by .leper '. I nal and imp. i i n -C as our i u i r i f mi rrovv n ml ' u :,: a k of po t' ; aue.. of ll;. :; ; The men ievv s. i an e rem. 'in l Hi Ill II Powers Are Agreed. dcI iv U. t. I. Special.- All stands I'M te, i that V 111.!'' to J. Bry tin v i i a 1 1 1 mi in 1 1 ,ol l"!l 'I h , . i -5 A it encan principles." W . s Srech at Indi inapolic. ! i sou -lit I : 1 I. I ,x '. .. 3 in ;i ',. r. ' . 1 1 . -. I i ;i . II .1 1 u I ' ,,ii I iinii' . oncerniii'-; ( ft offer barn's le n T . Hut I ! lie :ot AVE E H w ers are now iiiuy a ;i e.'ii U. The I'"'.- i V i-: k the and ROOSEVELT IN OMAHA. OMAHA. -V I... I' t -1 Special of . M SO II" root ieo'l III ( -., , had 11 I ' limit ' on I 'l! .1 e. 1 h I' n vv ; Oust reeeived C bovernor Ko...-cv. It bad a taeeting here after a eonlinu i; it. eh: il in' I ,i la a nd i a1 . ih1' th. I' n tit. . omnni f . i.f i ' iii"' . ,i am:T. i.e l.omim n: li;-- . I';! I by the I try a:i v. !i:c m a ' . 1 all I belli .he.. I;, .111 I II. '" ! .It - I '.lK' I ir. i on. ovation in ' ' .i.e "" ot ut- It benan to grow and e its ln ail' !" ha v e spread to Ltate. The republican man.-v-ers .and I he the V.I HIS i mil I' ill th on II 'hard leitt. arranri n I W 111 k'TS men Tin Nebras laini Roosevelt's trip mak i I llll (infer ilie ocean . up t bat .-a n to il ..I c. mo bors of th ii sure for McKinley. tie sea. then 'across the ocean to Orient. But not without opposi At' th. PRESIDENT AND MINERS CONFER le v i ' III. I' ! Jl' ; . like i rats i ;!.. their v 1 belong to tile I w itlioiit pop sugar or but. not to Mr. iiry; man. 1 notice that w bi.-kv stiaiiiht; . mo. l at ic part v . anari hist w a! r. ii or any other no longer have fThere Is Again a Possibility ot an Agreement Between Them. NEW YORK, Oct. 4 Special It is bnounced that the big anthracitP iresidents and parties authorized to kct fur the miners are again in con ference, with a possibility of agree ment WILKESBARRE. Fa., Oct. 4. Spe cial. Many miners' families ar- be ginning to feel want and the local Imion has called on President Mitch-JfU for assistance. A regular commis- a large Assortment of new and latest style men and boys CLOTHING also a Big line of Underwear, once committeemen. James Ivlunn. W. II. Dwinnell and YV. J. Thornby. select ed to consult with a similar committee from Lead, was notable for its thoro ness and the nicety with which it was carried out. The committee was on time with its speakers, and no confusion was experienced. Col. W. R. Steele was the unanimous choice for presiding officer of the meeting. 0 Incandescent lights were hung the main streets o. the town in festoons, and shone with a glare that almost equaled mid-Jay. Every place of business was decked with the national colors and most of the decorations included portraits of the republican presidential and vice presidential candidates. . tags and bunting were seen everywhere, in which the "full dinner pai. and other symbols of prosperous times were abundant. All these united to impress the visitors favorably with the town and its people, and complimentary remarks were haerd on every hand. The completeness of the demonstration will be of ''inestimable benefit to Dead wood and the Black Hills, and will brings its reward. There were with the visit -ino- nnrtv renresi ntat ives of six of the wry will be established to distribute lien from the pessimist of this lotm-try. Next Monroe, the'eo laborer with .l. ffeison, took ami then bought Florida. There was an unruly element, down there, but. he had a man for the place. Andrew Jackson, a democrat of the democrats. By a firm, just, humane policy, with a judicious system of hanging, he established law and order tBere. Did he escape the abuse of the goody goodies of that day? Not much. The abuse heaped ori Fresi-dent McKinley today Is as the zephyr that creeps through, the boughs, are to a Kansas cyclone, as to what Jack-sou got. Fnderliis commission from Monroe, he was governor, legislature. . hief justice of supreme court, all iu one. And he filled the role of all of them. Imperiali-m haunted the croakers, awake or keeping. They saw the crack of doom fast approaching; the republic was in danger, the same as now; but Jackson kept right on and tlie republic survives. Their prophecy was fal-e mi; it is false ihav. Thomas I',, utoii. for thirty years a senator frofn Missouii. said in speak ing of the nil.- of ,iack;on in Florida : The a. t for the temporary govern food to the needy. The miners are knowing tip a more determined front Ihan ever, and the tie-up is more Democratic head-quarters, it is Bryan Head quarters. Sn ,it has come to this. I, as a democrat having no distinct nominee, must choose to fuse with the republican party who. with all their shortcomings?" aty ar least Americans; or with the Bryanites who have na party or platfi(rm except Mr. Bryan and who are open apo'o-gists and defenders; if not the allies of Aguinaldo and bis banditti. It is true 1 am a democrat but. first I am an American who is not ashamed of bis country or her flag, and when its honor is assailed stands ready to defend the same, on the stump or iu the field. Mr. Bryan has defined and set form what shall be the Para mount issue'' in this campaign, to wit: Imperialism ami militarism. two tilings that only .ocist in the minds of people who are affected with a desire to get into office, on-a hobby, conjured up by wild hafciK illations of a vivid mind. I want to .ail your attention to this fa t this word "Imperial i.-m. is only used to cover' up an opposition to "i-paiiM"n," the real qi;e;t:en that they oppose without the lOiiiage to say so. Now for the ;-oof: Judge .1. 1! Moore, iu hi.- ":od of Bat ties' letter, in three ili-tinct -tate numls in that letter, im'- wind Fxp.insion" and .-ay .. i,.- vv.i- op;.- d to what'.' Kpan-ion Xic I.e and all the tang my that th. are in f:ur of n Bryan Becoming Fatigued. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Oct. 4. Spe-ial Bryan is here at the national .(invention of democratic clubs and wke to a big crowd tonight. His Nee is husky and he looks exhausted. Negroes Control Convention. COLUMBIA. S. C, Oct. 4. Special. f-The negroes controrfed the state isolat was not an and two of leading daily newspapers la rriti ment of Floi instan. . in ' ! gislat ion. I of the roun- Wentlqn and elected a negro chair-ian and vice chairman of the state ommlttee over the protest of the 'bites. the largest news bureau 'I.e hi.-tory of t' t bill copied ii ii ds the (It st a' I Piess and the trv the Associated rJlflU'S IiIIj: ,et arv le e tlipie Scrips-Mrliae. awake, uptoibi i i i ' tllllel! t propel t t'hev v. re all wide '. men in their pro-. effect was by no em. sioii. r.nd t! mis !oM on tl li f me 'The 1 the fie nnteed ii t ori Reduced Democratic Majority. ATLANTA. Ga.. Oct. ' 4. Special.- j -orrected returns from practically the . "tire state for Tuesday's election to a democratic maioritv o, fi.VOOO I a!iii"-l f.e- Hie sMsin: ligioll " ,i u 1 1 .-1 r th.- t'-r- ijel t to by th" accessor :il. Tiii-a. a tu Ci'f to ! :.. lit i -f w hi. li w e :,!,a bit a lit - of ai ts ,,v sill till hoi II v . M l'' i'-' . : l.or. a s the -i -ll jov le .! -'.'-ni l ! linn lit in I'loi'i- -. by ll -potic ,'tl L'. the do moid P' the presidential election of four j Nrs the democrats carried Oorjr'a I 1 Jim.jH Aj net i qiii. is, ! !o i:n; Now ;n the I" -::,e"i' I in 1 MiL-.n'-'e that c aiiin t r toii.i. that ! ai'i'Mne o: S conur. -s and tie- .: . i ' 1 , pan s!i I i.i! i -111 ." will io s be misi't! , vet y act a T ! ' '4.041 majority. o Wages for Tin Workers. NEW YORK, v v n, t iTh tin ol th' Spa-despot'. CO ally la t. d quoting ft' "tWO llffe- two drier. r III E AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Oeadwood, South Dakota. 'oil,- yi or-. "And el Senator H n t n nt iidniini-1 rations tit longiessi-s ;it th at ha -; be. n don. in ;! i lie pri'snleiit t.:i - ' dent pui.- Phillip- ,1 to my ! liietlt am. ind dis 1,1. as in tbi- He ha.- I. . :i te manufacturers and employes ralshed a conference today and agreed 31 age scale for next year. The ere granted a slight increase 5fages. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE. t a nee o. - two', acq' exact! a with o n" i part, governed new territory inccimii;it ibilit y ,a- a Spanish our republican .on j ears i it on-- of o. and as ill ,-i!Utilltl 'i-m is to AND 1 Vet in ' rn5iirnin8 Boer Homesteads. W5NDON rw a a .i regal .!"Si"' governm.ei t eritlcb ni th Jackson k the face -of all of 182S elected In 1 s 2 he ran people -idnt. Drafts and Letters of Credit ri 'wv-w. 1 . OJJ-tJV.iaJ . -"V i4 V WB dlsPatch 8ay the British t? "Ting all Boer homesteads this is the way they went "Ki.ig Andrew the First; a sain and for him : Good in All Parts of the World. H toe Boerg. "JU Disregards Agreement. COZiLSCTZOXTS to Promptly, and vM.iio, 1 . optrciai. lajTT to the airreement among Attended Intelligently' thou 'l,t ties was a vvi I denie-s. but it looks tlie e I .vat" street. in ChiMi-.o. t.b i-i an thin;: else I can think of," said I ran- K. N'evins. representative of th' Associated Press, alter he had pa-sed up V:in street in Deadwoml with 1" .-sion. All the other newspap. i men made similar expressions, and it was apparent with all the visitors thi.t the town's welcome was tippreciated. It was an exposition of the hospitality and enterprise of the city and community, and a pleasant surprise to not only those from the east, but the citizens as well. The generous spirit and sense of fitness so characteristic of Dead-wood' people was seen at its best, and will serve- to greatly raise the city in the estimation of easterners. It i.sfvt;otablo fact that not an ar rest w2&n during the day of the demonstration, or during the night that followed. iue police department did not deem it necessary to increase the, force to preserve order, and that its estimate of the nature of the bif? crowd was correct was proven by the absence of any disturbing elements. The town never bad a crowd at night that would compare in numbers with the crowd v.ednesday nignt. yet no unseemly conduct was notfrefl that would detract a wbit from the height of decorum. J C- Whitn-ey anu P. Whitcomb of NashYille, South Dakota, rode in to attend the celebration, a distance of 110 miles, cominp probably a greater distance than any of the others who came overland. There were visitors present from Sundance i-nd Newcastle. Wyoming, and there would have beer, a larger deleration from Aladdin bad it been possible to arrange for transportation in time. XIOXTZre FTJX12TXSSED To any , extent warranted by borrowers collaterals. names or with the insurgents. As to myself. 1 like Hie il' nioerutii Wifj-s o, Andrew Ja kson in'FIorid'i in 1SV.I-". and Sterling Pi ice iu New Mexico in 1 1 s If the men there would not behave themselves thev made them, and if gentle means failed, heroic remedies w ere applied - and they wire effectual, and the American people sustained them for so doing. But as the president is acting under tlie responsibilities of office and his oath, while I am only an individual without that responsibility, heme I will not criticise too strongly. But, my friends, this abuse of the president is not new. I( was begun on Thos. Jefferson in 1803, the father of democracy and expansion. The men who abused him were more classical than those of today, but every hit as abusive as: those of today. If any one wishes to read of the -hard things said of Jefferson, read Schouler'S hifetory, volume-2. and the files of the following newspapers: Boston Gazette, New Tork Herald and Columbian Sentinel, also the Annals of Congress. I will give a few extracts. The president proposes to erect a government about as despotic aa that of Turkey in Asia. Ills friends have all the disposition in the world to gratify him. but tney are afraid of consequences." (New York Herald, March, 1, 1804.) This was said of Jefferson, not of McKinley, and it was false then and it is false now. of SotJth Dakota live in the territory purchased by Jeferson and we think he did a wise thing; but hear 'hl . Russla has 8elzei Ton8 liwi Md !t ,s exPected that trou-asor rasne from the action. It is CtoSted that Russia has obtained lucS?0" of Shaun Hal Kwan by ooiW 01- ln1- Oct. 3.-John O. SwS; WWOon' candidate for ttt!,ubo ha b5en tonring this e in thU town, in RushTille, Ht klti tnd uen8burg today. ! ! way to Indianapo-rw? "e WU? deliver an address born to command; a kinj, who, possessing as mm h power as his gracious brother. William IV.. makes a worse use of it. A King tfho has placed himself above the laws, as he has shown by his contempt of our judges. A King wh would destroy our currency, and substitute old rags, payable by no one knows who. and no one knows where, instead of good Silver Dollars. A King horn to command, as he has shown himself by appointing men to office contrary to the -will of the people. A King who, while he was feeding his favorites out of the public ncry. denied a pittance to the old soldiers, who fought and bled for our independence. A King whose prime minister and heir apparent was thought unfit for the office of ambassador by the people. Shall he reign oyer us or shall the people rule?" I am not quoting from a popocratic platform, but from a circular of Jackson's abusers in 1832. The election was held and Jackson, "the king." got 219 electoral votes, to 67 against him. Accounts Solicited and Correspondence Invited. lie Black Hills i at h Our long eiperier :t service of intending invfs' '"r gth - ii t fe" Le,ve Boer.. - i hat Lom AdTices har it kiiV, v left Pretoria today, SZHZCTOZIS He irlll Tlslt the W. E. ADAMS. Natal on hla way. JOHN TRKBB4L BEN BAKR, Vice Prea, 4 HARRIS FRANKMN. Pre. WU. 8ELBIE, Cashier. th. iZ!, vni lso be returning Jetted tv0n, WU1 nndonbtedly be 6 Uonal terror over a (Continued' on Page 4.) i war.

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