The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 15, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 15, 1898
Page 2
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T1IK DAM PIONEER-TIMES. SATURDAY, JANUARY 15, IMMIGRATION RESTRICTION Bl'.L. T9 Want Column. 1 u OG 3 u uL U o IISKIJWLITE!ir5S. Improvement In Manners Apparent In Waahlngton Life. PABSrSHBADQOAHTBRS, etAemoo, p. OHAS. BOOL, Propristor, Is ss sal? lise hi laws te get a goad La. roUowtag I the BILL OF FARE. Ham Sausage Blood, Cheese Swiss, Cheese Llmberger, Sausage Veal, V IV 4aiWs..Jj Waawaaa.. ta Ef::!3 cf a Tfc::!::rc:3 CI:::::. A Vcnderfd Cc::. Frvm th Bultttin, Uonnn, Ls. Vr. Btenba BoUIn i th wifo of a , fill for Psl Peopls bad 9teea4 S aW Besasioeai farmer iiviii on Ur. ami wrll- lot;, cur wlih lUa aame diaaae WhkS keM planUilon Jut at ih-e.l(ieul, neiklilwr of mine had In Illinois. .... i ciiiru ai nw iu i.,ui,iumuij,.uiu, a arr,.rdli.gly aent lor a bos of Ir. Wimaasa I l'lnk Pills Ur ri People, aad gar U La. the bar rrai.led in tin commmmj !"",.'.. 1 . I .1.1. but l rears, having movi hi re irmn iiii- sola. The rhanire waa ma.le f..r the brnrtit f Mrs. rtoblilns' health, her phyi ism. hsr- .i-i k.- ii.- ! u i in. Ihim or mils a thnnuun trial, i aia not notice ut tr f T r-fsining nrr ici iiasiui. vii..(i- .... T "Tli res irs ago tlua last winler." salil 1 as illacouragnl a littles with tn result ef Mr. Koblilns, ' I was very ah k with tlist tlis first bus. but knowing that I should sot sort treachrrona Hirse, tliesripne. 1 liu.l ipr. t a auilUrn cure of auch a ehmnie eaa s vary aever time wiili H, bin eMr to j aa mine, I tried the eerond bes with U reset out alU r bt iiig ohiSik'J to mr liniiie ; suit tlist I imnietlinti'ly brran getting better. ... I .11.. L. I ...... . . . ..... I . . . . .1 flu lut.u.riliu.i.111, miA 'm wnnM savers I werss. i iiims i w i , uu. soon, (or 1 immrdiaieljr rontruried a enlil and had a relapse, wlilrh I" acoimiinn ocrur rne with thst diwie. Fur rvcrl more week 1 w conliniil In the hiiua-; and iMcr tli Is I did not fully rwurr until nwntly. 1 ws alii to get out yin, bul 1 ws quit adlnVrrnl womsn. "My former stromt emiilf.itlnn was wrrrk-ed, cud I wns s lis inillinir nia of aLIu and bunes. iJr lilnxl tliin and I lia.l ran bale aail.iw. iy inntn rr ai enactM thst I tlinnnlit I s ciiii into rim sumption. Duringmy llltr I hud lt thirty Xa. i. ...l.rl.i I m rnmin mv strenirth nd former g"i luslili trying 1 contain. In condenard form, all th l diffarrnt medicine ami li v-k-ian. but nntii-, menfs necesr to gi new Ufa and rick-lag seemed to h Ip me. 111? scfeilie waa nes loth blood nd restore shattered nerve, goa, nd when I at tli food It would net i They ar a anfalllng speeifl ftir surh dls-Stay on my stomach. esees ss locomotor iiia, partial ralysM, ,fTb only thing mv phvilclan ssld fnr m ft. Vitus' dnce, aelailoe, neuralgia, rheuroa-to do vu to take a chsngs ot rllm.ite, snd on I ti-m, nervous hesdsche, th ft. r (leii of H his dvlc I cam here. At first 1 arrninl frii fr, palpitation of the heart, )l aad benefited, but to my sorrow It proved tn I esMow romplexlons, sll forma of weakness esly temporary, ami la a fw months I was either in mala or female. Pink 1'illa art in toy former condition. The color had left sold by all dealers, or will be arid puatpld my cheeks, I had no enerirv, snd life 1 on reeelf.t cf price. 0 cents s bos. or sit tnlserv. I had lieenm hiirden tn niim-lf tnnes for 3.W) !they ar never sold Is balk snd family. Finallv I hsnpmed to reml in or I t th 1UU) by sdilreaaing Dr. Willi1 a ef bow Dr. Wllliaui' Pink LET 'ER The Largest and Beat Selected Stock ot BOOTS s SHOES In the State, In the Finest and Best Lighted Room in the Cit Calls for your inspection, when in need oi anything in the line, at lower prices tbtn anybody's, at P P YlTDTyCZ MAIN STREET Li JLwi Jt-x 1 ZJi DEADWOOD O I AR&t3ULLOG;C Cheese Brick, Sausage Summer, Cheese Smearcase, Sausage Liver, Head Cheess, Frankfort r. Pig's Feet Eggs Boiled, Wienerwurst, Sardines, Sour Tongue, Pickled Herring. Dill Pickles, Chow Chow. Drlsd Beet, Pickled Eel, Blue Fins, Fromage de Brie, Hand Cheese, Salt Bardella, Imported Frankfurters, Anchovls, Salmon. Lobsters, Caviar, Appetite 8alad.Ncufchattcl Cheess, Slrra Chss. H runs a good clsan comfortable place. Give him a call and be convinced that it is ths "Only" placs in town UK PLE & MCLAUGHLIN, "Attorneys t Law- OaMH Sswd MsrS a Mssmi kloe IVadwtM d. Hnutb Dakd Allen's Club Boon Oorser Mala sad Wall eav Deadwood, TK OLD-TIME POPULAR RESORT When th best Cigar sad Liquors ta the etty eaa ss had day t sight Tea don't T. J. DOVVD. PRACTICAL Witcter, V J eMlee?l r yiibiwi And OPTICIAN. E!ss Kills Jii::rj Lti to, Wateh Examiner tor the r.LSM.V . s enal aaS I wtu tearaata aata IB lu strut, C;i. PlttSttiCl. BltsTlli "Pe!:r'$ Exchnje." 17112ES, LIQUOR, AND CIQARS. trech Vabeueer-Busoh and St Beer on Draught Louli C PER QLASS. Lee-Clarke Antaen Hardware Company. Wholaaala Hardware), Bicycles and Sporting Ooodav. aiautn - omaha iS rasa Siaillan BtoaS, J. C, CARSG3I, Apst. PCjO AT. Hat Springs, South Dakota, Will entertain you whether sick or well, for a change, . . . all right Oo there Ever thing First-Class. FORD& McGINNIS Wish to Aaaounoe to the Sublio that they have movd their Esadquarttrt from . . . No. SO Leg to 621 Main St. Whers the have dor roam for ihair large stork ot furniture and second goods. They with alio to extend to the publlo their ainoer thsnka for nclr psat pstroosge snd aak a of tsme In their new quarters, guaren teeing; courteous trsatmsnt and Hook Bottom Prioae. Don't forgst ths number, 631 Main Street. THE HOPE OAKERY 5 Sherman Street, Deadwood, South DaxMa. ta ta oelj s'ea hi ta aitf ttac oa a al ta toe eU irisa' , Soafaasas, eoosie, hesaS, Ms. aaoh aa BKrtkat as c aaaka. OtT U mi ltea a trlcl as ba awtTtasMt. FRANK LAKE. imm m teauster. Ssuling of Sear Seaorlptioa. Coal Dallvcrwd to any Fart of tbe CitT. Daadwood, - South Dakota HARDWARE 'CO. I j1-a 176-7.) noMsxa-Touu tobx-shino co. lU-3 0? SUBSCRIPTION. DAILY Bv7 nornlaf a-oapt Mos- Cm Tsar. 110.00 eu FtAt&i, us Om ftCo-l. 1.00 WKSUsT ta4 svery Thursday. Cm Tkx, ICO Hz Montfe. LOO PIONSZa-TUiKS, Deadvood, S. D. aurea aa Mooad-eiAM matter at ta Daadwood Poetoc, CAUSE FOR PESSIMISM. A printing company ass brought s utt to recover the coat ot printing, blading ud circulating a pamphlet, n titled soma lag or other, oa ths cur rency question, which pamphlet was U sued la toe sumner of Utt , and It hue bean brought out in evidence that It waa customary for somebody or other to pay for the printing, binding and clr culatlng ot the pamphlet oa the cur rtney question Issued at that time. This la one of the hardest blows to faith la human nature that has been delivered In a long time, What depths of degeneracy and disgrace may not be predicated of mankind If somebody or other actually paid fcr the "literature' on the currency Issued during the pres idential campaign. It was known as a matter of course, that printers put this matter In type, that presses were employed In the print log of it and that white paper, which at leant was worth a price as "rag. waa usd. It had sven been sllegwi, la oiio or two Instances, that human being expended a certain amount ot labor la compiling the material by tetarlng out back pages of departmental repoorta. But nobody ever drame that anybody paid anything for having this dons. To think that possibly somebody or other expended, say, fl.iKKt In current funds for the production of this "liter' ature" when the same $1,000 would have bought a rare postage sump, or a peculiar orchid, or a thoroughbred trotter I It la the most wanton and mslanchol ly waste of good money that ever was chronicled. CHANDLER FEELS BETTER. Bsnator William E. Chandler, who only two weeks ago denounced the gold standard la good sat terms and called upon every man, within the reach of his Tales to stand up for blmetallam, feels better aow. He had In some way got H Into his head that the administration waa untrue to the pledges embodied In the aolaaga plank of tht BU Louts plav fcorm, a&4 without waiting to ftad out Whether his suspicion had any founda tion In fact, ha proceeded to scold everybody ooanected with the financial operations of th government from the prssldsat and Secretary Qage down to the sweepers who clsa- the floors of the public mints. But he haa been en lightened, and aa ha himself confesses, ail by a visit to the White Houss to In quire what policy President McKlnley intends to follow la dealing with the coinage question. There, according to his own statement, ha learned that tht president stands squarely upon the 8L Louis plst form, which declares that the republl can party Is "opposed to the free cola age. of Oliver except by International agreement with the leading commer cial nations of the world, which we pledg ourselves to promote, and that antll such agreement can be obtained th satotlng gold standard must be pre served." He also learned that Freel dent McKlnley has not abandoned the hope ot establishing such aa agree ment, that la aplte ot the failure ot one honorable and conscientious sffort that direction, ha Intends to make an other, and that ha li resolved by every means la his power to fulfill the obit gatlon which pledges his admlnJstra Uon to promote a practical ayetem International blmetallc coinage. The president's attitude on this question has been perfectly understood by prt ty much everybody except Mr. Chand ler, and now that the latter has called at the executive mansion to see about it, the situation la entirely clear sven to him. Those "starred students" of the Chicago cairersKy are still marching up and down the editorial columns of dally papers In dlffersat parts of the country. The fact of starvation is ons which the human mind always finds it extremely difficult to digest A great authority oa statistics calculates that from a hundred to a hun dred aad twaaty mUltou ot people aer ar lose the eanaatloa ot hanger. We assume that those peopls are of ths Baals aex and that they dis at the agi of atwsjc vtsna ffEEPIOHEEB-TIMEa. 8. be In in to WAXTlO-lLP C7 Waa ted A "Hallo Girt" at the Black Bllla Telephone and Telegraph exchange. AQENTS WAJOXD Outfit tree; esv eral of our agents earned over Lt00 la Ul The International Nursery Co. U-ZtVxw Senvsr, Cot WANTED Employment of any kina come experience la bookkeeping and clerking. Address Philip Lye, Dead- wood, S. 0. Msn w acted to learn barber trade; only two montha to complete by our new method; extra Inducements nuw offsred; a fine outfit of tools pressnisd studsnts; Illustrated list catalogue mallsd frse. The Moler Systsm bar-bsr and Hair Dressing Coliags, Ui Washington Ave., 8 Minneapolis, Minn. Establish! In 1892, incorporat ed In 1UI. f Wanted A girl tor general house work at Mrs. Chaa. Waits. Forrt HU1. crwaated Two girls tor general U al housework. Enquire ot Mrs. Mlllsr. WANTED A good woman cook. Apply to Mrs, L, B. Mlllsr. WANTED Situation by a first class womaa cook, in private family, or boarding bouse, ta or out ot town. Address is C., general delivery. CWaated Upright and faithful gentlemen or ladles to travel for res-ponilble, established house In Black Hill. Monthly 96B.OO md sxpensss. Position steady. Reference. Enclose elf-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. K. Chicago. roa sale. CE81RAMLB boilalna Iota em Lincoln tvsnue, Ingleslde, Lumber furnished to build. Edwin Vu Claa. tt LOi'S FOR 8 ALE Howard's Addition. This addition U Deadwood, beautifully located oa the Park bench, adjoin ing the Dudley Spring, la the First ward, la now open tor settlement See plat and prices at offloe ot Edwin Van Clae, FOR RETT. FOR RENT A furnlahed house. Mrs U B. Ullltr. Furnished rooms tor rent La tht Nye Cottage, Gold tt. t7For Rant Pleasant room, Ingte- slde. Enquire at this office. t7For Rent-A 110.00 house ot 4 rooms on the hill abov Sisters' school. Cos Edmonds. tw-lw MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. f Wanted A No. 1 fresh milch cow. Deadwood Jersey Dairy. FOUND. Tound On City Creek, a hair switch, light-brown streaked with gray braided and held together with three pine, one aluminum, on braaa and one black wire. Call at Pion ear-Times office. NOTICE. The Deadwood Fire Department will psy a reward ot 128.00 for Information leading to the conviction of any par son Intentionally turning in a false fire alarm. W. H. MOORE, J AS. FRAWLET, Chm Fire Police. Chlet of Fire Dept M. J. DONOVAN. Chief ot Police. TRAVELING IN Vr INTER. Is very unpleasant and one la always nxloua to get to fell dMtlnattoQ t qulekly as possible. Passengers to and from the Black Hills will, therefore, appreciate tht tact that they can ta'e over two hours' time tn each direction. to and from Sloua City, by going r'a. O'Oneill and tht Paeifia Short Line. Connection dally except Sunday. Buy local tickets to and from O'Neill. Same fare. Aak your PrusslEt 10 CENT TRIAL till. Oi i Mm m oosts'ss a encs sa, starsary af say other In) snowing. lltotittkiyantere. QlestKatlafM Tt anas aa a t., i l. 1 1 IMNaael P win. IslsUI'llls 111 AJlar laasisiaaooa 1st eaa rrowcie i kswa f Tafe as ielvt Stiwse ailaJWX I l,ts,,teaB'. ft 'j l liitMwl W leiWI SHERMAN 0T. . iv:::lesjhe t enm GROCERS. :?'toftfftit t r m i . a. . J , - . I 2? It - O ' i I I I f V 1 VI I V V - I va. t' - The following Is a copy ot a tele gram sent by H. C. Claussenlus Co general western agents for the North Oertnaa Lloyd Steamship Company in Chicago to F. W. A Hiw, Mllbank. Dak 'Immigration bill com up lu t!is house Wednesday; wire your con arm man, our expense, protesting sgainxt proposed exclusion and requesting bill defeated, Informing him that vole tavor mean defeat next election. (Signed) H. CLAl'SSENIl'S ft CO This telegram was sent Jan. 2i. 18'J". Mr. Clsuftsenlus atsted In an Interview the Chicago 'Times-Herald." Jan. 28, 1897, that "we sent similar mei sages to more thsn two hundred men. They are agents of the North Oerman Lloyd who have been appointed to this office, but many of them doubtless rep resent other lines as well. The Immi gration bill menares our business and the business of these agents. It also threatens to end emigration to the western state. We believe we have a legitimate right to use our Influence defeat a measure which may cause such widespread Injury, and we acted on the assumption that the men we wired felt the same" Ths following letter was sent by the same Arm to the steamship agents: Chicago. Jan. 2ft. . To Agents: The Immigration bill, which Is In tended to materially restrict Immigra tion, comes up for flnal disposition In the house of representatives. Wanning ton, !. C, on Wednesday, 17 th Instant. It I quite clear that Immigration will really be restricted almost to the stent ot totsl exclusion of Immigrant should the bill become a law, and every (Tort should therefore be made to In sure the defeat of the bill. You are directly Interested In the de feat of the bill as much as we are, and we would respectfully auk you to wire your representative In congress Imme diately upon receipt of this to vote gal net the bill, Informing htm thst the measure virtually means exclusion, snd that his vote In favor of same wlT! mean repudiation by hla constituents and bis defeat at the next election. Trusting thst you will not fsil to give the matter your prompt attention, we are Yours respectfully. H. ('LAISSENU'9 ft CO. With thl letter ws sent the follow ing slip: "Wire your representative fully and let us know coat of telegrsm and we will promptly refund amount to you." Mr. Claussenlus sulisequently said In formal statement: "Our principal objection to the bill Is that It would de prive ths west of agricultural Immigrants which the country Is sadly In need of, whether they are Illiterate or not." Id other words the agent of a for-Ign corporation, one of the moat pow erful In the world, and receiving a sub- Idy from the Oerman Empire, under took to have congressmen threatened with defeat If they voted for a measure which they believed would protect the Institutions and the rttlsenshlp of the country and the social snd Industrial welfare of their constituents. Mr Lodge said without contradiction. In the senate on Feb. 2. 1897, In speaking of these letters snd telegrams: "To every newspaper In which they have an advertisement they sent an other telegram, and the hand of that company haa been felt In this business ever since It looked as If the bill would get upon the statute book. You rtn see It today In the newspapers. Here Is the report that the president has given It out that he means to veto the bill. Mr. President, no president f the United States would think of giv ing authority to anybody to say, or jI saying hlmsvlf, that he Intended etth w to veto or to sign a bill before he bad considered It, and before tt hsd been ent to him In a perfected state for his consideration. Thst paragraph comes from the same source s those telegram. ELKHOKN AND UNION PACIFIC EX CURB ION 3 TO CALIFORNIA. If you are thinking of taking a trip to California this winter. It will pay you to investigate the many aavan tagea offered by this old and popular route. Our ratee are as low aa the loweet and, we make the best time and best connections. Tourist sleepers, as carefully kept as the higher priced ones, are run dally from Fremont to the Coast without change. Rate for a double berth from Fremont to the Coast, 15.00. Further Information will be promptly and cheerfully furnished on application at the Elkhorn Passenger station, Deadwood. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETINO. Notice Is hereby given that the annual meeting of the stockholders of ths Challenge Mining Company, will be held at the office of said company, to-wit: at the office of the secretary thereof at the Palace Pharmacy on Main street In the City of Deadwood. Lawrence county, Bute of South Dakota, on Tuesday the 2&th day of January, 1891, at I o'clock p. m. of said day, for the election of Directors and such other business as may come before said meeting. N. E. FRANKLIN, Sec. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. The copartnership heretofore exist leg under the firm name and style of John Ksten. John Tterney and William Tlerney, know! as Katea ft Tleraey Bros., Is this day dissolved by mutual consent John Ksten and William Tter ney retiring, John Tlerney will carry on the business ot the late firm. Deadwood, 8. D., Jan., 10, IMS. JOHN KATEN. Wat. TIIRNXT, jesat tniKXT. Cure el. ksadMlM, bed sssst la tte mevta. iisiis Saee-ee. gas la the MnsMua, as saw im si esse wis AN IMPORTANT RULINQ The Secretary of the Interior has reversed a ruling of the Helena, Montana, land office la a caae of some geu-ersl Interest. In February, 1191, H. Elllng applied for a patent to hla mining claim. During the period or publication the Lillian Mining Company filed a protest against the Issuance of a patent Subsequently defendant made a motion to the Helena land office to dismiss ths ad verse. Ths land office declined, on the giound that the adverse, having been filed, could not be dismissed until the qua lion of th ownership ot ths ground had been settled In the court, In accordance with the custom alwayt followed In such cases. Elllng appealed from this ruling to the commission er of the general land office, but ths latter affirmed the decision of ths Helena office. Appeal waa thsn had to Secretary Bliss, and hla decision revaraea both lowsr decisions. His ruling is viewed a reversal also of previous depart ment rulings In such cases. He sayt: The dspartment has heretofore held that a co-owner objecting to the Issue of a patent must protect hla rights under the form of procedure provided tor an adverse claimant; but It la now in sisted that this nil of the department naa oeea reversed by the supreme court In Turner vs. Sawyer. This was aa action brought by Sawyer, a co-own er, against Turner et al. to have Tur ner declared a trustee of Sawyer of an Interest In the Wallace lode, which had bean patented to Turner. The interest of Sawyer grew out of proceedings somewhat similar to those in th cass at bar ao far as action was had under section 2S24." In concluding the opinion the secre tary says: It Is clearly apparent that the court haa here announced a doctrine that Is the reverse of that heretofore held by the department The ruling of the court is binding upon and must become the ruling of the department It fol lows, therefore, that the protest In question Is not surh a one as ran be recognised aa aa adverse claim neces sitating the Institution of proceeding thereon. In a court of competent Juris diction. It Is the duty of the land d partment, excepting In controvert! referred to the court by the statute, to determine before the isaue of a patent whether the applicant Is entitled there to, and the fart that such controversies may be litigated In the courts alter the Issuance of patent does not relieve the department of Its duty in the premises Where the matter ha? already been de cided by a court of competent Jurlsdlc Uon, the question may arise whether urh a derision la conclusive upon the department but without deciding the question, it seems clear that where the dispute does not Involve the character of th land, or the qualifications of the entry man, or his compliance with the law under which title Is sought, the de partment may properly accept and fol low the Judgment ot a court of compe tent Jurisdiction determining aa be tween contending parties their respect Ive rights and Interests In the land con troverty. The department la not re quired to await the bringing ot suit, because It Is not so provided in the statute and because there Is no obliga tion upon either party to Invoke the Jurisdiction of a court aa there Is In the instance of an adverse claim. Here suit haa been instituted In the lo- c-Jt court for the purposs of settling the question of Joint ownership. Jurisdic tion ot the subject matter may exist 'u though not recognised by Sections 2S2S and U26. The land department may, therefore, well await the result of tht suit before giving consideration to the protest:" A California clergyman said In a ser mon the other day that "vast numbers ot men have attained to a degree ot righteousness equal to that of Christ" The experience ot this California clergyman must have bem unique or else California la a better place to live la thsn we have hitherto supposed. READ AND REMEMBER THIS. All you who Intend to psy for what you buy. At Chess's you dont hsvs to psy Tom, Dick and Harry's debts, that had bad luck, got sick, out of work, dlsd or run away. All goods are paid for before they go out of the store and prices on all goodi are marked in fig ures. They don't have to ask one more thsn another because they think he has an order (for ao ordsrs art taken). Sign. Chase's where they sell cheap. CATTLE FOR BALE. Twsnty-five head ot 4-year-old steers 18 head ot 1-year-olds, (0 bead cows, 20 head 1-year-old heifers, 26 hesd of calves, S bulls; all graded, and will he told In lota to suit purchasers. Call on or address. T. B. HAMMOND. Centennial, .. I OFFICE OF COMMISSIONER OF SCHOOL AND PUBLIC LANDS. Notice It hereby given that oa the 11th day ot March 1188. all ot the un leased school lands In Lawrence county will be offered for least at public auction, to tht highest bidder, at tht front door ot tht Court House la said county. The leasing win be held be tween the hours ot 10 o'clock a. m., and i o'clock p, ss., each day, aatU til tracts ot school lands have beta offered for lease. Pierre, 8. IX, January t, lttt JOKN L. LOCZSART, l-a-tat Coatmlatloatr et School matlmiln t ad otiatkr. Mot Moarhr ! Ureas a They twd te Me, Hat So MarS Gives ta Tebaeee Chew-tag ssd Whisk ItrlBklag-Oeasllag Me Uaagsr popalar. Wamiixi.ton. Jan. 14 (Special.) The manner nt the Amvrlcan people ere constantly huim lug. This waa the o bad-ra tion mule to uia the other day by an old grntlemnn who hsd not been to Washing ton for many year. "When I was bur before." he so Id, "1 saw thing which did not pi. -aw me. I have always looked upon tb manners to be found In the ospltAl ot the nation a indicative or the manoer of ourpivpleas a whole. Therefore I was dlap)Kintod when I cam hare just after the war In And that tohaccu chewing and pitting and smoking cigar and all that sort of thing were too common among our public men and In publlo place, to say nothing of whisky drinking and pub-I to uitoxloatlon. On the occasion of Buy tint visit to th national capital, aow euui twenty odd .Tears ago, II was no rars thing to sea wiiator or recrewutatlv under th Influence of liquor in their seats or walking about th capital. In the hnusn there waa s grest daei of smoking In tb hall, where vry one could ess It I'usplUurs wuu svarywhere, sad when I aw the prevalence of the chewing sod pitting habit In our beautiful oapltol I wa nut surprised that w had been Ism-Imoewl for thue by foreign writers. "Ilulnow things r much better," oon-tlnui-d thl observing visitor. "I as that mol.lng I no longer tolerated anywhar In tli hall or corridors of th oapltol building. In th house of representatives do en dw to inok without retiring to tn cioskruoms or to a committee room. Th odious cuspidors bsvs Imen beclshed from he capital too. They no longer dis figure thst anlendld t-toboase. 1 he's very lltti publlo whisky drinking dinting thl tlslt, and they tell ms ths old tttms, In which man could retain their status and drink a 'auch a tbeyoboae, o they didnt puattlvaly disgrace themsalv, are gone forever. Paella Mas BHr Brian S. "Another ohanaw I can notice, and It Is for th better. Th publlo men are better arsxsed. They ars not so slouchy as they war In ths old days Their msnners are better In every way too. In formn times mamber uasd tu alt about tb houss ot repreaentatlv In all aorta of postures. I oaj remember aeslng a eoore or more ot members with their fet upon their desk during s debate while Isdles ware In the galleries. Waa It any wmder that forUra sstlrlste roasted the United States and its public men? In th dsy of which 1 peaking Washington was full of gambling hall. It waa considered quit the proper thing for publlo men to gamble ta these loon. Publlo opinion wss thsn such that even ths most fsmous men could do tht with Impunity. It would not be good for s fsmous senator or representative of the time to be known as a frequenter of gambling Sails " Th observations of this gentleman are supported by my own during ths ten years I huve been In Washington. Even In that short time there as been an lmprovenent In th msnners as wall in the raorala of public nisa. Tby sre stiirad with mors csrs. Thsy exhibit more culture in their spseoh. They have taken on sn sir of greater rn.nmnt and gtntlllty. V."hl la trus of aensfors snd representative and other officials I trn also of tb soclaty of th capital. It I constantly becoming a more refined society. It Is not so long now alnee Dolly Madison, even brilliant Dolly Hadtenn, took anutt publloly In aha White Houje. Kor la it o vary long alnee our presidents drank whisky In a mora ot less public maimer, ever sarvlng It to thslr cellar on both ordinary and extraor dinary occasion. An old resident of Washington told Boa ths othr dsy what In former limes, dating baok II or N years, ths holiday eeaeaa here was generally a big serous. Tb govsrnmsnt departments were practioally rioted for two weeks Only a waa mad at carrying on buslneea. Most ot the clerk got drunk am. mads a high old time of It Nowadays there is precious little drunkenness among the clerks of the government, and she holiday aaaaon la observed hrr la a manner quit aa Christian and becoming as anywhere else In the land. fete la Politeness and gentility In buslnsss and official Interrours are graces which might well be cultivated to a greater extent than tby are In thl country. I was interested lu reading that Mayor Vsa Wyok of Greater New York had issued an order thai hsreaftcr svsry oue entering hla office must first remove his hat. . Ths wonder is that auch an order should be aeoessary, though anyone that baa frequented publlo ofhoss knows It ws necessary. In foreign countries s msn would no sooner think of keeping hi hat on hla heart In a publls office than he would In a private bouse. I confess I Ilk th custom which prevails In Oernisny snd Hoandlnavla, where every msn having business tn bank or ether office remove hi hat on enuring. Politeness I of ooure a thing which eaa b carried to an sxtreme, ss II Is la the caa ot tb British tradesman. Th Loo-duo shopkeeper Is so pollu that he is obsequious lis says "Thank you" like a errant to every remark mads to him by a uatonrar. Tell a London tradesman that you think his prlu too high, and he wUl ay "Thank you." Obssrv that yon de not think hi good ars what he fepnssats tbm to b. sad he will reply sweetly, "Thank you." In Ikiandlnavls anothar form of politeness I more to be admired. In those ooun-trier the tram esr snd omnibus conductors deferentially lift thslr bate whsasvte a pngr gets on or slights from thslr conveyance. It I vary pretty and Basket a rtrengvr think that ws American have much to learn In politeness. But la the busy hours of the day the poor eoaduotors have very little time left la which to as-lent; to their duties, ss their hats are going up snd down every few second, la-mine the conductor of a Broadway cable :ar lifting his hat to every arriving or departing pamngerl WALTX. WBLUfa. The Ttase Per But rlall " Unels A)x, why do people eaw wood sad say nothing?" " Becaua the words a ssaa wants to say wha he Is sawing wood would gat him turned . of church." 'Jstroll Press. THE COSTA RICAN COUNTERFEIT- ERS. For months the Costa Rlcan counter f el tecs hsvs been Issuing bogus notes of ths government of the Island uatll the amount It Is said, haa reached II.- 000.000. Inspectors ot the secret ter vice bureau were chiefly Instrumental la bringing the malefactors to justice. The efficiency ot the secret eervlce is undoubted, but it la by no means a se cret, but a patent fact that the service that Hoetetter's Stomach Bitters doee the weak, nervous and dyspeptic le of genulns value. There hare been from time to time counterfeits ot it but the mlnature note ot hand oa the label, and the vignette of St Oeorge and the Dragon, are cot successfully Instable. This tooio absolutely prevents and rem ediea malaria, rhMmatlam, liver eom-ytsSsrt atvd ApcjsigsSh. "Un me strengtn or luu testimonial I ae I-1....... llll I l.-.l IrirA lim mmxA lw - . " w mm - 'rT pU i. ly curea, as you ere res to-day, wigk iiii- mure than ever bcforn." Aa r vliU arc of tli Uuthfulnra ef kr ti.rr Mrs. Knbliina volunteered te Basks the Mliming awnrn atntement t "I lii-reiy (Ulriii that th abort statement it f vrry word riart and true." " Mas. fTrntS BobBIM. Monroe. 1., Msrrh I. 1SV7." " piulisrrihed and swnra to befor a Kntsry I'ubllc In and fir th Pariah of Win a, Mhis of liuiaisns, tliia th Id day of March, I itw. hm it. jkshi rs,rif t." Dr. W sin' l'lnk i'llli for 1'al Peotl Mrdicln Com pan v, Mrhvncctady, . T. Sheet Metal Work. Hx DELAWARE C0r..PAJY. JOfEPB hUi?T t Ores Produced in tb v s r political piter u. :ul JJBu( It can aVay; r ; iur ir una nonrtl r, J.?' ( t i Uucal irxjvroa jj.4.. tj' 4 , i, t , ... Yl w tfs SPwrSiiaSl su. CUB Pi gMT UTKWATt II K ' --sr-a-BT rST T i an 11 si s I Family rptr It WUIwtl a Peer. 'J fi ii e m e H M tl Iroai te "!fni '? iut tt laiiaLaa. 'i Sl.)l urr Vrsr (ieauv anu Shelf Ihtm rilHE AND r.lILL SUPPLIES. SANITARY PLUMB NQ. SEWER CONNECTIONS CORNICE MAKING All Kind:, of Fin and DEADWOOD SIVJELTIMG W. 2L SWIFT. PfMli,at FBANKLIN B. CARPEMEB. Oen. Ksr, Ve Buy Any and All Black Hills. WORKS AT DEADWOOD, S. D. st9ltiitiitiHtp)Prf'i:c:::. I ri b I 9 r . BUEiYiirEROiSfi::i ft Lii:isi cucniTici cf m h k raeUsaSy Rtsticlleaa, sdvocstinf rae urwraas oovnmss 01 ibm Carry wfea ability aad ssnsscasawijMwt Tuv atini lavs . . v w nvB , r . k TH 1 W X WS A K 0 IHT It l Monnr Ckta ului Th Utontan Ha eostasaa Is emai tt iMmt (Aa a( augm saea. Hbtelanatiag totkttfll. 4nm as will as tits pmnnut... TK2 INTO OCSAN h a VESTERN Nvs" V" . TKS. v OFJLD and ttvr Hi ttrictt tuc U.t . tJacimmem of aS SASMtions of . day, It H in ijl i;..., jt-US tb hkas Slid asnirs Hna rd T. . (T(M,i. fMOSISSIMSMa o a 'i"l . .vj ... rfcV. , t"" i V.inwH .4 ( t -- t (, . -. - -.. i .-,..',- 8 4" i Ularshirs sa4 soUtia lift i'- Ut a - SSJUI ' " w minimMiiii i,m in .us and Pttfclia Laada . i ii;ru2i, i?aL.cj PTXAr., ual Li3.a d.

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