The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 12, 1899 · Page 8
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1899
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEEB TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 12, 1899. All the latest fancy drinks at Franklin's Palace Pharmacy. For elegant slippers co to Zipp's. Maa-y old soldiers now feel the ef Zlpp can lit any foot to perfection. The newest and most comfortable rooms in the city are at tbe Holzner Wesleyan Quartet at M. B. church. Food avepared With "Calumet" la Fraa frum Rochella Salta, Alum, Lit .e and Ammonia. "Calu-niat" ia tho Houaewifa'a Friend. Choicest Imported and Saturday evening. ...LADIES Domestic Goods. IF YOU ARU NOT BUYING AT THIS Call at Eriekson Foisted, the Dead-tood Tailors, tor a spring suit. Rooms to let at die Holzner. Halrdresalng at Seebick's. ZIPP13 FOR FINE SHOES. "Creole Love Song," with Imitation banjo, by Wesleyans Saturday evening. Shampooing and manicuring at Bee-Dick's. "Jenks' Vegetable Oompouni,' the boat thing out will be sung by Wesleyan Quartet Saturday evening. Be 8TANDARO CASH GROCERY, SHER CM.MM MAN ST.. YOU ARB LOSING MONEY, Baking Powder THE NEW CUSTOMERS ARE INCRBAS INO DAILY. fects of the hard service they endured during the war. Mr. George S. Anderson of Rosaville, York county. Pa., who saw the hardest kind of service at the front, is now frequently troubled with rheumatism. "I had a severe attack lately," he says, "and procured a bottle of Chamiberlain's Pain Balm. It did so much good that I would like to know what you would charge me for one dozen bottles." Mr. Anderson wanted it both for Ills own use and to supply it to his friends and neighbors. ....BAZAAR, Furnished rooms alt reasonable rates NONE SO COOD. 4 by the day, week or month, at the Hoi zner. eure and hear them. J. H. Oranam. D. D. 8.. dentil parlors The Syndicate restaurant on Lee I Mrs. JVott. street is again in iha Held for business over Flnrt National bank. Deadwood Crown and bridge work a specialty. better than ever prepared to take care of It. It is the warm ;t place in the If you-want a nice Job of engraving as every family should have a bottle of winter, and the coolest and moat invit done take it to Snyder, the Jeweler. it in their home, not only for rheuma tag In the summer. It is a first-class Try Hasty Pudding at Franklin's tism, but lame back, sprains, swellings, THE CITY. Hair goods at Seebick's. Kodak supplies at Wilcox Pharaiacy. For Rent 4 -room furnished bouse; No. 62 Taylor avenue. Reserved seats, 50 cents, at Fischers, AMERICAN Restaurant, conducted by Palace Pharmacy. cuts, bruises and burns, for which it is Offers the following newly received goods. Crocheted Quilts 12-4 85c to $1$ Marseilles Quilts 12-4 $2 JO to 2,: There's a difference in soaps. You're an American who won the tltl-j of col one) over thirty years ago. unequaled. For sale by all druggists. If your watch wants fixing take it to safe when you buy Diamond "C" Soap Pneumonia, la grippe, coughs, colds, Some people want the beat and first choice get seats at Fishel's today A. F. Snyder, the Jeweler. croup and whooping cough readily or Wesleyan Quartet and funny man, Get your seats early. for Wesleyan Quartet DAN HICKS, colored, an expert with plants, will make flower beds, care for yield to One Minute Cough Cure. L'se bill or the undertaker's. Fox sale oy Latest LA 'cvelties in CclcTed Qmlicxarrarl T OOK here! Nobody Is selling such plants, clean yards, clean and lay car .L good pianos for so little money, Kirk G. Phillips. fast eclcr. pets, wash windows, take down stoves, etc. Telephone Pioneer-Times. I. E. Albright, the Black Hills piano and easy terms as C. E. Haw ley. Do Do you eat 7 At Gua Kellar a meat market on Main vtreet, you can get all kinds of good meats at the lowest prices. Quick sales and email profits keep meats fresh and good. Don't tuner, can be had by telephoning 1044 not allow anyone to deceive you, but Lace Curtains - - $1.35 to 8. j; People who have once taken DeWltt's old (lne, 221 new line, at S. R. Smith's always see his pianos, and prices and Little Early Risers will never have any Furniture Store. Has had 22 years ex Frilled Swiss and Mus terms; you owe it to yourself to do this. No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. thing else. They are the "famous lit perience. P. O. Box 416, Lead S. D. Everything new and neat at th SI ,35 to 2.1 tle pills" for torpid liver and all Irregularities of the system. For sale by Kirk G. PhMHpe. The Effect of the Grip are overcome by Hood's Sarsaparllla which purifies Holzner. lin Curtains Table Covers FRESH GOODS AT THE LOWEST the blood, tones the stomach, strength' 35c to B SAVIN u THE NICKLES AND ens the nerves, and makes the whole PRICES. PROMPT SERVICE AND DELIVERY AT THE STANDARD forget the number 62vi Main street. F. M. Gants, D. D. S. Modem Dentistry of all kinds. Gas administered. Eighteen years' experience. Rosenthal block. The Weeleyan boys -Will slug their way Into the hearts of Dead wood people Saturday evening at M. E. church. WANTED dairyyman,, at the Dead wood Jersey Dairy. It FOR SALE At a bargain, showcases and counters. W. R, Dickinson, system vigorous and healthy. DIMES YOU ARE EARNING DOLLARS DURING THE YulAR. YOU Pillow Shams, Madras Curtail CASH STORE, SHERMAN ST. THAT IS THE PLACE TO GET YOUR MON A vegetable cathartic tnat can be upon to do its work thoroughly N DO THIS BY BUYING AT THE j at i r EY'S WORTH. Hood's Pills. STA JDARD CASH STORE, SHER-MA.I STREET. Lrooas. curiums in iei scrims at Try an egg drink, they are made The "Bano Song" -a) be sung by ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS A Nil Wesleyan Quartet at M. E. church right. FRANKLIN'S PALACE PHARMACY. PABST WILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE Saturday evening. Reserved seats at Swiss Goods Lamb' cauin. Swiss Cambri OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE All members of the Modem Wood CALL FOtt IT. men of America who desire to attend As the season of the year when pnej the presentation exercises at Lead Thursday night are requested to meet at the D. C. depot in this city at 7 monla, la grippe, sore ihroat. coughs 4 1 Open zvork bureau covers, Stam ! C overs a?id Doylies, Lead. 5-12-12t Mrs. J. A. Harding desires to employ a colored man for general work. Enquire at her residence, Ingleside. New consignment of plants Just received. Pansles, .heliotropes and all oris of potted plants and plants for gardens. Cut flowers will be received today. Mrs. C. W. Mather. John R. Wilson returned yesterday from 'his trip to Omaha and into north o'clock, in order to attend in a body. colds, catarrh, bronchitis and lung troubles are to be guarded against, nothing "is a fine substitute," will "an Fischers. I have been a sufferer from chronic diarrhoea ever since the war and have used all Winds of medicines for it. At last I found one remedy that has been a success as a cure, and that Is Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. P. E. Grisuam, Gaars Mills, La. For sale by all druggists. REMOVED. Take Notice ClUzens.-Your headquarters for genuine pi The annual meeting of the Buckeye T .All of a Quality to jlease and at Qiu. swer the purpose," or is "just as good" as One Minute Cough Cure, That is U'e Gold Miming company 'has been postponed to Monday, May 15, 1898, ait the one Infallible remedy for all U'.ng, in a tare inviting. Pioneer-Tlmies office. P. H. SMITH, President. western Missouri. The country is STRAYED. One dark iron gray anos is now at No, 639 Main at., by Bullock hotel. Come right in and be at throat or bronchiil troubles. Insist vigorously upon having it if Vome-thing else" is offered you. For sale by Kirk G. Phillips. All klnda of freah cut flowers on hand Ladies Baza A horse branded Z on left Shoulder; also looking fine where he was, as there has been an abundance of rain, and vegeta one brown horse branded on left Jaw tion had been given a good start. , Rev. F. North-Tummons, who has been rector of the Episcopal church at A Store Dei 639 Ma n Street, with the figures 2 and 4 connected. Information leading to their recovery will be rewarded. Call or address Pioneer-Times, Deadwood. Dr. Bowman has returned bo Dead-wood to remain permanently and resume his practice, and will occupy bis old office over Deetken's drug store. 8turgls for a number of years past, baa been transferred to Elk .Point, at Mn. M. Llebmann's. DR. A. Fr. NAULTEU8 PHYSICIAN. SURGifiON AND GYNAECOLOGIST. Over Goldberg's Store, Main Street. Dr. Glutne's Celebrated Trusses on hanA. Especial! to Women's this state, by Bishop Hare, and expects home. C. E. Hawley will be there all he can, and always SOMEONE. The beet cure for the blues will be to hear the Wesleyan Quartet and Mr. Israel, the funny man, Saturday evening. FOR A PERFECT FIT, SEE CHAR-LIB ft RAMSEY, THE TAILORS. Piques In all solid shades and colors are being shown at the Ladles' Bazar. In addition, the same dress material In white, stripes and figures Is being to leave Sturgis within a short time. is not known who la to succeed hdm, but It Is said that it will De either W. H- Pond, of Spearflah. or Arnold Linton, of Rapid Cfty. The Black Hills -Federation of Women's clubs will ho'.d ft regular session at Hot Springs today, and quite a Wtiriber of ladles of Deadwood went down last night to attend. Among those going from here were- Mrs? W. E, LOWE. offered at decidedly moderate prices. The opportunity for making a selection from a M-ne of goods embracing the latest drees n overt tea should cot GRAND FASTER QASH RALEJ be neglected. Then big BEE HIVE mi never so thoroughly prepared to supply the Ea star want of the poople as It is this se ason, both in point of style. The Ladies' Bazar has Just received an especially well selected stock of dimities, organdies and Swisses. They a N. Houghton, Mrs. Edwin Van Clee, Mrs. J. T. Shotwell, Mrs. A. W. Ooe, Miss Clara D. Cos, Miss Stella Graves, Mrs. F. P. Ward, Mrs, J. C. Moody. Mrs. F. D. Smith. and price. The stocks are gorgeous and varied and embrace everything that is new and stylish; showing everything that to beautiful to wear li are of the latest shades and patterns and are being offered art. prices that invite purchases. Ions; newest garments tor men, woman and children; in unrivaled modes of MILLINERY, suites and skirts, Jackets and capes, silk walets, coraett, ty lingulra men's and boy's clotnlng, etc, from the finest to the cheapest. You will find them here In profusion to suit every price, every fancy. In tUBtloe to yourself, you should inspect this incomparable exhibit It coly to post yourself on styles and values. Astonishingly low prices oc m Last week many were Inquiring The ladies of the Thursday club have had committees out this week circulating a petition, praying the city thing for spot casta Is tbe order of this week's business. where they could bar tickets for the now on council th the ordinances relating to Wesleyan Quarter they are the cleaning up of the public streets ! sale at Fischers. and thoroughfares, as weU as prem- ..You t I am going to hear the boys Ladies Suits and Wraps. Easter Millinery. sees aoout xne city, oe eniorceo. 'raey evening. They were fine last ASSUREDLY CORRECT HEADWEAR. Dead wood's premier styles from Paris, London and New Tort with the unique conceptions of our own skilled designer, Mme. M now in charge of the Millinery Department, will make the BEE HIVE J ENERY DEPARTMENT more than ever headquarters for 31ack B4 $ 2.50 10.00 12.50 20.00 19.75 7.00 Fifty black street skirts at f 1.35, wortth Twenty-five black ailk capes at $4.65, worth Twenty-five ladles' tailor madri suits, all colors, for this sale go at 5.95 worth ........ . .................. ..... Twenty beawtliUl bailor made suits at $12.25, worth Fifteen highest class $35.00 tailor made suits, special price Fifteen beautiful now golf capes, $9.00. $12.00 and $15.00, worth double. One hundred todies) silk waists, your Choice, $2.45, worth $4.50, $6.00 to rect dressers. Our prices on the highest grades of millinery will be about on H neoeasarllv asked bv exclusive millinery houana Dn not think of M We are showing the most complete line in neckwear in the Black Hills. on your spring hat until you have seen the BEE HIVE MILLINEKT. are also asking that a garbage wagon and th, entertainment will . be be provided, o clean up the refuse that twice as good this year." Come on, lias accumulated on the street and al-' boys-buy two reserved seats at Fish- leys of the cKy, setting forth that H to ds today. ' a menace to public health and safety'. . I George 'Fuller says there Is a dearth The city set a force of men at work carpenters and wood workers at birtulding a bulkhead for the projection Fourche, and several buildings , of the new shaft and dam at Gay vine. M 1n prooMa oootrtruction at from .Vhich the new water supply for thajt Ujwa ratraded on tbatac-. tbe cKy to taken. It has been found(0OUBC workmen of the that tha creek was washing sand and Hllta mho toT, (been complaining of . refuse Into tba dam, and threatening to tn dlfflcuKj '.n getting em- tW t vp. One bulkhead la being built ptoyIneat jwfll find U to tnelr for the purpose of diverting the water wu apply t (Belle Fourche. ( rf the creek from the shaft, and aaoth-1 . er is to be put tn to prevent the water JohB McCoy, who bas enada Dead- Twenty-five dosen ladles white hem- 20 pieces 40-in black drees foo&j Men's and Boy's Clothing. 2,000 yards beautiful Scotch gingham at to per yard, worth 20c 1,000 yards light cambric at 4c per yd. stitched bandkercbiefs, 6c, worth 15c worth 60c per yard. One hundred men's fancy satin-lined, Beet crochet and knitting cotton, ail 20 pieces double-fold novetf all-wool suits at $12.(0, worth $1100. 1,000 yards novelty cbambras at 4ftc colors, 6c a ball. roods. 9c. worth 25c. One hundred men's all-wool suits at 20 pieces 32-ln taffeta silks. W $8.60, worm $16.00. One hundred men's all-wool suits at per yard. Best kid hair curlers at 6c a bunch. 2,000 yards Indigo Una figured dress Five hundred pair scissors at 25c ' print, SK per yard! One thousand pair ladles' and chll- 1.000 yards beautiful figured organdies dren'a boss at 12 a pair, worth 20c to 10 nieces brocade sdlkB, 45c M $5.50, wortm $1150. from above washing over the shaft and WOM D"aqura" OT w jtm 1 months, Mt ywsterday for I Warsaw; Fifty boy's Scotch wool suUs at 95 ots., at 12V, worth S5c Carp-ts. worth $1.75. We wlV sell you dotting, bats and 600 ouUn 6c Ir yard. 35c per pair. Five hundred bolts crepe paper, all colors, 6c a boR. earpeoj pieces heavy mgralfl , , , - Wtaommla wbltner b had been or A privet car came Into Deadwood toy be government, onto a gov on the Klkhorn passenger yesterday jerncent survey. He was on the gov. . forenoon, containing C C Hughes, gen-'emment eorrey la tbe Black Hills la worth 10c Fhra hundred obildren's obimlse and M fCmm lnn 4W . jd ually sold at 86c wmi supennienoent; . a. Harmon, at- aammeft and baa been transferred to ' vision superintendent; F. M. Marsh, 1 eastern dlvtoton thto year. Ha in-chief engineer and Mr. Weeks, of tba'a, to atop off at bto old borne ia Tbrea hundred odd corsets, 60s each, worth $1.00 to $1.50. 25 pieces ardwlde BrusseU caffl a yard, worth $L25. Merenanta- National Bank of Omaha. Aberdeen, this state, for a aborf Tie, " TTlaa laWtaVi iwawaaaa anaia afMt a vatatLmi ata. . . . ta niim iiar BnMsels carl eapa at one-tblrd leas tban tbe prices i"ally asked for toe same grades of rood . Men's Shoes. Twenty cases men's tan and Mack calf aboes at $L25, $L60, $L75, worth from $2.00 to $30 per pair. Domestics and Linens. 1,000 yards Meacbed mosiin. 6c yard. 100 yarda Turkey red table Unvn at wortb 40c. " We are showing the most complete fine of wash goods ever brought to tbe Black Hills. Five hundred men's unhwindried whJte shirts at 45c, usually sold ot 75a. Ladle's and Children's Shoes. Ona tbousaod pair ladies' and chil-dran's aboes and slippers, genuine French kid, at 15c per pair, worth from $1.76 to $160 per pair. w MTont foinc ottv to jora iva party, ax- the guest of the officials of the road. WorUl I6c Dress Goods and Silks. 10 pieces 46-inch black serge, 12 eta, worth SOc I crates crockery at actual thto sala 20 pieces 44-ln black figurrd brill ian- r yiowsj ww aaa wssaawaa, UftUit ia wi n i isaaj The party Mt Deadwood tn tbe after-noon on a special for Bella Fourcbe, intending to get back to WaMawood la "time to take the evening passenger tat the east s tines and novelty goods, 12 He, worth 10.000 rolls ot Wall PPr' i 65c signs, at one-half wnat ou' ter the dtobandment of tbe survey last fall be secured a position running an engine at the cUorlnation plant tn Rapid Ctty, and held H aB winter- Be to going Into tbe timber region of Wla-conein, and a delightful part of tbe tats. Tbe fyverament will have two geological survey parties operating la tbe Black HiKs (bis year, one under Mr. DunnlagtcttM and tbe other beginning at Newcastle, under Mr. Herron. li 1 This, tremendous money saving op portonlty yon must not miss. We are both buying ana selling all goods for strfctiy spot cash, which as to offer these unheard of values. T be BEE HIVE to the Home of the Pennine Bargain. ' ' . WHEN NATURE . : . Needs assistance k may .be ; beat to render K promptly, but one shanld remember to us even rhe most perfect remedies only whea needed. The best Both of these gentlemen have been at and most simple and gentle remedy to surveys for tbe past two rears the Eyrup of Fig,' manufactured by I are familiar to tbe country. Their the California Eyrup Co- . J work will begin wltbia a abort time. deadwood s d W. E. LOA(E; "BEE HIVE

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