The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 11, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1899
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES THURSDAY MORNING, MAY 11, 1899. ONE GENT A WORD TIMETABLE Crane -ChurcMll Co. Cook Remedy Co. HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR DEADWOOD. Advert! sements under this head ONE CENT A WORD each Insertion when run leea than one month. Three lines 1.00 per month. Payable In ad .. Manufacturers and Jobbers of ., Steam, Gas and Water Supplies of all Kinds. PRIMARY. SECONDARY OS TERTIARY BLOOD POISOH PERMANENTLY CURED TH 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can b ojLOOD POISON coin, Denver, aha, Helena, jcago, Butte, Joseph, Portland, vance. terealed at borne for the i 0 risasCity, Salt Lake City, WANTED HELP Aa-ODts for. rice under same GUARANTY. If you prefer to come here w will ikouiB anu on san Francisco )nts east and and- all points Agents Wanted. Br the "Life and contract to pay railroad fare and hotel bills and no charge If we fall to eura. If tou have taken MERCURY. IODINE POTASH, and stUl nave acnes an tn. west Achievements of Admiral Dewey," th Thilnj Warn as follows: HOLYOKB DEAN AND MARSH STEAM PUMPS OMAHA and BXOUX CITY . worlds gretutest naval hero. By Mu WV. V llbuled Express, inny. Hot Springs, Lincoln. Omaha CMcaxo and all points East. rat Ha la Load, the life-long friend and admirer of the nation's idol. Biggest South and West ...2:30pm and best book; over 500 pages, 8x10 210. Local, dally except Sunday Bald Mountain and 8 i war- N. I WOOD, A. M.. M. O.. President inches; nearly 100 pages half tone ill Chicago Medical and Surgical Institute, fish 1:6 p m 1T,- IT 104. Freight, dally except Sun 1V1KS. iiELEN SACHS uatratione; map in colors. Only $1.60 Enormous demand. Big commissions, pains, MUCOU3 PATCHES in mouth. SORE THROAT, PIMPLES, COPPKH COLORED SPOTS, ULCERS on any part of the body. HAIR or EYEBROW! FALLING OUT, It is this BLOOD POISON that we GUARANTEE to cur. We solicit the most OBSTINATE CASES and CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR A CASE WE CAN NOT CURE. This disease has always BAFFLED THE SKILL OF THE MOST EMINENT PHYSICIANS. Several of our most promlnernit public men Kings and EmporeTS of torelsa lands have succumbed to this disease even when under th treatment of tha beet talent unlimited wealth of nations could employ, but we have a SECRET REMEDY known only to ourselves. During FOURTEEN YEARS of our existence no less than twenty different concerns have started up to lns-Itate our treatment, prompted by our unprecedented success); to-day not oaa of them remains In business. day. Hill uiur. uusier ana 017 LaSalla Avenue, Chicago, III. (EatabUtaed la thleA Siaee lay 1st, 197S.) The IdMt, Urfftt, nNt reliable aad Trfjffrl irdlcai Instftatiou In tue NurtliweaL. frWa rosna fmr patient with faHIIUea IW mmr and Edgemont 7:60 am Outfit free. Chance of a lifetime. Sundays this frilght leavrt at. 1:00 am mrey. N arrival opnUMi perfWsmeel im th Write Quick. The Dominion company Yalns aniT as follows: moat 4MiUB maaaets W rite for oireular on Deformity i anrl BranM. Plnb Carton Bull ding, Chicago. Pianoforte Lessons AND French Glasses Daily; Feet. Curvature of the 8 ulna. Piiea. Tumoral, (knotr. 4 20L Eastern Pass'ng'r, Dally .12: 0 p m i20. Spearflsh Train, rally, ex- f eept Sunday 11:05 a m Catarrh, bronchltlH, Patmlyala Epilepsy. K(dny, HUwl-der, Eye, Kar, 8k tn and Hlood riBeaseo, ind all Suryloal DELADWOOD EMPLOYMENT BU iperatiopH. iMwt racilltlM. CDnaratui and remedlM RBAU Furniahee help for all who f day 11:00 am for the supceasful treatment of evr; rurm of tiimmtr requtrinfr meiltral or nui fric treatment. We abaolutely gmm aatee t ear ry ee of Nervous Debility and dloraeee rtwultlnr from abuses Sundays this freight arrives.. 6:61 p For terms apply at the Black Hill employ labor and procures positions for all who wot work. Mrs. Brans- leeping, dining and reclining chair cars and IndicMTeUoiis of Youth and Manhood; iMfaitM We Staind Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor, Steam Laundry, a tree, on all inrougn trains. Kail wa steamshlo tickets sold and baggag ' or acruui ootsw., varlaoeele. flrdraeela. B tria fleld-Oanklin, 95 Sherman St ls! re, PalMoaM. ete.. ete.. Oaarvee KruMnable A Deadwood, -:- South Dakota eked to all points. and experience are important Nojner"ry r injurious lor information, time taDiea, maps me4iirineti uaea -sv time utat rrom worK or ouflineasV-Mo Incarable eaaea aoorpted, frmeli'lnenentC.O.D. Failure Is unknown ti uh, we cure thoueandn annua Ny. W have ten thousand teatimo nal letters on file from FOR RENT 6 -room houtse; bath and 1 tickets call on or write to J. JLNCIS, General Passenger Agent, THE COOK REMEDY CO. has permanently cured thousands and has a world-wide reputation for speedy cures, honesty and Integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. D, METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLED OES sent sealed to plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. toilet 55 Forest ave. JAMES P. WILSON graterui patients permanently cured. Write m tWty. Patients from a dii-lanoe treaui by mail Medicines rut eferywrksre frrr from yiit? and breakayeSUite full hiMtory mnd rrart nunmitumn of vmtr case and send fof oplnloa mA trtHt -t'onMuirafion reeantl conflrientlal, rMonailv or ttv letter I 0 umM Hook oa all ChreaU Attorney-at-Law, FOUND On the platform at the B. ft aha, Neb. 1W. T. ROBERTSON. Ticket Agent. BENTLEY,, aid fturgical IMaeaaeatad list of lttO qaeeUoaa tVeo. uviuiou '.nie paper.; M. passenger depot, a bunch of keys. Call at P.-T. office. Address COOK REMEDY COMPANY. 1928 Masonic Temple, CMcaio. 01. Olympic dutf Building Corner Sherman and Dead wood Streets Commercial Agent Tbe Millard, 13th and Douglass Sts. DEV DWOOD THAT RAILROAD TRIP. - - South Dakota. WANTED A good girl for email family. Call at Mrs. Ernest Muler, upper Main street. C. TRAINS BETWEEN DEAD- You have to take east tbas spring can be greatly shortened toy going via The BlictaiuTfer Typewnter Received the only Gold Medal Awarded any Writing Machine ad Ota Omaha Exposition in 1898. OMAHA, NEBRASKA. WOOD AND LEAD. LEAVE DEADWOOD. O'Neill and the Pacific Short Line. The at the Evans W. H. MOORE shortest route to Slonx City; makes WANTED Quarrymen quarry, Hot Springs. Jy 6:06 a m close connections at O'Neill in both di reotlons. Quick oonneotlona at Sioux City with the C. M. ft St. P. Ry. for FOR SALE. LEADING HOTEL OF THE WEST. American Plan 12.50 per day and Bp. European Plan Jl.OO per day and up. Strictly first -clans In every respect jy, except Sunday 9:30 am jy 10:30 a m Hy 12:13 pm 3y 2:00 pm Uy, except Sunday 1:15 p m points In eastern South Dakota. Blacksmith and Buy local tickets to and from O'Neill l)esiral)le ouilillng lots on Lincoln avenue, Ingleside. lA'-Diber furnished ly, except Sunday 4:20 pm makes lowest fare mall calls answered. to build. Edwin Van Cise. SON. J, E. MARKEL & Wacrnn MaltRr. ly 6:30 p ml Can bo at tbe office of M. H. LYON, Deadwood, S. D. f Maude Warner MacFMridie. Will receive PUPILS tn Vocal 4 and Instrumental Music alt her 4 real deuce. No. 20 Denver Are., Dead-wood, a D. tr. except Sunday 7:00 d ml O Lots For Sale Howard's Addition i except Sunday 8:00 pm HORSESHOEING AN GENERAL RE- his addition to Dead'.vood, beautiful Full Line of- LYON. H. M. f 9:lv p m ly located on the Park bench, adjoin PAIRING DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. f, except Sunday 10:30 p m ing the Dudley Spring, In the First ASSAYER PUBLIC CAMERA'S ward, Is now open for settlement. Se All Kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; also Carriage plait and prices at office of Edwin Van ANDI AND Cise. LEAVE LEAD CITY. I 8:35am except Sunday 9:55 a m I 11:00 am I 12:60 p m 1 connects with Eastern 11 and 13 Pine Street, Deadwcod, 8. D. SAMPLER. SUPPLIES. todQptaf Lots for sale from S35 up in Pleasant View Addition to the City of Deadwood. J. J. Feldihauser, Black DBADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA maao a wen I B M C7saA of Call on the I xzLf Px wan. AT senger 2:25 pm cr Hills, telephone 169.. Black Hills Liber Company FOR SALE New Hattenhauer phae except Sunday J: 40 p m except Sunday 4:45 p m o:55 p m except Sunday 7:22 pm GO TO . . . FRANK SCHREYER, Fishel's Bazaar, 663 Main St. IHDAI tub aasAT ton at bargain. Inquire of J. Feldnausen. Before Buying Lumber. Lath. Shingles. Sash HINDOO RCMCOV1 except Sunday 8:22 p m tr...,ffc. ma Fresh and Salt Meats II Nmn. "' Wmlhnm Bfamon 1 Doors, and Moulding 9:22 p m 1 r FOR SALE Cheap, a sawmill alt Run 1Mb, ta, eDMd by pt abMH, si ' ' , . . except Sunday 10:55 p.m No. too Sherman St. kel station. Call on or write to only im. V Jfa..l ok) or yoaas. ' Jkmilr tM in M kaC Prim (i.OOm ni.S. 138 Sherman St. 6. W. REED. Mgr. Alex MoDougall, Nemo, S. D. la tmw Sf JOaiM a iii'IM... i.wi.ih mbw r. x. a ii. v. r .r. VVaverley Bicycles NLr.$40 got It, we will mm it . JOS. FORD, fTHB NORTIfWMTERN UNI. BiNOOO Ktov u., men. ibirssa n FOR SALE Safe, weighs 4,500 pounds. Jivr: Between Deadwood and Pin jGLTJOTIOINr 1DIDR. J. J. Peldihausen. WTLCOX PHARMACY Deadwood 8. A. Special bargains on the '98 wheel I ArrlTes. Departs. J. P. HYMER. Collections and Adjustments. Notary Public General Agent la Black Hills for U. 8 Persons removing from Deadwood should have their household goods disposed of Other wheels at low prices . FOR RENT. by a responsible auctioneer. f cibiaMt. r.a.b 692 Main St. G. F. BAGGALE Y 66 Sherman 8t - Harriflon Tel. 165 Nicely furolsiied room at iga uwDi v9 vnnaaa tn, 8t Paul. M1b-Us, with close eon-fas for all points I sad aouth, at Fra-I and Omaha ..... 11am 1P0T: Lower Mala Street, eood, Stnrgls, Rap-Aadron and. ; Uter- fENflYROYAL PILLS Fidelity and Guaranty Co. All kinds of Ma rates Noble block, 721 Main Street, guarantee and Judicial bonds written arc, alwara raMabl. uoica aa j IfraiaaiM law ChtrjLm $ BnlUk Dim A Mrs. Garr. without delay. Please get my rates before aunrf sTi nisi in BaTaaaa iM irtHM HfWIHl IUim. araktal tth Mim rt '. Tk ' ,a,tk.a KMtmMM stasis II SMS StAaaSMa. LADIES! pouts .........H:oam t:2Kan ;iom mfU imUmtfPmt. Al DraaaiM, wrfMsl 4Ms asking your mends to sign youf bond. Cash paid for life Insurance policies. Orympie Block, Deadwood. S. D. Telephones: Harrison ltt. FURNISHED rooms by the night, or THE DERBY Is Headqnirtirt Fer la at am pa ft pexrttratara, tatlnatltt aa4 l rourche :I6 a m 11:00 a m KMlr rr ieaaiie. week or lodgings. 25c and 50c. on'r T:M a m 4:5 p m TtltsoaiaU. 0m Ms.lL I. Black Hills 144. Telephone No. 187, Grand Central, Main etreet. piiilauaTa. 14 Of aUl LooaJ lruRtta (Bltrk Bills Phon.) Wines, Liquors and Cigars, The Miller bouse to rent to good, re "API r-w . For personal attendance at your resi No. 643 Main Street. sponsible parties. Enquire of Mrs. L. f. H.CARTER Prop dence of expert tonsorial artists. T. J. DOWD, PRACTICAL E. Miller. We are the exclusive agents for the SPECIAL EXCURSIONSa most perfect FOR RENT The two front rooms ' waa saaau iiiuiui rilUI Watchmaker, Jeweler lUDnrn in at v V u i wwuaaasa a VUIU VI UIQ OK over Zoellner Bros. Co. clothing lurca, at 3:80 p. m. LuTenla B. Pe- Hair Tonie and Dye store. Apply at American National fres. M. A. Bews. Oorns 8m AZVD OFTXCXA1T. bank. local tf. Even offered to the people of Dead- The Henshaw . . European Hotel Late "The McTague." Oyster and Brill Room. 7TA RE wood. We have numbers of testi AH ? ,Tu1T ot cn month monials of the most flattering char Blaci Hills Jew elery Made to Order. Watch EiamnerfortflfiF.E.&M. V. For Rent By May 15, house on For C" " K" nau Duiiaing. Vlslt-ber. eordlally Invited to attend. acteir. est avenue, containing six rooms and bath. Enquire of Miss Cooper, 97 For una, ei. vr. Helen Baker. Bee BLACK HILLS TELEPHONE, 187. est avenua. Givve roe a call and I will guar ranteeeatisf action In work and prices. T. J. O'BBEEN, Prop. k iMDaa Na 1. n. nf u a. ft National convention Baptist Youn Peoples' Union of America, Richmond, Va., July 13-16. Annual meeting Unite 1 Society of Christian Endeavor. Detroit, Mis a., July 5-10. National Educational Teachers' ansa elation, Los Angeles, Cal July. Annual reunion and grand lodg meeting Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, St. Louis. Mo., June 20-3. Annual meeting Imperial Conine Ancient Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine, Buffalo, N. Y., Juno 14-15. meets in itw t.n i mi . . 1509 Paraam St. - Omaha, Neb Mondays of each month. Viatttn FOR RENT Six-room house, Just InTlted to moot with u. LEE, STREET - DEADWOOD, S. D. -- u. r rnK ueonls. Rm. Mrs. Liebmann, newly papered and in fine order, si $18.00 per month. Apply to Cuah-nao, 403 WUliam St., or at Young's B. M. AIKINS, "! OO TO t- office. Lee sL tf. ATTORNEY AT LAW Choice Cut Flowers Lee-Glass-Andreesen Room 1 Syndicate Block, FauHartaa Wlthont Chtaamera. Tbe statement that a chimney, taa DEADWOOD. - - 60UTH DAKOTA bsMIeadquarters For a Fine Lunch, Fine Potted Plants Always on Hand. BaplMa, third or fourth tallest in the world, baa just been completed at a cost of 5S,- A mi nal meeting Oermaa Roanoke, Va, May 22-21. Hardware Company. Wholesale Hardware. Bicycles and Sporting' Goods. Orders for Funerals and society 000, and the announeemetit that the most gratifying success has attended tha nse of forced draft, without mar chim emblems promptly filled. National Rap Hats Annlverearatev 6am Frandsco, May 26-) Anaoal Ifoetlng Oenveral Aaaemkkf) isie-siss HAjurn . - ovaha neys whatever out of tbe ordinary, appear in contemporary jonraala. Tka experiment of forced draft give premiss ft In 4S hiror. Qonorrnnw and IV, dtadiMr f ma. the arinarr or- f hm, uraMed b Sut.1 MMIrfVTTYn GarnVwHheaaimTilneelBUUi M NOTICE TO CREDITORS. of t&a PTesbyterlan Chorea, oha, Minn., May 18-Juaa L Estate of James R. CfcrlstH deceao- J. C. CARSCN. Ariot, of great eoonomy is fuel, as wall as doing away wjth the axpenstva aad on ornamental chimney. Tba draft arraage- ed. Notioa is bareby clven by tba un- p, C JEWETT, deralgned, adm1nWtra4r of tba eatatie Aanrrsraartea. and BeatOa, ment consists of a large fan, walah is National Baptlsta Portland, Ore., Tacomsa Wash.. June 2-5. of Jajnea R. Christie, deceased, to tba creditiorB of, and all perm ma having RCHITECT connected with a 4 by 4 donkle cylinder engine. Tka fan has a wheel f 4 ladies in diameter and runs at almost any rata lalma against the aadd deceased, to ex- Anwial Meeting General Assembly t bibit them with tbe necessary vouchers of speed desired. The draft is something MANHOOD RESTORLDS M tionaf a famaa French Dhndciaa.ill glnklrinM..iiH tk ot famou French phystclaa,wiu qalekly eaiavoa) oaUaea poni 19ASyniIlcate;B!ock, tbe Cumberland Presbyterian Churs, Springs, a D, April 11-25. within four months after the first pub- , prodigious and makes it possible to employ fuel of , a lower grade tbaa any Daurmboii ,a rx Ucatioa of this notice, to tba said administrator at bifl office in Syndicate Tbe above la a partial Bst of tome at plmpleaTunl to Marry, Kxbaoaaf brala VkrtrmM ZU ODOstlvaUoa. It stoas all loaaea bv or eteht. trwwmiturl Dhk of diecharrv irhica if DotcbMAed learfe to tiaemiatorrtem an heretofore used. Instead of the best Cumberland coal, mixture of Cumberland and screenings baa been triad. The block. Lea street. Is tba City of Dead- tbe mors Important xcura'ons to ba mrmm amat-rra all ibabonwscf Imaotaaer. vrilM:aBalaagassisjafiB,la I oost of operating tbe fan, even with im given by tba, popular Burlington roeta, during, tba summer. Txx full lnfornaaT perfect appaaataa, -la- aBtasthiag uka 'fv (V , Vkaai,5 a.ii tJoa aa to tlmtta, aatsaa of sale, tieketsw MOO per annua. Th amokaatack it t "-The riwi sofrrr are notcjred by iJortors. Is iMcaaMBmetr pat east are) fc iilMtt -;s aaaana. cnpipawistlie.omy taomrHrtoynwljitTXkm. auoawiaaV S a, .mwrnnMn ftvea ai4 taMmr re"1 J' fntr 4m an airaal saaaasaiaaaaajss QeaW tfor4y aaaC SawWaoiWsBSIi us mi H is I , y h f- ' Vsas Tfc tmwWf sV iaraa. 9 I OA rsa I - i wood, 6owtb Dakota. Dated at Deadwood, star , ISM. ALBERT W. COa, Admlndatnator of Cm batata of Jmwrn A. OaraatK aminl I IMrA UmT J, UMJ - AmIIm Wm - m 4 ik. an st issnngT dapat . lslarlEi;:ii2Meii keakAUf aa4 f lass aaDaelry taa that I Agaat.

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