The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 21, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, September 21, 1900
Page 2
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1HE DAILY PlCTJtEEK-TIMES, DEAD WOOD 8. D. A New Safety Match. k matrh ha-v at last been rtiarrivereii inn.; ,.., ,.m. f,-, ilililllllitlLMiililie'l THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES seems tp depend upon the transportation lines, and until it is known what they are likely to do the work of rebuilding the. city will necessarily be delayed. . o Which can be manufactured absolute-' ly without the aid oi phosphorus.- This i safety rnr-tch contains neither red nor IN THE FIELD OF POLITICS. BE GOOD I MlllMIMUI'MMlMltltIIIMI)IIHIMriMllllll I NOT SO CHEERFUL. We have at present the uncomplete, thoroly equip!! yellow phosphorous nor a compound of phosphorus, but possesses the great advantage of being able to be manufactured with the plant add machinery hitherto in use. Invention 6till stirdes ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. Bryan's letter of acceptance lacks the air of exuberance and confidence that characterized some' of his NVe carry everything ln 2 line of new and up'.t ' ; onward through every line, and yet THE PATRIOUIN LETTER AND THE FORGERY speeches earlier fn the canvass. It sliips "imperialism." which, he says he discussed sufficiently in his speech of acceptance a few weeks aeo. PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. V, , TERMS OE SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday. One Vearl .'. $loou Six Months 5 00 One Montn J uo WEEKLY iBBued Every Thursday: One Year 2.00 Six Months 1M AND and confines itself to other matters.p there are some things which seem im-I perious to improvement. For instance, j Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, that fam-I ous medicine, has stoo unequaled for fifty years as a corrective of stomach j disorders. Imitations have sprung up I about it. but like a beason light, it 'has stood immpvable. 'pointing the j way to health from all such ailments , as constipation, indigestion, dyspep- sia. biliousness, sluggish liver or j wi ak kidneys. we are in a position to .. One of the rankest acts of injustice which has so far appeared in the Larene county political campaign was made public in Freeman Kno'wles' Equality a few days ago. hi- falsity of the article1- is so clearly manifest and so quic kly and easily-proven that it is amazing that Mr. rvnovvles would le nd his aid to such a monstrous and uncalled for campaign slander. Equality publishes an alleged letter written by Lieutenant I'atriquin. while at Manila, and which first appeared in the Mail, and later in several Black Mills papers. Tie- original letter contained nothing of which Mr. I'atriquin need leel ashaan d. but as it has boon doctored up in Hq'tad- piescripuon or recojjx wff. " o Kl,, tl. , . ' 'I Entered as Second -Clasj Matjr at The Deadwood I'oalolflL-e. chiefly the trusts and the finance fliieKion. There will he a very strong suspicion among, even his friends that one of toe reasons whv he omits to speak of "imperialism" in his letter is because de has discovered thai flan furling, after all. is a losing issue for any candidate or paity advocating it. 'Iliis. is a damaging discovery fur auouiuicij jjuieanij -reshme( icines. n'e do not buy the , heap second trade dm... it. it is simply outrageous, about nis superior oftb er.s Ii accuses Mr. 1'atriqinn of making ass.-rtion.-.'. iiich would haw subjeit.-d him to :i vn'ir'- BisndtcitToiiWEielsiaeJ!, Geo. s. ToiTefleistaedt DRS. vonWEDELSTAEDT u, -" uuul' our competitor! dim mane you tlni.k eire to make cf tli.s lat'- day m the i.iii- :is. He OUtlit to ha'.'" full II I it llllt REPUBLICAN TICKET. For President WILLIAM Mi KINLEY. 7or Vice firsnli-iii- - TIIKuliultlC HultsEVELT. Members of iVmijri'- EULN W. MARTIN. -f n ip CIIAKLKStf. HL i:lii:. i..' H-iK'.K . Govenaii C. N. ! I Id; Itl i: I . of M I',, i-i n. Lleilti lliii4jkii i r j . i ' luc (.ueapesi in town. ! r.'i.- t!s. K-itisa- ''it :t.' t . a lid I l.ns l.i-pt. M i 1 He is made to say things about Ins gov- 1 of .-aji'm. lie is ai i used ot drawing nios and tl:-' Sia.o;iiaii ', iin-nl at I..-...I iml false 4 hilt a .! -ii;al .-. m hardly n- e,.-- ii skilfully arrange. i pii,. ,,( falsehoods r wr,tten by l.i.-ut nant i'atriquin and d-- .'v.-r l;o.l-e (, the st:l.. I e .- i i a ! ! I r ' . I!' It !i,l,i-d t!,.. oiiiial l.-tti-r in .Inly. ! 'f and I' I' '' '-' rllten In Lleiitl-Ctnl 1','i I i,: i! :n. lb' martial and severe punishment, i-rmin-ut hi, h In- in - v i-r dri -a n oaipai isons b' tui-. n the ! i i b are so utterly ridiculo.i--ai y. Tin- iirlicle in Equal!'-, i inti i polaied u irh t h" ai ttial ' l'-at nig linn for i-l.- t am to i ! it will nor stick. The Mail t , ft is 1 1:,- i.nly letter of t liat i !. i -ib n o-s urn b i ng in I in- origin.! ! hi I I...IH .'111 i. .11 of 1 1 1 s 1 1 i a i -i t,, IP-van ri n 1 ho i l ii i'.i- n; YOU WILl .'1 happv, 'if I! II. OK" Offices Olympic Flock, Opposite B. i & M. Depot, 'i el., B. H. 202.. . Res., 21, City Crcrek. . Tel. B. H. 201. GOLDXiOLD, HOW IT t LITTERSl Secreiarv i.f O. V IIKIti I.f Ii thin Treasurer JOHN Sf'll Willi: tin tel . UM in i in : ti -I n -Ii ; n Only get. the pur-. the freshest and . j. ,,::....t ttut' i :i ii he Mr. n irt, t ,, J tier ii- pi e l! pin l it I stall, e. j t be mi. ii ; .;,s oio i i and igi pressions Hint . n sa id w it It liiDcli hp '.' pii nt iletiy. Hut lie do. s deny, tin-Equality, if Mr. Knowles is d so far as possible the nioiisti dii-is who went from South lal w 1 1 fu I fa ! -' boo. I s put .po.-ed to be fair and Ii. 'is in j u--( n e lie has .ion, ota. If M r. Know !-. ,b-i 1 1 . -1 I ! I w i ' if lb. lines io di able pru es as you w iii iJly jt i ban ., hai actcnzos bis w. Ii is clear that Bryan the hopefulness, or tho I . ulTect U-st sob this, he is a mis-abovu, al- Omaha. Auditor J. II. llKVES. i.f Ilr.iAi). Attorney (leneml- - JOHN L. PYLT:. of Tteadle. Supt. of I' Inst ruction E. E. COLLINS, of Clay. Com. of" School nnd Public Land DAVID EASTMAN, of Roberts. Railroad Commissioner FRANK LOCOQ, of Douglas. V losiii; If you are sicJr and i.. d m,n should lit. once change te natne of his publication. "Equality" nonier and t fraud when associated with such falsehoods as the tine, we know you will ALL GOLD LOOKS ALIKE TO SOME, But to the Experienced Eye BLACK HILLS GOLD IS THE REAL THING. 9 feigned hopefulness, which he had earlier in the campaign His letter, it is safe ro say. will lie a disappointment to. most of his adherents BE HAPPI KEEPS HIM GUESSING. iiiui'ii to. campaign sianuer aim ana se is to lie expected to some extent from the opposition press, but this tissue of lies and misrepresentations has appeared sufficiently early to he disproved before it can do any parti, ular injur y. Spearflsh Mail. y' Below will be found an exxact copy of tho original letter as it appeared in the Spearflsh Mail, set from the original letter to I). O. Craig, under date of June 2. 1899. Alongside of this wrfl bo found the forgery. THE REAL LETTER. THE COUNTERFEIT LETTER. "1 presume you are anxious to know "1 presume you arc anxious to know what we are doing and how we are how we are. getting along anJ what Legislative Ticket. State Senators LLEWELLYN P. JENKINS. H. T. COOPER. Members of House of Rppresentatlvea- E. H WARREN JOHN N. HAWCOOD. JOHN PETERSON. AMOS PATRIQUIN. Made up In all ' kinds of Jewelry, Watches, Chains, Rings, etc., by BUTLER The Jeweler, 651"2 Main Street. to get well, and in the long ru you will save many dollars bj getting your medicines fromi competent, thoroly experienced druggist. ' YEJRS IN THt Rem em ber via oro v O A business and want your p BLACK HILLS Senator Pettigrew Is in Doubt About the Result. (Sioux City Journal.) "Well, what do you think of the campaign since you have been , in the Hills," was asked last evening of Senator R. F. Pettigrew, on his arrival from Deadwood. Sturgis, Rapid City and other localities west of the Missouri. "I found the situation even better than I had expected, and feel sure of securing a majority of the members of the legislature in that region.' I getting along. The South Dakota regiment has been in twenty-two battles, in which our losses were twenty killed and 100 wounded. Very few of the wounded have died. The general halth of the regiment is bad. very had. The reason for this is dm? to overtaxation of the nerves by keeping the reigment on the line so long without a rest or change of any nature. South we are doing. Our boys have been in twenty two battles. Colonel Frost seems anxious to have us all killed if it will add glory to the illustrious ( 1) name of Krost- but no "yaller" streaks have yet shown among the boys from the land of Sitting Bull. You can kill them, but as to throwing up the:r tails, never: The general health of the regiment is had, very ronage. We will give yn value received for everything you buy. at the , Palace . Piianif; W. L. FAUST. Ph. G. Pro). County Ticket. Sheriff FRED DOTEN. Treasurer H. P. LOREY. RtrlBter of rw1 JOHN WRINCROFH. Auditor W. A. ZINK. Clerk of Courts - SOL STAR. State' Attorney S. C. POLLY. County Ji1(; FRANK J. WASH ABM'OH. Assessor A!" A. MOODfB. -"'"a Superintendent of School HELEN M. BENNETT. Coroner , . DR. CHARLES E. ZERFINO. Btfrreyor A. 9. OATES. FAMILLIARLY KNOWN AS THE ..Old King Brewer.. been a resident of CENTRAL for all these yeirs and Is ftill at the same old stand Who? Why, Henry Rosenkrantz of course. CENTRAL, ..So., Oak Dakota is the only regiment whic h has bad. iTue from the fact that they have been on the line constantly since been on the li-ue constantly since February 4. Why we have been kept Febuuary 4th, while a large number don't thjnk it will be necessary for me to make another visit before election. and I didn't stay this time so long as on the line all the time I do not know, of "regulars " have been kept in Ma- as there are thousands of troops here nila to give parade exercises for the that could have relieved- us for a few edification of General Otis, who, by weeks to rest up; but there is little the way, is entirely incompetent to I had thought might he required Bryan will have from D00 to 70D ma jority west of the Missouri. It is com-J County rnn-mijintifr ' ni-n loscncc-x v EDWARD CACHFLIN. paratlvely easy to figure On the conditions out there, but things are different on this side. I have been in a Geo. V Aycrs & Co. Successors to Ayres & Wardmari Hardware Company. good many campaigns, but this one rest for the wicked, anil the volunteer doesn't get any. At least South Dakota doesn't. 1 hope that in the near future something Biay be done that the boys may haveV chance to regain their physical strength.. Personally I do not' care so muc h. a I and feel gooj and hearty. I see by the papers trftit many think it an act of cowardice to return home at present, and we should stay here until ope with a young and shrewd man like Aguinaldo. Xo one' knows this better than the general himself, hut utili that bulldog nature, born of stubbornness ami brutality, he goes ahead sa-. rifii ing "somebody's" boy, trying to crush a people that every iliint. er on the isla'.d admits 'have right and justice on their side ' I Vee by the papers that riany think it an act of cowardice to return Is tinlike any that I ever have known. The deeper I get into it the more complications I find. Men whom I sup posed would be for me ar agamst me and men who have btrtqi fighting me for rears, and who were against me in 1896, are doing everything possible for my success. feel tolerably the war is over. 1 think if. some of home at present. I think that if some these people were behind a rifle, in- of these- self-saci ificing (?) patriots stead of in a land of peace, behind a who have three square meals a day pen, that their views of the situation with a nice cool, zephyr to fan their would soon change. 1 wish you were enthusiasm were here behind a gun here to attend the sick call some morn that their views of the situation would certain of winning, but there are yet seven weeks of the fight, and the in- Euejice.s that may take effect n .that ing. Yoi could see the condition soon undergo a change and that they would soon be ready to "swim fort it' or any old way to get home. I wish that they were here some morning at sick call. There you can see tne con best. Hundreds of men who left South Dakota in prime health, now stand on one foot with bcth hands on their hips. Others are bandaged from toes to hips: ulcerated sores. time cannot be predicted. If the election were held today it is probably South Dakota would go for Bryan and a fusion legislature would be chosen." "What are some of the things which appear to be especially complicating the contest?" Hardware and Mining Supplies.. ST ditions best. Hundreds of men who left home in prime health would now make good freaks for side shows, i Bandaged from head to fooc. i Icetat-1 ed sores, doby Itch, gtinwoind -. and) other ailmc r.'s too numoro'i ; to men j tion are visible on evry ride .Men , doby itch and a hundred and one other things too numerous to mention. Mea are going cut to fight who walk a few hundred yards, and then have to be carried back to the hospital on a stretcher by the hospital ' Things Against Him. Primarily, the condition that makes to estimate the result is difficult it n,; a I corps. These are the men who are po ou. to fight, who, after wali- Miiiiuiiftturiiggiiiti. "I believe I am the first man in the ' State of Ohio to recognize organized labor officially If anyone can find a man in my employ who can truthfully say I have done any of my employe! a wrong, or have reduced his wages, or have misused him intentionally In any way, I will resign my Mat in the United State senate. 1 made that proposition in 1897 and to far there have been no takera." SENATOR HANNA. ..r ' o " THE GALVESTON SITUATION. Gradually Galveston .seems to be fathering up the wreckage left by the great tempest, and endeavoring to make some approximate estimate as to the extent of her losses The death list grows dally and the estimate of 5,000 given to the Associated Press by Mayor Jones, of the' city, is generally believed to be too low rather than too high The first tenders of relief have - already reached the place, and the ' danger of starvation, whiclt at one moment seemed imminent has been met for the present The authorities - acknowledge the receipt of money and supplies to the value of nearly a million dollars, and the -most pressing needs of the destitute and stricken people will presently he provided for. The most distressing factor of the situation at the moment Beems to be 'the scarcity of water, and the pe"tll in-Tolved In the Impossibility of promptly disposing of the dead. The stock . of disinfectants available of within reach has been exhausted, and unless some adquale' means are found Of re-storing sanitary conditions, it is feaf-cd that pestilential trouble will pre- nly appear. . The newspapers of the city resumed publication and aided in restoring confidence and courage, and in subduing the demoralising panic still pre- ' -railing among -.the people. The jGal--reaton. News In V silrrtng ; editorial -urges citlsena to take p .the work of reconxitruction. and especially demands s-hort distance have to be carried to ! quarters. These are the men wn are ' to be called coMnrds for asking to be ! returned honiH It is the volunteer i hwo knows his condition best i.n.l as , an American c itizen ho knos! that ! he is entitled to a discharge, whittle- ; called .cowards for asking to be returned home. It is the volunteer who konws the condition best, and as an American citizen he knows that e is entitled to a discharge a,nd has the right-to say whether or not ho shall stay any longer. This regiment is entirely unfit for duty, and I can safely say that I voice the senti Main St. Deadwood, S. D, he gets it or not. Tho regiment is that the paramount questions in the campaign are so entirely new that old alignments are not of any use in present calculations. I can pretty generally figure ' upon the forces that are coming to my support, but I have no means for knowing so well what are leaving us. ' I know, for instance, that a large proportion of the silver republicans who were for Bryan four years ago are not for him now,' but how many I cannot tell. They are disgruntled because Towne was turned down at Kansas City, and the samn may be said of perhaps a majority of the ' middle of the road populists. unfit for duty and I voice the sonti THAT THIS MEANS TO YOU. S top i Think ment of the regiment when t say that merit of every man connected there- the South Dakota boys almost to a -with when 1 say We want to come man want to return home. If this home.' Company D is sick almost to regiment was ln condition to do furth- a man. but proper diet and rest will er service, and not utterly shattered bring them out all right, to pieces, they would not be so anx- "The Filipinos sit in trees find take ious to be relieved, and If needed, a pnot at us while on guard just for would stay willingly. target practice. Along in the we3 Com'pany L has about twenty sick. sroa- hours they line up and let go a none serious however. Proper diet FOund or two to see if we sleep well, and rest will bring them out all right i tell you ita nice to realize that you I must get ready to go to the out- are liable to cross the pond called post. We go out every four days, and Jordan before you do the Pacific on remain twenty-four hours. That is your return home. One of th Mon- I SUMMER GOODS Ginghams. Dimities and Percale . - THOSE THAT FORMERLY SOLD FOR These circumstances and others make the election returns of four years ago almost useless as a basis for figuring the result in November in even - a single county. About the only way I have by which to estimate th amount of -th is defection is by the silence maintained by many who in 1S96 were shouting fof our ticket - When a populist is keeping still, he isn't so much of a populist as be was, because they are naturally agitators. Of eoi-. I know, too, of some who were democrats four Team ago who now are with the opposition. - 4 25c NOW GO AT We hive nice new line ofMMlin Underwear wklah we trt tlao aellinv ii m. rr.i ! 35c NOW GO AT 2oc. . Bargain. A beautiful line of 12c. $ pea preacu, jaea cartaim. where tbfe niggers sit P ins-trees, or tana boys was shot last night He In ambush, and take shots at us just was fnj a mile and a half from for target practice. Along to the where the shot was fired. The Maus-emall hours of the night, they line up rr which the -natives use is a wicked and fire a few volleys jut to see if having a velocity of 2200 feet a we sleep .well. . Last night they second, and will throw a ball three brought up two pieces Of artillery and an(j a halt miles as trie as a chalk fired a few shots. I tell you it is i jne when properly handled, fine.. Ton 'can imagine how cool we "The regiment Is now undergoing hare become, when the niggers have an inspection from a physical stand-to come within clear sight of us or point by a regular army officer, and we return none) of their salutes. We conditions are found faf worse that the business men of the city shall J Tbejall j ai atauifict'iS eoma a tt md set in o lire uROUNU I'LOO 2 THE LADIES RAZ A AR'I set such an example of enterprise as will insure the successful restoration ' -of thejR br; le thes6rthlncs are hnownv id it eyer strike you THAT Good Ltonar k a r,na : Stimulant While Poor Liquor is a r"r hm For Pure Old California Sherry, Angeliea, Port, or MuseateL tie response was made, It is said,' In the business portion of the city, and gangs of men were set at work clearing up the ruins of stores and warehouses. It was generally felt.' however, that the solution of the problem as to the future of Galveston depends not so much on the business men of ' the city, as upon the railroad compan- les having their terminals there. What the great railroad companies will do la a ni after of such momentous consequence that It cannot be settled without due deliberation. .- It is probably that the authorities of the railroads are consulting fogetberTand win decide upon a course of 'action which' will Y" pursued in common, , The f :f ;:- f.,te of Calveston. therefore. there is no tray of testing the silent sentiment there is in the state, and I don't .believe anybody; -can discover ft until the votes' are counted. The new questions have unsettled the minds of thousands of voters, and it is Impossible to tell which way ey will- be settled in K6vember. I am striving to settle them my way. and the republicans are makfcg such a campaign as they have never made before to win them tp their side. ' , v "I know tjiere is a gener&J sentiment in the state that I will win a re-election, and Tfeel quite confident of success myself; but Iwill not be sure of it until the returns are all in, and I will need 'the help of every" Influence I can bring to bear." , nave oeen snot at so mucn we a&raiy taan srst reported, i aouot wnetner turn our heads to see from whence in the erititre regiment there will be the bullets come.' ' ; " Tbtmd 100 men actually fit for duty. One of the Montana boys was shot "A word about the Intelligence of last night He had Just got np when the people. They are shrewd people a bullet passed thru his body afepve and far more capable of self-govern-the hips. He was" fully oneT-and one to-tent than the average Slavonian' V half miles from the place where the the Homestake. " They are educated, shot was i fired. .The Manser which S3 per cent, of tSelh being able to the" natives' use has a velocity of read and write, nnd If reports are in nearly 2200 feet per' second. Thus, a measure true, Aguinaldo, as a states-you can see the distance one of thos man, ranks along with the brightest bullets can travel , . ' In the galaxy of great men that the The regiment Is row "undergoing a world, has ever -prodncedr Call oft physical Inspection by regular army Uncle Sam's bulldogs aria give them officers,' and we find this conditions 'to a chance and they will soon convince be far worse, than first stated. I the world that they are capable of doubt whether of the whole regiment self government," fof duty, consequently, I look forward - - ' -.r , :, to a rest In the near future. Tours . - "" -i-- truly,-; . ' :, PATST ; - ... ' ' . ' . . . . . ,.,v i- ,. - !.-; ' ; -'-. , COME TO US. -f 1.50 PER GALLON 50c PER 5' ., :', Or for fin Old Whlslfey and Brandy at 3.0C a ' ': PAMH V I inn D QTnRP Caisebeer-deljiv, exed free, to residency " ' 635 Matnf,

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