The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 12, 1899 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1899
Page 7
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1 LEGAL NOT.OES. ( Fraw ley & Laffey, Attorneys.) NOTICE OF SHERIFFS SALE. State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence. lu Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Peter Neil sen and to whom it GUS KELLER (Frawley It Laffey, Attorney.) SUMMONS. State of South Iakota, County of Lawrence, as. In judtloe court, before Nathan Coleman, Justice of the peace. Paul Kewnian. plaintiff, vs. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Transit Mining Company, Principal Place of Business Central City, S. D., Location of Works, Carbonate, Lawrence Co., S. D. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that there is delinquent upon the following descriled stock on account of assessment No. 12 of ',i mill it share levied on the 21st day of March, 1S99, the several amounts set opposite the names of the respective shareholders as follows, to-wit: i ll inttr Company, a Cor-!'! i:at iffs. The F, 'i : porat ion POPULAR ml Jos-' liana 1 O'C' : may concern : You are hereby notified that I have expended in latxr and improvements five hundred dollars ($100) on each of the following mi ) lag claims, to-wit: The Kukee fraction, Harrison lode. Hoiking lode, Wail lode, Morton lode claims situ. iv ( :i False Bottom. Ida Gray Quartz M.niiig district, Uiwretiee county, .Mniili DkKoiu, in order hola NOTICE: FOR PUBLICATION,' ; ; Department of the Interior, Land Office at Rapid City, S. D., April ft, 1899. Notice ia hereby given that the following named setter has filed notice of his intention to nLie final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before clerk of circuit court of La v re nee county, S. D., it Deadwood, S. IV, on May 20, 1S99, viz: Henry Il.i:i-:i, II. H. No. 4159. for tlio W'.. SV. aud W'a, SE'.i Sec. Tw p. i; N. K. :; i:. u. 11. M. lie n.imes 'he 'Allowing witnesses In prove his continuous resilience upon and cultivation of said land, viz: A. T. Adams, of Spearrish, S. D. Edward Dunn, of Deadwood, S. D. John Ilreslin, of S'Mtarflsh, S. D. John Redmond, of St. Onge, S. D. m il. Defendants. NOTICE l&sHEREUY GIVEN lv .r ue f fOuilg'mient. of i'o Meat Market Fish, Game and IU Jane Doe Van Wagenon, whose true tyristhui inline u to plaintiff un- (iiioAii, defend.anL To 'lie above named defendant: In the name, of the State of South I i t.i, you are hereby commanded to Ik mil appear before the undersigned, one of the justices of the peace in and for said connty, on the 31st day of March. A. I . at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at my ofhee at II',. ...! 1 S I I mi on th tb abtracn' it I '.v , f -f. '.. Amt. $3.50 1.63 4.25 and Name. Shares. Fulton. A. 0."i't Fulton. A. 845 Shannon. Ellen 6,500 hi accordance with law No. 4 95 111 And said claims itiuhir tlie prov isions of suc tion 2;i21, Revised Statutes of the Unit Tha: -cc!, .s- cd iUt- . D. upon MaU nn.-ity, ; pur- auc-Couru Poun-SouCi ed States, lx i irg the amount required to Poultry in Season. titt FPHnNFS 3 Harrison 5. TELLI I1UA ( Black HillsS r:i'.'. and 1:1 e said .1 udilinen ' . I'iunkett. Sheri'i Sta'e of ealli , - ,p ;,.,,,,!. a ia'li at the f ri,Il I loll e in ; l;a city ty of Lawienee. pursuant to an order made by the Board of Imctors of tin- above Mining Company at a regular meeting held on the 21st day of March. 1S99. Deadwood, ill said county, to answer to the alxve named plaintiff in a civil action for the recovery of $40. uu as a bal anc du. ami owir. 'rotn defendant to (I'Xir of ' he of I e.. A on 1, and Si. re ot A. K. GAKI'ER, Register. 642; Main St, Deadwood hold the same for the year lH'JS. And, if within ninety days of the service of this notice yon fail or refuse to contribute, as co-owner, your interest in said claims will become' the property of the subscriber under said section 2324. FIIK I) UROOKEK. WILLIAM UUOOK.KR. (First Pub. April 4. 1899.) on Sat u i day. the 27th day A. I),, 1S99, at 10 o'clock in Dakota, of M.iv, (John R. Wilson, Attorney ) NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE BY ACTION. ZOECKLER BROS LEADING State of South Dakota, Cowry of Law NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Elijah P. Fowler, administrator of the estate of Ellen Shannon, de MEAT MARKET. plaintiff for eleotrie light, coal and sup" ,fs furnished i plain It J de-feniant at defendant's special instance and request, fe. whicn defendant promised and agreed to pay plaintiff, and that uiless you s-, a; iear aud answer, the said plaintiff will take judgment agaimi you for forty dollars, attorney's fees and costs of this aoilon. Onfln under my hand .fcls 25th day of March, 1399. NATHAN COLEMAN. JueHlce of the Peace. The time for defendant's appearance in the above case and the trial thereof is postponed until May 20, 1899, at 2 p. m., tn order to obtain service of the ceased r Thomas Donovan, Jaaues Don as many shares or the aoove mentioned parcels of stock will be sold on the loth day of May, 1899, at public auction at the office of the Treasurer, J. B. Illeau, at Central City, S. D., as may be necessary to pay said delinquent assessment, with cost of advertising and expense of sale. J. B. LECEAU, Treasurer. (Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) In the United States Land Office, Rapid City District, South Dakota. Orman F. Ong, Contestant, vs. Rilchard U. White. Mineral Application No. 636. "Uncle Sam Placer." SUMMONS. To the Above Named Richard G. White: You are hereby summoned and notified that a hearing lia.s been ordered rence. In Cirt-ulit Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit: Mary E. Oaaey, plaintiff, vs. John C. Cianeey and Hannah Oberg, defendants. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That by virtue of a Judgment of Foreehwure BckHillTelephonoNo 69 ovan, Mary Parker, Lizzie Donovan, James F. Donovan, John T. Donovan, Minnie A. Donovan and Charles Don Harrison Telephone No. 3 ovan, .heirs at law of said Ellen Shannon, deceased; John H. Shannon, ad ministrator of the estate of Edward NO. 64 MAIN STREET, DEADWOOD and Sala rn tho aha-vs entitled action on the 4th day of A pi 41, A. D. 1899, and Shannon, deceased; Mathew Shannon tttftt I t ft" nd John Shannon, heirs at law of summons on defendant by publication an exe ution issmcd upon said Judg. Jim rh a. Gaoaoa. Edward Shannon, deceased, and to JlOBBHT E. DOAK, Dead wo 1, H. U nient. the siibsriwr. Matit PlunkoU, their and each of their legal rep re- le-tiff of ijwreiK-e County, and State the forenoon of that day. the rtal estate and niortgag'-d premises situate" In the County of Iwrence and Sft of South Dakota, and directed tn said Judgment and Execution to be sold, jind therein described as follows: Ail those certain premises situated about sieven hundred feet In a southeasterly direction from the Golden Reword Consolidated M111 In the First Ward, Deadwood, Lawrence County, South Dakota, tw?rng a plot of ground about 60 feivt wid ty 90 foet In, lengUh, and being the premises on which defendant, IVanJel O'CTonnell, ta the year 1898, conwtru-t'd a 24 by 24 one-story frame building, with a 10 by 16 kiUihen. said pre mis b-dng situated letveen the houses owned and (-cnpt-Ml liy'".-, Iais and l.ttnc frrtghi'n. with till appuf-ui tiice and improveinenis thereunto Ix'tormini;, or so much the'-eoif an may be sulllcint to Mitisfy -aid .ludgiiMi" and -)sts amoiiniing in all to Kin- llund el and Sevi-u:en I$.".I7) Dolh:i-s and Tweiity-ilnve (23) Cenis, with interest thereon from the dad of said .Judgment, ami all accruing costs of sale. Iatl Deadwood,' South Dakota, April 25, 1899. MATT PLUNKET p. Sheriff of iAwrence County. FRAWLEY & LAFFEY Plalnitiff's Attorneys. (First Pub. April 26, 1899.V DOAN & GEORGE sentatives or assigns, and to all to whom it may concern: this day ordered Dabd March 31, 1899. NATHAN COLEMAN. .1 lie-Mice of the Peace. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. of South Dwkola, for that, purpose appointed, will sell at publie auction at You are informed tliar T have ex- Attorneys and CouiiSrlors at Law, pi iulti'1 m laixir .inn ,iiiiiii-ii,. .h.- . (!. find K. 1), uiKr 1 IK' lri iin ami uiuju ... mining elainiis. situated :n Whuewooii mining di tie-i. in Lm'viirc County. M in iiiK Co., princi-;s Deadwood. S I), Carbonate mining 1mnwarTm. K. N nil Syn.1li-i,lf lllock Villi k pal Ida. !.,' at ioi diMi iet Niv lc I'ai.V tloid e of iillsi.'lc. of III i II i- . I.awrellee. is hen by I'rncll' e lu "II HtJte and Fi-d-l Court,.. MmlnK. Land, Rivi-uuB and Bm,krtiil La. South Dakota, ai least SFU'U upon eacu S. 1). herein by tlie Honorable Commissioner of the General Land Otlb-. i Utter initial N, dated April 10, IN'.ttH, to determine whether or not the "I'mic Sam l'hu-er" claim. Mineral Application No. u3i ( according to the sorics of the itapid City, S. land otlici I has been abandoned and relocated, and to determine whether or not the staid application No. 636 shall be CANCELLED by the land office upon the Mtition of f .-aid claims for the year IS'.Mj all given ilia t at a f which was done for the purpose o. of directors of the licnt door ol -th'"1 (nun. House in the City l lioiidwood, Coinily of Lawrence and State of South Dakota. on Monday, t Ktb day vf May. 189P at 10 o'ekv-k in ;!ie forenixui of thai lay. the fen) e?., at.- and niortgaMed piemh-es .situate iu the County of Lawrence and StaJe of Sou ill DnkoLa, aiul liie-.-d iu said JimJgTnent and Exwutio-n to he sold and Ui-'ivin described as follows: An undii.vtkMl one-fourth interest in the Phrouia aud Bessie I wles or mining claims, an undivided two-fifth (1-5) interest ln and to the Dalton lode ev mining claim, an undivided one-thiid (1-3) mectine; of the board the alxive corporation AMATUER held April 1 holding the said lodes under the provisions of SectiiMi 2324, Revised Stat an assessment (No. 6) ot one- 1 S99 half utes of the I n-iteu ria.'es, iiim w PHOTOGRAPHERS eeiit er share was levied upon amendatory thewto, Cor tne periou endiing IX-cember 31, 118. aud there is due from you thereon tne sum oi the capital stock of tho corporation, payable immediately to Julius Rebsa-meu, treasurer, at Deadwood, S. D. Any fctock uikjii which assessment shall remain unpaid on June 1, 1899, 5.00 upon said claims. You are hereby notified that if wiith- interest in and to the McAlome lode or n 90 days from rompletud publ'icajtfon mining ctaim, all of said mining claims of Llus notice you fail to contrroute being situated in .Sheeptall gulch. For Camera's' Films Dry Plates, Printing Fapers, Mounting cards and photo upplieo send to Lincoln Flotopapti SnppLy Co. Lincoln, Neb. your proportion m suco esiKmimuc Whilewwod quartz mlining dSatrlct, ou-owner with the undersigned will 1e delinquent and advertised for sale, and, unless paid on or before July 1, 1890, will he sold at public auction to pay said assessmmt, togetier with cofts -rtf advertising and expanses of eale. O. V. MATSON,, Secretary. Lawrence counlty, Soth Dakota, and Orman F. Ong, contestant. Said hearing will be had at Idad-wood, Ijawreiuv County, South Dakota, before Sol Star, Clerk oif Courtis of Lawrence Ccunty, on the 12th day of June, A. D. 1899, and if you fail to appear at staid time and plaice the said contestant will apply to the Iand Office for coneellartion of said application. Dated Rapid City, S. D., April 24, A. D. 1899. A. K. GARDNER, Register. W. S. WARNER, Receiver. (First Pub. April 27. 1899.) during the year aAove mentioned, your nterebt in salid tlums Win become the property of the Bubsortbers. your oo- (Thoina.s B. Harvey, Attorney.) ORDER SETTING DAY FOR PROBATE OF WILL. State tit Smith Dakota,, County of Lawrence, ss. May Term, 1899. In County Court. At a regular term of the County court, held In and for Iawrence county and State of youth fakrta, at the ownems, who have made the required expenditure as required by said Sw- being mop" fully and particularly described In .the LocatKm Certttificatea thereof duly recorded, oor so muck there of aa m&t' be sufficient to qaitta&r said Judgment -and costs, amounting ln all to four hundired and twenty-nine KI429) dollars and ten (10) oaatts, with interest thereon irom the date of said Judgment, And ill accruing ooets of eaJe. Dated Deadwood, outh Dakota, tion 2224. NOTICE OF LEASE. Keiioe iU hereby givea that the Dakot Maid Wining company, a corporation, aa leased unto several different parties lb oackeaiy .an thousand (t,A6) feet of toe UaJuita Maid loie mining eaalm i Htraw Central City, S. D., May 8. 1899.. J. B. IjUBIDAU, (C, R. Davis, Attorney.) ORDER APPQINTINO TIME AND PLACE FOR HEARING APPLICATION TO SELL PB1RSON-AL PROPERTY. State of South Dakota, County .of Lawrence, us. uerr ulisn Lswreuve uouat. mucb. Uak A, A. JACKSON, ZOE3LDNER BROS (First Pub. My 10, OK99.) ta AM parties furnishing saatetia tor us upoa aald 'Dakota Maid Miaiag u4a.r J April S. im. peruraaingiaiDor tnereoo. aae aeneky nou Court house, dn tlui Ct.y of Deadwood,. in said county, on the tenth day ot May, A. D. 1899. Present: Hon. Frank. J. Washa-batPgh, judge cf tl.e Cwas'.y court In the matter of r.oving flhe Ui will and fled taat the owner ui talC artckag clait wlH aot be nponslbl tor amt- lial o In the matter of the estate of (Martin & Masoo. Attorneys.) labor ftsFDkrbed at U)r insla.. sf any (Moody, Kellar 4t Moody, Ays.) NOTICE O? SHERIFF'S SALE--By Action. State of South Dakota, CoiiTity of I aw-renoe. In Circuit Court, Eighth JiKllcial Circuit: Henry Keeta, Piainttiff. va. Sheciff of Lawrence County. JOHN R. WILSON, PlalaUffe AtSg. (First 2Hb. April 6. 1fl9.) NOTICE OF SHRfFFS SALE BY lae liasiw , Datad altrawlMrrr Onlc. I ocs ACTIOS. ly. Soutai Dakota. -Aaguat lOi, linw DAKOTA UU MININ'O CO.. O State of South Dakota, County of Law Bt Jnh Klas;. Pre :ee;a.mnt c Cax'o l'ap.erl,, deceased. G:: i aJia anJ fi:hjg ;ho verified petition of Domenic Dalo, propounding for probate a papier punn -ting to bo trenoe. William Glddings, deceased. On reading; and filing the petition .of Edgar .E. Clough,, aadmlntstraior of the estate of William W. Glddings, deceased, praying for an order to sell sufficient stock 4n the Big Owl Mining Company, the property of tine said estate, t pay the debts,, or clataw against said estate; NOTiCE OP- LEA83. Notice la hecehr given that the Belle Alrldge. Julia iHolmee and tk LUHe B mtolng claims on the east fork M Spiwoe Tn Clivniit. iCourt. EiM Judktial Cir NOTICE OT DBASE. r?pearaan rtotei Lompany, a corpora To all partle arfonnlDg labor ar flir nlsblng material upon tha Mormoa OWe cuit: (UKb have been eaaed to Isaac DovjUbc- tion, Defendants. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That Ayres & Wajrdman Hardware oojiipany Lode. Lot U9: TAKE NOTICE : That said claim Is a corporaitipn, plaintiffs, vs. l virtue of a Judgment of Foreclosure siid sale in the above entitled action log workl voder lease and that the under signed owners will not be responsible la the laK will and Irtaimcnt of Carlo Partr1. late of Central City, Couniy ot Lawrence and Sta-t or South Dakota, l ceased. sKtir forth tha said last will and tHammt relates to both teal and personal estate, and naming the he' a: law rd text kin of All parties lurniAixig material tor uae up oa aald claim or erformlna; labar taiare are fcerebr notified Xhat the owners of aaM totntDK claims will not be reeponeible for Dy atiaterlal or labor furnlahod at ibe Jr tapes of any of th Ceeeeea. AARON DUNN, H. A. TOK1AT. (Ftrsl Publication. Dec. 25. 1898.) any labor performed or material farslibs I Great Northern Gold Mining xmjany on me iam nay or April, A. u. lsy:i, upon said premises. HUUH M'CAJTRET, HENRY 8E06SENBACH, and an execution issued upoa said I John Walker, J. F. Smith. A. A. Rog CT3 and N. E Knapp, defendants; It is ordered, that all person interested in aid estate appear before PVank J. Waslhabaugh,, Judge of the bounty Court of the County of Law-ence, State at South Dakota,, at thj sourt room of said Court, at the court judgment, the mibMcrilier. M a t.t 1'lnn Owners NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That by virtue of a Judgment of ForeclM (R. C. Hayes, Attorney for Plaintiff.) kett, sheriff of Lawrence Counity, State 1 "eaei. amt praying tha rild of South Dakota, for that purpose ap- ! may be Prwed and allowed as fihef poimed. will sell at nubile auction at 1 last w111 and testament of the said (R. C. Hayes, Attorney' for Plainliff. SUMMONS. State of South Dakota, Eighth Judicial louse in Deadwood, in paid Lawrence ur and ln a,wve e-""u 31 " XHtnty. on Tueatev. bh ifith rtv of tion on the 6th dy of May, A. D. 1SW, the fr-mt door of the court house in the 1 rarl Pan(Jf. deceased, and that let- State of iSouth Dakota, Eighth Judicial District, s. s. City of Ieadwood, Lawrence County, ' r "yiameniary tnereupon issue to District, s. s. In the Circuit Court in and for Law Jay, A. D. Eighteen. Hundred and anl n execution issued upon aid lnelty-Nlne, at JO o-clock a. m., and Judgment, the subsortber, Matt Plunk- In the Circuit Court in and tor l-aw and State of Sith Dakota, on Sttur- I ",u a"!' ,nat notice le day. June 3. 1899. at 10 o'cloc k in the I piven ,h hHrs at n,xt 01 and forenoon of that day. the real estam ! al1 Persons interested in said estate ot rence County. Ida Frakes. Plaintiff, rence County. Benjamin E. Stearns, Platintlff, vs. Agnes Stearns, Defendant. Summons: hen and there to show caue why such ett' r 1-a""I10! rder phould not be made. j of South Dakdta, for that purpose ap- And it ia further rrt that ! pointed, will sell oa, public auction at vs. and mortgaged premises situate in the f unW! dn" la,,e 01 "oaring said County of Iawrence, and State 01 I l",itl(n' !' ' hereby ordered that South Dakota, and directed in said i ld Potion Ie heard by the Judge of John Frakes, Defendant. The State of South Dakota Sends The State of South Dakota Sends tne county court of said Lawrence Greeting to Agnes Stearna, the above I Judgment and execution to be sold, and Greettng to John Frakes, the Above named Defendant: I therein described as follows Named Defendant. opy of thi8 order be pubMabfid in the ' " rovn door of the. Court ouse in ally Woneer-Thne., a dally newspa-, ity of Deadwood, County of Law- PuWwhed in Deadwood, In said ' and 9!jate of I)akoU' on wrenoe county, ai least fly days 1 Thursday, the 8th day of June, 1899. wioue to said 16th. day of May, A. i at 10 oc)ock in lDne foreft0on of tnat Elghtieen Hundred and Ninety-Nine. !day. ecjtae ftnd ona Dated iMay Htn, 1899. I premises situate in the County of Law- You are hereby summoned and re You are hereby summoned and re- Eighty (80) feet off the east end cl county at a regular term of said court, to he held at the court house in the City of Deadwood. in said count v, on Wednesday the 31st day of May, A. D quired to answer the complaint of the quired to answer the complaint of the! lots one (1) and two (2) and a piece ot above named plainfuff, a copy of which I ground 40 feet by 80 feet Jetp, off the above named plaintiff, a copy of which ia herewith served upon you, and to I northerly half of lot throe (3), all in Is herewith eerved upon you, and to By the Court. I re nee, and State of South Dakota, ana block forty-two (42) in the town ol FRANK J WASH A n A ITOH direoted in said Judgment and Erecu serve a copy of your answer upon the serve a copy ot your answer upon the subscriber at hla office tn Deadwood, i tion to be sold, and therein described Spearflsh, according to the recorded subscriber at hie office, in Deadwood, South Dakota, within thirty days after (Seal) 1899, at 10 o'clock a. m. It is further ordered, that notice be given to nhe heirs at law and next of estate of said d ceased to attend the estate off said deceased to attend the hearing of said petition and the pro-bale of said will, .by publishing a copy of this order for ten days prior to said South Dakota, withfln thirty days after the service of this summons on you, plart. thereof, together with the Brick Hotel building, hotel furniture "and flx- the service of this summons on you, ex exclusive of the day of service, and if clusive of the day of service, and If you I turee therein situated, and as follows: The Lewis lode, Lewis fraction No. 1 lode, Lewie Praotlon No. 2 lode, Lew-Is FVaction No. 3 lode and the Lewis Frection No, I lode, situated in or near Fst pub.. May. lJth.) NOTICE TO CREfDTrORS. togeither and im- fail to answer this complaint within j with all the appurtenances you fail to answer this complaint with that time, the plaintiff will apply rn I provementa thereunto belonging, all of fn that tame plaintiff will apply to the Estate of Jam n m,woti a,. I said ' 8 uaiij nomeer- the Court for the relief demanded 10 said property being situated m Two Bit, in Lawrence County, b. u.. I Notloe hi ihV. 4 V- 1 Times, a newspaper published ln said with the Structures and Im- IawTence County, South Dakota, or so the complaint. court tor the relief demanded n the complaint. Dated. Deadwood, South Dakota, this 1st day ot April, A. D. 1899.. ' ROBERT C. HAYES, much thereof as may be sufficient to Dated at Deadwood, this llth day of satisfy said judgment and soat?. October, A. D.. 1898. ROBERT C. HAYES. county. By the Court. . FRANK J. WASHABAUGH, Judge of County Court (First Pub. May 11, 1899.) !'d, dmiiiiatror of tne estate ' provemenita thereon, or so maich there-wneaj R. Christie, deceased, to the .of as may be sufflcient to satisfy said ditcn of, aad all pencma haring Judgment and costs, amounting in all against tha sadd deomsed, to ex-! to twenty -one hundred and seventy-"H them With tha nnvwMrr vrehr ntno' ifl7li dollars and thirty-two amounting in all to five thousand, one hundred and eighty-four ($5,184) dol lars and thirty-two (32) centj, fvub -Plaintiff's Attorney. To the Defendant Above Named: Plaintiff's Attorney. To the Defendant above named: You will take notice that the com Interest thereon from the date of "aid !tkitt toor monttia aJter tne first pub-' (32) cents, with interest thereon from : atkm VI. u-i . . . . ! .. . . . . ... t.. j a u Hue date of said Judgment, and all ac plaint in the above entitled aotion wag J Judgment, and all accruing costa of lou win take notice that the complaint in the above eotMed action wa filed in the office ot the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the Eightn Judicial Circuit of the State of South Dakota, - muuob, u cue sua aa-Qfrat' bH office In Syndicate sLr. in the City of Dead- Sooth Dakrtt 1 - sale. Dated at Deadwood, 9 th Dakota, NOTICE OF ANNUAL 'MT2J3TTNTr. Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the 9tearns Co win be held at the offic? ot the company. Deadwood, June 6. at 7:30 p. m... for tha purpose of electing officers and for FTJch other business as may properly come before the meeting. A. S. KUNEY, Secretary. flkd in the office of the Cler.. of the Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial CirctJt, of the State of South Dakota, in and for Lawrence County, on the 28th day of April, 1899. ROBERT C. HAYES, Attorney for Plaintiff. , (First Pub. April 29, 1899.) cruing costs of sale. Dated Deadwood, South Dakota. May 6, 1899. MATT PLUNKETT. Shesiff of Lawrence County. Marti a & Mason, PlaintifTe Attorneys. (First Pub. May T, 1899.) April 26, 1899. MATT PLUNKETT, Sheriff of Lawrence Oouhty. Moody, Kellar ft Moody,' Plaintiff's Attorney. (First Pub. April 27, 1899.) Drt t Deadwood. Mar 6, 1899. , ALBERT W. COB. Admlairfntfo, of the Ettau of J Christie, deceaaed. I rirst Pub. May 7, m9k) In and for Lawrence County, on the 28th day of April, A. D. 1899. ROBERT C. HAYES. "Attorney for Plaintiff. (First Pub. April 29, 1899.) ,". if'" :' p.

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