The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 13, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 13, 1899
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING,, MAY 13, 1899. iiMiuniiiiHiiHiiiimtif j RAND OPENING MINES AND MINING. MMMIItlllllMltlMMMWIMWIIIHMtiMMMflllllMMIIIMItlllllllltl IIUIHII If llllllltf I lit If lllll : OF ! CASH TALKS! in the legs. Several of the boys came In sick tonight. I don't know just what to think about thto "deal." What are we fighting for anyway? Not for spoil, not for glory, nor for "suffering humanity," as we j STRIKE AND DIP. A frequent aotiroe of error la the location of quartz nriuee Is found la the Inability of the prospector to distinguish between the true and apparent tftrlke of a vein. Many veins have a A. F. SNYDER The well known Jeweler on im, street All goods damaged by flr, be sold at lees than manufacture-, cost Call early and get your bertu while the stock to complete. AH kinds of wateh and Jeweler pairing. We have got the goods and want your trade. windlngo ourse, swinging first one way j fought the Spaniards simply for the end then another, but most veins are flag and because we are ordered to. distances. There U less Hkelihood of .1 don't think It is right, but I will do erro rin locating a vein which stands j my duty with the rest to the United perpendicular, or nearly so,, for the . States and the flag, topography of the ground does not af- Thi war is a great deal larger than feet it materially; but Where veins have ( the Spanish war ever was; more men tow angle of dip in a rough country j killed and wounded. There has been the locator finds hi vet-n striking in f 1,400 killed and wounded since Ftobru- slgzag course anros the ridges and ary 4. 1899. The night I came back gulcbes and be to often puzzled to know into town,, at the railway station, how to kjtait his dlaiim so as to cover where they were dressing the wound- we Gome and see us, will treat you right. Engraving done while you wait A. F. SNYflFR Ayres & Wanton Hardware Co. Main Street. th lode. This dlfnoufty may be solved ed, the boys were so brave never a by a correct understanding of the j murmur from them. I could see them meaning of strike and dip. The strike shut their tooth, and 1 knew they wers line of a vein in Its direction on a an awful pain. One poor fellow was (horizontal Vine, taiken at right angles . shot In the neck and was calling for ' I i IHitlllH aeeeeeeeeeaeeeeeeeeae1 TOMBSTONES. IRON FENCING T f ????ffTTTTf to Ha dip. 'When alxnit to locate a mine the strike must be taken in a horizontal direction (on the tore), and not down the slope of the hill. This 1b the true strike, so don ot locate the cLailm with an elbow in the center, but straight parallel with the real strike. water, but vould not drink; one had a Mauser clear through his head, and was 1 conscious. Iriouth Diakota had eight men killed, three officers, and about twenty wounded on the 27tih. SEDITION OF ANTI-EXANSION1STS. Gen. Hale was struck when standing right behind me. I got a hole In my hat. This war may last for years yet. Just as it did with the Spanish. The "(niggers,," fighting and retreating, are Wary enough not to get surrounded. MONUMENTS Foreign and American. Marblk and Granite. Are You Prepared? GAYVILL.E MINING NOTES. Water has been struck in the drift that has been in from the bottom of (he bedrock shaft, at the Batl-more A Dead wood stamp mill. The drift encountered the water almost at DEADWOOD, S. D. J. H, CALE, Agent, and always escape. They always have the mountains to go to in time of need, and the party in the United Statea the mlil, and it to etatei that there Uyfog the yes hopes and inciting Fine weather has come at last, and now is the time to get that pair of summer Shoes. is enough to run 100 stamp. The com i Shoes With them to oppose the Americans. There is a grave responsibility to be fixed some place, and the one is to be pitied on whom it fails. There are many lives and limbs of good American soldiers' to be avenged, and there are Innumerable Filipinos dead. In your letter you speak of my pany put a shaftf down near the mek bed, about the middle of the gulch, but the regular channel was not encountered at ret A drift was then started towards the north, and it was In this drift that the water has been found. In the meantime' the company baa had sufficient water in the bottom at the shaft to supply the mill, as the melting snow was furnishing quite a! volume. Oar stock includes all of the latest and neatest summer footwear. No where can you find the same goods for less money. We always lead when it comes to Good Shoes at Low Prices, and oar stouk is the freshest as well as tbe largest in the Hill. wanting a discharge last summer. I did then; so did everyone here, I don't a Reputation. Our Boys Seal Skin Seamless SHOES! think you would have been able to Titus Cbrkhltl and associates, whos" ZT"J7 ZZ rZ.T Z , It at that ttane. Then it did not seem tew hundred feet -bove the Dalfci- C J ""IT . . , , , , and we were led on by some of our Go to - rz:3rr Z omc Then- GarrfUe, have put to a mall engine to j .,,, i1 I1 we were "ly tin soldier, and I Ar noted tor their wearing qualities excellent for school wear. .h! a.V.LT P,MV -wheo there W actual need and work making a 100-ton Cert .run on ore from . , , r v vr. a r. "ne everyone is willing and ZIPP'S. property. Mt. ready and anxtous to do Ms duty. We L. C. VERPLAST. llTr tor marching, bond and lease, la taklnc out the ors . 77. . T"' . No. GO fJa.&x'rxxetn. St. tor the run, and Is at the same time TJT. C7 maklng some improvements In the workings of the sroperty. i "j -wvj nnin uu uuiBU xue "mv& up .and be through. I get (homesick some- times and would like to be back. Oth- Jor now, only a soldier. I will try to cern which will control the price Of add to her ooi lection when I run across copper in America and Europe, The any of rarftyy. Love to alL" -J-T J i J7uZ T' rT , , times I don't have time to think of merohaot. Is stiil at work on bis phono- v. . .v . . . ... "t- You are right to the conclusions Ube projwrty, a short dlrtanoe abovs ' . . . , , . . . rou have drawn in regard to life In Garden city, mad is getting out some . ,,, . . . Hothachitlda and Morgans deny the truthfulness of the report that they are underwriting any such project. Mining Black PIills Institute MILLIONS GIVEN AWAT. Una looklnc m nmae mi . I some and beasts out of others. Moral- ft Sdentiflc Press. OF .... BID8 WANTED. Tbe OoM Edge Mining Co. wiU re It Is certainly gratifying to th pub-llo know of one concern In Uve land who are not afraid to be generous to the needy and suffering. The proprietors of Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and colda, bars given away over ten million trial bottles of thto treat medietas; and bars ceive until May 15, 1899. 12 o'clock, WANT TO TO FIGHT TO WAR'S END1 lT' 1 IBhto-'t beneflt me; the ex-: " - ; .perleooa will be valuable, and the A. South lWkoU SdItlr Writa tht,,:"Sr2 Ml Com Dere to dty. i ' ?lfcw, fl' The p.'r!oOam b Ainerican fft-they will nrm stv, ir v. . PkMi. .- do tlvelr duty, as Americana, !k1-S2S:..- no plaob for a poor man. sealed proposals tor fanning a lOe-foot drift, ti feet by 7 feet on their min OSTEOPATHY Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic 81111(1111?, Deadwood S. D. E. P. WOOD, D. O. J. L. DENMAN, Secretary. J. J. BECKHAM, S. A. S. O. ing property In Strawberry gaUh. M MVWWP 4 MM WVUI WVUWl tMSUnai j w " HiiairwtsMi Ha iwm nMaMai Ak. The right to reject any and all bids vH-n.asvw rvw aaw'm,v ma wsg 4 to hereby reserved. The terms of the the satisfaction of knowing it baa ab-lolutal cured thousands of hopeless cases. .Asthma, bronchitis, horaeness and all diseases ot the throai. chest contract saade known on eropflcaaton to and Nebraska, which have seen-. the hardest fighting, sticks ; out ' in every Has of a letter just received by C. F. Jaekton, 208 Fourteenth atreet, from bis ttcjtsw. CtMK'jes L." Jackson, a pri-Tate In company C, First Sow'h Dako- soldiers are out of town. . I don't think I would stay here If I had a chance. r The climate is not the beet, and I don't Hke 1i If the Americans hold the islands there might be some- CHARLES E MoHTJOH, Superintendent. Dated May 8, 1899. Office an Opera House Block. TELEPHONES: Black Hills 155. Harrlsoii 98. and lungs are surely cured .by K. Call on Phillips ASteenssn, druggists), and get a free trial bottla. Regular size (0 cents and $L00. Every bottle guaran wvw mm'ju. fvcvviw them. over to the natives. As long as Trwt aU aerrow and chronic diseases such as Dm, kidney and stomach wSct 7tEE'5 L VKU!, dMM Md fact. moM of KmTto J.ti ,K9ctifn hT- W. bweflt about 90 per cat. mn7 abandoaed at Incurable brother syatemTof trU SATURDAY EXCURSIONS VIA THE so aong as us Amcican toroi we.M llMISlt III mrtA MMMlnM Am miwJhu teed or pries refunded. . the soldiers are here the saloons do a ' BURLINGTON ROUTE. - ""7 wm van ana injur none. . SUPERIOR 8PRTNO WATER. BRANCH OFFICE BRETTELL BLOCK, t (AO CITY, S. 0. TO Hot Bprtngs and Ouster. Oas fare for tbe round trip. Tickets good to retnra on or before tbe followiac i a. -tin aoldlera." he and hi. comrade. Tl TT T' t t JT.Tl, K r tx tooome bem Heary S W-,Th?7ZMa '" manual labor the year round to out of S tlf i? k?v to Q'on- Cbinese :abor is cheap. Wa tnind, but. nereretheloM. h -wants ,o lo Kft - . i The Finest Medicinal Water In the Toes Jay. Bear la mind tbe 2:10 train - Country Delivered at Tour Door. to ths one to take, as you arrive tn tbe above popular resorts before dark and J. O. Kieth bas leased the famous Kidney Springs, after having an expensive analysis mad of the . water O. L. SlEWERS. to do hls fuH duty to the flag and TJn- leave after breakfast tbne returning. SPECIAL RATE ON LOW GRADE ORES. co and hemp are tba staple exports. which be finds rapertor in many re quisites to the well knows Waukesha Springs water. It is clear and pleasant Gunsmith. Locksmith, wlnea te ai, and a bulet slipped , through his own fcatTh lesfiM-. whh : i ... J . . .' Tbe smelter wHl give special rates apoa low grade ores where they era ro of an especially undesirable char tp drink, and its medicinal QuaTltiej to dated Manila. P I.. Anrtl t ,iLm-T "r? . ! -T ,n "e n ao k HEADQUARTERS ntm 7 S-" to as follows V oquD " " maae ny Mr. Ktotb makes dally deliveries of "Received rw ,iwn- -f -'WWW, tt lrmud water. J the water anywhere (a the city, fresh Kwwivea your welcome tetter on ,, , , . . . . . . . iBt:ii .id i ram uie onus: n l i. ana s xauon " acter It the ore to low" la silica liks certaCarboaate Cams, Galena and lead city ores, we will maks a corrss-IKndlngly low smoltlng rate so that ores running but ts.00 or (10.00 may be mined at a profit Call at tbe works the 24th. and of cour. K 7 7 ' " T - - mj iimi H n tti raom anrrwww : ba si . bottles at Tory low rates. The gallons to do much wrttlng since pntU now. Tbey Save the Mauser; we have tbe old I am in quarters now; . Uttle malaria, ' Smrtaefleld. Thev bnt th- cost 10 cents, the I gallons 15 cents. and the i gallon bottles 25 coots each. 7T.vklWnr7.Y7a b.back and bad the volunteeri do most : BICYCLE SUNDRIES. . . . . ' delivered at your door. , Good 'or rurtber lnformatloa. FRANZLIN B, CARPENTER, ' paruotuan ng before this Why. I dont know, Is larger dependent upon the kind of ITTT ""T7 " There have been awful blunders made The Most Complete Bepair Shop In the Hills. uselessly, water you drink, and many a doctor! bill can be saved, to say nothing - of your own comfort by using the Kidney or dont feel able, to wrtte my personal Thto to Easter Sunday. I didn't ' get experience tn fun. South Cakota and Spring water. Give It a trial and nets AGtna Powder Go. Nebraska have bad the hardest tighHng out to cbmrch; they are all Catholic here. : I have nice bible father sent me for Christmas, and I read every the results. am orairyoftheregtmenta. They are now 3 nigbt. Pray for me and for the rest of Tbe report Is again la dreolatfca that H. H." Rogers of Che BUadard Oil IIIEYLOAHED Dynamite and Black Powder, the boys. We bare a goed chaplain, Mr. Dalby, a Congregational minister Oa, ectinc for a syndicate known as the Copper Combine, to making as of Huron, 3. IX, I think, the bead . ot tbe church la 8outb Dakota. On all Dersooal Drooerty I at llaloloa resting, as they are aU worn ot. and soma of the boys sick. " I cam tn Monday night on tbe raOroad, U worn out with bard marching; was knocked out from the beat twica and "fas ordered la by Che doctor. Thera have been seven wounded and one kl"e3 la our company, one baTy otir: .l-iot through tta r!cU lurg ty a :-user. He u doing Una now. effort to consolidate several large eop- of value; A large stock of J Give my regards to aR. Hop) to be unredeemed Dledes at sur 'Fuse and Caps,"-" ; Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, . back and see you before long when j in Montana and ail the Important Lake thto to settled m Would like to wrtte Superior mmes exontin Cairns prisingly ,low prices. AH , business strictly confidential to Florence, but wCl hare to wait im- also CSe Rio Tlnto mmea of BreJa. Til Bs:fo:i Liu Qftlci. w muMMur i vumna ner tor aer The syndics wffl captaltoe for 1400- I r y got wslL The real are shot rery nice letter. Wi E. ADAMS C0!iPAHY. D!" nram ue ooo. It to to be an mternatlonal con- ST Lee Street. 5 mnjfinnvnnnnnAnAnnnr.fuuuiruiM

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