The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 12, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEEE TIMES, FBID AT MORNING, MAY 12, 1899. It hi mini iiiiiiinrir-T I 1 " MINES AND MINING. SMMMiiiiiiiuiiiiMiiiiiiiMiiiiiaiiaifiiiti"i"iii'i"iiiiiiiiliaiaillitllllllH,,HIIIIIIIMBI11' ,. 4. 4. 4.-4. 4. 4. 4.- 4. 4. 4 HRAND OPENING Come on You ... : OF : pany. working seventeen" men. On 29 above Discovery on Ophir creek J 17 Catalogue Fiends is btiing taken out a day per man, who digs out frozen gravel, thawing It out by the heat of a coal-oil stove and af AND terward rocking it. On Macdonald creek, a tributary to the Anvik river, Catalogue Cranks eighty miles from St. Michael and JfEXICAN WOODEN STAMP MJLL,. The last Engineering & Mining Jour-vei contains an illustration of a 12-Vtamp battery of primitive construction In Mexico, -w-hifili is in active use at mine in that rffiom. It ia nearly new, and eeenw to doing good work. The sterna are of 6-inoh oak, 10 feet long, ami ahod at the Imms end With a 6-inch cuAw of oatrt-irou. This aboe has a hank extending up into tie etem, whteh ia etraiied with an Iron band to prevent splitting. What Corresponds to the tappet is a wtwdwi projection or cleat, nailed to the stem end 1 not movable, making it Impos wiihiu the limits of the military reservation, where the first gold discovery was made in Northwest AJaska, all the A. F. SNYDER The well known Jeweler on Mala street All goods damaged by Are will be sold at less than manufacturer! cost Call early and get your bargalni while the stock la complete. All kinds of walbch and Jewelery repairing. Engraving done while you wait A. F. SNYDER Main Street. way from $5 to $240 to the pan has been taken out In the gravel next to bedrock Omaha and Chicago Prices duplicated at Bloom's and on different claims along the creek. The gold Is all coarse and of the high est grade. sible to regulate tba drop as the shoes You Don't Have to Pay Express Charges Either, wear. The mortar is a heavy timber wrotected on top y a east-iron plate. forming the die, and tiaa neither sides Oor ends. At the bank there is a piece of board projecting above the die, to MILLIONS GIVEN AWAY. It is certainly gratifying to the public know of one concern In the land who are not afraid to be generous to the needy and suffering. The proprietors of Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds, have given away over ten million trial bottles of this great medicine; and have the satisfaction of knowing it has ab Bring Your Catalogues with you J, and Examine our Goods and Prices. prevent the tfi.-scbarge from that side In front of the mortar is a trough cov ered with a punched rawhide screen met at an angle of about 40 degrees TOMBSTONES. IRON FENCING MONUMENTS Foreign and American. tront the horizontal. The ore la BLOOM'S dumped on the floor In front of the battery and shoveled on the die, mm vhlrth 1t la dlnchareed (?) to the solute! cured thousands of hopeless cases. Asthma, bronchitis, horeeness and all diseases of . the throat, chest and lungs are surely cured by It. Call on Phillips ASteensen, drugglsta, and 661 Main Stree. soreen. The finer particles fall through i to the trough and are shoveled to the ret a free trial bottle. Regular size 50 Makblk and Granite. DEADWOOD, S. D. J. H, CALE, Ageflt. $ 4 j 4 $ w cents and $1.00. Every bottle guaran concentrators. The coarse roll over the screen and fall to the floor, and are teed or price refunded. nin 'hnrvAlad to the mortar. The feeder Is of Indian ortgln, as Is also tRON CREEK. the rockbreaker. This Is a dry crush fMor(L Price &. Edwards, of Red- Shoes Willi CASH TALKS II Jnf battery, and you can Imagine what the dust must be. By looting at the picture one can see that the drop is a Utile Irregular, and It Is probably about 12 Inches when the shoes are new, with a speed of 20 per minute. The cams are of wood, triple, and the combination to numerical sequence and can be figured out eaatlyy (?) as they bare some of them lipped. The camshaft ia also wood, with an Iron spindle, running in a wooden bearlmg whlcb to lubricated by a dream of water controlled by the hanging cord shown. The power la supplied by an fern, have the contract for cutting the wood on the Horseshoe company's ground, on Iron creek, west of the Qpearflsh canyon, and they are putting their men to work In that section, to begin chopping. They will have quite a camp within a short time, and it la expected that a large hole will have been out In the woods by fall. The company first started to do this work Itself last winter, but decided to let It out by contract. The wood will be hauled to Maurice stiatlon, loaded on the Burlington railroad, and hauled to the various works of the company, for a Reputation. Our Boys Seal"Skin Seamless We have got the goods and want your trade. I SHOES prer-shot water-wooed. ftfr. Prtbchett, adds that there are other stamp milte of a rtrmUar pattern o Are noted lor their wearing qualities excellent for school wear. we to found in Mexfoa It da evident Come and see us, will treat you right. consumption as fuel. The contractors have begun on Iron creek, several miles back of Maurice, In the section that was burned over last fall. It da in this section that Lepple A Motaugh.Hu expect to establish their tie camp within a short time, but a number of men to from that section that there la room tor machine builders to send their agents. L. C. VERPLAST. No. OO mxGmxa.n. St. i ! Ayres & Warfiman Hardware Coj express some misgivings as to the right of the tie men to cut the timber off Chat country, even ff "it has been burned and left dead. The entire region, they say,, is claimed by various parties as mtnin ground, and they do not be-Here be tfnaber can be cut without jg 16 tf- RICH GOLDtDISCOVERIEa New Mining Dtoorict PVarmed at Cape Nome Near GoloriB Bay. D. A. McDonald,' of San Francleoo. Jiaa recently reoalnd v letter giving news of rich . gold dJaoorerlea near Gotorin Bay. Tbe letter Is from B. B. Earfe, manager of Che North American Transportation and Tradlaf Company at St. Mliehwel, and to dated December 1. iAA Jig ttCher ttolnga- ft vays: "Dr. RHteaoa, tanmerl? auperlntend-rat of Che go rem meat dear herds at Black Hills Institute their consent. At least, the dalmaots are going to protest against It. OF OSTEOPATHY I Are You Prepared? RBD HOT FROM THB GUN. Was the ball that hit O. H. 8f -ilmau. I Newark. Mfch., at the Clml War, It erraed horrible Clows that no treat-mi helped for JO yerra. ; h-. Buck-xCt AraVw Balrt cured 'to'ia., Corel u, Bnilee. Bonn - Be4'". ' ornt. Skin Eruption! B i'lle Cora B earth. JScta a Pox Cere ua-anteed. old by Phillips A fteeaaea n.ngttta Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Building, Deadwood S. D. E. P. WOOD, D. O. J. L. DENMAN, Secretary. J. J. BECKHAM, S. A. S. O. Ffcrt CJarenoe ad Caattatte, arrived Michael Nomrfr 18. He r turned from Camp Nome, Berenty-flre miles west from OoCerln bay.' and re-ports great finds. In the rioteKjrtof Cape Nome, about flflve miles from here, and pieaty of . So tar only two creeks hare been worked, hut TELEPHONES: Black Hills 155. Harrison 98. . .i i i wf Mr S.1 8 Treat all nerrous and chitnlo (Hmfil such aa llrer. kldner and afnTnanh tnuMes rheumatism. 8t Vitus danae and In fact, moat of the ailments to to $20 to the ton has lately been found Fine weather has come at last, and now is the time to get that pair of summer Shoes. Oar stock includes all of the latest and neatest summer footwear. which the people of this section are heir. We benefit about 90 per cent on the Ophlr clafm, one of the Specie 4 ment while 76 per cent of them we cure and Injure none. Payment company'! group, im Strawberry gulch. BRANCH OFFICE BRETTELL BLOCK, i (AD CITY, S. S. 3IDS WANTBIX- The GoM Ed0a Mining Co. wiU re- ceiTe untn May 15, 1899, 11 o'clock, sealed propoaale for ranntng a 100-foot wftth s ths mowk satisfactory ' results, j Ooarts gold wae found two feet, from the surface." On nhe'fcrst discoveries alx men rocked out tl.70Q.In three days. KKtleson'a clatms am nom paying, froeen as they ere $1,000 a day on those same creeks. "About tea Lapanders came down with Klttleson, and all had plenty of duet KJellaon, the new superintend ent In charge ot the government deer herds and a practical miner of much ex pertence, was one of the party, and ha le much elated over the rich find. Mr. Lynx ot the 'Alaska Commercial Com. No where can you find the same goods for less money. We always lead when it comes to Good Shoes at Low Prices, and oar stouk is the freshest as well as. tb e largest in the B ilL drift, 6 feet by T feet, on their mining property In Strawberry gulch. The right to reject any and all bid la hereby reserved. , The terms of the C. L. SlEWERS. Gunsmith, Locksmith, contract made known on aippttcatkm to Oo to. i CHARLES E. McHUOH. 'Superintendent. Dated May 8. 1899.'1 ' ' 'i '"';5' Office in Opera House Block. pany and Mr. Engleatad, a noted trader HEADQUARTERS BICYLCES, FOR ZIPP'S. APPW BELTS AND BLBCTRIC 'iT v,-;- ANCES. . tr. Eleetrte garments cure all curable BICYCLE SUNDRIES. at. tl Oondrich la located at AND 1 ' No. U South Mill street. Lead, and ta eian all kind of eleotrlcal and mag- The Most Complete Bepalr Shop in the Hills. netie appUaneem, I hare fifty styles and explorer otf that region, at Cape Nome, both confirm the reports of rich finds In that section. The Cape. Nome mining district has been formed, taking In a square of twenty-nre miles, with -Dr. KlfUeeon as recorder. Many claims have already been' staked out and considerable work Is betng done." Another important discovery on Go-lorln bay has been reported from the same source. KX mDea up the Cass da Pags, a tributary of the Nooktuk river, f S a pan from the frccea ground before bedrock le retched Is a common thing. . -. ' -.- .'" . -'. A very rich strike; is reported as J-.aving been made on the TubUckto-VJSt river, emptying Into Norton bay, tome claims yielding $10 to the ' pan. Aetna Powder Co. ot garments to select from. My electrical truss cores rupture la from N to 90 days. Everybody la Invited to call and ey" my famous appli- runinntvuniwuniitVmruvn 'i irniTTiTT r n i nnn 5 sncea H. GOODRICH. , No. U South Mill St, Lead. .SPECIAL RATH ON LOW GRADB vtC0- 1 The smelter vMl glre specisi rates nnoa'low grade ores whera tacy are c o ot an eapecUHy an desirable char-tctsr. If th ore to low In siiiea hks ctrtala Carbonate Cam a, Galena sad I ead CUy ores, we will make a'corres pondlngly low amolrthg rate so that ores running hot fS.00 or $10.00 may be mined at a profit Call at the works 'or farther laiormaUon. ITUNKLIN B. CAJEtPENTKB. UUIIMLUailM Y.t SATURDAY EXCURSIONS VIA THE r n - i . i v vn au person ai Drroeny , .. BUBXINOTON BjOTJTB. , A os value. A large stock ot Dynamite and Black Powder, .Electric Batteries, . Battery Supplies, W. R ADAMS COUPANY. unredeemed pledge at sur-Drisinsrlr low Drices. AD C-er reports of rich finds sound Ilka ? To Hot Bprtnga and Ouster. One far for the round trip. , Tlcketa good to return oa or before the following Tuetday. Bear tn mind the l:SQ train U Ca one to take, as you arttre la the uwitiiii ila tmfona dark and busimas strictly confidential J f '-'.oa and would bar to be Termed ' Tore they could be glren out. f Ob C 'j creek, on claim 4, above Diacor- Til Uu Offlei. jy, ?:s,c:3 was takes out la nine SILes Street. 2 r 1 j- Sara the maypen areoad Diamond "C 8oap. They art worth money. eave after breakfast time; returning. a days by the Dusty Diamond Com- J i ; : : -i 7 .

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