The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 13, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 13, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING,, MAY 13, 1899. LINDE'S LATEST EXPERI IWIIIIWI HHMHMII afJIM LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. LEAD'S Mammoth Department Store announcement! Our Stpcks are now complete and full in all Departments. 1S99. ! t t LEAD, S. D. MAY 13, MENTS WITH LIQUIIFID AIR. At a recent meeting of the French Association for tine Advancement of the Sciences, M. Dommer announced that Dr. Linde was now engaged on the construction of a small piece of apparatus for the production of liquiuil air in eighteen minutes. With respect to the preservalaion of the liquid air when on made, M. Dummer stad that with the latest form of vacuum vessel of about half a gallon capacity, the liquid will take fifteen days to S Simat i Hit UMIil I NOTICE. Notii-e in hereby given forbidding any one purchasing a certain note for the amount of $10.00, given by me to H. Goodrich, as I did not have value re-calved JOHN I,ENK. ( completely evaporate. As the nitro- frank Murro, a miner, had several pUx'cti of (juartz extraAel from his left eye by th hospital physicians yesterday. t S. n. Smith is having a nice trade In WALL l'AI'ER, he is selling at the old rlte from 10c up per double roll. (4-20-tf.) W. 8. Allinon remains very near death's door, and his physicians expert hourly to hear that he has passed g.-n or the liquid air bolls o trmore rapidly than the oxygen, the liquid Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies. Dry Goods, Clothing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. becomes continuously richer in the latter gas, and I)r. Borchers had ac cordingly used the residual liquid for SALVATION ARMY. Thds evening, aft the Salvation Army barracks, will be given a service of Bong enitkiled "HOTly Dray; or the King's Son." They will have a nice time, and thane desiring eeata most appear early, for there will be a crowd. J obtaining the high temperature necessary for producing calcium carbide without the aid of electricityy. By away. soaking cotton wool in the residual li quid a powerful explosive is pro duced, which, though It must be prepared on the spot and fired within a There la to In a rousing "ojen air" to begin with and the enbhUHlaam will be carried to the liaH. After the entertainment ice cream will be served for rti. malt uitm of IS cmita wr plate. Tiie Cohen-Gumbiner company s new al in this issue will tell you what iPriliM thy are making to sell off their mammoth stork. Mr. and Mrs. F. Wilson held a reunion en their home yosterday afwr-noon and all the relatives were present to enjoy the festivities, Kenry Schnitzel's assay office will limited period, Is nevertheless stated to be very cheap, as one pound of ex With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we as your iLspection of TlieXargest Quantity The Best Quality, and X.owest Prices. THE plosive can, be obtained for an expenditure of 1h to 2-horse power hours. At tine SImpIon Tunnel Works, therefore, a plant is being erected capable BANNER PRESENTATION. There wu a lam at the Miners' opera house Thursday night to witness the praeuutlau, of Uio recently won e temporarily located In the basement ot his residence. No. 8 Gulnn street prise banner to the Modern Woodmen of producing about ltt gallons of liquid air per hour. 'Slavonian Alley). oamp. The banner was presented by The supper for the Modern Woodmen Thursday night was served at the Pop Representative 8. A. Ramsey. Hi speech was responded to by Paul Pin THE ONLY KIDNEY SPRINGS WATER. ular restaurant by Ed Upetlll, and it eonnault, wlio was a substitute fur the The kidney spring water handled by Venerable Council Poole. The programme was a success from beginning to end, Visitors were In attendance IXay and Porter is from the Evans spring at Hot Springs, S, D., and not from Spruce gulch. The Piedmont water is from the Crystal spring at Piedmont, and is guaranteed absolutely pure. We can sell surface, or so- was so excellent that those who partook are still talking about rL A great many old watches which are onsidered a&elepj may b . brought nto service by taking them to the t!eemer-Orton company and have .hem repaired. (tf.) George Bretteli will soon etart his from the neighboring camps and took a hearty Interest In the proceedings. Aiw tne programme the noor was cleared and dancing begun. The M, called kidney springs water, for 25o W. of A. band furnished the music for 5 gallons, but that is not what the sawmill, which is located about four no auaur was in une nature or a re people want We are the only people uaic kuck ami urc crusnc' miles 'below Speerflsh crossing. He ception to the distinguished visitor and neighbor, a A. Ramsey, who cm epects to put a largea mount of good who handle this water. Bell Phone 111. Here la an opportunity to lumber on the market, as he has the -GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co from Woonsocket to make the presentation and to offlclally visit the Black place your orders and receive logs already cut and at the mill. pure spring water which will Fully Jdjcriod ia our No. 1, Catalogue. Hills camps. He la one of the ablest BRYAN & GESKEY have money to men of the order, and his speech that not endanger your health, ruin your disposition or make sand paper of your oan in any quantity on good terms. paght received high praise from alL atAN Lei n jri leal estate, broxerage and lire Insur- throat, as la the case with the water nce business transact eu. All business you buy of the city. Orders may be S3PW0RTlfc.LEJA.QUE ANNIVERSAHT attended to with promptness and care. placed at any time with Messrs. Porter Irettell block Lead. (3-23-tf.) &. Day, and will be promptly filled. Rev. W. M. Richards, pastor at Ter- Tomorrow maitica the tamth anniversary of the Epworth League and it will tie a day that all Methodise wtll feel an ' Interest In. Wherever this navHle and Galona, will preach at Ter- o FOR SALS. One of the finest farms In the coun raville on Sunday evening. Subject ? special mt trusner Our N -w Design will inierest you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM. Gates' Improved Vanners. They are tha Standard. Gates, Slioes and Dies Adopted by the florneBtake Mining Co 7"oung people society has found its ISId and FVjrgivwiess. Serrice to try. 200 acres. Prlo $3,000. commence at 7:30. A moat cordial welcome given to all. laSB $4W cash, balano on, cwo and three yean, at 8 per cent (tt) d. a. Mcpherson. we the day win be appropriately calibrated. It will bs observed In the M. A Church In Lead la Che evenlnaj, and the. following programme tsQU bow It will ba done: ,.( Binding r ; . ; Congregation , The officers at 'the Salvation Army met on Thunwlay ndgbt and held FOR SALB, TWO HOISTS. grand rally In connect ion with the local corps. Captain Jeffries was well pleased One twenty-horse portable friction with t& meeting and says that corps W Pastor ScrJpture Leaaon .. .. j. t. Lilly engine and bailer, adjueUble band foot Trcmain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Frrna. Fourteen catalogues describe ur Mining Machinery. will now come to the front break, with 300 feet teal cable, com w0" ....The League plete. . - Chlorodyn Conga Mixture will cure Paper Origin and Omawth of thfl that cough, or We refund tno money. L. On large blower, suitable for fifty Eprw'flth Leacus . . Mies Ida Evans P, Jenkins. Druggist. tt UngJnfc . .'. . . i : i i m Oaneregatkm ton smelUng furnace.' One BtiMonart friction ' drum hriM' The Wesley an Quartet Is he best Tbe Epworth Wheel fifteen 'nom-power engine had boiler. company of abicera on the road, and , HdM K. Benjamin completa.' " " v' - - - - aa they may never appear acatn. all Office Opposite Bullock Hotel ""W VIIIIV ELSTON AVE.. CHICAGO. ILLS, Two flKer presses for chiorination of should hear them on Monday night at cyanide. the opera bouse. It 4s given aa a bono. Enquire of B. Fati Lead. & D. (tf) fit to th pubUo school library fund. --f :-. I,! Ufr If.'! v- and the ,prtoef of admission, ha been Thy Epworth HeraM. .IFVed Symington fKogfoc . . Congregation The Amtor Laavoa .......... ,...r ' ............. Misa Ewle Rmpabury 'How th LegW '.'Oan AhJt toe: Pastor . Prof. Sharp The Leafua of the TwM&kJta'Cebj. .-tucjr sh. V, . :.. .Mm Wrtght ReoogKttlc of Junior officers, si J reduced to 25 cents. The scholars are out aelUnv tick and h tadtaatkms are that thre wtU bea full toUsef Steam A SatibatB aohool Is being organised COM ADNDRY at TonraTtRe again. Thers la a large number of children Irving at Terraritle, OutFJowera furnished on twenty? four bourt actio for all occaaloaa from", the crmdl to the btt. Hpeclal rate to wedding partlea and i nnerala. " and It 1 hoped that they will be present at th churcb at I o'clock on Sunday afternoon. Of course teachers and J. J. Hanaon of 8t Paul waa a Lead visitor. . The Belt country waa risked by a heavy frost fast tO&ti L f , :- V t L WANTED Two dining room glrla at the Springer house.: Inquire at ono O'V (5-l-l-m) . ' S. R. SMITH Has Secured The Exclusive Sale of ..New Iron Bed, 17 South Gold St. All Orders by Telephone will be Promptly Attend, ed to Black ,Hilla , offliJers are needed tor the proper conduct of die school, and a moat hearty C. C KNIGHT. Telephon 11 n is intermixed to all Who have MrirEmma Burroughs Is a guest oft anyXirtereet wbateTer'ta ttta spiritual education of the chJldren. Everybody Mra Malkson In West Lead. JOHN; ELMEHEr HARRISON TELEPHONE 254. Our Wagon will Call come and help, j:. t. State's Attorney R. C Mayes vtettefl Hoiss6 Monr ; and Bepairer. With' the Malabla Fastner that never breaks or g-eta out of order. H is wtiing them a. cheap aa others are aelliog the old fashioned bed. Lead yesterday .t.Je..y; on Deadwood Customers Daili All Work Done Wkb Pro-mptnesa aad dlspatcn.-. HIAWATHA PARK, LEAD, a D. All Work Gainnletd. . 0. ROBERTS, Managex ED. HART, Agent, Deadwood. )MaMMoa Real estate Is constantly on the move in Lead, and Che following transfers are reported ty Broker Watter McKay for yesterday: Frank D. Gallagher to J. E. Con- v " way, bouse and ' tat In West ,Lead . . .....t...8D0 Mrs. A. K. Pierce to Mm Grlppen, lota 1 and 2, block T Pettyfs ad- dltioa to Ho Springs .......... 800 , A. McOill, the piano dealer, met He is headquarters for all kinde ot 3 Carpets Crocxery, Wall Paper or anything in that Line. He ii also a full fledged UNDERTAKER of 19 year experience. SI R. SMITH. LEAD. LcQ&Pcrrms 8. R. Smith la atlll selling th 165.00 Knger for 132.50 cash, and others at prices hi proportion, ft c1 - I. ' ' A. Thomson leaves next week for South Africa to remain. Arthur Monahan has resigned hds po-sltion at J. L.' IfawottxV-r.Sr : Copies of th Ploneor-Tlaies;; will bereafier M on sale at D. Jacob's uasaar 6n Main atreeL r " (it) ; W. r- Foley left Lead for BuUe, Mont, yesterday. iS Tbn elayton Jubilee Slngera entertained th Leadltea last nlgbt.' - - -; airs. Campbell called Is Deadwood yestarday. . . .. . GRAND DANCE... wttb a serious and painful accident yes CAUSE THE ORIGINAL 3 BY THE 1 terday morning Wndla spUtting wood out In 'the back yard. J Mr. McGUl bad not noticed a dothea Mns just above hia bead. It was when be raised the ax a UU1 higher than usual for a bard WORCESTERSHIRE TleyllsBafMtie Compaii J. blow at aa, aayMdlng atlck that th tool caught on tha ana, which sent tt ; y niners Unioa Hall Load. Uay: 17; 1899 down upon hia bead wtta terrtflc force. -DEALERS IN His bead was laid open for about six trachea, fat fortunately did not go deep Eodstrom 9k Ox grra yoa two doaaa baantiful stamp ponnuta lor SS eaaca. OaH and baa tbae oart toot to Bam CkmpbalL n w y H. B.' Wardroaa, tha hardwaia man. yistoet Lead yeWerday iwith bla grip; v enough to penetrate the etuil, aa ft Clvaa m meat dalleiou flavor to 111 nnl p14 f1MMf V7c!:h Rarciik, c!:. struck htm a gJandng btenr. Mr. Uo- Glll waJ bear Dr. Wade's offlce, and the doctor cared for the wound, so that A eon aa bora yesterday morning at a o'clock to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar HekH. ther wa not much loss of blood. KxacotlT W. ,Wm. Oaorsa H. Ball, ; E. W. RwouiaV , Thoeaas Orecorr, Joha P. Jcthns, Joha Bntkr. Tloocldba BrovBlas, Daa Drra Jooa Bntier. a W. Walla, N. EL Davty, W. 8. OBrfan.. . . . .. KaosjKttoo B. W. Boan4, Qacrxa H. Ban. James Nathawar, A. Cv X- IHea Lottie Harroldi want Oam -COMBINED. . 4 Hia Qty yeeterday to Ttait friends for Fiimture; Ci Everything Strictly up to date and prices that cannot be beak : and EmbidlmerSi'; No. 3 Mam St, Liad9 Souih Dakota a fww days.' ' ' ) Th First ward meat market and the "Cash Market the new Arm la styled DEWARE OF IMITATI0N3. tabHgnattticaTryliotfla 8. It CoiTJi bas Uia exclusive sal ot ti nw mmaiCK Sadury Refr. ra'.or. It is ti only oca mad that 1 i a c cation of a, aad keeps dry u -umana aiea mrxn." They mean boaineas and win do st too, Meat at Omaha prions, coma and sea mm. W. J. AlUsoa, Oaarrs Oata. , 4 . K; of P. Orchestra TwIt Pimm. oa and get ft pleasant surprlae at No. 27 Mala street. t u use. (4-20-tf.) MMOasesa'Si Atwti,lwTM. .Tlclieta - - - 01.00

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