The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 3, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
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Wednesday, October 3, 1900
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Daily Pioneer-Times. IHE 25tb YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS V WEDNESDAY, OCTOjjfcSl FIVE CENTS- Yesterday's Ball Games. Chicago 3. St. Louis 0. Bos-ton 7. Brooklyn 7. Philadelphia 2. New York . ROOSEVELT IN IN BRYAN'S TOWN MINERS REJEGT THE WAGE OFfER THE BLACK HILLS WELCOMES TEDDY LOUCKS SEES A LANDSLIDE. He Talks of the Political Outlook In the Black Hilts. Anybody who has ever known anything nf nolitics :n South Dakota The Governor Takes Ihe Capitol of Nebraska by Storm. He Is Given a Contlnuons Ovation in Crossing the State. LINCOLN, Neb., Oct. 2 overnor Roosevelt took Bryan's town by stom this afternoon. His first speech this morning was at North Platte. The ovation was continuous across the entire state. He arrived here at four o'clock this afternoon. Excursion trains from all directions brought in enthusiasts until the streets were packed. It is estimated that twenty thousand people heard his speech at the Capitol grounds. WE just received They Demand That Grievances be Civen Attention First. Hopes of an Early Settlement are Being Abandoned at Scranton. WILKESBARKE, I'a.. 'Jet. 2 Spo-tial A monster miners' demonstration was held here today. There was a parade with twenty thousand men and boys in line. Delegates to the miners convention voted not to accept the ten per cent or any other increase until their grievances-are satisfactorily adjusted. . SCRANTON. Pa.. Oct. 2 Special The bright hopes of a speedy adjustment of the miners' strike with whi'h people in every walk of life v, r,. lMioed up thru the promise of ,1, N. w York operators last w.rl. an- raduflliy molting away. The lo cal opi i atoi-s registered a kick at .t ni.-i-tini.' at Wilkesbarre yesterday ami the laJTe rs and business men arc again settling back into the old mood playing the game of wait. While ev-ervhwtj' -wr4ies to see the. titrXk.; ended' the Miners say they will .starve rather man accept a settlement on the one-sided basis offered by the operators. What they wnat moro than an advance in waxes is an adjustment of their many grievances. Burglars Rob the Vatican. ROME. Oct. 2. Special. During Sunday's festivities at St. Petersburg cathedral, burglars entered the deserted part of the Vatican, broke into the strong box and stole several hundred thousand francs. o Managers After Harrison. NEW YORK, Oct. . Special. Ex-President Harrison is here. He refuses to commit himself on whether he Intends to make campaign speech es this fall. The republican mana co iu i o tan. a uy -frv""' gers are making an extra effort to get him to agree to take the stump. 4 ill Nominate Prince David. W HONOLULU, S. I., Oct. 2 Special. The democrats will nominate Prince David, nephew of Qneen Lil. for terri torial delegate to congress. David was' also a delegate to the Kansas City convention. V Conspirators Ordered Punished. WASHINGTON, D. C, Oct. 2. Special. Minister Wu today handed the state department a copy of the Imperial CJhinese decree, where the emperor orders the chief conspirators In the recent outbreak punished. This includes Tuan and other rebel princes. Bryan's Car Desecrated. LA CROSSE, Wis.. Oct. 2. Special. Mr. lirvan finlshe . a verv successful day's speaking here tonight, mostly j in iiiinnesota. A big crowd heard the ; speech here. While Hryan's car vvns standing in the Minneapolis yards j last night vandals stripped the tints' a large Assortment -x-p r r f ui new uuu s Deadwood and Lead Will Homage to Roosevelt Tonight. Do u i ii' ii M-b- TU D..n His Train Will Make The nun From Chadron Without a Stop. liDn'ruur Theodcue Roosevelt and h,s friends, Senator Dolliver. Curtis C and John I'ro tor Clark, aeeom-1 ;.hihi I y a i orps of correspondents ast:i :icw.-p,,p-rs and a number o: the Nebraska committeemen, will In- in Deadwood and Lead tonight. The ptopb' el tin- two towns ale fully 1 n i;ircii to It- e:e t ti till All day'.ii '.!. :., ss linusi j and maliv :.-): s s : e le ciung al ! It! tun: ls :ii-ui tl. .! uratiii.-. and oy ; u. . ,i:..t.uti- will ti.- i oin.iiete. 'i i.e :i.u.-l ej.ilm: .it u oj .i t ion ,s no- ,..,,,. .:, the. i,i-i:,,; w ;udw.- ol l U-ille.-.S i;Oi:-es .,;:i ll'.liles. a. lllllll'OM- i,: pretty and appi op: iu: -Ue.-igiis having; In . n earned out. A coinsuinc..- ot :i e ::iuii De.ulw no 1. all I 1.' .el slslilig ol t. Ol ge V. A We-, Col. W. H. Steele, ti. li. liehiiett. D. 1'. Jeiik:ns and II. II. Dnscoll went down the Kik-liorn road la.-t night, and A'lll meet the distinguished party at Chadron, returning to Deadwood on tne Roosevelt train, information was received that there would not be room on the train for more than rive from Deadwood. The governor's train will come up as far as Crawford over the Burlington. Owing to the length of his car, the Burlington company deemed it inadvisable to attempt to bring the train over the short curves of the high line" thru the Black Hills. His train will consequently be switched onto the Elkhorn at Crawford, and run across to Chadron. The run from Chadron to Deadwood will he made without a stop, barring mishaps, and the best possible speed will be maintained. The train will be given right of way over everything, and the road will be open to it all the way. The marching column will form near the republican headquarters on Main street at 7 o'clock this evening, sharp, the heads of the various clubs and delegations reporting to Marshal John Holding. The column will then march down to Dunlap avenue below the Elkhorn freigh depot in the First ward Governor Roosevelt 'and party will leave the train at the crossing, near the foot of Dunlap itveiuie. and will be placed In carriages-. The line of march will be up Main street to the City hall: thence on Deadwood street to Sherman. At this jiiiutitre the governor will leave the parade and start for Lead from the Deadwood Central depot . The procession will continue up Sherman street to Ihe enmt house: thence on Dine street ai ross to Main: thence ,iowi. Main s:.i to tin- speaker's land, tt liii h will be erei t"d ! ween the Fii-t Nat ion.' i b'tik and Kirk G. I billips' drug stie-i . i: 'he we.ith. T is pi.-asant If l'.'i'l " ' :" ' should interfere the Opei a lio;tse and City hall m- ill l us, -it two tneetmizs In !llg con ilU'leu siiimiiaiieuii. i . The Ladies' Rough Rid. rs1 Glee ; club will meet at Marshal lb Ming's of- ! ,-,. in ,),o ('if. hall, at 7 o'clock.! , . ., ' ..i. ...... . ... ti . i w -i i-i ,n w ee ii txiL- ing. "Hie follow. as ordi r of format ion w ill Lead Rand and Delegation. Rough Riders. Carriages. Ladies Glee Club. Terraville Band. Outside Delegations. Terry Band. Deadwood Republican Clubs. Deadwood Band. Floats on Wagons. Citizens on Foot. - -S of the lirge industrir porations or stand will nave to be reor; suit of a siiiiiiar nat ,t taeir dis- solution. Davenport's f ler Swings. SEATTLE, Wtf Oct. --It ad vices from Dawson of the sentence of Alexander King, a.udged guilty of the murder of Her: rt Davenport, of Paterson. N .1 . b orrect. he was hanged today The n. ni red confessed his crime Daveni t was freighting goods to King dow the Yukon to Dawson and kept uniting on the" sand liars. King told turn that if it happened aga:n he would kill him, and wliei; the s' (w sTu- a another bar Kirg ei(il,y iir.-w his revolver and tmptied it :no ii,iv r:mn s bii'ly. killing him install, ly Daly Faction in Convention. itllTTE, M..M . (,- '1 - TV Daily 5nj of rb. Moritjana I m-iuo- ra-y is meeting in rorivnTiin her Unlay Tl.e new jarly ha.-i t.e-e:i .""hn'eiM-il "th ! :. impendent I u-m r;tt -arty Its ot.j.M ' is st-ated Ui If the elistt'iTi .f Williarti J Hryan and the r.ii.Tiit'! i- .'i uf thf jKiir. f 'h.s Ktat . trim Itht- ailige! !-:!- ;,.) i.mi ' !ne:fc': of the riurk ' f Frlrirkhiirn Vptf ran?. a - - - - - I'i.KI 'FC'IK'KSlit'lo:. Ya . t rrt . -Ihr.n ;i gi in. nts fimght together on the I attlefield here thirty-eiuM years ago li-Minir inioa !'.e V I tt - I me 1"".: Implement Manufacturers. I iCK.l". Wl- " ' "i ! M I r .'.i . l : l '!!: of : tl -i i o'lio r y lie:,- Implement. Assoeia.! loll e;..l.i ef . 1 an :ng the 'y the mul V.lii.-l. will meet i ;,; a- -.. Atriieiili; M.iniir.u-tui in.; this i-i'y this month. It is expected that there will he over Ht'O delegaleH. besides a great number of visitors at the convention. The organization embraces all manufacturers of farm Implements. Hll Tried for Murder. CAMDEN, N. X, Oct. 2.- The trial Of Robert F. Hill, who was indicted by the grand jury for the murder of his wife in a fit of jealousy, began here today. ,fle plead not guilty. 0 Democrats Gathering. INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. Oct. 2 Dem- ocratlc clubs from all over the coun- try are arriving here today, to attend the national convention of democratic ciUDat which will open here tomorrow. It wlll De one 0f the greatest politi- cai gatherings tne country has ever Known, runy ou.uuu tmium m - ,. petted. The convention will be attended by the greatest orators and most profound democrats In the party. . 0 Catnolic Women's University. WASIIINC.TOX, li. '., Oct. - - The studies in the urn Catholic woman's university here began today. This is ihe only insiituiion of it- kind in ihe. lino I Slaies ami wiill a single . e. pi inn. lie only one in Hie world. The chairs and (scholarships lnne been donated by various Catholic women's organization tlirmigh- (llll. I In The l0l)-S lo lie 'III 11 II f the i woniiii all mi stitution ar tlm I'niti-.l eall attend ppi n wid. KEYSTONE CiUB COMING. the regular incoming Hut Imttoit passenger train, numbering probably twenty-five or tlnrtiearing badges. The "delegation will have a speoial train between Keystone and Hill City. Messrs. Whitney and Fay are forest rangers for the southern Hills, and- their business here is to report Forest Supervisor Hamaker. They came up thru the timber of the eastern f ), ttlnrk Hills, and their reports will deal with the conditions of tho timber reserve on the western siope oi the. Hills, ami they will also make reports on that. Keystone, they say. has a republican club of 136 members. This is re markable, considering that rour years aeo Brvan had a majority of 9 votes in the precinct. The Penningtotn county convention for the nominauon of candidates was held at Keystone a short time ago. and these gentlemen state that it was more like a Fourth of July celebration than a convention. Ttte town was filled with people and the conYention was preceded by a magnificent patriotic demonstration, consisting of a parade by rough riders and a public flag raising, at which a fid ii puuiic uaf. i - , i everyone in the town was present The convention passed off witn m great degree ofjitnnony. and a re- markabW fact was (that nearly "Li romlnaUons were by. acclamaUon. fr 11 IF ti Bryan's Defi. (Standing Adv. in Bryanite Papers.) "The republican party today dare not defend the policy jn the Philippine islanus. The republican party today is responsible for ever drop of blood drawn from an American soldier in the Philippine islands or drawn by an American soldier. There never was any occasion for War In the Philippines. There never would have been war in the Philippine islands if the republican party had deait with the r iliplnos according to American principles." W. J. Bry-an's Speech at Indianapolis. Answered by Col. James A. George, (Democrat,) at ltelaunay's hall. Central City. South Dakota, October 1st, 1900. Col. George took up the Bryanite statements and negatived them at length, and every assertion he roado was based on fact and fully supported by a preponderance of evidence. The speech will be published In full in tho Pioneer-Times Thursday. Members of the Ladies' Rough Rider (ilee club will meet at 7 o'clock tonight at the marshal's office in tha City hall, where the band wagon will be waiting for them HAVE MQ QflO 1(11(111 VW A A rfW A rfW A. A. PJATIfUJAI DAIJI7 IvH I lUllflL UHI1I AND STATE, ? .. t a. r r i -a. W 01 orean Parts ot the World. f and ihe Black Hills ,5 at h 1 Caahier. JOHN TRKBEA. BEN BiJER. Vies Pre -4 - - r- - - - i needs not be told very , much regaiding j the ability of H L. Loin ks in reach , tag the people or in estimating a po litical situation, .-ays ,.. S:o ix City j Journal. He was the father of populism in thai j state and mustered a strength which j kept the republicans guessing uiun i.e slon projects destroyed the :deiiti' of the party, and uu Mr Lotu ks left It because he did not purpose to a t as art adjunct M democracy, no hl, Ijh. Glared his de termination to act rather with the republicans, and .a larg following of men who were populists for populism's sake went with htm. He is now in the tarnpaign for Mi Kinley, feeling certain that fne principles for which he has labored i annot depend upon the democratic party for pormotion. Last eveniDg he was in Sioux City on his way home from the Black Hills, where he has just de livered fifteen political speeches, and if his judment is as good as it used to there is in store tor tne repuun- ..i- 1 1, ns a glorious victory Missouri, and it is his guess the same conditions prevail east of the river, al- tho he has not had the same oppor tunity to definitely test tile sent i mom Jin Upeakiiiir of ""' campa'agn. lisp id ' doll'! si . ,uw I an be fooled about it for I Lav- been in every se, turn of the IH!s coimtiy. and it was 15y business to look into Hi" miillei'. It is a safe bet that every county out there w ill ui a ma .ority for the r-I uldir an tick. t. and Flank ivttign-w Hill not get a single senator or member of th- house -not one. I was as tonished at the number ot lonii-i pop ulists who are coming over to the republicans. I personally know the most prominent populists in that section. and many of the rank and nie, auu there is a landslide back to republi canism among those who had gone into the neoDle's party dung the time of its great growth. Two years ago the republicans had something like 6000 majority in the state, ana a tremendous part of this was duo to popu-nt returning to the party. There will be enough of them this year to :B8ure 10,000 majority and others are coming from the democratic party as well. It is my Judgment that teoutn Dakota this year will astonish everybody with the republican succes it will record. Populists Are Silent. "I noticed in a recent interview with Senator Pettigiew that he said the populists are not saying snuch in this campaign, which he regarded as rather singular, because they are naturally agitators. I believe I am in a posi lion to know something of the reason for their silence. They are simply disgusted with the way the j.arty has been betrayed into the toils of democracy, anil they don't purpose to indorse it. Senator Pettigiew may count on it that tne silence of the populists means destruction .f his schemes to use tile people as a eats paw. A multitude of cases on 1.1 be ( iiuni niled in whii h tie- liryan strength of four ears ago ha- co.-d away sin e that tune. l''or instance. i ivii; 1 1 1 1 e, wen. oiilv four stumpers Horn Hi- Hh'ck llil'- r-gion w ho j spoke . a t of the rivr in the it:'- r j e-t of tie- deino- ratio i andidale. They j u or,, dud '.- V -I Plow man. populist : S. K. Vh in.:, fici silver repiile ' an: Colom-i (boFo. ib lllix iil. Tins cials. This yar eeiy one of tin -e men is mi the stump lor M ivinb :' :it"l the r.-i.iiMiran ticket. That U a sanr- id,, of !! charges that have tai-.i-u . mace a.... "Stat. M-nator N. wla id o n.y. lerlainlv one t 1, an -i noun l.-ls 111 t lo- Iliac! Ibitt. cry Hills. , i . .. - l . has out d.-nvi ted the fusion pruje-t and is for McKinley. Dr. Kii. k and Mr. Lewis, both prominent ilcnioci ais of l'eniiiiiKton (onnty. and Abe Boland year -very on- of these men ago went over to free silver and Bry-anism with Pettigrew. are this year supporting the republican ticket. Robert Woods of Custer county, who for years has been prominent, as an anti republican leader, is out for McKinley. Peter Miller, formerly a populist leader in Butte county. . was chairman of the republican county He Predicts Defeat. "These are a few of the things which make me feel so sure- that every county in the Hills will give a republican majority, and that Petti-grew's senatorial aspirations will not get an atom of support from that section in the next legislature. two years ago the republicans had about a two-thirds majority In the legislature on Joint ballot, with only about 5000 majority on the state ticket How can it possibly hare any less on Joint ballot witJA a state majority twice as large as two years ago? The Instances I have cited, of populists going back Into the republican party In me Hills region, may be duplicated. I have no doubt, on tbe east side of the river. I have been In only one county Continued on Page 5,) latest style men and boys CLOTHING also a Big line of Uuclerwear, Rail's W AA AAAAA i TllC AMETDIPAM I IILHIIILISIUHI. Deadwood, ,.A DEPOSITORY GITT COTJITTV . South Dakota. FOR THE. and ''orations off. ; Twenty.fjve Member8 From the Lively Nebraska Poll Favors Mckinley. i Camp Will Arrive Today. CHICAGO, Oct. 2 Special. A cary- : i- . W hitney and A. K. Kay, of ful poll of" Nebraska by 'ttm repubii- ' Key , tone, arriv. d in Ifeadwood yes-can state central committee is half i tenlny altenioon. a4.l ,ll remain tin completed and shows that McKinbw j ui alter the Roosevelt demonstration is likely to overcome Hryan's fifteen I tonight. They state that a large dele, thousand majority of four years ago I gatiou from tin' Keystone i-epublb an and rairy-Ihe state. " Iclub will reah here-this evening on r v i I uraiiiy una I 3 sued, Good in All COsLZaBCTZOZTS Attended to Promptly and Intelligently J To any extent warranted by borrowers names or J Chairmen of visiting delegations wltttconvention held the other day Youtzy Trial Begins. PRANKFORTR, Ky., Oct. 2. Special. The trial of Henry Youtzy on the charge of complicity In the Goebel assassination was begun here today. ErGovernor Taylor will testify by deposition. v Union Veterans. Washington, d. c. Oct. 2 Two important conventions the Union Veteran'8 Union encampment, Md the Woman's Veteran Relief Union meeting began here today. It w the fifteenth' annual encampment. Including visitors, about 15,000 people are in attendance First Suit Under Anti-Trust Law. BUFFALO, N. Y.r Oct 2. The argument In the famous case of Caro-tO Metcalf 8in8t the American rl Furniture company and others -.ran, today, in m Alatrlct before .,aWHael. 'm1- MetcJf. Tho lives at Eldge-a. Cpnn brought suit 'against the American School Furniture company i, ,t dissolution under the United m anU tniBt laws. This -was the j" action ever brought against a fr"n this kind, and the outcome of v JniA a being eagerly looked for r wpresentatlTes of all the biz trusts. . Mrs. Metcalf Is successful all Accounts Solicited Our long- experier :t seryice of intending invest. w DZRECTOnS please report to the marshal at republican headquarters on arrival. o ' Grtat Northern Tunnel. SEATTLE, Wash.. Oct. 2 Th 5ret Northern Cascade tunnel .from Wellington' to Cascade, Is practically completed. The" work was one of the Krett railroad engineering feats in the world. The rotd surmounts the mountain divide, between tbe two towns by means of a series.' of switchbacks. There are nine of these each, with a, spur 1,000 feet kmc- Tbe total distance acroaa tbe mountain Is . . . . ML A . . a3 m Ml - A iweive nKim ih- iiuw vw w wMchbilokl to be Aandooed. the moun-" to dooe 4wly rUi mat tanc to le-s than three Bin a. - W W. K. ADAMS. f HARRl FRANBXIN. Pres. I WU- 8ELBIE,

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