The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 14, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 14, 1899
Page 3
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMLS SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 14, 1899. ONE GENT A WORD TIMETABLE Crane -Ciinrclilll Co. Cook Remedy Co. HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR fif5 DEADWOOD. Manufacturers and Jobbera or ... Advertisements under this heed ONE CENT A WORD each Insertion when run lesa than one month: Three hcoln, haha, 51LO0D POISON Steam, Gas and Water Supplies of all Kinds. PRIMARY, SECONDARY TERTIARY BLOOD POISON PERMANENTLY CURED OI 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can h lines $1.00 per month. Payable in ad ranee. Denver, Helena, Butte, Portland, Salt Lake City, Icago, Joseph, U knsasCity, sBBSBSssflsBssssK amBBlBBKSBBBsSBBBmssBBl tereated at home for the mam rice under same GUARANTY. If you prefer to come here w will Aaenta for WANTED HELP- Loulsana an San Francisco and all points ants east and tith. contract to pay railroad fare and hotel bills and no charge If we fall to etna, west frln jave as follow: li buled Express. Inily, HOLYOKE DEAN AND MARSH STEAM PUMPS OMAHA and 8I0TJX OITT . Aents Wanted. For the "Life and Achievements of Admiral Dewey," the world's greatest naval hero. By Mu-rat Hals toad, the life-long friend and admirer of the nation's idol. Biggest and best book; over 600 pages, 8x10 Hot Spring. Lincoln, Oman all points Eaet, South and West 2:30 pm 210. Local, dally except Sinday u.ii Mountala and Swsax- flh ....1:16 pm inches; nearly 100 pages half tone ill ! Tt- TT r iVlis.b. OELEN 204 Freight, dally except Sun-a.. urn fltr. Cus'er and If you have taken MERCURY. IODINE POTASH, and still have aches an pains, MUCOUS PATCHES In mouth. SORE THROAT. PIMPLES, COPPBB COLORED SPOTS, ULCERS on any part of the body, HAIR or EYEBROWi FALLING OUT, It Is this BLOOD POISON that we GUARANTEE to cura. We solicit the most OBSTINATE CASES and CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR A CASE WE CAN NOT CURE. This disease has always BAFFLED THE SKILL OF THE MOST EMINENT PHYSrCIANS. Several of our most prominent public men Kings and Emporers of foreign lands hare succumbed to this disease even when under the treatment of the. best talent unlimited wealth of nations could employ, but we have a SECRET REMEDY known only to ourselves. During FOURTEEN YEARS oi our existence no less than twenty different concerns have started np to Imitate our treatment, prompted by our unprecedented success; to-day not one of, them remains in business. N. E. WOOD, A. M., M. D PrtMktont Chicago Medical and Surgical Institute, 617 LaSall Avenue, Chicago, III. (SiUblkM In CUcaft mm Mj UL, 197S.) The oldfwt, lerflU mot rt-IUhle mm4 MeeeMfWI laedleal titaUn lu itif Northwest. Prif' nohi Tor patient with fbHIIHea fr ear ustrations; map In colors. Only $1.50. Enormous demand. Big commissions. Outfit free. Chance of a lifetime. and' Edgemont 7:50 & m Bundava thli frrtgrht leavrt at.l:00 a m Pianoforte Lessons' f"frfMT Marvfal rmtiMiB prtmrmd la tae hitna arrive a feUows: Writs quick. The Dominion company. 201. Eastern rwM ug r, utuj.u.w v AND W rite for circular on DefcrmttUB and Braces, Club Feet. (urvature of thl Holne. PIIm. Tumnn. naarwr Caztom Building, Chicago. tOt. Spearflsn Train, i any, -nt Sunday 11.06 a m French Glasses Daily; DEADWOOD EMPLOYMENT BU 203 Kreight, Dally, exetpt Sunday 11:00 am anHv'q this frelKht arrives.. 6:62 p (tarrh, Bronchitis, ParalyHla, Cpllepey. Kidney, Bladder, Ky, Kar, Sltln and Blood 1 1 and all HurglcaJ (lera.tloPM Heat faoilltleii, araTua and remedies for the MK-nenKful treatment of ever; rortn of disease remit ring medical orU(jflri treatment. We absolutely gmmi sntee t cere everr ease ef Nerveni Uebtllty and dliKun renultlnr from auuaes and lndlscif tioim of Youth and Manhood; Bpei sseter-rktra, Memlnal WeikiMi nnht Uw), faioteaer REA U Furnishes help for all who For terms apply at the Black Hill Steam Laundry, employ labor and procures positions for all who want work. lira. Br&ns- I"" or tfjruot powr, iriMfle, Hrdreeele. Htrie- Beeping, dining and reclining chair oars tfa free, on all through tralna. Rallwa ateamsbio tickets sold and baggag eked to all points. for Information, time tables, map ture, FhtntoAla, etc, ete.. 4 'ha rare Keaeeaaele Ave Deadwood, -:- South Dakota fleld-Oanklin, 95 Sherman St. ami experience are lmorUiit Nojnerrury ..r lnjntious inedlrtiieti ued -r timr tout fr-on work or business We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor, THE COOK REMEDY CO. has pe rmanently cured thounands and has a world-wide reputation for speedy cur ee, honesty and integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLED Ml ei o Inenrnble eaaea accepted, No-medictne neot CO D. Failure is unknown to uh, we cure tliotntandB annually. Ue have ten thtusand tcstimo ual letters on file from tickets call on or write to J. gratefui patient ermsnently rurel. Write us today. JAMES P. WILSON FOR RENT 6-room house; bath and toilet. 55 Forest ave. i a. 1 1 Hiiwi iroin a uiHtance ireatcu ny mail -Mniuiues lANCIS, General Passenger Agent, Lata, Neb. t rveruwkrrr fret from uaze tuiri breaknae State full hitorv mrut rxwt Hunmtmn nf your ense and send for GES sent sealed in plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. opinio and teratM - ronnultation . reeand oonfldentiaL, ('T.ngllvnr t,v letter I AO nsadre Hook oi sail ChrtjaiU Attorney-at-Law, V. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent, ISO fre. ana nurficai i"iaa ema umt o( l of FOUND On th platform at the B. & l Menu oil niti par.j ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. L. BENTLlJY,, Olympic Club Building Corner Sherman and Deadwood Streets Aflta COOK REMEDY COMPANY. 1928 Masonic Temple, Ctilcazo. HI. M. passenger depot, a bunch of keys. Call at P.-T. office. Commercial Agent M. H. LYON. FOR RENT Six-room house, Just WANTED A good girl for email fam newly papered and in fine order, at C. TRAINS BETWEEN DEAD- ily. Call at Mrs. Ernest Muler, up PUBLIC ASSAYER per Main street. $18.00 per month. Apply to Cush-man, 402 William St., or at Young's WOOD AND LEAD. LEAVE DEADWOOD. office, Lee art. tf. WANTED Quarrymen at th Evans Jly 6:05 a IT. AND 8 A M P t. E R . r quarry, Hot Springs. Yes, I tol' yer son, I tol' yer, that It wouldn't be not play. Neighbor Smith Jos' got a letter from his oldeat boy, Sam, Au' tho way the boy's a kicRin' son lie isn't worth a damn. He's beedn' ause he has ter fight some lonffer. than he thought. An' says he 'grees with Atkinson he really hadn't ought Don't you be that way, sonny, for by thunder, if you do except Sunday 9:30am 10:30a m CHURCH SERVICES OKADWOOD SOOTH DAKOTA UKDWOOD - - South Dakota 'V. H. MOORE Blacksmith and Wagon Maker, HORSESHOEING AN GENERAL RE-PAIRING DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. the at WANTED A dairyyman,, Deadwood Jersey Dairy. It bu John Morning prayer at 11 o'clock; "Te Deum" (Dy kea), "Jubilate ly 12:13 p m )ly 2:00 p m fay, eicept Sunday 2:15 p m Ly, eicept Sunday 4:20 pm jly 6:30p m GO TO . . . at Del- Deo" (Dudley Buck), anthem, 'Duet," Messrs. Murray and Flinterman; ser WANTED Firat-class cook monioo, under postoffloe. You're a half-breed Flilipeeno dad FRANK SCHREYER, y, eicept Sunday 7:00pm y, except Sunday 8:00 p m would be ashamod of you. mon by th rector; offertory solo, Mr. Fliaterman; Sunday school at 10 Jes stay thar and fight like I did In th y y, except Sunday 10:30 p m days of '61 Fresh and Salt Meats No. too Sherman St. o'clock, Mr. William Selbie superintendent. Choir rehearsals Ladies, Tuesday, 4 p. m.; children, Thursday, When more died in a battle than thar has since you begun. LEAVE LEAD CITT. 8:35am All Kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; also Carriage Furnishings. 11 and 13 Pine Street, Deadweod, 8. D. 4 p. m.; men, Tuesday, 8 p. m.; general Stand right straight up for loryan' I $y, except Sunday 9:65am W ANTED Men to learn barber tirade; $60.00 monthly paid after only eight weeks' practice; can place flffty graduates immediately; have contracted to furnish barbers for through trains running east, 'west and south; last year we placed 300 iwith hospditalsf $15.00 woetkly; Illustrated catalogue free. Moler Barber College, Minneapolis, Minn. rehearsal Saturday, 7:30 p. no. Ladies' won't feel half so bad lj 11:00am guild meets Monday at 2 p. m. George JOS, FORD, AUCTION EEH. G. Ware, rector. As I would If you were klckln'. Loto from mother an' yer DAD. FRED G. SHAIFFER. First Baptist Services today as Col J ..' 12:60pm y, connect with Eastern Meager 2:25 p m y, except Sunday 3:40 p m y, except Sunday 4:45 p m Persona removinc from Deadwood should lows: Prayer service, 10:30 a. m. have their household goods disposed of preaching, 11 a. m.; subject, "Faith oy s responsiDie auctioneer. and Works;" Sabbath sohool, 12:15 p. ff o : 65 p m Girl wanted at Mrs. E. Mueller's, upper Main street. German preferred. 66 Sherman St Harrison Tel 166 Call on the Black Hills liter Company. Before Buying Lumber, Lath. Shingles, Sash Doors, and Moulding 138 Sherman St. 6. W. REED. Mgr. ly, eicept Sunday 7:22pm m. ; Junior meeting, 3pm.; B. Y. P. U. meeting, 7 p. m.; gospel and song y, eicept Sunday 8:22 p m WANTED Competent man, good ad servlioe, 8 p. m. ; subject, "The Prod f7 1:22 p m dress; office and outside work. A. p, except Sunday 10: 65 p.m igal's Homecomhvg.'' The Wesleyan Mala Quartet will sing at 'the evening THAT RAILROAD TRIP. You have to take east thla spring oaa be greatly shortened by going rla O'Neill and the Pacific Short Line. Th shortest route to Blonx City; make close connections at O'Neill to both directions. Quick oonmeoUona at Sloa City with the C, M. A St. P. Ry. tor points In eastern South Dakota, Buy local tickets to and tram 0"NelsV makes lowest fare. mall calls answered, ..n M Morris, P. O. Gen'l Delivery. service. C. L, Kirk, pastor. THE DERBY Is Hiadqoirters Fir Wines, Liquors and Cigars, FOR SALE. F. . M. V. B .R. THS NORTH WB8TIRN LINK. First M. E. Service at 11a. m. ; "Our Common Brotherhood," or POT; Between Deadwood and Pin ts. Desirable building lots on Lincoln avenue, Ingleside. Lumber furnished thoughts suggested by Edfwiin Mark- ' irrlni tWurta to bufld.'' Edwin van Cise. t' Mo. 643 Main Street. w"ta mini to umaaa I, H.CARTER Prop bam's great .poem published In tQue May number of McClure's Magazine, entitled "The Man With the Hoe." Anniver Tie Wmltriti Typewiter FOR SALE At I , bargain, show-W. R. Dickinson, J. P. HYMER. Collections and Adjustments. Notary Public. "General Agent In Black Hills for U. 8 Fidelity and Guaranty Co. All kinds ol guarantee and Judicial bonds written Without delay. Please get my rates before asking your friends to sign your bond. Cash paid for life Insurance policies. Olymplo Block. Oeadwood, 8. D. Telephones: Harrison 1SS. Black Hills 144. P, Bt Paul, Mln-Mis, with eloae eon-Ions for all points ana -south,, at Fra- ;IiSl0,mh Ham I POT! Lower Main Street "ood, Stnrals, Rup-and iiter- sary of the Dpworch League at 8 p. m.; Received th only Gold Medal eases and counters. Lead. P special programme for the occasion; Awarded any Writing Macfeta at Sasj President Hymer will preside; the Wesleyan Quartet wHA render two numbers during the evening; Sunday Omaha Bzpoattion In 189S. Can bo seen at the offlo ox rlw" l:4am lm . Mam 11:00 am Lots For Sale Howard's Addition, hisaddition to Deadwood, beautifully located oa the Park bench, adjoin lng the Dudley Spring, in the First ward, la now open for settlement. Be school at 12:15; Junior League at 3 p. M. H. LYON. Deadwood, S. D. m. C. B. Clark, pastor. The Henshaw . . European Hotel. Late "The McTague." Oyster and Brill Room. T. J. O'BRIEN, Prop. 1609 Parnam St. - Omaha, Neb Trinity M. E- Sabbath school. 9:45 plat and prioea at office of Edwin Van ECRET SOCIETIES. mi Clse. SPECIAL EXCURSIONS. Be Lots for sale from $35 up in Pleas L a No- Auxiliary to LrL ,coni1 and fourth. Friday a m. ; morning service, 11; Junior League, 3 p. m.; anniversary of the Bpworth League will occupy itlhe evening .hour; prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. C. E. G killings, pastor. ant View Addition to the City of ST.." room of the M Deadwood. J. J. Feldhauser, Black H - p. m. LATenla B. Pa- rres. u A. Bam cu. Hills, telephone 169... T. J. DO WD, PRAOTIOAXi Watchmaker. Jeweler AIIO OPTICtAIf. Black Hills Jewelerj Made to Order. Watcn Examiner Tor tne F. E. & M. Y. Givve me a call and I will guar ranteeeatlsf action in -work and prices. LEE, STREET - DEADWOOD. S. D. TA BIlmRirin in. .. . FOR SALE New Hattenhauer phae B. M. AIKINS, ATTORNEY AT LAW . w wo. a, meets hW .T1" of each month ton at 'bargain. Inquire of J. X Feldhausen. m" V y naii d 01 ding. Visit-to attend. Congregational Morning 'The Father's Love" "Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God." t John, 3:1. Evening, "The . u. Helen Baker. gas Room 1 Syndicate Block, - - SOOTH DAKOTA DEADWOOD, FOR SALE Cheap, a sawmill at Run- O t .Vrf. ... "a. 1. D. of H-, A. O. National convention Baptist Younc Peoples' Union of America, Richmond, Vs., July 13-16. Annual meeting Unlftel 8oclety ct Christian Endeavor. Detroit, Mich July 6-10. National Educational Teachers' association. Los Angeles, Cal. July. Annual reunion and grand lodge meeting Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, St. Louis, Mo., June 20-2T. Annual meeting Imperial CouneA Ancient Arabic Order Nobles Mystl Shrine, Buffalo, N. Y June 14-15. kel station. Call on or write to Alex McDougaU, Nemo, 8. D. Way of Life and the Way of Death. "-Matt., 7:13-14. Y. P. S. C. E. at 7 p. m. topic, "God's Covenant and Ours.' John W. Barron, pastor. Nger. a of V ST?" I usnnis, seer FOR SALE Furniture and lease of best paying lodgingB in town. Ap -f-jcoTO--T- la 44 home OanorrtMM'sM dieiiiWfmti.tho iirtnaryor. r 1 nnt, nrrrmu-A by 8ntl Mldy f MITTr" II CapwtoowltlMMtlnoOTTenteiioeliluWI Jf ply to Pioneer-Times. DAYS '61 TO "99. Dear Son I got your letter, an' It made me mighty glad Lee-Glass-Andreesen .f.A. 8 J race 11. or au. vrngvutt, vv FOR SALE Safe, woighs 4,(00 pounds. fist HeadaiTaffers To hear you've got the spirit that was J. J. Feldhausen. boraed right in your dad. BapXistB, Annual meeting German Roanoke, Va, Uay 13-28. I see you're standing ready fer to Stay Hardware Company. Wholesale Hardware. Bicycles and .Sporting Goods. TOR RENT. thar till you're through " rineunch, ribe nnk, Best in th. OSf An', by gosh, my son, you ought to or Nicely furnished rooms at yon ought to shed the blue. Fore you went you mind I tol' you that It was not swell affair. isis-si-ss HAiurr - okaha National Baptists AnBlvereariesv San Franclsno, May 26-30 Annual Meeting General Asanas) of th Presbyterian Church. Minn oris, Minn., May 18-Juse 1. ble rates Noble block, T2 Main Street. Mrs. Garr. Don't you reckerlect I warned yon , J. C. CARSCK. Anil. that there would be some fighting thar would be some flghtin' thar? FURNISHED rooms by the night or week or lodgings, 25c and 60c. Grand Central, Main street AnntrarsartBav gad SeaSl Painter, Paper Hanger. ominir; Ha ring' secured the paint shop tx-merly ocoapled by WUaams k Son trader the new Western Union Telegraph office, I am prepared to promptly execute all orders'for house painting, paper banging, caJctmittlnc. Gluing and all work of that eibankoteBV. . a , t -; I BbaQ emptor Wy Arat-daat' work National Baptist Portland.Ora, Tacoma Wash., Jon t:5. An' I also tried to tell you that the i featherbeds at home i Would be temptln' mighty temptln' FOR RENT The " two front rooms over ZonlVmer Bros. Co. clothing Tio Elillard, 13th and Douglass Sts. Annnal Meeting General Assembly rt 1 us while a-sleeping on the loam. An' I said the brub would vanish 'fore store. Apply at American National bank. " local tf. you got your stumlck'a .fill, OMAHA. NEBRASKA An' the amellin' of the natSons wouldn't For Reak By May 16.' house on For . LEADING HOTEL - OF THj: WEST. . ' ,19 SyndJcata Block, lailSii:iiMEii est aren'cdntsifilnC six room t1 the- Cumberland Presbyterian Churaa Spring, S. D April 11-25. ' ' The bor U a partial of gom ef the caor Important xcora'on to -glrva ky th popalar Burlingtoa roe, during th unoer Fog full lnfon . tioa a to timMa. aates o sal ticket ta, n at ywgef depot, W. T. ROBJEBT80JC TlaNtAgcaL men aod will guarantee - aaJttaraot.t-w. bath. Xnonlre of Ulaa Cooper, IT Forest arena. Anriftae Ptea 1M par day sod B J always fill the Mill .:. . Then 11 warned yon about the hams-sick that would sorely mossy long. An' the graybackt thlckTn greenbacks that o4 laUaiuii. your song. An' the flghtin' an' th marchln' rry night and Try day Enropev Plu-LM P d7 sm K wlU notbe bk'eneap I cteoV work, bat banr good. Ttml orden loliciced. Q. C. LACKOUS. For Rent i-room farnlshed StrVaUy irmt-cUMi tn rrery napMt, J. B. 1LABKEL & SOW. No. U Taylor aranoa I

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