The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 13, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 13, 1899
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The DaiLy Pioneer-Times. V 23d YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SATURDAY MORNING,, MAY 13, 1899. FIVE CENTS. -2 4 4 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 tl THE HEROES IN MIND PLAN TO END THE WAR Dr. Bowman . . W. E. Adams .. N. E. Franklin James Conzett . 'drastic 'in its provisions, and reaches the trusts in every form. Even the I newspapers of the stafte will not escape Its effect, as one of its provisions pre- 5.00 2.00 1.00 2.00 vents the Associated Press from fur Frank Schreyer 1.00 Deadwood Remembers the Black Cash 50 to nishing newspapers -with telegraphic news. GenMacArthur Proposes Surround Rebels and Enforce Surrender. Hills Boys In a Substantial Way. Judge Burns accompanied each draft with a letter of explanation. To the commander of Company L he addressed himself as follows: Deadwod, May 12, 1899. Won a Hundred Thousand. London, May 12. (Special.) Riley Grannan, the noted American race track plunger, won $100,000 on one race yesterday at Oatwick. He has continued his operations at the track today and 'his marvelous luck is still with him. - - o The War Department Expects Heavy Fighting at Any Moment. Two Drafts For Two Hundred and Fifteen Each Forwarded to Manila Congressman Mondell to Marry. Laramie, Wyo.. May 12. (Special.) Hon. Frank W. Mondell, member ot Washington, May 12. (Special.) It U understood that General Mac Arthur uj,,..., .,.r.- rled tom,or,raw Bo Mliss Ida Harris ot this place. The bride-eloct is the daughter of Dr. Harris, a prominent Grand SPECIAL OFFERING! Fur This Week. Ladies' Tailor-made Suits, Tailor-made Skirts in Billr, Satin, . Crepon and all the new materials. Infant's and Children's Jackets. 10 Ladies' Suits at $4.95, Value $7.50. 10 Ladies' Suits, Handsomely braided, at $6 85, Talue $12 00. 26 Ladies' Suits in all the latest Shades andColorings. at from $8.40 to $19.50. The value of these suits i lrom $13.50 to $30.00. Ladies' Ski ts at $1.00, $1.60, $2.10. $2 65, $3 15 and upwards. Ladies' Tailor-made Jackets. All of these Goods have been Reduced from ; 35 to 65 Per Cent. M J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. I physician of Laramie. Congressman Captain Will McLaughlin, Company L, First South Dakota Volunteers, Manila, Luzon. Dear Captain Please find enclosed Hong Kong draft No. 215 for the sum of $215, for She benefit of the company fund of your company. 1 am directed by the donors of this fund to convey to yourself and the gallant men of your company their very highest appreciation of your gallantry and to say that while you may not know it, we know that your valor has made our state better known and more respected among the sisterhood of states. In placing this remittance in your company fund we know that you will see that it 1b wisely used far the beet Interests of your men, and especially we hope that it may bet he means of lightening the sufferings of the sick and wounded, whom we ever hold in tendered rocol'leotion. This Is distinctly a Deadwood fund, and if you will kindly advise our people, by cable or otherwise, that additional funds are needed, this will bo duplicated promptly and as often as needed. We hope to see your company In our city as an organi-zation before final disband ment. and then our petople will show you how highly they appreciate your devotion to your duty as soldiers and patriots. Kindly ax-knowledge receipt. Your final crushing mow at une nuipiaos, which will concl ude hie campaign In the north and force the insurgents to meet General Otis' demands lor surrender. General MacArtlur'e plan Is to surround and overwhelm the 9,000 Filipinos at Bat-olor, located a few miles southwest of San Fernando. To accomplish this he wlU probably send a column west of Bacolor, while he "will maintain his position on tie north. Operating on this plan, he Sjos moved his column to a strategic position, so a to DToLect communication with Ma- The fund for the benefit of the volunteers at Mandla waa clotted yesterday and a Hong Kong draft for the sum of $215, local currency, was sent to Captain Will McLaughlin, commanding Company L. A draft for a like amount was sent to First Lieutenant Paul McClelland, acting daptaln of Comipany I. This Closes the matter. Dead-wooa has, as usual, done the right thing at the right time The money will be gratefully received, and will do the men a vast amount of good. Judge Burns, who, unaided, raised at no little labor every dollar of thia money, ie entitled to great credit. The lint of those who contributed toward then ospital fond has been re-vised aaid corrected infuil , and is now as follows: and Mrs. Mondell will take their departure imimediately after ithe marriage for Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, to spend their honeymoon. Mr. Mondell 's home is at Newcastle, Wyo., and he was until recently assistant commissioner of the general land office at Washington, a position that he resigned to ta&e his office as member ot congress. In which ha was elected hist fall. nila, ami will k flank th rebels. . nrwpY STARTS CflR HOMF General Lima's forces of the rebels, ULlVtT OlAnlO rUn nUIYlt which are somewhere east of San Fmt- - nando. can be handled, it is believed An Indication That Hostilities Will Carr & Berry John Gray Will Ickes W. S. Elder J. P. Hymer with a small force of American troops. Soon Cease. The war (tepartiment. is 'onsequen,tlv.j Washiiisbon, May 12. (Special.) expecting news of heavy fighting at Tne jyy department has information 5.00 2.50 2.00 1.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 ny moment. that Admiral Dewey will sitart for obeilient servant, home aa twice. Th announcement is taken as an indication that a. speedy termination of hostilities in the Philip Fill linos Cannot Land. . San Francisco, May 12 (Special.) JOHN H. BURNS, Chairman of Committee. o f f f f t 4 4 Commissioner of Immigration Powder- 2.00 1.50 LOO 1.00 1.00 lies deckled that the Filipinos pines may be looked for. as the admiral would not depart irhile his services were needed. CapUuln Barker will be nought hens last week, bound for New .. . C TTT 1 I T Tl I Tinn I mil I rt i n-n-n fork, to enter a museum, are contract rankiaje officer with the Asiatic John R, Wilson Hattenbach Brothers Fred M. Brown M. J. Donovan Charles Graham D. M. Gillette J. B. Harris Joe Baker H. P. Chealrs Dr. W. H. Weld Ray Whiittaker Jason Baker Matt Plunkett K. G. Phillips 1.00 kborers, and cannot lamd under the I gauiflron until the arrival of Rear Ad The God of Battles, Judge Moore "I pray that the God of Battles will add land sustain Aguin-aldo and hiB noble compatriotLs." Judge Ramsay of Woonsocket "I pray that the God of Battles will be with our dear soldier boys in the Philippines and direct our armies in such united States contract laor tew. miral Watnon. J.00 1.00 50 Father Kills His Child. fflrmfaghssn Ate., Way 12. (Spe- 59 1.00 a manner that Aguraaldo wtlth his mis 2.00 1.00 guided followers will eoon surrender or J. T. Gillmoro lal.) Last Wight Tate Smith had a uarrel wktt ma -wtte, ana kn a fury lie irw a heavy poker ait feer. The mle-1 missed he woman and struck eir Lieutenant Paul McClelland. Uewtenaaut Paul IX MoCWUand, of Company I, First South Dakota volunteers, is well known in the (northern Hifls, and particularfly around Custer, where he enlisted for the Spanish war. E. L. Granltteam, the Custer attorney, told something of the young nm.n that be compelled to lurrendier to the Amer Will McLaughlin 8.00 ican forces, and that then our South wall mm mi mm "Borne times her n arrow kltKhen walk) Stretched away lnt o stately halls." This happened to Haud Mufler, out my prices on wall paper make ttt possible for ft to happen to everybody. My stock is entitrely new and up to date. I cannot tell you about the handsome designs). You aire especially invited to see them. 1 PAINTS! PAINTS! Now 1s tine time t ) paint your house. Rememlber that my store is headq lartcrs for all kinds of paints and painters' supplies, ep rrfcily for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can w in-anted to cover more surface and last longer than any paint made. Corn in and get color cards and study color effects. The Old Reliable Druggist, Col. George 1.00 Henry Frawley 6.00 Dakota soldier boys whom we all love rsr-ld child, killing it instantly. so much and are so proud of for their pith has escaped, although officers .a. re poking for t&m. J. R. Mickox 2.00 W. A Zink - 2.60 bravery and their many deeds of valor 1b -probably :f ami liar to every one in and heroism upon the baittleeHns, shall R. E. Grtmshaw 1.00 that part of the country, but is new be returned Oo their wives and children HE CONFEDERATE REUNION. J. Wrlngnose 1.00 to those around this end of tihe Hills fathers and mothers, sisters and broth Sol Star 6.00 where be is C little known exeept by era, sweethearts and friends, full of eneral he Wheeler Decide to Attend John Huater 1.00 reputation. He has made his home at honor and glory, and that the great De Mouth's Ark 2.00 Custer for some time past, and area it Charleston. state of South -Dakota will never for Griffith Hardware Co. 1.00 deputy under Sheriff A, M. "WHlard Charleston. S. C. May 11 (Sped at) get them or the sacred memory of Cos, Edmunds & Hague 5.00 N. Coleman 1.0D during the ' tatter's term of office in Cuater county. It was -while he was those who feil in beJOUeo r died from Main Street 177D17 f pnil I TDC f Deadwood, S.D. MKli ll, rlllLLlrj. disease and now fill heroes' graves." 5 'General Joseph Wheeler aaa recon-dered fcla determinatlion not attend Confederate reunion here. He was went yesterday and 'was -given an 1 "Can everywhere. Hfe speech pro- i Mullen & Mann 2.00 Frank McLanghlta 15.00 o serving In that capacity tbat h'ls oiral-itka were first briugtot to light. It is a matter of common remark in Custer ouu riruxru-LTLTLn njxnnvxnnniwruxruxnruxnnnjwn sk your grocer for list of prises to users of Diamond "C" Soap. county that he is absolutely -without Ped Intense entbtwtafrm. WnBaim SelMe 10.00 D. A McPherson io.OO Pioneer-Times 7.5 W. H Bon ham 7.50 Roy Sharpe 5.00 ..- ir-in-t --innnrf wvuvm, m. THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BAMIC ft Is not rikely that the ausgestlon knowledge of tear. Mr. Grantham tells of the time he made a ride half way across the reservation after a r Ike government -to assume he care Confederate dead will be ac- Dorset hlef and effected a capture un PWL The Martin & Mason 5.00 F. Waahabaugh 2.00 assisted. The man wfeo had stolen the pnreoSated. but It is believed he librae had eo much the start of him Paul Rewman 2.O0" lorrenee & Cobum 2.00 ty should be performed by iljej that lie had o idea of being over via. A. & W. Hardware Co. 2.00 hauled. He accordingly stopped at a Deadwood, South Cakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 Only Restaurant '. 1.00 Lincoln Restaurant 1.00 i Tribute to American Brave, y. cabin, went Co bed with every sense of sewsrity, and was In bed when be was taken by MeOleiland. The latter pnHa. P. L. May 12. (Special.) P. J. Miniter 5.00 r MhWBhop of Manila, In an later B. Dlckover 1.00 Wilson Kinney Oo 2.00 "V has stateg (fiat the end .of the Itplno revolution fc at hand, and that Cash 1.00 tracked to right to the eabin in the night, and feeling satisfied that he was inside, went In after him, walked trp to the bed and aroused the fellow by grabbing him by the throat and shoring a revolver in hds tface. This r raavrseata are on the eve of John Treber 2.00 r-American eoverelrwtv. twm All Branches of Banking Business! D. Wilson 2.00 Goldberg 2.00 Ftafcerrter be paid a strong tribute Transacted, paralleled eoorare of the O U. Pryce 1.00 offender afterwards .remarked that An Excellent Combination. The pleasant method and beneficial Pn aoldtera during the FUlptno M. Stern. , 2.00 McClelland took too many chances and would some day be kUNed. He said he FPBn. Julius Deetkm . 1.00 effecs of the well known remedy, Stbcp op Fias. manufactured bv the H. Hyman 1.00 DRAFTS ISSUED m China, Manila, Havana, Porto Rica, Africa, England, Franca, Germany nnd all Parta ef tha World, at would faava killed Mm when he oame into the cafbln after hbn had he been Shovler$ Strike Ended. Camforwia Fio Syrup Co., illustrate the value of obtaiiipg- the liquid lnxa-tive principles of plants known to be medicinally laxative aud ureseutin Malo.' N. Y., May 12. (Special )- Max, Flehel . 1.00 Werthetmer Bras l.OO A. F. Snyder 1.00 Zoellner Brosi 2.00 possessed of the faintest idea that he waa coming. It was the surprise that f anorelen' striken aa ended. them in he form mi r' freliin(r t tht iswssi ntnrasi raia. COLLECTIONS bmss carafall and accaanlaa far nrsxnpHy. We are prepared to Furnsh m"fy at Reasonable Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers strikers hare mml n m- took ihlm en completely the unusual taste and acceptable to the system, it is the one perfect strt-ntrtheninir laxa D. Jacobs 1.00 P work. The settlement was en- thing of an officer walking appar "T Mtaafactorr to both nttes. E. A. Honrberger 2.00 Philadelphia Restaurant 1.00 ently right up against a cinch. Such Incidents as this were not uncommon ( responsibility or collaterals Colored Miners Strike. - H. Coon . to MoOelland While he was in the tive, cleunsin tbo scstem cilectuull v, dispellinr. colds, lie&dacheK and fevers gently yet promptly and enrblinp-one to overcome habitual constipation permanently. Its peWict freedom from every objectionable qnnlity and substance, and its acting on the kidneys, liver and bowels, without wealtei infr or irriti'lny ticm, make it the ideal laxative. THIS IS DISTINOTHTTIIjX V. Sol Rosenthal . 1.00 service of the county. He was con- W, May lJ.-(Special) Cash . i . . 2.00 tinnally making long rides, remarkable i "wwa iMfflera ,ot this district Russell Higble 5.00 captures displaying strategic skill and John R. Jones 2.00 facing ttad medidine, and he is not I trtke tomorrow for rntoorttta better It Pto b wtter atroggiev a. tha and Individuals Edwin Van Clse . : 3.00 Accounts of Ba.iks, Corporations solicited. known to have ever flinched. From the In the iirxxas of manufacturing-fif?s a-e nred, nn thev are Dieabant to tha T. J. Dowd 7 1.00 accounts that hare been given of him (TT not Inclined to rive taste. but the Piediciral jrs!::rof v" remedy are obtained Unm senna and Correspond enoe Jnvltod. H. B. Young . ...5. 2.00 since fife regiment got to the front In L. C. Verplast 1.00 the Philippines, be has maintained his f other aromatic plants, by a method kuowj to the CaL'roRHia Fie STKrr Co. only. In order to tnt its beneficial James Brelsford -worn or thjf colored wV """deraUoo. ? J . s Drtstie Anti-Trust Uw. reputation for bravery magnificently. He baa been with his company in every DIRECTORS: V.E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. John Baker . ... Carter Reed . . effect and to avoid imitations, please remember the lull came of theCnm-unv Important engagement, and baa always been right In the lead. He was wound printed on tbo front of every package. ' if'TeX ".(Speolal)- 100 1.00 5.00 1.00 8.00 LOO 1.00 Cash J. M. Fish HARRIS FRANKLIN, PrMlaaat, BEN BAES, Vice PrealaaaL CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. ed at one tlma, tat not aertouely, and , BOOBS Of representaUraa today ndouUedly a his post again by Bews A Mills " "A ajrcisco. cax. LOuiavOJUa. xt. nw rnu m -v. SELBlC, Casalar. I tBHB&asaL Tha law most JOris Urn. Independent . .

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