The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 23, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 23, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, I960. ," ; 1 ' :MjUPPf VT'VC9!K9KK-' . - - TUE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES,. DEAD WOOD S. D. -. - : - . . ': ' ' " f .' J : ' ' . . I . . i runnth Swindle," V H IBr"r i-wwn-nr - i St,? . .. I pedias were extensively sold in t ha ,,-on. and so far. I have heard of bo dissatisfaction either with the book or business methods of the agents. H LAMBERT, Pres Board of Education. MBV SMITH HAYVVAKD. - Vie.-' Pi es Chadron School Board. Assay ou vxems uiu w...- THt UNION ASSAY .Of FICE , established 1S8J. , t. Established 1S8J. ISeebick 1 &wmm Fall, Winter , 'p Fromr Chadron Banker. Chadron. Neb- Sept. i. 1900. No 37 Lee Street deadwood. ' Will Give Correct Results of both Gold anc Silver For 50 Cents. ON ALL BBS U EOUGHT TO THE OFFICE. M H.Lyon A Co. lo..WDUU".:: .: ,!. cned to My attention ... .. .. i.ikhwl in the Dead art.cle ... th (:.. .fit ir tn u wood fc,quaiu rn ...... . m -a n uart ton h oheme - 1 Know o n' - or nis Mtruw .. .tJ..u i..titv this arUi'k'. 1 &ave A.ent. lor the Blickenaaoner .w . , . mnlnint as to the quai neara 01 uu ty ana mu" him and his agents - Arriving Daily, CHAS. (J. Cashier First National Bank. crime nit FNf.YCLOPEDH Prom Reynold A Slattery. Lawyer, iji uyun ' . . "ft 1W . .. . Mmmmsmn -It has .-ome to my attention that A.,r. fit this ooint has ENDORSED BY EDUCAlUKb I Inspection boncnea, some corresiwuurui . ported to the Deadwood Equality that "a smooth scheme has been a set . j.mi.nis of thhe the subscribers have received The followmg indonsen ts or t, ti -. Thw scheme was i, ,w,n the Chadron uy work- U1 ftru ..rpv... selling a set of hooks entitled Th Student's Encyclopedia: ma - mnii i . . .... ed successfully in Chadron and numerous other Nebraska towns . the school teachers in every one of them having been used as agents tor a in Sturnij nss done by ihem done Uiru men. I roiiHdenc'e-Efime. Jt is I have examined several sets delii. ei ed by them bore and find that tier said that the same parties are due in Dead wood within a short time, and knowing the route they would follow, a Chadron school teacher has written are an in me same uitniing as the prospectus, same paper aud nrint the encyclopedia all that it was rep-re!i.ftLed to me to be. I have conversed" "with several other purchasers concerning it, and have beard of it only a'prpoval. Neither are any of those purchasers, nor myself, "school teachers, advertising" the publication. MUS. HOyVI.AND DAILEY. Hot Springs. S. D.. Sept. 21. l'-tnu. and that he had been -fraud at Hay Springs. Htwuvilb and other towns, 1 take pleasure in saying that purchased the work of one ot Mr. Snow's agents at Uushville and the same is as represented and entirely satisfactory. 1 have made inquiries of ditlfferent persons who purchased while the illustrations ai... us thereu : tea.-her friend in this city, warning books delivers! were not ,....... - hose the agents exhibited as Bam-pie,, but were of aii inferior print and 'paper and poorly bound Such , ..presentations are false. A larg. anmber of tl.We, books were sold here nd. so far as 1 have learned, no dissatisfaction was found when the sets were delivered. The books have ",.,. in every way just as represented v .the agents, and no fraud was wrk,d upon the ,.eople of Chadron , ).),nn,.,-tlo1irwith tlie sale ot th. """" KKNKST M. SLXTTKHY. inuicaieu. "student 8 l Equality, a Dead wood eventog paper, are .explanatory. 1 h. fl st Article that was written in was "n iriesiMmsibk- h- poer and hased on a mere rumor. Mr Snow, the agent for the wo. , had gone to a heavy ex)ene to at-Ufv the publisher of Kquality that bis Imsiness methods as well as the . itself were all that they purport to be. These credentials were presented to E.p.alitv, but instead of honestly con tewing its error, it V""", reel Ion." which is worse than the ,,-iglnal. It also stultifies itselt b asserting that the book .deliver... twlT is worth the money, and m the second article admitting that then-is but one style of binding for all Ihave talked with ninny who Dur- i hased them and lind all well pleased h"r of the fraud (Prom Penality. Sept. -'. A Correction. W illi tile dooks receive, i. liotu as U An article appeared in Kquality a Mot Springs. S. D.. Sept. 21. 1'.""'. II V Snow. Dead-wood. S. D. : the mailer given and as tu the bind ing and mechanical work. Kespect fully, 1 1 AKH Y I'. ATWATKR, Clerk Board ui l-jlu.-atioo. the work at Uushville am, ium-; - dissatisfaction whatever with he same, and .an safely say that the people who purchased the work a Uushville are satisfied with .t ami with the business methods ot Ml. Snow and his agents. w)0) I.-w days since which in some respects was incorrect and did injustice to the agents canvassing for the "Student's Kncy.-lope.lia." I'poil investigation I am convinced that exactly the same From Mrs. Senator Reynolds. ,.. Neb.xSept. L-u. 1 l.rt , have just had my attention called .....itled "A Smooth Spearfish, S. D.. Ttestunonials in Rt Dear 'Sir: -Alter reading the e published September IV m ibo Deadwood Equality in" which the writer tries to impugn the honesty of the agents of the Student's Encyclopedia" and to discredit that valuable work. I take pleasure in declaring the article perfectly false as far as it concerns Hot Springs and take pleas- . i unn.ptu inn book is delivered which is sold. gard to "Student's Cyclopedia." cpl. 11, Ijlljii Unt Snrinas Further. I am convinced that $10. ..0 11 111 il 1 I I l 1 1 ' ' for Ibis work is twice what it ought 1 HMO. I) Sent. 21 hcneine. . Hot Spring I lind the books I ordered of these - ... .... teen Dead to .ostand it is no surprise t,nat liullock Hotel. ladies all they are repi .s.-ntod, aid II. Y. Snow wood. S. D . : . parties who are persuaded to buy are ai.fiufl.-.l with their bargain. This take great pl'-a-niv m ic ommunda; t them. MUS. M D El'iiKin'ON class of books can he bought any-where for about $2 .VI per volume. Equality, purporting i" set from Chadron. and after the article would say 'that it is un-,. s far as 1 can b arn, in every wav The b.mks referred to. were hev were rcuesented to be. 1 ,1Uv.. a set and am well pb-ased with the books. . ure ii, testifying.. o ine "" -integrity of the agents and the excellence of the -Student's Cyclopedia, sold by them. 'e! v Sin. erelv MUS U, VY. STKWAUT. I I te,. ure th;.t the I"...! - tllil-M!,! It is easy enough for a smooth fel all one wotil.t n I x .li. si 11 are So far as I know the agents io. w.e S,d-nfs Cyclopedia" have done lloIU)1.!llll(. work in Hot Springs, and ,,.,t s i.ianv valuable sets ot books. CMAS. S. 1.DIIII, 'ity Sn!,L A Strong Indorsement. Hot. Springs. S. IV. Sept. '"" ! hav,. had occasion to read the I.e. I'l' A- low- to creep into homes while tne man is away, and persuade a young till or an inexeperienced woman to We have caretuiiy c.x.mi... work and unhesitatingly inuorse everything said in its favor. It is printed on good paper from clear type and substantially bound, in half mo: ",-occo. The value of suc h a work as the "Stttrfent's Cyclopedia'' cannot be estimated by dollars and cents. I he merits of the work, cost of editing and compilation must be taK. n into account. The Pioneer-Times will undertake to prove to the of all interested that the work is worth more than it is soll for. Space for further mention limited this morning. From Prof. Strachan. DBADWOOD. Sept. V. I'.'"", j Hve carefully examined the "Students Cyclopedia." and coupler t the .fst or a..y work of its class . v..,.. mn,n. Ktr. nil f-aturus. an v hoiif. in that Pue. : n i . on in lid i n' t ii MUS V 1 I'm; 1 1 the book . 1 1 MMSKJU. 'Illh caret XII mill' '1 the "-t u-,S repiesellleil 'by or. r i a v alua c, lope. itV " del Mi: M US. W. H. ui'. .n Principal of Schools. Gordon. Neb. Mr W 11. Snow -Dear Sir: ' ,,,,,,.,1 ., complaint. whal. V.r. cor, ...... .. STt, it'.-: i:iicl iiieinle.l and t; 1 1 in the Deadwood l.qca.o.. . . s, heme." There price asked. , HA'lLEY. pay two prices for this work, and inat. is just, what those parties are now doing in Deadwood and Lead, and they are using the names of teachers to help along their scheme. Report of Miss Murrin After He- Rett rn from Chadron and Hot- ;;l I icl" I:. 1 ! 1 n.. 1 M. I iiiiin. and cc ..! k well wo.'t'.i . J a: ,. . . S 1 1 "Stu era! copi j i 1 e i i . . . . ,.!d i l.,i Cvcloi. I . . i h i ni bid- ;,.id :-o far as I Kn.iv. ..-.'ti-.'acioiy wi'li the 1." ' " . Yours cry i"-P tide V. li. lU'CK AN N 7 !.. i K ill tie tie at: Springs. , ,,f Ccivdoil .-cm. ' ern ' Pun ib ,l ' u ..l..otio of ' 1 . Ii lent index, a .n." l. -r nncl siiiiiU- pi Whom have ..lion wl t 'a I. with t''e '(lit! talk May (' urned c I lM V. ... 1 1 ; ' Or G . 3.r)t: matt'K and ;l subject . Sic 1 t.r-:l, i iCiC.n: : t : sentation of it joud .iliisti.t'ion-the "Si u.lelil's C. fail lo be Ty u indeed "would Ki'1 .ill. trades from i lElt P od t I 1- all ..i to :.! a-ticle :...! are. , . ...iiled "A Sri I'll to (e;l. - itly assist pupil ,,e fourth up. ellt 1. ill I ea I'l ' 1 without t I 'ini 1 ,s have fiven In in. t sat ' -lac at ion. enl4i e ol'l la I e! i i :rl 'a . ". i I j s lie:,:... " in v. hi. h yni. and tw. i'.ar :t 1 I Respei tfulb . ' LEXAN!HU STRACHAN Supenntemlent oi School 1.1. at Ka. laba . 'ta slat in'; I'l En . lope I.M.-s nal.led UeUOiu.-I working Nebraska town ...'T-.,-;;.,i;., :o..l swindlin t'or the M ruuiN. of S hool- in: TE 11. Snpt ii : i. ei . o-rl ..r !: ui -t i 1 .n ! , 1 ii as i a. Hi Vs.:. I I eh Miss ry re.-;1 .IOIIN , .1 oi tl ev M US Miss Murrin Testifies, f . iLn niirxu'tunit.v to s; iflotalon is one of those in which -yo. '.,. th.K books 1 cnd-r-iand that I sold nearly thirty sets of these Telegram from Mrs. Bertha Y. Thorn 1 the r -Bank of Hot S.sri. I'.U! I' b a few words in oramfn.lawir ', Frcm C.isnie ' Hot Spun. j To Wi-.ot.i I' My a. lent:. ; ;.i I ilo t jal Stutlenfft ' ".' ' inert it .arerully ami think it he l .t books and I nave a"t half the people who pi. r- b .'I s-"d hem ;, u,v y.erfl satistie.l and t'r u ' ,ivo ha- alwajs 1 n ".vs. Ul h .....feyOJunty Superintendent Hot Springs. Mi II 11. Snow. Hullo, k Motel, iv-nd wood. S. D. rn '1,11V salisft.-d that copies ot the students' Cy lop. dia " sold in Mot Spring' are all thai they were i pre ,! iii Ihe T tl .paar work ot its kind fiuu . n - As a worV.k.f ready reference t h.c- i . re e to in i'. ..'.l i I lea! a oo.l I I th- SMfb.lts To. Whom i May Concern: M v husband 1: nha: -,l th" "S'-l-,1,.,,1-s Kir ycior. -din" of Miss McDui'.u. Y.'e have found the- work to b" all that sin- lepr.-ented it to be and in valuable to stud, nts and people who-.' time. is limited. s ': now (I lite ' t!ii'--avc- " tion. X. The ;,.!(.;.:..!'. ing ena '.!- s a ' " ' no equal. It is esp- .a . va ..... ; ,he student be-ause the Ian, . . e4 i clea rat.d ones. Sfl urn i,.d be lost in starching fo. fa ts. as I . u- v. inch . i ' . , i. 1 1 ; i I ot umb r-lanii why tneie . .. , h an a. tide prin'e.l. wb.-n the ..; of bonks you air ' ' !; M' "' latista. I ion. Yor.i. Truly. Y Y KNEPPEU. Casbiei ...a. i ..... . .. sented to be iui.1 that no uiss.n -tion has heensi'cvmd with them Have heard the work spoken of in the high-en tcr mis bv parties who. purchased it. P.EU1MA Y. TMOUNBY. o! lli.s.woik wa pu.clia,.,, ..1...0-,a;v. and as far as 1 am al.h ,0 learn. I illlest info: nai'-ac it has ivivii-fiHsracTKiiriiiiu ..- - two M the Index is very plain. No teacher can afford to be without this helpful work. ...., KATE B. MURK1V . Superintendent of Schools. nrosented. If the people lieie i.a - time. 4. As will be lee 1 times are of. cnnvenie.i I,...i,.,l' c.,.,1 in clenr tl.e. Pres. Board of Education. Gordon, w.hraska Judae Ladd. It is a work that, is simpliiie.l aim especially adapted for the use of school children.' and an acquisition fo any library. M1NX1K D. STCAUT . ........ Ii..v.. nut t'o.und it Neb. From ' The Xews" of Chadron I, ecu w 01 Ken 1 111 ... ..-c..."...t beintr demanded or i:lMRI.IK P - bi'KEK. 1)111, HO I'aj ' LflUel until the woik Had been .del -. -e't. 21. P.'ne: Editor Misinfoxjned ....:.... v h Murrin county super 1: rp...l...t. nn.t- "' .. D''a a-1! I J lliiuij 1 fay .... ' " ered and plenty ot time auoweu lu. Vice "'Pro's. "Hoard of Eduffition. s.nreis S. D..' Sept. 20, 1900. ' Cordon. Neb.. Sent. - VJ.H. H AV 'Snow, rtpv i lead wood, U Dear Sir: Mv attention has been called to an article airing in the Deadwood K-iuality. a newjwapaj- pub-.. . rinowond. entitled. A Woman's Clul ( From Equality. Sept W A "SMOOTH SCrlEME. . ; Cbnfiding Public Is intendent of schools' at Deadwood. was How To "Whom It May Concern: You Can Bant. ,. Taln lfl, thoro examination. 1 if a. ..-. y dentlv ulaces the agents in, a false light 'and I cannot see the justification of its publication. Respectfully, G . C . ' o iv 1 1 1 1 .y.' it, Chadron yesterday loOKins false rumor that had currejyy in the ..... u o, that anDtared - .. .ui.v nf one of the prin- usneu ... "".'. . a IU on getUng the bust in the W un me auiuww dpal educators of the county the f0owing 8tory I Mills inruuBii a.- ... v..- in the Deadwood hquality, regarding i the ''Students Cyclopedia." of which Smooth Scheme." relating vo u ass and ,S'e of the "Students Enc-clopedia at Chadron and other Ne-. 1 : . -... o.n Cordon, was .,n nnirt in cnaaron. m ia si1,, . . rwdwood. apWared in Deadwood brasita towns, vui irns if you get It or 1 ROGERS &S0I . -zJTtn From a Leading Clwb Woman. Hot Springs, Sept. 21, 1900. Wich lately one of the two eui I wish to state that 1 nave personally observed the methods of Miss C A. McDunn and Miss M. K. Allison while soliciting for the "Student's Cyclopedia in Sturgis. They are cultured, but energetic and at all times business-like; nor do they confine their efforts to Jthe women, but presented the merits of their work to all whom they thought possible purchas-ers, and a large portion of the busi- 1 Tl V IHI1 I TT O iHM-v vassea oy twv wnrk Rtlla 1 nave reau iu - appeared in a Deadwood paper with yTTenow n sets w r Murrln acting presumably the agent or a ppn to ihe learned that her name waa used Irf trade wasji set of nycle , , connection therewith, she came to , and a persuade glte of gab HepJ- g repudlated the : hl flrat atten .ort t . th. aehoo. li ox but came to chad- -i.;rti.-i.ffpiBa '.them- a? "u .....m. m- vx w Know. They always nave stock to select from and fa can always get Just hat 1 want reference to tne woik e . . . . i-s, 1 JIa " Reynolds, mey am numerous sets and delivered the books sold strictly in eonformftw th their contract. nd the set they deliv 'tiiflpnT. a ijvciuiitjum. lU1 W ... 1, trs . that Tnir wui'jv , u 1 WlbU iu a ."v absolutely hon ered to me were nign.y n..v.., nut oi" ."e , . I and well wortn me p". -. .v,.. .rtieiB referred to It t of Atw ! MY SPECIALTY Moving orable.and satisiaciory. 1 set of books in question and am thor-oly pleased with them. 1 have also Biv,... B 1 nun ni, ih iiMi 1 vincea iu must be the result of a mistaken or a BBS. - 11 u its u a- n I! ,rf.. "' 11- n itp 11 nr. 1 1 n Heavy Machinery deliberate fraud Ml III. 1J U LI 11 1JU mmrmsm compared my copy wiu. uuc yaa . - 1 Ikin. I I Tl t ' fl 1 , finished. ndte- Xpedla'-to interview thos who J their contents, taking ot bou ht the books. , Mhcir ifrsonal Botes until the Br .i m s quesUon was ever January next, A numbe, of the Not a c loppdla here t teacher, subacrlbd. and in J d how 8Ucn a rumor gained currency received the books... They w re ana d ed Rt Thoe who bought .u. ,t reoresented, and .v.ryone a WW.-. t their worth, c!Za I ivrv nnd Transfer.. to a teacher, ana uuu -'" .uv.-v.. in every particular. 111 - e CTINI.FV. Uviitf P-mcioal Ru.hvllle.. scnoo.s.. . - - , , 1.1 " I i Ux. r 1 11 li tl til 1 li . 1 Member State Board or "amm.. ... t..n tuoh fint. 20. 1900. I have the oest roatiMi ' tn . furnish risrs or saddle "horses on the shmtc- - Z.T:&lfi 3 MHi T-9 home fuia in-u.ith th. haraain...But her. 1. wn.r. 1 na f t ytne IaT9e Hot Prnm Wife of County Auditor, , KU9UVUW, - . v inat: ben called 171 Old Phone Jh. rrJT mct the paper as to irges v-. Harrison Phone 151 1 539 Mail! St. Q springs. . Hot Springs, S. D., Sepl My au.em.iuu to an article that appeared recently . i wKlnh Mr. to an article that appwu--" BCUWl 1 - . ut"-- -- --1f-n..-visitA..LPn1 leadlnYWzeiirwTote the ;ung udles who ai Snow ana tne 1kwiwt Snow and the young ladles who are hen on n I nave itau w, v. - -- i rDflrivonfl Eauallty in ii o. ophrvoi i- Many vi uui icauio - fcrtmneh' canvas or a f . rvMnnia. and very school Many of our . - r.lndla. and every . fAiAvon DV RDDroyai u . ' . - selling "ine " ; K whicb the writer seeks to Impugn the honesty of the agents of tWe "Stu- district he leaves. Bct of the agent ha. been lair aow, two women, canvassing for the nm a fterefMnota. aia, were uuv- . - . afSn the public. I wsh to say Av9ZM -uiiiiiinin f 1. ooKs. x ryet 1 nation' tT the amc.e. the valuable work,.' I have no hesitan- . . - i 1 1 .l.A CO . w-innoia' in Rushvilie from the Ushers. 4 and, .-wtag. Supt of schools. Chadron. Ne Stuaeui r.uw-'.'i"-' - - . . it w...t.'u r well Dleasea cy in pronouncing tn . . i V. a antlnTla of the ana w-if;- -i .m of with tba wora. uaio . . REVERE RUBBER GU a single case or oissausiacuuu. .R81Mctf ully, ; : 7 TSARaH U GARRETT : nil v men , VftHoi to To whom n way , .. . V tlon of a towB and make a ful inrestigaUon of that houso canvass tfMg scurrilou. attach Bpoa the hones and :::.SS,t integrity of the, agent, who ld the u..w rhadron, s itinrinpni T nTJTinniHm TIDTI r Judo. Wood of Rushville, I lHlifinuUliL-uMiir.iiiu uniLu v Lldgerwood Manufacturing Co Hqis" a short time ago,, and published in . ..T-,.- rtnunHtv.'' tinder the ; a '' - . Nebraska. - "''. ' ..-. onL10: 1900. nay 9im"b."n - - - ....... v &an 1 1 en TO an Tar as ll penama ivr w - agents in Hot Springs, and take pleas-nre4tt-testifyln 4o-their honesty, and integrity, and also to the excellence of the "Students Cyclopedia" Mid by tb8m' MRS. BLANCHE STANLEY.' frfom Member of Hot Springs School . Board. ":", "My' attention having been called to an article In a Dedwood paper, headed "A Smooth Scheme.". I have no hesitation In refuting Its : Btatementa in regard to the book referred: to, or its agent so far as my information enables me to doi bo. bave fotind tne iwuto . - . caption "A. Smooth Scheme. . I would .. 1 ntonHawpA nur teach- teachersyUut maae u,p-w.'T i.ote-4 ' were collected before tHe book. ? votes were books. come to say inai 1 umv . My attention "-' " . article recenUy published in a news-paper In th BlackHlU. attacklng-the . fl F PlIRNELL were oenyriru. . n. 1 Prs and nave otnerwiso bmiucu v hand all right but 4 J J hat char3 are absolutely er. and have otnerwis ui. V I .. " I .... . ttt f- riKllili. liise. reliabllity ana iweijrn, v. . Sbow in connection with bis business - .. wn.. eront' Cvdlooedia arc u.--"-- v- Tt. b nd' Sunt Schools. Deadwood, B..D. Agrt for Soutn From Prei: and Vice. Prfc Board of vonrpscnt -they wouhi - , E! s o? the cheapest W. Pjnt of (he poorest, and. taken, altogether. "L bool-. for Practical nr. s .bt: Oi seurns iuov" v., iT and claiming he was not delivering the book as represented, but an In- ' - Education, vn"n. : . -v. Ortrvf 9lt 1990 (jnaaron, ncu"i. I hereby certify that I hTe read an W.-rwnrth'from. $10 to S15 per set,

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