The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 25, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 25, 1900
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer-Times, DIOADWOUD, S. ). (BLACK HILLS), TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1900. FIVE CKXTS. YEAR- In THE IOWA SITUATION. kiOSEVELT GIVES NEBRASKA TO REPUBLICANS INSANE CHARGES OF LAWRENCE CO Hale here Osiar who the Mi low a tiiiii. .-tat. IN CHEYENNE uf Wapello, low,!, as the attorney set-ui .linies' le . says i low a weie never tln-ir sin i . ss than In fa.. 1. tln ir ev i . pi 1 1 1 ) i ans n , optiileiit nt ale III..-- i"U the null I lie Testing the L'olland. NKWPOKT. K. I., Sept. 1M. Special The submarine boat Holland will thru a series of uiaiu iivei s this-week, operating with tin- North Atlantic fleet, 'on which limit's the final accept anie by tilt) miCy ilepai tmeiil uf the vessel. By a previous test it was iio ,11 that the Hollan nil- a'.le to sink ;.n. ntii e He. t single haim- 'l DOWIE ELDERS MOBBED. Ohio Ruffians Administer Tar and Mrs. J. M. LoiUhaii, uf Spoartish. was marri -d Thursday of last we k to .I. llrown, pha'i uiarsf at the Speaiiish l.nig onipaiiy s store. The young people wore immediately ilriv.-n to Dt-adwood and I. !'t mi tl,,- train from J In-re for Hot Spriims where they"Avill visit I'm i wui-k. Tin- liriil.- has p.i ,-il her . lohihooil in tin- Queen City .id ii-i i v I her i-iiiu atinn al tli-- Si" li-li iulil:c itii'l Normal srliools, jtraii -tin- iron, tin-iiminal with tli- class m I Vn;. Sin ln-r m ail liat ion sin- has , een follow iiU I lii- vis at mi, I'r:- win, li -.lie w:i tilted l.v lu r normal t-aining Midi!' mily dan and it is inatt.-r to ii ,,iiar , i me. it i t he t ii.i't i mi l'i nut s t bein . ia .-. I at h. r a ilittii lilt Reception Ever Judge Holmes Orders Road Tidket on Popu list Ticket. . An Interesting and Valuable Report bv Judge Washabaugh. Tendered by the Wyoming Capitol. Feathers At Columbus. ('(jlT'MlH'S. ).. Sept. 2i Spe ial i. them to a iiope- appreciation of i I dv Chan man Weaver of the I 1.',:, all st ate coll I tl I i t t ee, lives ill I I 'ow n and M v. Il.lle expects . - , i i! on I he st urn p when he re-i ! mean-- e v e i y thing to tin- i .s to M-e Mr. McKinley , i.:,imi " he I. .led l.lsl 111-' lit. ,,, !,.,,: . icii.n. e with what tho ... I.I- ! IV io give 11:., ami 1 '--'1 l.ler-s h. ' - to an Special! There on a laves Fusiopists Intend to Take Appeal to Supreme Court The County Pays for the Keep ot Forty-One Patients at the Asylum. Yeilow Fever in Havana. I! A V Cul.a. S. ,t L' ! Sp.-in-ty i-a-i-i nt yellow I . r u i-porti d in Havana tnl.-iy ami th.-i . n.-: a I alai in. C n "i m c Woo...' mitoinplatlm: moving th" h.-aihi i s nt all ib-pai I iim in - nut of tht - A mob attackeil tin- Howie who were lioblitu-, seivi h teniae ami applied tar ami f. a: two of them, titterwai'l-th. ni to oMi'-r indmniti' - The - First Capti-l on-i liaised re-iilut ion - oiiileninln- bistie'e am! ' lll'l'l- "U Cie. i 'I'll' to protect He lo-;.-:,e- :n t!i -ntiitional i:-ht- tu wm-l;)i t!n-v choose. ii Train for the Colo rade Cities. ill lie a di-a-ter to put Hi" i ', 1 1 n.l' i a demo, ratic .ad-on The retiiarkable dif- I (V till..-' j I nation the Ml r Nil -h j I, I'd I I - I in . Ii. 1- , -t I ,e II ill ; i , in m t In-'.. I t r il'u t rat'-tow ii ii .i 1 i 1 1 i , 1,1 some sto. K imt niakiim anv t iH-e irreil for I h oil of ('.mil l.n v ri-Hi'.i Ho of -- , l-;V YORK. Sept "I, Sp.-ciai. Tin- new battleship Kent inky is at I: Brooklyn navy yards lining "in. ai taking on supplies for a Inn lied t; to Cliim-si- waters. e, HEVENNK. "--" I.',,scV I'll was llll ouditimis was tr vr I tlmii right in our r bank in which I was plodding along, fiing. nut il Hi" 1 ban.-" better. Since then o il up splendiiirv. and at the number ." d"-To !,:: w- hav e a C. Sept. --I - S. , Holmes has ,, , v uf state imi.-t pi lupil t icket oil tile LINCOLN'. N'. I list ri' t J mine that the societal tin- mi'ldlc of tin To ih, Honorable, tin t ( 'omrnissiuners ( 'mint : ib-iitb-nien: - I ln.n unit that in olieiliem vcrnui .1 ,.,.niiHi I id" l"' ' 1 ie lionur lo i e: to the rei-oin PIONEER JAMES KEY. Dies at Burlington, Iowa, While There On a Visit. James Key . one. of tile piolleel S of thai 0deSt ' ... :, II..- west. business has pic III inn tin u'3 " visitor to this POLITICS IN THE EAST. bnanl. I w.-nl to tni iTi'ii iu ' t'll- -npl I rial ballot a si populists. T noimlists will appeal to tin i' is siirpi isin:; I'ositms v.e b.e in. mlat inn n!' youi amis of visi- . .i,.. i, it h t him Ice, togeo.. 1 I- iiiiirt. If the latter aftirnis tl it tin-- nistiii-Tin; women s turned fin i" -. "'. , -h i nil -r. i id us of $ 1 oo. nun. atnl t here has been I -ii. i iitting down of intei-. -t Civil lew 111. ire Mills of I lie times we e p i v iii-j ie iw ami the low .. I :i i n. s i i he ill, I. l. ldi lit lision. the mid mad ticket pioin:-. to draw thousands of voles from tl fusion populists and may r,,v. N'. Pra . a to M. Kinl. y. - Yankton ami invest iuatml th'' matters , ontaim -1 in the quarterly report ol tl,,. sup.-i iiiti-mb iU or the hospital tor th- inline, r.-peciim; the painnts th. r.-in who-.- mainteiianc- was , l.a' U.'il t,o I.awr. in e coiinu . h. In -t i .-port I re. eive.l fm- 'he -, alter . inline June :bnh. last. . on-i';,ii,e,l tin- names of forty one i 41 i pa- th-- lllack Hills. ;::id a man who nan 'b.-.-n on the American frontier since I IS",.', died at Hu 1 1 i niton. Iowa, a week a -?. very smbleiilv Oscar Kale, an attorney, and C S. llai l is hu-baiul ; uf the sub' legatee and administrator ; th,. estate, at. iii liead-voud fur tin-: i uriiose of asf ertamiii'-; Vvhat priip Crcker's Big Bets On the Election Are Made As a Bluff. ! The liin bets that .Mr. 'inker ha- I lately been niakinn nil the prcsiil'ii I tial ele, tain liaw- inerci.N b.-. n ina.l- I to catch .suckers. " au Mr. J. IV sal ! Iiinl. the ('liicai;o gentleman. u lio ij. in the liia.k llilU lnokiii. at't.-r hi,i Unse .to--"'; thl, , mU'-ll I "' " r ... .. , .., , inh of this Led the ... .... -in-.s interests in tin- Itbn k HHK Kaiinn I. I l.eli a! t largest halls ... th,- my- n city. Th.- Op-were wcr.' ntial II k house ami ""' , Ihe liosiital ami , ,. enmity, ami the fur that quart. -r iiurinoiis r-aiu u? gelltl.-IIKIII held here. UI1.I Hi. .Jr. Ilab' ami Mr. at Wapello. Iowa, thirty Itiirlington. The hitter's ee of Mr. Key's, th" Darius K.-y. a brother of "l:J eharu-ii to Law i 11 ""' 1V V;;.',-,i-,,l.. . hari: 1,11 " iV!,unte,l tu tin ked. and Loth assem. ...,. .11 y the ol. i -. ttling it Harris live miles from wife is a ui. daughter of .lames K'V. Clay anil Marlil.- cunpaiii have $Ju,iMin or . pi. nun u suit, but. his bit; bei., ha maile with hi-, nidi hroki i suit it is pos.siblc to u.-t. . Li.p,! l.v Un- vii-.- pus,,.. Lilate. who A ' " j .,ilieel. llll aiisk'' poir .- humlrfd dollars. was alsn comii.'ll'-'l overflow meeting on Mnn. John i'roctor 11 I), "t s III I 1 ll speak to an v. Daiius i-e--ides ill CiiC Aiioth'-i- brother. Ambrose ;iitol a tin. t eiullt in inat ion humli ed .n cents or main :oi nia. K. vy. Ii'. at Hi.' Curtis York -also spok ami General kaic as s in Ar i ol Hie i-Ihelein t'l i,:i.l thii t. i $ 1 1 oT i. fk- of ' ,va hous. the amount of one n dollars and sev heitii a charge f- between a j Mr. K'-v left D.-ailwood ij of Host i in ih r tli. Uhes were ' ,t Turner hall. Tl"' ,(, with ti'.-ni.-n-!f tonight's domon-iinything." Cheyenne ago. to visit. Ie went from he had been inoiith and two mouihs i .datives at Wapello. ; to l'airl imiti in. as lis applause. tet.aiic.- of John Wells aft' of February last, the dai. wa- diselm-rued from the n.l fur th- car.- of Dun lli'll lie iiospital. an Cbis- ;a:ion means V,.,n,l,cr 'J. n.'Xt. glV- the his- Chicago mi lb'- eh'-, turn n.nv Mr. Sall'mil sas all tin- imiiialimis ami cunilitimis in tin- 'iiM lavni the el. climi nl Mr. M. Kinb-v. ailho th" lalamity agitation has reiiii. ,l in tile incorpmatinn uf loiil clause.-, b. all the Invt money houses ill makmn loans. 'I'he borrnwi l s i annul get mmiev with out tin- clause, niitwithstamlinn that in the state of New York the I, auks l,ae $!'-0.iiiii.i,ui.i'.! tluU tle. ale una- 111,, to put out at inlerest. The llohl- ers of the money ilecline to lali" the risk, of havine to acc-pt a ili-iue latcil ilnllar in p;i ni'-iit of th'- loans tin y make. II mi -w . . m repulili' an mnjority in tt- laiileal'le I" so. in" a- I 1,.. sup.-iin : holm, a pati-nt pioi" rh I'enniuuton county A i rail",! tin- attention o At a late lmur Governor Roose ; and party l. -parted on thoir M- to the abovi II for Denver. ti'mb'tit M imipl lllFl'le t - . rim-s. lie very th,- report and patients then in is count v thirty rectitn iiinib.-r I Philadelphia. Pa.,. May 15tHl1900 d of tl 1' I IEM0CRATS SHORT OF FUNDS. ispiral from i :;'.i i m tin-and tin- ag Tblglltotertlfythat '.h''Jol-n B.iStotaon Company haiadslny hatforJth;paBtItntTy6ari-anl they have alwaya glvanlparfeet: the 1 t; , lie i 4 1 i . t hell" and Eryan Is in Chicago to See How It Comes. HICAGO. Ills . Sept. 21 Special. in dace uf forty-oil'' egaie charge for eight. - ii hundred - a-l'l U.lletv three p.:. e of nin.-tef-n v . isht ui:i;s Mr. Sal'tniil i- a railimhl man ami travels extensively, notinu ihe i' linns of tin- regions In- i - t - H.- r-niarkeil that om- m tin- nio.-t t' u Inns spectaeles cnnciivaliie a Mr niain'i ft v ton i 1 s I .I ai blr. Brvan arrivc.l in this city this i,: llurlingion in lv",2. and desired to .... the pl.t. again. While there h- is tal-a u set iu'.islv ill and died snd-- nl.y. He was taken to Wapello for l,i, rial, lb- was born in New York . (ale. bin had ;ilm s expi ess' d t h-w ish Unit lie be buried in lo-w a . lie was seventeen years old in 1 '-" 2 trhen he left I'm iliiigton. Iowa f'ir Calilot He i niaiiu d on the fron tier from 'bat"; n. and thue we,-.-few gold 1 11 1 -ii'l' " "that h- did In- ' ii gage in. having visit, d nearly "very mining s... tioti in tin- west in his life. H- lived in I'Tah for several years lie had b.-.n a "prospector, miner i ambler, sp. . ulator and mom-y h-nd- i at different times in his career. A ' cue time 1. was a 'gamble run a viv"' st.-amhoat. when tin- games rau at a lngh limit. He had been a money i, ml. r most of the time that he lived in Deadwood. and was generally considered quit'- wealthy, altho an investigation proves that his estate was , '. nl s I' I'll,!!-' dollar.- mingfrom I.iic oln for a conf.-reno lithe democratic leaders at h.-a.l- tr platform pi ipon the list of -till Lirtfrs. It is nimoroit inai. m ..... iraoeratic tinances arf at a low ti.le Mr. ,1 as I', the leaders ar- alarnicl liryan sivin his n-tminances thru tin-iiimloHiii; willi his c mint nm.-ii ' who ar storai;.' for tln-ir w In Kansas this ar has I receilentcil. ,The , 1, ,1 tO thiS COUllt V tlU' I seV.II'l pet. oil -. tile 1 '' or 1 . insanity the records ,,f tie-. omis faded to disi lo-j-tiiein wcr-- shown bv th" n- -late of Kansas. . horny hamb-d unable to tindj. at. The crop in be n almost un-farmers do not their granaiies. There painnts naim-s i of who- elelk of Most Of liol t tO 1 aa called here to. h.- inform, the exact situation. Col. Cody and the members of his famous troupe insist upon having s "Stetson." There is nothing-like them.. We are now offering a full assortment of. staple soft hats and new effects In tourist shapes follow.- BIG TELEGRAPH TRUST. live been admitted a- have room for it m 7th. b ,'i Th INtb ei-s April 1 Rogels. Mi Mary s'i Mb had' isl thmisands upon : uf the grain has cam as and blaii- lestern Union, Postal Telegraph and and elevators and thousands of bushel In en spread out on Belle Teleohone Involved. Perry, -lam William 1 ss2. 1 x-s 4 2nd, Jl st. i .,nis JUST RECEIVED IN i l. -limnti.i! It is Sail! . NEW YORRK, Sept. 24 Special storv Is niihlisheil that Ihe Westei n 1 1 Smith. A'tgust lii-i -n L'liL'l I S . AC ust f.Ist. kets on flu- ground until tin- ra can haul it away. The Kurop Ji,,u- :i sbnrtai.'e nl Jm. W lsvs. lxv.; . In I Mill) prion. Postal Telegraph and Ii'-H Tel- . January 2'.th. I'll later" i Si Iiiiiiit Otllel S Of- 11 ' ii'li iiiui ii ue " ' ' - to amount to some eight or fen thousand dollars, lie was' kindlV dispose.!, and always considered fair and honorable in his transactions. Ho was an interesting' . haracter and possessed of a remarkable fund of anecdotes :one comuanies contemplate forni-a gigantie trust. President Mark-of the Postal Telegraph company . m -.. of out- mut records si'ov'ir-; that tb-s.- pati.-nt s . w-re .elclg. 1 iii-aii- and s. nt ftotn this .... i ,,,.., .lie sullel iut-'lld Jies the story that the Postal coni-my will ent- r the combination with e,,i ..s bushels in the , rop in Kurop.-. The:" lias been a light, crop in many parts of the northwest where the buyers g'.-n-. rally; look for their hard wheat, and thev consen iciitly must buy in Kansas this v ar. so that the Kansas farmer will receive almost his own price. There are millions of dollars in the state banks or Kansas that cannot. be ii ....... t New Stetson's and New Gotham's ' JtlKINS A S VMU Or "" " Fine Made-TbOrucr Suits This Fall ROSENTHAL'S PALACE Deadwood S. I). tern life. ""IU,V- 1 ''.' " . " . ,.- the nertainifl to w. Western Fnion ami IV11 Telo- brother. ' '"' ,,! "'. ''.,;.,. ,s had intended to hi :one companies. Will Ambrose, in "Arkansas, while m tne cast, and together thev were going . to California, had bis death not oc tor these pati.-nts. but In m furnish them for the w a - una tile reason that such as I No Credit at the Stores. HAZLETON. Pa., Sept. 24. Spe- .,11 ,,f the nuinai pai.-i: curred. The Storf keenprs' Retail asso- loaned. Interest, lias laiimi on .;. ly, and mon.A- is being sent out, "t tin-state to find some use. The cUi.'-ns fition baa given a puBTio notice that ip V ' I'.-1 1 " " )K ' !' , ailed for iiad been ilestroje,, uy .... -,t the time the hospital was burned, The onlv means of a- quiring the m-(..ssai-v information concerning these ,.-,,:i. ular patients was to make a p.-r- of the state generally are in a mo..- credit will he allowed after tomor- 1. on ar,,,, K .lifflnltv nf r:i,-Sl'l yWkAAAA ... . . . . , C I' w "."UUl UI li!T tlllU, ,.V.' ' iking coikitions after the strike. i-j-nr timrninila K RT nt AI U A R.I If f KK-.t. -..."- - .t. r.Jf C s.v. i . . ' 1 " snn.1l inspection or su. n - ,tl..s.. pati.-nts as had been fin-served j fe MILITIA IS NOT NEEDED. 1 1 n t AIVI tnlUAn m i iuhhl dhhi , Qeadwood. South Dakota. tnnsylvanta Mayor Turns the Troops prosperous condition than they nu.u possibly have hoped to be a f'-w y.ars ago. The issue in the cast tins fall i-i prosperity or adversity. The republicans an- working with the voters along those lines almost entirely asking them whether they shall continue' an administration that gives them work and plenty, or whether they shall return to stagnation and soup houses. The fnsionists are en ...A DEPOSITORY FOR THE oacK at McAdoo. McADOO. Pa.. Sept. 24 Special detachment of two romnanies of in the hospital, and by an cxamm... ' of the patients, and therefore the tie ...ssity for my coins there. I found ' all but two of the patients in this list 'of -.inaceountables. rational at fines. ! and from them I was able to learn IsnftiM-nt to warrant me in reporting i them as all having been sent to the ... i , tviij rnnntv tho in 'my Tnarehed intn tnvn at: five GIT 7 C0U1TTT and STATE, loef'thin morning. Mayor MeGee-N Oet them, and declared the troops deavoring to make capital out ot tne nospn hi i . I" ii """ nia coal strike, but this noes ..o. mm i h v Wmm -. y-ic t Drafts and Letters of Credit ssued. Good in AH Parts of the World. ,(wld only serve to Btir up dlstur-wces, the people hereofore beinK ble, Th commandlne officer alarm the republicans. There is not 4 4 i I one strike this year where mere were lise to leave. ten lockouLs - four years ago. .i U " i strike is where the men as an increase in their compensation, and a opinion some of them were not mm.--. ly chargeable to this county, and their , are 'and support for all of the-se years should not have been borne by Law-,ence ountv. For example: In the case of William Rogers, who was ad-mtited to the hospital August 31st he came to the Black Hills, and had onlv been in Lawrence, countv five or six days when he was arrest-. i .1,. with insanity: and In a CHJCAnr. lockout Is where the employers in COLI-ECTIOITS to Promptly and Intelligently sist upon a redaction oi wage.,. tfria Haana returned to repub- $ Attended o,CQ nf hiisiness depresston. i in- various railway employes- associations S : i fclOlTE? FTJXL1TISKED are a powerful influence in geiieuu o U?w elections. Mr. Safford say? tnese on.! toaay, alter a irip v "J President Mr. Hanna says nftJiation is constantly improving -" -republican triumph Is assured. -gyWiir Act Alone. ted In dlplomatlft rirrlea thatt fipr- associations embrace TaO.noo men m names or f. w days thereafter was taken to the ,svlum and there kept ever since. He had not acquired a residence here, arc-thia already avert as ed cou nty ! To any extent warranted by Ixirrov.ers ' coiiaterals. tho rnited States, and mere is .... r i runusHial eia oi prospei ny'-ftm.."- 4 I AcL flcasjntly and 'fivmptfy 4 . . kj PtoceecLio : punJsli.-Prince L... ' nd other Chlno-. 4 Accounts Solicited and should not be compelled to Dear aioue the expense of keeping this homeless and friendless unfortunate for the hah anee of his life. A state fund should be "Set apart for the purpose of maintaining people of this kind, whose true and lgal residence ' cannot be established, and thus relieve the par-rii that evnense. In Correspondence Invited- Their reason is being appealed io-w ly. and tiot without effect. Mr. Safford says the unusual activity of the anarchists of the world the last few months and the assassination of King Humbert of Italy have alarmed the president somewhat. He is constantly attended by a body poard. who accompanies him everywhere and passes as Mr. McKinleVs fruest. All letters- arnl parcels for the president are exnmirtfd caefully . , i, roenix-ea thm. Mr. Safford Our long- experiei . ( lie Black Hills at h service of intending invi 'tiw. y081-1 of the United to the program. - J0KK- Sept 24.-Specfal.-, ctjjracite coal sitnation is fee-5 toore friucu nou,,T- Wto J? bont exhausted and little j It eomlng in. Cleanses the Systerrt a.-l Effectually when bilious or costive. resents in t.'ic moX prrc.'y' m the J.ixatn e frnc-;. r . !."')' Anown lo ac T trios: v. 77. aj. -. TO CET it: CINEFICIAL effects m... for ArwuiM- fiANi'D iY r 4 4 i i iicuiar nj.iu... - the case of Mi. ha. 1 Rosers very much the same. state of facts exist He had onlv been in Lawrence coun-- fh Territory of Dakota, ahont DIHSOTORS A8-EARMSH WEDDING. met the president on the street m New ri jr.! n JOHN TREBEft BEN BAER. Vice Pra W. E. ADAMS. HARRI3FTtANKI.IN.Prea. ... I v i, -,tvnrf mK a'O. Air. .-icrvni- CALIFOuMIA tnree months, when he was adjudeed Hiane aid committed to the asylum In March, 1881. where he has e,vcr since been kept at the expense -of, tu . i nii ' Wahel i.a.'.At.. ..: .-. . 'f ". - ii.. -.--- in ni-m with his , CAl. - WH. SELBIE, CRBhler. 'lOUISVIUt.KY. NrWYO.tV.Y. ,Mi. by drvf, - r"- SUprrlcrtte. I co- , -"""nan wedded to Ros- ley was.iuumii, '" BP.-f-wn Lt Thursday, v Hprotertor.. and the orflma-v cVmr J2f,sH.'-BBPT.1 J4.-M18S would rot think but what he was with - . Ulan.-daughter of Dr. -and a confidential ad viser. (Continued On Pge 4 )

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