The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 21, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, September 21, 1900
Page 4
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,....,; . '. .y . ' -rr : '.: .-; ... ..; . - ' ' .. .. - - '"' '. ''',- ' r ' f ' ' ' ' ' ' '- ' ' . THE DAILY PIOKEER-TlgEg, DEADWOOD S. D. 7 - - Friday". -September 21 m 1 ROYAL JAMES A HOCDOO. yjy M''mK:xB::waM ''' -Uj imviv.v.vw.'.v.v.v.v v.vawvavav,v.w Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver 3 I r-Xtablished 11 Ho 37 Lee Street Oeadwood. Will ( (Ji.treet Results of Both Gold ana Silver Tor 50 Cents. UN AU. - ... ..i... KOl'GHT TO THB OFFrCE. ' M. H. Lyona Co. Agents for tin- Uiick"ii,,Uoi fer :i.,.0 "rr-pfMiwUeL. i -!m& ixf Fall Millinery xif A . nn.- i,f i:. i !-..!. .1. and - :.,i' s.M R X '-11?Z&.1,. i- 3 rtprmt-.--. ii:,'...i. b ... yQN r' I I I'l slllji .v. II. I. I .;! artll:lll;. r.lllii.l H t f . f ' I I nil of the nioiiili of llu- Tliiiim'- l.v ir Wa . t lut't 'W'.l. t'VlT -.howtlin tlu'Wi'St. C ?c . I l "llll-!;i:i' ' , .1 i I l; to La-- I'l I I Cl'ClUl fT -f " ' ' MINES AND MINING. .1 ""' !.!; "iUi .tf ,N :1. S,,i; I ' .... y( )r J,,, V- V ' ' I - ".' , h. ad. iaw oi'-o .hiK am,. ' u n P ' WUl IjI. - . I PORTLAND SUPERINTENDENT JIK f,l)'K) T() I ICHT t. j Weti- Jt'Hi'v.ii.i.'ti. l.-u:u s:n-i-l!,.'i-l. Aii.lj H ; '' ' ' ' ' ' i'1 """'A' i,n"r 11 '"'! fj.oiiJJJ - ' ,i J H iMiiitriiiHMiiT'T lire oiT '!... n. on-r vimi f n rv J A LITTLE AN WHO WOULD RATHER SHOOT THAN EAT. G. D. Waugh Resigns and Will Leave for the Zmc Mines of Missouri. ' ll'Hii'V 'I i:.. ..,,! I cli in; ' .1 Ii hrr .."'.'' -J o Willi Jn.-k t. J U '' 111 11 1 Virtuni. a .irw J ' I ,,,!.!, ,1 , I.,, i," i '"-'' at- - ti" " "' i , 'gasBMianvaB ;iffWM-rs--r- fBaamamBmimmJi t i mi 1'i-r-mill'' for J-li -H inn, i' c lining el. D. W'muli iiiiciiiloiit u! II Mime time, liii u liiko t'l'l ril t liu lias h r I'm I ,a ml ic.-i.mi' il hi ii' In . t uf t. Oil.l Iliil ii 1 1 l-;iui MO .1 W ll II I I I il U ll'1l I . II ml. Mi.. II II 1 11 11 nn ill .'Wan "The k:ui;. I : rl- I . , 11 1 U-. a Ii i . . . i .1.1', k .: . , PRICES FOR ONLY. Ncrx1 (luce him-ii j ra - w .. 'E-: ::::;;:H::h:; A nnotinceinent ' 1 '' ' " ' ll"l a -a a. ',.''' I",' I ,,ri I' l- ' .'I j IT ''v ' ,;' Hi k-: I : '. .. I : r. .' ' 1 8 . : a :i a.' I ...a . v". a ., . .. ,-. . , .; . ,, . . M .- IV! i . i'!, !- VI I.I. I '. I J ' ' ' ' fl !l: I ( i.N anil inti'inl for (iiithi.- im ill ! 1) l it in 1 1 llil .-si l.i ! i a i ' u iili liis 11 M ISntlil I I . Ill' t Mil, Willi I'll1' III" in i , H m a l .Ii 1,1- sci hi i-'l a pin-mill.-- ill the i III i I Ian I c W it ii I lie 1 ten. il,." , i.. .. ulle il.iv l.i i. . llll. HiS l ! I u ii I lul.-i I h - Jul, il K.ijTelT. Saturday September 22, 1300, i'- ' 1 -x'' 1 'I :.. ' ' i 1 ! to!'" :, aV ; ' . ; pus entiee line of ii iiai' nl ill'' . -lull lni.-.-(i ) (aiil.ii liV'Aaru at ine 'I ' u niiiln. Mr, Waiili lias m-i-n with lie 1'urt " a i a :..! !.. n a n . J lave- ' ;.,pi - .;..;...!:-.-. a he ili.ln'i u .;, .. . , r r'u . Lawn Socio J ; i ii I eopli- lor live " : 1 1 . Hi- n - j t'Y'Ti' I llir nirplny of llu1 onii'iiiiy in i 1 Dress Q oods'l Tri mm i ngs i i It. Ii !.ah I .ml '4i N'o .'. u ii a snrial mi I h''i' en i iu: i i ;ii i in :i-l at Oild r-'ellows' hall in 'I .-rry i sl'ii, an J was Mafiuned ut l lie iio I,,., Nn nanza wlitio it was running. Then he went to the Portland, and .was an. e re! 1 I'.-llIllellt S Ail! Ill- Si 1 V- 1 r lindy i-. im i ( i 1 1 to i dine. lu In-: i i 1 1 Ijii'.ii.: i .1 Imt fill i.'i.hi s. he woul.l li,;ai a I h,. drop of a hat the liiireM ir:M Unit rer liriiillied. 1 iJou't l.nifw wh.ii state -live liim liirtli. liHt he u:is a naiie uf 1 lie muMi. and all the pi'iii: ri s of Texas liim well. "The litlli- I'leiii ili.ln't i.i-., v.. I. ,llli IMtbL AKt UP-IU-OATE tiOODS. , We Ofier Our Customers the Ben'etit of 25 to 35 per cent less tnan Regular Pries (in all lire-.-' Goods and Trimmings. Our part record is a guarantee that we will do ,is we .advertise. Tlio-c who are doubtful will find it to their interest to come and he lonvimed. X. I-C. CHASE, Where They Sell Cheap. Main Street -. Deadwood Souih Dakota. Reel iVen's Band, d Men's hand has dec The" ih foreman tin-re until John Greenfinch severed his connection a3 superin-teiiflent, when lie was given full i -haw. Ho is nn experienced, practical nrniiif; man, and there are many in the Mark Hills lm will ir Kfrt. to see him leave ;i i , i i i i , '. I organized and is now prepared to fur Cillties. Imt I venh In ln-ve he en loved1 (iKhiin- for its own sake, ami mMh I r,sh f,rst cU muslc for any or all didn't liiMire with him he eon- i occasions, por terms, etc., apply to eluded to K" Into a melee.' His loni tf M- lftCKLE. Manacer. Fall Suit. Yourb sult was shoot lu, anil a deadlier shot nt'Vr liucrei.l fl revolver. "I shall never foriret the first time that .lack Watson and I met, for tin-cirrtimstaiiee was of the sort burns Itself upon a man's memory. 1 was rldlnc into a mining camp in Nevada comity aiiicl slopped nt a watering trough" to let my beast drink. About the. same time a stranger of ver. diminutive stature rode up, and while our animals refreshed themselves we engaged In some casuaJ, co.'ftviaaa.tion. The Rtningor was Watson. "Before we exchanged half a doze'i sentences our attention was filtraeti il by a great nois'e. and, looking around. Good Clean-Ups. The &' iteadwood i Dinpaitv is eleiining up a kuchin tank a day, lit Hie new cyanide plant on Annie creek, and It la stated that these clean-ups are far in excess of what the management anticipated from the preliminary tests and calcua'.tions. President MeCallum. It. -H Murray, the secretary, and George- ,M. Williams, a stockholder in the company, were present at the. first clean-up, winch resulted in a neat gold br.ick. Mr. McCajira took the brick east with, him and it will he kept as a memento of the first returns the company has received from an investment of $100,000. The new plant Pants i'auts me made for men and not uiuu for Jl'auls; women are made IT IS PRETTY near time you were looking around for fancy, and let us tel one to suit your you that, you had better see those beautiful patterns that arc being shown bv i we saw at least .00 men coming our lur men ami not lur i'an-ts; when 'a man l'ants for a woman and a woman l'ants for a man, luey are a pair of l'ants. .Mistakes are often made in sui Ii i'auts. Sin li nuVUkcs are call-' eil "Breeches of I'ronii-.'." l'ants are like molasses; tliey are thicker in winter and thinner insuminer. Men get on a tear in their Pants and it is all right; but when' the Pants get on a b ar it is all w rong. There has been much discussion as to whether Pant-i.-- singular or plural. Seems when in- h wear Pants they are Plural, and wKcii they don't wear any they aie iiiguiar. Don't be singular,- but try a pair of pants of HARRY DELE? AY. TtRa been yielding small Kold bricks every day since then-; and the company Is now in a positive w ay to realize upon the expenditure of the last three years: Messrs. MeOalluni, THE DEADWOO D TAILORS 071 IVIcviri Stroot, M. FOLSTAD, the Proprietor, of this establishment, will give y on a guarantee en any piece of goods in his shop. He carries nothing but the v. ry best, and yet stablishmcnt. r than many' you can get a suit made by the the tailors of bis i who are the best in the land, at piii s im biglu -stores charge you for a hand-me dow n. way wllh n prisoner. The prisoner was a remarkably fine IiVoTJiig iiiah, but his captors bad stripped him to the waist, and the evident.intentioii was to flog him. "Before I could hardly realize was happening Watson spoke up, 'Dare you go in with me and stop these men? It seemed bravado, but there was a ring in the small one's voice that Rouiiiled like . business, and I. being young n:;d foolish, answered, 'I dare.' "We rushed after the mob at racing speed, nnd when 1 got close enough to.; the leflb-t-!--yelli'Tl at the top of my lungs: "ilolil n'l l eys; you've got tl:;'j wrong man !' "This was an inspiration, fur I really knew iie'.hiug of the ease, but t j bated to sec such a inagnilicent lookin-- Murray and Williams constituted a happy trio ns lliey left the 1;Iack TTills! :f for,'"ftw-,.''Wet-e bearing pood Hews to their co-owners, and hail with them the bullion to substantiate their reports. The survey foi the-ne v Iinriinston spur is complete, and it is e xpected that "tUe railroa.T" bmpnny will begin gf'adinv within a short time. This Bpur is to be bu!lt so 4hat ore can be dumped into the bins' "at the lia 'k and near the top of the mill. Go in and Examine His Stock '. ..,r".lKC Custom Ore ' ' i nrSSSw Wc arc now prepared to treat custom'ores hv the Cj'anide process at reasonable rates. DEADWQOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. The new cyanide annex' beini? built by the. Portland company at the old BaUiinofe & Deadwood stamp mill In Gayville will be completed by the first of the coming month arid ready ,.' to start up as soon as the lClkhorn company finishes the spur that is be- lng run to the back part of the mill. The rallfjarl company is now at worlr . on the gTade. Golden Gatev Mining & Milling Company. First Ward, Deadwood S.D, UnitS) States Depository lel'ow. i.tiil"i gn the. liuin .lintii-.n ol a public be.iiiug. But my cry caused a halt, nn'd wyh WaUon beside me 1 repeated that they had the "wrong nia: and. still using my highest notes, called for the npioiutment of n, committee. "Ittls curious how easily a mob U sometimeH .swayed, in less than ten minutes this one, previously so Impassioned, had calmed down and was listening quietly t Ue Investigations of the committee, of which 1 had been made chairman. "It seems that the prisoner was, as I apprehended, it respectable and wortly man. and lie Wil letters upon hi in that vouched for hla Integrity. He had DIRECTORS: Rl Ull I V MR HI TRY a" fmporled, iWsllr . Real Estate Transfert. 0. j. salisburt GI'SHURJiX u-nww iiaf ' """iu Fancy and Heary Weiff h T. i. GRIER, E. SPARKS P. p. a. Mcpherson, ' AValter Btttler to Evaline Lints, '1 nT4. North Main St. "Belgian Hares .41 , The "Belgian Hare"- ,U, f OFFICERS: I President.. ..O. J. 'SALISBURY I Caahler....... I Vlce-Pretldent T, J. QRIKR Assist. Cashier .D. A firPh1 .j. s. i.ii-:nma.n The Finest Stock to be found in the West it at our Rubbitry. Mak, Great Pot been accuse. 1 of stealing $200 In gold by a miner, but we not only established bis Innocence, but started an examination that led to the discovery of the VtsltniVTp our Babbitry iVe have them FOR HATE at all Prieen. wrranty deed to Lo) ; 2, Block 3, . Arlington Heights addition to the city of Lead, consideration $ar0. iY. H. Fawcett, Fpank Delehant and ' V. B. Fry to Walter Butler, warranty deed" to LoV- Sfilock I 3, Arlington , Heighta ' addition to Lead, consideration $.'!00. ' j ' K i, . S, W. . Gfuniph to Hobert Stevens and , H, GJ Smith, warranty deea to always welcome. For the table, their mpa t Horeptatble than the bresi of a chlckeiL GEO. E. CLEME5T CO. real thief. MY SPECIALTY a T""" "After this I saw Jack no mone till one. uay- m fran t-ranclsco, when I found bill) I . a. most wretched Condition He bad cone to political meet Black Prince ffilnlnii claim, In Fecka, j lng where hi .was persona'.pn jrrata. ana mere wasi immediate ti'ouiuu. dacK ....Feed, Livery and Transfer.... have the lest roadsters in the citv and am v -'.v furnish rig's or saddle horses on the shortest ; killed two men. but wa9ilmself . al most fiddled with bullets. An old ne STATE SCHOOL OF MINES ' , LOCATED AT , RAPID CITY, S. D. OFFERS 'THIS COURSE AS FOLLOWS: gro took ine to liim.. nnd I found him J.i tCoIan, tJoseph Keller, Edgar . C. Smith and Chas. T. Taylor to L C. jCampbell,1 mlnlngdeed to ;"one-hfth Interest n. Creston . and Lew Wallace mining claims near Garden City. In an apparently dying condition. . If Phone 1 71 Harrison Phone T51 1 539 Main St. j Old he had one bullet hole in him. he had 2f. lie iind...nrt dm-tor, iMt.snrse. no food, at friend but the old darky, "I got liim a renin In a fonil hotel Three Quilts for $1.00.- and the best physician . money eoulit Mrs. Tupliji, whose a appear else- GATES IRONWORKS 1...A MINING ENGINEERING CCOURSE. . . .. .. .... V ' ; 2. A COLLEGE PrtEPARATORY COURSE. The next term begins Wednesday, Sept 19, 1900. - .' For further Information addressyx-. ROBERT- -L- 6LAGLE4 President, ''"'- ' ' " ; '. V " f ' Rapid City, 8. D. I REVERE RUBBER CO. - where in these columns, wishes to announce that cnal October 1st she will roake quilts 3 for $1.00. ... Her reputa- p tion aa a oiiilt maker is niyxcrtl44n , this 'section and thow desiring quilts made will do wel to caUontiefJ!fNo. 4 J Carney street Old phone No. 173. n Ml I II1EBS0LL KANT Mlllllll hire. .. The doetor tUongbt he bad a tare ehani-cTo live.' brit was very dubious of bis pulling ffifmrglv; His nefVi saved hiui. flbd in ""atfew. weeks i .W8 irplng s round as game as ever.- '" . The-next newslfM.Tiejk. enmelirdtp J'asadeoaJ. lie bad goue to a ball and, aspiring to the favor of the belle of the town roustI the enmity of a dozen young pillant. . The shooting began while the funet ion m&n Bt 111 In progress, tint ft was a bad Jay for Jack Vatson'A assailant, for when the; fif "lag. ceased- their I Wre 'five of them corpses; while he encaped unhurt , f Jtw1illnnlly 4eeme member of the legislature afid.'stranjre to say. died a peaceful death.' respected and lovei) by all - his neighbors." WahIngtop Post - ''''.-:'," ii it:' - V .Bposevelt'a Speeches. Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co Hoists FULLER & BROWN. PROPS.; v taov. Roosevelt of 'Rogh Rider" Jfame, and the candidate fof ice-fprest-r . dent on the Republican ticket, . , JW11I epeak at. Deadwood at 8 p. m.. Oct.. 3. See agents F. E. & M Yr-Jt R..Ior re-;v .' iced rates tnd special' train an4 ae- omodations north ot Rapid City. 0, F. PURNELL Deadwood, S. D. Ag.rt for South Dak " (GEDDES OLD BARN.) I In U Bnsries. " Best--DiiftaE asi Saiile EorsBJi Bo-rdiri Horses by the Day week brMonth a Specialty r K ' : ' '. ' -' '.,;'.ii.;-.' :.'. .".

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