The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 27, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

"THURSDAY, SLFTEMBKii . . ' TJJE DAILY I10XEER-TIMES,- DEADVOOD S. D. 11.00. If you will Seebi ck . Assay E0 Cents Cold and Silver j i-THE Union assay Office i v 5 ' " Established 186$. V No 37 Lee Street Dead wood. Will Gm-Correct Results of IJoth Gold anu Silver For 50- Cents. 'S ON ALL 'i KOl'GHT TO THE OFFICE. & Remember the fact that to mix medicine Is, a profession that requires experience. That every prescription r-nuirea cure, attention and ' u knowledge of -chemistry to ! able torill it: that the .mere .fnixini; together is not al-;iys what is refnired, but Know Ii-i!hi of Imw to ni' t Bern so that ot h.'i in i 0" ii -u jll i:i,t In- f ii 11:1 '1. Mm. i . Pall Winter - Styles M. H. Lyon& Co. i 'I ypni iter. ' - ' Agents for the lllickw:i: . -v.v.vv.'.vv j lit often occurs Dai Iv Arriv tli;,t the comliiniii!; of t'. liarinless drugs will product- mg- MINES AND MINING. i JjVoilent Poisen Inspection Solicited, that a chemical change tak.-place which may prove dan gerous. INDEPENDENCE SHUT DOWN. A good druggits PRICES FOR I SATURDAY SEPT. 29 of this stock is held by pi6ininent n en in that section. Mr. Law son, president of the company, has represented Brown county iu the state senate for several terms. Ho is .this fafl, a candidate for that office on the republican ticket, and is an influential man in eastern Dakota politics. Mr. Mather is cashier or the Brown county bank at Groton, and Mr. Brown Is one of the best known and influential men in that part of the state. The Cleopatra mill- has been running steadily for more than a week and everything Is looking very en-lou raging. n . OKTBDA i ONLY. W. S. Stratton: Cripple Cteek Bo nanza Has Suspended Operations. - W. b. Stratum iucitipeudeuce miue at Cripple Creek nas been closed down by the Order of ine company. The suspension is due Ui the alleged ys-tematic stealing of ore by the miners. The company claims that some of the men have been in the practice of carrying out small pieces of ore in going off shift, and the company's estimates 6n the amounts that hare been stolen run. all the way from 15000 to $25,000 a month. Much of this ore is worth from $6 to $10 a pound.and occasionally some of it that is highly mineralized runs up to $90 a pound. The officers of the company claim that come of (he men have been WE OFFER A SPCIAL DISCOUNT OF. will recognize them at a glance while an inexpertenced druggist may overlook them. If you take medicine why nt feel confident that It is not mixed by Guess Work The only way is to go to a good druggist. We are EXPERIENCED DRUGGISTS. graduates In our profession and our experience Is for your benefit.. Remember tTie place, FAUSTJ S DRUG STORE. 20 Per Cent On Winter Underwear THE TICKNOR STRIKE, THIS INCLUDES O L'R ENTIRE LINE OF Pro Gentleman From Bear Gulch nounces It Wonderful. rearing belts about their bodies capa Men, Womeiis dtid Children's Fleece Lined Goods, ble of holding ten to fifteen pounds of P. 1. carae in last night from ore. Bear gulch, where he had been since This Is an opportunity that you cannot afford to overlook. An order was issued some time ago Monday morning. While here he vis lor ai: uie miners case meu buhcib and top men to strip in going on or off iten A. O. Tlcknor s property, where tne ner strike has been made, and he shift and change clothes. The order was obnoxious to the miners, and they f.ays it is the richest thing he has Palace Pliancy W. L. FAUST, Ph. G. Prop. ever, seen. "If It was around Dead-wood or in Colorado it would cause Main Street- Deadwood South Dakota. a stampede. I was given a few speci mens by Mr. .Tlcknor but they were so eagerly sought for by everyone who saw them that I could not keep them said they were being treated like South Africans. They demanded that the order be rescinded, and when this was denied they quit work. Other mei were put on In their places, btft they objected to this and the company on Monday closed the mine down. Six other big; miniiig companies have followed the example of the Independence arflil hav elssued lsmilar orders to their men. They are the long. There- la an inch and a half of the ore that will run close onto A Blessing to a!! Women $10,000 to the ton. and the entire FIRST NATIONAL BANK lrdce. four feet wide, will nav to Great ioy and comfort comes into every household when the virtue of "Mother's Friend" irk." -i Mr. Ticknor has three claims in his DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. known No more gloomy loreDoaings or irtiuumic w Pvnectant mother'?, as all pain 1 prevented by the group, situated on Sand creek, just above Welcome, . yorolng, a short dis tlie marvelous Gold Coin, F. M. Wood, manager,, the Portland, J. P. Burns, nrobiflenttbe Elkton, Sol Camp, superintendent; the Mary McKennle. George L. Keener, superintendent: the Last Dollar, external use 01 niimici-s i-mim, tance from the South Dakota line. His ground runs With the trend of United States Depository liniment. 1 here is notlimf; like 11. n F BRUWl of Wart.lill,I.-. " Many of my wife'. fri-nd. h.o U,e ordeal tgun without having it. evm if it corf s pr bottle. the ledge, and he controls it for some distance. Mr. Ticknor has three Lead tentlemen interested with him It inu tn frimi WC, k luirc." mCZ f DIRECTORS: O. J. 8A.LISBURT. T. J. GRIER, P. K. SPARKS P. -t Gl'SHURSI "Mr iLLDKUo'illsTs. " THE BRADFIIXD RKCIXATOU CO, Atlanta. Oa. Charles Walden. superintendent? and the Vindicator, F. J. Campbell, manager. The order affects two thousand men, out of seven thousand emplpyed In the. camp. ' J n the ground, L. C. Campbell. Ernest TTS V D. A. Mr-PHERSON. May and P. A. Gushurst. They ,have held their Interests for several years. ' i OFFICERS: 1 L TreSldUt O.J. SALISBURY I Cashier D. A. McPktri" end have been doing a large amount of work, that finally resulted in opening up -ie ricfi ledge. II L Vlce-Prertdent T. J. DRIER I As8l8t- a8I116r J B' J Bismarck ToaWedBlstaedt. Geo. s. TonTefleisiaeai DRS. vonWEDELSTAEDT : 0 Of Interest to Smelter Men. The Pioneer-Times received the a ill iii - following by wire from Dr. Carpenter QUILT FACTORY I'-rzzz- - last evening: Cffices Olympic ElocK, upposne o. 'Please publish prominently that I O. W. Cotton, an old Dead wood man, l,as for some time held a position as Inspector or watchman at the house -where the miners of the Independ: ence changed their clothing. He has teld the position for about a year. Untlf recently the men were simply compelled to change their outer gar. ments, but the company requires Aiem to take off everything in coming out of the mine. They then must pass out of the room in which, they take off their working clothes, and go naked into another room, where they don their ,4 titer clothing. They are very indignant over the action of .Ahe tem-pany, and it may result In a general strike. & M. Depot. have not and .will not employ anyone who leaves the D. & D. smelter Folety to seek work witn me. as I cannot be HARRY DeLERAY AGENT FOR THE ROYAL TAILORS. CHICAGO. el., B. H. 202..Res., 21, City creeK. Tel. B. H. 201. a party to take experienced men from my late associates. "F. K. CARPENTER. The above is self-explanatory and BLACK. HILLS MRS. N. J. TUPLIN, Manufacturer of all kind, of quilU- from the cheapest to the very finest to be found In any country. Also recovering of quilU and make sofa pillows to order. DOWN QUILTS Down quilU ot the finest make a speciality. 14 Carney St old phone. 170 your order Is respectfully solicited. will be understood an,cl " appreciated by all who are Interested as employes FA3IIU.IABLY KNOWN A3 THE or employers. - -0 ..Old Kins: irewer.. . . At Garden City. . . The Minweapolls-Deadwood company that has been operating the present season, is arranging to o into the fttiblnaoa tin -1arPft1 BP&Ia ' ThA COm- Quarterly Rally. The first quarterly rally of the 2 s members and friends of the First M. E. church for the present conference iMM....W' O- " -r nonv tnhnylnir hrrilerH - hfriatB. niuleS a f ja -C o . " 2 & S3 o O JS S-Sr no O S S DO U W a - w III lot: m '. E.& f? IT rf ' C 9 V been a resident of CENTRAL for all these years and Is still at the same - old stand-Who? - Why, Henry Rosenkrants of course. year, will take place this evening In the church parlors. Special , music has been provided for the occasion and" a good social time is anticipated. Let W r - CENTRAL., .. w - Oak 1 1 . iron talis and lumtier for a shaft house. The property ' adjoins the May ft Johnson ground on Paradise gulch below Garden City and consists of about 50' acres' on which there is a good body f $6 r'l tho-cyanldlng orV The company purposes the erection of v , cyanide plant after the ' ground has been developed. , . ' ' every member be present, and come to add to the good cheer of the hour. Light refreshments -' will be served during the evening. .': . This church rafced and disbursed last year over $3400, and It antlcplates Come where they do business on the square and the Union label Is on every pult -o- :1FiHI3 a still more prosperous i,year in the next twelve months. 0 r ; - Ministerial Union. The ministers of all the denominations of the Belt towns are requested to meet for reorganisation and business on Monday morning at 11 o'clock at the M. EL churcu. Deadwood. It is lAnd ' THAT IT IS FULLY TIME YOU Cleopatra Directors. I; J.:.M. Lawsoa of Aberdeen, president of the Cleopatra -. Mining company. R. A. Mather of Groton, one ot the ditectors in the compfiny. and J. It Brown of Aberdeen," who Is heavily interested In the same company, arrived on yesterday morning's Elk-horn. These gentlemen are also interested lnthe Tt itanlc and are here "to look over the ground in which they are interested and especially to see In operation tbVnew Cleopatra mill. MY SPECIALTY nt nf ttti' WERE GETTING irt YOUR ORDER Iven t- Bof''K nun ufmitpd i Moving X7& thought best to confine this meeting to business and foclal purposes. All FOR THAT iti.ii nr. in r.n ' Heavy Machinery are cordially invited- afid earnestly urged to be present 1 . - i. . '. . ! J. W. BARRON. ... .r eea. i-ivery ana i ransier.... have the best roadsters in the city, and am prepared b1 fnrniclv r!cri ctr saddle norspR-ri the shortest notice. They went out to Squaw creek yester day, accompaniea by xar." it. a. New Fall Suit With & big force of tailors we are now prepared to rush one thru (or .'you on short notice. : FOR VARIETY AND QUALITY. WE ARE UNSURPASSED.. . ' - T" Hughes, the superintendent of the company. 1 During their stay here. 539 Main St. J Old Phone VJ 1 there will' be a neetlng of the dTrec- tors of the Cleopatra Mining company. MrMather saya that during the last vear tnere nas ueen cousiuoiuw THE DEADWOOD TAILORS change In tie rreellng of eastern Da kota people toward the mining Indus liXalzx Stroot, try. Brown county Is made up a most entirely of a farming popula -- 'TLX- M. FOLStAO, Prop. tlon and they hare been 'accustomed to look noon mining much as they did GATES IRONWORKS REVERE RUBBER CO. IIEBS0LL-SEBGEA1IT DRILL , ' President of the Union y '..; ' V"-v .' ' - ' . Filed for Record. , Amanda Kllngle and George G. Al-llnson to"Chariotter.tleBne8seyt lot 12. block 13, Sunnyslde addition to the City of Lead; $800. . ' . , . John McDonald to' Patrick Murphy, one-half Interest In the Blackbird lode and 1451-1000 interest In the Klondike lode;'tl. v. -. - One location certificate, one mortgage and one assignment of mortgage. ' ' The qnestlon ot the correct use of language is under discussion. , Incidentally the literary ability, "of1 the discussers. ; "Once I wrote a book. - ' . .-f - "Did TonV ."-J- . . - - Tes. and the title of It was, "Do He Love HetT--' : "Did It succeed r ; V : ; ' "I should say it did. It was so popular I had to write a sequel." "And what did yon call that?" : "He Do," v on three card monte. Jt was Impoa- Cilstom OreEi : iiidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoisti Bible" to even talk to them on the subject and they had no Idea that anyone could consider it- a Jegitlmate Industry. Already they, feel differently about It, and men who , a year -ago would have run .t the mention of the c-or l mining woull be glad now to 1 y f-s.-k. " It the Cleopatra !s the ' - It r'osr.Ifes to be, it wlU do a r . X C I ti r?vo!iit!o.r,'7e the ideas i ! f. ''--n. I . V. "a tr.p-i l.i regard to r :':.'.; z !i t's-3 f. i; k I7,'.l3, 83 so much 1 We are now prepared to treat custom ores by, the Golden Gate Mining & Milling .Compan y, First Ward, Deadwood S.D, 7 Deadwood, S. -.Dd- Agart for South

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