The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 13, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1898
Page 4
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KILUNO TtMR. "PIRATES AND PYRITES ' Response by Dr. Frar.klln R. Carpuutor WEEKLY PIONEER-TIKES )?:ADtr.on south Dakota. lOUriCIMTlON. 13.00 PER YEAR. ,THE CITY (Tuesday ) Black Hills Encampment No. I L O. O. F Installed the following aa Ite offlcere last night: Dr. H. A. L. too This 9etb bated to do. he peeped ia and saw Harris Franklin prs :ttnng upou 4 new h,i. aud be said Why ttre Is Harris Franklin la tberi-bi was miner " but the good St. Pttsr leated ini' out and said Tk n t oi ;tvt it sway. h's no miner, he niv hink he Is." Oood Times have oozae to tfcoea whoa Hood's Sarsepartlla haa cured of actofula, catarrh, dyspepsia, rheumatism, weak nerves, or noma other form of Impure blood. Hood's Pills are the only pills to tare with Hood's Sarsapariila. Easy and yet efficient A marriage license was yesterday issued to Uyseea S. Allison to wed Bertha M. Sackett oth of Lad. Oscar Hurd's iltl'e W .it Tern tell over an embank am u yesterday ntt.ii-noon while riu .itig. nuJ h .l hi ana broken A. W. Field came up from Hot Springs veA'e.'ilif- lleh.s tuleeii a Edetaont pi: "PttlUon favoring tho removal of tha V. S. land office from Rapid City to Deadwood were In circulation In Edgemont thla week and are being liberally signed. From the Edgemont point of view the removal would be a great convenlenct to thost having butilness before the lend office, aa it undoubtedly would be to a large majority of the resident of the district" U. H. Hereley, (Bai nty Hurley I writes lo this oUice from Chicago, that be would leave that piate about (ne luih lust and will return to Deadwood soon, to rsutaln. Huw a Hired ataa Ku.evi lime VVulU Hie Balary Went on. The merchant looked up as the Pto tieer-Tlniee solicitor t iu. j tu jju aa glad to tee you" b '.aid. "as though 1 1 was going to give )uu a big ad, but don'i all down SID. t...- that vu are f .ui.. - m... .. ' m m eaew a aw wwe sa IVI J VU gftlW OOt." "1 hadn't the least idea of talking luslne to you," ttned the ad man takiug a seat. ' I'm ju4i. loafing around puttiug la tltuw and tunning up a sal ary account ;or the lutnager to struggle with. " 'You u.e leiilng about the truth for .l.e l. . i t:n.B 1 ki.ew you. I sup- pv ... a.e willing to viwu up that bus ii.) b dim iiul.y ddli siucs the holi day? "f. it Is dull, !ur you f el Iowa who viiiMit you cojid get along without UiUrii.iij, tut I hadn't uotlced any thing of the kind Willi the other atoree. l's Just mode a little rustle of the mln ii.g lamps, adding a few hundred names to the suliecrlptlon Hat, and ban ally I never saw such activity or ao many new faces around the camps. i)one busy, good wagte being paid and already they are feeling the uol- ars Jingling in their pockets. Oh, yes! things are a little dull in town, because the miners are all so busy opening up new claims and taking out ore for ship ment and the proepertora are doing as- seeameut work." Really, are things so lively all over the county?' asked the merchant be coming Interested. i.i n j j.,,i truly, they are, I'm not giving you a fairy tale or a pipe dream. I've been around a Utile aa I told you, and 1 never saw things looking more promising. Why Just east of us, all the way from the city limits to Oalsna, the country la alive with men and teams." "Well, I've braid something of this, but I thought it was Just Pineer- Tlmea boom talk. If this thing keeps jp we will give you au ad." "Yes, thanks; 1 loog for a lot of new business. I've got a friend over on dherman street who is making the same mistake." "What mistake?" "Turning the dish over after It haa quit raining porridge." "How so?" "Don't you know that them men who are earning money on salary jr hlpplug oie have got to have clothing, ueddlng, groceries, meats, powder fuse, tools and liieir families dry goods and medicines, etc., and they are now planning how to spend their money to get the most of It Thle Is, flgum lively speaking, the cloud the else of a man's hand which betokens that coming precipitation of porridge, which. In the symbolical language I am now using, means ealee, cash sales." "Yea." "Sure. And then the cloud will roll nearer and the merchant will see thut the porridge Is made of dollars, big, hard plun'.s and they are going to fail into some man a dish. Who will gt them?" "I hope to get my share." How can you hope do so when you Hod rourself lamenting that the har vest Is past and the aummer la ended, aud you haven't had a alngle line to indicate that you are In business? Who will know you have things to sell? Who will te able to guess that you didn't die last fail? Who will feci certain that you have not retired on a fortune and quit selling goods at a great profit for cash?" "People know I've been here for years and am not likely to quit busl nesa all at once." "Out of the multitude a few may know this, but la a mining camp, each month there rise up a new host of buyers who know you not Unlesa you advertise they never will know you. They are ih If ting population cf minere, mill and smaller men and la borers and they read the papers to learn of greener fields and pastures new. When they have money to 4pend they spend It royally and don t tick about It aftet wards. But as you ay you do not want any of this porridge, I must moeey alona." "But hold on, wait till I get a word In. I've bera thinking about these things myself, lately, and I don't know but what you say Is true, although you don't a waya have that unvarying devotion to truth I ao much admire. Come around la the morning and I'll talk It over." "Tomorrow never yet on living human rose or set. 1 letter get It off your mind." "Well, since you will have It so, get over here and we'll fit it up." ARKANSAS CYCLONE. Ft Smith, Ark., Jan. 12 Special: A terrible cyclone parsed through this city at 11 o'clock last night cutting a wide atrip through the business and residence portions, destroying a large number of coetly buildings and homes and causing great damage- At least 10 people were killed by being burled beneath the ruins of buildings and by flying mlsalels striking tbem. To add terror to the fearful calamity, flree broke out In the ruins of buildings In several places and many persons were cremated. The list of Injured rune up Into the hundreds. It Is a most dreadful situation and the awful see nee of deeolatlnr aad suffering are Indescribable. Fortunately a heavy rain fell shortly after the cyclone bad passed over which aided (he firemen In extinguishing the flree. Nearly ail telegraph and telephone lines In and about the city were wreck ed and communication la severely affected, and all klada of traffic has been Interrupted. Several other towns near by euffered severely from the cyclone aad a number of persons were killed. There are do particular! at hand, however. at Pioneers Annual Banquet Ladles and Ueuuuuien. Pioneers of the Black 11 II. I think it a Mark 1 wain who oik aid that he always wrote out tila "Im- romptu" remark Ufurv baud, ao he would know Juat what bu waa going to nay. It atrlkea me aa a veiy good plan. ao I have followed It. I-al yeeierday, your ai-eretary, Mr. Itewmau. met me poll llio Nlret-t, and liMlttnl me to your liHiuiuct, which he aanunl me would lie "very informal." He did not any anything about my having to reply lo IiminI; If he bad, my lunate uuxleaty would lime prevcnti-d my aneptanie. Still If there la any one thing 1 enjoy more than another, It I an "Informal lluiKjuet," where you find youraelf down for a renpimae, Informal, f ourae, and you do not know anything about it until the lant moment, when It la too late to back out that la, I enjoy It when it U on the other fellow. bu. 11 a I ia not the wore, of It. The real Injury cornea when you find that thu particular tooxt that yon are to re fer to haa something to do with "I'l- rati'H." Now what la there about in humble, honeat, Clod-f.rlu Mir''ti - mnn like myself, that can remind thoae gentlemen of the committee of "l'l-ratea," la something that I do not understand. i'traiea are aea folks, while I live (ar Inland and kno-v uothlng of the sea, or IU people, ami 1 bad almost said that thu man who designed the toast that connected ameltoia with pirates ought to be pul on the grid-Iron and touMlcd" a while hlmeelf. I'lratea, aa I have aald, are aea-people, and 1 have tried lo lb I n what there la about a smelter that could huve reminded your ommltlev of the mean. It la true that wu aomutlmea lake a I'lil i "moinUire ' but never enough lo remind anyone ol oceans" bui this can hardly be the iciukiii, ao ll li aa occurred to uie mat It la something el Me. In the curly seiileuient of our coun try, before the dawn of cheap railroad traiiMportatlon and big llouring mills, every neighborhood Had lie local mill. These mlllera occupied the same rela tion to the fanner that the local smelt- r iIim h to the mlur. There were many pul ii u of similarity. For Inatunce, the miller like the good smelter man aeidom atarvml tc death; none of them died In the poor-house if a fanner had his win at ground at one mill, he waa always sorry he had not gone to the other the millers all took too much moUture I mtvn toll. When I was a I oy In the West Vir ginia nioiuitalns- like Henry Clay 1 lined lo go lo the uilll with wheat. Just an the miner goer, to the nine Iter with ma ore. The Moui.eea corporations hau not th.-u built a ii ti iow guuge railroad to our door, so 1 luul to go to mill 'flitter back," Ve put a couple ol half -filled luigx of wheat across a "hickory saddle." and perched on top of that; down the muddy lanea like Tarn O'Hhanter. we "Bkvlpl: on thro' J ub and mire," and I have often thought that I fell a good deal like the honest miner who brings hia ore to the .smelter. Nobody down there hail any motley In ttioeo days they hnveu't got .tny now, for that matter ao the miller paid lilniMclf by t king out hla toll Now there never was a boy who went to mill but what lie waa Juat like the miner nVud on o the fact that the miller hud to lie . ate hod, or he would take too much ni Isture I mean toll, and i ulwuy wat lied the miller. Just iim the miner wati .u me now when I take a moisture sample. Of course, no mlil-r ever went l i Heaven, and I re-mcuitier u story ti Id of an old miller named llanns. It shows not only how mlllera regarded c.ich other, but also how smelter nieii ('-el. old 'llanns fell iU k, was out of hi. i mind, and thougnt it wna the day of .idgmetit. In hia delirium, he waa boili the Judge and the arcumnl. The neigiiborlng millers, one by one, came up .i fore him; hla near-i'hi rival, the mllici' over on Omaha ('peck, wns before 111 ill for Judgment. "Kdwiu Nunh, vat aa you In the odder world?" "I vaa a miller, lord." "Kd-win Nash, did yoi. over take too much toll?" "Yes. U 1, when the water ms low, and the incs vaa dull, I d'd dike too much to'l." "I thought ao too off mlt him lo VU" wai Mnnni JinlKtiieiit And i on with the miller from Kanxaa t'ltj CitH'k. ami the one from Aurora ('re k - he sent them nil to hell. Finally! snus own turn came, and he put the kh j. questions to him-elf; "Haiitin. vi.', vaa you In the odder world?" I vas a miller. lord." "I 'Id YOI' ever U k too much toll ?" "YiH. ltrd, veil tlir water vaa low, and the stones vus 'i!l, I did sometime take too much to'l." Kanna hesitated. He did not like to t-end himself to hell. He drew a long b rth and said' "Vel llanns. You can g to Heaven, but It vas a d --d tljjit sqijeexe." Of course, all irod pyrltle smelter men will go to Id ,i. en we have had o much trouble he e with sulphur and refractory ores, that nothing short ol the free-milling oree of the golden streets of the new Jerusalem will even things up. This v'ew refers to smelter men only, and ni to miners, like my good friend Harrii l .anklln, hut he Is going to build a Itlc smelter, and pome over among ;b good peo'e. am sure of this I im a dream I bad about him and otl s. I had a vision, iind I thought I saw eth Hullork stroll ing up the heavenly talra I saw him knock rt the gate o d 8t. Peter can-tloiMly opened It ml said: "Who's there?" "Si th Hi ' i k ." "Whst s nnir !mslue In , e v.i.e i f tears?" Seth aid: "t did u ny things, your reverence, but raaln'v 1 was known as miner." St. Teter s.ild: ' My friend, vou have mistaken your way: to bak about st een mltee to the forks of the road, and turn to your left; we do not keep accommodation for tolaert." Wedelstaedt. H. P; E. Murrr. C. P; - ' - -naa. Fierce, B.W.; Frank Swansea, X W; C. F. DeMouth, Trees.; Geo. W. Gallup, Scribe; Frank Smallldga, trusts. After the Installation, the officers gave the members a banquet at the Delmoalco- . Clark Btralton, who was brought down from Central City Uxl week oa a charge of Insanity, waa yesterday taken lo Ibe cvi in . hoapu! to l.e given the attention ot t:te conn physician. It 1. jeiivcJ that Mr. Is not Ijsaue bu. I run dfwu la health and that by proper care will soon be restored to bis normal condition. The county cotnmlasloners yesterday made an order, in accordance wito the dsslre of the attorneys, expreeen In a petition. Instructing the clerk ol courts to make a transcript of Judg ment docket number 1, which is a record of Judgments from the time ct the big fire In 179 to 1890. The dock et Is said to be In bad shape, this being the grounds for tin petition. William Tlerney of this city, and El mer Hlghley and John Boyle, of Lead, left yesterday for Klondike. They were escorted to the depot by a large number of friends who bestowed heartiest wishes for their success. Thsy expect to go as far as Dyea this winter where tbey will outfit atli undertake the difficult Journey over the Bkag uay trail aa early In the aprlng as possible. Tbey Intend to engage In mining and are going prepared to worn hard and make a fortune If tbey ran. Oeo. B. Harris, second vice president of the C. B. A Q. railway of Chicago, Oeo. W. Holdrege, general manager; T. E. Caivert, general superintendent, Oeo. H. Crosby, general freight agent and J. R. Phelan, division superintend ent, respectively, of the B. A M. system arrived Sunday by special train of two elegant private cars. A narrow gauge train met the party at Kirk and took them over the entire Bald Mountain system on a tour of general Inspection. The officials put In yesterday forenoon Inspecting the property In this city and left at 1 o'clock for the east Their visit here at this time haa more than ordinary significance al though It Is their regular annual tour. Wi understand that a report will be submitted to the directors at their an nual meeting to be held soon recom mending the extension of the narrow guage system to Two Bit and making other Improvements. Fred Rosslter, of the Hercules Mining company and Charlie Hardin of Two Bit, tnd a thrilling experience with a runaway team yesterday fore noon. Tbey were coming In from the ramp with the former's rig and when near the old Bell Kldrldge tunnel at a steep place In the road, one of the horses slipped and fell. This frightened the other horse which made a plunge throwing Mr. Rosslter over the dashboard upon the whlffletreea. He recovered himself quickly and regained the lines. Mr. Hnrdln Jumpod out and attempted to catch the hone at their bridles but they were off Ilka a skyrocket. The hor.e which bad fallen was unable to rei aln Its feet and was dragged fully a th maand feet down the steep and s'.rT-? hill by the other horse which plunged desperately. Mr. Rosslter succeeded In stopping th team, when an Inventory was taken, and It was discovered that the only thing broken about tha outfit waa a holdback strap. Mr. Rosslter received a few slight scratches which were attended to by Dr. Howe when he reached town, and Mr. Hardin escaped with out Injury. Ordinarily the tetam la very gentle and sieady. Hew Messrs. Rosslter and Hard I a escaped serious In Jury is a mystery. John M. Tegarty surprised his many friends by alighting from the Elkhora train yesterday forenoon. Mr. Tegar ty Is known by reputation by every res Ident of Dcudwood, whose people he hss charmed on numerous occasions by his magnificent baritone voire anJ artistic execution of claeslcal music. Mr. Tegarty Is at present singing In the choir of the JewUh temple at Cleveland Ohio, haa a good position and is doing well, at which hla frlenda are pleased. He will remain two weeks, spending a well earned vacation, and it Is our hope that he may be Induced to favor ua during hla visit He has taken vocal Instruction a greater part of the time alnce leaving here and has Improved considerably In every way, He haa added one high tone to the compasa of hla voice and Is able to take 0. below tha staff and A flat above the staff with aaaa, while hia rich melo dious tones have lost none of their qual Itlea. Mr. Tagerty wlshea to say that so far as he knows there Is nothing la the report that he haa coma her to srecsed Mra. Ford aa librarian of tha Hsarst free library at Lead. Wednesday Information comes from Washing' ton to effect that the forestry commis sion will eoon make Ita report to the president and cengreas and will recommend continuing Cleveland's order es tablishing forestry reserves la a por tloa of the Black Hills and elsewhere. So far as tht Hills country is concerned tt le la based ok geological survey msde the past season. Mr. William Walkllug and Miss Helena Wenske, both of Centennial, wera united in marriage yesterday evening at the residence ef Rdward Henochke, In the First ward. Rev. Alei. S. McCoa eell officiating. The wedding waa a qtlet one, only a few near reiatlwa of the contracting parties being present Mr. and Mra. Walkllng will make their home la Centennial valley where they are well knwa aa4 highly esteemed. May prosperity attend then. entered e eeennd-rlnss matter at the Deadwood postolBre. Sioux Falls In to have 1 g-ts. It already bat a lot of cheaper gas tliun that but Bi It comes from would-be political leaders. It can not be utllUed as a merchantable c-?n ;ml 1 1 y . A corporation with a tapual of lluu.uoo aa lor a fiantUikC, one oi ilia considerations In be that, not than II (ir l.ouo cubic feet mIi.i . I i: i barged consumers. If some niei prising ' would locale a plant midway between Deadwood and Lew! and aupply both towui at evuu f pci l.uuu ih invest tueut would pay lii dividends tlian Hoiuustakw slock. lu the meantime tu.oui'i Fuiuaur seem to Uuvo madii u.uuorale pn-pai 4-Hons to be surprised iy the i ii.iuiial outcome iu Ohio. "Wlial mIi 1 1 du Hiiii our ux-1'ivh-Ideuts?" auk liin imontcle. How would it do to otlor muie liberal prls at the baby shows? There la nothing smilslng iu the fact Ibut C li I ti it ban vuiud Klau-Chud lo Oermauy. Chtuu n.i.. iff en aolug to eede fur quite a win, p. A Nebraska tuaa advertises foi "una wlf." Ara we to Inlur ihul ho may place a larger ordui' ii-t Lima if the ampin plows satlsfm-luiy? Mr. Corbutt iliould take a til) pvr,fuut aolullon of Mlluucu for what alia blm. Aa we uiidurataud ll a professional puglllm la a puuumullt lighter. On ii hundred and s.ty-flve barrels of 4'J yuar-old whlaky huve been recov red from a Mieaouii river steamer aunk before thu war mur 1'aikviilu, Mo. If It abould also bu 40-rud- whia ky wo may look for au Increase Iu the morlailiy caused by Minmmrlnna dylug with tnolr tooU on. A Kansas luuu sues a slopping car company for tlm return of money puld fur a berth In a sleeping car. The claim la Unit a man iu an adjoining berth auorud ao loud that sleep wan an ImpoMHiblltty for tbo Kanaus man. the Kansas man gains no moru, be will ant Uih heartfelt aympalby of the world 'llio gathering of the monster gun boata of Ueraiauy, Oreaf llrlialu France, Kusslu and 8paln, on the eait raoat of Clilna. reminds one of the proverb "where the rarcaiia la, there will the eagles bo gathered." There la no doubt about the carcass. The doubt la about llio englc. Employment of all description ap pears exceptionally ara lie In and about Duadwood Juat at th pnnent altliouaU there are aaauram.ea thu conalderahlo work will be offered with In a fuw daya or weeka. There are rout ninny untun ployed, wun-li-rhiK about our atruota, aumn of whmn doulilleHM would not work. If they could, but many of whom are hanging on di'Mperutuiy for that vague tndull nlla "unieililng to do." Mny th apeedlly be gratlflcd. They no louitor "dlachargo" iiiunlel pal nor v ant a la Chicago they epa rata them. Whethor ttil term la iimoiI out of coiiKlderatlon for the tender reennga or the one aeparalM nr whether to ahromt the proiveilnK t the augunt authorltlea eoncerued with aa air of untitle myHtery, Ii not known To one uninitiated a poi'imal of l ("k chargo report might be attended with aonm ((iialma of fueling. Kur In- tanie, to And oppoelt the name of John Joneit, polli'eiimii, under an appropriate heading, the alngle word "aeparated." would certainly prove perplexing If not alarming. im the other band, however. Hie nyitem mny not lx wllhii'it lit eoniponaat Inn. Mhotild Jonea nii-et nytnpathlrlng llrnwn, who aollrlflnualy pnqi!lra If he haa been "flreil," he could ret'y with a loully euperlor air, "Oh. uo Not at all. Merely a eepuratlnn." Compoaltlona by arhool rhlldren are frequently teen In print, but we believe the following by a little prtrl attending achool In Irad la entitled to the prlo: Tant are made for men and men for pant. Woman waa made for panta. When a man panfa for a woman and a woman panta for a m m they are a pair of panta. 8uh pant 4o not taut. Tants ara like molaxnc. they aie thinner In hot weather and thicker ia cold. The min In the mono etirgee hla panta during an eclipee. Men are often mlitaken In pant. Hu-a Blatakea make breerhee of promlo. There hat been much diacuasion aa in whether pnU are lnRu!nr or pluril. Breme to m when men wear tbem It Ii plural and when they don't wear an?, It Is lingular. Men get on a totar In their panta and It's all right, hut when the pant set oa a tear it i all wrong." 1 don t tnink l hi i better know an; iblbg more about p) rites or pirates. 1. , don't do tor a mining man to know too muih. Knowing too mm h about mines baa got many a leilow into trouble. 1 knew of a mule once that knew too nun h n''out mining, It leau.tetl diaax- tiouMly. Thin ps titular old mule had learned that when the candle he carried on his bream went out. he got ,i rent. You that have not beeu under ground perhapa lo not know that th" mules that draw the cars carry lights Just the unit ai the balance of uh miners. Old f'yrltes tthat waa tb mule's name) had become educated -hn waa a sort of School of Mines mule he had dropped upon the combination he wanted to steal time othei miners often do that "Old Pyrites would raise hla bead high In the air; lake a deep breath; bring his head down with a putT; and out would gu the candle, leaving him iu daiknea. where he would meditate upon the transitory things of life until someone would light It for him. The foreman became suspicious watched him caught him In the act fetched him one with a shovel, and so surprised "Old Pyrites" that he made a lunge against the tide of the drift and broke hie neck much about mining; It result 1 dla-edge. And he waan't the first educated miner to break his neck ia the Black Hills either. I give this story aa 1 got It, and be was a truthful man that toid It to me. He don't live la the Black Hills now and I havn'e got his address. AN ATTRACTIVE PERFORMANCE. The Jossey-Marvln Co made their second appearance here last night In a dramatlxedatlon of Oulda'a celebrated novel "Under Two Flags." The performance was the equal of any seeu demonstrated their vaslllty In a rt markedly able charactr rlutlou of their varied and difficult roles. No one, to have seen "Braving the World" on Monday nlgt would have thought It possible for the same company to !v such an able and artistic rendition ol a drama of the serious nature of "Under Two Flags, but such was the case. It is so seldom that companies coming here carry out the promisee whlc i they make to the pttbUc, that the Josscy Marvin company deaervee and probob ly will receive commendation and net ronage for the earnest and unit! ef forte to please the theatre goer of our city. Their llluitieted song, "The Cu ban Captive," made a terrific hit It Is a novelty well worth seeing. The company present for this evaninr, the roaring farce comedy "All a Mistake,' and If their performance comes op to the standard set I y them Monday and Tuesday night, they will be beynn I pet adventure, the bet dramatic 'onipiny which haa visited Dead wood slne the early days. TO BEAUT1 FTL WOMEN. Here It a chant e for the lovely women of the Black Hills to distinguish themselves. The managers o( the Trans-MlsslosI ppl and Internet! inal exposition will soon Issue a souvenir medal la gold silver, bronie, etc. which serve the double purpose of advertising and com memoratlng the great event. After careful and painstaking research on the subject of appropriate designs was decided by the depcrtment of ways and meana, to whl h the matter wu re ferred, to issue a 1 tedal bearing; on the reverse side a profile view of a woman's head In ba. -relief above which will be Inscribed (be word 'souvenir,' and below 'Omaha. 1891.' The obverse side will bear la bas-relief a spirited design of a mounted Indian spearing a buffalo. Above ttia will be Inscribed the word, 'Transra islsslppl,' and below the date. 'S89S.' These designs, It Is thought, fitiy repti tent the progress of clvtlltatloo In the tranamlsauwlppl region during the pct flfty years. The drawing of t le design on the obverse aide will be 'eft to a competent artist, but In ordet to secure a beautiful and at the san. time an appropriate and character!-. tic type of face for the reverse aide, It iiaa been determined to resort to compose photography. To thle end the vice president for each of the transmlsslSKippI states Is asked to aid the ways an t means department In securing photo; raphe of the two most beautiful wo: tea In hie state or territory. The man.ier of selecting the photographs is leu to the respective vice presidents. Rs h photograph munt be of cabinet else end must present a profile view of the iiead and shoulders. From the phototrr; ha a composite pho tograph will be made by Oeorge A. Rockwood of New York, lh) Inventor of composite photo aphy. The photograph thu product d will serve aa a design from which the typlrat head will be modeled. Ijet year North Carolina furnished the world with 29 "2. 141 poande of plug toberro, 30,01' I S00 package t rlgarettea. 1.039.IM cigars and 1,800 pounds of snuff. Ii.iagiae the number of squirts, puffs S'id sneesee the old state Is responsible for. erVa too take Rood"- r ins. Theblg. ekMtaV loned, sagareoatsd leer ywa aflM pteoes, an net m N witH Hood's. Fasvlotua aed easy te operate. h tree . at Hood's Mils, whk-fc are I " , pssdats In every re-eet l.-i Sara, eartalaaad ". AI U fe drntftttt. we. C. t Heed ft Ce, LewsO. Mass. The eaty mis to iak ttk Heed's fersaeitfuab dlO The county coii.m -tl.mer held an evening session tu rounder bids for printing and publishing and cloie up the buelaeee of the ei.on. rii.K for printing were opened, consider i d and all rejected aa being unaiuUfauory. The Pioneer-Tlmee wns appointed the official paper, the 1farr.h Mall and Terry Record were designated as the other papers In which to publish thi proceedings of the board. The bosrd will readvertlse fo aids on fitrnihlng blanks, court calendars etc. By an agreement with the papeis ilealgnate l "official" and an arrangement between the papers, the commissioners will get the work done at a very low rate. M. H. Lyon recently purchassd a gasoline engine to furnish power for propelling his machinery at the assay office. The little thing was cute enough for a watch charm but for all practical purposes It Is absolutely worthless. Moss gave It an honest trial and patiently worked over It for several days but was finally forced to take It out. Ite Intends to return It to the maker at Clinton, Iowa, and will try another. Alta Ilelie.a Lodge No. 8, I. O. O. K. of tbli city I. hi ts sem. utiiiuil installation ol othceri last evening ll.o officers are as follows: N. O., Helen Baker; V. O., Mary E. Cooper; Sec, Belle Osborne; Trees., Alice Blechon"; R. 8. N. O., Addle Baker; L, S. N. O.. Mary King; Warden, Katie Promt; Com!., May Hamilton; I. O., Nina Pierce; O. 0., W. W. Osborne; Chaplain, Mary lank mis. Mrs. ICmnia Ilut-sell, of Spuaiush, district deputy grand master, was present and acted In th. capacity of Installing officer. There waa a number of visiting sisters present, principally from Lead. Following the ceremony a splendid supper waa served In the banquet hall. Charlca Orth, familiarly known as "Shorty", who for the past ten years has been engaged at various places In the Northern Hills as prompter for dances and has ben connected with the brass bands of this city and Lead, died suddenly In his room at Lead City at 6 o'clock last evening. He hsd com plained for several days of a severe cold and pains In the stomsch. ite Ufl h.s w. ik st the tieiii theatre at 4 o'clock yesterday morning, as umtni. went direct to Lead and retired for the Light. His loom mate, M. J. Adam, arose ycntcitiMy fo'einmri when Orth complained and wanted medlclue which Adams sent to him. Adams was sent for during the afternoon and called Dr. Wade, who made a diagnosis of the case and pronounced acute catarrhal pneumonia. Orth died at C o'clock In i ' ' waa SI years of age and came to Deadwood ten years ao from St. Louis, his tionv, where his mother and two slstsrs still realde, they being his only known relatives, Shorty was a good natured good heart ed fellow and had many friends who will regret his untimely death. He was an active member of the Dead-wood Hose company and waa a good fireman. Hit mother hai been telegraphed and unless the remains are ordered shlppsd east he will be burled at Deadwood under the auspices of the fire department probably on Thursdsy. Thursday The lecture next Friday night at St. John's Episcopal church will be an Illustrated lecture on Mexico by Mr. J. F. Edmonds. Theee lectures ars free to all and all will be cordially welcome. S. H. Atwood, of Plattsmouth, Neb., has been looking over his mining Interest at Squaw Creek and Carbonate, left for home on the B. A M. One error only was made In the publication of the list of contributors to the cemetery Irrigation plant The name of Arthur H. Slmpeon, who contributed fti.OO, was unintentionally omltuM. A petition praying for the removal of the United States land office from Rapid City, Ita present location, ts Deadood Is being circulated around town thla week. As this Is a matter In which everyone la interested no one should fail to algn It Tha pet) 'on can be found at the poetoffice. Considerable haa already been aald aa to the advisability of having tha land office In tha district where iu business l mostly located, and all we need now to consummate the move la a list of signers to the petition. Union Hill Star. The Sioux Falls Press says "A list of pensioners of the goverrment who receive more than 945 per month has been published for the first time. Thoee receiving rore than that amount In South Dakota are hamutl h. Melcher, Mitchell, 172; Jibn W January, Dell Raplda, $100; Al't. I ronton, Eaat Pierre, $7J;Irvln W. Welrn.Sloux Falls, S0; Abel Allen, 81 -nix Falls. I7; Aaron Flyte. Oettysburg, 173: Henry Muters, Spencer, 171; Jay Marvin, V. million. 171; Charlet W. 3.m Blunt 171; Jamea T. Michael, Mitchell, 'iJ; making a total of 71l a month paid to ten pensioners In the etaio. HI Warden a few daya ago received a letter from hia step-daughter, Ooldle Ray, dated from Halgler, Neb., In which she states that aha la now an-gaged a teacher la tha pub'.le achool at that place. Ooldle la giving tha beet of satisfaction, and from tha very first became a favorite with tha scholars aad their parent). Ooidle'a education waa obtained ra tha public achools of Deadwood, and thot under whoee g-aldaace aha studied speak In flattering terms of her ability aa a student Many Deadwood frlenda will ba pleased ia learn that her liaea have fallen ll rock pleasant placet. ' crop of whiskers. tllsd.Hf.l of his loon and taken out Mo Ina'H-iiiie-f pic-paratoty to going to Aluka very shjrt ly- Chas. Preston, formerly an employe of the cyanide plant, la at his home in the First ward this city, eiy Uk with typhoid fever. He is jo1: nuiat I u cared for by Ma irolh. of i h Vn.i men lodge. President McKlnlry will sen I n ii.oiu Falls editor ss consul to the Holy Land It there le anyone on Ood'a green artb who should be sent to the Hot.-' Unrt Its an editor. Let the gu I wort ji-on. Alexandria Journal. The funeral of the late Miss DttUy Hunter, who died on Tuesdsy morning, will occur at 3 o'clock this afternnoa from the family residence, on upp.T Williams street. Rev. A. 8. McConneli will officiate. Friends are Invited. Hill City News: "The Deadwood Ploneer-Tlmes Issued an elaborate edition on Sunday, embracing ten page of Interesting matter pertaining to the mineral resource! of the Black Hill, which cannot full to result In laitinc benefit to the golden section upon which It treata." Joseph Auer snd (leorg- II iliU'riii t, neighbors, living In the iIimI wm iI.Imv" been having a fort of parro; hiH imm key time covering a lon4 period of time. They have done ll'.lle tUo than scrap and quarrel. Recently lloldbnu-er had Auer arrested, ?luig'iig hint with threafp; 'iig tn tut'" ni illolil- bauer's) houm- i e 1 t .' n sgalnal li.iu j ei mtially. Tbr feu I whs aired for several hours tie fine Jim Ice Early yesterday, '.hough a eettletu'tit was not reached, and there w!! b another chapter In the cane tni'.i..-. It soems to us that It would be a i a,l'n! Idea to put them both timlcr tiomW to keep the peace tow ard each ot her it ml the community. Or belter still, it would be a good scheme for Chief ol Police Donovan to tuks them to 'he rlty limits, arm them with stuffed ctuhr and make them tight It out. The Foley llio.', who have the con trac t to sink the ihaft for the (loldiii Hill Mining company of Two lilt, sre making pretty fair progrexa. The abaft Is 40 fiTt deep, timbered with S'lima sets and planked, and Im one of tho most substantially constructed tn thru district. Mineralised porphyry line been the material worked through and at the present depth of 40 feet, Is hard and solid. Carpenters are putting the finishing touches upon the hot, lug building and It will be completed In a day or two. The hoisting mnchln-rj snd pttmpM are expected from the enM in a few days. A private telegram waa rrceivsd yesterday from Oov. Lee at Omaha, 1 1 effect that be had spoken for l.iiOo square feet of space at the Trane-Mlsa-tsslppl Exposition grounds for the proposed South Dakota Exhibit. The Uot enor proposes to utilise) feet of the space In displaying the agricultural products and give the rrmalndr to the mining exhibit of the I'.lark Hills, Last evening's Independent said: "The sentiment in the Hills Is thst neither 600 feet nor three times that mm h will be adequate for our mining exhibit, and rather than be limited to that amount It would be better to stay at home." Those are our sentiments exactly. Now let the governor exhibit hie pumpkin show from ths esstern part of the stste and keep his hand off ths Black Hills. We are fully abU to take rare of ourselves; If we rat make a creditable exhibit of :he varied and wealthy resources of ihls section, we will heartily fsvor doing so, but we certainly oppose being mixed up with such an outfit as Oev. Lee proposes to take down to Omaha as a representative exhibit of our resourres. As the champion of the Interests r.f the Bls-k Hills and the representative of our p- pie we respectively decline the wlie governor's gracious tender of too feet of space. Thomas A. Edson hoe accidentally discovered what he believes to be a new metal which will do away with the slow and costly process of making malleable Iron. Exhausttive experiments will be made, and If successful It Is promised full details will be given to the public, it le claimed that afler a lot of Iron Is run through the magnetic ore ssparatlng mill the "pig" waa taken from the blaat furnace, aa usual, to be cooled and broken up. The lot In question proved refractory, the pigs resisting all efforts of men with heavy sledges to break them. The fa;t was submitted to chemists and the theory formed that there was aome hitherto unknown substan-s In the Iron used, and thla Is believed to be a new metal. R. H. Lilly, a well known mining man, and Sol Roeenthal left yeaterday for the Southern Kills to visit the Dolcotfe group of claims at Palmer Oulch, upon which they have a bond. They are con sldcrlng the advisability of bonding the famoua Tea lode which haa been eon-aldered one of the richest propositions In tht Southern Kills. Development work la la progress on tht Dolcode and the property looks well. They have ne gotlated for the purchase of a ten-stamp mill which will be erected upon tha ground toon. A large amount of ore haa bien taken out and stored awaiting the completion of the mill. W. T. Cot.d, of Rapid City, ex-chsi. man of tha republican state central committee of South Dakota, la at Wash Ingtoa. D. C, la tht Interest of John Henry for register of the land office at Rapid City. Henry haa strong eastern IndoreemcnU and te also a friend of Sterttary BISaa. FILED FOR RECORD. John llauley to Johu Uisy, Inter-eat m Ophir, Uiue bird, pswu aud Hadger lodwa, l-aise lioliom auivh. tl. Joat ph bwitl to Deauwood and ie.a-waie buiuiUig Co., wad urntt Ave. 1 aud 2 aud Wud Uuer lodes, tl. Wm. bpucauian to feier U McOtll aud Wm. Dunaei, Cuba Noa. 1, 3 aud 3 lodes, 11. Hugh Johnson to Nsbraska Oold Mining and Muling Co., b.ia aud Agues lodea, Ilea ver iniuiug district 11. U W. Va.eiuiue to W. U. Hamilton, lota I aud It ot subdivision ot lot 1, section 4, township ti, mugs 3, l,lu9. Iritis Le Failure to Frank McLaugn-llu, Red lodes Nos. 3, 4 aud 6. near Ter-ry peak, f 1. Fred UMer to W. O. Temple and F. MiUugullu, W Intel est in Rod lodes Nos. 1 to 6 and Blue lodes Nos. 1 and 3, near letry peak, 1. Louis lii unell to W. W. Torrence, alt his Interest In Holy Mosus No. 6 lode, liars llutte district, $1. J. W. Hart to W. W. Torrence In-teieal III Kocheater Nos. 1, 3 aud 3 lodes, Yellow Creek divide, 11. J. W. Hlgble, Matilda Zoeckler, Peter 7.i kler, Wm. Zoeckler and Chas. Sas-r , t . Ma y iC. Hhai pe, lot 7 block 1, M. baaae at oeckler's addition to Dead-wood, II. Mrs. Marie McDonald to I). A. Me-I'hemnn, tiutre, Csh Fraction and Delay reactions Nos. 1 and 3, Yellow Creek, fuUO. Deadwood Cemetery association to the Hebrew Cemetery association, lota 4 lo 167 luclualve, In section 4, Mt. Morlah cemetery, f JO'J. John A. True to lisrry T. Reld, !i Interest In Liberty lode, near Terry Peak. f3uo. A. W. Powell to Oeo. C. Noeller, S. 60 ft. lot 1 D. Kant Lead, $40. 1. W. and L. 1. Pope to the Beaver Cieek Mining Co., Rebecca A. group, I claims, Hear gulrh, $1. i:. 8. Young, B. C. Beveridge and U. P. Btnwart same, to Mlra E. group, 8 claims; Km ma 8. group, ft claims and Hadie 8. group, 6 clulms, Beaver creek, consideration, 91. C. E. Jonea to same, Boaton group, S claims, Heaver creek, tl. C. L. Poole to aame, Evelyn group, t claims, Heaver creek, $1. O. P. St" wart and II. C. Beveridge to name, I. title Wonder group, t claims, Beaver creek, 11. A. ('. Henault to Pete Ecklund all hla Interest tn Will Be No. Record No. I. Bhovel No. 1, Pick No. 3, Leop-srd Nos. 3 and 3 and Plums lodei, Strawberry gulch. 1. P. P. Oilman to Out Keller, Interest In Elm City gr-up, 4 claims and Mocking Bird lode. It. There Is reason to ftr that a great deal of Klondike enthusiasm lately has been badly frostbitten. Up to the preeent moment Mr. Fore-It rr evidently hasa't turned In tvta a still alarm for Mr. Hanna. A preae dispatch et a that "Van Wyck waa Inaugurated mayor of New York without pomp." Where waa Pomp? A faahlon Journal aays: "The old-fashioned bustle Is coming forward again." That's no way for a bustle to behave. Ia thle progressive age, unless a young maa baa nerloua Intentions when he gone courting he had better beware of a phonograph under the aofa Tha fall of Spanish envoyt tent to tamper with Cuban soldiers, seekers for the North Pole and the comedy eat, seem to be tbe same thsy "never comt back." It transplree that tha bomb auppotod to be Intended for the America" ooa- sulate la Havana waa really Intended for an American newipaper man. Tyr- anny, cruelty and truachery art tworn onemlet to truth tilling newspaper men. When a achool boy gtu mad at ft boy ha can't lick, he gtU tvta by yelling really hopping mad at tht United "nigger." When a foreign naUoa geta really hopping mad at tha United States It yella "Yankee" on tht aame principle. For the SSGtn Una In tht past year Spain haa again "pacified" Cuba. Tht total loea la the peclscatloa Is not reported but the Cubi.ns lost a wind broken, apavlned man that tha valiant Spanish aoldlera caught napping betide the "troche." New Tork caeaot longer poke tun at the filth of Chlcsgo'ti groat and ocly river. A working git I la a New Tork factory fell from a fourth story window and fall Into a cool ot water and escaped iujury. Tht water acted aa ta laila rubber enthhrn.

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