The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 23, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 23, 1898
Page 1
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HNE COMMERCIAL WORK GUARANTEED CIRCULATION T)w Job PitntUf DtpwtawM tfc Pmroa-Tiuas ih b qui9d . mafias iimri ia th Wax, u4 hwaMkaa, pttapdy UM Tfc lnwulMi Irrulatioa of Ik rnwu.Tnns blt IMIM thu lit Of Ml Mb Ua ImUim tn0a!lf toiiov Mat H l'.t-i-t Work at the Lowest Pi-ices Tho Host Advertising Mrvlinm T-VcMY-SECOND YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 23. 18U8. FIYE CENTS THE PIONEER CHURCH. appropriated for repairs to the build WILL PASS THE SENATE ings and the aubitltutloa of permanent I'JhE AfiD .!ILL for temporary structure. Tbls recom OLD MAIDS' CONVENTION. Th old maids met yesterday after-noon to consider matters pertaining to the convention and entertainment to be held at the opera house Friday even Ing February 4th. There were twenty Chapter Two. It la thought well to supplement the excellent historical sketch of Mrs. L. mendatlon Is endorsed by Oen. Mil, and It la understood that the secretary of war also favors the plan. Oen. Op- Attorney Burch Appointed to Take Charge of Home-stake Timber Cases R. Graves, published yesterday, by an account of the second stage of progress while Rev. E. F. At wood was the pas present and they are entering Into the preperatlons for this event with enthusiasm. The entertainment Is to be tor In charge. In July, 1878, Mr. Noruross left, and Did You Hear That DULL THUD!! given for the purpose of raising $92.00, Fort Meade Will not be Aban plnger's reasons for urging the retention of the Fort Meade post are that It Is well situated In regard to Indian reservations; is In a section of the country where a military post will be an absolute necessity for many years to com, and that It Is an exceptionally healthy locality. on October 18th. Mr. E. F. Atwood, of a deHclt which Miss Ellis has assumed Rodman, N. Y., arrived, having been doned ore Gold From Klondike. sent by the A. H. M. Society to contin BUXTON AND CLINTON. Th annual meetings of th Buxton and Clinton Mining companies, were held at Clinton Iowa, on the 18th and 18th Inst, respectively. Of the former, P. E. Kail was re-elected president and H. W. Seaman, secretary. A. Lamb, waa re-elected president, and Mr. Seaman, secretary ot the Clinton company. The p-operty at Bald Mountain, belonging to these companies Is In splendid condition. If anything Improving. Th Buxton company haa been shipping 3S tons of or a diy to th D. D. smelter and a few daya ago Increased Its output 7 tons a dsy. The Clinton company la shipping 20 tons a day. List year's operations hav been quit satisfactory. ue the work. At that time there remained but eight ot the original Washington, Jan. 22 Special: Tfc It was not an Earthquake friends and opposition of Teller's re Mr. Atwood was a young man ot It was tho Prico3 of Tinwaro ay tea upon th pumping plant and water aup ply for ML Morlah cemetery. The best Ulent In this city will be enlisted In the cause and one of the most novel and Interesting entertainments ever given In this city may be looked for. We are assured that It will aurpass the female minstrels given by our society ladles a few years ago; It so nobody should miss It. The ladles are arranging the program which will be announc ed In a few days. olutlon to pay government bonds In highly nervous, sanguine temperament, both gold and siller, have been count' GOSPEL IN KLONDIKE. New York. Jan. 22 Special: A letter was received here today from Rev. Hall Young and Rev. W. A. McEwen, who went Klondike last August In the Interest of the Presbyterian church Ing noses and it Is conceded that the resolution will pans the senate by a full of activity, mental and physical. It was sometimes difficult to say wheth er his peculiarities were natural or assumed. That he went from here to take charge of an old conservatlveC'on-nectlcut church and has remained RED AN VI I. That Dropped. narrow majority, but that It will not pas tb house. and were sent by a number of wealthy New York ladles. The letter was dated Dawson City, Dec. 1, and said the mis there up to the latest Information of HEARST LIBRARY MUSICAL. sionaries had established the first him, Is an evidence that they were as church at Klondike City, which Is a new town two miles from Dawson, and PRICES THAT TALK sumed for effect, or that he bo an unusual ability to adapt himself tc his environment. It Is a sure thing that by his peculiarities or In spite of them, he proved to be remarkably adapted tn that It Is flourishing. They rented a room In a building for which they had SOLD TO MR. MALONEY. Joy Mosher, who have conducted a profitable assaying business for a num bar of months, have dissolved partnership and sold their establishment to R. M. Maloney, the well known mining man. Mr. Maloney will make aom lm provemsnta upon the plant and haa re to pay 1850 rent, for seven months, In advance. Boon afterward the build- old price Uc, bow the situation. Hr was untiring anJ John W. Orlggs, of New Jersey, was today appointed by President McKln-ley as attorney general, to succeed General McKsnna, who resigned to accept an appointment on the supreme bench. Tho attorney general has detailed Assliutiat Attorney Burch, of the de-r-' of Justice, to prosecute the government's claim against tb Home-stak Mining company, of South Dakota. Attorney Burch Is an able lawyer and 1 taken oft the celebrated Cramp ship building cases to assume charge of the Homestake suits. This action would Indicate that the government officials do not propose to accept the compromise of 130,000 proposed by the agent of the Homestake company. persistent tn gathering In members of 4 qt heavy retlnaed pudding pane. all the froteeiant churches, and by tained Mr. Joy, who will have charge. January 1, 18S0, fourteen months, there The musical at the Hearst Free Library, Lead, yesterday afterno..i, was by all odds one of the most brilliantly successful events ever attended In tho Hills. At least fifty prominent residents of Deadwood were present and a number of people from Piedmont, Elk Creek and Spearflsh, whoae faces have become familiar at these musical reunions. Even standing room us out of the question, when the progrsm opened at 3:30. It was fitting, perhaps, that the final muMrale arranged by Mrs. Ford should be a song recital, and Mrs. Grler lent her aid and charming talents in making the afternoon one to be remcmoered with keen pleasure. Her accompaniments were exquisite, und Miss Tlennett must be mentioned in: burned down and they were out the money. They have bustled and are well liked by the people, who help them generously. They are now holding services In the opera bouse ant hive large congregations. They say, spoors ZYEL? Dinner PalU, with two compartments, old price, 40c, now I0c Dinner Valla, with two compart menu, and cup, old price 6C. now tU 4 qt plain milk pane, old prtoo 10c, now go qt plala milk pani, old prlut 180, now 7, qt plain milk pane, old price 10c, now t qt heavy reUnned pcddlng pan. Th establishment will be utilised were fifty-two members, most of them having Joined by letter. principally upon his own work, al old prle xOc, bow iu qt havy rUnnd puddin pane, old prloa Me, bow jja qt heavy redaned poddlkg paa, old price lOo, now u Baoce Pana. old prle lie, aow.... U Saoce Pana, old prle too, aow.... U Banc Pana, old prloe KSo, bow.... Ue Banc Pana. old prtc Uc. bow.... 10 Mr. Atwood was not a great preacher though he expect! to execute some com merclsl work. Mr. Joy Is thorough that by exercising economy there Is but he was never dull or stupid. Near and reliable, and Mr. Maloney' bus food enough In 'he country to last until April. Flour sells at 11.60 a po ind, ly all the time he was full of outside work, churth building, trying to start iness could not be In better hands. meat at $1.25. candles $1.50 each and a CongreKatlouai academy at Spoarflnh, A special agent of the land office who other things In proportion. Te writer THE OI LT EDOB. or soliciting life limurance to eke out the 1100 a month salary, and nearly All Is entirely familiar with the conditions said one day he walked 20 miles with Lee Day's Olit Edge property, situ Uie time he had a sick or Invalid w;fi ih nhnr1t.g the burden In this line with in that country has also been detailed to i'outh Dakota to assist Mr. Burch the thermometer S7 degrees below sero made eleven calls and found SO ehur-h sled on Strawberry gulch adjoining tb much credit. Mr. Grlnmhsw, of th-; In the preparation of evidence for the people. He said the miners are tak Union Hill company'a ground la a ver at home to personally care for. N it Infrequently Krtday would arrive without having made any preparation for vcrtment assay office. Deadwood, Ing out a constant stream of gold and wss the only stranger to the audience. there la no difficulty In paying obliga services, and on Sunday he would Klve i' .1 won unstinted praise and admlra- tions. liable bonanta. The ledge la perpendicular, lie between porphyry walla and has an averag width ot II tt, every partlcl of th ldg mattar carrying precious metal tn quantities that us two pretiy b.hvI discourse, not finished products, not the clear decanted wine of the afte like Or. McConnell's On all Haatlig Stove we wl 1 triro a Tt?M HTn PHMT oash d acorjax of 1 LIN ttR CENT. STOCK 13 001IPLETE! Prices Lower Than the Lowest! QUAXITY THB 81BJT! GRIFFITH HARDWARE CO., Ctlioxo3.A2a. at. Doadwood. MORE ALASKA OOLD. tl.iu for his warm, rlrn tenor voice and the artistic feeling displayed In his interpretation. He first gave two ballads by Ton: I, for which he was enthusiastically encored, and later the ex gowrnment In these suits. It Is un-dTHtood that Mr. Burrh's Instructions are to secure a continuance of the rase Or iwo weeks In order to make hlm-aclr .'iimlllar with It. H Is to rellev tho present representative of the gov-on nt and taks entire charge of the n f r the government. "! lu're Is now little danger of the atiTt l intimnt of Fort Meade, 3. D. Sen discourses but Aright. Interesting, prac pay well for treatment Mr. Day haa had a force of mon at work continuous Seattle, Jan. 22 Special: The steam er Seattle arrived from Alaska today with a carco of sold dust from the quisite sacred solo "Silent Rest" iy taking out ore and a few days ago resumed regular shipments to th D. A tical discourses. His dignity In th pulpit was as marked as his unconventional manner outside of It. The little church was full every Sunday morn Mrs. John Burns. Deadwood'a favo Klondike region valued at a quarter of a million dollars. She had a number D. sme.ter. Yesterday's shipment amounted to tea tona which averaged rite soprano, won new friends, encores and luttrela in several new songs--Be of passengers, some of whom came dl ing and crowded In the evening, notwithstanding there was no bridge over rect from Klondike. They report the between tKuo and 1300 per ton. ing at her best, however. In Bartlett's Dream. weather pretty severe but nosufferlng Deadwood creek, .only a shaky qlank n- Bel C.i' .1 ' W : among the people on at. ount of lark of rONCBNTRATrj. resting on boulders Just above the wv Mr. Raldy rendered Hstton s Pro food. The mrners are ail busily at Kyle a bill making this a permi-i.t'Hi will In all probability be pas-The Hemitor appeared before the .(. i. n military affairs and made :::..: nt hi favor of his bill, ar1 'iv. :i'n!her hearing before this ..l!f next Monday. , r neral Copplnger favors the i ", :uitl bent to the senate a rec- ter. Thirty additional seats were provided, and they were always needed. 1. Stanley Vulr. of Olaegow. Scot work and have taken out In the aggro gate several million dollars In gold. testant." the Bertouln love song, and Clay's. "I'll Sing The Songs of Arsby." with dramatic Intensity and breadth, his singing plesslng all music lovers. land, th prominent mining expert, and In the summer of 1879 It became plain a representative of tb Glasgow Her that the church must be enlarged or a new one built. A building subscrip Editor Brann.'of Che Iconoclast, at fell ald. I la the elty la the Interests of THE FOOT BALL GAME. Mrs. Ford sang severs! song, her Waeo. Texas, has been arrested on s furelst eompasy. ov i ! ':i'lou that Fort Meade be made a (.ei 'iKitient post, and that 100,000 be xplendld and sympathetic voice ringing out with fine effect, especially In a new charge of criminal libel. The foot ball game between th It waa reported last evening that a tion was circulated by Mr. Samuel Cushman and about $S00 obtained In good subscriptions from business men. BUaaai r&urnua, Trm. ssaa, Ttscless. C rich strike was made yesterday In th Baa Btaa, Oeakisr. selection called "Had I My Choice.' Deadwood high school boys and th Spearflsh Normal, cam oft yesterday afternoon at th First ward ball park. while Mr. Atwood took upon himself Many were the comment to the effect nw shaft of tb Oolden Crest Mining company In Two Bit Aa Superintend of her voice being the finest female THt American National Bank the task of raising the balance, about another $S00. from all sorts and con 1 ent Weber waa not In th city, w voire In the Hills, and her artistic abfi It waa a cold disagreeable day and the audlsnc waa small, hardly paying as The) Only High Cradw Baking Powder Offered at a Modarata Price). were unsbl to verify th report ditions of men. In this work he was Ity la far too well known to need men tlon. O. M. Wlsner, Ed. Henderson and pen. a marvel. He got good subscriptions Morris Kohn. of Chicago, stockholders Th game waa delayed om oa ac Of BULSifooD, lOTrra daxotjl Does a General Banking Business. and spot cash from scores that few ff in tb Hardin and associate mining count of Chaa. Joullta playing with th any church solicitors would think of SOCIETY. high cchool boya, but It waa Anally Bat tackling. He knew human nature bet The social events of the week were companies, of Two Bit. left for their home yesterday. They bar been here wiu pay Intmai ib tin rtrtlficstts of tftrrstt ,.. n ter than to call on those men with my numerous and of more than ordinary exehaag oa all part of the TJaiUd lute aad Saropa. )j Will BSakaa anialalk a. all trmrfa mjt Aitt. ... . M Interest There wss 'he Carse-Charl several weeka Inspecting th affairs of th company a'-.d are quit enthusias tled by the Spearflsh team allowing him to play. Th Spearflsh contending that he played wtth the first team and should not oe allowed to play In the ministerial air, but acted his plain self, a frank, cheerful and even jovial ton wedding, the Congregational annl ' "' mmm mtt V tic over the outlook. wiu o waoaaotea on Duiin priaolple young fellow Intent on "getting thsrs, NOME GO GOOD. versary and other "doings" which have high school team. Geo. Jackaon returned ytrday and he rarely failed. He tackled Sam been previously reported. from Beaver Cresk. tn th Bear Onlch Deadwood woa th toee and took the McMaster In a saloon. Sam was sur Early la th week carda were Issued Ekzrtsaxons mining district where he haa a large prised, anl forcibly said so In his own by Mrs. Van Cla and Mr. Sbotwall kick-off, tpearflaa taking th west gould with tho wind. Deadwood kick W, IU.tTOi. er Oklase. atfvaam force of mlnera at work dsveloptng Mr lOBM TIC, sua aa way, but on learning that the barkeep for a tea at th former's residence. The BAVKUa, a SAHCII IrFsa:' Callanan's mining ground, of which he er had come down with f 10, he handed decorations, flowers, table and vn superintendent He Is linking three Mr. Atwood 126. the dreate of th hostesses were In red and white, for It waa a red and white ed -off aad after a few short gain by Spearflah th ball went to Deadwood oa a fumbl and Joullta went through th cantor oa a touch-down. Th home team scored at Islsur. the scoring be It was determined to build without ihafta to bed-rock, running cross-cuts, etc., to determine the value of the grav tea. aid from the Congregational vntoa, and avoid anr debt that could be a 1. M. J. At the table each guest found a daln Frsd Bush, who cam from Colorado ing done ry Ivnh, Joullta aad Fltch- burden to lift at any time, so all elab ty menu card and flowers. a year ago to enter the mploy ot th and when Urn waa called at th The principal table In the dining tii't,T!ifirTif rn o r r " orate and churchly plans were turned down and a plain building that would room waa decorated with ribbons, fee Union Hill Co, at Oalena, becam Interested In om copper prospects 8 nd of th second half, Deadwood had 84 points to th good, to Spearflsh'a VYLK 1 ilalUllYILK 01 DKU. gj seat 300 decided on. To utilize th tooned from the chandelier to each cor Lil The boya all played good hall Spear ner of the table, while amllas and flow miles from Custer which he haa been developing tor several months. At a building as It was as far as possible, flsh had eom good Individual players. era were gracefully distributed about the length of the old building thirty- depth of 60 feet he haa a body ot or Dyer, Captain, did aom tin tackallng five feet wss mado the width of the the rooms, and mlrrora on the table re $ WIN 0 0 0 o hat carries $8 gold, 1 ot. silver and 8 and mad uom terrific plunges through fleeted the decorations and the band new one. and the building extended )tr cent copper. H also uncovered a the Deadwood line. Spearflah has an some facta of the guest. foot vein of copper glance. It Ii a abundance ot good maurlal and with Mrs. Lardner won the ladles' held westward twenty-five feet, making tht length fifty feet. To secure th best acoustic proportions an eighteen-foot ' ZJ Lti Su3 IrfaJ In cyan Id proposition. H haa been th aid of a little coaching could put up prise "Mr." Adama the gentleman's, offered $8,000 for aa eighth Intereet a exceptionally atroog Uam. At this and Mr. Flahel th Ion hand prlis f-e celling was determined on, the rule be but la not amlous to selL la their Arst gam aad with tbslr lack In th flower came In which those Ing that the height shall be one-third of knowledg of th line potnta of the who didn't play cirdi participated of the length and one-half the width VICTORY FOR STURQI& game, they did very well PURCHASERS. Mrs. Mother was the lucky lady. Th' Id this way the floor and three sides A telegram waa received by Mr. Van of the old building, which was almost prises were all sterling silver. CIs from th clerk ot th 8uprm OLYMPIC CONCERT. The guests were: Mesdamea Glbbs new. were utilized, and a portion of Court yesterday, announcing the dec! Cook, Caston. Lloyd, Drewett Kreugh the timber in the roof. This saving lu Th following program will be given Ion of that court In th res of Far- er, Chapman, Treber, Mather, Cushmtt luaiber was partially offset by extra la under th aanagement of the Olympic club thli afternoon at their parlor on bor. well at al. vs. Sturgli Water Company, reversing the decree which Judge Plow drives, Wiihabiugh, Wilson, Elder Watte, McLaughlin, Tucker, Hatch Mala St: Thto extension required an addition Otn bay tlielr winter's eupplita of Graced 13, TH13, COFFEES, PROVISIONS, Em . . At the tow price current Ufora tht airna: oaadcesi Ij tan Dinglej bill. ETtry thing txoep FLOUH zl Z2L2, tt th old priess man had entered restraining the Com Clough, Wrlngros. J. and C. Zosllner Boom w mut. have. To sell Good Cheap til only way to mi l it. The Oood ar balky and laie up lot of aha f room. To r U3 our stock we offer tor Monday and the entire week car entire atock of LADIES MUSLIN UNDERWEAR. Consisting ot Night Gowns, Chemise. Shirts And Drawers. Fur Ladies atid Children for Less Money than toe Muslin would Cost 1,000 Pieces Hamburg and si lot. which was donated by Mr. J. IX PART I. pany from maintaining Ita dam and Mims. H. Franklin. N. Franklin. Anthony. Mesa-a. Kimball aad C.slla 1. Piano Solo "Sonata La Pathetl-qus." Beethoven M'kx Dennett water works. The case was an impor Walker, Torrence, King. Pratt, of Chi gher gtvirg a small fra?f'm, th? whol tant one tor Sturgli and th nws ot ?o, Westphaltng. Harding, Wtrta 8 Tenor 8olo "'TU Not Alwayi being worth at prices in vogd about revsrsal will be received with general o Q o o o o t I it ( ) ( f t helmtr. Maaon, Hammond, Ogdn 1260. The building of ths Isetu'-e May," Gounod Mr. rilutsrman rejoicing there, room and church ratlor and kitchen Violin Solo -Val d Oocoerte,' Cants, Shaw, Koenlgsberger, Lardner Clough, McConsell, Shumit and Coc is they now ire, was not in after Moeilere Prof. RoMlfad GLADSTONE DRIVES OUT. Music wn Interspersed during th 4 Soprano Solo "Had ! My Choic. thought, but was part of the plan In getting tbls lot. It left the church on Csnnes, Jan. M Special: Mr. Glad supper, played by Prof. Kreughsr. Sheppard. Mrs. Bum illlu for half Ita length for awhile. It I Duet "Slower Soag," Ltafe, stone was able to take a short drl?e about his place today and wac feeling DANGERS OF C0A8TIN0. was Intended to make a room 12x20 In better than he haa for two weeka. R r fl Georgle Oordsr, the tea year old eon the northwest vomer at that time, and Messrs. Bean and Fletcher. PART U Piano Soto "March C. Minor, i nn li itlll quit week, and grows despon the chimney waa started la th basu of Olaf Colder, waa piloting a party of children down th Haiti hill yester I- v t n y dent about hln condition. I 3 LJ ment for that purpose, but all the cash was required to plaster, paint and sent "Mm day afternoon when an accident oc LJ U MARYLAND 8ENAT0R8KIP. curred by which J. W. Campbell's 11. the church building. Tb Improve ment of the basement rai deferred uc IS Schubert. Mr. Van Aletyft T Soprano Solo "For Th Sak ot Th Put," MitUe Mn. Rcmer Tenor Solo "H Love M No Mor." Tastl Mr. Orlmahaw Dust (a)"Tranurl," Schumann, Annapolis. Jan. 88 Special: Th tie girl and Jaa. Oeddea'a ion wr vary A. 0. HORNBEEOER, PROP. legislature took another Joint ballot on seriously injured. Th pilot lost con til 18S3, when a lsctur room 5x3 was completed. Th same party trol of th sled which ran Into the cum enator today and failed to make a ao- ITczt Deer t: TclzHzz. leetlon. Th vot stood MoComee, 46; raised the money for this work, butth Ml Pea aad Prof. RoaatgnoL Ilcincooli xj Embroidery, Gorman 44; Scattering 81. . cost of excavating th ten feet of slate, 10 Bar! tot Solo "Armor Song.- De- ( 5 ston at Dagu' residene. amaihtng thing generally. Th children named abov were picked up In a badly braised condition and unconicloue. Physicians war lummoned, th children on the rear aid, wss far In xues of th estimate and on completion than KoTea. Mr. Nravaa AecompanleaU, Ml Bennett and (.1 At about Half Pries from what they are worth jjf- TO THX PUBLIC, Dear Friends; waa over $300 debt Thli was llqul Clough aad Mrs. Fllflterm&a. r1 in TLU fed! fpoi tat a thoii t!j cc!, i& all at goodg par&La4 tha adrmsdi dc1i t K v4il , . . , B O cared for and taken horn and it Is believed will recover. IY1. J. I I only wish to cay thai this is th I best time to get a Gold Coin stove be- j dated without going on th town by I leasing th rocin to th school board ' for a school room, aftsr th cfc-wl DOUBLS ENQUSH VTOIXTX P-1 In i cause you can get one at a discount at Alwaya treaa eat, 8S to $1 per basca. Order by stall sr oUarwlaa pttrotpt- K WERTHHEIMER & BR0. 3 1 building went down with th flood. John McGowan. teacher of a district th Ark. Tours truly, school near Anna, III., waa beaten and I A BARGAIN 8ZSKER. I Thar waa no belfry than, so that lytllea. 5TJ killed by two pupil, who ho tried to I when Capt W. A. Bean donated a r'- 4 js"W". I (Continued ea Second Page). 1 ponlah. I Legal Matte a PlematjfTia Sm. FKBmt, ISA 4 'cjr a" a.' Vaj V 'mf "W W' W w

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